If you don’t know what matrix sunglasses are – they’re those tiny little super cool tiny sunglasses that barley cover your eyeballs and that every. single. cool. posh. chic. person on this planet is wearing right now. If Matrix married Beverly Hills 90201 and they had a kid, that sucker would have been exactly this 2018 trend, aka the matrix sunglasses. They’re retro futuristic and incredibly fashionable.

Necessity wise… well… they barley cover our freaking eyeballs so there’s that for sun-hiding and makeup-free hungover mornings. However, if you don’t care about these things, and you just wanna look super funky, or you really just love love love this trend – give it a go. It’s sunglasses, not an 80s perm.

How did the matrix sunglasses fashion craze begin, in the first place?

And are they really that great, or are we yet again blinded by fashion’s brainwash ability and our constant need to covet those Instagram looks?

Now THAT is the Q.

When Kim Kardashian said to Jonathan over brunch in some episode of KKWTK, as she showed up in the hottest outfit ever (leather mini skirt, black bodysuit, tiny sunglasses – all matrix all black inspired) that Kanye emailed her and told her to only wear small sunglasses form now on – a lot of ignoramuses said what an idiot. Also, ‘who the fuck emails his wife?’ was another world concern. Well…  aside from text, call, facetime and what not, I email with my husband all the time, all sorts of things (creative stuff, funny stuff, business stuff).

Anyway – moral of the story here is that she put the matrix sunglasses on the map. Or did she?!

Prior to her there were the cool kids of Instagram (where Kanye, and not only, gets his inspo from), and then her sister Kendall, and her squad of lookalikes.

And of course prior to that *I* was rocking the tiny sunglasses circa 1995 trying to emulate a lovechild of Brenda Walsh and John Lennon.

I’ll let that sink in for a while.

Add all this to fashion’s followers’ thirst for new and… a fad is born.

What is new to the matrix sunglasses in 2018?

They’re high-tech yet retro, they’re super black sleek intimidating #matrixninja, but they can also be fun and flirty like those yellow or red see-through tiny glasses.

You can go for either incredibly small, like ‘what is that on your face?’ to slightly bigger tinier sunglasses a la 80s or 90s.

They look great on Instagram.

The weirder they are the more you’ll love them. #questionmark

They come in a gazillion styles, not just the classic black oval matrix sunglasses, but also cat-eye inspired, rectangular, round, square, as tiny as your eyes, silver or gold rimmed, or colourful, mirror, black, white, see-through…

How to wear matrix sunglasses?

Brace yourselves for the most groundbreaking statement.

With anything.

Nonetheless, the great thing these days is that they look incredibly grown-up sopshitctatied when paired with grown-up outfits, like office wear, or casual Sunday athlesuire. So there’s no need to dress up in vinyl, or wear tiny denim cutoffs with combat boots – when in fact you can actually stir as far away from these young trends as possible, still slap a pair of matrixes on, and look fab.

Useless as they may be for summer, they do look amazing with beach outfits or summer city looks. Sadly we’re a long way from summer, still, so they’re actually a great pick for cloudier weather.

At the end of the day matrix sunglasses are statement sunglasses, and they’re also the easiest to buy and wear accessory. So a pair of either small black ones or a pair of cool red see-throughs for example will instanly lift an otherwise normal/boring look. Make it more trendy, you know.

Street style and inspiraiton:


Get the look:



Evidently I’m on the matrix sunglasses wagon already. I’m a sunglasses girl and while I’m not the most adventurous person when it comes to all sartorial things, and I ain’t also giving up the classics, imma still dabble a little bit into the matrix pool on this one. Maybe a little bit more.

Okay, a lot.

How about you?

xoxo D.



Powersuits as powerdressig is a major trend in 2018. Sure, we’ve been dressing in powersuits in the 90s as well as 2000s, so what is changed?

Powersuits for 2018 embody everything: they’re sleek, but also slouchy, classic but so edgy, the blazer is massive, big shoulders, cinged at the waist, incredibly fashion forward in both cut as well as colour or print. However, the key lies in how we wear them, and the fact that a business look these days is also a fashion, social, and personal message.

The powersuit is 80s iconic, and if we’re to quickly pinpoint to the latest trends of 2018 fall fashion week, both the 80s, as well as power-dressing aka powersuits stand out. Sure, that’s for fall next year, but that don’t mean we can’t start practicing. In fact we’ve been unconsciously doing 80s for the past year: dressing, movies, music. So why stop now?

