bustier-tops-street-styleSomewhere along the road, Rihanna‘s fashion sense decided to marry a cheeky-borderline-kitsch but recurrent trend form the 50’s, ’80’s and ‘90’s. Years later we’re playing dress-up with their kids.

BUSTIER TOPS are reigning this hot season, straight from those VIPs, beach catalogues and catwalks, right to the streets. Forget guarding your bra from the eyes of strangers. Well. Sort of. I don’t mean like a bra bra. Although it kinda looks like one. But it’s not. rihanna-bustier-topsbustier-top-lingerieAnyway.

I swear sometimes it feels like there’s this fashion conspiracy against us mortals to see who falls for what. Something like The  Hunger Fashion Games going on we don’t know about? So… the award for most ridiculous daring & cool style goes to…

It’s the time of the boobs, exposed stomachs, great bums & legs showing off in tiny little shorts. It’s the time of red lips during the day, of tons of makeup or bare faces likewise. Of oversized-men-inspired-covered-form-head-to-toe-looks (a little bit of sheer here and there), happily married to skin-tight-show-off-everything-and-put-a-bling-and-makeup-on-it-too looks. bustier-topsTo the untrained eye this is all a bit too much. Vulgar & cheap perhaps. But maybe, just maybe a fun quirky kinda attitude can save the day. ;)

It is fashion after all. Not rocket science. It’s meant to be fun, creative and expressive. So… why not do it all, if it pleases you. bustiers-2014It’s all this great funky circus of styles that everyone loves to experiment with, and those too scared to try yet, will just sit for the peep show. Fashion today is a win-win situation.

I do think we owe a lot of the showing of the skin looks to celebrities and all this crazy pop culture. Designers show collections, celebs wear them and have fun with clothes and all the fads, streets do their shit, and retail chains speculate on all this desire to emulate and be different at the same time. 2014-trend-bustiersSo what happens when you add this trend to this trend? (in the hope of channeling Sophia Loren or Brigitte Bardot somewhere in the South of France.) No. You do not get 2 trends. This is not math. You get 1 massive trend. Doh. And generations of women strutting their assets in BUSTIERS. And I’m not talking beachwear. What? bra-top-bustiersummer-trend-bustier-topsThis just makes me giggle (actually I laughed out loud when I remembered). You know that Seinfeld episode when Jerry took a lady to court for wearing a bra as a top? Ha. Little did he know, she was a fashion Nostradamus. bustier-bra-topBustier Styles ( floral prints, neon colors, denim, jersey, lace, embellished,  strapless or not):

  • bustier tops
  • corset bustiers
  • cropped bustiers
  • bra tops


bra-tops-bra-top-inspiration-stylebra-top-lookbra-tops-street-styleBUSTIERS-looks-2014-summerThis tiny little top is the statement piece of your 2014 summer and spring, from morning to evening, with ONE major DON’T alert. Don’t push your boobs up to your neck (unless they’re humongous and look naturally enhanced, in which case I’m jealous), but opt for a very clean, natural, effortless look. The bustier itself is VERY sexy. No need to up your game on this one. bra-top-trendbustier-bra-topsIt all sounds great, but let’s just have this talk for a minute. For the sake of conversation, shall we?

Assuming we’ve all got the stomachs (literally) to wear these, is there a thin line (or even a thick one please!) between those 50’s bra top styles (that women wore AS A BRA) and today’s bustiers? (which, in some cases are still bras, but we wear them as tops.)

And, if there is this thin, thick, whatever line, where the fuck is it? How do we know when we crossed it? Do we simply trust the labels saying something that looks like an underwear is actually outwear?

And is there an age limit to this? bustiers-styles-2014I don’t know man. I for one, adore this trend. Always have. Always will. It’s a great look for those hot summer days, for weekends, holidays or nights out. 2014-summer-look-bustier-topbustiers-and-bra-tops-trend-2014bustiers-for-summer-stylebustier-shorts-summer-lookCutoffs look fantastic with floral bustier tops, either cropped or not.cropped-bustier-and-cutoffslace-bustier-cutoffs-stylestreet-style-spring-2014-bustiersummer-look-bustier-shortsA night out can turn into your fashion statement with a maxi skirt, flat gladiator sandals and an embellished bustier top. bustier-top-for-evening-lookbustier-tops-trend-2014 (2)bustier-tops-trend-2014crop-bustier-street-stylecrop-bustier-topwenn3807516embelished-bustier-topI also LOVE those bra tops or cropped bustiers underneath a blazer, paired with suit pants and pencil skirts, but come on now? How many can really wear that to work? Never mind. street-style-bustierscrop-bustier-top-street-stylestreet-style-bustierstreet-style-bustier-topBTW, you can wear bustiers OVER tees. what the… ? street-style-bustier-over-tbustier-over-t-shirt-lookmore inspo… bustiers-outwear-lingeriebustiers-trendsbustier-top-trend-2014Micah Gianneli_Best top personal style fashion blog_Street styleStreet Style Day 3 - Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture F/W 2013-2014street-style-summer-bustierstreetstyle-bustiersstreet-style-lace-bustiers-lingeriestreet-style-bustier-topsfloral-bustier-topcrop-bustier-top-stylestreet-style-bustier-top (2)Loose boundaries and new defined common sense do not immoral make. Yeah grandma will probably ask you what the hell are you doing going out in your bra, but what does she know. It’s not like we’re showing off nipples or anything. Not yet, anyway.

mules-trend-from90s-to-2014… aaand as the 90’s continue to be of great inspiration, with them crop tops, high tops, cut-offs, jersey tees, the undercut, and whatnot, I realize one can only milk so much greatness of a situation. Hence the rebirth of a few ugly shits from back in the day: THE MULES. 

