2014-spring-trends-from-theYeah we’ve got a few weeks left until Spring (to say the least) but that don’t mean we can’t start preparing for this year’s hot season. Tons of trends are making their way into the springs and summers of our 2014 lives, and I think knowing what lies ahead can be a great shopping insight and practice-makes-perfect situation until the warm weather kicks in.

Who the hell says we can’t start wearing 2014 Spring trends in winter? Why wait? Exactly. 2014spring-trends2014spring-trends (2)Freshly picked off the runways straight into retail chains (if not first done by a few celebs) these trends will be massive this Spring. Sure, some have always been a warm season hit, and apparently continue to woe us year after year, others are really new, and others are well… reinvented. runway-trends2014runway-trends-2014runway-trends-2014-summerWhat I can tell you is that 2014 Spring is a fabulous & exquisite cluster of every trend and look from the 50’s to today. 2014 is still all about personal style and mixing your shit, rather than chasing trends. Yet… a bit of what-to-wear insight never hurt anyone. runway-trends-2014-spring1. PASTELS & LIGHT PINKS 

Huge on the runways the dusted muted ice-cream colors remind us of those 50’s housewives dressed in proper skirts and tiny sweaters in the cleanest most delicious colors ever: mint, light blue, warm whites, muted yellows, peaches. And the massive hit: PINKS.

Personally I’m not a big fan of this ice-cream color trend, as I find it a bit ‘in-between’. And sort of too PJ style. Anyway… I’ve been taught by fashion to never say never, so there you have it. 2014-spring-trends2014-summer-trends-pastelspastels-street-style2. ATHLETIC 

Designers were all smitten with the professional sporty look, or the incredibly polished/athletic styles of the upper class. The runway was invaded by clothes inspired from the golf course, swimming pool, tennis court, cricket, riding, running and God knows what other sports the aristocracy prefers. Wanna look posh? Wear sporty chic or athletic inspired clothes mixed with your own style.

Basically it’s the same sporty luxe thing, done by pop stars for the past year, with a slight more polish & femininity to it. athletic-trend-2014-springathletic-trend-street-style3. 90’S

Okay. We will NOT go there anymore. Crop tops, biker boots, flanels, cutoffs, ripped jeansdark lips, chokers, plaid. You know the drill. 90s-street-style-trend90s-trendstreet-style-90s-trend4. BUTTON-DOWNS & WHITE COLLARS

Well, well, well. Never have I thought the day will come when office wear got a makeover. SHIRTS in all forms, shapes, sizes, colors and textures are IN. This is one big hit off the runways, with models wearing them buttoned all the way up, or unbuttoned up or down. (like button up from your neck to your midriff, and leave it open from there down).

Although collarless coats and jackets are incredibly trendy this spring, when it comes to shirts keep it classic: WHITE COLLARS on any color shirt. shirts-trend-2014-summerspring-2014-trend-shirtswhite collar trend-2014-springwhite-collars-trend-2014-spring5. SKIRTS

Never ever have skirts in all sizes and lengths have had such a glorious moment in fashion, as this year. From pencil straight, to pleats, from mini (off the tennis court inspired) to maxis all is IN. Although they say the spotlight will belong to tea length skirts and high slits. floral-skirtskirtsskirts-street-stylestatement-skirt-streetstylblack-maxi-skirt6. BOXY TOPS

This I love in theory. In practice… unless you’re skinny you’ll probably end up looking like a chest of drawers. I’ve never really been into boxy cuts, cause I find them pretty unflattering. Nevertheless, I would not say no to a boxy cropped T-shirt with boyfriend jeans.

Boxy jackets, coats and all types of tops in this shape are IN. 2014-spring-trend-boxy-tops-streetstylestreet-style-boxy-trend7. PRINTS

These have always been a hit of the hot season. Florals? Duh. (click here for more). 2014 Spring will see the rise of 2 huge print trends: POP ART & GRAPHIC. 

Inspired by nothing else than this culture of pop we’ve got and the times we live, these prints are a great combo of modern and retro. I adore a touch of 50’s or 70’s retro in a look. 2014-spring-floral-printgraphic-prints-2014-spring2014-spring-trend-graphic-printspop-art-prints-streetstyl,estreet-style-pop-art-print-2014-trend8. OPULENCE & LUXE DETAILS

Ina sea of sporty-boxy looks we girls need a bit of jazz and glamour. So thank God for SPARKLES, CRYSTALS, SEQUINS LAME, FRINGES & HOLOGRAPHIC textures (click here for more). They are all (still) IN and I could not be happier about it.

Whether as small embellished details on collars, sleeves, or hems, or invading clothes altogether, these luxurious textures and cluster of opulence has never been more appealing than this spring. I can already picture a fabulous look: athletic inspired style meets luxury details. ;)

Not a new thing at all, but feels good to know we’ve got a free pass at draping ourselves in sequins like it’s a New Year’s Eve party all year round. lame-trend-spring-2014-streetstyleholographic-trend-street-stylestreet-style-crystalsstreet-style-luxurystreet-style-fringes (2)street-style-fringesstreet-style-sequins-2014-trend9. SUITS.

Ladies man up, cause that 70’s style suit is back in fashion. Alongside this retro oversized flowing cut, those late 90’s early noughties suits are catching the spotlight as well. Two words. Bold colors! Ta-daaa. suits-street-stylespring-tyrend-2014-suitsstreet-style-suitsstreet-style-suits-2014-spring-trendThese are just a few of the looks we can do over the hot season, but plenty more to come, as well as a closer look at each and everyone one of these over the next months.

