Tank Tops: What’s Your Style?

tank-topsDon’t you sometimes feel that you’ve had enough of all this fashion craze and wild mix of trends, and all you need is simplicity and effortless clothes that you just throw on without the slightest care in the world of how you look (but let’s face it, with a tiny hope you’ll pull off the best style)? Do we need a break every now and then from this magical world we call fashion? Especially in summer when it’s really not so easy to do it all while looking great at boiling temperatures. Wild prints & crazy textures, long dresses & funky cut-outs, latest-trend trousers, tops and jackets – who needs you in summer when we’ve got the staples to turn to. TANK TOPS! I know, how… boring. Or too easy. Too sporty? I beg to differ on this one and I know you dolls (as glam and put together as you love to be) too have the guilty pleasure of a tank top and jeans. Nothing will ever beat this look. We can live in tank tops all year round, but they best show their fashion potential in the hot season. I think it’s one of the most versatile pieces ever that can be styled to absolutely any and every look, trend & decade. tank-topsbeyonce-tank-toptank-tops-trendFor a while now tank tops are making a huge comeback, and in 2013, retail chains are packed with so many styles that it’s impossible to choose. Thank God one comes at a price that’s basically for free if you consider the number of times you’ll be wearing it. From office to parties, to dates, dinners out, beach – TTs are a dime a dozen. Jersey, silky, sequined, simple & basic, printed, see-through, knitted, with your fave quote or icon on them, long, short, cropped, cut-out you name it, it’s there. In all this fantastic see of Tank Tops – which one’s your style? 

Basic White Tank Top  tanktopwhite-tank-top-street-style
Printed Tank Top printed-tank-top (2)Cut-out Tank Top cut-out-tank-top-street-styleSlouchy Tank Top slouchy-tank-topTight Tank Top tight-tank-top-style
How to wear tank tops?

That’s easy: however you want it. For a more polished look go for silky flowy fabrics with or without prints or textures, that you can tuck in your maxi skirt, pencil skirt or trousers. Complete the look with hot heels & statement necklaces. A blazer and a big bag for office, or a clutch for a dinner out. Same type of tank tops go amazingly with jeans or cut-offs for a more sophisticated look, especially if you wear some hot heeled shoes and have fun with your accessories. street-style-long-tanktoptank-top=stylesmart-look-tank-topParis Fashion Week September 2011silky-tank-top-lookDid anyone say sophisticated looks? Who needs silky tank tops when you’ve got the plain ”ugly” vintage looking ones. A jersey Tank Top is the piece to live in all summer. If you want to get that Fashion Week street style going on, pair your  vintage/simple/slouchy Tank Top with the most posh pieces (super glam skirts, heels, tons of accessories, bright lips, smart trousers). Clashing styles gives a bit of edge to a look and makes it rather chic and effortless, as if you’d just throw on that top over the most polished clothes ever and got away with it. cropped-tank-top-streetstylejersey-tank-top-street-stylesummer-trend-printed-tank-topolivia-palermo-sequined-tank-topprinted-tank-top (3)statement-tank-toptank-top-streetstyletank-top-style-2013tank-top-skirt-lookOr if you wish to channel your inner grunge persona and do the most coveted look of the year (90’s with a twist) wear your Guns’n Roses Tank Top, or cropped one with jeans (from skinny to boyfriend, washed out or ripped) or cut-offs and sneakers, boots or gladiator sandals. Take notes from off duty models, who are masters of this look. Go Plain Jane on it, or wear some accessories from back in the day to balance the slouchy boy’ish look. tank-top-cutoffs-stylestreetstyle-tank-topstreet-style-tank-toptank-top-boyish-styletank-top-street-styletank-top-style (2)tank-top-style-edgyOne of my favorite style is the cut-out tank top that looks great with a bandeau underneath for that layered look (yes in summer, how cool is that?) which translates into pure chicness. 2013-summer-trend-cut-out-tank-topstank-top-streets-styleOr you could always do the tight sporty tank top with just about anything. There was a time when I used to wear one with all the bottoms in my closet just to see how far can you go on styling one. And trust me you can. From the plain look of a tank top and jeans, to a maxi skirt, shorts, heels, tennis shoes, flip flops the sky is the limit. I think it’s all about having fun. You could never go wrong or do a fashion faux pas with tank tops. The only risk is you might have a too-clean-simple-look, but that can be solved by wearing some fab accessories, if simple is not your thing. It’s all about balance. plain-tank-top-looktight-tank-top-lookAh… sometimes a breath of fresh air is all we need to get our mojos back on, and that’s just what these Tank Tops are: a break from all the psychedelic fashion razzmatazz. Give me a tank top anyday and I’ll cherish it all the way 🙂

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Can I See Your… Lingerie?!

