d52b9db0ac9382f0ec92e585a17c7bb5I swear to God sometimes fashion is like a confused bitch (pardon my French), I mean one minute it’s cool to wear say brights, and the next they’re already dated. Yesterday we were all hipsters for trying (and succeeding thank you) in mixing and matching prints, textures, colors et all, today they’re so last Tuesday. Yes you heard me. Just when I finally got the hang (and master) of piling on all the crazy things into one cool eclectic look. Ah… talk about wasting my time, Fashion! :) Jesus if only we’d known it was a challenge doomed form the very start we might have taken style notes from our grannies. Well with the Matchy Matchy Trend invading the retail chains and the streets, this just seems like the next best thing to do in order nail this new trend. To put it in a nutshell: it’s granny & retro turned hipster. That’s what it’s all about when it comes to Matchy Matchy Trendflower-prints-matchy-matchymatchy-matchy-street-style (3)Matching tops to bottoms can seriously sound (and sometimes appear) so boring, safe and way too color coordinated, but it’s an art that takes time mastering. Nobody wants to look retro old or like a super young grandma caught in between centuries, right? So… how to keep it posh and trendy? The key is accessorizing and choosing modern cuts, fitted and tailored. Sexy shoes and gorgeous bags or clutches make matchy matchy outfits look modern and sophisticated. Big earring (they are quite coveted this season) give a touch of chic richness to a super coordinated look. And then I guess it’s rather easy, and that’s the best part about this trend (less of  how-to-wear-it-type of headaches), just match your skirt to a cute top, a pair of sophisticated trousers with a cropped top for instance. You know, very Dolce & Gabanna Sicilian take on fashion. Ah… Another matchy matchy fave look for me is the shorts & blazer. I found it young, fun, effortless and super chic. shorts-suit-matchy-matchy924ee0fb9293d85b8ee6dbb75d790d4aana-beatriz-barros-matchy-matchydole-and-gabanna-outfit-street-styletrend-matchy-matchyWhich brings me to the catwalks. Everyone did it. The runways were packed at Stella McCartney, Celine, Hermes, JW Anderson with matchy matchy looks. Who thought women were gonna go to their fave retail shop and literally buy the matching bottoms with tops? Hmm. Next time some credit please! :) Dolce-Gabbana-Spring-2013-matchy-matchyDKNy-matchy-matchyprint-matchy-designer-lookrunway-look-matchy-matchyMatchy Matchy with prints please!

Matchy Matchy may be rather predictable and bleah… BUT I suppose we can still have fun with it, right? My favorite matchy matchy looks are any bottoms (skirts, shorts, trousers) paired with a cropped top or even better, a bustier. A look that sort of reminds me of 1950s French Riviera & Sophia Loren. For a more business/office, smart look it’s now OK to pair printed trousers with the same print shirt,  OR even worse better with a blazer. Now this, I’m not really feeling… though I know that the deux-pieces concept is supposedly gaining terrain right now… I don’t know. Yet. Here are a few street style looks that seriously make me reconsider this trend:  flower-print-matchy-matchyhead-to-toe-prints-matchy-matchymatchy-matchymatchy-matchy-look-street-stylebeyonce-matchy-matchy-lookmatchy-matchy-stylematchymatchy-suitmatchy-matchy-suitmatchy-matchy-suit-street-stylematchy-matchy-tops-bottomsmatchy-matchy-trendsolange-knowles-matchy-matchy-deux-piecesspring-trend-matchy-matchy (2)spring-trend-matchy-matchyMatchy Matchy monochrome!

This one color head-to-toe was a big thing last spring as well, and to be honest with you I don’t even know what the big difference is between the monochromatic trend & the matchy machy one in one color… Anyway the idea is to match your bottoms with any type of tops: blazers, shirts, bustires, blouses et ell. Get creative… we so need to with this super coordinated trend.  matchy-matchy-street-style-one-colormatchy-matchy-street-stylemonochromatic-matchy-matchyone-color-matchy-matchyshorts-blazer-matchy-matchyAnd now your turn lovelies… what do your think? YES or NO to the matchy matchy trend?