Personally I kinda like all the kitsch and the drama of late 80s, and don’t get me started on broad shoulders, cinged waists, big earrings, slouchy boots, and bold lips. 80s are so iconic for women’s rights, and the rise of women in business which of course led to power-dressing. It was an awakening decade socially, politically, and of course fashion wise, cause nothing ever happens in the world without it being reflected in fashion. Hence today’s #metoo movements and the rise yet again of 80s and 80s trends in 2018 fashion week.

While all is *still* in, there are a few styles of powersuits for 2018 that stand out and make a strong case for their trendiness.


It’s like mixing coffee and milk, night and day, powerful and dainty. Baby blues, pinks, and mint greens or light yellows look amazing in either powersuits that’re more classic, or the more oversized, masculine styles.


How to look like a million bucks, like you give no fucks, like you rule the mf world, like you ooze sophistication and strength mixed with extra coolness, like you’re the queen of 80s in 2018 fashion? Put on a check print powersuit, slightly oversized, big shoulders, cinge it at the waist and go!

OR, if you’re more of a pinstripe kinda gal… go for pinstripe powersuits paired with great shoes. Like sleek kitten heel boots in red, or white.


It’s the key cut of the 2018, the more a blazer is massive, the more we’ll love it. Same stands for pants. Mix the big suit with a cool crop top, a lace bra-top, something very cheeky that just peaks from underneath, and have fun with belts.

If you fear it’ll swallow and spit your right out (the suit), chose Tom Ford or Versace 2018 spring styles: tight high waisted pants aka leggings paired with the best tailored blazers in the world. Long, big shoulders, strong cuts, cinged waists.


It’s retro, masculine, sophisticated, empowering, it looks cool and feels effortless especially when paired with more glamorous pieces: massive earrings, bold lips, heels.


Uhm… hello, the 80s called, they want their belts back. And I ain’t giving them nothing back. I used to love love love this look in the movies or in old fashion catalogues, so I’m actually kinda thrilled it’s back and we can all start channeling our inner 80s goddess. No matter how big the powersuits, how old, how dated, once you belt it you killed it. In a good way.


Powersuits are a classic piece, so when you mix them (style, cut, print) with something more edgy or fashion forward it instantly lifts their fashion vibe to this new chic and sophisticated piece that although old, feels brand new. So if you wanna look super formal, professional but still put your fashion mark and statement in our outfit – pick a bold coloured classic cut suit. Red, blue, purples and yellows are huge this season as well as next.

TIPS and street style:

In 2018 you can wear the powersuits however you please, either as a very formal classic outfit, OR just have fun with it, and go for weird cut, funky prints and fab style combinations. Not to mention you can break it down and wear the pants and/or the blazer separately.


Get the look:



So what do you think: are you a fan of powersuits? Will you be wearing one this spring?

xoxo D.

A natural progression from the punk ethos of the mid- to late-70s, ripped jeans first became popular as a fashion statement during the hard rock and heavy metal heyday of the late 80s When metal gave way to grunge as the subculture of choice in the 90s, the alternative and grunge scene took the ripped jeans look with them, making them an iconic form of counterculture menswear. While they disappeared from the racks of most clothing stores around the turn of the century, they have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Partly as part of a generalised nineties revival in fashion, but also because… well… they’re still as cool as ever.

However, there isn’t just one type of ripped jeans. There are a number of styles to choose from, and getting the right look for you is important, even in the field of distressed denim wear.

Ripped and repaired jeans

Ripped and repaired jeans are specially distressed denim whereby the holes have been torn into the material in strategic places (typically both knees and one thigh, though other combinations have been heard of) and the tears partially repaired in some manner. Certain designers have actually used denim patches to fill the holes completely, often in a contrasting colour. It can certainly be a striking look, but it doesn’t offer the classic, ragged look most people are after in their ripped jeans. Another way of doing it, and one that better matches the traditional aesthetic, is using a backing fabric that looks as though the tears have been sewn and split, giving a more threadbare look to the rips. It’s a classic style and one that’s particularly well suited to skinny and spray on jeans..

Destroyed jeans

The polar opposite of the ripped and repair jeans, destroyed jeans consist of a pair of gaping holes, one over each knee. This is the classic rock star look, and the sign of some hardcore distressing. You won’t see any repair work here (although some go for a combination of both, with one knee repaired and the other destroyed), as the intention is to give the look of a complete denim blowout, complete with the widening of the tear, and ragged edges. Whilst regular ripped and ripped and repair jeans can be worn as part of a smart-casual ensemble, destroyed jeans tend to go best as part of a fully casual day-look. Paired with a simple pair of boots and a T-shirt, the destroyed jeans become the focal point of the outfit, just as the holes become the focal point of the jeans, giving an edgier feel than the combination might otherwise have had.