exposed-lingerie-styleYES! According to the latest trends (that are trying to push through since 2010 courtesy of all designers) we’ll all be strutting our hot assets (errrrr, gulp) in plain lingerie. On the streets. (question mark) At work. (starting to freak out). On 1st dates. (That’s it! I’m drawing the line here!) Has the world gone mad or what? Behold, you lovely dolls cause it’s not all as it seems (hopefully). From Jason Wu to Alexander McQueen & Dolce & Gabbana or the 90’s Versace we’ve had our share and not-too-subtle cry for the exposed lingerie trend. Cool bra tops, tiny shorts, see-through lace, suspensor tights… I mean just a few seasons ago Vivienne Westwood showed up at her own show in underwear. Aaaaand it’s not all that new. The trend I mean.  In the 15th century I think showing a bit of  that bra/corset’s lace was a fashion must do. It was in the 60’s & 70’s that girls loved their glittering shimmery little shorts, and 90’s had models on magazine covers in tiny little tops that resembled a bra rather than an actual bandeau top, while the lads from Pulp were singing “He’s coming up the stairs, / and in a moment he’ll want to see your underwear.” Ha! Not to mention Madonna and her borderline porn shows from back in the day. Such an inspiration for all of today’s music celebs who just can’t get enough of showing us how flawless they look, and how well they’re performing half naked. But lingerie as a street trend? Really? What pops into my mind right now (right after the fear of us all looking like hookers and misfits) is that Seinfeld episode when everyone was so appalled (yet amused in that beyond hilarious style) at the woman who never wore a top, but a BRA! Blazer on top and she was good to go. Will it come to this? Will we all be immune to bare flesh  and act super nonchalant as our bosses welcome us in their underwear at the monthly meeting? Ha! catwlak-exposed-lingeriejasonwu-lingerie-as-outwear-trndAs a controversy lover and a give-it-all-up for-creativity type you might assume I’m fine with it. Well… wouldn’t mind the sight of a few ripped lads here and there, or the occasional dress that resembles a silky camisole. Hell I’m even cool with those tiny bra-looking tops that actually look amazing with high waisted bottoms. And I must confess I adore exposed suspensor tights. (read mock suspensor thighs actually) But who does’t right? And while I respect what ya’ll want to wear, I’m sticking to the ever classic teaser: bra straps sometimes, or a somewhat see-through top, short shorts et all. Still gotta say it: can’t wait for the day when it’ll be more than OK for us to go ahead and leave the house in our knickers and push-up bras. Drums please!camisole-lingerie-dress=streetstyleexposed-lingeriecelebs-in-lingerie-red-carpetalice-delal-lingerie-lookAnd now back to this exposed lingerie trend that’s trying to make it into our quite perfect little fashion lives. I think it’s all this 90’s and 60’s comeback that’s caused a boom and a hipster feeling of the occasional cool colored bra from underneath a top, or the sight of those high waisted knickers from underneath sheer maxi skirts. Plus we can always blame the celebs, they’re the ones responsible for a a trend sticking to us or not. And to be honest with you it’s the constant sight of Justin Bieber‘s underwear that’s really concerning me (lol). The kid is just a kid to say the least and nicest thing, but apparently no one else knows this and everyone else is channeling the sexy look (let’s all roll our eyes and say ‘as if’ please). Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga (on stage most of the times) but as of lately A listers such as Diane Kruger or Penelope Cruz are giving us the ”look at me (read my boobs) bitch” slap in the face. Evening gown with such a low cut that we’re starting to feel (un)lucky they’re wearing those fancy bras. bra-blazer-lookbra-topdiane-kruger-visible-bra-dressexposed-lingerie-street-style (2)Milan Fashion Week Fall 2011, Pradaexposed-lingerie-trendKristen Stewart-lingerie-dresslingerie-as-outwear-trendlingerie-exposed-trendlingerie-look-street-stylelingerie-street-stylelingerie-street-style-brasolange-lingerie-red-carpetstreet-style-lingeriesuspensor-tights-lingerietaylor-momsen-lingerie-looktrend-2013-exposed-lingerieDon’t know about you but I’m drawing the line at knickers and plain bras. I can deal with sheer dresses, cropped tight tops (aka bras – think Dolce & Gabbana), camisole dresses with punk boots… What do you think? Trashy or Enticing? Is the lingerie as outwear (not yet) trend a desperate cry from designers to shock and shake the trends altogether in the hope of creating a move (another sex revolution anyone?), OR is is just a bad idea that’ll never go beyond our TV screens, iPhones & magazines?

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They’re Baaaaack: Denim Overalls!