creepersOK so when it comes to creepers I have a love & hate relationship with the thick-sole-shoes. And tons of headaches. Just because I literally do not know whether I like them or not, OR I get those days when I absolutely love them, but it all ends in a rather blunt manner when I decide to wear them. Yeah, I know, I’m such a chicken when it comes to taking some fashion risque. It’s just that to me creepers come with an age group affinity: think teens and early 20s, and if there’s one thing I get panicked about, is looking ridiculous.  But I too once was a teenager and back in the 90s, when the creepers had yet another fashion revival I wore them. Hell I loved them. My tiny reticence back then was due to my ”too-tall” self-consciousness, but my love for the creepers won and I wore them pretty much all the time. They were dark blue with thick black soles… and looked amazing with flared jeans! At least I thought so… red-creepers-street-styleteddy-boys-creepersSo all this spotlight fashion game played by the creepers had me asking questions like why? What’s is up with these shoes that we always get these rush crushes over them, I mean they’re not that great looking nor flattering. Sure they can easily add height, but so can heels. Then it hits me: COMFORT. With an edge. The Brothel Creepers first saw daylight in WWII, on soldiers’ feet and then, upon their return to England they pretty much invaded the streets and won over the hearts of those Teddy boys. In the 70s creepers had their glory days as Malcom McLaren & Vivienne Westwood were selling them on King’s Road in London. Yep it was the punk era! Ever since, they’ve pretty much remained in fashion (not in the spotlight though) as part of the punk look & culture and it was in the 90s they became mainstream again. What did you expect with the Spice Girls wearing them all over the place? And… here we are today. Have creepers changed over the years? I should hope so… Although fashion is all about going back and stealing other decades’ trends it also stands for reinterpretation, and if there’s anything the 2000s are great at, than that’s reinventing fashion/styles, making the most niche things lovable and wearable for the big masses. Teddy Boyspice-girls-creepers-2With millions of designs and styles, the creepers are not looking that bad (at least not today. God I need to make up my mind!) and they do tend to give a certain artsy & bohemian vibe to an outfit, OR a grunge & punk twist to a look. Though seemingly quite niche I tend to think they can be quite versatile too, especially today with so many designs, colors & prints right under our noses, that I think there’s a thick sole for everyone. Black, colored, glittery, studded, sky-high, lace et all – at the end of the day it’s all about what best works for you. I love how some people are wearing them in the most fabulous way, like Susie Bubble for instance – she looks perfect in creepers. Not a hint of masculinity, not a hint of ridiculousness. All is sweet, cute and very trendy! pink-creepers

Dalmatian Print Creepers - by Underground

Dalmatian Print Creepers – by Underground

Underground Double Creepers - Topshop

Underground Double Creepers – Topshop

susie-bubble-creeperssusie-lau-creepersThe Colored Creepers be it one color altogether or just crazy colored soles – look great with cut-offs, skirts & jeans giving that fun, Tom-boyish meets girly vibe to it all. I love the brogues/oxford creepers, personally I think they look amazing and would be pretty much the only ones I could don with total confidence. Though they may appear tricky to wear I do think creepers (with a modest sole) can be styled and tied to almost any look. They’ve got that androgynous smart thing about them and tend to look rather classic with a twist. Here are a few street style photos for inspo.

Colored Creepers – fun shoes for any looks azealia-banks-pink-creeperscreepers-dress-street-stylecreepers-hot-pantsstreet-style-creepers-leather-pantsThe black sky-high sole creepers (studs, spikes, patent, glitter) are more for the teens, and for grunge looks, which though I adore on a regular basis… I do not fancy that much in creepers. Might be the too boy’ish look, too dark, too teen-appropriate… but I will give you this: they look fantastic with leather trousers/leggings and black coat. And I would wear a black creepers pair with an all black trousers outfit and a cool bag. I suppose it all comes down to donning it with confidence and whatever looks good and makes you’re inner fashionista glow – it works, right? Here are a few Punk /Grunge inspired creepers looks that might make you reconsider any creepers aversion, if any.

Grunge & Punk style Creepers black-creepers-street-stylecreepers-fashion-trendcreepers-grunge-lookcreepers-streetstylecreepers-stret-style-all-blackcreepers-trendhigh-creepers-looklourdes-creepers-street-styleRihanna In New Yorkrihanna-london-creepersstreet-style-creepersAs this post ends I am confessing in all honesty I am starting to like these creepers (think thick sole oxfords) and might just consider a purchase. However they will not replace my addiction to heels. Comfort anyone? That’s what sneakers and ballet fla s are for, at least in my case, and with summer around the corner, the gladiator flat sandals are fantastic. So while I’m not jumping with joy over this trend… I will however not dismiss it that quickly!

If you’ve been channeling Twiggy or Jane Birkin for the past years well kudos to you for forecasting the fashion cycle (and for those of you  looking for originality you’d better spice it up if you wanna stand out from the crowd) as 2013 Spring makes a huge swing right into 60s fashion. If Marc Jacobs’ Louis Vuitton collection in Paris last season wasn’t a big 60s MOD revival warning I don’t know what was.

With a green pass for all the razzmatazz of the youth culture back in the day, I really don’t know what to expect street style & retail wise today. I mean fashion from A to Z has pretty much been done, it’s just us the young spirits of today that find everything before the 80s so fresh. I just wish we came up with something different ourselves instead of always going back to the comfortable roots. Are we that bored or ignorant? Or has everything been done in terms of fashion? Twiggy

Spring 60s Fashion Inspired collections

60s fashion revival60s fashion revival60s fashion revival60s-style-backstage-at-Louis-Vuitton60s-style-mini-dresslouis-vuitton-spring-2013-60s-mod

1960s in today’s fashion…


60s Fashion back in the day…
 60s-mod-styleA dip into the 1960’s – Youth Revolution, Sex Freedom, Street Styles. How it all started…

60s-fashion (3)60s-fashion60s-fashion-lifestyle60s-fashion-trendHonestly I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, I’ve always said fashion-music-culture are all linked, so we not only lack a movement in the former but in all. Clearly our thirst for something new is there. Might be sound asleep but hey. Thank God we’ve got the past to keep us on our toes, right? The swinging 60s were the Golden Age of freedoms, with so much happening in music, politics, society, morals – that it was bound to transpose in fashion.