Cant’wait to see what you all think, and whether or no these trends will stick. :)

street-style-men-polo-shirtWell, well, well. ‘What do you say, what do you know?’ polo shirts are back! Not that they’ve ever really been out of fashion, given their main purpose and incredibly versatile trait, which translates into numerous styles for numerous occasions, ages and walks of life. For all men.

Just had a chat with my brother over this golf-look & he agrees they’re IN. Besides, his fashion choices and some of my male friends’ testify to boys’ love for the classic POLO SHIRT. street-style-polo-shirtsFor the past 50 years or so men have stubbornly refused to give up on these. From the Kennedys, to movie stars who paired them with crispy pants on their yacht getaways, to filthy rich men in a middle life crisis and pressed pants, tanned playboys, young wannabe professionals, preppy East Coast boys, all the way to actual golf players, and Scott Disick – everyone expressed their penchant for proper fashion in the polo manner.

old-abd-new-looks-polo-shirScott+Disick-polo=-shirt-lookScott+Disick-polo-shirtThe polo shirt has got that special something that screams ‘I do care about fashion, but really I can’t be bothered every day, so I just threw this on.’

Why the POLO comeback? We can blame it on high end brands, I mean it was only last Fashion Week that designers gave us a free pass at all sporty things. With the inherent self razzmatazz and personal touch, (which I’m sure our boys do not lack) Spring 2014 will belong to the sporty chic sartorial choices. Moments & snapshots from a golf course, a yacht, or a race are great sources of inspiration.

Or we could always blame Leonardo Dicaprio for the POLO comeback. He practically lived in this look the entire film – The Wolf Of Wall Street.

How to wear Polo Shirts?

  • For a preppy/old Hollywood rich actor style pair them with chinos or pressed trousers, loafers & shades. It’s relaxed and casual. You can also throw on a blazer, which beats the leather jacket when it comes to polo shirts.
  • For a 50’s meets 70’s style go for polo shirts in stripes, patterns, checks, and those muted ice-cream colors. Pair them with skinny trousers, jeans or shorts and always roll up your trousers for a cooler vibe. To play with styles switch up shoes: loafers, sandals, oxfords, sneakers. No boots.
  • Feeling adventurous or hipster cool. Dare to wear bright bold colors: neon green, turquoise blue, reds, pinks, fuchsia et all. Pair them with just about all the above and your sunnies.

menswear-polo-shirtsstreet-style-men-polo-shirtsCasual office wear, weekend cool guy, beach relaxed style, whatever you choose to do is great with just ONE DON’T rule. STOP popping your fucking collar. Unless you’re Alex Turner out on the prowl again, of course. alex-turner-polo-shirtalex-turner-polo-shirt-look

Where to shop?

I found the perfect brand and store for you – Function18. One of those online shops that you gotta love for reading your mind, you know. They’ve gathered in one place all the fantastic brands that design polo shirts and are selling them here at super (really!) dupa prices. I’m talking Tommy Hilfiger, Galvin Green, Lyle & Scott, Hugo Boss, Ping, Nike and Adidas. 



Function18 is a brand that for over 10 years focuses on golf clothes for men. And since the sporty rich relaxed look is the TREND this spring, this brand just became a must see & shop. :)

Here are some of my faves polo shirts from Function18. I do love black basics cause they can be styled so easily.



And then I’m all for bold crazy colors and vintage/sporty prints.




Need some more inspiration? Take it form the streets. ;) men-polo-shirts-comeback-20jay-z-polo-shirtmenswear-trend-2014-polo-shirtmen-trends-2014-polo-shirtpolo-shirtpolo-shirt-look-2014polo-shirt-men-streetstylepolo-shirt-trend-2014-men-streetstylesean-combs-polo-shirtstreet-style-polo-shirts (2)polo-shirts-stylesIf it’s good for James Bond, it’s great for you. polo-shirt-trend

margaret-zhang-croptopBetween eyeballing the latest fad in town & that illegally delicious cake, we’re left with a ton of frustration, so if by the end you decide to jump on the latest trend wagon or dis it altogether, that cake is already digesting in your stomach and you’re licking off your fingers in a state of both guilt and satisfaction.

(with the promise to kick start a healthy meal & workout plan, come Monday).

Nobody can make a wise decision on an empty stomach.

Truth is, some trends out there can apply to all, and SOME of them only apply to a bunch of people, who are usually aliens and live on air. Such is the case of crop tops, which seem to deliberately refuse to leave the spotlight in Spring Summer 20142014-summer-trend-cropped-topsPerhaps that’s a good thing. By the end of this trend more and more women will have toned stomachs.

Frankly I have no fucking idea how all these street style fashionistats pull it off. Most of them are either editors or established bloggers who presumably have little to no time to even piss in peace let alone hit the gym. How do they do it? bare-midriffs-trendRag & Bone Women's Collection - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014Back in the ’90’s when this trend was huge and I was tiny it was a piece of cake. Wearing something longer than my belly button was a blaspheme. Blizzard cold or sweaty hot I had a flat stomach to show. And I did. But it was against all earthly & physical laws, cause I ate & drank crap, with hardly ever any exercise.

