Hallefuckingluja! The world is suddenly making sense for everybody. Short gals, tall gals, average height gals, we don’t need to stop stressing out anymore over the length of our jeans. The Sparrow Man look is in, and I ain’t talking about Johnny Depp’s rings and sexy voice, uh-huh… it’s those pants that are neither short, nor long. They’re great in fact! And here’s why…

The best style gimmick in the world is the exposed ankle, and t’s also the single most flattering and non-freezing piece of flesh we can flaunt in winter. Let’s take a moment for the exposed ankle trend, shall we!

Brilliant to the core.


Because of this, cropped jeans are the best invention (actually comeback) in years. They get us. They get how importante flashing the flesh is for us. They can be bought as such, or, you can DIY and cut their hem. Ta-daaa. The right-above-the-ankle-below-the-knee-length is the most faltering length in the world.

For short girls, it elongates the legs, not to mention you finally found a great way to not worry about how long your jeans are.

If you’re a tall girl – well… our head is in the clouds literally, and our jeans never fit length wise. Literally. So… if they’re not long enough to be long, might as well cut the fucking bastards and make them cool and cropped. Amen to that!

I’m telling you it’s brilliant. The cropping works for all types of jeans, from skinny to uber large, boyfriend, flares, boot-cut, you name it. My favourites I think are the culottes inspired cropped jeans, and the BF styles. They just look very chic. A bit hobo but very very understated sophisticated.

cropped-jeans-1 cropped-jeans-2 cropped-jeans-3 cropped-jeans-4


Shoes wise they go great with heels of course. It’s a safe way to pull off any look.

For a French chic style though you can opt for brogues, for tennis shoes, for flats.

For a more New York sophisticated look go for ankle boots, either heeled (stiletto or chunky) or square heels.

For lazy office days you can don a pair of BF cropped jeans with a pair of smart ankle boots. It’s very pulled together with a slight effortless twist.

Sure the wide legged cropped jeans trend is a bit funny looking, I’ll give you that, but styled properly (aka simple) it can look incredibly timeless and chic.

Being a tall giraffe I’ve spent my whole life in cropped jeans without me ever wanting to. Actually my #1 wish has always been to find jeans so long I’d never have to wear socks in my life. Well my wish never came true, but it doesn’t have to now. Long jeans are apparently overrated.

Here’s how the street stylers do it.


cropped-jeans-6 cropped-jeans-7 cropped-jeans-8 cropped-jeans-9 cropped-jeans-10 cropped-jeans-11 cropped-jeans-14 cropped-jeans-15 cropped-jeans-16 cropped-jeans-17 cropped-jeans-18 cropped-jeans-19 cropped-jeans-20 cropped-jeans-21 cropped-jeans-22 cropped-jeans-23 cropped-jeans-24 cropped-jeans-25

So what do you think: crop or no crop?


‘Everyone who’s ever worn, rocked, styled, owned, bought etcetera a hat, please stand up. Thank you. Oh, who’s that little sucker sitting down?’, asked Fashion.

‘That would be me, your Fashion Highness.’ I shyly replied.

And that IS me, and that would be the point when everybody else would just die of social forced laughter at moi, the fashion ignoramus who’s got a thing against hats. Stop right there. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I got nothin against hats per se. I have bought a beanie once in winter right before my almost frozen head fell off my neck. And I’ve been gifted several baseball hats which I do wear on occasion, and a fedora hat, which I wore maybe two times.

hats-2 hats-trend-2015-1

My relationship with the hat trend 2015 is nice, but formal. Basically it lacks chemistry. Hats, beanies, caps are all trying to get stuck on my head, and I send a nice smile back, but that’s about it. I don’t waste hours on how to style them, nor get the inherent sartorial headaches, because frankly I couldn’t care less about them.

It’s quite proper. I wear them when I’m cold, when it rains, when I feel bad for not wearing them in a long time. It’s one of those relationships where they’ll be like ‘oh I love you so’, and I’m like ‘awww that’s so sweet, thank you’, so to return the favour I’ll throw one on me head on a bad hair day.

I am planning to change all that. I am also well aware that a forced relationship is the worse thing in life, like a ‘wtf’ queue you’d be getting to put your life in order. It’s not the case here though. This me & le hat relationship has to happen, because you see, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat trend 2015 on the rest of the world. Why not on me? It’s not like I have a giant head to not be able to wear them. I have a normal size head & face thank you very much.

Because it has to happen I have to make the first step. These idiots will never walk right up to me and ask me to wear them, so I kinda have to do all the leg work: go shopping, try a gazillion styles on, and then just buy one. I have actually gone through this ritual several times in the past months, sans the buying, together with my gal pal, but we’re always bitching and procrastinating.

You know my story, her’s is about bangs and hats. Like they wouldn’t go well together. Whaaaaaa? Personally I think bangs and hats are a match made in heaven. And I will try to show this today, as I will try to encourage myself and you into the whole hat thing.

On how I spent my morning? Well I spent it very nice with my hats, sans chemistry, smiling back and forth to avoid awkwardness. But I was also sheepishly online browsing for the best hats one can ever dream about (beanies, fedoras, panama, baseball, you name it), and suddenly it all made more sense: perhaps the hats I have are the problem, because these ones below, I’d bloody wear them in a second.

My fave picks for the hats trend 2015. Click on the photo to browse  more and shop.


How to wear hats? You know me: with everything, no rules, no boundaries, try them on, and if they look great, wear them.