The mules alongside all the slip ons, and clogs are the best ugliest shoes ever. I love them. But I hate them. Which coming from me, is of no surprise as I can barely make up my mind on coffee with or without milk on a daily basis. If I were to remain very politically correct towards my trendy glam puss persona – I’d pick the hate-mules-team. They’re not too flattering on the legs, they seem to visually cut the feet, and unless they’ve got the pointy toe they look very harsh and masculine. Dated a bit. Well, doh. They’re a 90’s shoe. mules-heels-open-toeBut then I get all nostalgic and shit and I switch to love-mules-team. How could I not, when Carrie Bradshaw had a pair on at any given time of the day and night and looked fabulous. Dresses, shorts, fur – she loved mules, slip ons and clogs. And she worked them so great it’s impossible not to reminesce on those 90’s and fall in love with them all over again. Carrie-Bradshaw-mulessex-and-the-city-mulesAnd yeah, SJP was and is the fashion icon of those times with all the fads and trends, but if you think about the 90’s shoes, mules were everywhere. Buffy had them on. The girls in Clueless. Donna, Brenda or Kelly in Beverly Hills 9021090s-trends-comeback-mulesAnd you know what… for me, it’s the nostalgia of those times that makes me go back and say I’ll take them again please!, on this 2nd round, and not give a fuck how old that makes me sound. At the end of the day it’s just shoes, and what a pity it’d be not to give in to all the fads and crazies. mules-shoe-trend-2014So the MULES are back in 2014 Spring & Summer and thanks to mostly all designers these shoe styles come in trillions of shapes and forms, so finding a great pair for you will not be hard, as much as you hate them. mules (2)mulesmules-2014-shoe-trend

Britt Crystal Mule Wedges by Tibi Louboutins

Britt Crystal Mule Wedges by Tibi Louboutins

What basically happens mules-fashion-wise in 2014 is taking this somewhat hideous style and making it edgy and sophisticated rather than pretty. From flats to sky high heels, stilettos, chunky heels, platforms, spikes, studs, stones, plastic, leather, cut-outs, prints, patters and all the bits you can and can’t imagine – these shoes have it all.

Alexander Wang mules

Alexander Wang mules

Fendi mules

Fendi mules

Giambattista mules

Giambattista mules

Gianvito Rossi mules

Gianvito Rossi mules

Givenchy mules

Givenchy mules

Jeffrey Campbell mules

Jeffrey Campbell mules

Sigerson Morrison mules

Sigerson Morrison mules

Stella Mccartney mules

Stella Mccartney mules

Shoes-trend-2014-mules-clogs-slippersShoes-trend-2014-mules-clogs-slippers-1Shoes-trend-2014-mules-clogs-slippers-2Shoes-trend-2014-mules-clogs-slippers4Shoes-trend-2014-mules-clogs-slippers-4Shoes-trend-2014-mules-clogs-slippers-5Shoes-trend-2014-mules-clogs-slippers-6Why the comeback though? Cause apparently all that’s 90’s is cool. Doh. That and, as one designer put it – in a world of slit skirts, and midi lengths (2014 spring and summer) ankle straps would have looked horrible, so the mules had to have a comeback, for their ankle free quality if nothing else.

Wow. Thank God they didn’t think of classic pumps you know. :)) mules-street-styleIf you’re a classic pumps stiletto kinda girl, you’ll probably experience a slight reticence to mules, yet… they do come in less bulky designs. Basically a classic stiletto sans le back side. ta-daaa. Louis Vuitton: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012Before doing this post I myself was in the same predicament, but I actually like them. Again. Love the clogs for a more casual, grunge, boho chic style and mood, love the stilettos for that once-90’s-business-woman-sophistication. Love all the styles. All I gotta do is think Sex and the city and BAM! I fly off in this brilliant time machine straight to those 90’s and come back with a tone of style inspo. flat-mules-streetstylemulesmules-lookmules-streetstylemules-street-style-lookmules-street-style-springmules-stylemules-stylesmules-trend-2014mules-trend-2014-summerselena-gomez-mulesvanessa-hudgens-mulesstreetstyle-mules-2014-tyrend-from -the-90sstreet-style-mules-90s-trendstreetstyle10644-websportmax-spring-2014-mulesspring-2014-trend-shoes-mulesstreet-style-2014-mulesstreet-style-mulesMules are actually not that bad. What do you think?

palazzo-pantsWhen a trend like this comes along, or its style is reinvented – I’m looking at you PALAZZO PANTS – it’s only normal some of us are left with the ‘looking at’, or perhaps just a raised eyebrow.

That not all trends are for everyone (as much as one loves fashion) is only common sense. And truth. Personally I feel this is the case of these loose, large, flowy pants of the 60’s and 70’s. If you’re short, forget about them. If you’re skinny and tall, I call it quits. Unless you wanna channel a willow in the wind, which of course is acceptable if we’re to look at all the beautiful models looking rather high fashion editorial (read hobo-chic) in these, rather than anything else. But, to each their own. street-style-loose-trousersSo, left with a raised eyebrow and a massive indecision regarding these trousers I decided to split my personal self into 2 personas. One who’s not too keen on these, and the other who’s considering giving them a try. Gasp. Yet upon embarking on this split personality shit I am faced with having to find greatness where it’s not. At first sight at least. For me. street-style-palazzo-pants-1Because I’d like to finish today’s post on a positive note, let’s kick off on the… errrr… less positive side of these palazzos and get it over with.

