There are people who love Christmas, and people who love love love love Christmas. I used to be neither of these, and was looking forward to Christmas for food and booze purposes. A few parties, holidays, sleeping late, having fun… However, these days I’m realising Christmas shopping spirit is crawling up on me in the cheekiest way possible. It’s like I’m a kid versus a Martha Stewart Christmas version. Only yesterday I went grocery shopping and caught myself spending a significant amount of time at the Christmas decoration isles thinking how I’m gonna transform my house into Santa’s sanctuary this year. And while I’ll be doing that I’ll be also costumed as some Christmas fanatic fool.

I’m no worried though. Between my above newfound love and my procrastinating personality I’ll probably end up doing just a little, which is actually great, cause it’ll equal normal.

Why is this happening to me? I guess the wiser bit from older-and-wiser saying has finally caught up with me. Amen.

So in case you’re like me, or just slightly more infatuated with Christmas shopping here’s a list of all the best things we can buy and wear this holiday to be more merry you know. From socks, to sweaters, and Christmas scents and gifts the list is filled with the bestest bits.


If all else fails grab a champaign and dance to Wham’s Last Christmas. Or Mariah’s All I want for Christmas. You guys, these are my 2 fave songs of all times.

xoxo D.


For the sake of this post I will assume the most ridiculous thing ever: not all people wanna look extra. I know… shocking for someone so self absorbed with a dash of socially awkward tint. #allaboutme Anyway it’s winter – another shocking statement – which means everything sucks except one thing: FUR COATS. They are the best thing about the cold season, they are the christmas of fashion, the chocolate of food, and I am the biggest lover of fur coats out there. From classic styles, to edgy ones, to funky designs, colourful, statement – I’ll take them all and refuse to look anything other than extra.

They have have a superpower no matter what. They make any outfit look money, luxe, sophisticated in whatever way you like, AKA ‘extra’.

So to down-play them can be both a shame but also a true art.

Wearing theses coats on a daily basis can happen and it can happen in a very casual and effortless way too, without the extra over the top vibe they usually carry. It’s true that fur coats can be everything and so much more, but long done are the days of fur coats being more than jackets. These days it’s not just high society women draped in diamonds who wear them. Nope. It’s also a slob like me or you. Hence the accessibility of these jackets and the huge versatility they’ve earned for themselves.

They are everywhere. Extra looking or casual styles.

How to wear fur coats in 2018 without looking extra?

Go for:

  • casual
  • sporty
  • eclectic
  • hobo-chic
  • granny style
  • normcore
  • retro

Pair them with:

  • jeans
  • t-shirts
  • ugly sweaters
  • morocycle boots
  • ankle boots
  • sneakers
  • hoodies
  • leggings

If you still wanna look the extra mile you can. Pair them with:

  • heels
  • stilettos
  • over the knee boots
  • vinyl
  • leather
  • dresses
  • exposed legs
  • evening sexy dress
  • 70s glam style
  • bold lips

What are the hottest fur coats of 2018? 

All is in! Last year it was the year of the vintage styles, those brownish looking coats our moms maybe wore in 70s. Before that the shaggy coats ruled, and before those the tiny ones, and before those the fur lining ones and so on.

2018 welcomes and celebrates all these style AND give a huge welcome to statement fur coats. Talk about extra.

Long fur coats, slightly oversized are looking more dramatic than ever.

Bright yellow coats are having such a moment right now. #chickencool

Vintage style is still pure perfection.

Shaggy and bear fur coats are the new funky stars of these jackets. They’re more fun and laid back.

Statement ones in the wildest colours and prints were all over the streets at Fashion Week.

Street style inspo:


Get the look:


So whether or not you’re a fan of real or faux fur coats please note they’re all IN, and the style out there is casual with a dash of extra. Not everyone can wear fur coats, and not everyone is comfortable wearing them, but for those who love love love this trend the news of them being IN is pure happiness. For the rest… take it with a grain of salt and comment below why you’re not a fan. Or maybe give them a try.

xoxo D.




