Cocktail dresses make a bold statement while still making you look (and feel) elegant and reposed. The perfect mix of bold, sexy, and confident, the cocktail dress is a favorite for just about any occasion, whether it be a work-related gathering or a simple night out on the town. That being said, there are actually several varieties of cocktail dress to choose from; from the classic little black dress that’s become a staple in any wardrobe to the lace dress for those extra-special occasions when you want to look your best. Here are five types of cocktail dresses that are perfect for any occasion.   

The Little Black Dress (of Course)

What cocktail dress list would be complete without the little black dress? Sleek, form-fitting, slimming, and simple, the black cocktail dress has been giving ladies everywhere a sense of elegance and casual class perfectly blended into one outfit. The little black dress can be worn pretty much anywhere, even to more high-end events. You’ll find the little black cocktail dress at weddings, red carpet events, and more! Even plus size ladies can enjoy the sleek style of a little black cocktail dress, with high end plus size cocktail dresses available online and in some clothing/department stores. 

The little black dress comes in just about any variety and price you can think of, making it perhaps the most versatile cocktail dress and nothing less than an essential piece of every wardrobe. If you don’t have a little black dress in your wardrobe, it’s time to find one that fits your shape just right. You’ll feel like a million dollars in a sleek, form-fitting cocktail dress with the right accessories and some heels to complete the look. It’s safe to say that the little black dress is perhaps the most important option on this list, and certainly one of the most important components of a complete wardrobe.  

The A-Line Dress

The A-line cocktail dress is more of a classic approach to the look but still stands out as a stylish and flirtatious option for ladies of all shapes and sizes. You can opt for long or short dress options with an A-line, with both serving their own style and showing off your legs and shoes. You can bare even more with a spaghetti strap option, or a halter style to keep your shoulders covered. 

The best part about the A-line dress is that it looks great on ladies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a plus size beauty or a thinner lady, the A-line’s shape will show off your curves in all the right ways. The shape and style of this cocktail dress make it perfect for casual and formal occasions alike, and there are dozens of styles available to choose from. From designer plus size fashion to options for thinner ladies, the A-line is the versatile option you need to iron out your wardrobe. 

The Long-Sleeve Dress

Adding sleeves to an A-line dress takes it a step further into the casual/formal look. A perfect balance of sophistication and boldness, the long-sleeve dress shows off the subtle curves of your legs while hiding your shoulders, collar bones, and arms. The dress says “I’m ready for a party, but I’m also a classy lady.” Take the skirt up a little higher to show off more of your legs, or keep it long to reveal only the bottom half of your legs and your ankles. If you’re looking to draw attention to your heels, the longer option is the way to go! If you want a more flirtatious look, a shorter length should do the trick. 

Embellished Cocktail Dress

Embellishments such as sequins, beads, feather patterns, and more, can really make your dress stand out in the crowd. Whether you want to shimmer in the light with an eye-catching sequin pattern or add texture to that plain old cocktail dress with a bold floral pattern, the embellished cocktail dress is the right choice for the more eccentric look. 

You’ll get the style, grace, and comfort of a typical cocktail dress without the plain look that often accompanies it. Take your fashion to another level by choosing this unique look the next time you’re looking for a cocktail dress! 


Nothing is quite as sleek and sexy as lace, and on a cocktail dress, it’s simply radiant. Lace is about as feminine as it gets, showing off your female prowess and providing a whole other level of comfort to the cocktail dress. Lace is quite versatile as well, being able to be made into many different styles. If you’re looking for that perfect balance of style and boldness, adding a lace cocktail dress to your wardrobe should do just that. Remember to find a great pair of heels to go with it! 

xoxo D.

Everyone loves wrapping boxes from under the Christmas tree, but what about the things we stick in the stockings? The Christmas gifts. Pulling down the stockings to hand out to your family can be a treasured part of the Christmas experience. As such, you want to be sure your stocking stuffers are fun, small, and affordable!

Stocking stuffers can be anything as small as a piece of candy to larger items you can bundle up. If the loved one you’re shopping for has a sophisticated taste, here are 5 ideas that won’t break the bank and will easily fit.

Phone Case

Some phone cases can be very expensive, that much is true. However, some of the best looking iPhone cases are completely affordable! It’s easier now more than ever to find a case that fits every personality. Some are simple, solid colors. Others have intricate designs and textures. There are also charging cases and wallet cases that won’t kill your budget! It’s a great idea for a trendy tech lover who loves to use their phone as an accessory.