When my body aligned itself to the humans’ laws I couldn’t care less, cause crop tops were a thang of the past. Until (as of last year or so) they were not anymore.

And somewhere between reminiscing on those ’90’s that I loved so much, and hitting the age which requires a healthy lifestyle (sans le hangovers) here I am, tons of years later – embracing the crop tops trend. With the inherent gulp and a massive fright I’m trying to conceal under a long top, of course. At the end of the day we all need a push for a healthy lifestyle. I’ve just decided mine was CROP TOPS.cropped-tops-trendAs I keep day dreaming about flat abs, mountains of chocolate and fancy crop tops, (what? In my universe they coexist.) I can’t help but wonder: 

How in the name of God did they make such a huge comeback? Did I not have enough of them on the 1st round?

Errr. Apparently no. They’re comeback is due to fashion being cyclic, to Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus et all (who were infants or not even born in the 90’s, so are picking on our leftovers), and last but not least to the whole fitness body culture that’s happening today.

More and more women are taking up sports, lifting weights, doing pilates, staying hours in the gym and eating healthy. I hope we do realize youth is not meant to last a lifetime, but I suppose in the hope of prolonging  it, we’ve given birth to this svelte ripped body obsession. Before you stand up and applaud this as today’s major movement, think again. It was born in the ’80’s.

The 90’s had the heroin look (think Kate Moss) and an obsession for boobs, which was a nightmare for most girls. Take my word. Growing up as a enormously tall skinny teenager came with the Kate Moss’ish perks but the flat chest downside. Which, as years and carbs went by, grew in size (alongside everything else), but hey! that’s the one perk of putting on weight and I’ll take it, thank you.

According to the crop tops invasion, today the world is focused on toned abs and flawless stomachs. Hmm. And I thought we were all ass-obsessed. With the Kardashian thing and all. That would have been so much easier. Although, the more thought I give to this tremendously shallow topic, the more I acquiesce to the fact that what is IN today are ripped toned healthy bodies, be it skinny or curvy.

So, does that mean all women wear crop tops in 2014 SS? YES. What? YES. Do you need me to repeat that? YES. YES. YES. 

Listen to this. In 2014 crop tops are more a display of midriffs – above the belly button around your ribs – which is thought to be the most ripped and skinniest part of a woman’s body. So it’s more of a retro look: high waisted anything (jeans, cutoffs, shorts, skirts, trousers etc.) and a crop top that leaves just an inch of your skin for display. bare-midriffbare-midriff-stylecropped-sweater-street-styleSure if you want to show kilometers of stomach go ahead. Rub it in our faces, why don’t you? You know what they say: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. crop top lookcrop-top-coachella-stylethe-crop-top-street-style-paris-milan-new-york-fashion-week-_-3Another crop top look perfect for normal people is the boxy or larger top that ends around your belly button, right where it meets the top of your trousers and skirts. street-style-crop-tops-bare-midriffsthe-crop-top-street-style-paris-milan-new-york-fashion-week-_-1And now for some fashion inspiration slash sports motivation let’s check out some crop tops styles & how to wear them. ;) croped-topscropped-shirt-street-stylecropped-top-2014-trendcropped-tops-look-for-cold-weathercropped-tops-stylecropped-tops-trend-2014-spring-summercropped-top-winter-streetstylecrop-top-diane-krugercrop-tops-bustiers-street-stylecrop-top-skirtcrop-tops-lookcrop-top-street-style-summercrop-tops-trend-2014-spring-summercrop-tops-trend-2014-spring-summer-1grungy-look-cropped-topgrungy-look-cropped-toptumblr_mw6cqxKZlO1s5vvv4o1_500tumblr_mv76v9zRwK1s5vvv4o1_500IMG_3157roppedtops-street-stylestreetstreet-style-crop-topstreet-style-cropped-topsummer-look-crop-topitem12.rendition.slideshowVertical.spring-2014-trends-crop-topsspring-2014-trends-cropped-topsCause we’ve just established we’re all aliens and can pull off this look without contemplating starvation, but with a massive burger shoved up our faces, there is only 1 downside to this trend: we can’t wear crop tops to the office.

OK, I know what you must be thinking right now : this girl’s got an obsession with jeans. Not gonna deny it, cause obviously alongside my fashion & food cravings, what 2014 does for me, is bring out a somewhat consistency in obsessions. It kicked in with the jeans trend (the ripped shit we talked yesterday), who know though what’ll be next. street-style-white-jeans-in-winterBut today no classic blue denim talk (cause we did that here & here). Au contraire. Today I dare thee to a debate:

Are white jeans cool again? And if so, should we be wearing them in winter?

how-to-wear-white-jeans-in-winterFirst of all, I know what y’all are gonna say: when were they out of style in the 1st place? Point taken. Yet, they were more of  a niche look for those summer gals emulating cruise slash luxe sailor slash rich holiday in the Mediterranean styles. You know, with the white bottoms and some bright flowery top. Or black for a bit of fashion drama by the sea.  white-jeansWhen and who decided to take this look out of its summery context right into… WINTER?

White denims are stubbornly sticking around for 2014 winter and I so-unoriginally predict spring & summer 2014. In many ways it does seem as if 2013 was just a teaser for lots of trends.

So, I dare ask – in this white denim in winter thang – where do you stand?