If you’ve been so lucky to be able to pick your own office space decoration you might have also been in the above predicament. When it comes to fashion bloggers’ office decor (and other fashion or simply creative jobs) whether they’re a home office or not – it seems the world is torn between glam white office spaces and mysterious dark ones.

Sure we can stretch the light-dark debate to a whole house decoration, but today we talk fashion bloggers’ office decor.

Bloggers Office Decor: how do we pick the right pieces for our oasis of creation and business?

Rewind a couple of years back and everyone was doing white, plush, pink, golden, glamorous bloggers’ office decor and office furniture with influencers like Carli Bybel still being a lover of bright and white creamy shades, and very glamorous office spaces.


On the other hand, 2018 seems to be more masculine and bloggers like Amee Song and Teni Panosian being avid lovers of deeper tones, and more mysterious office spaces and home decor – are creating major buzz with this more refined classic style.


I have always been torn between the two: should I pick all white decor, white office chairs and white office desks, OR should I strive for office sophistication and go for darker more classic office pieces with a twist?

As I grow older wiser I tend to love the darker classic vibes more, and I find them way more sophisticated. Nevertheless I would never be able to work in a very dark space, because I am such a sunny solar person and I thrive on bright natural light and plush fabrics, comfort, coziness and that touch of glam.

But I do love the mystery of massive dark paintings, black chairs, and the play of contrasts. So basically I still don’t know where I stand.

The key to nailing this glam-dark debate is to:

  • try and figure out, above all trends and influences, what do you love most, and are most comfortable with
  • keep in mind the architecture of the place/building
  • let some initial natural elements come through after the renovation or decor
  • invest in good quality desks and chairs
  • have fun with decorations

You can make a darker decor with white office furniture and vice versa, so keep that in mind.

What makes a perfect bloggers’ office decor? 

Whether it’s which chic or dark sophisticated the fabulousness and beauty of bloggers office decor lies in its authenticity. I know… the cliche. But it’s so true.

I’m a big believer of big desks, and comfy chairs. So no matter what style you pick make sure you sit on a a very cozy imposing beautiful chair, behind a study amazing desk. It can all the black, brown, classic, vintage, white, pink, green… whatever floats your boat. These 2 pieces should always be centre stage.

Massive photos on the wall, amazing books that reflect who you are and what you love, bookcases, cabinets, drawers, cupboards – use them all for both purpose as well as visual. Display your jewellery, shoes, clothes, bags, perfumes on them. Make use of all the details that are so dear to you and incorporate them.

And always have fresh flowers.


I don’t really like to make any bloggers’ office decor assumptions, but I will. #canthelpmyself

I think the darker style is more classy and timeless… so chances are you’ll love it 10 years after, whereas the white glam office decor is trendier more fresh, so it’s a perfect choice for younger people.

xoxo D.

Weekend essentials & forecast: lazy af, staying in bed, eating loads, binge-watching everything, taking long showers, covering myself in the cosiest blankets, the fluffiest socks, the silkiest pjs. Wearing Gucci, scented candles, did I say eating?!

Right now… nothing beats this.

I’ll be going out for some groceries and meeting my gal for coffee, but after that it’s pjs all day every day!

So in case we’re alike, you and I, here’s a list of all this weekend essentials. Add a book, and some ol’ love and dayum if this ain’t heaven.


Have a great one everybody and please share your fave idea of a weekend below.

xoxo d.

The uselessness of the Q above is beyond me (although I sort of posed it)… as I truly and honestly believe, from the bottom of my heartest of hearts that no dressing will ever be as polished, luxurious, rich, sophisticated, minimal, sleek, elegant, and whatever great type of thing you’re aiming for, as monochromatic dressing. It’s the ultimate office dressing, evening wear, cocktail situation, date night, fun night, statement, subtle, simple…

A few years back it was the posh Olivia Palermo who introduced the world to mismatched prints and before we knew it we were all flipping our middle fingers to all fashion rules. Amen to that. But leave it to 2017 and perhaps the year prior, to the Queen of monochromatic dressing to dismiss it all with a hair flip and make the one-colour-from-head-to-toe not just a thing, but a massive trend that is so statement through its simplicity and understated quality it’s really the definition of elegance.