Clock’s ticking…

So over 5 minutes have passed from the aforementioned statement, and still I can’t put my finger on my dislike. Frankly it has to do with just some styles of these palazzos, and how horrendous (in my eyes) they look with oversized tops and loose long hair. OK. This sophisticated hobo trend is big now. I get it. But… I don’t. street-style-palazzo-pants-lookAnd don’t even get me started on the cropped version of these pallazzo pants… Yeah, they’re funky, and different and cool (in some parallel universe, or even this one, in which case I must be living in a different dimension)… but… let’s just say my eyebrow is still up to my hairline on this one. street-style-cropped-palazzo-pantsAt the end of the day I admit to being fully biased, as a tall thin framed woman. I’d look bloody ridiculous in these. Yet… as fashion has it… never say never. It wouldn’t be the 1st time I’d strut in some fancy fad thinking I’m the next Kate Moss, when in fact I’m hardly the next best version on myself on on my worst style day.

But… until the change of mind happens, if it will, I stand by my palazzo dislike. loose-stripe-pantsAs life has taught us, each story has two sides. Such is the case of the palazzo pants. I’m not an idiot (at least not this minute) so I can understand the frenzy and coolness of this pants trend for 2014 Spring & Summer. Doh.

Flowy silky soft fabrics, that just blow in the summer wind, making you feel irresistibly sexy and sophisticated. A bit of sheerness, some funky wild prints and patterns – the palazzo pants look for summer or spring can look very effortless and chic. It’s like wearing a maxi skirt while you’re vacationing in the South of France. summer-look-palazzo-pantsThis by-the-sea-style looks great with flats, gladiator sandals, a cropped top or even (can’t believe I’m saying this) a loose top, cause it’s got that bohemian vibe to it. palazzo-pants-street-style-Another palazzo pants style I kinda am OK with are the monochromatic high wasted ones with side pockets. Think professional woman in summer. It’s simple but classy, with a bit of that 70’s vibe to it. palazzo-pants-trend-2014wearing-palazzo-pantsRegarding the heels: whatever floats your boat. I love how simple stiletto sandals look with these, other than that I think it’s too bulky and a bit too much, too harsh. sheer-palazzo-pants-lookStill… what do I know. A photo can speak so much more than I can (not that that’s very hard to do) so let’s have a look: 2014-summer-trend-palazzo-pants89790_20140113013741palazzo panta zarapalazzo-pants-printspalazzo-pants-street-style- (2)palazzo-pants-streetstylepalazzosstreet-style-large-pantsstreet-style-loose-palazzo-pantsstreet-style-palazzo=panysstreet-style-palazzo-pantsstreet-style-palazzo-pants-2street-style-palazzo-pants-spring-2014street-style-palazzo-pants-spring-2014-trendstreet-style-palazzo-pants-spring-2014-trendstreet-style-palazzo-pants-summer-lookstreet-style-palazzo-pants-trendstreet-style-palazzosstreet-style-palazzo-trousersstreet-style-white-palazzo-pantssummer-style-palazzo-pantsYeah. Let’s just say my eyebrow in no longer as high as my hairline right now… but I don’t know about rushing off to get the latest palazzos out there. I might though. They do look pretty amazing in those photos.

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

oversized-trench-coats-trendsNow don’t let your mind fly off to some dirty little scenarios. Or let it. And while you’re off to God knows where (Stop it now!) we’re talking trench coats here. Just so you know. With winter gone, we’re easily sliding onto the warm season, which implies 2 major things: LAYERS & TRANSITIONAL pieces.

In other words it’s a fashion heaven.

Ever since I did this post a few months ago,  I’ve been slightly obsessed with oversized trenches. First of all trench coats are the coats of fall & spring, hence transitional pieces (ding. ding.), as well as perfect pieces for layers. And with the 2014 spring silhouettes and lines getting looser and looser, it don’t get no better. loose-trench-coats-sprig-2014For 2014 spring, designers showed collections based on layers and the play of lengths, opting for oversized loose trenches in those super thin fabrics that resemble chiffon. With hems way over the knees, slightly large shoulders, yet not pointy (thank God), and usually cinged at the waist with a messy tied belt – the 2014 trenches of spring resemble their vintage ancestors & their ’70’s relatives.

In the past: kim-basinger-70s-style-trench-coatretro-style-trench-coats (2)retro-style-trench-coatstrench-coats-Marlene-Dietrich2014 Spring Collections:

Chloe trench coat

Chloe trench coat


Burberry Spring 2014 - trench coat

Burberry Spring 2014 – trench coat

DKNY spring 2014 - Trench Coat

DKNY spring 2014 – Trench Coat


Michael Kors Spring 2014 - trench coat

Michael Kors Spring 2014 – trench coat

Michael Kors Spring 2014 - trench coat

Michael Kors Spring 2014 – trench coat

valentino-spring-trench-coattrench-coats-for-2014-spring-designersWith the tiny push I got from designers, and the cool-boho-chic-meets-super-HOT-70’s-outfits-combo (think DVF and Amy Adams in American Hustle) this ’70’s obsession of mine is just getting started. burberry-2014-spring-campaign-trench-coatsSo get those 70’s-sometimes-even-80’s-silhouettes (sans le pointy shoulders. we ain’t no Gaga.) and mix them with today’s fabrics, textures and why not even funky prints and patters, if the classic ol’ nude or black trench is too boring for you, and you get today’s IT trench coat for spring. loose-trench-coats-street-style (2)It looks best with heels (classic pumps, stiletto ankle boots, strappy stiletto sandals), because it’s a great balanced look: someting-oversized-borrowed-from-your-BF clashed with posh feminine accents. I love this look with skinny jeans, and short skirts or shorts, because of the lengths play. A messy tied up belt and rolled up wrinkled sleeves will give you that can’t be bothered air, incredibly sexy-on-the-run, I-don’t-give-a-shit-what-I-have-on (but look damn good). 