denim-overalls-white-top-styleTaa-daahh!!! ‘I’m back and I’m here to stay‘ said the denim overall in 2013 summer. So what happens when a ’90’s clothing hit meets the ’90’s comeback fashion trends? We end up with the most brilliant reinvention and a massive imagination and fashion creativity boom. Today’s topic: Denim Overalls. Who’s guilty as charged for it? One of my lovely readers who’s asked me to do a post on this trend, and with this confession comes more from my part: I thought there was no way in hell I was ever going to at least like denim overalls. Hated them as a kid, never did them in the 90s, so what, are they gonna surprise me this time round? My boundaries aside, and an open mind ahead and what do you know? Streets are actually packed with great denim overalls and style bloggers are doing this look like crazy. Actually I kinda hold them all responsible alongside Rihanna, and that ’90’s inspo (TLC – for a rap urban take on the farmer’s uniform or Katie Holmes for that goody-goody look). And the funny part, I actually remembered I do own one of these once-farmer-uniforms-now-posh-attire… WTF, right? Lesson of the day: rely on your fashionista subconscious to take the right decisions when you get lazy on the upper floor. Still, ain’t all that great. Probably can’t fit into it anymore and that’s just because it was purchased during my skin-tight-obsession-period. Ah well… we’ve all got our fashion skeletons in the closet. (mine is packed but that’s another story). Back to the the Denim Overalls Looks & the How To’s… 90s-style-denim-overalls-katie-holmes90s-style-denim-overallslong-denim-overall-street-styleThe classic 2013 Denim Overall Look is basically a trendy laid back style of boy-meets-girl. Though the fashion scene, streets, retail chains, vintage shops (these are the best for great denim overalls finds) are filled with a dime o dozen of styles and designs, the one that might be labeled as the hit of the naughties is the slightly oversized design, think boyfriend jeans, vintage looking denim, & tons of jewellery (statement necklaces and bangles are the best way to balance the boy’ish look). And before we dip into the shoes talk (cause let’s face it, they make all the outfit statement and dress it up or down) I think it’s worth mentioning that the main trait of the 2013 Denim Overall is its millions of styles (sure the BF look is the hit, but one can do so many more others and get away with it). denim-overalls-heels-styledenim-overalls-streetstyleThere’s the Long Denim Overalls which can be oversized, tight (think structured smart jumpsuit), ’70’s style, with fuller upper part (covering up a great deal of your top for ex.) or more cut-out for you to show off your tank top, bandeau or those tight abs. dark-wash-denim-overallsboots-denim-overall-leather-jacketdenim-overalls-boyfriend-stylerihanna-denim-overallsThe Short Denim Overall is the girly cute style that can be treated like a dress: if it’s loose and relaxed it’ll look amazing with a tight top, loads of bling and shades. If it’s tight you might want to balance it with more understated accessories. denim-overalls-trend (2)Fleurstreetstyle3how-to-style-denim-overallshow-to-wear-short-denim-overallsBoth styles look great and the choice of denim color/texture/fabric is limitless. Oh… and there’s one more style I actually really like, I’ve seen Rihanna sporting it in a brilliant way the all-covered-up-denim-overall (it’s not called like that, no idea what it’s called). It’s the long loose overall style with long sleeves and a buttoned top (think denim trousers and denim shirt in one). Riri is looking gorgeous in this light wash denim overalls with classic pumps. Perfect. rihanna-full-coverup-denim-overallsdenim-overalls-street-styledenim-overalls-lookHow to wear Denim Overalls? I think the easiest way to nail the D.O. (read denim overalls) look is to treat them like dresses, except for the part that you have to wear a top underneath. Which is actually not too bad, just because more layering will add more chicness or that hipster vibe to your outfit. So D.O. are a heaven to perfect your layering. I love the plain white tee look or the bandeau look underneath a vintage loose D.O. with a statement necklace, a golden watch, a big colored clutch, wayfarer shades and heels. Tip: it looks even better if you roll up your denim trousers, or leave one strap unbuttoned. denim-overalls-fashion-trenddenim-overalls-heelsdenim-overalls-trendrihanna-denim-overalls (2)smart-denim-overallsoverallssummer-trends-denim-overallsFor a more sophisticated look add a leather jacket on top or do the urban chic & glam version of the D.O.: hot heels, red nails & lips, baseball cap and loads of bling. Another way to do it is to keep it classy: heels/ballet pumps or flat sandals & a white shirt or blazer on top. Sort of Friday office outfit. Bottom line is you can spice up the look, tone it down, keep it basic or go over the top on hipster style – it’s gonna look good either way. Heels make it look urban and hot, sneakers make it laid back and cool, ankle boots give it a rocknroll style, gladiator sandals are boho-chic. You can’t go wrong with Denim Overalls. I get that now. 🙂 Better late than never right?

I’ll leave you with more street style pics for fashion inspo…  denim-overall-rock-styledenim-overalls-styleimagelarge (2)largelight-wash-denim-overall-slooklong-denim-overallshort-denim-overall-sporty-lookshort-denim-overalls-styleshort-denim-overall-street-stylelarge (1)streetstyle-denim-overallsstreet-style-denim-overallssummer-trends-2013-oversized-denim-overallsvintage-denim-overallsphotos via pintrest & google images

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Ugly Shoes That Look Great!

