Fashion is constantly changing, resulting in the introduction of many brands. Of course, any brands are well-known and have been around for quite some time. However, other brands have newly entered the market and are attempting to create a unique identity for themselves. 

Designers are joining the industry, and the fashion world is displaying a wide range of talents and styles. If you are a fashion world enthusiast, here are all the top luxury brands for 2021, including both new & already famous brands.

Nili Lotan 

Nili Lotan is a well-known and internationally recognized fashion designer based in New York. This brand is loved by both the public and editors. The pieces of this brand are often featured in leading fashion industry magazines. 

The company is known for producing high-end designer garments for both genders. The brand has been promoted by a number of celebrities. It has also dressed actors in music videos and films. Nili also produces a wide range of pants, denim, sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets.


Though fashion brands come and go, Hermès has steadily grown its consumer base, which now includes millennials who’ve been accelerating the brand’s expansion. 

It can still monitor production to satisfy increases in demand because it controls the plants and trains its artisans, contributing to relatively less wasted products or stock and 34 percent profit margins, the highest in the sector. 

Millennials are increasingly conscious about the effect of their expenditures on the environment, and Hermès’ emphasis on timeless, long-lasting products goes well with customers’ ability to resist overconsumption.


What distinguishes a U.s metal chair as nothing more than a work of art, while a Ghanaian knit bucket is simply a craft item? The founders of the Goodee brand are intent on curating brands that have a significant social impact. 

Each product has a brand representing a specific goal, like poverty alleviation, gender equality, environmental conservation, or decarbonization. 

But it’s the way the company curates fantastic design from all over the world, boosting artists and laborers who are otherwise overlooked by the design industry, that sets it apart.


Fendi is a high-end fashion house &  another top designer company for 2021. The company was founded in the 1920s and has since grown to become one of the market’s most prestigious fashion brands. 

The company sells a wide range of clothes, footwear, luggage, and shoes. In addition, the company creates valuable items for daily use.

Final thoughts

Wear patterns and designs are considered to be influenced by various brands in the market.  In terms of fashion and design, different individuals have different preferences and interests.  

In the retail sector, there seem to be various luxury brands to meet everyone’s needs. There are too many brands to fit your requirements, whether you need expensive pieces or clothes that make you look good out or a primary, high-quality design that is inexpensive. The above are some of the biggest and the most innovative fashion brands to watch in 2021.

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It’s fairly common for women to acquire the bag of their dreams if they are financially stable and have regular income. For some women, a symbol of their hard work over the years is a car or a house and for others it’s haute couture clothing and accessories. A great bag can last you a lifetime, if you take care of it properly, and even generate more money compared to the initial purchase. Here are 3 facts you probably haven’t known about designer bags:

Psychology Behind Chic

Every woman who owns a designer handbag knows that it’s more than just a statement piece that spices up the look or represents a form of personal taste. It is slowly but surely becoming a society status symbol and represents the dedication and business goal fulfillment of the one who carries it. For instance, a clever Dior marketing campaign brought a vintage bag staple piece to life. Web searches for Dior Saddle bag on Lyst shot up to 1000% after influencers posed with the bag for their Instagram photographs. Instantly, it became an IT piece wanted by every trendy and iconic woman on the planet. Furthermore, in the long-run, a designer bag can be a great investment if we take into consideration that some bags can increase their value and become highly sought after on the market.

Smart Investment 

As we already mentioned, the fact is that every high-quality designer bag is an investment that makes the look complete, but is a fashionable statement on its own. Different colours, prints and materials of Marni designer brands bring personal sense of style and fashion preferences to life. Some designer bags prove to be more valuable than others over time. For instance, Hermès bags never lose their value, they can make you more profit than a house or a car. Annual return on certain designer bags can rise up to 15% per year, which was the case with the famous Birkin bags. You probably heard that it’s smarter to invest in a Birkin rather than stocks or gold. That’s because their value is highly unlikely to drop, so you can rest assured that you made a smart investment decision, which is of utmost importance for all connoisseurs of fashion, art and luxury. 

