There comes a time in a woman’s life when her hair is a big mess. In my case it’s on a daily basis. I’ve gotten used to wild hair days, lifeless hair days, dull days, you know… anything the opposite of great hair day, which for me is a brief 10 seconds before I hop in the shower. To cure my bad hair days I am seriously considering including baseball hats into my #OOTD looks. Only thing is… I’m not ready to ditch the glam/smart/posh/sophisticated/feminine outfits and only wear sports.

Do I have to? After crying, and crying, and then crying some more, for days in a row due to my untameable mane and refusal to ditch my stilettos, I had an epiphany. I really don’t need to change a fucking thing about my #OOTD routine so to speak. I just need to slap a mofo baseball hat on, regardless of the poshness or chillness of my look and BAM!, hope to look like Rihanna. Of course that’s humanly impossible, but can a girl dream? Thank you.

And then I was intrigued and wanted to know more about this ability to wear anything with a baseball hat and look beyond insane. In a good way. So I got together with my gal pal Riri and she basically said it really has nothing to do with what you wear, it’s mostly how, and the tiny details that make it work. Of course all this happened in my head. She doesn’t know we’re friends. Well… actually she doesn’t know me, but I like to pretend we’re fashion besties.


Perhaps Rihanna wears babseball hats cause she loves them too much, perhaps she’s cold, perhaps that’s how she hides from the paparazzi. Perhaps she too has a bad hair day. Whatever the case the girl nails it 100%. From airport cool laid back sporty style that of course goes well with a baseball hat, to wearing stilettos and a sporty cap, OR get this: an evening dress, stilettos and a baseball cap. Wrong? Right actually.

rihanna-baseball-hats riri-baseball-hats

How to wear a baseball cap like Rihanna? So I looked, and looked, and looked, and then looked some more and it really has 0 to do with rules and more with swag and details.

When trying to make a baseball cap work into any outfit that is the opposite of sporty, it’s all about balance. A certain type of balance is born out of clashing styles, which eventually turns everything into sophistication.

Stilettos and jeans, pants, skirts of all sorts paired with a more relaxed top will look great with a baseball hat, mostly cause of the casual top, which is a link, and a key element in between styles. Play it all up with accessories and bold lips for a very urban glam vibe.


If however you go for a complete polished look you can still don a baseball cap as it will be the one element to give the whole look edge. Of course we’re not talking red carpet gowns here, nor tuxedo looks, but certain outfits that have a type of versatility and urban vibe to them.


I might be wrong of course, but d’you know what? It’s not even about what I think or what Rihanna does. At the end of the day it’s all about how it looks. And if YOU love it.

Cause this is my #1 current obsession I’ve picked out for you my fave baseball caps below:


Rihanna in baseball hats everywhere. Cause she’s Rihanna you know:


25 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-1 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-2 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-4 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-5 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-7 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-8 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-9 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-10 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-11 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-13 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-14 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-16 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-17 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-18 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-19 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-20 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-21 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-22 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-24 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-25 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-27

One more thing… THIS is not a new look. It actually used to be a trend a few years back. This year though, for reasons more of necessity rather than trendiness I’m going for it. No, I’m dead serious. Consider it a head’s up before you let your reactions… happen: laughing and eye rolling I suspect once I start popping my baseball adorned head everywhere.

Could I be wrong about the ‘anywhere with anything rule of thumb’? Ah, who the hell knows anymore. Maybe I just woke up in a too-happy-fun-mood for me to be able to handle it like a normal human being.


Looking for someone or something that hugs you in the right place, at the right time, pours tons of warmth and sensual curves on that hot bod of yours? Oh… ticks the sartorial box as well. Looks hot. Is pretty versatile. Loves your body. Knows your body. Flaunts your body. Noooooo, we’re not talking about a bloody fuck boy. It’s the next best thing though: it’s a thing you put on, that makes you feel very sexy in a very retro and un-flaunting-flesh-sort-of-way, it keeps you warm, it covers you entirely, and it used to be a massive hit back in the day. All the 90s supermodels had it on.

The TIGHT TURTLENECKS ladies and gents. It is one item that every single woman on the face of the Earth used to wear the hell out of, regardless of style, age, or season. Why? Because it’s the perfect piece. So I seriously don’t know why it took it so long to make a comeback?

Now that the 70s are still going strong, and the retro luxe glam looks are on the rise, no wonder we’re taking plunges in the past to emulate some of the looks that still make us sigh to this day. Hello Cindy Crawford in mom jeans and a basic black tight turtleneck! Uhm… hello Marilyn Monroe in her high waisted pants and her black turtleneck sweater. Swear my grandma had the exact same sweater in all the colours.

basic-turtlenecks tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-4

Truth is we’ve been straying a little too far and for a little too long from fitted things. I guess those 2000s took their toll on us and we’re basically left with a trauma of not looking like a 2000s Britney Spears par example. Fashion wise people. Don’t read between the lines. Not the case.