Here’s how to wear them inspo:


10 hats-1 hats-3 hats-4 hats-5 hats-trend-2015-2 hats-trend-2015-3 hats-trend-2015-6 hats-trend-2015-7 hats-trend-2015-8 hats-trend-2015-10 hats-trend-2015-11 hats-trend-2015-12 hats-trend-2015-13 hats-trend-2015-14 hats-trend-2015-15 hats-trend-2015-20 hats-trend-2015-21 hats-trend-2015-25 street-style-hats-1 street-style-hats-2 street-style-hats-3 street-style-hats-4 street-style-hats-5 street-style-hats-6 street-style-hats-7 street-style-hats-8 street-style-hats-9

Street Style during New York Fashion Week throughout the city during February 6-13, 2014.

What do you think? Oh, oh, oh, I know I’m an idiot, no debate there. But about hats, what’s your angle, what’s your fave, do you wear them, do you love them, do you have bangs, do you have chemistry, how many hats do you have? Oh my God, kill me know. Or just drop the answers and your thoughts on anything in the comments below.

Cheers. xoxo

Give me a Seinfeld episode and I’ll laugh for days. Give me a cape, and I’ll do the same. I can’t begin to tell you the wrong levels on all the above, but truth be told it ain’t that wrong. It’s weird – like what does Seinfeld have to do with a cape? – but it’s not wrong.

Well… perhaps the second part is. A CAPE instead of a coat? What are we, D’Artagnan fucking musketeer? What’s next, a sword instead of a bag? This was my first reaction to capes – when they first started making sartorial waves, circa last year – not that far off from George Constanza’s reaction to his dad being seen with a man in a cape. Oh man, and what an episode that was.

‘Aaa to hell with them.’


For over a year I was cracking cape jokes like I was freaking Jerry and George altogether, but who’s laughing now as we speak, huh? Loving capes and everything. Well, that would still be me, cause I’ve just watched that Seinfeld scene, but regarding the capes… yeah, I guess joke’s on me.

I adore them right now, and would trade coats for them in a blink of an eye. But let’s forget about me for a second (I know, that’s like totally hard, but let’s try.), and focus on CAPES. Why are they making such a splash these days, and are they really the new coats?

The first ‘why’ has to do basically with fashion cyclical life, and the 70s comeback, the difference being capes in 2015-2016 autumn/winter is the fact that they’re more diverse, from uber polished styles, to casual, to dramatic, to boho-chic.

If, in the past capes were worn by just certain girls with a more retro bohemian style to them, or were in fact vintage pieces, today every single fashionista or fashion victim if you will has got one on her back.

The second part of my lingering question comes with a YES, capes the new coats is a true statement. I, for one have had it with coats, I mean we’ve worn them for decades, every style, every look, every design has been did and done. It’s time for something else.

capes-the-new-coats-1 capes-the-new-coats-2 capes-the-new-coats-3 capes-the-new-coats-4

How to wear capes?

Now that’s where the tricky part is. Short capes, down to your hips are the easiest to wear, as they tend to elongate, and not make you look like you got lost in them. They look fantastic with jeans, and suit trousers, even a suit underneath with stiletto shoes, they look great with casual boots and sweaters.

They do sometimes tend to make us look like giant bees with tiny feet, and skinny legs, but that’s just the cool-weirdness of this look, so don’t let it scare you.


Mid-length capes are great with a more polished look, with high heels and pencil skirts, or dresses underneath. Think of them as midi coats which are perfect for an office look.


Extra long capes are borderline Robin Hood, or why not vampire attire. Dramatic and gorgeous. They look fabulous for evening with heels and dresses for the night.



The best part about capes is that 1. You can wear anything underneath, thick or bulky – no worries on how the sleeves will fit, or will you be able to button up with those layers underneath; and 2. You can rock long gloves with them. THIS is perfection.

So in case you’re on the lookout for some capes to replace your coats this season, I’ve picked some pieces for you below:


Aside from myself, I’ve never met a woman who didn’t like capes. I’ve come to my senses though, and LOVE them now. How could I not see how feminine and retro-cool they look? They’re sophisticated in that 70s sort of way, they’re girly, not serious, but quite polished and stylish.

Street style for inspo below:


capes-the-new-coats-5 capes-trend-2015-0 capes-trend-2015-1 capes-trend-2015-2 capes-trend-2015-3 capes-trend-2015-5 capes-trend-2015-7 capes-trend-2015-8 capes-trend-2015-10 capes-trend-2015-12 capes-trend-2015-13 capes-trend-2015-15 capes-trend-2015-16 capes-trend-2015-17 capes-trend-2015-18 capes-trend-2015-19 capes-trend-2015-20 capes-trend-2015-21 capes-trend-2015-22 capes-trend-2015-23 capes-trend-2015-24 capes-trend-2015-25 capes-trend-2015-26 capes-trend-2015-27 capes-trend-2015-28

So what do you think: yes or no to capes?

Have a great weekend everyone!


You know… those who know nothing about me might be tempted to assume and judge (why not?) my geolocation as being somewhere where the sun always shines, the ocean waves are my BFFs when I surf them every morning, seagulls are my fave tune, sandy feet are my default state. Well… actually that’s what *I* fantasise about. The rest of you lot probably assume, when I strike your thoughts (which I’m sure is like all. the. time. pardon my sarcasm), that my lack of sweaters is due to the weather I roll with, not my not needing them.


Partly true (I’m rarely cold, hence the T-shirt, short sleeves, layered with button downs, jackets and the occasional sweater or cardigan). The rest of the part through – majorly untrue.


I do need sweaters. Oh I also need a new song playlist, some new food recipes, loads of stiletto heel shoes, a pair of Brian Atwood thigh high boots, the ability to grow my hair overnight so I can cut it and not regret it. Yeah… but sweaters I desperately need. I’ve only got like 5 at most, and 4 of them are black, so except for me, nobody even notices any difference in my outfits when I’m wearing them. Not that it matters, but I’m just saying… too much time passed me by sans moi purchasing the sweaters of the season man.