Fashionable Insurance 

You can insure your couture clothing and designer bags, if you want to protect them from damage or loss, whether they’re at your disposal, at your house or away from you. Fashionable insurance helps you keep your stuff safe so you can sleep without feeling anxious or scared about your property and belongings even if something unexpected happens. People can keep their high-value, designer stuff safe for a long period of time with the aid of insurance. In most cases, If you have acquired a few expensive designer bags, it’s no wonder you want them to last as much as possible. Of course, you can manage to do so by taking care of them, according to the material they’re made of, the specific shape, while using creams, material protectors and storing them in a safe place accordingly. 

Ultimately, it all boils down to the fact that you can’t predict the future and events that might take place and that’s why it’s important to think ahead. Just like you insure your car, or a similar belonging that is of high value to you whether financially or sentimentally, you can insure both designer, expensive bags and bags that carry a lot of emotional value. It’s entirely up to you and your priorities. Even if the bag isn’t designer, it’s about the content that’s in it. People use insurance to safeguard their stuff from accidents and incidents such as loss and damage, fire and smoke, theft etc. 

Keep your designer bags safe by using high-quality maintenance products, keep them neat and clean in a dust bag and out of light in order for them to become a smart investment. What fact was the biggest surprise of the article? Leave a comment below and let’s chat about your fashion taste!

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Choosing an engagement ring could very well represent one of the most important decisions that you will ever have to make. While the size, cut, color, and clarity of the stone are obviously relevant, what about the design of the ring itself? Many experts feel that a bit of originality will go a long way towards making an indelible impression, so it is a good idea to take a quick look at five unique styles in order to appreciate the options at your disposal.

Spiral Shapes

This first option represents a classical design with a modern “twist”. Incorporating a spiral design into an engagement ring will provide a unique sense of depth while also offering a rather subdued appeal. This is also a great way to add extra stones within the band or around its periphery. 

Designs Inspired by Heirlooms

Many experts agree that one of the most predominant trends in 2021 involves designing rings around the styles of older heirlooms. Square and cushion cuts, deeper settings and thicker bands are therefor expected to gain prominence in the coming months. These can also represent ideal solutions if you have been looking to adopt a more traditional ambience. 

Compass Prongs

As the Gemological Institute of America points out, the step-cut nature of emerald designs is able to offer a bespoke sense of elegance. One interesting trend is for engagement rings to incorporate what is known as a “NSEW” setting (representing the directions of a compass). This is a unique take on more traditional settings and an excellent way to accentuate the cut of the stone itself. 

Black Gold

There are many different amalgams of gold and these will ultimately impact the color of this precious metal. While yellow gold is still popular, we are beginning to witness a trend towards “black gold”. The hue of this metal is said result from the presence of a chemical known as cobalt oxide. The end result is a rich and smoky undertone which can be used as an excellent backdrop against other precious stones. 

Linked Rings

This final option is certainly unique in its own right. As you might have already guessed, a growing number of couples are choosing to purchase one or more engagement rings which are permanently linked around one another. Not only does this configuration provide a sense of “motion”, but it can often be used to signify personal life events (such as the birth of a child or twins). The presence of multiple bands also provides space for additional diamonds. Be sure to check out this guide to diamond carat weight at Pricescope in order to appreciate what sizes might be the most suitable. 

Originality is key when choosing an engagement ring. As each style is intended to serve a bespoke purpose, never be afraid to experiment with the different options at your disposal. This is the best way to ensure that your ring will truly stand out from the crowd!

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Perhaps, it is time that you infused freshness into your closet. Those clothes are not helping that much, anymore. More occasions arise that need you to be on top of your game. So, here is what you can do. Run through your available clothes to identify those that are no longer relevant and serve their purpose. Get rid of these dresses, replacing them with new ones.

Stock up on casual wear – you will need such clothes for simple activities within and around your home. Do not forget your formal clothes as well as special collections. In this regard, think turtleneck dresses, shirt dresses, wrap dresses, and the rest. Once done, it is time to layer your clothes. Combine two to three pieces of clothing to stay fly all the time.