But I think we grew so much in the past 15 years, and have become these sophisticated fashionistas who love to have fun with fashion and can do a fab job with just about any item. Yes, even those that once had an infamous reputation: tight clothes.

Khloé-Opted-Cream-Turtleneck-Baby-Pink-Pencil-Skirt-Oversize-White-Coat tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-1

WHY we must wear tight turtlenecks again and HOW to wear them? 

One word: empowering. We’ve been experimenting and successfully playing with fashion for so long, that I think we’ve earned the right to tight clothes. The tight turtleneck is the perfect way to start: it covers entirely, it can be made from any fabric, can translate to any style, it can look proper, polished, sexy, retro, luxe, glam… you name it. Not a style and a look in the world that the tight turtlenecks can’t nail.

Besides, 70s and 90s are still on our inspo list and THIS was major back then. #justsaying


HOW to wear them? You may hate me right now but… however you want. Tight turtlenecks look fantastic with high waisted bottoms be it skirts or pants.

  • high waisted mini skirts, pleated skirts, A-line skirts, pencil skirts
  • high waisted pants
  • wide legged pants
  • mom jeans
  • skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, baggy jeans,
  • sneakers, ankle boots, thigh high boots
  • overalls
  • shift dress


There would perhaps be one item I’d never pair with a tight turtleneck. Leggings. And I’m a girl who thinks the right kinda leggings can be worn as pants you know. Printed styles, edgy looks a la Rihanna. But pairing them with a tight turtleneck is like mistaking an ordinary day for Halloween. Catwoman alert.

Anyway… let’s get some inspo and get ourselves cozy and hot in turtlenecks.


cd13abe0740af6155394f7c541ed1a2d tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-2 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-3 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-5 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-6 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-7 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-12 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-13 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-15 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-17 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-19 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-20 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-28 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-33 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-34 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-35 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-37 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-38 tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-39 tight-turtlenecks turtleneck2 turtlenecks tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-31

So what do you think: yes or no to tight turtlenecks?



I swear sometimes it feels as if we literally jump from one festivity to another, and what follows on the list of parties, celebrations and fab outfits is none other than Valentine’s Day. Can I get a love song here? No? It’s fine. I’ve had so much alcohol and sleepless nights poured into me lately I’m doing just fine entertaining on my own. So many love songs playing in my head, so many candies waiting to be served, that the only thing missing at this point is… a fantastic dress. You know, something to slip my not-so-fab body into, before I go out and let the vices take over me. That’s the plan.

We celebrate loooove, and for that we need some amazing looks to shop. To bedazzle our partners you know. No. It’s for us actually, the beautiful ladies who love fashion a little too much to sit this one out.

Hey! If there’s a party, if there’s love, if there’s a hot man next to me, a constant flow of liquor, and sweets I’m in. And we can’t really show up in whatever outfit, can we? So I truly proclaim this Valentine’s Day a day in RED. I know, how groundbreaking. But seriously, why fix it if it ain’t broken. Red is the colour of sin. Oh, I mean passion and love. Tomato tomato.

So what I did today was to wake up with a case of red and love overdose, and I decided to go online to my new shop crush – Sammydress and put together a wishlist of looks I’d totally do for Valentine’s Day.

Key words in this situations are: lots of red, beautiful jewellery for accessorising, and stiletto heels. Think simplicity, with a dose of hotness, never too much or over-the-top dresses, but simple, chic, form fitted of A-lined.

red-outfits-valentines-day valentines-day-sexy-looks

So, here are my picks, click on links to browse or shop:

 discount for you guys. Just use the code –

VLTSD for 15% until February 20, OR Rebaja (permanent) – when shopping at Sammydress. :)

A red dress with a pair of fab earrings, a choker, or a ring, high classic stiletto heels on, and a dash of makeup will have you looking smoking hot for the evening. In a very simple way mind you.

sammy-dresses valentines-day

If red is not your cup of tee, mark my words – you can never go wrong with black. A LBD is a classic forever. Paired with classic pumps, and a pair of gorgeous earrings, and you’ll be owning that date night.

sammydresses sexy-dresses-valentines-day

For a more feminine light casual approach opt for those mid-length flirty silky dresses a la Monica Bellucci. Think 50s mixed with a bit of todays edge. I love love love the 2 dresses from Sammydress I picked for you for this look.


There’s also a 10% discount for you guys. Just use the code – VLTSD for 15% until February 20, OR Rebaja (permanent)  – when shopping. :)

Now… if I’m waaaay off on this Valentine’s Day fashions, which I might be (who the fuck am I to draw the rules here, and who says a bra and a pair of knickers won’t do, or a pj. More than half of us will probably end up in birthday suits anyway. Well hopefully.), rest assured my beloved little cats, as Sammydress has a bunch of clothes and outfits you can pick from to spice it up or down for you on the big day. I mean night.

Not to sound old or anything… clothes are great, a sexy dress is dayumn hot, a red look is beyond, but we’d better make sure we back that shit up with more than a glass, or two, or three, ok, make that a bottle. We gotta bring some of our funny witty smart and irresistible personality to the table.