Ladies and gents, if there’s anyone who can do it it’s KIM KARDASHIAN. We’ve had a love-hate relationship, but today… I can proudly say I love this woman. And I don’t care if y’all judge, in fact please do, and let’s talk about it.

Kim Kardashian’s monochromatic moments from when she was first time pregnant proved out to be more than moments, or trends, but in fact a thing that would define her style and become a coveted look for so many women out there looking to dress simple but elegant, in staple pieces and only a few key details. (sunglasses, waist-long-hair, no jewellery).

The lack of things you’re actually wearing is becoming a trend. Dress austere but in luxe, if that makes sense.

Another Monochromatic Queen is blogger and beauty Micah Gianneli. Girl is fire! And she can slay any outfit, and she loves monochromatic dressing. Unlike Kim Kardashian’s take on monochromatic dressing – simple, clean, no accessories – Micah is exactly the opposite. She loves a full face makeup, fab hair, incredible jewellery, bags, chains, belts, you name it the girl can wear it and put a pin in it!


Yet both monochromatic queens love nudes, creams, taupes, greys, whites as a full head to toe outfit. As an exception Micah looks stunning in monochromatic yellow and blue, and Kim sometimes rocks a bold red outfit, or black, in which she looks total badass.

The Monochromatic Trend in 2018: how is it any different than before?

2018 Versace show speaks for itself. It’s such an amazing glimpse of the luxe and glam of the 80s with the best sleekness of our days. Alongside it Stella McCartney, Ellie Saab, Miu Miu and others have a real and fabulous penchant for monochromatic shades of brown, light blues, and vibrant reds. Dolce and Gabbana could not have been any less opulent than we love them to be and chose head to toe animal prints with bling and bold lips, and they are fantastic.

Nevertheless monochromatic dressing in 2018 leans more towards neutral shades, with taupes and creams still going strong. As a novelty vibrant reds, and blues are a massive monochromatic thing. Everything else is kept minimal, and dainty jewellery and easily blended in accessories. Massive coats, or just statement styles are the icing on the cake. #KimMonoStyle

The pieces that make up a great monochromatic look are super quality and tend to be more staple worthy: sweaters, classic pants, turtlenecks, wrap-up coats, shoes of the same colour, faux furs, knit dresses, leather skirts, silky shirts…

Let’s have a look at how the cool people are doing monochromatic dressing and get some inspo.


Get the look:


In case you had any doubts I am loving this trend. How about you?

xoxo D.



In order to understand the greatness and hotness of vinyl trend in 2018, first of all let me take you back to the 90s MTV days, when Lisa I’Anson, Simone Angel, Davina, Cat Deeley, and Eden (my all time fave!!!!), alongside the 90s supermodels set the tone in fashion and style for us teens and pre-teens all over the world. Oh. My. God. They were like the best dressed and the most fun with a style that was so easy to copy if you had the age and the balls. I did on certain occasions. (cropped tops, dark nails, lips, chokers, big shoes, low waist). But what I secretly always wanted to wear and never got around to was vinyl! Maaaan… a pair of vinyl trousers, paired with a cropped sweater and a faux fur shaggy coat. Dayumn. Eden wore this outfit once, and 10 years later it’s still one of my fave. Liv Tyler also wore it in Aerosmith video. It was the go-to-cool-hot look if you were a teenager or 20 something. So I guess being slightly younger at that time was my excuse to sit it out.

Fast forward a billion years to today, and here comes Cat-woman. I would legit wear vinyl head to toe were it socially un-awkward. For others. I sat it out once, I will not do it again. I am after all a lover of leather, patent, vinyl, whatever… as long as it’s glossy and looks like liquid sign me up and paint me all over.

What is the vinyl trend 2018? 