Cross Your Is and Dot Your Ts Before Shopping

First off, do not buy new dresses for women without considering some elements, like climate, age, material, comfort, cut, colour, and durability. Failure to do so will only frustrate your shopping experience. Start by selecting a dress for the intended season. Summer outfits, especially those made from lightweight fabrics, are different from winter clothes, like linen and velvet. So, you shouldn’t get one when initially you intend to get the other.

The next area to consider is the occasion. What event is this cloth serving – vacation, gala, dinner date, indoor activities, or a wedding? For formal events, such as weddings, gowns are your best bet. You can wear them in any season. When it comes to choosing the right outfit for an occasion, age plays a role. This determinant influences the type and colour of the dress you choose to buy. Do not make the mistake of purchasing fabric that isn’t appropriate for your generation. Girly dresses look great on female children and teenagers, but they can look terrible on an elderly lady.

Considering Pricing as a Factor When Shopping

Shopping for a dress in a brick-and-mortar clothing store can cost more than you bargain. On the other hand, online retail stores offer the same women’s dresses for more affordable prices. The reason for this outcome is that they do not deal with the costs of overseeing many employees and managing rental space. As such, their products are cheaper than those from the physical stores. But that does not imply that online retail stores don’t have their challenges, including the sales of subpar items.

So, when shopping for a new cloth online, ensure that you check out the reviews. Find out what other customers are saying about the store and the clothes provided. Additionally, do not “add to cart” a dress solely using your measurement. View the store’s measurement chart as some of them use international measurements that differ from yours.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a dress for a formal event or everyday wear, keep in mind that your body type, season, and comfort are all important considerations. If you have found the perfect match, layer it with other pieces to add variety to your wardrobe.

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The day has come my friends when the colour I had always thought to be the ugliest turned out to be the coolest. Imagine that. I don’t know what’s more troubling here, the fact that sage green is suddenly beautiful or that an almost-40-year-old-woman is using the word ‘cool’ to describe it.

So yes sage green is everywhere these days, from gorgeous aesthetic in decor, table setting, accessories of all sorts to actual clothes and entire outfits. It’s a thing and it started quietly before the pandemic only to grow on us little by little until… well it’s gotten to a point where if you know fashion and you love clothes you probably want to dip into this pastel green shade.

It has a bit of retro nostalgia mixed with some teenage kind of coolness a la 90s but ALSO a lot of feminine and delicate vibes in a very pure innocent and cute kinda way.

From little mini skirts, to crop cardigans, to sweats sets, lounge sets, and blazers, or full on suits  – sage green as a trend is one of the biggest fashion things for the past couple of years. And I love it. If not for the colour per se – which is – in my book cute and delicate and very hard to pull off – then for exactly its step by step growing fashion ubiquity in a time and place where I feel like trends no longer exist in their classic kinda way.

Wow that was a long sentence.

How to wear sage green in 2021?

Well you can either pick one sage green item and wear it/test it see how you feel about it, and if you love it, you can go on and drape yourself in sage dresses, suits, tracksuits etc. OR you can directly go for the full on sage green monochrome look.

IF like me you think this colour is hard to pull off (complexion wise) and style into other pieces try wearing a sage green t-shirt or a sage green cardigan or even better a sage green blazer with denim. Why? First off everything looks amazing paired with denim and second it’s a quick, affordable and an easy way to test a colour trend.

You can also go for a soft sage green mani.

The more adventurous style gurus can either rock full on sage green outfits like loungewear sets, sweats sets, suits, or can mix sage green with other crazy colours. Sage green looks AMAZING with any pastel shades especially yellow and pink. It has that beautiful, sad, delicate nostalgia that Lana del Rey songs kinda ooze. (literally just went on apple music to play her latest album now.) For braver fashion souls out there you can mix sage green with strong colours or prints. Purple looks amazing paired with green for some reason, and gingham and florals are prints and pattern winners.

It is a very soothing calm colour with a huge potential for so many looks especially those that hold some retro Americana slightly edgy or delicate twist to them.

I love it!

Shop for sage green outfits.



How about you?

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Quarantine skin is indeed a thing. The pandemic and the ensuing lockdown have changed the way we work, changed our schedules, changed the way we entertain, basically changed our whole way of life. So it only makes sense that the health problems we face and the way we care for ourselves also need to change.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and any drastic changes in our lifestyle can impact our skin. Let’s look at “Quaranskin,” or rather how our skin has been impacted during the quarantine.