I, (not that anyone gives a crap, but just to humor my massive narcissistic ego I’m gonna tell you anyway) was skeptical at first, until I saw a friend of mine pulling off this style without looking like a rich infatuated socialite unaware of the fact that it is winter outside. Not summer.

This friend of mine looked cool. And slightly edgy/grungy. And then it hit me: can we pull off the white denim trend in winter and not look ridiculous?

She, alongside tones of other girls & posh fashionistats out there are holding a massive YES sign to all my born-out-of-white-winter-insecurities questions.

White does tend to appear brighter than any damn color in winter, but I’m sorta liking this trend, which I have yet to try. To the HOW screaming in my mind I have one word. (actually more.) white-jeans-winter-lookGeraldine Saglio at RochasIf you love wearing them in summer (my case) nail the look in winter with black shoes. Black ankle boots, black wedges or sneakers and a dark colored coat, black blazer or leather jacket  look best (read fabulous) with white jeans in winter. As for the top, I love the coziness of an oversized soft black sweater, or the crispy feel of a dark colored shirt tucked in. But, white does go with anything so do not shy away from colors.

And now let’s get some street style inspiration. :)  How-Wear-White-Jeans-Year-RoundOlivia-Palermo-white-jeanswhite-jeansstreet-style-white-jeans (2)street-style-white-jeansstreetstyle-white-jeansstreet-style-whitejeansstreet-style-white-jeansstreet-style-white-jeans-1street-style-white-jeans-2 (2)street-style-white-jeans-2street-style-white-jeans-3street-style-white-jeans-trrendwhite-jeans-2014-trendwhite-jeans-black-ankle-bootswhite-jeans-coat-winter-stylewhite-jeans-lookwhite-jeans-shirt-lookwhitejeans-street-stylewhite-jeans-street-stylewhite-jeans-white-sweater-stylewhite-jeans-winterwinter-style-white-jeans (2)winter-style-white-jeanswinter-trend-2014-white-jeansI’m so curious what you think about this trend: winter & summer? Or just summer?


ripped-jeansHardly a new trend, the ripped jeans look is gaining more and more spotlight due to this thing in fashion we like to call effortlessness. Could we blame those off duty models for this one? I mean they do own this can’t-be-bothered-style and loose sophistication.

Some old ripped T-shirt paired with a sequined skirt and unlaced boots in between shows. Or those ripped boyfriend jeans that make her look like a rockstar doll. Yep. I think these girls are to blame for our constant chase to look posh yet unprepared.

Who the hell would not want to emulate an off duty model’s look? Well, lots of people actually, but then again, lots would do, hence loads of trends that were born from the streets courtesy of models & fashionsistas. ripped-jeans-model-off-duty-styleOr, if ever at a loss for that who’s-to-blame-for this-trend, we’ve always got those 90’s with their grungy rock/punk styles. The ripped jeans thing? Yeah. It’s reminiscent of this decade as well. black-ripped-jeansFor some reason though I can’t seem to shake off the why behind this ripped jeans trend, and the more I linger on it, the more I find culprits. My new one: today’s cluster of styles, and the clashing of looks all into one eclectic mix. The triumph of personal style over fashion, be it made up of vintage mixed with high street or even high end brands. how-to-wear-ripped-jeansThere’s something incredibly refreshing about knowing there is no wrong way in nailing it today style wise. Sure there are some rules, but even those we can break with the right attitude. And a fuck off.

Somewhere on the way we probably just got tired of having to look all prepped up, polished and uber feminine, at all times and costs, as if striving for perfection, which doesn’t even exist. And if it did, it’s fucking boring. So we came up with this gimmick: why don’t we get a little bit from those rocknroll years, a bit from today’s glam, a bit from here, a bit from there and see what happens.

We loosen up, that’s what happens and we finally nail the much coveted effortlessness. Amen to that! streetstyle7231-webAnd to top off all this ripping, as a testimony to our incredible style originality, a new (sorta) trend was born – the Shredded Jeans! 

Subtility out the window, and we’ve got girls showing off legs in oversized rolled up jeans that are literally all shredded apart, held together by the side seams.

They look best with hot heels and a tucked in white shirt, but honestly now… if you wear them with sexy stilettos any top will look fabulous: cropped, oversized, vintage, printed, plain, tee, sweater, coat, jacket, bustier and so on. jeans-trend-rippedlarge-ripped-jeans-street-styleripped-jeans (2)ripped-jeans-look-street-styleshredded-jeansstreet-style-ripped-jeans (2)Flat shoes look OK with boyfriend shredded jeans, if you’re going for a laid back androgynous style: oxfords, ballet flats, or my all time fave, sneakers. Make sure you add a cool watch and spice it up with accessories to give a bit of chicness and femininity. boyfrined-ripped-jeansripped-jeans-trend-2014Boots are probably a no-no with shredded oversized jeans, unless they’re heeled ankle boots, they’d probably look great with a coat & a beanie. ripped-jeans-street-styleIf oversized shredded jeans are too much for you, you’ll always have the kinda skinny ripped styles. Bored of your skinnies? Rip those fuckers apart and put your DIY skills into practice.