Knee Rip Jeans

If the destroyed jeans are the extreme end of the ripped jeans spectrum, the simple knee rip jeans are very much the restrained version of this particular trend. Instead of gaping holes torn out of the fabric, the knee rip style consists of a single cut or tear, just at the lower edge of the knee. It’s enough to allow a little flash of skin when walking, but could easily pass unnoticed if you’re standing around in a restaurant or club. It’s a hint of rebellion in an otherwise regular piece of legwear.

All three styles of ripped jeans have their adherents and their detractors. Some favour the subtlety of the single knee rip, others the full-on edginess of the destroyed knees, and still others the DIY ethic promoted by the ripped and repaired jeans.

Whatever style of ripped jeans calls to you, you can find it at Sinners Attire.


I’m still not over my weekly crush on robe coats, and my sartorial predicament with combat boots, so for today I love 2 things: my decaf and this look.


xoxo D.

If you were to chose between the 3 most powerful and trendiest 2018 coats, which would you pick? I know, I know, it’s like choosing a fave kid #impossible, and quite frankly why should we chose anything, can’t we just have it all?

What fashion is doing to us these days, in plain 2018 fall fashion week, is cruel. She’s giving us a billion options, with a strong 80s vibe that was quite easy to guess as of this last fall, and more so strong come next season – and then she’s laughing her ass off.

You wanna know what’s hot next season so you can pick your fave items starting with the sales of this winter? Is there a winner trend? Can we keep on wearing whatever the hell we want regardless of the hottest picks of the month or whatever?

At the end of this fall season, after having paraded into all the coats that were humanly possible, can you bible swear you have a single fave?

Somebody died and made me the God of coats today, and so courtesy of my quite inflated ego right now and a bit of fashion know-how I am proclaiming the 3 coats that have stood the test of fashion + time + trendy this fall season. Everyone was wearing one, or all of them, and if not, they probably secretly thought about it.

THE TEDDY coat | THE PLAID coat | THE ROBE coat

Which one floats your boat more? Which will still be hot come next fall?

1. THE TEDDY Coat. 

It’s been around for almost 2 years, ever since I first bought mine fresh like a damn avocado. Nobody close in sight and beyond had one, and to this day I’m proud to say I’m still wearing it and still go back to it when it’s too cold, or when I have boring outfit on, cause the teddy shaggy fabric makes it look very punk cool somehow.

Instagramers love their teddys in all shades of nude and brown, with a slight rise in blue, red and maybe other shades, which as cool as they look, didn’t particularly stick as much.

It’s a great coat for winter, for a more laid back cool style, weekend casual, even more posh, but not sleek. It’s snuggly, it’s trendy, but I don’t think it’ll make it as big next season.

We’ll see.


Get the look:


2. THE PLAID Coat.

Y’all this is like the leather jacket of spring or something. EVERY. SINGLE. HUMAN. has one. Except for me. #facepalm Don’t worry, it was just over the weekend that I literally stumbled upon the biggest coats sale in Koton… which I’m planning to financially and fashion’ally murder tomorrow.

Plaid looks good on anyone, it flatters the face, the features, and makes us all look French chic.

The styles everyone’s going for are pretty normcore, like midi length, slouchy shoulders, big pockets… geek cool inspired.

Checks will still be in next season, that’s a fact, and these coats have a good life ahead of them, especially if you go for a more 80s cut.


Get the look:


3. THE ROBE coat.

This motherfucker can be as cool, as geek, as posh and sleek, or sophisticated as you want it to be. The robe is that coat that’s inspired by a classic bath robe, slightly oversized, no buttons, just a belt carelessly tied around your waist, no flatter body shape, slouchy shoulders. They sound horrible but are actually the best comeback of the 80s done in the most sophisticated and free way possible.

While I’m such a teddy girl, I pick these for a colder 2018 spring and and even colder 2018 fall season.


Get the look:




Tres instersante, no? So which one’s your fave coat style?

xoxo D.

Valentine’s Day around the corner, mixed with some love for all-red looks AND my obsession with this outfit from Olivia Culpo that I see everywhere – is the whole reason I am starting this post *and this new section #SHOPTHELOOK. 