Have a fab weekend my gorgeous little ones.




Yawn. Maybe it’s just me, but have you noticed how after the holidays everyone is in free fashion fall? No? Just think about it: up until Xmas and New Year’s, which btw I hope you enjoyed to the fullest and wish you a fab 2016, the real and virtual worlds are both packed with what to wear infos and articles, bombarding us with sequin looks, and full-on makeups, and shoes, and bags, and dresses to put on and take off for the winter holiday parties.

Now, upon my return from the best winter holiday ever, back at my desk, joyful nonetheless to have started working in 2016, I find myself in a huge free fashion fall. No more www info on what to wear to look a certain way, au contraire everyone is all about detox, and fixing ourselves after presumably having been broken by the holidays. Fair enough. BUT in all this process we kinda have to step out of our birthday suits and try to look human.

What a drag, I know. While I personally am embracing the lazy as fuck fashion, and the free fashion fall, (it does feel fucking fantastic to take a break from it all, doesn’t it?), I do not however wish to be so lazy as to not be able to Instagram a certain moment (I know… how un-shallow right?! judge away though), cause I’m wearing 10 years old clothes that look more homeless than chic.

So here comes the drama, the predicament, and the inherent question? What can one wear after the winter holidays to look human, considering the lazy as fuck mood is lingering, and the penchant for fashion, while it hans’t died, it hasn’t grown much either?

In other words – whether in bed, on the floor, in the kitchen, downstairs, shopping for food, coffee with the girls, wine with friends, office hours – what the hell do we wear on the second weekend of 2016?

bed-looks casual-loungewear-fashion

Uhm… loungewear. A blanket. A massive sheet or duvet that feels incredibly smooth on your silky naked Givenchy scented skin. These days I’m all in the above, and occasionally in my new faves loungewear I found at H&M – a pair of long wide legged silk burgundy pants, and a black silk pyjama. Makes me feel sexy, but comfy, but put together in the most relaxing way ever.

Sometimes I’ll wear my silk robe, or my kimono, and other times I’m in a massive sweater or a pair of comfy cozy sweatpants. It’s all mood oriented. I always coordinate with a cup of coffee, a cup of green tea, or a massive glass of wine. Again, mood depending. Okay, it’s mostly wine. Judge away. Again.

lazy-as-fuck-looks-28 lazy-as-fuck-looks-23 post-holidays-fashion-1

Music is tres importante, so is watching films, and eating loads, up until Monday of course when I hit the gym.

Aaaaanyway, bottom line is, if you’re feeling like looking-like-you’d-never-get-out-of-bed do so. Inside the house… it’s easier with loungewear outfits, and pjs, and blankets, and socks, and sweaters, and your man’s tees and shirts, outside it gets trickier.

Unless of course you slap some heels on, an extra long coat, wrap it and tie in around your waist and go… I dunno, wherever. Carrie Bradshaw style, you know.

For less informal occasions, you have this casual post for inspiration. Key words: jeans, or loose pants, oversized tops (sweaters are the best), a pair of comfy ankle boots, or just your go to sneakers, and a winter coat. Put the extra effort in tiny details: a cheek bronzer, a dainty necklace, maybe bold lips, or a pair of sunglasses.

Until of course you return to your lavish nest, where the sexy bathrobe slash comfy pjs slash birthday suit awaits.

I mean… seriously why bother with polished fashion looks. It ain’t the time, nor the place. It’s the fucking weekend already and lazy is still the code name for the following days. Right?


casual-looks casual-looks-socks lazy-as-fuck-looks-2 lazy-as-fuck-looks-3 lazy-as-fuck-looks-4 lazy-as-fuck-looks-6 lazy-as-fuck-looks-10 lazy-as-fuck-looks-11 lazy-as-fuck-looks-12 lazy-as-fuck-looks-14 lazy-as-fuck-looks-15 lazy-as-fuck-looks-16 lazy-as-fuck-looks-17 lazy-as-fuck-looks-18 lazy-as-fuck-looks-19 lazy-as-fuck-looks-20 lazy-as-fuck-looks-21 lazy-as-fuck-looks-24 lazy-as-fuck-looks-25 lazy-as-fuck-looks-26 lazy-as-fuck-looks-27 lazy-as-fuck-looks-29 lazy-as-fuck-looks-123 lazy-day-looks lazy-fashion post-holiday-looks post-holidays-fashion-2 post-holidays-fashion-3 post-holidays-fashion-4

Of course we could go out and get pissed too… but we can do that in relaxed wear can’t we? Oh just throw on a slip-on dress and a faux fur coat, and bottom’s up. Kate Moss style you know.

Details my loves. Whatever we do, whether it’s films, wines, teas, beds, chills and thrills, pigging out on food, dancing and boozing… enjoy it in whatever the hell you decide to wear.

Have a fab lazy or not-so-lazy weekend!