Young people refused to be/look/act/think as their parents did. The past was constricting, booed, boring, wrong, not real. So all those 60s trademarks had quite a solid reason behind: short A-line dresses, plastic jewellery, kitten heels, bold geometric & psychedelic prints, bright colors, mini skirts. This was the time when the street fashion was invading the catwalk and when Brigitte Bardot went down in history for refusing (if not laughing in the face of) Coco Chanel, who offered to dress the young generation’s idol in elegant free of charge clothes, which Bardot dismissed saying ‘‘couture is for grannies” and stuck to her unconventional fashion boutique clothes.  brigitte-bardot-60s-fashionCould today’s designers long for a stronger backbone in our generation or are they just constantly nostalgic for the Golden Ages that had life, turmoil, purpose, anarchy & revolution in them, with all of it being reflected in fashion? Until that one clears up for me we’ve got today’s Fashion Trends to plunge into and learn a few things of the past while wearing them.

According to Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton or Michael Kors2013 Spring is a return to all the 60s trademarks:

  • mini skirts, A-line dresses,
  • kitten heels,
  • pointed toes,
  • checkerboard & stripes prints,
  • pops of bright colors,
  • monochromatic outfits

What is a different take on the 60s though, is the lack in flower prints for instance. 2013 Spring is a revival of black & white, stripes, checks and geometric prints. The cuts are simple, strong structured with quite some fun and opulent details: big earrings (think Dolce & Gabanna not 60’s plastic jewellery per se), boxy tiny bags (think those your grandma used to have) funky sun-glasses ( big 70s kind or cat-eye shades).

60s-fashion-spring-201360s-inspired-fashion-look60s-mini-dress60s-styles-spring-2013-trend2013-spring-trends-60s-styleskitten-heels-street-style60s-inspired-bagsThe streets have yet to make a 60s statement with all these, I mean we’re still stuck in winter at the end of March so I suppose grunge has still got a reason for sticking around. I haven’t seen nor found that many 1960’s screaming looks or outfits, but the idea behind a trend is to reinvent it, to adapt it, mix and match it, therefore who needs a 60s head-to-toe look when some random well chose items can get the same (or better) result. Once the sun settles in we’re bound to witness mini skirts, checks, stripes, tiny heels & cat-eyeglasses. Right?

To be honest with you 60s Trend is so offering in terms of clothes, looks, styles that I really think it should be quite big, and though we might not see Twiggys passing by, we will notice cool fashionistas picking one look or item of the 60s shelves and making it work into their own styles. It’s a huge decade with a bit of something for us all. Personally I am loving the Tom-boy meets Twiggy styles with tiny T-shirts, mini skirts, huge evening chandelier earrings, granny posh bags and head scarves. Oh… and the the cat-eye shades are my all time fave. What do I hate? Those kitten heels. Can’t stand them. So I shall be sticking to the classic heeled pumps, ballet flats and gladiator sandals, thank you.

How the 60s MOD hit the streets in 2013? The 60s Fashion Trend – Street Style Looks… Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2012 - VIP Private View60s-inspired-fashion-street-style60s-fashion-street-style60s-prints-street-style60s-style-street-fashion60s-trend-spring-2013-street-style (2)60s-trend-spring-2013-street-style60s-trend-street-style (2)60s-trend-street-styleParis-Fashion-Week-Street-Style-2012six03spring-2013-trend=60s-stylestreet-style-60s-fashionstreet-style-60s-fashion-trend-springstreet-style-60s-trendstreet-style-fashion-60sThis 60s craze is not only influencing fashion but beauty looks too:
  • beehives
  • bouffant hairstyles,
  • heavy eyes
  • nude lips

Best makeup & hair 60’s inspiration is at Marc Jacobs for 2013 Spring: the heavy black eyeliner is replaced by dark grey eye-shadow, a bit smudged, shadowy like, with side parted teased hair pulled back in that retro style. I love it. For different 60s looks check out Miranda Kerr’s cover (heavy low lashes – think Twiggy), Mila Kunis (soft boho 60s style), Lana del Rey (dramatic & classic) or Beyonce (slightly pin-up). Basically we’ve got a free pass to doll up and look retro chic while channeling our favorite 60s idols, and I think that’s pretty cool.

60s Fashion Inspired Beauty Looks…

60s-beauty-look60s-fashion-inspiration-mila-kunis60-sfashion-look60s-hair-inspiration60s-makeup60s-makeupbeyonce-60s-looklana-del-rey-60s-makeupmiranda-kerr-60s-inspired-lookRecap dolls: mini skirts, black & white, pops of brights, granny bags, cat-eyeglasses, A-line dresses, stripes, checks, bouffant hair, big earrings. What’s not to love, right?

Printed trousers or leggings are a huge trend this year, we’ve seen them during winter, worn with oversized sweaters and ankle boots and we’ll see them also during the warm season. The problem is how to wear this clothing item without looking ridiculous. Yes, it’s not so easy to pull out a nice outfit if your starting point  is a pair of colorful printed trousers. First of all, you should forget about  mixing prints if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing your pijamas. One of the best methods to avoid the pijama look is to wear high heels, especially if you wear the loose type of trousers. You can add a simple t-shirt and a denim jacket, a look you’ll see in the pictures below and your spring outfit is ready. Another useful advice would be to wear large prints if you are tall and smaller prints if you are a petite. ;)

You can choose from a variety of prints, tribal print, flower print, animal print, tie-dye print… and the list goes on…. and find the one you like most.

Remember one of the latest articles about black & white? Here are some nice trousers having this must have colour combination. Add a bright element to an apparently boring two colors outfit and there will be no one as up-to-date as you are…black & white, neon and printed bottom, a look to go for ;)



And of course, how could we forget about the tribal print?