loose-trench-coats-street-stylelong-coats-for-women-trend-solangenude-oversized-trench-trendoversized-trench-coat-styleWhat's under Rihanna's trench coat?trench2Sure not every day is a heels mood day, so don some pointy ballet flats instead. liv-tyler-oversized-coatoversized-trench-coat-trend-2014-springSmaller heels or platforms: street-style-nude-oversized-trench-coatloose-large-trench-coat-street-stylFor a more laid back look – think bohemian posh hobo, too intellectual to give a crap – pair your super oversized long trench coat with comfy shoes: sneakers, flat boots, flat sandals, basically no heels. Colombo alert!

loose-oversized-trenches-spring-2014oversized-trenchcoat-streetstyletrench-coattrench-coat-pastel-colorPersonally I’m not too keen on the hobo look. Some people can brilliantly pull this off, I – on the other hand – always end up looking like some miserable piece of shit. And the way to avoid this unfortunate predicament is to wear posh heels. ;)

This way I can keep the oversized thing going on, I can roll my sleeves, not iron it if it suits me, and play with layers and lengths like a demented fashionsta. With heels it will look good. Well, I think it’ll look amazing. But let’s just go with good for starters. oversized-trench-coat-look-for-springAnd while I’m on a heels roll here, my theory is… anything, anything, anything, (no. that’s not a typo. I just felt it needed to be repeated.) anything looks good with heels.  No? Anyone?

thick-soled-shoesIf you thought the fountain of those (perhaps already too redundant) 90’s has dried up, think again. It seems as though we’ve got a thing for this decade, and re-embrace way too quickly its fads, regardless of their ugliness.

Today we talk shoes. Shoes for 2014 Spring & Summer as both the runways and the streets are showing. Remember the creepers? (more on this style & its history here). With a first appearance in early 40’s, they had a more recent comeback in the 90’s, when girls were emulating the Spice Girls and the techno culture in those sky high platform shoes in wild colors, paired with tiny shorts or mini skirts, blue eye-shadow, and neon accents. 90s-flatformsRaise your hands if you wore them? I had a blue pair with black thick soles, about 5 cm high, and trust me, were I not so tall, I’d have gone way above and beyond with the platform. At this point, I’m quite glad I didn’t.

As the 90’s graced us with the return of so many trends, the FLATFORMS were the one fad I never saw coming back. After its frenzy has stopped I never saw their appeal: too bulky shoes that make you look ridiculous. Incredibly unflattering.

But as of last year or so (courtesy of street style and designers such as Alice & Olivia)… they creeped their way back in today’s fashion and my consideration. Fashionistas of all ages and styles chose the thick soled shoes over sneakers, high tops, oxfords, ballet flats, and even heels. flatforms-styleflaetforms-streetstyleI guess the deal with flatforms is combining the height of a posh shoe, with the comfort of a sneaker, that is not a wedge. flatforms-look-2014Flatforms are like those ugly-shoes-at-first-sight with a certain style to them that hooks you, or seduces you in time. They grow on you. Just yesterday I went sopping with my friend and tried on a pair of loafer flatforms from H&M, and loved them. She hated them completely; and not so completely after I tried them on.

“Aaaah. I guess they’re OK. Or maybe not. I don’t really like them.”, as opposed to “OMG, I totally hate those!”, from before I tried them on.

That was me a year ago as well. Now I’m like creepers & flatforms (not too high though) bring ’em on. 2014-spring-shoes-flatformsflatformscolored-flatformsI love the quirkiness and that weird 90’s vibe they give to a look, how they take away from the too-sexy look a pair of cutoffs & cropped top , or a very short dress may have, and give it a bit of Tom boy’ish vibe to it.

They have a bit of it all: sporty, casual, edgy, punk, professional, cool, weird, so playing dress up with these is a massive gain in styles. Especially since they come in trillions of designs: sandals, loafers, oxfords, with laces or not, colored, printed, different fabrics, different sole height. 2014-shoes-flatformsflatforms-lookflatforms-trend (2)flatforms-trend-2014-spring-summerIn terms of how to style them, they go with just about anything a basic sneaker or ballet flat goes with, their best match for spring & summer being short flirty dresses (think 90s style & today’s music festivals fashions), short skirts, cutoffs & shorts. More of a weekend/holiday look. how-to-wear-flatformsmiley-cyrus-flatformsspring-trend-shoes-2014-flatformsstreet-style-flatforms-creepersflatforms-for-2014-spring flatforms-trendthe-shoes-of-2014-summer-flatformsSome ladies fabulously pull the masculine look for the office. Think slim cut trousers, not too long (or rolled up), pencil skirts, or even midi dresses. I like it, when it’s balanced with feminine details like: long nails, red lips, accessories. It’s got a bit of awkward meets boho chic to it all. flatform-shoes-spring-2014flatforms-look (2)flatform-shoes-lookflatforms-street-styleflatforms-trend-2014-springhow-to-style-flatform-shoesplatforms-street-stylestreet-style-flatforms-trendthick-soled-shoes-lookthick-soles-street-stylePersonally I’m not to keen on the flatforms and super skinny jeans or midi skirts combo. But who knows. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d hate something right before loving it.

What do you think of this shoe trend?

2014-spring-trend-tulle-skirtsDon’t know about you, but I am loving all that is happening in fashion these days. Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s all a bit chaotic and all over the place, with everything in and nothing out, but just think about it? No more style boundaries. No more rules. Every style compromise and once sartorial concession seemed to have literally vanished.