chunky-heelsWith fashion being such a trend roller-coaster – the chunky heels, with their 70’s reminiscence were bound to have their moment this summer. When 70’s themselves are another IT trend, you know.  So it’s pretty safe to say the Chunky Heels are the heels of 2013 hot season having us all look like tiny caricatures in huge shoes. I’m sorry beloved 70’s soles, but I just think you’re the ugliest shoes ever. Yet, I can’t help but love you. Talk about toxic relations, right? Well thank God there’s nothing toxic in my love and hate mood swing over chunky heels, except probably overspending & later feeling remorseful over it. Aaaand one more thing, that’s probably at the core of my tiny dislike with these shoes (it is pretty subjective mind you) is the fact that I cannot wear too high chunky heels, cause I’m already too tall. And so I’m left with those hideous square lower heels that are just so unflattering on any legs and feet. But I will refuse to be a fashion victim and will not ever trade personal taste for fashion-must-haves. be they as posh as hell. I’ll just have to do great with what I’ve got and get used to having my head in the clouds (literally) every now and then.  chunky-heels-street-style (2)shoes-trend-chunky-heelsSo let’s get one thing clear then: LOVE them or HATE them? Cause let’s be honest nothing will ever beat hot stilettos and classic pumps. Yet… there’s just something so modern-meets-vintage and feminine-meets-bad-ass chic about these shoes that you (like I) might wanna reconsider your dismissal. Not to mention they’re killing their competition with their comfortable feature. D’ohh. Plus when it comes to styles and designs – the sky’s the limit (even per se… I mean have you seen some of those heels?). All colors and non colors are in, with black chunky models completing a very classic/retro posh look, or those brown’ish shades going more on the boho-chic side, and the colored ones perfect for a shoe statement. Multi-straps, prints, leather, fabrics, colored platforms, crazy heels, color-block et all make us love these ugly suckers. Yeah… I still think some of them are really ugly, but as long as the heel is pretty high and the cut or the shape of the shoe are not too massive – I actually like some of these chunky heels. Let’s have a look at some funky chunky soles and get fashion inspired… chunky-heel-sandalschiq-shoeschunky-sandalsstrappy-chunky-heelschunky-heels-evening-shoeschunky-heels-shoeskatespade-shoesmaykool-shoesshoes-trend-chunky-heels (2)transparent-heelswomen-shoes-chunky-heelsFor the ”‘how to wear them” part, I think we’ll be safe to assume they go with everything, with one restriction: if you can, please avoid channeling a cartoon figurine who looks like they have a hard time walking. Though even so… it’s the quirkiness inside that makes us all special, right? So to answer the HTW question – these big-heels-with-platform shoes look fantastic with cutoffs, short skirts, mini-dresses (think Twiggy for inspo) and I also love what they look with skinny jeans and a slouchy top – very loose rocknroll style. If however you’ve got other styling ideas just do it, have fun with it. With all this trend invasion hitting us from all corners it’s quite easy to pick your own thing and make it personal, original yet trendy nonetheless. More street style for inspo… chunky-bue-hees-streetstylealexa-chung-chunky-heelschunky-heels (2)chunky-heels-2013-summer-trendchunky-heels-jeanschunky-heels-lookchunky-heels-shoes-lookolivia-palermo-chunky-heelsstreet-style-chunky-heelstumblr_lxtcmbBjVD1qh5xapo1_500I’m curious what’s your opinion on the chunky heels: UGLY or NOT?

photos via Pintrest & google images

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To Belt OR Not To Belt?

buckle-belts– that is the question this summer. When I think about it I feel as if I’ve done a slight injustice talking (a lot) about accessories, yet never once mentioning one of the most common, famous and incredibly stylish waist attires: The Belt! Just because it’s always there, at least for men (if we ever ditch it, the gents will remind us of its existence, so no chance in hell it’s gonna go away) doesn’t mean we should take it for granted. But are Belts a trend in 2013 summer? Are they making a comeback or, having never left the mainstream, they’re now suffering a slight readjustment and are capturing our attention more? I think it’s a bit of both actually. Designers are using belts more an more in their collections, for this season as well as for the 2014 Fall, and that’s due to the inspiration decades & currents they plunge into. Today it’s all about the Punk era, the 70’s, & the grunge 90’s – hence the belt’s comeback, right? A punk darker look (be it posh or grunge) begs you to put a belt on it. And your choices are limitless: metallic belts, studded belts, vintage or classic styles, funky designs… That’s the beauty of 2013: it’s all in, with a slight quirkiness. For the more classic ladies out there – Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta, or even Vivienne Westwood’s 1940’s meets punk collection – are worth taking inspo from. It’s vintage meets classic retro with a modernist edge: thin or double belts, metallic, tightly marking the waist are reminiscent of those elegant vivid war ladies of the 40’s. But if all is in, and the sky is the limit… can we assume fashion rules apply no longer when it comes to belts? Can we put a belt on just about anything? belts-stylesYears ago one of the biggest fashion faux pas was not matching your belt with you bag, shoes and gloves. Just ask your grandmas. No respectable lady would ever be seen in mismatched accessories. Ha! Fast forward years later and the faux pas has turned into a must-do. Today it is not required to match your belt with your bag or shoes, au contraire last year the more mismatched you were the trendiest you looked. Crazy, huh? Well… it does take practice to mismatch right and look amazing in a crowd of prints that don’t don’t go together. But matching your belt with your shoes or/and bag these days, will not place you in the fashion-outcasts corner either. Because fashion is more liberating and creative these days. You’re basically free to do your own thing if you like it, it looks good and it tells the world who you are. Belts today are fun accessories that can be the centerpiece of your outfit, can be the pop of color, or the statement of your look. thin-beltTrends for Belts this summer? The metallic belt is the star of the moment right now, in both gold and silver, mostly on skirts and dresses or clothes in silky fabrics. It’s extremely elegant and glamorous and if you keep the rest of your outfit simple, a metallic belt, that beautifully nips your waist can make you look fantastic. Not to mention it can spice up old clothes, glam up looks you’ve already done, or just make you look more put together in that rich luxurious way from morning to evening. Celebs are wearing belts on evening gowns for trend sake and as a style-trick. evening-beltsmetallic-belt-trend-2013street-style-beltswhite-dress-metal-belt-street-styleBrown belts are huge this summer. Vintage looking, super long and tied in that special knot are seen on jeans, cutoffs, skirts, dresses, adding a bit of boho-chic style to any look. If brown is not your thing, yet you’re loving this vintage-boho style, pick long belts in neutral tones. And, to join the hipsters on this one – you have got to do the knot! 🙂  belt-look-2013brown-belts-trendbrown-knotted-beltbrown-beltbelts-stylegrunge-style-belthow-to-style-beltsknotted-beltstreet-style-beltstreet-style-brown-beltsthick-brown-beltThe Belt-Knot!

the-belt-knotFor classic, can’t-be-bothered-attitudes, yet still fashionable, or for grunge/punk styles pick black belts and play with designs, shape, textures. Go for studs, chains, super thin, patent, leather, thick, with funky buckles and wear them on trousers or over tops, skirts, jumpers. A cool belt should be the star of an outfit and can nip your waist over the clothes and not stay hidden for practical reason underneath it all.