We were used to see flower prints on blouses, t-shirt…anyway, on the upper part of an outfit. Check out how good this flower print pants look mixed with other monochrome clothing items.




I admit that printed trousers are not my thing, but if I would have to choose a pair, I would definitely go for a loose type to wear with high heels. This way you can pull together an outfit to wear during day or even night, if add some accessories and a big clutch.




I could never leave out of an article the animal print, it’s one of my favorites and if you know how to wear it it gives you a sexy look without putting a lot of make up on, spending two hours in front of the mirror trying some sophisticated hair styles…you just have to wear some high heels and a red lipstick ;) Try it when you have to be at your best in no time and you’ll see how well that works.


StreetStyle 2





gladiatorsandals-fashion-trendWhen last season at Fashion Week the catwalks were invaded with high-gladiator sandals I couldn’t help but wonder if  they’re all mad, and couldn’t contain my skepticism as to how successful these retro-futuristic shoes were gonna be… All this, not due to my blunt dislike (no way!) au contraire. Questioning their trend-feature simply came from my mistrust in the fashion audacity of the true fashionistas & why not call it like it is, our capability to steal funky trends from the catwalk and rock them on the dusted streets. Sandals that look like knee hing boots? Really? But we did it. Again. And I could’t be more proud. I mean, now that I think about it I don’t even know where my doubts came from, because The Gladiator Sandals have been around for quite some time. What’s a few thousand years, if not a clear recognition of their style, right? Silly me. gianvito-rossi-high-gladiator-sandalsgladiator-embelished-sandalsHigh Gladiator Sandals are basically a reinvented version of the flat strappy sandals, which (from the classic black or brown to the super glam gold, silver or stone embellished designs) have been a fashion staple in the hot season. Easy to wear, to pair, to style – the strappy Greek style sandals continue to be a shoe hit. But what has changed in regards to the 2013 Shoe Trend? While it’s still cool to rock the so called classic gladiator sandals… this hot season we’ve got this new fad to try on, that actually resembles more the Ancient fashion if you will, and it’s a bit more dramatic: the High Gladiator Sandals, high as in knee high. balenciaga-high-gladiator-sandalsrihanna-balenciaga-high-gladiator-sandalsjimmy-choo-gladiator-sandalsThese High Gladiator Sandals come in as many designs and textures as their basic versions. Yet it’s all taken to another level: high heels, knee high straps, metal, buckles, printed leather, futuristic cuts. It’s a bit of retro mixed with futuristic style, with a bit of bondage and S&M twist here and there. I am telling you, fashion has decided to not obey boundaries anymore. Thank God. It is an art after all so to hell with rules and limitations. Will we all have our feet (legs actually if you think knee & over the knee styles) strapped up in knee-high gladiator sandals? Remains to be seen, but I would place my money on it, and if you’re about to join in on this new shoe trend make sure you wear them with whatever you love or crosses your mind. Opt for simple and less strappy designs or ankle highfor a basic style, or go all the way and walk in the most extravagant gladiator sandals ever: heeled funky textures and tons of straps all the way to the knees. Or even over-the-knees:)gladiator-sandals-casual-styleMaryKateOlsenGladiator-sandals-flat-blacklagerfeld-gladiator-sandals-heels-stylesaint-laurent-strappy-heel-sandalssergio-rossi-strappy-sandalstom-ford-knee-high-sandalstom-ford-knee-gladiator-sandalsHow To Wear Gladiator Sandals?

Boho-chic Style & No-Heels: When it comes to styling them put your insecurities aside and let loose on your creativity. For a trendy but comfy style opt for the flat designs and pair them with flirty summer dresses, cut-offs, cropped tees, slouchy blouses, spring blazers or jackets and some boho-chic accessories: bag, fedora hat & some fun jewellery. Go for knee-high designs or classic gladiator versions (flat, strappy, ankle) to get this always cool summer’ish boho-chic style. 

Knee high sandals
flat-high-gladiator-sandals-lookgladiator-sandals-street-style-lookhigh-gladiator-sandals (2)high-gladiator-sandals-street-stylehigh-gladiator-sandals-style-streetJennifer Lopez out with friends shopping at Barney's then afterwards goes out to lunch at Nello's in New York City.kourtney-kardashian-high-gladiator-sandalshigh-gladiator-sandals

Sexy Stilettos & Evening Looks: For more daring looks or evening-cocktail attire – pick the heels version of the high-gladiator sandals. Because of the sexy stilettos they look amazing with anything: silky shorts, hot tops & statement clutch; short cocktail dresses; or maxi high-slit dresses for a more dramatic take on this style (make sure the dress/maxi skirt is slit so that you get that sexy peak at the sandals from beneath the fabric, when you walk). And of course the never dying look:  Jeans & heeled strappy gladiator sandals. Nothing looks bad with either jeans or heels, so it definitely is a perfect style combo.