Vinyl is a style of leather, patent leather to be more specific, the kind that’s very glossy and shiny, and looks liquid if the items are fitted on the body. So many designers showed 2018 SS collections packed with vinyl and PVC that I literally cannot wait for summer, so… with leather being a huge trend still, and red and black vinyl pants invading the Instagram feed… I figured it’s time to embrace the vinyl trend 2018 massive comeback and start having fun with this fabric.

Bloggers everywhere seem to love love love vinyl pants and mini skirts. Fashion Weeks this years have been graced with some of the best street styles ever, vinyl coats being majorly present.

How to wear vinyl trend 2018 like a grown-up?

First of all define grown-up, and second of all, do we really care? Or am I so vinyl set and thirsty that I’m  willing to throw my pride out the window?

A little bit of both. the great thing about vinyl is that it looks glossy and incredibly sleek and shiny aka elegant in a very dramatic way, so if worn properly it’s a great pick for any age and most occasions.

If however it’s too skimpy, and paired wrongly with racy pieces and excessive hair and makeup – it tends to look cheap and costume-like.

In order to pull off the vinyl trend 2018 try to pair it with more contrasting pieces and fabrics:

  • knits
  • cotton shirts
  • faux furs
  • beanies
  • chunky sweaters
  • hoodies
  • sports clothes
  • sneakers
  • tweed
  • checkered prints

The outcome is pure sophistication rather than risqué vibes.

You get the latter though by wearing very daring pieces such as Kim Kardashian’s Atsuko Kudo nude dress. A brilliant designer with some of the hottest and most tasteful pieces out there. Second-skin like, too hot for school. Thigh high red vinyl stiletto boots, red vinyl coat or mini dress as tight as those abs, paired with fishnets – all are very risqué yet not necessarily bad, if done properly.

Red and black vinyl pants are huge this season: they look great paired with a more chunky soft sweater, an oversized hoodie, or a button-down big shirt for office wear topped with a blazer. Simple ankle boots with a small chunky heel look great, sneakers, chelsea boots, motorcycle boots. Stilettos look great for more sexy styles.

Mini vinyl skirts look great paired with tucked in t-shirts, turtlenecks, coats, and ankle boots.

Vinyl coats are such a statement and they are the polished version of any coat, they’re like the superhero costume we could all use every now and then.

Street style inspo:


Get the look:


So unless you do wear vinyl as part of some costume, or unless you’re auditioning for some risqué role play, I say vinyl trend 2018 is pure sophistication with a grain a risqué, a risqué I’ll take and flaunt if I have to, but I’ll be damned if I sit it out. #challangemyself

You know what: either fashion is more fun lately (as it used to be), or I am on some cloud #9 of sartorial debauchery.

xoxo D.

No winter has ever looked so fabulous as 2018 winter. It’s as if this season waited patiently for all coats trends and looks to parade themselves throughout time and then brilliantly selected only the best. This fall the coats we love to so effortlessly throw on our backs are 100 shades of different and luxe and so much more. You just can’t limit 2018 coats trend to just one coat style. Oh what a pity that would be. Sure, there are a few dusted overly done looks that we’re so over, but the rest is here: reinvented, vintage, minimal, opulent, funky, military, feminine, fur, leather, sleek, slouchy, fitted, long, midi…

What designers showed us on the runway for this season was a mix of the opulence I was telling you about with a bit of vintage and glam, some rascal vibes, and sometimes a minimal 80s kind of creamy coats that Melanie Griffith used to wear back in the day. Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen had the most glam and luxurious coats you’ve ever seen – which is a clear indicator that 2018 coats trend is quite statement.

If, on top of this you add your vintage fur coats and faux fur you’ve got from way back when it only emphasises our desire to again have so much fun with fashion. Who cares if it rains or pours, if it’s freezing and snowing all at once?

(well… I kinda do… but we’ll not discuss my hatred fur the cold here. You see… I am trying to focus on the bright side here – the fashion.)

On the other hand a certain kind of understated glam and timeless elegance will always always be in, so 2018 coats trend is also a very minimal and 80s inspired sartorial picture. Camel coats, black coats, nudes, taupes, greys and all the dusty creamy shades of the world in broad shoulders, super long hemlines, wrapped like design. The coats of Max Mara for example. Stu-nning.