When it comes to skinnier jeans styles that are subtly ripped one thing’s certain: they look fantastic with any shoe type, from uber high heels to motorcycle boots or tennis shoes. rippedjeansripped-jeans-lookripped-jeans-streetstyleripped-jeans-styleripped-jeans-trendshredded-jeans-street-styleskinny-ripped-jeansstreetstyle-ripped-jeansstreet-style-ripped-jeans-1street-style-Ripped-Jeanswinter-style-ripped-jeansYeah, this trend is been around since forever, but I see no reason why it needs to go. Ripped or even shredded jeans for both girls and boys look cool. Sophisticated & effortless, as if we’re all trying to emulate rock stars. Or hobos.

1If after a 2 week blog break one thing is certain, it’s that I’ve missed you all loads! Hope you had a fantastic holiday and tons of fun, while keeping it in style. Or not. God knows a bit of fashion break comes in handy once in a while.

But, all is not lost and here we are, back in the business of fashion ready to kill it this year. Resolutions in sight, and on we go with our pretty little fashion lives. fashionistasSpeaking of resolutions, aside from working more for better results my #1 remains the gym. OK, laugh all you want at my unoriginal 2014 resolution, but if I’m not ready to give up cropped tops (2014 Trend Alert) or uber short shorts this summer… I’d better get my now-fat-stuffed-like-a-pig body to the gym.

Moving on, to start off the year I thought why not talk about the 2013 trends we wanna keep in 2014, or those we just had enough of. I am so curious where you guys stand on some of these, so let’s begin.

1. 90’s Grunge Trend 90s-grunge-stylePfff. I swear this decade can be so redundant these days. I mean, to some extent today, everything is a 90’s something. A reinvention. A forgotten trend, look or dusted style done by God knows who, and just because it’s those 90’s it suddenly looks cool & hip. 

Still… with all the eyerolling and effing this 90’s invasion may get, I’m kinda… sorta… not ready to kill it yet. 

This massive trend (click here for more on the 90s) has tons of looks. Let’s see which we’ll keep or kill.

#1 Cropped Tops. 

cropped-tops-style2014-trend-cropped-topscropped-top-lookcropped-topstreet-style-cropped-topsI say: Keep It! What do you think? (more on this trend here)

#2 Leather.

It IS everywhere. A little bit too much: leggings, trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, tops. Not to mention the ubiquitous leather jackets that everyone with a penchant for grunge or not (this last bit pisses me off, but let’s not go there) is wearing. all-leather-look-streetstyleleather-shorts-trendleather-trend-2014peplum-leather-jacketstreet-style-leather-dress-lookNot ready to give it up though. Leather anything? Keep it.  

#3 Motorcycle Boots.

Uber cool & rockroll, but again a bit too been there done that by now, so why not switch them with combat boots. (more on this dilemma here). I think these will be huge this season. Example: combat unlaced boots with a flirty flowery dress. Perfection. combat-and-moto-boots-stylecombat-boots-street-stylemoto-bootsstreet-style-motorcycle-bootsKill the moto. Keep the Combats.

#4 Military. 

Errr. Don’t know about this one. Personally I think I’ve done it enough to last me a few seasons. Will not say no to a great combat jacket, shirt or trousers if I really really really love it, but as far as I’m concerned, I can live without this one.
militaryfuirmilitary-jacket-stylestreet-style-military-trendWhat do you think?

2. Sporty Luxe Trend

Now this one, alongside the 90s grunge was massive and it still is making waves. 2014 SS is all about sporty chic looks, so I think it’ll stick around for one more season. But, what do we keep and what do we kill?

#1 Wedge Sneakers.

Ah. These are everywhere. They used to be so cool back in the day, now everyone is doing them, which makes me wanna say Kill it. Although I do love them. (more here)Milan-Fashion-Week-Street-Stylesneakers-trend (2)bright-sneakerssneakers-trendstreet-style-wedge-sneakers (2)street-style-sneakersstreet-style-kicksI would trade them for bright neon kicks which I think will be massive this year. Keep it!   

Converses will always be hip, and those I will never give up, don’t care what the trends say.

#2 Sweatshirts.

kenzo-sweatshirtmusic-band-sweatshirtssporty-luxe-trend-street-sty;esweatshirt-lookAs long as the green Kenzo ones are gone, I’m all for these, especially plain ones mixed with skirts and heels. With that one amendment, I say, Keep it! (more looks here)

#3 Bombers.

Definitely: Keep it! According to the runways, 2014 Spring Summer will be all about the boxy cropped jackets & Bombers in the most appealing textures, colors & prints. (more on this trend here)2014-trend-bomber-jacketbomber-jacketbombers-trend-2014street-style-bomber-jacketIt’s only for a while they reappeared in fashion (reminiscent of STILL those 90s), and they are a great alternative to the leather jacket or blazer.

3. Pointy/Stiletto Nails Trend stiletto-aqua-nails-lookThis one, to me, is a Keeper, but I think a kill it situation for the rest of the world. They’ve been around for sooo long and are not too comfortable for, well, anything. Plus, so many girls out there love shorter nails, that I think this trend will slowly die. Not for me, though. I love them. ;) nail-art-stiletto-nailsWhy?