Turtlenecks. Cable knits. Nudes and browns and greys – neutral luxe tones are so IN this season it’s insane. Cropped sweaters are still in, and I have to stay away from them and learn to embrace the-dress-like-a-normal-human-being-living-in-winter-code. Fuzzy fluffy sweaters. Bare back. Uber long styles. OverSized. Retro fitted.

Statement styles have a taken a seat back, but that’s not to say they’re gone, let’s just say 2015-2016 autumn/winter is about the neutral classic luxe refined but cozy sweater styles.

With this tiny list in mind, and my promise to adhere to the coziness of autumn I refuse to still be a headless chicken every time I go shopping and am literally bombarded with thousands of sweaters on those retail racks – so I have chosen 6 sweaters which pretty much cover all the styles and looks and trends that are IN this season, BUT at the same time hold incredible versatility to them.

Classic & fuss-free is the code here. Neutral tones are the stars. Quality goes without saying.

6 must-have sweaters for this cold season. 


While I LOVE to wear sweaters as jackets, that’s not always possible, cause of the fucking blizzard you know. And for some reason I’ve never been a fan of sweaters and coats. I know I know. I have issues. So I kinda always go for sweaters alone, sweaters and jackets and only if I must… I cover them completely with coats.

sweaters-2015 sweaters-trend-2015-1 sweaters-trend-2015-2 sweaters-trend-2015-5

Ugh… gotta get my head right on this one. What is wrong with me?



What better way to kick off the week than with some man candy? Oh, I mean man fashion. It’s a win-win situation for both lots actually regardless of their fashion penchant. Besides, it’s been a while since we dipped into our fave men’s looks and what we want our lads to dress like. Also, on Friday I ran into an old friend and after being in awe with him reading le blog, I was also taken aback when he said: ‘what about what WE should wear? Not much there lately on your site.’ Point taken, but leave it to me to change that.

So upon my men research over the weekend on men’s autumn looks in 2015, two things caught my attention: 1. The facial hair trend aka the beard is pretty much passe, as a lot of men out there are giving us bare faces, or at most a stubble, with a greater care for le hair on their head instead. Perhaps it’s a going back to the retro more 50s styles of Mad Men and sleek gangsters.

And 2, When it comes to men’s autumn looks and trends – 3 jackets remain staples for any man regardless of style, age, or profession. How you boys wear them, and style them – now that’s where the plot thickens.

men-jackets-2015-2016-9 men-jackets-2015-2016-15

Images by Jesse Maricic & Micah Gianneli | info@controlecreatif.com | www.controlecreatif.com


Let’s get down to business and have a look at what men jackets are IN for 2015 Autumn, how to wear them, and where to buy them from.

THE MAN BLAZER. One of the perks of autumn is the play with layers and the centre stage a blazer takes in a man’s look. It’s the easiest and most classic style for men for years and years and will remain so. It’s also perfect for crispy mornings, but not too thick in  case by noon it’s summer all over again.


What blazers to wear?

  • thick autumn fabrics
  • one colour (black, brown, or bold greens or blue for example)
  • print blazers (stripes, checkered) which usually look great in browns and greys.
  • classic double breasted blazers with dark buttons
  • classic cut blazers with a long neckline and one button
  • the back double slit
  • pockets

My fave Men Blazers picks for you to buy, in case you’re on the lookout. Click on image to shop.


How to wear the blazer?

  • Either the classic way over a shirt, or you can play with layers and wear it as a jacket over a tee + shirt + cardigan.
  • You can also do the double blazer and wear a thick one as a jacket and underneath it a thin spring blazer, like a statement piece.
  • The blazer per se is a very classy professional look, so it’s a fantastic piece to pull together a suit style, or suit-pants with a shirt, or jeans and a tee + shirt, or a cardigan underneath.
  • Shoes wise: ankle boots are to die for. They’re sleek and so so sexy. Cuff your jeans and show them off.
  • Oxford shoes, or brogues look great as well – very British, polished and put together, but also quite trendy.
  • Sneakers are a more edgy, youngish, casual twist to it, but if you love it, work it.
  • For those cold cold mornings you can rock a pair of leather gloves and a thick scarf. Perfection.

SHOP the BLAZER LOOK below with my favourite autumn picks for you.


THE MAN TRENCH-COAT. Classic. Hot. Uber professional even when laid back. British refined. Retro. Although… don’t let any of the above fool you. A trench coat can be worn with anything, for any occasion, any style, any look. It’s all a matter of finding the right cut, and design for your body type.


How to get the right trench coat? 

  • If you’re tall and handsome, with a banging body any style looks amazing. Drooling over. Moving on. Tall men look best with long trench-coats. Those classic trenches 50’s gangsters and models in ads wear.
  • If you’re shorter go for above the knee trench coats, as they tend to elongate you.
  • Always pick the classic styles: think Burberry cut. Double breasted, belt, in either brown or black.
  • If you’re more adventurous do the statement pieces and have fun with it.
  • Complete the look with a cool bag, a pair of glasses, a hat. Do your own thing.

Below are my fave men’s trench coats and fall pieces to complete the look.


THE LEATHER OR DENIM JACKET. This is the most versatile and the coolest look on a man. BUT how can you wear it and not look like them rest of the billon men in leather jackets and denims?

First of all, when wearing a leather jacket, got for quality, pick edgy classic styles, that fit into your personal look.

Leather jackets are incredibly versatile so whatever you wear underneath it, it’ll look good. If the jacket is fantastic you can get away with absolutely any outfit.


My fave picks for you below.