Red dresses:


Over the knee red boots:


Happy Monday everyone!

xoxo D.

I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I love the chocolate, the love in the air, the excuse to be extra-cheesy, to wear false lashes, red lips, sexy lingerie, all red outfits… you get it. It’s a time to celebrate and just spend time with your baby love, or go out and have fun and drinks with your friends. Either way… it’s a great time. And fashion wise, it’s fabulous. I also happen to LOVE red. All red or just a dash of it – I love it, so being just a few days aways from Valentine’s Day why not share a little guide with y’all for inspiration.

Are you not sick of me already?

Do people actually dress up for Valentine’s Day? Is there really a special code (other than red and sexy lingerie?) Or are we all just going with the flow and the excuse to have some drinks and look mega-hot?

Whatever the case A Valentine’s Day Style Guide means 1) Ya’ gotta have fun on the day, 2) eat bad food and loads of chocolate (right?!), 3) wear red (head-to-toe or just one item), 4) do the sexy red lingerie thing, and 3) if all else fails and lazy kicks in – rock some red lipstick.

A Valentines’s Day Style Guide —- Outfits, Dresses, Lingerie, Makeup

1. (red) DRESSES for Valentine’s Day.

It’s the go-to-look for Valentine’s Day, for date night, or for whatever special occasion. A red dress is a statement. Go for midi lengths and long sleeve dresses paired with high boots, or pick more flirty styles for evening and wear a fur coat or a long trench over it.

If you wanna celebrate Valentines Day Style at the office you can wear a more simple-formal or professional-sophisticated style.


Get the look:



2. Red pants.

Hot pants! you can never go wrong with these, and if you wanna be too hot and too cool for school pick red vinyl pants. I mean…


Get the look:


3. Red shoes.

They’re such a massive trend this year that it only makes total sense. So, basically you can wear whatever you want and just put some red boots on, or a pair of sexy red heels and you’re done.


Get the look:


4. A red pantsuit. 

Power-suits are the staple of the 80s, and 2018 marks the return of the decade, so this only means more excuses to look bold, beautiful, and slightly over-the-top.


Get the look:


6. Red skirts. 

I mean at this point you can see my pattern right: any red items will do.


Get the look:


7. Red hot lingerie.

Ah the beautiful cliche of Valentine’s Day style. Personally I love red lacy bustier top/bra that peeks just a little bit from underneath a cool blouse or a slouchy sweater. It’s effortless and sexy at the same time.


Get the look:


8. Red lips. 

Need I say more. Red lips is like the lazy girl’s go-to-move for a fab and simple Valentine’s Day style, but also the detail the pulls a whole look together. It’s sexy, beautiful, empowering and looks good on everyone.


Get the look:


Do you do anything fancy for Valentine’s Day, or are you a causal go with the flow kinda gal who just wears a red bra or red lips and prays for the best?

xoxo D.

Yes I am actually asking this question for self-interest reasons if anything. Shocking, I know, but I do sometimes feel that slightly masculine pieces – aka combat boots – make me feel maybe less gracious or something. Not all the time. But sometimes certain items, like wearing big chunky otherwise very cool boots, feels overwhelming. Do you ever get that feeling?

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who can put on and pull off anything without a feeling of losing a bit of themselves in them, or without feeling fashion confused. # Deep fashion convos… But I often struggle with my girly versus Tomboyish side. I love them both equally, and I adore boyfriend t-shirts, hoodies, hats, big sweaters, big coats and what not… yet shoes wise I’ve always gone for the safe road: stilettos, flats, knee high boots, sneakers. Never too big, never too chunky, cause 1) I am already 176 cm and 2) because I’d always balance a tomboyish look with more ‘gracious shoes’.

I am blowing this outta proportion right now.

Anyway… considering all the above, plus living with such fashion contradictions has led to this post, and trying to figure out HOW we can wear combat boots AND look/feel chic and feminine at the same time? (did you see that ‘we’ in there? yeah… I’m praying I ain’t alone in this shit.)

However, as big of an issue as I’m making this be, without it actually being… I have realised since preparing for this article that 80% is in my mind, and that combat boots actually look great. And chic. So it’s more of  a fashion-mental obstacle…

Nevertheless let’s talk about it: HOW to wear combat boots AND look chic?

1.Feminine Dresses.

Think 90s vibes and Beverly Hills 90210 fashion. Let’s all take a moment and truly reminisce. #sighsighsighsigh THIS look is so coming back for spring 2018 courtesy of the cool kids and bloggers out there like Kaia Gerber for example, or my all times faves Camila and Aimee Song.