High Gladiator Sandals

ankle-gladiator-heeled-sandals-styleChanel-iman-gladiator-sandalsgladiator-heel-sandals-stylehigh-gladiator-heel-sandals-stylerita-ora-high-gladiator-sandlasstrappy-gladiator-heel-sandlas-dressstrappy-sandals-spring-trendstrappy-sandals-street-style (2)strappy-sandals-street-styleObviously Spring Summer 2013 is a fab mix of shoe trends. If a few days ago I was telling you about the comeback of the classic pumps, today my style crush was High Gladiator Sandals! Will definitely go all the way with these, the funkier the better, as these high sandals seem to have that fun quirky feeling to them… so it would be quite a shame to not exploit and style them to their full potential, right?

bloggersToday I feel like straying away from fashion (for just a tiny bit) and share with you some of my ideas, thoughts or latest fads in interior design. Actually home office spaces & design to be more specific. My future husband and I are considering buying a bigger house in one year time so you can imagine why this new (to me) interior design thing has turned into a genuine obsession. I am Pinning every day. Constantly. Houses. Living rooms. Any rooms. Any spaces. It’s an addiction I swear. Working as a writer, freelance fashion contributor and blogger for me the working space is crucial, it gets me in that writing & creative mood. It’s my oasis. So yes – I confess I am obsessed with working spaces & home office designs. Hence this post – to share with you some of my fave working spaces out there and get some home office inspirationfashion-blogger-officeblogger-officeblue-office-spacehome-office-working-areaLong gone are the days when we all had 9-5 jobs and that’s it. Today it’s a sea of crafts, of skills, of competition and some of us out there may be combining a 9-5 or a part time job with being a freelance, or dedicating our free time to our passion, hoping one day it’ll pick up and turn into a career. Which brings me to one of the most common and latest passions turned jobs – Blogging. A fashion-invented-job that requires a tone of creativity & organizing skills, right? So a perfect working space is crucial. Fashion Bloggers are writers, stylists, reporters, photographers, managers, online marketing gurus, PRs, assistants, designers et all. Therefore a home office needs to respond to all these: inspiring writing space, storage space, book/magazine shelves, clothing/makeup area to prepare the shooting or styling posts, meeting area for when you have clients over or other bloggers, friends…. Ah… I get creative just thinking of it :) blogger-home-working-spaceblogger-home-officeblogger-working-areaboho-feminine-home-officefashion-home-officeworking-home-spacewhite-home-officeMy favorite type of home office is one in which you can play around with the lighting and make it bright or dark depending on your mood. I love a big table (not a desk) with a big chair, 2 guest chairs, a comfy sofa and coffee table, loads of books, pictures and magazines and a super cute storage area. I love the luxe glam spaces and lush fashion offices with a bit of bohemian vibe to them, and mixing up vintage old pieces with new modern ideas. A home office I’m really crushing over right now is Khloe Kardashian‘s. It’s still an OMG type of moment every time I see it. Here it is and here are some of my fave home office designs :) khloe-kardashian-home-office-khloe-kardashian-home-officeblogger-writer-home-officedayhomoff1home-office-book-shelfhome-office-decorationhome-office-design (2)home-office-design-decorationSo whether you want a big home office or just a tiny working area, here are more home office ideas for inspiration :) fashion-blogger-working-areadark-home-officehome-office-designhome-office-interior-designhome-office-spacenice just like fashion interiorworking-areaworking-area-homeHope you enjoyed it!

blonde-veilingWhen it comes to hair this season, forget haircuts and hairstyles and focus on color or better yet coloring techniques that are uber hot in 2013! What am I rambling about? Why it’s the Hair Veiling & the Color Flipping Trends, that will supposedly be replacing the Dip-Dyed Hair. Well… I’d rather they add up to the dipped dyed style, because I finally want to do it :)  Hair Veiling is dying your hair a different shade underneath its first layer, getting subtle hair color nuances by creating hidden panels of color, so that when you flip the hair from one side to another it reveals another shade. And apparently the Color Flipping (which I would have assumed is exactly what I’ve just described) is switching the different-color-ends with the different-color-crown. So it will be a funky color on top of the head,  and then natural through the end. With denim blue being a huge color trend. Wait what? Errr that’s a bit far off for those of us who are no longer teens or in our early 20’s. Ha! But hey, if you love it, rock it! Like the girl in the photo below who is absolutely gorgeous rocking this edgy hair color!veiling-hairred-color-veilingAccording the Dailymail UK we’ll be noticing lots of celebs donning the Veiling Trend. No surprise there, I mean beauties like Jessica Alba, Rachel Bilson or Khloe Kardashian have become buckets of inspiration when it comes to their dip dyed tresses. These ladies look amazing with ombre hair and light blonde or red colored ends. So, as already established hair color icons, I think we should keep an eye on their hair and see what the fuss is about with Hair Color Flipping & Hair Veiling. 

Celebrities Dip Dye Hair Stylesjessica alba-dip-dyed-hairkhloe_kardashian_dip-dyed-hairombre-hair-veilingdemi-lovato-pink-dip-dyed-hairrachel-bilson-dip-dyedPremiere of TriStar Pictures' "Jumping The Broom" - Red CarpetBasically these 2 hair color trends are a more subtle version of the dip-dye hair style. Well actually it depends on how far you go with it… Speaking of color trends for 2013, here are the hottest shades to rock: Browns – ‘‘browns inspired by the rust tones on the color spectrum, giving a really flattering copper undertone that warms the face” or the ‘‘burnt brown”; Red – it’s less copper & more dramatic red; Blonde – ice blonde is in. But I would assume it’s OK to play with shades. It’s all about having fun, right? Flip that hair girl and show your daring shades… :) ”I flip my hair back and forth/I flip my hair back and forth’