2018 Coats Trend: so what exactly do we wear this season? 

  • fur coats
  • coloured fur coats
  • printed coats
  • coats with beads, sequins, appliqués
  • Edwardian coats styles
  • military styles
  • glamorous
  • very long coats
  • belted coats
  • leather fitted coats
  • faux fur coats
  • sherling coats
  • minimal coats
  • 80s inspired styles
  • camel coats
  • bright colours
  • statement coats
  • oversized coats

ALL. IS. IN. Shorter styles coats have a little bit lost their ground and so have black coats, but having said that I would never say no to a long faux fur black coat. A-line coats have lost their appeal as well, and so have coats that are too cinged at the waist, and flare in a short style of a mini skater skirt. Yeah those are gone.

What is the #1 2018 Coats Trend?

As hard as it is to pinpoint I’d say we tend to lean more onto the statement coats this season, with a massive return of the colours and printed coats as well as appliqués styles.

However… be careful they’re not circus like, nor too playful in the sense of clown-like-colores and statements. They’re more glam-playful royal-funky-opulant rather than the above.

And I… am all for that.

Let’s have a look, grab a drink,  and let the street style take over.


Get the look:


What do you think: are they a great change for a change or what? Or are some of us not feeling this too-much trend? Insert thinking emoji.

You know… I talk the talk but when it actually comes down to the dirty business of wearing a bird on my head for example, I tend to chicken out. However… I love fur and faux fur, so for me… there’s no such thing as too much there. And I love this new glam Edwardian-Military style so that’s great too. But then I’m also a camel coat wrapped around myself kinda girl as well…

Decisions… decisions…

xoxo D.


Bags are one of the most common accessories for people, especially for women. They have been around since the beginnings of fashion, practically and functionally. When choosing a bag, it is important to pick something of quality, good material to withstand time and something of style that you can pair with any outfit you wear. So this talk of leather Italian handbag is not random. 




Why Choose Leather Italian Handbag Brands?

Italy has been known to produce high quality bags with unique styles. Italians have been known as good artists of clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelries and design pieces. With this in mind, their reputation in making quality leathercraft is noteworthy.

Think of Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Versace, Valentino and Moschino – every piece they have made is truly excellent and well treasured. With the skills and craftsmanship of Italians, plus the centuries old practice of leathercraft passed down for generations, it is no wonder that Italian brands are a statement of style, quality, and class. 

Another reason why you should choose Italian brands is because of longevity. Artists do not succumb to the current fashion or fad, they make their pieces according to their taste. They prioritize making a timeless product that will last for a long time.

Another reason is quality and this goes hand in hand with longevity. They make use of excellent Italian leather and they craft bags meticulously by hand to produce fine pieces that are going to be durable even after prolonged use.

You’d also want to go for an Italian bag because of its uniqueness. With these bags, each one is a masterpiece. As each is hand stitched, there is always a personal touch that makes one different from another, in some way or the other.

With a classy yet practical design, the Simone Briefcase is an example of Italian handbag master piece. Efficiently designed for everyday use, you can conveniently place all your necessities in one bag whether you are headed to work or to shop. Made with 100% genuine leather in pink crocodile print, this puts a timeless accent on your outfit for a long period of time.


What To Consider When Buying A Leather Italian Handbag?

When buying a leather Italian handbag it is essential to consider some factors that may affect you negatively if you are not careful. You need to ensure your product is genuine and gives you your money’s worth.

The first thing to consider is the quality of construction. The artisans’ experience and knowledge of a hundred-year-old craft should reflect the overall quality of how it is made.

Check the size, the material of the leather, price, style, function and strength. These characteristics are important to examine when you’re selecting the right bag.

If you want a bag for travelling, then you should choose a duffel bag to fit your needs. The material of the leather, together with how it is made, will determine the finished product’s quality. Prices vary for every bag since meticulous work has been done as well as the quality of material used.