In a sea of grungy looks & sporty styles, or men inspired fashions, stiletto nails are the perfect touch of girly glam. Although I’m not wearing my nails pointy all the time, when I do, like in heels, I feel irresistible. They’re that card that gives me a free pass at wearing the most unflattering thing, or being total slob but looking polished. Or posh. lips and nailslong-nailsstiletto-nails4. Peplum Trend giovanna-bataglia-peplum-jacketPlease, for the love of God, make it stop. To me this is a definite Kill it situation, but for the rest of the world it’s probably a keeper. Reversed nails thing. (more here)peplum-trend-2014street-style-peplumstreet-style-peplum-top5. Hats Trend hat-trendsThese have to have a massive comeback. They are certainly trying to for a while now and I think they will stick. (more looks here) Beanies have. Baseball hats have, so why not this boho-chic version of the cover-your-head-with-something, right? fedora-hat-trend-2014street-style-hatbaseball-hat-trendI say Keeper to all these. Especially fedora hats! Ah.

street-style-beaniebeanie-stylestreet-style-grunge-baseball-cap  Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane slash future predictions post! Feels good to be back dolls! :)  xoxo


party-looksWhat should we go for: bold lips or smoky eyes? Should we wear fake lashes? Is glitter just for teens? What’s the trend today: natural or not?

If fashion has taught me 1 thing about myself, it’s that I should never say ‘never’ and always keep an open mind. Red lips were so not my thing, until I gave them a try, and then another, and another… and now… I think they’re the best thing ever. makeup-inspiration-for-NYEeyeliner-makeup-lookIs there a makeup trend this cold season? Here are 7 beauty looks to choose from. 

1. Aside from the dark bold lips makeup that we talked about here, another massive trend, courtesy of those grungy glam 90’s meets 80’s, has caught my eyes… #2 bold-lips-look-2014-NYE2. Bold lips AND heavy eye makeup. No longer a no-no in beauty this apparently too-much-makeup-look is the thing this winter.  bold-eyes-lips-NYE-party-makeupIt is too-much, I’ll give you that, but it’s got that saturated Instagram kinda urban grungy glamour to it, and I find it quite seductive in a very rebellious way. The key is to have a flawless face: moisture, foundation, contouring & powder, and not trying to simulate a perfect smoky eye makeup, cause it will look too clubbing, too posh, too much.

The look is somewhere between today’s urban put-together makeup styles, 90’s grungy effortless makeup, and 80’s kitsch glam beauty looks.

I was always preaching the natural look, or the balanced makeup styles, but I kinda like this too-much thing right now. It’s very celebrity emulating (think Rihanna & Rita Ora) and sort of models-off-the-runways-go-out-for-partying style. It’s an effing to all the stupid makeup looks, and a finger to all the balance we’ve been taught to have. It probably is more a fad, than a trend, and it makes more sense in winter, rather than summer, so why not give it a try this NYE? eyes-lips-bold-makeupgrungy-glam-makeupNYE-makeup-bold-lips-dark-eyes3. The natural makeup look will forever be IN, and it probably is a go-to-style for Christmas dinners with family. The saturated look may just be a bit too… much. Christmas-natural-makeup-look4. The red lips is a classic  and a perfect Christmas & party look. More on this trend herered-lips-makeup-stylered-lips-makeup-NYE-2014red-lips-cat-eyes-makeupred-lips-bare-face-makeup5. The smoky eyes – another been-there-done-that-turned-classic look to keep in mind for the big party. I do feel it’s been done too much, but if you love it, and look amazing in it, rock it! smoky-eyes-makeup-NYE6. Glitter & false lashes? Why not. The 2014 NYE party is the best occasion for it. I will however say, that in this case keeping a more natural lip color would be better. eyeliner-makeup-look7. Colored funky eye makeup. This is a very girly-girly party look, that was always present, but never quite stole the spotlight. It’s fun and perfect for the holiday season, so why not? colored-eye-shadow-lookcolored-makeupcolored-makeup-lookThe times we live in come with the biggest perk of them all. Nothing is off limits fashion wise. All is in, and there is no mistake when it comes to style, as long as you own it and can pull it off. Girls, I dare say the same thing applies for makeup.

From saturated bold eyes & bold lips looks, to false lashes, glitter, retro classic makeup styles, natural looks, glowing bronzed skin, pale skin, balanced styles, funky colored looks – it’s all a matter of personal taste & having fun. The best part about it is that, starting with tomorrow up until 31 of December we’ve got plenty of times and events to give these a try.

Let’s have a look at more makeup looks for Christmas & 2014 New Year’s Eve parties… ;) 90s-style-makeupbronzed-colored-makeupcolored-funky-eye-makeup-2014-NYE-partyheavy-eyes-makeup-styleeyes-makeupmakeup-for-2014-NYE-partynatural-looknatural-makeup (2)natural-makeup-NYE-Christmas-stylenatural-NYE-party-makeup-lookred-lipsred-lips-cat-eye-NYE-makeup-styleretro-makeup-lookurban-style-makeup-red-lipssmoky-eyes-makeup-looksmoky-eyes-red-lips-looksmoky-eyes-beauty-looksmoky-eyesretro-makeup-red-lips-party-lookWhat’s your fave? Do you think the bold eyes AND bold lips look is too much?


puffer-jackets-stylesI’m so curious what you ladies feel about the puffer jackets, which apparently seem to be making quite a comeback this cold season. What? I thought, fashion wise, I’d seen it all. Obviously I was wrong, cause the Michelin Man look is more IN that not.