Which brings me to another trend of the belts: show off your belts! They want to be seen, so unless you’re wearing the neutral styles on jeans or cutoffs (easily spotted from under your top anyway) you have to take your belt out: over skirts, over dresses, jackets, sweaters… Best part: it marks your waist, creates a great shape and is the latest accessory.

belts-lookbelt-trend-2013streetstyle-beltstudded-beltthick-beltAnd no list is ever complete without the weird ones: they’re the best. Funky belts in all the textures you can imagine, with gem stones, psychedelic prints, funny cool shapes – basically imagination run wild and landed on your waist. They’re statement pieces which most of the times hold an outfit together and bring it in the spotlight. statement-beltprinted-beltstatement-buckle-beltfunky-belts-stylesTrendy or not, belts are massive these days and I truly think the sky the limit design or color wise. The beauty of this classic timeless accessory is its versatility. How easy it does it give us what we want in terms of looks and styles, and how fantastically can it transform a look from boring to trendy? Though today rules are not to be obeyed, I’m curious: do you like matching your belts to your shoes or bags? 

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MAXI Skirts: The Trend That Never Dies?

maxi-skirt-trend-2013Do you think it’s true, or is it just me? Are we smitten with the MAXI Skirt or what? Easy to style, versatile, super feminine and a camouflage weapon for those days when, as hot as we may look, we feel quite the opposite, but (being fashionistas all the way) we still  can’t give in to a sloppy look.

Though it’s been around for some seasons now, and designers keep bringing it to their collections in both seasons, the MAXI Skirt still leads the way, and I think it’s never been as MAXI of a trend as it is in 2013 Summer. What is amazing about this year, (as a consequence of the 2000’s  eclectic trait I think) is that it seems to me the MAXI Skirt has reinvented itself and earned more ground by bringing together all its previous style fads as long as they keep one common ground: it’s MAXI read long. I know… I’m talking about the maxi skirt as if it’s a person. Yeah, I tend to lose it sometimes. 🙂 one-color-maxi-skirtsSo, is every possible long skirt design you can think of, IN? Probably. As long as the feature betrayed by its very name is intact,  design & color wise the sky is the limit. Prints of all sorts, pleats, jersey straight high slit skirts, see-through, high or low-waisted, one-color, bright, hem brushing the floor, ankle long, slit (in front, back, right, left or both sides) – and feel free to add your own anytime, are just a few designs a maxi comes in.

Style wise it goes with absolutely anything, hence its versatility and the fact that you can take it to a dinner, a date, a cocktail party or even to the beach. Actually, investing into one (well OK, more) would be the wisest thing to do, especially because you can stretch it all into your winter looks with boots and tights… Yep. It is literally the best staple these days. sporty-chic-maxiskirts

MAXI Skirts with heels. Ah… this is a perfect look for an evening out or for an event. It’s feminine and effortless and it has that sophisticated rich vibe to it. Here are a few looks for fashion inspo… blue-maxi-skirt-trendamazing-maxi-skirtmaxi-skirt-trend-street-style (2)MAXI Skirts with flats are the perfect combo for a casual stroll or for the office. Pick one in one color and pair it with a simple T-shirt and a blazer and you’re the definition of chic. 😉 maxi-skirt-streetstylemaxi-skirt-trend (2)street-style-skirts_MAXIwhite-maxi-skirt-trendMAXI Skirts with tennis shoes are one of my faves looks. Cute, girly, effortless, young and free.  mxi-skirt-tennis-shoesrihanna-maxi-skirt-tennis-shoesstreet-style-coachella-maxi-skirt-sneakers

How to choose your MAXI Skirt?

To avoid any regrets simply buy as many as you feel like it 🙂 A pleated one color skirt is amazing for any event and can easily adapt to so many occasions. So… it’s an investment you have to make. The ones in black and nude are perfect for a understated glamorous elegant sophisticated look. I adore them! But my MAXI skirt crush at the moment is the one that comes in emerald green and peach or orange. black-maxi-skirt-trendstreetstyle-maxi-skirt-trendmaxi-skirt-casual-looknude-flowy-maxi-skirtpeach-maxi-skirt-lookgreen-maxi-skirt-lookmaxi-skirt-lookmaxi-skirt-stylemaxi-skirt-trendmaxi-skirt-trend-neon-stylesummer-looks-maxi-skirt-trendtumblr_m9e2nq1vI41qhuk2uo1_500For those of you who love a bit of boho-chicness in their style the printed gypsy style MAXI skirts are amazing! Extremely trendy and feminine they can make a huge fashion statement and need no extra frills to spice up the look: a basic top and a few blings will have you looking like an exotic model. maxi-skirt-seethrough-trend maxi-skirt-gypsy-stylemaxi-skirt-gypsy-style (2)maxi-skirt-seethrough-trendmaxi-skirt-trend-gypsy-styleAnd as of this year, we’re seeing a lot of those 90’s style type of MAXI jersey skirts. Think urban glam or Rihanna’s collection for River Island. They’re more sporty chic, fitted, with a high slit on the side usually, ankle length hem, and look brilliant with a bare midriff and tennis shoes! For a more bad-ass urban look pile on jewellery and rock some crazy nails and shades.

black-maxi-skirt-trend (2)jersey-maxi-skirt-trend
Don’t know about you but I am in love with this trend and I do hope it still stretches out into the cold season, cause there are so many looks and styles to don with the MAXI skirt that I feel one season (though it’s been around for more) would never be enough.