Why Is Our Skin Changing?

Think about your major life changes as a result of lockdown. You’re probably spending more time indoors, dealing with more stress, social distancing has put a damper on your social life, and your sleep cycles may have gone haywire. All of this impacts your health, your mood, and by extension, your skin too.


Research shows that adults in the United States have experienced soaring stress levels since the pandemic. According to experts, this is partly the consequence of collective trauma due to the economic struggles caused by the lockdowns and an underlying fear for the future. 

According to dermatologists, stress increases the production of a hormone called “cortisol,” which in turn leads to increased sebum/oil production on the skin, causing acne breakouts.

Stress affects us in several ways. It can significantly impact our diet and our sleep schedules. Not getting enough sleep or exercise can also increase cortisol levels in your body, leading to even more breakouts on the skin.

Increased Indoor Times

This is probably the most time you’ve ever spent your whole life indoors. But the air inside your house is not as humid as the air outside your house. Your skin, however, needs moisture from the air for the cells to regenerate. When it cannot get this, your skin starts to dry up and get patchy.

Changes in Diet

The enforced stay-at-home saw many of us turn to comfort foods. While studies have highlighted that stress does feed the need for comfort food, numerous studies also point to the effect of such food on the skin. Over a while, a diet rich in carbs, sugars, and refined flour can worsen the breakouts on your skin. With a well-balanced diet, you are 70% closer to achieving healthy skin.

Increased Exposure to Screens

Though considered a hoax for a while, the verdict is finally out. An increasing number of studies have shown that the blue light emitted by screens can damage skin cells, causing their shrinkage and death. This speeds up the aging process and makes your skin look duller and tired.

Missing the Sun

We all know the importance of getting our daily dose of sunshine, even if it’s during a brisk walk around the block. The sun is nature’s best and free source of vitamin D, also referred to as the sunshine vitamin.

The Quarantine has seen an increase in the number of vitamin D deficiency cases, with 41.6% of the US population being identified as Vitamin D deficient. You need Vitamin D for everything from cell development to reducing inflammation which in turn decreases the risk of cancer.

How to Prevent These Skin Disorders?

So, how can we mitigate the effects our lockdown lives have on our skin?

It is very important to prioritize self-care, including skincare, especially when you are stressed. A balanced diet, drinking lots of water, and some outdoor exercise alone can get you really far, but for smooth, flawless skin, you need to maintain a good skincare routine. This means never skipping showers, wearing sunscreen, and, most importantly, moisturizing regularly.

Hydration plays a crucial role in your skin’s health. Most people mistakenly think that moisturizing is not required when one is indoors, but this couldn’t be far from the truth.  When it comes to skincare, ensure that you invest in quality products and reputed brands like Kiehl’s ultra facial cream. Its formula is adjusted to deeply hydrate your skin and provide moisture balance in any environment.


“Quaranskin” is no myth! Take a closer look at yourself in the mirror and check your skin out. Is it as smooth, soft, and rich in tone as it could be? If your answer is no, it’s time to consider the lifestyle changes that you need to make to turn your skin around. You need to remember that your skin is your best accessory, so it requires taking care of.

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When it comes to health and wellness, it seems like a product called CBD is making a noise in this industry today. The internet is full of people talking about cannabidiol, a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant.

Many sellers are marketing hemp and cannabis oil as a remedy that can treat various ailments out there. Many celebrities tell everyone that cannabidiol is one of those effective supplements that can decrease their stress and the bottles have natural healing powers. Moreover, CBD oil seems to be everywhere, and many people have proven that it made them calmer in general. With these hypes all over the internet, you may be asking yourself if a bottle is worth a try.

CBD is Different from Marijuana

Consumers may often get confused because if CBD comes from the marijuana plant, then they may experience the “high” associated with smoking weed. However, cannabidiol is different. It doesn’t get you stoned or high because it does not contain a psychoactive compound called THC. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the potent compound with more than 30% presence in marijuana strains. THC is responsible for affecting the users’ cognitive abilities.