When it comes to these puffers, my mind goes straight to my fashionably challenged, but otherwise happy childhood, when style wise, it was a nightmare. And I blame this on my mom, who, bless her, thought these horrendous coats were pretty cool. Or perhaps she didn’t give a damn, cause all she wanted was for me to not catch a cold. Fair enough. So there I was, for years and years and years, and more years in a row looking like a freaking marshmallow, that had more layers than a stupid cake and onion altogether. T-shirt, sweatshirt, sweater, the all present puffer, and as if that was not enough, a beanie, a scarf, mittens and some huge boots to balance off my top heavy layered body. Thank God for those, otherwise I’d have just flipped over. puffer-jacket-trend-2014Don’t even get me started on the sound these jackets make. It was a why-don’t-I-blow-a-horn to let everyone know I’m coming, minutes before I was even in sight. Oh wait. I don’t have to. My jacket does that for me. Childhood fashion trauma. Now that’s something I never wanna relive.

Frankly I can see how on some people’s puffers look great, and I can also understand why we’d wanna resort to these, when the weather is kinda forcing us to. Which makes me wonder, has the fashion lot given in to comfort over style? puffer-coat-heels-street-stylepuffer-coat-styleA little bit. Some posh faces slash editors slash rich socialites donned these puffer coats at New York Fashion Week, but never without their skinny trousers, dresses, heels and all that glamour and drama. So this off-the-ski-slopes-look is a bit reinvented and adapted to style, but if you ask me (please keep in mind my trauma, which hence makes me biased) a puffer jacket would just make me look like an elephant in a china shop.

Remember that Seinfeld episode when George was wearing his huge puffer jacket and destroyed a whole store by just standing there. Exactly. Now, being anything but clam and subtle I’d literally crush everything in my way, while, due to my height, I’d be looking like a giant chicken, with skinny legs and massive body that’s on the edge on flipping over. Heels are out of discussion at this point. So I’ll just stick to my numerous layers and a coat. Thank you. puffers-stylesUnless I’m skiing or something, but since that’s the one thing I can’t do, and I’ll never again be caught dead in the mountains (trauma #2. at this point you’re free to think the obvious: ”she’s pretty fucked up”), the outcome of the puffer for me, is pretty clear.

But, if there’s one thing fashion has taught me, it’s to never say never, so let’s be unbiased here for a sec and look at the bright side of the ugly puffer coat. In climates that can get freezing it’s the only thing that’ll actually keep you warm. It is comfy and snugly, to the point you might end up looking like you’re covered in your duvet and still lying in bed, but that’s another story. duvet-coat2014 comes with a tiny help fashion wise. It offers a variety of styles, cuts and designs for the puffer look: waist cinged, long, short, massive, or less massive, colored, printed etc, etc, etc.

I realize one can look even great in a puffer, I have a friend that’s obsessed with these, so I know the other side of the story too. She wears them with anything, like I wear a coat. It does look good, if massive bodies and skinny legs is what you’re going for. Sorry pal. What I still don’t know, is if she wears them out of both style and comfort reasons equally, or just the latter? That is the question. strett-style-puffer-coatsOkay, promise to behave from now on. I would kinda sorta wear a puffer jacket for warmth reasons alone, if I found one that’s at least a bit flattering. I’d probably go for a black one either short or thigh-length, not too massive, fur trimmed, with skinny jeans (not cause I’d wanna emulate that giant chicken, but because larger pants would have people mistake me for a homeless demented woman) and less layers. I could even do a cropped top in ‘-‘ degrees. Ha! … … … … (wait. I’m giving the puffer a thought right now.)puffer-coat-2014-winterpufferspuffers-street-styleOr, I’d go over the top (that’s not at all impossible with a jacket that resembles a duvet) with a bright colored waist short puffer, like a bright red one, layered over a chunky knitted longer sweater. chic-puffer-coatwinter-trend-puffer-coatsP.S. I just had an epiphany: could the puffer coat have made its comeback courtesy of celebs being spotted in them right before stripping off for red carpet event to get photographed in their revealing dresses? Or, cause it’s this jacket they choose to wear when running errands in cold temperatures and hiding from the paparazzi? Well… they’re obviously wearing them for style reasons. kylie-minogue-puffer-coatpuffer-coatsarah-jessica-parker-puffer-coatsofia-vergara-puffer-coatSome more street style pics for inspo. puffer=jackets-for-winterpuffer-jacket-lookpuffer-jacket-stylepuffers-coats-lookspuffers-trendshort-puffer-jacketstreet-style-puffer-coatstreetstyle-puffer-jacketwinter-coat-trend-puffersEventually I can see what the fuss is with the puffer coats. They do not look that bad. Or as bad as I recall, but there’s still a ‘but’ for me.

Or maybe I’ve been just too traumatized.

Herve-Leger-iphone-case-street-styleThis is not about you, or your style, or your how you operate in the most fashionable way day-by-day. Nope. This is about your phone. That little gadget we pin our eyes onto so many times has become the one thing we cannot go a day without. Hell an hour. It’s an accessory. The IT thing everyone has, and everyone with a penchant for fashion and funky accessories personalizes courtesy of the millions of iphone cases out there. accessories-iphone-casesDid the iphone just become the doll of our generation? We dress it up, bling it up, change its clothes so many times, we might as well consider it an extension of our own style. When 2 years ago at Fashion Week every single person was showcasing (read flaunting) their iphones in the most funky fun posh cases ever  – it was clear: the iphone case is the trend! It started once this phone became our addiction and now we just found the perfect way to give this little thang more oompf. fun-phone-caseLast week over a talk I had with one of my friends about all these accessories for gadgets it hit me: the phone case is actually a thing of our generation.