The combination of a spring/summer dress with a pair of combat boots is so chic and so powerful. You can pick mini styles, more midi lengths, or go for a full-on-maxi. It’s a very sophisticated and empowering look. You can layer it with any type of jacket.

In winter pair the combat boots with long-sleeve dresses/lace dresses/velvet dresses/ and layer a cool coat on top.

2. Skirts and sweaters.

Think chic office style. It’s all a matter of visuals, and you have to try a ton of lengths on to see what actually works best for you. If you go for knee-length skirts, plated styles are more balanced (however I’m so over this combo), pencil skirts tend to look too clashed somehow, so I would pick slightly above the knee styles, A-cut, or asymmetric, with a tiny slit for elongation, because you are wearing combat boots and no heels. Pair them with soft sweaters, sweatshirts, or a tucked in button-down, a long coat to keep those legs warm.

Mini skirts look best with combat boots so rock this look if you can cause it’s incredibly amazing.

3. Sweater dresses.

Or even massive sweaters and basic leggings. It’s a winter look, very laid back, very mountain inspired but also kinda chic at the same time.


4. Cropped jeans.

Of course this is my second fave combo after the first one. It’s the best!!!! Jeans that end right where the boots begin, slightly loose, but not too big, paired with big oversized sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts, and a very cool fur coat on top. It’s the best winter look ever.

In spring you can so wear the same jeans and combat boots combo with a simple t-shirt, or a cool top.

5. Cigarette pants – plaid pants style for example – and a t-shirt.

This has office sophistication written all over it. It’s professional, it looks good and feels a bit badass cause of the combat boots.

6. Cutoffs.

Of course. 90s done with a bit of 2018 chicness and street style vibe meets Coachella. PERFECTION.


  • because the style of combat boots in itself is more badass and rugged, pick styles that are more polished, and look expensive. It’ll give you a more grown-up kinda vibe to it all. Unless of course you don’t give a shit, in which case I hate you, so go on and wear them.
  • wear accessories that look very chic and sort of feminine powerful with combat boots: sunglasses, bold lips, jewellery, designer bags.
  • Stay away from blinged combat boots, those styles that are adorned with studs and stones and all sorts of gems. They’re so over. Pick classic sleek styles instead.

Street style inspiration:


Get the look:


So what do you think: do you have the same fashion struggle, or do you just wear them and pull them off instantly? Do you like them?

xoxo D.

Are sweats the new jeans? Are they so trendy and versatile we can literally trade any outfit for a sweats outfits and pull it off anywhere, and everywhere? Regardless of age, season, or personal style? Hmmmm. People… I am inclined to say YES to all the above, except maybe office days. Yeah. Those don’t work well with a sweats outfits no matter how chic, cool, luxe, athletic sophisticated it may all look. Unless of course you’re working in some creative job, or you’re wearing Gucci. Then you can fuck the ignoramuses and work that hobo-chic-and-fit style.

Anyway… sweats outfits wise it’s all crystal clear to me: they have become such a casual staple, courtesy of those athleisure trends, and of the 80s comeback that it’s the go-to-outfit for 1) running errands, 2) going shopping, 3) brunch, or 4) any cool casual style you wanna pull off one day. Even if you’re not staying home or just going to the gym.

The sweats look has been happening for a while, but I always thought it might be just a fad you know. Like those people who get gym memberships but only show up a few times a month, until they just slack on it. #didyousaysomethingtome

But no. Sweats outfits are here to stay. More so the sweats styles have evolved so much, the way we chose to wear them, where we chose to wear them seem to multiply literally by the minute. Each blogger, celebrity, peasant, stand-by-er, lover of style, hater of sports – they each have a cool new way to wear their sweats, and when all of these come together it’s really a great walking sweats moodboard out there.

So my answer to the Q above is full on yes.

However… HOW do we actually wear sweats outfits to look cool and chic like a casually rich person who has fab style but can’t be bothered on a lazy Saturday?

Here’s a 6 ways guide to pulling off sweats outfits anywhere.

1. Pick a great sweats set.

After all, it’ll be la piece de resistance in your look so you might as well invest in it, not financially speaking, just effort wise.

If you’re new to the game got for classic styles like black adidas, or grey soft sweats sets. Keep it simple, and very easy to style by itself or/and with a coat or a leather jacket.