The denim jacket is a very very retro-trendy cool gimmick, that’s perfect for a more urban twist, for tees, and cool shirts, and dark jeans and sneakers, and baseball hats, BUT it also looks amazing clashed against more professional items: a pair of suit trousers, chelsea boots, a dark shirt buttoned all the way up.


My fave denim jackets for men below.


How to get the casual cool look?

If you’re more of a all-black-rocknroll-punk-sleek-polished-but-trashy-sort-of-a-guy go for black jeans, or black suit trousers, a pair of those chelsea boots, or sleek brogues, a black shirt, or a denim shirt, or a basic hot t-shirt and throw a leather jacket over and it’s perfect.

If you’re more of an urban-trendy-electronic-hiphop-cool-youngish-20-something-still-exploring-borderline-confused-but-into-retro-with-a-penchant-for-cool-things-kinda-dude you’re most likely seen in a denim jacket, paired with dark denim jeans, sneakers, flannels, text-tees, maybe vintage style sweaters, a baseball hat, and a wondering eye. Pardon my pigeon-holeing.

The fun of it all though lies in the style and combos of the 2 jackets above. It’s all a matter of how you feel the clothes, of your style and your personal spin on it all.

SHOP the autumn pieces for a leather & denim jacket look.


Enough rant now. I know men LOOOOOVE a woman who goes on, and on, and on, and on, like a fucking broken record. Right.

Imma stop here then and let the street stylers do their thing, for your inspo you know.


men-autumn-looks-2015-1 men-autumn-looks-2015-2 men-autumn-looks-2015-4 men-autumn-looks-2015-5 men-autumn-looks-2015-6 men-autumn-looks-2015-7 men-autumn-looks-2015-8 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-1 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-2 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-3 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-4 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-5 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-6 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-9 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-10 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-11 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-13 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-14 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-15 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-16

streetfsn by Nam

men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-20 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-21 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-22 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-26 men-jackets-2015-2016-1 men-jackets-2015-2016-2 men-jackets-2015-2016-3 men-jackets-2015-2016-4 men-jackets-2015-2016-5 men-jackets-2015-2016-6 men-jackets-2015-2016-7 men-jackets-2015-2016-8 men-jackets-2015-2016-10 men-jackets-2015-2016-13 men-jackets-2015-2016-14

What do you think my beautiful gorgeous men: are you a blazer/trench/or jacket lover? Or do you go between these 3 like  headless inconsistent chicken?

Let’s talk about whatever you want, and also jackets – in the comments below.

Av a great week everyone!




You heard me. And you heard me loud and clear. 2015-2016 Autumn/Winter is dark, dramatic, edgy but sleek, incredibly sexy packed with black outfits, leather, fur, thigh-high-boots, chains, chokers, bold lips, heavy makeup. It’s like a freaking BDSM show, except more sartorially sophisticated.

The dark yet very refined somehow punk trend 2015 is not at all new, as it has been done in almost every past decade, but the version it has today… is the best so far. Why? Punk may seem like a very harsh trend – it certainly holds incredible meanings to it, so of course its lack of conformity makes a lot of sense – but the punk look per se is more niche, it resonates more with young people, rebels without a cause, teens, rockstars etc.

Not anymore. Or perhaps we’ve all grown a bit, and turned to our wild ways more than we’d like to admit.

I think it’s a bit of both to be honest. Punk Trend 2015 is definitely more sleek, with a billion ways to rock it, from grungy’er styles, to more sophisticated and refined looks a la fashion editors in NY Fashion Week for example.

On the other hand, lately every girl with a penchant for fashion or makeup is rocking extra dark lips even during the day, with no inclination whatsoever towards the rebelliousness of the punk culture per se. So we have all become less niche and embraced anything that we simply love, but everything on the other hand is more versatile.

Every single designer had models down the runway for 2015-2016 fall in at least a few punk inspired designs. From Balecianga to YSL, or Marc Jacobs they are basically screaming at us to go punk and strong on rocknroll this cold season.

punk-looks punk-looks-celebs punk-looks-fall-2015-1 punk-trend-2015-5

How to do the PUNK trend 2015?

Wearing all-black will not get you very far. Nor draping yourself in plaid. Nor those too ubiquitous leather jackets or moto boots. The punk look today is either very well through out in an outfit that usually does involve leather jackets and plaid and boots, OR it betrays itself in the details.

So you can do all 9 things below in one look or alone and isolated regardless of what you’re wearing to just get a touch of the punk trend.

Thigh high boots. Leather or suede black, with chunky or stiletto heels depending on your look and time of the day. They look fantastic with a black slip-on dress and a cozy long cardigan on top, or you can wear them with a loose sweater dress in pink or purple (punk shades alert).


Dark nails. I love these. From short to stiletto styles they are absolutely fabulous, and give so much elegance to any look.

2dc7839fa7e5804b2753f36898c0ea9a dark nails

Dark lips. ADORE. More about this look here. Also… I feel like doing dark lips on any look will give it just the right amount of edge and punk vibe.

punk-looks-fall-2015-3 punk-looks-fall-2015-7

Plaid. This is the queen of punk. Personally I love plaid skirts (pencil, short, a-line, full), I can’t stand plaid pants or sweaters. Shirts… are fine, very casual, more lubersexual rather than punk, but that’s just how I feel. No need to follow.

punk-looks-fall-2015-9 punk-trend-2015-2

Extra long coats. They are incredibly dramatic so a long black coat over a sweater dress and those thigh high boots is pure sleek punk. LOVE.


Leather anything. I would drape myself in leather 24/7. Black is my fave but I’ll take any colours. Black leather pants are the best investment, leather pencil skirts have a certain smart punk vibe to them, and leather shift dresses are again a great sophititacted option. Wear any, with an extra long coat on top.