We’re just getting started for God’s sake! BTW what is your fave MAXI Skirt style? Let’s share and debate lovelies and if in doubt just try one on these day. After all its the weekend and we need to have loads of fun! 🙂  xoxo


Are You Ready To… Ruffle?

street-style-rufflesAllow me to be slightly skeptical on this one. While the Ruffle Trend for 2013 Spring/Summer was huge (and amazing) on the catwalk (I’m still head over heels over Chloe, Gucci & Balenciaga‘s collections) I honestly feel that its transition to the streets has not made the fashion intended waves. Could it be that Ruffles are too ’80’s reminiscent? Or too girly? Or maybe it’s just me, because the 2013 ruffle reinterpretation is more architectural, structured and less frilly or borderline kitsch. Besides, today’s fashion main trait is that it allows us to get creative with a trend and mix it more easily into our style and personality. What we get then is a sea of Ruffle options: ruffled tops (busy or super subtle), ruffled skirts, dresses, shorts, bags, or even shoes… .  And that is fantastic especially for those who feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea of draping themselves in this flamenco attire. On the other hand a bit of ruffle will make an outfit more feminine and less stiff, making it look like you’re having loads of fun with fashion. The risk of looking like you’re stuck in your 80’s prom or channeling your inner clown might not be so inherent if you find that fashion balance. I know I always encourage everyone to fuck all fashion rules, but… there might just be a few cases when it’s better to be smart about it, rather than wild and flipping the bird all over the place. ruffle-trendSometimes balance is the keyHow To Balance Your Ruffles?

First of all, forget over-accessorizing (I’m getting all teary just thinking about it), if you don’t want to look like a psychedelic doll, that is. So, let’s begin with tops. Big ruffles that frame the face look great with your hair pulled back, and with the rest of your outfit rather simple. If the ruffles are silky, feminine and floaty, the top would probably look fab with jeans and heels (for a posh sophisticated look) of flats (ballet, loafers or brogues) for a bit more chic man-meets-woman look. Not too bad actually. You could probably done the top-ruffle-look for both office (with a pencil skirt or tapered trousers) or for out-of-work style, from going out evenings to summer beach looks, weekend strolls et all. Structured ruffles may be harder to pull off, but not impossible. Same architectural rules apply: keep your body balanced.

gucci-ruffle-topruffle-topsruffled-leather-jacket-street-styleruffles-look-editorialsruffle-tank-topruffle-top-lookruffle-trendruffle-trend-2013-catwalkOr you might just want to do ruffles on skirts which again is all about equilibrium, though I have to say, ruffle skirts sound much more appealing for some reason. My fave look: ruffled girly skirt balanced by a simple top and ankle boots. Sort of boho chic borderline rocknroll chick. ruffle-long-skirt-lookruffle-skirts-trendruffle-skirt-look (2)ruffle-skirt-lookruffle-trend-ruffled-skirtstreetstyle-ruffle-skirtstreet-style-ruffle-skirtruffles-trend-summer-2013And what about ruffle dresses? Now… in this case, forget all I said. (I know I can get slightly inconsistent). Summer ruffle short dresses look amazing! They’re both girly and sexy, both flirty and feminine and can go from morning to evening with any type of shoes. I simply adore a tiny dress in one color with floaty silky ruffles, tiny spaghetti strings and bare back. Stiletto sandals and a sexy attitude will complete this party look. ruffle-trend-2013-dressesruffle-dressruffle-dress-lookruffle-dress-styleruffle-dress-trend-2013ruffles-trend-2013ruffles-trend-catwalk-2013ruffle-style-dressruffle-trend-dress (2)ruffle-trend-dressstreet-style-ruffle-dressstreet-style-ruffle-dress-trendstreet-style-rufflesCan you ever get over-the-top with ruffles?

Well… yeah. If you’re a model in an editorial you can. Just have a look at the pics below and you might just (like myself) fall for the ruffle look. Big dresses with ruffled never-ending trains that cover entire stairs and floors look dramatic and beautiful. Yeah. We’ll be wearing those errr… wait. Never. ruffle-dress-look-2013ruffle-evening-dressruffle-look-2013-trendruffle-trend-2013Ruffles are THE trend this season all right, and though I can accept a few frills here and there, I’m not yet sold on this look. It tends to translate into a bit of a teenage look (which I’m light years distance from) and may look a bit too prom queen’ish for me, or too overwhelming. On the other hand ruffles may help create volume and curves where some of us were less blessed. So I guess it is a trend to keep an eye on. Which I might be doing in the hope that eventually (before the deadline expires, read Fall 2013) I get hooked. Though knowing myself I’ll probably be 2 steps behind this one. Debate-with-myself aside, I’m curious where all you lovely beauties stand on this one…

The ‘Skrillex’ Haircut And Its Safe Versions. Which Side Are You On?