Then I remembered all those posts I did of Fashion Week street style where every single blogger, fashionista, photographer, editor or designer was spotted carrying alongside designer bags, rings, bracelets, show invites and the rest – their iphones – all dressed up in the best clothes cases for the event. iphone-cases (2)iphone-case-bag-streetstyleWait… is she talking to a tiny little animal? No. It’s her phone’s case. Duh. From basic simple ones, that now just seem boring to the most colored, funky funny styles ever, phone cases are a dime a dozen. Printed, glittery, sparkled, textured, with funny texts, animal faces & bodies, insects, eyes, noses – just to make you love your phone more. Like that was ever possible. b0e441c30430be98db77703f68ff2b81These pretty little things meant to protect our phones have also made designers like Marc Jacobs or Diane Von Furstenberg make a few styles themselves. And the best part about them in general, be it designer or corner-shop case – they are fucking affordable as if to feed our thirst for opulence or fun all the time. So what if I already have 20, I could use 200 more. Right? I could coordinate it to my nails one day, to my lipstick another, to my shoes or my mood, why not?

Enough talk… Christmas is almost here, and I think we could gift our phones with a new holiday case, right? ;) So let’s have a look at some of the most funky and fabulous iphone cases… :) cases-for-iphones

Cynthia Rowley phone case

Cynthia Rowley phone case

Dsquared phone case

Dsquared phone case

DVF phone case

DVF phone case


Forever21 phone case

Forever21 phone case


H&M phone case

H&M phone case


Marc Jacobs phone case

Marc Jacobs phone case

Moschino phone case

Moschino phone case

phone-accessories-casesstreet-style-phone-case (2)street-style-phone-casestreet-style-phone-casesstyle-phone-casesprinted-phone-casestreetstyle-iphone-cases


black-lips-trendDark LIPS, chokers, leather trousers, spiked anything, goth glam styles. No this is not a BDSM sequence. Or a Vampire series sequel. Nor is it a trip down memory lane. Nope. This is 2013 -2014 biggest makeup & beauty trend ever. Or at least since those 90’s. DARK LIPS.

For the past year or so red lipstick started getting a hue darker every time a celeb donned it on the red carpet, until wearing black (or close to it anyway) lipstick was the coolest thing eva’. The way I see it, we could blame this uber cool yet not-so-flattering-on-everyone-beauty-trend on either Rihanna or Azealia Banks, or on today’s hipster kids who missed out on the 90’s and wanna jump on the wagon we drove in the 1st place. black-lipsTruth is… however you look at the dark lips makeup trend, you’re bound to love it and hate it at the same time, simply because when you see hot celebs and flawless faces rocking it you’re in it for its glam and beauty. You’re hooked. But, in my case, when I try to replicate this mysterious goth sophisticated classy look on myself I end up looking 10 years older & pissed off on the whole planet. So I hate it.

You know they say if you clash styles you’ll get a more eclectic sophisticated look… well, let me just say this: it’s not working. Dark Lips + I = beauty disaster. Still, giving up has never been my thing, so I’m not about to start off right now. After reading tons of beauty websites, watching makeup tutorials one thing they all preach is – everyone looks great in dark lips (cause of the mystery sophisticated factor bla bla bla) but all is a matter of choosing the right shade to go with your skin tone. black-lips-makeupdeep-red-lips-lookdark-lips-trendAs for the beauty rules… I have no idea which goes with what, but common sense and a bit of testing always go a long way.

  • if your lips are darker keep your eyes minimal (mascara)
  • flawless skin
  • for daytime – make it all about the lips
  • for evening – you can go full-on makeup, even dark eyes and lips, but tasteful. Style coordinate them with what you wear. 90’s attires (chokers, leathers, ripped jeans, boots) might make you look like a wild kid, which is fine if you’re 17. Not if you’re 30. Although this girl looks fantastic, so I guess it’s all a matter of taste and personal style. ;)

street-style-dark-lips (2)dark-lips-celebritiesHow to wear dark lips?

When wearing this trend, it’s best to go on the chic mystery lane rather then too rocknroll. Unless you can totally pull it off, and it’s part of who you are, then fuck all the rules and be yourself.

  • Dark lips tend to look fantastic with white or light clothes and  a bit more glamorous rich looks, because of the contrast or perhaps cause the 2 go hand in hand with the strength and power they both exude.
  • Pastels and short flirty skirts or cutoffs give a bit of naughty schoolgirl vibe to it all.
  • Jeans and sexy tops with high heels are very urban glam.
  • Simple cocktail or red carpet dresses are fabulous when worn with dark lips, especially black or light colored dresses.

black-lips-looksburgundy-dark-red-lips-lookdark-lips-beautycelebrities-dark-lipsdark-lips-daytimedark-lips-makeup-looksdark-lips-streetstyledark-lips-street-styledark-lips-style (2)dark-lips-styledark-lips-trend-2014street-style-dark-lipsstreet-style-dark-lips-styleSo yes… dark lips are not right down on everyone’s street, and not that easy to pull off… but a bit of testing and trying out looks might be well worth it. Cause you know… we all have in us a bit of that wonder woman, mysterious famme fatale who looks smoking hot in dark lips and expensive furs… Ah… it’s worth a shot, right?