I get it. No, seriously I do. Everyone these days is high on tinsel, and snowflakes, and trees, singing carols off the top of their lungs, while being draped in glitter trying to please their Santa. Whatever.

If you could just come down from the top of your mountain for a bit and pause on Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Xmas’ song, you’d realise that somewhere in between the parties, and the fancy clothes, and the overspending on gifts, and the boozing, and the decorating, and the families, and the friends, and all the beautiful shit, at the end of the day – you still have to work. As in go to work. Yes, that office building you probably hate by now, or that coffee shop you sometimes write or design from. Not everyone’s on holiday just yet, and even if they are – what? Is everyone gonna wear a sequin dress and stiletto Louboutins on her way to the market in the morning, 2 days before Christmas?

Yeah. I thought so too.

casual-christmas-looks casual-holidays-looks

At this point you might be inclined to think I have a bone to pick against Christmas. What the fuck! Are you mad. I’ll take any chance to have fun and meet loved ones, I’ll use up any excuse to dress up, eat up, drink up et all. You know me, I’m not very good with ‘no’s’. It’s just that sometimes I seriously can’t be bothered with any doze of merry merry merry times. You know? Let alone the overdose that’s happening these days. Ugh.

Can a girl just focus on binge watching all sorts of shows, overdosing on pizza, wine, chocolate, films. Pick her company and wear anything from her pjs to her birthday suit? And no, none of that Netflix and Chill crap, that’s just a lame saying these days. What are we fucking 15? Don’t sugar coat it, we’re all adults here, on the same side you know. Usually wanting and falling for the same shit.

Aaaaanyway… between all the family dinners, and parties, and fancy schmancy shit… we are usually required to wear something less opulent during the days to get us by for work, shopping, coffees, picking kids from school, cooking, staying home, reading, writing, going to spin class, working 2, 3 jobs, etc. We’re not all VIPs jumping from one limo to the next in sequinned high slit dresses and flawless hair.

casual-looks-before-Christmas-1 casual-looks-before-Christmas-14 casual-looks-before-Christmas-15

Which brings me to today’s agenda: How to nail a casual Christmas outfit?  Or, what if we’re not going anywhere special, what can we wear other than our PJS? Oh wait… isn’t that an option? I am known to fuck all the rules anyway…

It’s a known fact that some people sometimes, as sartorial and as fashion addicted as they are, can’t be bothered with fashion AT ALL. It’s also thanks to us that there is such a thing as casual cool, or effortless chic, a style gimmick that makes wearing jeans or sweaters or sneakers appropriate for almost anything. Yes, office too. Yes, holiday lunches and dinners too. Yes, running errands too. Well… especially.

The thing is, if it’s for work, make sure it’s slightly polished and don’t go too crazy on shredded jeans, instead opt for a more clean version, or for some pants. Pair them with a cozy sweater or a button down.

The rest of the times, anything works: oversized is better, playing with silhouettes is a dream, comfy shoes are a must, and the best tip from me to you: no matter the size of your pants (skinny of baggy) always go for an oversized top, whether it’s a sweater, a shirt, a tee, a button-down, a blouse. It just looks better.

Shoes wise I love tennis shoes, sneakers, brogues, ankle boots, flat thigh high boots. Even heels can work and you can make them look casual with a pair of jeans and a big big sweater.

Key pieces to guarantee a casual winter look for the holidays, even if you’re lazy as fuck to give a damn.


And then some looks for inspo…


casual-looks-before-Christmas-2 casual-looks-before-Christmas-3 casual-looks-before-Christmas-4 casual-looks-before-Christmas-6 casual-looks-before-Christmas-9 casual-looks-before-Christmas-10 casual-looks-before-Christmas-11 casual-looks-before-Christmas-12 casual-looks-before-Christmas-13 casual-looks

You know… if all else fails, dress to your mood. I’ll be over at my desk, wearing my duvet. What?

Av a great one!



Uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-hun-uh-no. Yes I am now actually singing that Beyonce song, and no it has nothing to do with the forever and ever part of it. It’s actually gotta do with literally putting a ring on IT, ‘it’ being one of your fabulous fingers and swaging your swag to wherever it is you’re going. And that’s exactly what I did: on the gloomiest December morning ever, when it was so cold outside you could barely breath, so foggy I couldn’t see my feet, I put a ring on it, took my photographer pal with me, and shot some pics of my Dragon inspired self.

Let me tell you the story. A while ago I teamed up with an amazing talented young jewellery designer Andrey Koshman from – KOSHMAN RINGS brand – and after the most terrifying and beautiful designing and brainstorming process ever we came up with a Men’s RING that has super powers.