Hair Inspiration for subtle hair veiling ideas: hair-veiling (2)hair-veilingice-blondeUntil this veiling color flipping trend kicks in… let’s enjoy some ”classic” dip-dyed hair for some fashion & beauty inspiration.

ash-blue-dip-dyed-hair-colorblack-red-dip-dyed-hairblonde-dip-dyed-hairblue-green-dip-dyed-hair (2)blue-green-dip-dyed-hairdip-dyeddip-dyed-hair-tredndip-dyed-style-trendgreen-dip-dyed-hair (2)green-dip-dyed-hairhair-trend-dip-dyedhari-veilingpink-blue-dip-dyed-hairpink-dip-dyed-hairI am loving the messy waves in funky shades, but my fave is the ombre dip dye hair. The dip dye hair is the in-your-face type pf style & look, so I suppose the advantage of the latest Veiling Trend is that it’s got a hidden edge to it. You could probably rock a crazy color, hide it away at the office and then take it out when you go partying. Talk about an alter ego!

checkered-trend (2)Apparently 2013 Spring is bringing to the spotlight a trend I am quite reticent to… The Checkerboard Print Trend. Responsible for the fashion victims turned clowns over night is none other than Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton with his 2013-2014 Spring /Summer collection. Remember last fall at fashion week in Paris when the runway was literally invaded with these squares in black, white, yellows and mellow greens? It was quite a psychedelic feeling as if we’d all shrunk and fell on a huge checkerboard. All in all the check prints looked amazing. That’s on the catwalk. The clothes had that 1960’s retro vibe to them, a calm sexy proper femininity that was taken forward by the cheeky cuts and designs (mini dresses & skirts, cropped tops etc). In real life… I’ve got my doubts about this checkered trend, hence the hard time I had finding street style photos. First I thought it was a too fresh of a trend but then it hit me: nobody wants to look like a clown or like a granny stuck in a chic (true!) but dated past. Because let me tell you, with the checkerboard trend that’s the biggest risque. Unless you nail it down 100% and make it look trendy, modern or give it a certain twist… you might end up looking demented.  check-fashion-trendcheckered-trendcheck-print-dress (2)Here’s a brief look at what designers are telling us it’s OK to wear: Checkerboard Trend Runway balmain-checkerboardcheckerboard-lookcheckerboard-style-heels-pantsLouis-Vuitton-check-blaglouis-vuitton-checkerboard-mini-dressLouis-Vuitton-checkered-bagLouis Vuitton RTW Spring Summer 2013 Paris Fashion Week October 2012runway-checkerboard-printsAnd a dip into the nostalgic past when checkerboard was a must-have print on clothes, with every woman from the housewife to the bombshell donning it. They looked great for that time,  but we don’t want to look like caricature versions of ourselves, with a little of Charles Dickens’ Miss Havisham going on, do we? (Retro Checkerboardretro-checkerboard-blouseretro-checkerboard-printsYet I cannot contain my smirk thinking how some fashion lovers out there (me included) might try out this trend and walk around town thinking how fashion forward we looked when in fact, people are staring for the wrong reasons… Ha! But what is it about the checkerboard print that is so intriguing (besides its psychedelic design)? I suppose it’s the retro feminine vibe it transpires and the challenge that comes with it: making it look fun/elegant/classy/edgy/modern. So I decided to take this trend up on this challenge and try to style some checkerboard looks and see how they turn out. Though I let my creativity run wild with some of these sets, mixing and matching check prints, basically I think getting this trend right is about sticking to one trendy checkered item. I love a checkered  fitted dress that can be worn with colored heels or ballet pumps. Pile on statement jewellery and a leather jacket for some edge! The checkered tops look amazing with jeans (cut-offs, boyfriend or skinny jeans) depending on the look you want. Or you can mix them with a solid color trouser suit and a blazer for a more professional style.

Checkerboard Look & Style – Black & White Dress

check mate trend 4

black-white-square-dresscheckerboard-dressFunky Check Prints!

check mate trend 3

checkerboard-print-street-stylecheckerboard-trendRetro Chic Checkered Style!

check mate trend 2

miumiu-check-printscheckered-topSmart & Rich Check Prints Look!

Check Mate Trend 1

checkerboard-mini-skirtcheckered-printsWith black & white being a huge trend in itself this spring, no wonder it spread onto the checks so most of these squares are in these classic tones. If the streets might have been a bit too reticent (at least so far) to the checks I cannot say the same thing about celebs. Jessica Alba & Kristen Stewart have embraced this print and looked stunning on the red carpet in checkerboard dresses. What the street have embraced about this trend though are the statement check prints: a bag, shoes, reinvented squares, a simple top or a a blazer. jessica-alba-checkerboard-dresskristen-stewart-checkerboard-dresschecks-stylecheck-print-stylecheck-print-balenciaga-heelselisa-nalin-checkered-blazerlady_gaga_checkered_dressleighton_meester_checks-printscheckboard-print-skirt-street-stylenicky_hilton_checered-shirtNicole Scherzinger Stops By Kiss FMselena-gomez-check-print-dresssquare-prints-street-stylecheck-prints-street-styleThen there are the colored funky check prints that look amazing if you know how to style them. For some inspiration check out Susie Bubble‘s quirky street style. She loves prints and she’s the master of mixing and matching them. Checkerboard included. Actually the checkered colored outfits are more easily styled and tend to look a bit more modern. And I actually like these. It’s a bit of a statement you make I guess. Besides, this checkered style or checkerboard trend might just be one of those trends you need to adapt, reinvent, have fun with. And you might just find you niche!  checks-prints-street-stylecheckerboard-trousers (2)checkerboard-trouserscheckered-blazercheck-print-shoescolor-check-dressprada-check-prints-street-styleJessica White and Solange Knowles arrive for the Tribeca Ball at the NY Academy of ArtIn all honesty, as I’m writing this I am still feeling a bit uncertain… I mean I might just get up one day and love the checkerboard print and drape myself in it from head to toe. Who knows? Until then I shall remain open to it and stick to a few checked items I do like: tops and maybe a fitted dress. I’m just so curious to know where you guys stand on this one. Are you loving this Checkerboard Trend or not?