One day women want to be glamorous femmes fatales, the other it’s all about channeling your Tom boy’ish persona. Ha. ’90’s are happily married to those ’50’s with their feminine silhouettes and ice-cream colors. And if you thought your inner girl or bride to be persona was a No-No place to go with your fashion choices. Pfff. Think again sista’.

Just a few months ago we saw women of all ages and styles don this wedding trend, like there was no tomorrow. Why wait? Or why not repeat the fashion statement sans le freaking wedding hysteria? tulle-assive-skirt-styleOkay, let’s stick to today’s post. (why the hell do I keep rambling, I don’t know.) Style bloggers did it again. Obsessing over an item. The TULLE SKIRT. These sartorial explorers have taken the tutu right out of the ballet room and brought it on the streets. Whaaaat? Credit I do give them, but seriously now? I never would have thought this skirt trend would stick as much as its predecessor did. The skort. Remember?

Or, wait. We could give the credits for this one to the one and only, drumrolls… Carrie Bradshowtulle-skirts-carrie-bradshoAnd so the tulle skirt is back. And I kinda love it. It’s retro. Feminine. Girly. Incredibly chic and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sure you might look like a pretty overly decorated cake or those massive ice-creams I keep obsessing about (gotta treat myself to one asap.), but dayum! the overall tulle skirt look rocks. Especially with some hot heels and a leather jacket. Stunning! Wendys Lookbook Tulle Skirt Streetstyle FashionBasically it embodies everything us girls love about fashion, and going all the way with the tulle skirt is acceptable. Sexy stilettos, red lips and ponytail. At this point nobody gives a shit what top you’re wearing, so glaming it up or going understated with a plain ol’ tee is up to you. white-tulle-skirt-streetstyleShoes wise, like I said, stilettos do it better, yet some fashionsiats out there pull it off brilliantly in sneakers as well. tulle-skirts-sneakersthe-tulle-skirt-trendWhat is key to the tutu is its length. While I do own one (mini black tulle, I’ve only wore once and loved it.), today’s trend is mostly about the midi skirt in pastel colors. Remember those retro 50’s silhouettes? Ding! street-style-tulle-skirts-trendretro-chic-street-style-tulle-skirtsSo style-rules wise, let’s not even bother girls. If you love it, rock it. It if looks good, it probably looks great. Do your thing. I can agree however, the tulle skirt may be a bit too much.For some. Sometimes. There is a reason I’ve only wore mine once. It has to do with ridiculousness and the fear of. But back then I may have come across as a demented fashion lover unaware of her not so young age, desperately trying to fit into some girl’s ballet tutu, or grabbing onto some lost childhood dance memory.

Today… more girls love the look and do it. Soooo… pardon my go-with-the-crowd on this one, but it does tend to make one feel less exposed when more people do it. With the inherent downside: it can become way too generic at some point. Better milk it while it’s not so hot then. :))

And now some street style pics for inspiration… bloggers-style-tulle-skirtscream-tulle-skirthow-to-style-tulle-skirtsstreet-style-tulle-mini-skirtsstreet-style-tulle-skirtsstreet-style-tulle-skirts-1street-style-tulle-skirts-3street-style-tulle-skirts-4street-style-tulle-skirts-2014street-style-tulle-skirts-lookstreet-style-tulle-skirts-ministreet-style-tulle-skirts-stylestreet-style-tututulle-skirt-bloggers-trendtulle-skirt-over-jeanstutu-skirt-styleWhich brings me to my question. Will this skirt trend be the IT look of 2014 spring? Do you think it will stick? Is it a bloggers’ thing and if so, have they done it again?

2014-spring-trend-pale-pinkThat fashion is inconsistent and pretty much all over the place is really, no news. So I don’t know why I’m as surprised as I am for this PINK Trend that’s been going on all throughout fall, into this winter and will definitely linger on onto Spring & Summer 2014. Why the surprised face? Well… with the 90’s trend getting bigger by the minute (if that’s even possible. It is apparently.) pardon my assumption of grunge, black, plaid, rock meets punk and rave everything.

But really, thank God for a touch of girly and feminine, although (brace yourselves right now) I don’t really care that much for pink. Actually at all. Actually I hate pastels.

And pastels are huge this season. A part of me sees them as retro ice-cream colors worn by ’50’s moms or depraved housewives with eyeliners thinker than a pinkie, a cigarette and a glass of martini in their hands. Draped in light shades of pink, blue or mint with tiny flowery patterns and those kitten heels and mini boxy bags – these women were feminine alright. So I guess it’s the nostalgia over the upsides of those times that triggered the comeback of pastels and literally the invasion pale pink everything. all-pink-everythingIf last season we had a thing for neons (pink included) I guess we’re now toning down ladies, which in itself is a great thing for variety’s sake if not anything else.

Yesterday’s PINK:bright-pink-dressbright-pink-lookbright-pink-streetstyle20130124-200100neon-pink-streetstyleToday’s PINK: pale-pink-street-style-spring-201rYet not all is so damn pale in paradise. Well, actually it is, but not in a bad way. Truth is there is something very very very incredibly elegant and understated sexy in pale pinks. A little sick actually, but in that opulent decadent kinda way. Doesn’t make any sense, I know. Just forget about it. I’m having one of those lives days. pale-pinksAside from the inherent redundant girly feminine retro trait it holds, pale pink is also a hue of extremes. On one hand it belongs to the proper aristocracy with its hidden improprieties (hence my vision of sick regarding it) and on the other it’s a tool of punk fashion.