Meanwhile, there’s cannabidiol that everyone claims to be different. If you want to know more about it, then here are some of the studies that researchers have made. You can know more about the differences when you click here. 

CBD is Used to Quit Smoking

Even if there was a buzz for using the oil extracts, many people have found out that consuming them can help them quit smoking. There’s a study in the Journal of the Addictive Behaviors that supported these findings.

The study had 24 smokers who had received placebo and CBD inhalers. They were encouraged to use the inhalers for a week and record if they have urges to smoke. Those who were given placebos did not reduce their overall consumption of cigarettes in the space of a week. However, those who have received CBD inhalers found out that they didn’t crave a cigarette as much during that particular week, and about 40% have reduced their tobacco intake.

These results suggest that cannabidiol can be a good treatment for people who are addicted to nicotine. The authors, including Ryan Vandrey, a psychiatry professor at the Johns Hopkins University, have agreed that there are still in-depth studies needed to know more about CBD helping smokers to kick their habits for good, but the results so far are promising.

Used for Pain Relief

A professor at the University of Michigan, Daniel Clauw, MD, believed that people could benefit from the pain management of cannabidiol. He cited research and clinical trials made by Zynerba. This pharmaceutical company said that the topicals infused with cannabidiol helped people who have arthritis and back pain find the relief they are hoping for.

 Today, Zynerba may not be actively pursuing another drug for the cure of osteoarthritis, which results in no clear standards for the recommendations of dosage. However, many people who want to take CBD orally can always read the manufacturers’ websites, labels, and directions on consuming the extracts and getting relief at a fast rate.

The professor at the University of Michigan also added that not all pain relief drugs are good. Patients became addicted to them after years of using, and they can cause cardiovascular issues and bleeding. If an elderly patient can prefer CBD over opioids, their knees and knuckles will feel much better without being dependent on a single drug.

Skincare Products

CBD is not just encased in bottles and pills; it is also used in many beauty industries. They have anti-inflammatory properties that help with redness and swelling on the skin. These beauty products are marketing cannabidiol as a new treatment for anti-aging and wellness. There are creams, lotions, and other topicals that are helpful in the face and relieving other issues. With a CBD-infused topical, you can get relief from itchiness as well.

A medical doctor in New York City, Dr. Francesca Fusco, has recently told a magazine that the research conducted with the cannabidiol extracts has found that they are very rich in fatty acids. They act as nutrients to the dermis and minimize loss of moisture and improve hydration in general. These studies have found out that oil may also inhibit the presence of acne on the face.

Treatment for Autism

Many parents who are considered with autism in their children can find relief that cannabidiol is a potential treatment for this medical condition. You can learn more about autism here: However, it’s essential to know that the research is still in the initial stages, and there are still no published journals that were peer-reviewed to approve the findings, and many should wait for an FDA-approved medicine regarding this.

The phytocannabinoids in cannabidiol are known to interact with the endocannabinoids of the body. This process is crucial because it affects the central nervous system, which controls people’s circadian rhythm, social behavior, and reward processes. They are all atypical in those who have autism. Today, the University of California is still underway developing a therapy for autism, which is still unconfirmed.

Even if there were no human trials conducted involving CBD and autism, the findings are still promising. However, patients need to see a doctor because the cannabis industry is still unregulated. In many cases, you must only be getting your products from trusted and legitimate sources so you can be assured that they are effective and safe.

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One year it’s all about athleisure, the next is about hippie-inspired outfits, then the Scandi style comes to steal the spotlight and so on. In the fashion world, trends seem to come and go at the speed of light. It can be difficult to stay up to date with all these transformations, let alone embrace them and adapt them to your personal style. And let’s face it, you might not even have the budget to change your whole wardrobe on a regular basis just for the sake of keeping up with the latest trends in the fashion industry. 

But then again, you don’t want your outfits to look boring and dated either. One way to solve this dilemma is by building a capsule wardrobe comprised of timeless pieces that you can wear time and time again and look as stylish as ever. But if that implies more effort (and money) than you’re willing to invest, you can always choose plan B. And in this case plan B means using the right accessories to bring your outfits back to life and give them the oomph they need. 