sweatshirts-runwayEver since Proenza Schouler, Marc Jacobs or Balenciaga reinvented the sweatshirt for their 2012 fall collections, streets and savvy posh fashionistats can’t seem to get enough of the Sporty Chic Style: The Sweatshirt. Long gone are the days when this sporty attire was only gym appropriate (ha! can’t believe how far we’ve come). So I was just wondering – between the sloppy grad students or young working girls walking in their sweatshirts (not to stay in style, but quite the opposite) to grab coffee on a Saturday morning and kill off that bad hangover, to the catwalks – what happened? When did this cute gym top, hangover attire for the weekends, or ‘I don’t care how I look’ (‘yet I’m gorgeous‘) become such a trendy must-have?  street-style-sweatshirtApparently designers and streets get a lot of their fashion looks from grad students. I mean remember the Varsity Jacket? (click here to get the look & check out the trend) Ha! Years ago it was a uni statement, a team-sports attire and now… now it graces the back of so many posh fashion faces. Could it be that those off duty fab celebs or party students looked luxe-grunge while shying away from the very fashion obsession designers were too eager to show off? The less you try the better you look, right? Indeed it is a great style paradox, and the more we give in to these contradictions and fashion paradoxes the more fashion takes a  new way. It changes, becoming so effortlessly chic, so ignorant to its very characteristics that has made fashion what it is. Today fashion takes itself less seriously… and thank God for that. As much as I love it (and I do, trust me) at the end of the day, it’s just clothes, you know. Anyway, the very fashion contradictions make a great look and translate into amazing styles. Such is the case of the Sweatshirt Trend for this spring! tiger-sweatshirtasos-sweatshirtskenzo-sweatshirts-matchesprinted-sweatshirtThe sweatshirt had a huge comeback last fall, yet I would think it’s appropriate to say this sporty chic top is a great transitional piece from winter to spring. Not too thick, comfy, sophisticated and not at all boring. Not with the styles and trends that are invading the shops. Why not do it in Spring too? I think it looks much better as it can be worn with nothing on top of it. Show it off! From basic normal sized sweatshirts to luxe glam styles with galaxy prints, animal prints, graphic or text prints, sequins,  patterns (or even all the above on the same sweatshirt) in oversize, tiny size or croppedThe Sweatshirt is no longer just a boring top. simpsons-sweatshirtssweatshirt (2)sweatshirtHow to style it? The most coveted look the sweatshirt is famous for this year, and will be a great style for spring, is the Sweatshirt & Skirt Look. Perfect for office, going out, meetings… basically any occasion as the sporty side of the sweatshirt is toned down by a skirt and hot heels. For a sexy look opt for a printed/graphic/busy sweatshirt with a leather pencil skirt and hot heels. Pile on accessories and don’t forget an oversized clutch.  An oversized sweatshirt tucked in a cool skirt or belted over a mini skirt would look so fashion forward in that weird edgy way. A tiny fitted sweatshirt looks amazing with any type of skirt. A jacket or blazer on top for crispy mornings and you’re ready to go.

Basic Sweatshirt & Skirt sweatshirt-looksweatshirt-dresssweatshirt-pleated-skirtolivia-palermo-sweatshirtsweatshirt-girlsweatshirtssweatshirt-skirt (2)sweatshirt-skirtsweatshirt-street-styleLuxe-Glam Sweatshirt & Skirt kenzo-sweatshirt-styleoversized-sweatshirt (2)sweatshirt-lace-skirtprint-sweatshirt-skirtsweatshirt-fashion-trendsweatshirt-sequined-skirtChic Sweatshirt Styles & Looks are easily donned by pairing the sporty top with trousers. Opt for a sloppy oversized sweatshirt (in a simple or super statement print) with skinny jeans, leggings, shorts and sneakers or high heels for a more sophisticated vibe. Or go the other way: fitted sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans and high heels. Now this is my fave look. It’s easy, simple to pull off and dress up or down depending on what you’re looking to get or where you might be going. And another look that I think is fantastic is keeping it all sporty – sweatshirt, jeans, sneakers, cap – but accessorizing it to get that urban glam hip-hop style.