If you love the soft-luxe but laid back styles pick a nude/taupe/brown shade sweats set. Pair it with some great nude or white sneakers, lipstick, and some dainty gold jewellery.

2. Oversized versus fitted.

The answer lies in between somewhere. You want it to follow your body, but you’re not looking for super fitted styles. You can of course go either way… but then make sure you do the oversized big so that it makes a statement, and the fitted super gym-style-outside-the-gym.

I’m sure you’ve seen loads of Instagram pics of both situations so just pick one that rocks your boat more and try to emulate it. See how it feels.

Or mix it and match it. Do fitted sweats and oversized sweatshirt, or t-shirt, and the other way around.

3. Keep it sporty and athletic casual.

That’s to say heels and sweats outfits are kinda out. Except of course if you’re Kim Kardashian, then you wear oversized sweats with heeled booties.

So… stick to sneakers, birkenstocks, slippers, and if you want heels do the ankle boots with a stiletto heel. Sandals and heeled pumps worn with sweat-pants are so 2010.

4. Go high-fashion/super-cool.

This is the street style of Fashion Weeks so fabulously done by fashion editors, bloggers and celebrities. It’s sweats outfits mixed with high fashion pieces, designer bags, super statement coats, beautiful shoes. The sweats are not those you lazy around the house in… they’re more of a nipped and tucked version of the classic sweats, more dressy, more 80s rather than 2018 chill.

5. Sweats for slobs with a chic style. #aroundthehouse

This is pretty much all of us at some point. What’s the key to taking the slob to hobo-chic level? Maybe a shower, clean hair, a pair of sunglasses if the face ain’t cooperating #meagain, clean sweats slightly more upgraded than pjs, great sneakers or slippers on, a tiny little jewellery that makes you feel pretty, a leather jacket on top.

6. Celebrity style.

This is the slob version of each of us being completely caught off guard when getting coffee, by the paparazzi. I know. Such a drag. The style is usually either a simple sweats set with a coat or jacket on top, or it can be cropped sweats (either the pants or the sweatshirt). Or you can do the sweatpants and a sports bra with a cool jacket on top.

General tips: you can even wear sweaters with sweatpants as a cool combo. And for an even more laid back vibe layer a longer t-shirt underneath a sweatshirt, and top it all off with a denim jacket, a bomber or a leather jacket.

Street style inspiration:


Get the look:


I am so supporting this new sweats outfits movement in all its shapes and sizes and designs.

Happy weekend everyone.

xoxo D.

The biggest, the best, better than the rest. Everyone sing with me. No? Okay. (feels embarrassed, sits down) While I might be getting slightly ahead of myself here, with the singing and all, the fact is every now and then fashion is just amazing. How it takes one ugly or boring item and makes it the most beautiful thing in the world. That is perfection. Such is the case of plaid pants, the pants that everyone is wearing these days. So… the bigger, the best, better than the rest singing (2018 trend) now makes sense. Still no?

Say what you want I’m sticking to both the song and the plaid pants, and coming from me aka Lover of only black pants and any colour denims, my new found love for plaid pants is kinda surprising. To say the least. But I love them. And in my humble opinion I do think they’re the biggest trend of 2018.

Why is everyone wearing plaid pants? 

Err… hello best trend of 2018! They just beautifully showed up on our sartorial radar courtesy of the plaid trend altogether, and everyone’s wearing them cause they have this chic vibe to them. French style mixed with retro, mixed with laid back but also being able to translate to a billion other personal styles.

Plaid pants are like this fashion challenge everyone’s doing: wearing them to fit their own looks. Some girls wear them with sneakers, some go for heels, some wear them relaxed and chic, while others go for sleek office formal styles.

The plaid pants themselves come in more styles: dressy, for office, cigarette, with pockets, brown checks, black and white, coloured, elastic band waist (hallelujah! I couldn’t have asked for a better trend while being pregnant!), normal waist band, high waist, fitted, slouchy… You just pick your thing and roll with it.

These are also the reasons why everyone’s wearing them: there’s a little something for any and all body types, they’re very flattering, and they’re very easy to style with no wrong fashion turns, you know.

How to wear plaid pants?

Personally I love the relaxed chic style of the brown plaid pants, maybe an elastic waist band, cigarette cut, slightly cropped, with flat shoes, and a white t-shirt. Perfection for Saturday brunch, and for office style.

Pair them with:

I honestly think there’s no wrong way to wear them.

Street style:


Get the look:


So what do you think, are you a fan of the plaid pants trend 2018 or not?