Each ring is made to order and you can get yours here – Men’s Rings – by KOSHMAN RINGS

koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-27 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-32

This men’s ring represents all the energy of one of the most powerful and dangerous magical creatures ever: Dragons. They don’t care of what others think about them. They are smart and wise, and powerful enough to do whatever they want. This men’s ring doesn’t make you a dragon, it just reminds that you already are one. – Andrey Koshman

The idea of a Dragon skin ring was simply love at first sight for me, as it embodies everything I adore about both fashion and life: contrasts. It’s strong, polished, it’s got swag, but it’s minimal, it’s got a rocknroll vibe, but it’s also urban hip hop dope, it’s got so much meaning and power to it, and it’s a piece of art at the end of the day, which always leads to you feeling a certain type of empowerment and coolness when you put it on.


Jewellery wise it’s so well created and crafted it feels both heavy and precious on your fingers. I’m wearing it in silver, and although I always go for gold in jewellery, I adored it this way. Something about silver makes it unearthly and incredibly powerful in a very masculine and sharp way. It has that cold steeliness and high polished indifferent beauty to it, a certain kind of magical power that sent me away to some land where ‘Game of Thrones’ characters live side by side with Dragons, and there’s a code of honour, there are love affairs and stories, and passions, and it’s always cold, and fashion always creeps its way in there somehow, in tiny details like rings, and fur, and leather.


THE DRAGON SKIN RING by KOSHMAN RINGS X FashionTag is a men’s ring at the end of the day, a bit too large for my tiny fingers, BUT who cares, I’m wearing it either way and if you’re a woman with a penchant for powerful statements, art, beauty, and fashion you’ll love it as well. I paired it today with a few other silver rings for a full on effect.

If you’re a man… you have to wear it. I love men who aren’t afraid to wear rings. Big, bold rings that always have a hidden meaning behind them, rings that speak about their style, their loves, their worlds, their taste in life, music, fashion.



HOW TO WEAR IT? We wanted to make a ring that is a perfect jewellery choice for men with a strong character and a strong sense of style. The Dragon Skin Ring is the perfect marriage of fashion and art and that makes this piece a very sleek but versatile one. It is precious and powerful enough to work so well into a smart and refined, elegant, and very city professional style. Even slightly retro if you will.

OR if you’re a man seeking and living advetures and have a more eclectic look or even more urban – be it rocknroll, punk, or hiphop I am telling you the ring is the dopest thing ever. It blends and stands out as well.

I LOVE that it’s minimal and sleek, but it’s also very heavy, strong, bold, and edgy with its dragon skin texture and that cold and heavy steeliness. The packaging is fabulous and it’s art in itself. I adore it, and will be wearing it forever and ever, men ring and all.


koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-08 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-12 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-17 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-20 2-koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-25 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-06 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-01 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-03 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-29 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-48 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-50 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-57 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-60 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-72 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-73

The Dragon Skin Men RingKOSHMAN Rings 

Thank you Andrey Koshman for this incredible opportunity, for allowing me to express myself and create beyond my comfort zone, for challenging me, and at the end of the day for this incredible outcome, which I’m so proud and humbled to be part of. The Dragon Skin Ring is a project closest to my heart and I love it for what it looks like, but mostly for all it stands. I like to think of myself as a strong but sensitive woman, and for me, that is exactly what the ring represents.

You can order your own + stay up to date with all the latest rings and designs – Instragram (@a.koshman)

Photos by Florina Ciupertea. Thank you so much! <3

In case you haven’t yet had your overdose of Christmas I’ll give you one to fill your plate and stop all the fussing over the most dreaaaaaaaring question ever: What am I going to wear for Christmas this year? Parties, family dinners, home parties, film nights, painting the town etc. covered. Am I a pal, or am I a pal?

In my tiny moments of lucidity, when I’m down from my unicorn I do realise I don’t hold all the sartorial answers, but you know me, I like to delude myself once in a blue moon.

Anyway. So apparently it’s almost Christmas and that means 1) eating until I drop. Amen to that!, 2) family dinners, lunches, and what not. God help us! and 3) Playing dress up from one event to another. Yay. Oh, and drinking. Drinking puts everything into a whole new perspective. A better one. Every holiday is basically another excuse to pig out and get intoxicated with your poison of choice. Jack, Hennessy, love, wine, lust, music, hangovers, laziness, Jack. Yeah. I’ll stop now.

What to wear for Christmas in my case always came down to 3 style gimmicks: all-black, something with sequins, and red lips. One of the 3 or all always got me out of trouble. So I thought of sharing with you my little Christmas dressing up guide in case you too are a headless chicken a few hours before running out the door. Here we go.

SEQUINS. I know, groundbreaking innit? Anyway… what better time of the year to drape yourself in sequins and glitter and high shine than Christmas. Whether it’s a sequin dress, a pair of leggins or a skirt, rock it and sprnkle soe of that shit everythere. Glittler that is.

I love the sequin skirt and plain T-shirt of sweater combo. High heels and bold lips are perfect!


SHOP the look:


ALL-BLACK. Always gets us out of trouble and never looks dated, au contraire you’ll look polished. Some ignorants wearing reindeer sweaters and khaki pants might ask you why you’re wearing such a depressing colour, but don’t bother. Show them the mirror on the way out and maybe it’ll dawn on them.