Feels like it’s been forever since we talked hair, and today being a gloomy Monday (aren’t they all?) I felt we needed to get a bit feisty and take sides both hair wise as well as for the sake of conversation. What’s up for discussion today? The Skrillex Haircut, also going by the name of: sidecut, undercut or simply half shaved hairstyle.

Though it’s not a product of the 2013, not even of 2012 actually, when it had its huge boom, this punk meets rock’n roll hairstyle was made famous by pop stars. Read Rihanna, Cassie, Kesha et all. And it was the same Skrillex look Rihanna turned into a trend, that landed her the worst haircut EVER ‘award’ just a while ago. It’s definitely not a look for everyone. Nor to try nor to love on somebody else, but you gotta give kudos to those who pull it off. It takes a certain kind of attitude and confidence, an edgy fun and funky personality and courage to DO IT.

High cheekbones, full lips, tiny nose and a high forehead may also help. I’ve noticed the side shaved hairstyle looks amazing on girls with strong yet sweet face features. Oh… and then there’s the job description one might have, as a half shaved hipster look might be a little bit too much if you’re aiming to make partner at a law firm.
skrillex haircutskrillex haircutskrillex haircutBut if you’re not, and your work is not fashion restrictive, would you do it? Would you be a ‘two-faced-gal‘ hairstyle wise for a few months? Well until that hair grows… Do you have to change your whole style for it? What if you’re invited to a posh cocktail dinner?

Well dolls… if these questions do not frighten us, then we might just be the right candidates for this undercut. I mean you definitely needn’t change your look, but the sidecut has to complete your style. And you gotta be able to rock it on all occasions and situations. And you can. Take a few fashion inspo from the pics below. The half shaved hair does not actually look that bad, even on the red carpet. What do you think? cassie-half-shaved-haircassie-half-shaved-style'Battleship' Japan PremiereSONY DSChalf-shaved-hairstyleWhen this haircut received the award for worst hairstyle ever I have to say I was taken aback a little bit because, truth be told… I actually love it and I think – yes it’s way too risky – but it’s got edge and personality. Besides, it’s just hair. It grows back. The less courageous ones, who might either not love this undercut, or be too scared to chop their hair off, but love the sidecuts’s quirkiness found a slight compromise. Well actually 2: the side swept hairstyle & the side cornrows.

I honestly think these 2 styles are a safer reinvention of the original, which is fine. I mean, take the side swept hairstyle for example – celebs have been obsessed with it on the red carpet for the past years. Had they gone extreme on this one, we would have had celebrity websites and magazines packed with the Skrillex look on say JLo or Charlize Theron…

So sometimes taking the safe road on a look might be the best thing you ever do. Especially if you’ve got a case of chronic indecisiveness. Plus, you have to admit it, the side swept hairstyle is so versatile and it actually fits everyone on any occasion. It can look classy (see Jessica Alba), it can have a twist of edge, it can be cute & sweet, casual or wild. jessica-alba-side-swept-haorcandice-swanepol-side-swept-hairkristen-stewart-side-swept-hairkristen-stewart-side-swept-hair-backmiranda-kerr-side-swept-hairstyleselena-gomez-side-swept-hair70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivalsjennifer-lopez-side-swept-hairrosie-huntington-whitely-side-swept-hairside-swept-hairstylesAnd speaking of cute & wild, if you want to commit to the side swept look for more than just a day/night, yet you’re not ready to say good-bye to your long locks just yet, and you’re aiming for a hipster meets cute look, you might consider the side cornrows. Not a new look in the least, but with the right accessories, makeup and style it can definitely be fashion forward. It’s got that urban wild chic side to it, that I absolutely love. Complete the look with statement earrings or ear cuffs. carmeelectra-side-cornrows26th Annual ARIA Awards 2012 - Arrivalsside-braidsOK so the Skrillex Haircut Look is a bit too much for some, but its babies (read side swept & side cornrows) are not. As much as its controversy overshadows this look it is quite versatile and daring and might just be the perfect look if you want to make a statement. Yet keeping it safe may not be such a bad idea after all… Which side are you taking on this one?


Fashion…Coming & Going! Time Of The FRINGES. Again.

Article by Ghintare Survilaite

The history of fringed clothes goes back in time to the ancient tribes who used to wear fringes in order to sew up a busted moccasin, a torn seam, or to tie things together when they were in the field. In fashion, the first track of fringes goes back to 1920′s, the Jazz Age, those roaring times famous for their Charleston, Ella Fitzgerald, bootlegging, looseness and total emancipation of women,  when girls who loved to dance used to wear embroidered or shawled dresses which made their moves look sexier. baker-style-fringes20s-style-fringesThen, when I was 10 my favorite t-shirt was fringed…as you know, fashion trends come and go and the summer of 2013 brings back this decorating detail. Designers are using them to garnish clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. You’ll see these elements a lot on leather items, in particular on jackets, bags or clutches and boots. fringes-lookfringed-clutchfringes-trend-summer-2013coachella-style-fringed-bagstreetstyle-fringed-bagfringed-skirt-street-styleMaybe it’s hard to imagine, but you can wear fringed shoes with an elegant outfit, either pumps or sandals. In terms of casual outfits, you’ll rock the summer if you chose to wear fringed boots and a pair of denim shorts. Trust me, with some nice tanned legs you won’t pass unnoticed 😉 You can wear a white tank top or a loose white t-shirt or you could chose to wear an oversized shirt instead. fringes-boots-stylefringed-boots-streets-tylefringes-style-fashionYou don’t have a fringed clothing item and want to find out if this trend would match your personality? Then take an old t-shirt you are willing to throw away and test your skills, who knows what special abilities you’re hiding?