Jewelry can be expensive, that’s true. You can still find some beautiful and/or funky jewelry, like necklaces and earrings, for reasonable prices. 

Look for those holiday sales at larger department stores or even jewelry shops. Accessories work for nearly anyone, as long as you find something you know appeals to their taste. Who doesn’t love accessories when they want to look good? And jewelry will easily slide into those stockings!

Hair Accessories

From headbands to bobby pins, anyone that loves to style their hair will appreciate these holiday gifts. Flower crowns, sparkly bands, and decorative barrettes are making big strides in fashion right now. 

For fun, you can even throw in a little tiara. Scrunchies are also making a massive comeback thanks to 80’s nostalgia, and you can find some fantastic multi-packs at great prices. 


Makeup can get pricey. Anyone who knows anything about makeup knows that. Still, you can find good quality cosmetics at low cost in most cosmetics stores like Ulta and Sephora. Brands like NYX and Make-Up Revolution have loyal followings and lower prices than luxury brands. 

Another thing you could do is palettes. This will be a more expensive option, but if you know it’s trendy and something they want, it could make their holiday amazing! Most palettes will fit into a stocking, too.

Tumbler/Travel Mug

You’d be hard-pressed to find a modern-day woman who doesn’t carry around a cute travel mug or tumbler for her coffee, water, shakes, smoothie, or juice. However, custom tumblers tend to stay under $30, and they’ll take up a lot of room in the stocking, so you won’t have as much to stuff! 

You can’t go wrong with a travel cup. You can find a ton of designs, and many have the choice to customize! Add initials, a fun quote, or a bonus gift card inside and you’ve got a wonderful Christmas gift.

Bottom Line

Whether it’s something they can wear or something they can carry, choosing how to fill up those decorative socks offers a lot of creative freedom. 

For trendy family members, you can get many different types of accessories or cosmetics. For others, a bag of candy or a collection of favorite snacks might be just as welcome. It all comes down to knowing your friends and family and how to fill their stocking with love rather than expensive gifts.  

Your holidays should be fun and full of love – keep this in mind as you prepare stockings stuffers! 

xoxo D.

Spending money on clothes may feel like a loss. It’s not gold or real estate that may increase in value at some point, and they often go out of date faster than you imagine. Pouring cash on expensive clothing is a pointless task when you’re on a budget. Once your clothes age, there’s no going back.

After using an article of clothing for a while, we grow tired of it. It feels either too boring or too shabby. But what if you could make your old clothes new again?

Here are ten ways to make your old clothes new again.

Embroider Some Colorful Designs

One way to transform your old wardrobe is embroidery. Add some colorful stitch patterns on your clothes to give them a fresh new look.

We often buy the same clothes as the next person from the popular stores. Embroidery lets you make your clothes one of a kind. Even if factory-made clothes are not unique, yours can be with embroidery.

To find the right embroidery machine, visit Check out their reviews and find the embroidery machine that works for you.

Resize Old Stretchy Clothes

Clothing that’s loosely woven or made from natural materials like cotton or wool will stretch over time.

A stretched out top or sweater looks shabby and worn. Resize it to your shape by cutting and sewing. Or you can shrink it, which is a little risky but worth it if you can get it right.

Change the Sleeves

Transform the sleeves of your top to make it appear new. You’d be surprised how different it’ll make your top look.

With this method, you can replace the sleeve with a different fabric. You can use a patterned fabric on a single-colored shirt to give it a new look, or you can cut off the sleeves all together.

Reshape the Neckline

Spice up your boring top by changing its neckline. A round-necked shirt might feel boring so turn it into a V-neck, T-shirt or any other neckline. You can also cut off the collar all together to get a rough retro look.

Turn Trousers into Capris or Shorts

Wearing the same trousers every other day gets boring. But wait before you toss your trousers into the donation box. Why not turn your old trousers into a pair of capris or shorts?

Cut your trousers into the length you want and sew it with a good finishing. If you’re working with denim trousers, you can change them into cut off shorts or even a skirt. Your old pair of jeans will look amazing as shorts and it will save you money during the summer!