It’s that very touch of sexy and feminine it has that makes pale pink look incredible when paired with styles and colors of the same range (pastels and girly dresses, soft lines, retro hues, skirts, coats and very elegant rich outfits). But also at the very extreme lies this color’s ability to be everything else. When paired with a rock or punk inspired look it makes it more chic and brings it together with a touch of sexiness. street-style-pink-dress (2)It looks great actually paired with its contrasts in every form, from color to style. Personally I think it’s pale pink at its very best when worn like that. street-style-pink-hairBut then again there’s the retro sophisticated yet simple soft look of pale pink so very well showcased and mastered by Kim Kardashain. It was actually courtesy of the new blonde bombshell I got to like pale pink. Whether it was her, Kanye or God knows who, who style her – she pulled it off fantastic and showed me (don’t know about you) that pale pink is not just a thang of the dusted past, of our grandmas when they in the prime of their time. No. It can be done very modern, simple & understated. kim-kardashian-pale-pink-lookAnd now some street style inspiration. ;) 2014-summer-trend-pinkhow-to-wear-pale-pinkpale-pink-coat-street-stylepale-pink-hairpale-pink-hair-lookpale-pink-lookpale-pink-summer-2-14pale-pink-trendpink-bagpink-lips-rihannapinkstreet-style-pinkpink-suit-streetstylepink-sweater-streetstylerock-look-pink-hairsoft-pink-trendstreet-style-all-pale-pink-lookstreet-style-pale-pink-coatstreetstyle-pale-pinksstreet-style-pale-pink-trendstreet-style-pink-1street-style-pink-2street-style-pink (3)street-style-pink-3street-style-pink-4wearing-pale-pinkstreet-style-pink-5street-style-pink-6street-style-pink-7 (2)street-style-pink-hair (2)streetstyle-pink-dressstreet-style-pink-dressAll in all the pale pink trend looks great. Hell it looks amazing if you’re into these pastels. If not (like myself) it may be worth giving it shot on those days when being a girly girl seems like the best idea. Or when you feel like channeling you’re inner royal (secretly decadent) persona.

‘But we’ll never be royals…’ ta-na-na-na-na-na-na-na.

Other 2014 Spring/Summer Trends here & Pink Coats Looks here. 

flannel-tied-around-the-waist-trendAside from the imminent inner cry and panic I’m getting right now (talk about feeling old), this trend is pretty darn great. In a casual meets cool kinda way. Plus a slap in the face from reality. You know you’re practically ancient when you’ve witnessed & done the trend second time around.

But… maybe, just maybe practice makes perfect you know. Besides, no trend has ever come back without a slight reinvention, so there you have it. 90s-trend-shirt-tied-around-the-waistIf the 90’s had me wearing plaid flannel shirts tied around my waist for less of a style purpose and more for a comfort meets practicality reason, usually with sneakers or Doc Martens, today I can wear just about any long sleeve top (or jacket for that matter) tied around my waist with any type of shoes. Heels please! Oh and skirts & dresses work too. 90s-trend-shirt-tied-around-the-waist-with-heelsOkay I may have to refrain my style wilderness and not wrap a plaid shirt around some posh cocktail dress, but a jersey one par example does sound pretty great actually.

Could it be that with age comes wisdom? Or maybe a dose of je m’en fiche‘ism you know, which actually is the icing on a cake when it comes to personal style. 2014 definitely comes with the latter for me. I’m still as crazy as fuck, and based on my selfies sorta immature.

Although, apparently we live more in the 90’s than in 2014, I’m still surprised the SHIRT AROUND THE WAIST trend made it. For me, it’s clearly a what? situation. Not complaining a bit though. Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHBack in the day it was done cause we were all kids you know. I never saw my mom tying up long sleeve tops around her hips. 14, 15, 16, 20 year old kids/teens living in the times of Beverly Hills 90210, Kurt Cobain and Seattle grungy fashion/music/art scene. The times of Liv Tyler, Alicia Silverstone, Winona Ryder, Johnny Depp & Kate Moss, supermodels

Everyone was rockroll and depressive, rebels without a cause, who tied up flannel old shirts around our ripped jeans or cutoffs because it was cool to be uncool. It was practical. Why carry them, or pack them in backpacks (which too made a comeback go figure) when wrapping them around ourselves was so much easier.

Back then it was mostly a case of PLAID & FLANNEL around our bums, rather than jackets or any long sleeve. Rarely done for style’s sake, a red or brightly patterned in checks flannel popped fantastic against jeans and a plain tee. Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH90s-trend-shirt-tied-around-the-waist-style2014 is apparently in tears over this grungy incredibly cool decade, that everyone from kids to close-to-40-year-old-fashionstas are doing or repeating it. My mom still refuses to.

It started off from bloggers (that’s what I think anyway) who’ve seen it on off duty models, no older than 19, who’ve seen this on pop stars their age, who were styled by those who’ve been there and done this trend 1st time around.

Now every woman who loves fashion and works in a domain that allows her to dress to her moods is practically an unstable fashion maniac who’s effing all the rules, Do’s and Don’t’s that come with age, job description, or God knows what other idiotic criteria. It’s a time for us to feel liberated and dress the same way as our kids. Is that OK, I wonder?

Why not, really. I think it’s incredibly 2014ISH to be any age and have the balls to wear whatever the fuck you please. From crop tops to minis to sneakers, baseball caps. It’s fashion. It’s fun. It’s a form of expression, that does not come with an age limit. So yes, today’s girls and women alike wear shirts tied around their waists, cause it looks great.

10 years later and it still has the practicality too. In hiding my bum and keeping me warm this time. (age kicking in). streetstyle-90s-trend-shirt-tied-around-the-waistplaid-flannel-around-the-waist-street-stylealexa-ching-90s-trend-shirt-tied-around-the-waist90s-trend-shirt-tied-around-the-waist-2014-lookWhat Is Different In The Shirt Around The Waist Trend Today? 