SHOP the look:


FEMININE. I LOVE this approach especially when done with a 70s twist. A flowy knee length dress paired with over-the-knee-boots and a cozy cashmere cardigan on top, or a faux fur and long flowing locks and… shut the front door.


SHOP the look:


SOPHISTICATED. This is fashion lovers on a roll people. From prints to precious fabrics, from bold to mininmal combos it’s a heaven for whover loves to play dress up. Have fun with accessories, and dark lips, and leather, fur, sequins. A bit of everythng in the right amount and the right place and you’ll be one helluva fashion gal wherever the night takes you.


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JEANS. Oh I bet you didn’t see this one coming. Well… it don’t all gotta be high fashion and shit, yet it can all look the part. Jeans can be anything they want to be: casual, cool, effortless, hot, you can dress them up with a silky top, a sequin blouse, a polished blazers, or just wear a very cozy sweater. Have fun with heels and makeup, and add your won spin on it depending on where you go.

I’m starting to fall for white jeans this season. Sigh.


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If all else fails, we’ve got the red lips and big smiles to wear, and that ain’t so bad right? Also… when you’ve got loved ones and tones of food on the table, Wham going on about Last Christmas, who the hell cares what you’re wearing anyway? Seriously now.

Well… I do, but nobody cares what I think so we’re all safe.


How often do you get to say that about something huh? ‘A lifetime’, ‘forever’, ‘forever and ever’, with no panic attack and real chances of the ‘forever’ happening? Personally I am known for hoping beyond hope, so I’ll let you be your own judge, you can imagine what an idiot I am thinking my relationship with Fashion – 2016 winter trends to be more precise – will actually go beyond eternity, when in fact Fashion is the most neurotic and inconsistent bitch out there. And I ain’t a fucking saint myself.

Anyway… it’s the lucky and the stupid whose hopes die last.

When it comes to 2016 winter trends you can’t blame me though, there’ve been a few looks out there since what feels like forever and truth is it ain’t looking like they’re going anywhere any time soon. Errr hello cropped tops, who’ve started going out just recently with cropped jeans, hello a bob haircut, hello ankle boots, and flats… Seriously it’s a fun cyclical ride lately. And by lately I mean for the past 2 years or so. Some pieces that were labeled as trends have actually turned into staples so I’m not that crazy to call on a forever ring on Fashion. Especially with these 8 winter looks that are 1). Everywhere, and 2). Not going anywhere.

  1. LONG COATS. Been there done that. It’s dramatic, it’s hobo-chic, it’s comfy, cool, sophisticated. Any colour works, and it’s got a bit of that 90s meets 80s vibes. Keeper.

winter-trends-2016-clong-coats-1 winter-trends-2016-clong-coats-2 winter-trends-2016-clong-coats-3 winter-trends-2016-clong-coats-4

2. SNEAKERS. Truth is anything that has no heel is a winner these days, but sneakers are reigning for a very long time. Worn with anything, especially long coats they’re a guaranteed ticket to looking casual & chic.

white-sneakers-street-style-winter Sydney-street-style-camel-coat-black-work-pants-and-white-leather-sneakers street-style-milan-fashion-week-shoes-23 ShotByGio-George-Angelis-Elisabetta-Di-Maso-Milan-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-Street-Style-2916 Le-Fashion-Blog-7-Ways-To-Wear-Stripes-In-Winter-Grey-Scarf-Striped-Knit-Coat-Leather-Pants-Nike-Sneakers-Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now

ANKLE BOOTS. Mark my words: they will never go away, and Amen to that. From summer to winter, from casual to smart, from heels to flats they will forever be in style.

winter-trends-2016-long-coats-1 winter-trends-2016-long-coats-2 winter-trends-2016-long-coats-3 winter-trends-2016-long-coats-4 winter-trends-2016-long-coats-5 winter-trends-2016-long-coats-6

TURTLENECKS. Shut the front door.There is nothing more French than a massive turtleneck, hair tucked in, coat hanging off your shoulders… And everybody wants to look French so… OR, nothing will ever scream more sexy and retro chic than a tight turtleneck paired with high waisted flared jeans. Oh. My. God. Keepers.

winter-trends-2016-turtlenecks-1 winter-trends-2016-turtlenecks-2 winter-trends-2016-turtlenecks-3 winter-trends-2016-turtlenecks-4 winter-trends-2016-turtlenecks-5

CROPPED. From tops to jeans all is tinier and baring: midriffs and ankles. It’s so 90s and 70s it will hang around for quite a while I predict. Besides, it looks so geek-hot-cool-awkward-retro-trendy it’s bound to stick around for at least one more year. Bring the cropped sweaters in. Oh and them cropped jeans please.

winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-1 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-2 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-3 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-4 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-5 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-6 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-7 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-8 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-9

NEUTRALS. What could possibly look better than an all-white look against an all-white town (aka street style pic)? I know, I know, I know. A nude look. A grey outfit. Anything pastel and unsaturated. Ladies and gents I give you the soft classy incredibly polished and ethereal winter trend – the neutrals. Keepers. Keepers. All the way.