Chains. Chokers. Bling. No such thing as less is more. Never. Ever. In a million years. Punk is about chains and very harsh and edgy jewellery in silver mostly. But I think you can do gold and go way and beyond on designs and funky styles.

punk-looks-fall-2015-4 punk-looks-fall-2015-6

Funky colors. Contrary to belief punk is about neon pinks, and blues and greens and purples. So go wild on these, whether they’re on your hair or your clothes.

Black sheer tights. Ripped. Well… This one I’ll sit out, the ripped part at least. It’s too teenager’ish for me and we all know I’m way past that age. Physically.


I adore the drama this trend has and the dark very posh and very sleek vide it sends. As a teen I used to love the rock grunge styles, so you might I’ve done a version of the punk (rebel without a cause, ripped tights and all back in the day), hence my love today for the ultra luxe punk style. I love thigh high leather boots with silky dresses and cashmere sweaters, a faux fur coat on top, funky  bling, black nails, blackberry lips. Swear it’s my fave trend right now.

Even for office: short burgundy nails, black pencil skirt, some chained necklace, a funky but polished top, an extra long coat, high heels… it may seem very elegant, which it is, but it’s got a bit go punk edge to it.

And now let’s have a look at the street stylers and let the fashion inspo run wild.


punk-looks-fall-2015-8 punk-looks-fall-2015-10 punk-looks-fall-2015-11 punk-looks-fall-2015-1000 punk-rock-looks punk-street-style punk-trend-2015-1 punk-trend-2015-4 punk-trend-2015-6 punk-trend-2015-7 punk-trend-2015-8 punk-trend-2015-9 punk-trend-2015-10 punk-trend-2015-12 punk-trend-2015-13 punk-trend-2015-14 punk-trend-2015-15 punk-trend-2015-16 punk-trend-2015-17 punk-trend-2015-18 punk-trend-2015-20 punk-trend-2015-21 punk-trend-2015-22 punk-trend-2015-23 punk-trend-2015-24 punk-trend-2015-25 punk-trend-2015-26 punk-trend-2015-27 punk-trend-2015-28 punk-trend-2015-30

So what do you think: are you in on the dark posh drama this season?


This is it people. I proclaim this the IT dress of the century. Actually forget the century, of all times. From its versatility in how-to-wear, to its easiness to be packed and carried even in your pocket to wherever Instagram destination you’re off to, the SLIP ON party dress is the baddest bitch out there. Sans trying. That’s the key. I have no words left in my coloured vocabulary to describe my adoration, love, and lust for this absolutely perfect dress.

Okay. I know I have a slight condition towards exaggerating and letting myself get carried away, but I swear to you this time it’s for real. I know it’s not the first time I’ve said or felt that but I really really think this is it. Like I’ve found my #1 staple.

So what if I get carried away at times, and give in to some spur of the moment lust, or profess my love, or give in to temptation, what if I eat a whole cake at once, drink a whole box of wine, sip Jack out the bottle. So. Fucking. What? I’m like that… today it’s boots day, tomorrow I’m dancing in stiletto sandals at -10 degrees. That don’t mean either moments were un-true. It just means I’m crazy.


Ever since I discovered clothes were meant to do more than cover you (circa 90s let’s say) I was obsessed with slip on dresses. They were also the IT dresses of the 90s, and I thought nobody could top Drew Barrymore or Kate Moss in their super minimal, uber simple, incredibly hot slip ons. A few years ahead and I still think so. I have of course grown up since. Well I’m not mature or anything, but I look like a grown up, and sometimes I tend to think like one.

slip-on-party-dresses-trend-9 slip-ons-dresses

Slip on dresses have made such a name for themselves that even to this day they’re the most basic yet very sexy, and very fuss-free dress a woman can wear. Back in the day the look was a slip on over a basic tee, remember?

Today the slip on dress is a bit more sophisticated. While it kept its cut and design with its spaghetti straps and following-the-body-line, but not tight, it gained a lot more versatility and chic quality to it.

And because of this, its comeback as the IT party dress is pretty much guaranteed. We do live in a time when girls and women want to feel free but also look kinda posh without trying. A great quality slip on dress will do just that. A lot of styles these days are made from silk, lace, or very high quality fabrics that will make a slip on dress look fabulous as an evening or party dress paired with stilettos and dark lips for example, OR being quite simple yet posh it will look amazing for daytime clashed against a pair of moto-boots and a leather jacket, or a chunky sweater over it. It’s pure sophistication I tell you.

For cold winter nights when you’re off to some cocktail or party in a posh club I swear a black or grey slip on dress made from silk with a lace hem, spaghetti straps, half bare back, knee length, side-slit, and a pair of thigh high boots is the ultimate showstopper look.

I did come across a few days ago on an article suggesting the sartorial power this slip on party dress has, to which I completely acquiesce. It’s a great piece to have and wear on night outs or casual parties, especially with the winter party season upon us. I’m not saying strut your boobs sans bra and nude backs in a slip on at your Christmas party at the office, I’m only saying a slip on version is a starting point for such an occasion. Then there are the parties in town occasions when you can do whatever the hell you want, NYE parties, dates.

Ummm… remember Carrie in her sex-dress? That was a slip on dayumn nude dress that, to this day is the IT dress and one of my faves. From a woman who’s obsessed with over the top and doesn’t believe in less is more (moi) I am certainly rooting for this minimal statement piece.

party-dresses slip-on-party-dresses-trend-1

How to pick the right slip on dress?

It all depends on the occasion. Midi length slip ons are a major trend, in good quality fabrics, so this will allow you to wear them for  any occasion really. Pair it with a sweater cardigan for a casual party for example, OR wear it with stilettos and a statement bling or bold lips for evening.