  1. It can be any top with long sleeves, although the plaid flannels still capture the whole style better. Having said that you can get the negligent effortless casual look with any type of shirt (NOT a crispy white tuxedo style though) from plaid to denim to even leather jackets or bombers.
  2. Use it as an accessory. A pop of color against a plain or monochromatic outfit. Keep the top simple (color or print wise) and go crazy, if you can’t help yourself, with trousers, skirts, shorts and shoes.
  3. Shoes wise, ANYTHING goes, not just sneakers or Doc Martens. Flats, boots, and incredibly sexy heels.

A look at some great street style pics for inspiration. :) 90s-trend-jacket-tied-around-the-waist90s-trend-shirt-tied-around90s-trend-shirt-tied-around-the-waist-2014-look (2)90s-trend-shirt-tied-around-the-waist-street-style2014-trend-90s-grunge-shirtbomber-tied-around-the-wait-trend-2014celebs-90s-trend-shirt-tied-around-the-waistflannel tied around the waist-streetstyleHow-to-wear-shirt-around-the-waist-trend-in-2014nicole-richie-90s-trend-shirt-tied-around-the-waistplaid-shirt-tied-around-waist-street-stylerita-ora-90s-trend-shirt-tied-around-the-waistshirts-wrapped-around-the-wstreet-style-90s-trend-shirt-tied-around-the-waiststreet-style-plaid-shirtsummer-2014-trend-shirt-around-the-waisttied-around-waist-shirtsPerhaps it’s our hunger for fashion gone wild, hardly ever wrong for that matter, or maybe we just didn’t get enough of this style from back in the day. Or maybe we’re just a tad oh-so-wise (yes I am avoiding the other age implying word) and have to let this one go. It’s the 2014 hipster kids’ turn now.

Still, that don’t mean we can’t join in. 30’s are the new 20’s right? Does that card still work by the way? Hello… Anyone…

tiny-sweaters-styleHa! I guess it’s out with the old, in with the new for 2014 Spring/Summer. New being small & tiny fitted sweaters, the opposite of what we’ve been doing for the past year. Hey, I’m not shouting a trend yet, just thinking a lot about the what if behind this look, courtesy of quite a few ladies who ditched their BF’s tops for a more feminine, sexy slash girly take on sweaters.

Think 1950’s (slight obsession alert!) or even late 90’s. Hmm. Not bad. Not bad at all. I must confess the hobo look was getting redundant. spring-2014-trend-tiny-sweatersfitted-sweatersOkay, truth is I’m kinda of angry and frustrated right now. Just when I got the hang of, and mastering of the oversized look, BAM! gotta give it up. Well, I don’t have to, but you know what I mean.

Cause let me tell you something, wearing your husband’s sweaters is NOT an easy job. He’s humongous. You’re tiny… Before you know it people might mistake you for a walking sweater. No body, no face. Just a sartorial choice itself.

And now fashion is telling me to dis this art aside? And YOU WONDER WHY I’M ANGRY?

Okay I’m joking. Caps are off. Role-playing the Devil’s advocate is fun.

Actually I couldn’t be happier about the TINY SWEATERS, cause personally (as much as I do like oversized sweaters, which are perfect for fat-days & freezing-winters) I adore tiny fitted sweaters. And I never thought I’d see the day they made a comeback. So I’m quite happy they’re trying to breakthrough again. 2014spring-trend-tiny-sweatThere’s just something so very cute and feminine about a small sweater with rolled up fitted sleeves, that hugs the body and hems up to the waist – I think it’s irresistible. Pairing it with a skirt (be it full, midi, maxi, pencil or mini) is just fucking great! 50s-style-sweaterfitted-tiny-swetaer-skirtsmall-sweaters (2)I think the secret lies in the simplicity of the look. It’s a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda situation. Yeah you can splurge on accessories, or go for a bold color or funky print top, but the effect is the same. SIMPLE silhouette.

Perfect for office, for dates, for dinners, for smarter meets casual occasions, the tiny sweater can adapt in spring or chilly summer days/evenings to a more relaxed look. Think cutoffs, flirty mini dresses, shorts.summer-sweaters-looktiny-sweaters-street-styleOr go for a sophisticated look with heeled pumps and ripped jeans. Perfect! tiny-sweaterA long trench coat over will give a bit of boho Parisian vibe to it all. A leather jacket is very loose and rock style. A blazer is office appropriate.

Shoes wise… of course anything goes. classic-sweaters-streetstyletiny-sweater-trend-spring-2014What I love most about the TINY SWEATER look is the fact that it’s bulk free. YES! I also love them in bold colors and crazy prints, as they can make any pair or jeans, shorts or plain skirt look sophisticated. Hot heels and a cool leather jacket on will give you extra chicness.

Let’s see some street style inspiration! :) Paris Fashion Week Streetstyle, outside Louis Vuitton, Alexa Chungfitted-sweater-classic-lookfitted-sweaters-business-lookfitted-sweaters-spring-trendfitted-sweaters-street-stylefitted--sweater-streetstylefitted-sweaters-trendsmall-chunky-sweatersmall-sweater-maxi-skirtsmall-sweater-streetstylesmall-sweaters-trendsmall-sweaters-trend-2014small-sweater-summer-trendsmall-waist-sweater-stylestreet-style-small-sweaterstreet-style-small-sweaterswaist-small-sweaterstiny-sweater-trend-spring2014tiny-fitted-sweaterssummer-sweaterssummer-sweaters-2014summer-sweaters-trendsweaters-for-springWhat do you think? Should they come back or not?