winter-trends-2016-neutrals-1 winter-trends-2016-neutrals-2winter-trends-2016-neutrals-3 winter-trends-2016-neutrals-4 winter-trends-2016-neutrals-5

BOYFRIENDS. Naww. Not the male pretty little faces tagging along our brilliant sartorial selves. Not those hot clean shaved or bearded, smart, and funny, and so so so so so very cool in every possible meaning of this shallow word. No. Not the men, but their clothes. Sigh. Don’t you feel like everything these days is men inspired? Shirts, button downs, jeans, blazers… it’s a size bigger and slouchier, and women love it. Keeper.

winter-trends-2016-boyfriend-looks-1 winter-trends-2016-boyfriend-looks-2 winter-trends-2016-boyfriend-looks-3 winter-trends-2016-boyfriend-looks-4 winter-trends-2016-boyfriend-looks-5

The BOB CUT. The most coveted, and most flattering cut on any and everybody, mortal or VIP. No, seriously.

winter-trends-2016-bob-cut-1 winter-trends-2016-bob-cut-2 winter-trends-2016-bob-cut-3 winter-trends-2016-bob-cut-4

My fave picks for you to get the LOOKS above:


And d’you know the best bit? It’s a a trend stretching out way way way into summer. Well except for the long coats, but even those we can trade for long trench-coats or vests. Huh?

What do you think?

Oh my God, I have like the best idea ever for this holiday season. (now re-read that in spoiled brat voice. flippin’ hair and shit.) Let’s all get high on shine while listening back and forth to Rihanna’s ‘Shine bright like a diamond’ / Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’. Hey! Cheesy is just fine as long as it’s Christmas.


Seriously though, these days I ain’t shining so bright no more. I mean we all get those moods and days, but you know what they say: show me a sparkle and I’ll dance to a shiny tune.

Yeah. Nobody says that.

Anyway. It’s HIGH SHINE, and i seriously can’t stay away from it. From subtle, to overdosed, to kitsch mixed with rocknroll and 70s drama, HIGH SHINE is the biggest trend for next spring, might as well start practicing. I mean, lames, metallics, sparkles, glitter are all Christmas’y, right? Men are doing it to their beards, you know. The least we could do is tag along with high shine badass slash feminine outfits.

christmas-high-shine high-shine-trend-3 high-shine-trend-39

In case you’re unaware of reality let me fill you in: winter is here, hence the winter holiday craze – Christmas frenzy, gift wrapping and unwrapping, carols, cakes, booze, parties, fancy clothes et all. So basically what Im thinking is to go all in.

We should do as we please after all, but if we’re to roll with the winter holiday frenzy I say over the top is the rule.

Yeah okay this thought and plea gives my too-much-persona some comfort. I can never have just a bite of cake, I’ll have the whole damn thing and order one more. Of course I hate myself afterwards but I couldn’t care less TBH. The same logic applies to anything really including fashion and this particular winter trend: high shine. Also… it kinda applies to carolling too. Which I’m not very fond of. Yes, you can be appalled now. I don’t fancy the jingling shit, but Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ almost makes me cry. Every. Fucking. Year. I know, I’m missing a few up there.

Moving on.


How to wear HIGH SHINE anywhere, but especially this holiday season?

Of course there are a billion ways to rock it, but it really comes down to 3, and in the end, if you ask me it comes down to one: go overboard. Dip your body into a sexy scented oil, and then roll your ass into glitter while listening to one of the tunes above. Put some heels on, lipstick, and your bag. There you go.

If this is not acceptable where you come from – continue reading/scrolling.

(1) go for just a touch of high shine: eyeshadow, shiny cheeks/skin, sparkling hair, tons of bling, a clutch, nail polish, metallic shoes. This is like saying ‘I wanna get high on shine but I’m not gonna commit.’ Fair enough.

high-shine-trend-7 high-shine

(2) wear one statement shiny piece. For holiday season it can be a pair of skinny cropped pants, or a mini skirt, or a midi skirt, pleated skirt, pencil skirt, or a statement metallic top. My tip for you is to pair the piece with a simple item. Balance it all for the sake of sophistication.



(3) drape yourself in high shine, and make a beautiful chaos of it all. Metallic dress, a metallic suit, jumpsuit, a pair of shiny pants with a non-matching but shiny top. It is too much, but so what? For a strong look, go for dark lips, dramatic hair, and very dramatic pieces. Think Kate Moss, think high fashion editorials. Long lame dresses with a leather jacket or a vintage fur. Cropped metallic pants with a metallic blazer and no shirt underneath. Metallic t-shirt and a plated lame skirt with a pair of sexy shoes.


For shopping mood – my fave shiny, metallic, sparkly pieces below.