Long slip on dresses, or tea-length are perfect for evening, for weddings, red carpet inspired events, cocktails, posh gatherings. Fabulous jewellery and a faux fur coat, a pair of sexy stiletto sandals and it’s a shut the front door moment.

There are also the mini slip ons which are fabulous for evening dancing or dates occasions.

When picking the slip on remember 2 things: 1. never wear it too tight, the silk is a cruel fabric. Totally unforgiving. 2. it’s all about the fabric. Avoid jersey slip ons, unless they’re for summer, beach, daytime super casual looks. Party wise the slip on has got to be a precious thing in silk, satin, lace insertions with super thin straps, and a cut that follows the body but is not tight, nor it is baggy.

slip-on-party-dresses-trend-3 slip-on-party-dresses-trend-5 the-slip-on-party-dress-1

What is the downside of it all? Well… in case you didn’t know EVERYTHING has a downside. Any good shit out there has its bloody minuses. But that’s ok. The slip on’s greatest fault is its body cruelty. Due to its thin fabric, and close-to-the-body cut it’s very unforgiving. It will show that cake, that extra pizza slice, that box of wine you just had. So I guess that settles it for me. I rarely say ‘no’ to a lot of things, food included, but I might just start cutting out on some guilty pleasures for this dress.

Another downside is how the slip on basically forces us to go commando. Oh wait… that’s a perk. Yeah. Who needs knickers anyways? Or bras? Truth is, if we’re going to do this ladies there are options to going commando, like that invisible lingerie, the strapless bra. So… eventually we got no excuses but to embrace this very sexy and minimal evening style.

Let’s sigh now. I’ll let you scroll right for some of my fave picks with the promise that I will make this IT dress my #1 staple for the rest of time. But aware nobody cares, but anyway.


Street style & inspiration.


slip-on-party-dresses-trend-4 slip-on-party-dresses-trend-7 slip-ons the-slip-on-party-dress-2 the-slip-on-party-dress-3 the-slip-on-party-dress-4 the-slip-on-party-dress-6 the-slip-on-party-dress-8 the-slip-on-party-dress-9 the-slip-on-party-dress-10 the-slip-on-party-dress-11 the-slip-on-party-dress-12 the-slip-on-party-dress-13 the-slip-on-party-dress-14

So if you’re off to some posh party or sophisticated debauchery over the weekend… think about the slip on dress. You’re welcome.





If you think Mondays are long you clearly haven’t seen the new coats in town for 2015-2016 Autumn/Winter. Oh they’re long. As long as hangovers, or conversations with idiots. Unlike all the above though, they’re magnificent, and I for one am more than in love with the long coat trend. Like so in love I’m putting a ring on it and tattooing forever on my arm.

Our relationship with winter coats (or even autumn trench coats) over the years has been both static as well las hectic (much like any human relationship after a while). We’re always together once it gets too chilly to walk around half naked, but we always go back and forth between types of coats. One winter it was the pink coats, then it was the pastel ones, last season we were all dipped in fucking browns and nudes with the camel coats on the rise. Black coats don’t even need to be in for us to wear them, so there’s that. Then it was the wrap coat, the military style, the short styles, the midi styles, and now… I’m kinda guessing we’ll have a foot in the 70s still, while another will slowly step into the 80s fashions, hence the long coats. 

autumn-winter-coats how-to-wear-long-coats-1

When I say long I mean I mean way past midi. Think dramatic. Sophisticated. And very 80s rock-pop videos where beautiful 6ft tall supermodels were crossing streets in rugged jeans and plain tees with a massive endless coat hanging off their backs.

That’s the style. That’s the look. In 2016 all we have to do is put our own spin on it. Personally I think long coats are way more flattering and way more trendy/sophisticated/classy/cool (pick your word) than any other length. And if they’re slightly oversized, and have a wrap design, or a belt… shut the front door.

long-coats-styles-1 long-coats-styles-2


As much as I adore black, imma have to say when it comes to coats I love any other colour but black. The reason is because I think, with a few exceptions, black coats can be dull, can look dusty, old, and make you bland. BTW I only have black coats so I know what I’m saying. That’s about to change though.

Long coats look best in camel, light greys, light neutral colours. A bit oversized, but not slouchy, unless you want to go for that hobo-chic style which is fantastic, wrap-style, or with a belt that you can effortlessly cinge at the waist, and personal favourite – collars you can pop.

One of the biggest looks out there, that everyone with a long coat on their backs seems to be doing is the hobo-chic meets Tom-boy-ish style. Sneakers, jeans or even skirts of all sorts, slouchy sweaters, tees, jumpers and a massive coat on top. Sunglasses and a beanie for bright light winter days and ta-daaa.

long-coats-styles-7 long-coats-styles-9

Another look that’s more chic and trendy is the play with layers and lengths: mini dresses, skirts, shorts, a blouse or sweater on top and a long coat over it all. Shoes wise, anything works of course, it’s a matter of the style you wanna dip into.

long-coats-trend-12 long-coats-winter-2016-14

Sophisticated and sexy for both day-time and evening. This involves heels, of all sorts, paired with dresses or pants, or a suit underneath that incredibly cozy cool long coat.

long-coats-trend-2 long-coats-trend-3 long-coats-trend-6

The great thing about long coats, aside from the above is the fact that they do keep us warmer, they do allow a lot of layers and lengths play, and they’re a statement yet classy piece that will never be out of style.

I’m dying over long coats, so to say I’ve spent the morning shopping and browsing for the best picks out there is an understatement. So here you have it, in case… you know, we’re alike. (scroll right, and click pic for shopping).