Basic-simple Sweatshirts & Trousers/Shorts/Cut-offs/Leggings basic-woman-sweatshirt-styledsquared-sweatshirtfitted-sweatshirt-boyfriend-jeansslouchy-sweatshirt-leather-shortssweatshirts-revolve-clothingsweatshirt-leather-pantssweatshirt-pantssweatshirt-sporty-looksweatshirt-trendsweatshirt-trousersFunky Sweatshirts kenzo-sweater-street-styleluxe-glam-print-sweatshirtoversized-sweatshirtpatter-sweatshirtstreet-style-sweatshirt (2)sweatshirt-cut-offssweatshirt-trend (2)Dress-like-Sweatshirtsoversize-sweatshirt-lookoversize-sweatshirtoversized-sweatshirt-street-styleDepending on my mood I love both sweatshirt styles: luxe glam (packed with prints, sequins, graphics, patterns) & simple casual. In both oversize or fitted designs. The rule is balance your silhouette – if the sweatshirt is oversized keep the bottom side fitted and vice versa. Get creative (everything goes with everything) and pile on accessories for that luxe glam sporty style. Plus don’t shy away from what appears to not go with a sweatshirt: hot heels, red lips, feminine bags, statement clutches… The sky is the limit! What’s your fave Sweatshirt style or look? :)

photos via Pintrest, weheartit, Elle, Vogue, google images

black-loafersAs Spring slowly settles in and the sun graces us bit by bit with its beams, we slowly ditch our ankle boots & winter shoes for more summer’ish soles. And as every season has it… 2013 Spring will too bring us a new fashion trend. The Loafers, ladies! From the catwalk to the streets and to the posh feet of celebs these androgynous boy’ish flat pumps are making us forget the hot heels and channel our Tom-boys personas. As always my lovelies, I have to be honest with you… long long time ago I hated loafers. I thought of them as the ugliest shoes ever, who made my legs seem skinnier and made me look more shapeless. Truth is they’re a bit tricky and one can easily fall into the granny look with them (though if we look at the Olsens, that look is apparently quite trendy too, so… there you go). Or Taylor Swift for that matter. Sorry… but I find her style so boring for her age, and in her case, loafers are not helping at all. They’re too dull just like her outfit. So I guess the key is to find a balance: if you’re rocking an edgy or uber sophisticated look OPT for loafers as they will tone it down. Or keep it simple but add those details that make all the difference. olsens-loaferstaylor-swift-loafersFLYNET - Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran Arrive At The Recording Studio In Santa Monicacoloured-loafers-fashion-trendloafers-2013-springcool-loafersToday I admit it: Loafers seduced me! Yes they are a bit masculine but NOW I love that, as I love the way they can easily blend and mix with so many other looks. Besides they are so comfortable, and contrary to belief (my past one that is) they look amazing with feminine clothes: dresses & skirts with or without tights. It gives you that boho-chic-innocent vibe. For a professional smart look, loafers are the best with trousers/skirts/dresses and a blazer on top. Keep them black for a basic smart look or go for printed or colored ones for a professional sophisticated style. I love the animal print ones and the bright colored ones. For a feminine look stay nude (ha! with your feet that is). Nude shoes elongate legs and make you look fab. To get that rich, sophisticated style don’t forget a cool bag, shades, a scarf and jewellery.

Office Look – Loafers Trend 2013 Spring 2013-loafers-styleblue=loafers-lookblack-stud-loaferskate moss 080709loafer-lookAlexa Chung Out And About In NYCloafers-trend (2)mint-loafersmint-studded-loafersstyle-loafersBasically they look great with anything from jeans to trouser-suit, from skirts to dresses, blazers to leather jackets, as they adapt to all these outfits and give a bit of masculine strength and that ‘je ne sais quoi‘ or effortless ‘I don’t care‘ attitude to the girl wearing them. And speaking of masculine… you can get your boyfriend/husband a pair, as they’re the new Shoe Trend for Men as well. You’ll look like those super bohemian-posh couples who dress alike and look gorgeous :) So I can see why Loafers are the new IT Shoe of 2013 Spring. We’re all probably so bored with the flat pumps and just sought a reinvented version of them. So why not our grannies’ shoes :) Joking! Oh and another thing… they come in heels too, but I’ll tell you all about that in another post. Today I’m feeling comfy and these loafers seems just the right thing!

So let’s get some fashion inspiration from some truly great street looks. So many ways to rock the loafers look this spring… d1bb9afc70f796446b1feda4d9930c8cloafers-fashion-trendChloe Sevigny out and about, New York, America - 19 Mar 2010alexa-chung-loafersgreen-loafers-llokChristian Louboutin loafers… ah… still the best out there! Christian Louboutin Loafers - Leopard-GoldChristian Louboutin Loafers Glitz Nappa Black SilverChristian Louboutin Loafers

Loafers – Feminine Looks for 2013 Spring loafers-feminine-lookloafers-dressloafers-street-styleLoafers – Spring Looks: they look amazing with shorts/skirts & skinny jeans. Plus celebs street style & some extra fashion inspiration photos… street-style-loafers (2)lindsey-lohan-loafersAngela Simmons walking her dog outside her hotel in New York City.beyonce-loafersgreen-loafers-buckleloafers (3)loafers-fashion-streetMicah Gianneli - raww blog - Myer - Nicola Finetti - Manning Carloafers-summper-look

loafers (2)london-street-style-loafersmiranda-kerr-loafersstreet-trend-loafersstudded-loafersstreet-style-loafers (3)hope you enjoyed it :) So are you a fan of Loafers or not?

photos via Pintrest, weheartit.com, google images