And then some inspo.


high-shine-trend-1 high-shine-trend-2 high-shine-trend-4 high-shine-trend-5 high-shine-trend-10 high-shine-trend-12 high-shine-trend-13 high-shine-trend-14 high-shine-trend-15 high-shine-trend-16 high-shine-trend-17 high-shine-trend-18 high-shine-trend-19 high-shine-trend-20 high-shine-trend-24 high-shine-trend-27 high-shine-trend-31 high-shine-trend-32 high-shine-trend-33 high-shine-trend-35 high-shine-trend-37

Not convinced, or too convinced? Either way put on ‘Last Christmas’, pour some Jack, throw a bag of glitter in the air, and spin and dance to the music and the high shine. Whaaaaa?!


On how I spend my days these days, aside from living the hashtags in my life – #busybee #fuckoff #drankup #iaintneverbitchin – I tend to fantasise a LOT about a different world. It’s a world where there’s background music, where all mistakes turn to great stories, where it’s an all around summer, where we can eat all we want sans the triggering body issues, where the skin is flawless, the eyes are happy, the heart is wild, the brain works 100%, where hair grows right back with just one thought. Oh… how I’d love that. I’d swing in my hammock with a cool chopped bob, sipping on some alcohol, somewhere on a beach, in a white one-piece swimsuit, looking hotter than the sand after a diet of pizzas and pastas.

Everything about the above is doable. Every single bit. Hell it’s been did, done, did. Except for that one bit: hair doesn’t fucking grow back with one magical throught. And I am the queen of error-haircuts, so whenever a new hair trend that involves scissors is on the roll, all I’m rolling is my eyes. I’m chicken shit scared to try any hair trends.

For the past two years THE BOB remains the #1 haircut obsession. It started with a one length haircut, which I have tried, and of course failed at (hence my now scare and skepticism), and then it all moved on to the lob – bob’s longer version.

the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-8 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-11 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-12

These days wherever my non-bobbed-head turns there’s still a woman cutting her hair into a bob. Whether it’s longer, shorter, curly, straight, messy, sleek, it seems to be happily dangling off the heads of the coolest girls out there.


Is the bob-cut the safest and latest ticket to that dope style versus sleek sophsitication?

Are we – the women who stood it out so far – the only ones who didn’t get the memo. What the fuck are we waiting for? Let’s be honest here, the bob haircut gives anyone a certain French vibe, a few years off, plus a load of confidence you can’t even carry.


Of course only an idiot like moi would say no to these, but then again I am known to make the worst choices ever, only to find myself each and every time banging my head off some imaginary wall as if that would put some sense into myself. Right. I said no so far cause… I was scared. Scared I’d yet again be subjected to a haircut trauma which will again end up in me having to wear a ponytail for the rest of my life. *FYI: The grass grows faster my hair.*

I would like to presume I am not alone in my fear though. But what makes me so scared? Well… I will say it: sometimes I fear I am too defined by long-er hair. And THAT can only change with a great chop. GREAT, okay? No error here.

And the bob cut seems to be the ONE to deliver on this. Here’s why.

  1. It’s versatile. A bob’s length has to be determined by your stylist based on what you want + your features + how easy you want to style it after the cut. Very importante a bob does not need to be blunt cut, in fact a messy bob is more IN than a one-lengh style. Also, it can literally be styled in a billion ways: sleek, side part, centre part, back-combed, messy, with bangs, side bags, sans bangs, short in the front long the back or viceversa etc.
  2. It translates into an overall great style. It screams fashion and all the inherent adjectives without being pretentious. In fact it’s anything but pretentious. It polishes up a person’s stature and outfit somehow by exposing the neck, by framing the face, by revealing shoulders. It looks as if you just rolled outta of bed, sprayed some perfume on, fixed your hair with your hands in 5 seconds and BAM! you look insanely cool and trendy and chic and effortless but also very put together somehow.
  3. I think it takes some years off to be honest. Perhaps it’s just me, but a greatly cut bob (length and texture) really sits better on any woman and makes any face look younger. It lifts the features, and according to each face you can have long bangs, or it can be very angled depending on what works best for each.

Here we go… visual persuasion.


bob-cut bob-haircut bob-looks bob-style bob the-bob-cut-obsession.1 the-bob-cut-obsession.2 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-1 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-2 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-3 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-4 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-10 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-13 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-14 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-15 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-16 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-17 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-18 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-19 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-20 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-21 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-23 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-24 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-25 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-26 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-27 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-28 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-30 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-32 the-bob-trend the-bob the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-29

Having said that I don’t know what else to do than to dream about my future bob and procrastinate. Perhaps I’ll start with a faux bob (tie my hair up in a low ponytail + roll it up underneath my hair + pin it + make it all look shorter). And then I’ll see how my neck and back and shoulders feel when exposed…

But let me tell you something: if you don’t have it, but wish to have it, and don’t have a problem cutting your hair… DO IT!

What I always like to tell people and have got to get it through my idiot thick head as well: ‘It’s hair. It grows back!’

 It’s hair. It grows back!

 It’s hair. It grows back!

 It’s hair. It grows back!

 It’s hair. It grows back!

 It’s hair. It grows back!