For the past 2 years I’ve given up on wearing coats, and instead my closet is now packed with faux-furs, and vests, and leather jackets, and vintage inspired coat styles, but truth is I haven’t worn a coat per se in like forever, just because I used to find it too boring and gloomy in a very bland sort of way. Those short or above the keen coats everyone was doing not too long ago, I find too preppy, too girly, too common for some reason. With the rise of the long style though I’m loving coats all over again.

Enough rant, let’s have a look at the street stylers and get inspired.


long-coats-styles-3 long-coats-styles-4 long-coats-styles-5 long-coats-styles-8 long-coats-styles-10 long-coats-trend-1 long-coats-trend-4 long-coats-trend-8 long-coats-trend-9 long-coats-trend-11 long-coats-trend-14 long-coats-trend-15 long-coats-trend-16 long-coats-trend-17 long-coats-winter-2016-1 long-coats-winter-2016-3 long-coats-winter-2016-4 long-coats-winter-2016-5 long-coats-winter-2016-6 long-coats-winter-2016-10 long-coats-winter-2016-11 long-coats-winter-2016-12 long-coats-winter-2016-13 long-coats-winter-2016-15 long-coats-winter-2016-16 long-coats street-style-long-coats-1 street-style-long-coats-2 street-style-long-coats-3 street-style-long-coats-4 street-style-long-coats-5 street-style-long-coats-6 street-style-long-coats-7 winter-trend-long-coats-1 winter-trend-long-coats-2 winter-trend-long-coats-3 winter-trend-long-coats-4 winter-trend-long-coats-5 winter-trend-long-coats-6 winter-trend-long-coats-7 winter-trend-long-coats-8 winter-trend-long-coats-9 winter-trend-long-coats-10

What do you think my little gorgeous fashion lovers: are you into long coats or you think perhaps they’re way too dramatic and hobo sans chic?

Let’s talk about it. xoxo

The fad around town these days seems to be a lack of balls supplemented by our #QOTD consumerism penchant. You feel something, you like something, you dislike something else… don’t say it just like that, find a quote, splash it on a pic that’s got nothing to do with the quote, and share it with total strangers.

So in this we-share-everything-culture-but-none-of-us-is-really-sayting-something-personal it’s better to wear it than actually voicing the words. Hm. Something like: Whatever you wanna say to my face, don’t. WEAR IT when we meet, and I promise to do the same in return.

Is it wrong? No. Not at all actually. If the shoe fits, lace that bitch up and wear it, you know.

SLOGAN TOPS are the new love letters and statement writings. Of course they have little to do with the pen per se, but a slogan tee is nonetheless quite a statement you’re making. In a time when saying what we feel, think, like, dislike is done through memes and Instagram or FB pics splashed with some quote that in time is losing its power of making a point, no wonder the void left by our lack-of-balls was filled with a trend. And what a trend. Frankly it’s brilliant.graphic-tees-trend-2


The SLOGAN TEE Trend basically embodies everything there is about today: the social media phenomenon, our sharing of memes and quotes which we’re all guilty of people (if not by sharing at least by liking a few out there), communicating our moods and feelings to total strangers through some #qotd thing, the return of casual looks in fashion, boyfriend tees, enough simplicity to give you room for experimenting with your own style. I honestly believe all the above has led to us being more creative. After all, what is fashion if not a raw and honest reflection of its own times?

We took A and put it next to B and made an A+B thing wrapped up really nice, with a ribbon on top and delivered it to the world. It may not be our own per se… but it still communicates US, you know. And BTW, who the hell is stopping any of us to make up our own sayings and print them on t-shirts? God knows, according to my friends I’ve come up with quite a few cheeky, dirty ones over the holidays, all guilty pleasures related. Doh. So… I might have to start wearing them soon.

Fashion wise – the SLOGAN TOPS – are one of the most brilliant ways of doing the casual effortless simple style with a touch of statement. A touch of personal ‘you’. There are quotes and memes some of us would never in a million years wear, while others I’d literally drape myself in. And other I’d do for the irony of it. Those are the best.

graphic-tees-trend-1 graphic-tees-trend-4 graphic-tees-trend-5slogan-tees-2

How to do the SLOGAN TOPS trend?

The easiest way is to go for simple tops: white or grey tees, or sweatshirts that have a graphic message-slash-slogan written on them. In black. Pair them with jeans for a casual look. Opt for tennis shoes, brogues, flats, or ankle boots for a comfy style, OR choose heels for that dayum factor.

If the slogan is appropriate you can even don these tops for office. Pair them with pants or tuck them in a pencil skirt, heels and a blazer on top and it’s simple but sophisticated.

For a more funky and daring style go for luxe-sweatshirts with crazy slogans in patterns and prints and sequins and everything you wish for. Just throw it on there. These look best paired with jeans, creating a more balanced look, OR with cool skirts (pleated, midi, pencil styles) for a fashion-week-street-style-kinda-look.

graphic-tees-trend-10 slogan-tops-trend-2015-10 slogan-tops-trend-2015-11graphic-tees-trend-7

TIP: always, always, always go for slogans that represent you. Always know what it says and means. It may be a strong quote, a cheeky joke – if you chose to wear it, rock that shit. Own it and never apologise for it. Still… be kind people.