If you are a not a fan of this trend, you can still try a nice fringed necklace like the one in the picture bellow: Indian heritage meets style 😉 accessories-lookphotos via Pintrest, Tumblr, Harpersbazaar


What Do You Think About… Jumpsuits?

jumpsuit-comebackElvis has (yet) to leave the building” my lovely fashionistas. With all this ’70’s comeback in 2013 Spring/Summer, and today’s Jumpsuits topic, no wonder my mind literally jumps to all those (hideous) jumpsuits from back in the day, starting with Elvis Presley (and his white over the top uber glam stage outfits) and ending with ABBA & those disco-kitsch uniforms of pop/rock stars from the ”Drugs, Sex & Rock’n Roll” age. But as much as we love (NOT) those tight spandex glittery neon bright circus costumes, going by the name of jumpsuits, designers sure deserve our kudos for how they’ve played up, nipped, tucked and reinvented the classic-with-a-twist jumpsuit. From Prabal Gurung to Diane Von Furstenberg, BCBG et all, 2013 S/S is such a brilliant reminiscing of those 70’s in the best way possible. The aforementioned gurus of style and fashion have taken this working class uniform/once kitsch stage costume and did a 180 on it, luring us with long sleek silhouettes, silky fabrics, fluidity, softness, loose cuts, plunging necklines, bare backs, halter-necks, long sleeves, prints, solid colors. Designs for day & night. For skinny & curvy bodies. For women and girls alike. Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Don’t choose to be a non-believer just yet… have a look. jumpsuit-retro-lookfluid-jumpsuits-looksrunway-jumpsuitprabal-gurung-jumpsuitwhite-jumpsuitsWhat is so captivating about this clothing item I wonder? Besides its inherent indecisiveness, that is. Or is it this very ‘it’s a dress‘, ‘No. It’s a jumpsuit‘, ‘No, get outta here. It’s clearly a pair if trousers and a matching top‘ – sartorial conversation that has us all giving it the double stare, only to end up jumping in on the Jumpsuit Trend? Cause it’s none of the above. But it could be. Hell it can be. It can mimic a dress, and a matchy matchy top and bottom outfit. Ah… how we love a bit of controversy every now and then. Though I might be a little hasty on this one, I will risk a tiny assumption: not everyone digs the once Si-Fi suit, right? Let’s just say it might take more than one date to fall in love with it. Jumpsuits have always given me that WTF reaction and a quick hand dismissal as I came across one on the shop rails. Then, I’d see it on a gorgeous girl, and I felt bad about giving it the cold shoulder. But that was a few years ago. Cause jumpsuits did try to push through in fashion earlier than 2013. They just never stuck, I guess. And now that I think about it I wonder why? Who is to blame for their 2013 huge comeback? Is it designers alone? Celebs donning evening jumpsuits on the red carpet like crazy? Or, is it us? The regulars and non-VIPs who make street style a source of inspo & trends? printed-jumpsuitsjumpsuit-evening-lookjumpsuit-lookBest part about the jumpsuit? Actually there are a few:

  • it fits absolutely every body type
  • it can adapt to any occasion & event (work, going out, chilling with your best friend over a cup of tea, cocktail parties, dinners)
  • it’s classy & sophisticated
  • it’s easy to wear, dress up or down

I think the ultimate touch of glamour & sophistication is that of a one color Jumpsuit, in a silky fluid, slightly slouchy fabric, with a metallic belt, (maybe) pockets, bare back VS plunging neckline.

Black jumpsuits & how to dress them up & down:black-jumpsuitsbasic-jumpsuitblack-jumpsuit-streetstylejumpsuitjumpsuit-street-style-looklong-jumpsuit-styleretro-jumpsuit"Battleship" - Australian Premiere In Sydneysarah-jessica-parker-jumpsuitsummer-trend-jumpsuitsFor daytime I love the floral printed jumpsuits in delicate textures, that just make me think of this retro, chic, incredibly beautiful hot woman coming home from work, with a bottle of wine and fresh bread in her grocery bag. She looks put together yet careless in her style (red nails, posh bag, earrings, shades and untamed hair) which makes her so much more enticing. floral-jumpsuitfloral-jumpsuit-trendstreetstyle-jumpsuitSinger Rihanna is seen arriving at a hotel in Londonstreet-style-jumpsuitjumsuit-trend-2013summer-jumpsuit-streetstylewhite-jumpsuit-streetstyleBut you see… when talking Jumpsuits as a 2013 Summer Trend, the sky’s the limit. So if fluidity, silky fabrics and a too-feminine style is not for you, there are still plenty of fish in the sea of jumpsuits. Denim. Structured. Metallic.  Boy’ish cuts, psychedelic prints, funky styles. floral-jumpsuit-lookjumpsuitstreet-style-structured-jumpsuitThough I was a hard shell to crack on this Jumpsuits craze, they got to me. And for that I blame the long silky super feminine one-color jumpsuit worn with sky high heels. Effortlessly feminine, sexy & sophisticated. I’m hooked. And that’s the truth. evening-jumpsuits-1How about you?