Now What?

All in all, form and function are necessary factors in finding the right bag that will suit you. Choose an Italian-made bag and you will have value for your money with its quality leather material and excellent craftsmanship. Not only will it complement your outfit, it will also live up to its main function of holding your necessities.


Loving fashion too much, or not at all is no bueno, cause you see… you’re left in either a hoarder’s struggle #mylife, OR the exact opposite of basic boring empty closet. The struggle is real in both cases, although the latter ignoramuses are clueless and blessed. Besides, there’s no wrong way in fashion these days, as personal style prevails. But that’s another talk that we already had. So… once seasons change we’re fucked yet again with the same sartorial predicament: what the hell should we buy? Should we actually buy new stuff? And if so… what exactly are the new autumn essentials of 2018?

Fear not my little fashion lovers, and haters as I have done my homework hence this little guide for the autumn essentials of 2018.


Groundbreaking indeed, but what can I say, it ain’t no rocket science: it’s cold so you wear a sweater. Sometimes you layer it, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you go for classic greys, nudes, taupes et all, and other times you feel like massive chunky bubble sweaters. I think I kinda like these for 2018.

Stay away from those preppy styles, worn as such, or layered with preppy shirts underneath. If you want to shirt layer go for something masculine and monochromatic a la Victoria Beckham.

Get the look:



One of the major autumn essentials of 2018 are those jeans that fit no description, cause they’re a bit of everything: mom jeans, classic wedgie Levis, cropped, fitted but not skinny, loose but not boyfriend, high waist. It’s all about the fit.

Stay away from skinny jeans. I have a dagger through my heart right now, saying this… but I think I am slowly ready to let go. Or at least wear skinnies less often.

Get the look:



Hey, I love sandals as much as anyone, but it’s too damn cold, so as a major autumn essentials for 2018 the ankle boots are still IN. The styles though are more sophisticated: think heels, stilettos, kitten heels, cowboy boots, pointy toes, red, metallics, sleek styles, chelsea boots.

Stay away from those ankle boots that were so trendy circa 3 years ago: suede like, square block mid-heel slightly tilted in, cropped boot, always worn in summer, or winter with skinny jeans. Yeah… I actually just bought a pair last year, knowingly and full on aware their time was done, because they were on sale (€3.00) – for the above reason go figure, buuuut they can’t hurt, who knows what the hell will happen in the future. #hoarderlife

Get the look:


4. SOCKS. 

Man oh man… I so need to get me like a gazilion of these. You guys I have no socks, I wear no socks almost ever, except those tiny ones for workout, the fuzzy ones for bedtime in winter, a pair of over the knee ones, and my husband’s whenever I feel it’s kinda cold so I need to warm up my feet. Yeah. I need to get myself cool socks that just peak a little bit from under chelsea boots, or from under anything to keep warm and look more autumn appropriate.

Stay away from… I don’t know what. Like I stayed away from socks altogether and now I have this case of FOMO…


Get the look:



One of the most loved autumn essentials of 2018 are scarves, another item that’s a somewhat stranger to me. I do have scarves and I do wear them occasionally, but again the FOMO of all the looks I could have done with those blanket scarves is haunting me. I plan to makeup for it. So… yes, blanket massive scarves are in, in nudes, taupes, greys and checkered.

Stay away from cowl neck scarves, or just stop wearing them as such, and from infinity scarves. Amen!

Get the look:



It’s autumn, it’s not the apocalypse, and you will need sunglasses cause if it’s bright in the cold season, it’s blinding. 2018 is the richest year in the revival of sunglasses. Small sunglasses are IN and they look insanely cool: oval, round, as tiny as your eyes, exposed eyebrows and all, exaggerated cat eye a la 60s, see through coloured lenses. Sunglasses look more retro and psychedelic.

Stay away from those 2000’s Nicole Richie square dated frames, and those that were once considered elegant or whatever. Don’t wear them. If you want elegant and classic go with elegant and classic wayfarers, or Celine cat eye.