Street style inspo…


t-shirts-with-messages-15 t-shirts-with-messages-16t-shirts-with-messages-13 t-shirts-with-messages-14t-shirts-with-messages-11 t-shirts-with-messages-12t-shirts-with-messages-9 t-shirts-with-messages-10t-shirts-with-messages-7 t-shirts-with-messages-8t-shirts-with-messages-5 slogan-tees-1slogan-tees-3slogan-tees-5slogan-tees-7slogan-tees-8slogan-tops-trend-2015-3slogan-tops-trend-2015-4slogan-tops-trend-2015-5slogan-tops-trend-2015-6slogan-tops-trend-2015-7slogan-tops-trend-2015-26slogan-tops-trend-2015-16slogan-tops-trend-2015-20slogan-tops-trend-2015-21slogan-tops-trend-2015-22slogan-tops-trend-2015-24slogan-tops-trend-2015-27

The retail chains have recently professed their love for this trend more so than in the past, so chances are you’ll find a motherfucker to fit your cool persona. IF NOT… I dare say you can create your own thing: come up with a saying, or just borrow lyrics from your fave tunes, buy a simple tee (or not so simple, whatever floats your boat) and print it. I know people who have done it. I have no clue whatsoever, but I know it’s totally doable.

In case you’re not one to create your own (who me?) here are my fave slogan tees for every possible situation.


Why this style may be the best and worst? Well… it’s the worst (although not really) cause it strips us a bit of all that’s intimate and personal. We literally might end up wearing our hearts on our sleeves. Good luck coming alive outta that one. It’s also way too ubiquitous. Too slogan-memes-trendy. But hey… I’d rather look at the bright side and think of it as the perfect trend that screams something more than style. Making a point to the world about something even if no one asked us, and no one really gives a fuck… now that is owing it. It’s loud and statement-isa. So it’s a YES.

Have a great week my beautiful ones and don your slogan tees with pride.


We’re cracking jokes together, bingewatching ‘Homeland’ and ‘Borad-City’, eating chips and ice-cream like there’s no tomorrow, crying about it later, swearing, getting mad, making-up, going for walks, dancing like nobody’s watching, treating hangovers together with massive amounts of pizzas, painting the town, having chemistry so loud Brangelina is like so whatever. Totally.

No matter what we do on a daily and nightly basis this little idiot has literally got our backs. Aww. And we took it for granted for so long. Well, not anymore. Not on my watch anyway, while I’m alive and making mess around me, and still have a word in it. THE LEATHER JACKET is a staple alright, but I kinda think our relationship with it has gotten way, way, way, way, (in Drake’s voice please) past that. We’re fucking BFFs. I mean this little sucker is on my back all the time, and I run right back into its leathery embrace regardless of what I’m wearing.

leather-jackets-1 leather-jackets-2

Today I threw one on right over my silky pyjamas and went to get the mail. And let me tell you one thing: I could’ve gone to the freaking cool cafes in the city centre like that. I mean, why not? One time I wore one alone with jeans. Zipped it up, popped my collar like I was bloody Cantona and rolled with it. Shades indoors and everything. Other times I had an evening gown on and wore my leather jacket with pride.

I tell you… leather jackets are the best item one can have. Period. They’re like the red lipsticks we wear at times, or the stiletto heels, only of course more comfortable and any-occasion-appropriate. But they have that quality to them they make ANY, ANY, ANY outfit instantly cool.


How to wear leather jackets?

  1. CASUAL COOL: Jeans and a tee. Think model off duty, who couldn’t care less what she has on but dayum she rocks it. It’s effortless, nonchalant, and kinda French chic. Instead of a tee you can also wear a sweater, or a blouse, or button down underneath. Shoes wise anything goes of course: heels, boots, flats. My fave look though is with ankle boots (either stiletto or chunky) or sneakers.

TIP: black leather jacket. knee-ripped jeans. always slouchy BF-inspired top.

leather-jackets-13 leather-jackets-fall-trend-17

2. SOPHISTICATED. This looks so hard to pull off, but it’s actually so easy. You just wear your office outfits, posh, put-together, polished, strong, feminine, AND add a leather jacket on, instead of a coat or a blazer. It gives the whole look edge and a certain kinda of power and sass.

TIP: always heels. pencil skirts. office dresses. amazing quality clothes. fab jewellery. lust-worthy bags. and a great quality leather jacket, in any colour.


Image by Micah Gianneli & Jesse Maricic | http://micahgianneli.com


3. BOHO-CHIC meets FEMININE. This is something like summer meets autumn look. Usually it involves ankle boots, a flirty floral dress right mini length or right above the knees and a leather jacket on top. Hats and tones or rings will complete the look.

TIP: shades or brown. Layers. effortless everything.

leather-jackets-8 leather-jackets-fall-trend-1 leather-jackets-fall-trend-13

4. 70s ROCKNROLL. Perfection. Can I get an Amen. This is either done with cowboy boots and midi-length flirty dresses, long disheveled hair and a black rugged leather jacket on top, OR super sexy but very very careless look: delicate feminine dresses, high slit, or low-cut, simple to the core, and stiletto heels on or even thigh-high boots, a cool leather jacket on and it’s more than fab. In my mind at least.

leather-jackets-7 leather-jackets-fall-trend-15

I will stop here (that’s a first I know), cause otherwise I could go on forever. I mean, there are so so many ways we can wear leather jackets it’s insane. And to spice things up we can even don coloured ones. In case you know, black leather jackets are too ubiquitous. Which they are btw.

And now the street stylers for inspo:




And in case you’re having a case of I-really-really-need-some-more-leather-jackets-in-my-closet, I got your back. My fave picks right below.


One thing to keep in mind though when wearing leather jackets, in order to nail the cool-effortless style (regardless of what you’re wearing) is you have to pick fantastic quality leather jackets. Avoid those that look cheap. You don’t need to go break the bank with the price tag, just remember the quality of it does more than any great outfit ever will. Plus it will give you so much room to play with less pretentious outfits, with rugged jeans and old tees. Besides it’s a long term investment in a great relationship that will most likely last forever.