So, let’s see what are the must-have accessories that can update even the most basic and boring attire.   


Some say hoop earrings are making a comeback. We say they never left the chat, but they were just laying low for a while. There’s something about hoops that evokes power, confidence and femininity all at once. And we’re not only talking about the classic simple hoops here. Since they come in a variety of styles and sizes, you can have fun with it and choose the colors, materials and designs that appeal to you the most. You can wear just one pair or more, wear them alone or layer them with other earrings to create looks that will definitely make an impression. 


If the eyes are the window to the soul, eyewear is most certainly the window to stylishness. Whether we’re talking about sunglasses or vision glasses, the right pair of glasses can instantly transform your attire. You go from preppy to sassy in just a second or choose the quirkiest eyewear if you want to make a fashion statement with your outfit. 

Quick tip: learn to choose the right frames to complement your face shape if you want to enhance your natural features. Also, if you need vision glasses, always opt for reputable eye care providers like Muunel eyewear to make sure you get the best quality eyewear and your eyes are well protected.  

High heels 

When it comes to footwear, sneakers and flats are definitely the most comfortable options and they can be stylish as well. They’re also basic items that everyone should own. But they’re not necessarily the pieces that can transform your outfit from boring to spectacular. Leave that task to high heels. You should never underestimate the power of high heels. They can elevate your outfit both literally and metaphorically. 

If you’re not a regular high-heel wearer, you don’t have to choose sky high heels to put together a great outfit. You can always go for medium high heels that are much more comfortable and they won’t have you tripping over your own feet on a smooth surface. 

Wrist piece 

Not in the mood to wear a fancy outfit? No worries, you don’t always have to look like you came out of the covers of a fashion magazine. But you can give your attire a touch of elegance and sophistication with a statement wrist piece. 

A nice watch is your safest bet here, not to mention it’s also a practical accessory. When you wear a beautiful watch, there’s really no need to add jewelry or other accessories to your outfit (unless you feel like it). Watches are total show-stealers, so adorn your wrist with the prettiest watch you own and you’re good to go. 


Looking good is important, but let’s not forget about practical aspects either. We all need to carry around certain items with us, so why not carry them in style? Usually, people opt for the classic handbag or backpack where they can throw any item and go about their day. 

But when you need to stand out from the crowd and make your outfit a bit cooler, these options won’t do. Choose an elegant clutch instead and you’ll see how your whole look instantly improves. You won’t be able to fit as many things inside a clutch, but then again, you probably don’t need to carry all that stuff with you anyway. 

Gold jewelry 

It’s one of those days when the only clean clothes you have are a classic white top and a pair of blue jeans. Nice and simple, right? But it can look a little dull as well. So, what can you do to level up this basic outfit? Our suggestion is to throw some gold jewelries in the mix and then take a glance in the mirror. We promise you’ll like what you see. 

Gold jewelries can bring a bit of spark and joy into any outfit. And they don’t necessarily have to be made out of genuine gold. There are plenty of quality gold pieces made of other materials that will look just as good and won’t leave a dent in your budget. 

Red lip 

Let’s talk a bit about makeup, shall we? Some might argue that’s not an actual accessory, but we beg to differ. At least when it comes to red lipstick, we can definitely add it to the list of essential accessories every woman should have. 

A red lip is like the little black dress of makeup. It will never go out of style and it looks flattering on anyone. So, when you don’t feel like dressing up, a bold red lip can make you look amazing, no matter what you’re wearing. Find a shade that works for you and skyrocket your style and your self-confidence. 

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When smartwatches first came out, they were designed with men in mind, but as they have grown in popularity, there has been a shift in design, with women’s devices becoming more accessible. If you are looking for a budget-friendly and reliable smartwatch for women, then take a look at these great devices before you make a purchase.

HUAWEI Watch Fit

Not only does this watch come in under budget, but it works hard to help you stay in touch with the way your body works. From stress monitoring, step counting, and menstrual cycle tracking, each feature works to give you the most accurate data at the touch of a button.