2014-spring-trends-from-theYeah we’ve got a few weeks left until Spring (to say the least) but that don’t mean we can’t start preparing for this year’s hot season. Tons of trends are making their way into the springs and summers of our 2014 lives, and I think knowing what lies ahead can be a great shopping insight and practice-makes-perfect situation until the warm weather kicks in.

Who the hell says we can’t start wearing 2014 Spring trends in winter? Why wait? Exactly. 2014spring-trends2014spring-trends (2)Freshly picked off the runways straight into retail chains (if not first done by a few celebs) these trends will be massive this Spring. Sure, some have always been a warm season hit, and apparently continue to woe us year after year, others are really new, and others are well… reinvented. runway-trends2014runway-trends-2014runway-trends-2014-summerWhat I can tell you is that 2014 Spring is a fabulous & exquisite cluster of every trend and look from the 50’s to today. 2014 is still all about personal style and mixing your shit, rather than chasing trends. Yet… a bit of what-to-wear insight never hurt anyone. runway-trends-2014-spring1. PASTELS & LIGHT PINKS 

Huge on the runways the dusted muted ice-cream colors remind us of those 50’s housewives dressed in proper skirts and tiny sweaters in the cleanest most delicious colors ever: mint, light blue, warm whites, muted yellows, peaches. And the massive hit: PINKS.

Personally I’m not a big fan of this ice-cream color trend, as I find it a bit ‘in-between’. And sort of too PJ style. Anyway… I’ve been taught by fashion to never say never, so there you have it. 2014-spring-trends2014-summer-trends-pastelspastels-street-style2. ATHLETIC 

Designers were all smitten with the professional sporty look, or the incredibly polished/athletic styles of the upper class. The runway was invaded by clothes inspired from the golf course, swimming pool, tennis court, cricket, riding, running and God knows what other sports the aristocracy prefers. Wanna look posh? Wear sporty chic or athletic inspired clothes mixed with your own style.

Basically it’s the same sporty luxe thing, done by pop stars for the past year, with a slight more polish & femininity to it. athletic-trend-2014-springathletic-trend-street-style3. 90’S

Okay. We will NOT go there anymore. Crop tops, biker boots, flanels, cutoffs, ripped jeansdark lips, chokers, plaid. You know the drill. 90s-street-style-trend90s-trendstreet-style-90s-trend4. BUTTON-DOWNS & WHITE COLLARS

Well, well, well. Never have I thought the day will come when office wear got a makeover. SHIRTS in all forms, shapes, sizes, colors and textures are IN. This is one big hit off the runways, with models wearing them buttoned all the way up, or unbuttoned up or down. (like button up from your neck to your midriff, and leave it open from there down).

Although collarless coats and jackets are incredibly trendy this spring, when it comes to shirts keep it classic: WHITE COLLARS on any color shirt. shirts-trend-2014-summerspring-2014-trend-shirtswhite collar trend-2014-springwhite-collars-trend-2014-spring5. SKIRTS

Never ever have skirts in all sizes and lengths have had such a glorious moment in fashion, as this year. From pencil straight, to pleats, from mini (off the tennis court inspired) to maxis all is IN. Although they say the spotlight will belong to tea length skirts and high slits. floral-skirtskirtsskirts-street-stylestatement-skirt-streetstylblack-maxi-skirt6. BOXY TOPS

This I love in theory. In practice… unless you’re skinny you’ll probably end up looking like a chest of drawers. I’ve never really been into boxy cuts, cause I find them pretty unflattering. Nevertheless, I would not say no to a boxy cropped T-shirt with boyfriend jeans.

Boxy jackets, coats and all types of tops in this shape are IN. 2014-spring-trend-boxy-tops-streetstylestreet-style-boxy-trend7. PRINTS

These have always been a hit of the hot season. Florals? Duh. (click here for more). 2014 Spring will see the rise of 2 huge print trends: POP ART & GRAPHIC. 

Inspired by nothing else than this culture of pop we’ve got and the times we live, these prints are a great combo of modern and retro. I adore a touch of 50’s or 70’s retro in a look. 2014-spring-floral-printgraphic-prints-2014-spring2014-spring-trend-graphic-printspop-art-prints-streetstyl,estreet-style-pop-art-print-2014-trend8. OPULENCE & LUXE DETAILS

Ina sea of sporty-boxy looks we girls need a bit of jazz and glamour. So thank God for SPARKLES, CRYSTALS, SEQUINS LAME, FRINGES & HOLOGRAPHIC textures (click here for more). They are all (still) IN and I could not be happier about it.

Whether as small embellished details on collars, sleeves, or hems, or invading clothes altogether, these luxurious textures and cluster of opulence has never been more appealing than this spring. I can already picture a fabulous look: athletic inspired style meets luxury details. ;)

Not a new thing at all, but feels good to know we’ve got a free pass at draping ourselves in sequins like it’s a New Year’s Eve party all year round. lame-trend-spring-2014-streetstyleholographic-trend-street-stylestreet-style-crystalsstreet-style-luxurystreet-style-fringes (2)street-style-fringesstreet-style-sequins-2014-trend9. SUITS.

Ladies man up, cause that 70’s style suit is back in fashion. Alongside this retro oversized flowing cut, those late 90’s early noughties suits are catching the spotlight as well. Two words. Bold colors! Ta-daaa. suits-street-stylespring-tyrend-2014-suitsstreet-style-suitsstreet-style-suits-2014-spring-trendThese are just a few of the looks we can do over the hot season, but plenty more to come, as well as a closer look at each and everyone one of these over the next months.

Cant’wait to see what you all think, and whether or no these trends will stick. :)