Get the look:



Hallelujahhhhhhh! When it comes to bags 2018 is heaven: from micro bags, to midi handbags and cross-body bags, as long as it’s not massive, it’s in. Designer bags look fun and cool, the styles are overly embellished, and structured, nothing is slouchy and everything has little beautiful bits and ways to wear them. In your hands, on your arms, or cross body.

Stay away from slouchy bags. I repeat, stay away from slouchy bags.

Get the look:



It’s a hat party alright. They all look very cool, and French chic, so if they fit your style, head, face, and everything else by all means rock it.

Stay away from… nothing really when it comes to things you wear on your head, have a blast. Actually I don’t like hats in general and floppy hats in particular, because they’re too ubiquitous, pretentious and over-styled. What once was a thing of niche is now a big failed wannabe in most cases.

Get the look:


Any thought? Any faves or least favourites?

xoxo D.


One of the biggest trends fashion is giving us this fall season is the prettiest and ugliest of them all. The easiest to wear and the trickiest to pull off. It’s a hassle. Ladies and gents I give you PLAID.

With plaid you either end up looking really cool. Like beyond cool. Insanely elegant, refined, sophisticated and cool, OR you end up looking dated – circa 90s Gwen Stefani pants and plaid shirts (y’all stand up if you’re a fan and guilty), or circa 2000s with a dash of fashionista: tube boots, leggings, dress-like plaid shirt, vest on top, plaid infinity scarf, Kim Kardashian wavy hair, big bag. Worst case scenario you look so dated it’s granny-style.

But even that is a thing, so… moving on.

2018 is all about sophistication and plaid as difficult as it may be to pull off is the #1 item to guarantee this coveted fashion situation. If… we manage to pull it off. Think Gucci meets Vivienne Westwood and they party with Versace in the 90s. Think the cool kids of today wearing plaid as if our moms never wore it in the 70s or we never rocked it in the 90s. It’s grungy with a bit of glam, and if you really know your shit you can look beyond fab in plaid.

PS. yes I am making a case for this trend, cause I’ve only just discovered its appeal. I am an idiot, I know but what can I do other than wrap myself in plaid this season and make up for all those times I hated it and walked right past it. #daggerthroughtheheart

How to wear plaid in 2018?

  • plaid coats
  • plaid mini skirts
  • plaid midi & skirts
  • plaid dresses
  • plaid thin thick fabric
  • plaid scarves
  • plaid details

Anything plaid mix it with feminine pieces or designs, add a bit of glam through jewellery, nails, bold lips, and a bit of effortlessness with natural looking hair. Stay away from too hobo looks, they’re so passe, and stir away from anything too styled and preppy.

Pick plaid pieces that would have never worked with plaid a few years back, like a cropped top under a plaid suit, with tiny 90s glasses. Pick a ruffled midi asymmetric skirt, in PLAID,  with kitten heels ankle boots. Wear a lace dress and wrap yourself up in a bath robe coat in plaid.

Pair plaid with hoops, with tiny cute bags, and cropped mom jeans. It will give this granny fabric a lot of sartorial dimension, more glam, edge, and that french timeless chicness.

Paid mini skirts look so so chic these days. Pick thick winter fabrics and high waist styles and wear them with plain cool t-shirts and a blazer on top.

If you can’t stay away from plaid shirts, which are not so great anymore… pick massive styles, and wear them like you’d wear your man’s shirt on a lazy Sunday morning: with pride, comfort, confidence, and max effortlessness. Kim Kardashian is the queen of plaid shirts in 2018. It’s such a sophisticated eclectic look: the masculine vibe of the shirt with a dash of 90s grunge mixed with a bit of glam and minimalism. Shut the front door!

Street style inspo:


Get the look:


All I can think about right now is what the hell was I thinking ignoring plaid up to now?! Anyway… that’s all gone and in the past now, as I’m wide awake this season and planning to love plaid a lot.

Or maybe I’m just growing old and am finally falling into my age box fashion picks of something?!

I don’t really believe that crap, so bye.

xoxo D.