Waterproof up to 50m, this watch also offers nearly one hundred different workout modes so that you can be certain your exercise of choice can be tracked. The only disappointment with this device is that the strap is not changeable, meaning that you will not be able to change looks for different events.

Fossil Women’s Hybrid

If you are looking for a watch that has smart features but looks like a traditional timepiece, then the Fossil Women’s Hybrid may be the solution. It comes with a beautiful clock face that is easy to read, a thin and comfy strap, and has a companion app that allows you to get the notifications you need no matter where you are.

This device has a battery that will last anywhere between 6 – 9 months and can be easily replaced for very little cost. The companion app is simple to navigate and will tell you your daily steps, the calories you have burned, and provides you with the option to set specific goals to work towards. It’s a sleek and affordable watch that will look great wherever you wear it.

Ndur Watch

Ndur may not be a well-known brand, but their budget line of smartwatches offers the style and functionality that any woman needs. The device is comfortable to wear and looks like a combination of an Apple Watch and a Fitbit Versa. It has a full touch screen and is simple to use so that you can get on with your day with ease.

The watch comes with a heart rate monitor and can track your sleep and menstrual cycle so that you are always up to date with how your body is functioning. Plus, it comes with IP68 waterproof standards, so it is safe in the rain or when you are washing your hands. Plus, it comes with extra-long battery life and can be charged in under two hours when it goes flat. 

Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit are well known for their high-quality tracker devices, and the Fitbit Inspire 2 is no different. It comes with a whopping ten-day battery, allows you to track up to 20 different activities, and is water-resistant to 50m so that you can wear it swimming without worrying.

The Fitbit companion app is highly regarded and can give you further insights and analysis into your performance over time. You can also opt to upgrade to Fitbit Premium and access guided meditation, additional challenges, and much more.

Why You Need a Women’s Smartwatch

It may seem crazy that men and women can find gender-specific smartwatches, but what is important to a woman, such as menstrual tracking, may be irrelevant to men. Whichever watch you choose to buy, make sure that it suits your needs and fits your lifestyle so that you get the best from it every time you wear it.


Cool as it may look, when you really think about it, the range and selection of shoes in a shoes store can be very overwhelming if you don’t know where to  start looking! While it makes for a great display, having hundreds of shoes for sale displayed in one place can be a one-way road to decision fatigue – so where to start when you need a new pair of shoes? 

The trick is to break the process down into steps – starting with analysis of your likes and dislikes, considering your budget, looking at materials, and finally, purchasing your shoes.

How ideal is ideal when it comes to the right pair of shoes? 

If you’ve ever been to any of the Nike shoes sales,  you will know that it is a brand built on durability and good reputation. But if you think about it, what is this brand best known for? Running shoes! Perhaps you’ve been to a footwear store with several pairs of Nike shoes for sale, and the chances are great that they are all running shoes. The success of these shoes comes from the fact that they are purpose-designed and purpose-bought, so people who buy them will generally use them for running – the activity they were designed for. 

Conversely, if you wear shoes for reasons other than what they were designed for, you risk wear and tear to the shoes and even injury to yourself. This is because shoes are designed to function in a certain way for various activities, and using it in an unintended way can have terrible consequences. 

How do you fill your days? 

What do you enjoy doing? How do you stay active, and what sports get you out of bed in the morning? If you have a sport you enjoy, or even have a job that leads you to speding a lot of time on your feet, you need to make sure that your feet are properly cushioned and protected.

When you go out to investigate potential shoe matches, there are certain factors that you could investigate to make the process more smooth. 

Think about aspects such as the material the shoes are made of, how thick or thin the soles are, how solid or breathable the shoes are, whether they are ergonomically designed and what activity they were designed for. 

Body aches, blisters, postural issues and swollen feet are just a few of the consequences of shoes that are incorrectly worn. Your most crucial consideration is to protect your heels and ankles from impact at all costs, and that requires the right kind of shoes. 

Your shoes should move with you

Durability is a huge factor in the longevity of shoes, and in this case, material matters. Leather is always a solid option, as it is strong, and difficult to break. It is however heavy, and difficult to run in, unless combined with other materials. For running shoes, look for something light a flexible, while hiking boots should be tough and structural. 

xoxo D.