Using Tie-Dye

Tie-dye may sound very hippie to you but it’s a great idea for summer clothing. You can change your plain single-colored tees into multi-colored beauties. The amazing thing about tie-dying is how unique it can make your clothes look.

If you’re looking to update an old white shirt, tie-dye works best on. You can also tie-dye your light or brightly colored shirts.

Change Its Entire Color

If you want to transform your clothes, hand dyeing is the perfect way to do it. No one will even realize that this was once an old tee shirt. If the color of your old shirt has faded, dye it again to another shade. It will be like buying a brand new shirt!

Hand dyeing gives you the unique opportunity to choose the exact color you want. You can try out hand-dyeing following this method. 

Bedazzle It

Yes, bedazzling is not just for children. A little bedazzling can transform your boring old jeans or jackets. Jewels can make ordinary things look fancier. You can do this to revamp your old clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

Bedazzling your belongings can make them uniquely yours. You can do it the old fashioned way with glue. Or you can take the easy way out and buy a bedazzler.

Add Some Trimmings

Trimmings are additional pieces of clothing that decorate your clothes. You can find all sorts of trimmings, from lace to ribbons, online or at a fabric store. 

You can add these trimmings to your old clothes and refashion them. For example, you can use lace trimmings to change the hem of your dress or skirt. You can stitch ribbons onto your coat and give it a new style.

Trimmings are a great way to reform your old clothes. They can make any boring item of clothing more fashionable. 

Turn Them into Clothes for Your Kids

At last, if you’re really tired of your clothes, you can give them away. But with a little creativity, you can hand them down to your kids.

As children are always growing, we often have to spend a lot on clothing. Save yourself some money and refashion your old clothes for your children.

This is why learning to sew is so rewarding. It helps you turn your old sweaters and shirts into dresses for your daughter or other fashion items for your children.

Final Thoughts

A little hard work can transform your old wardrobe into a brand new one. Use these DIY methods and you won’t have to buy new clothes for a while.

Not only do you get completely personalized clothes, but you’ll also get to save a lot of money. So, don’t throw out your old clothes, refashion them into new fashion wear. Have fun!

xoxo D.

Every man who has a sense of style is aware that an awesome appearance needs the right accessories to make it even more appealing. When you wear a pair of expensive cuff links, comfortable and elegant shoes, and James Bond sunglasses, it makes your everyday style complete.

Whether a man is masculine, modern or rugged, he stands out as a successful man from his peers if he is willing to be fashion advanced, where his style choices is concerned.

There is one very versatile choice that might have escaped your mind; a hand-crafted leather bracelet.

The appeal of men’s leather bracelets

Today, men accessories are in high demand. When you consider television shows such as Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire, you note that the key male characters are impeccably dressed. Each of the right details is in place, for instance, a sophisticated watch or a wonderful hat. 

These types of details present an easy style and the man acquires a successful look. He also looks unique and stands out from the rest.  Leather bracelets offer you a great method of channeling both John Wayne’s idea of cool, together with Tom Brady’s, Justin Timberlake’s or Russell Brand’s!

Guidelines for selecting men’s leather bracelets

The following tips will assist you to make a decision on the men’s bracelet that is suitable for your man in terms of his needs and personal style. Leather bracelets for men are available in a variety of styles, colors and materials. The ideal place to begin is to consider the type of style that defines your man, his appearance and personality.

For example, if he prefers dressing in a tee-shirt and jeans most of the time, you should buy him an all-leather bracelet. A man’s bracelet which has woven and knotted leather and maybe a bit of silver, is ideal when worn with dark, distressed jeans, and a pair of shoes that is stylish.

For men who prefer chilling out, when you choose a braided leather bracelet for them it defines their style well.

If the man you have in mind wants to look impressive and professional in the board room as well as in social places, the ideal bracelet is sterling silver leather. In case the man spends many of his days in the office or outside the office meeting clients, then in the evenings he goes to meet clients for dinner and heads to a bar or club afterward, you should choose exquisite sterling silver and leather bracelets in brown or black.

For outdoor enthusiasts, a brilliant variety of items is available to give different vibes to the biker, surfer or an environment-friendly man. Rubber bracelets that feature tribal designs as well as braids give the man an unruffled and cool demeanor on the beach and when he’s on the road cycling.


It is advisable for you not to restrict yourself to only one look. Pick a number of men’s leather bracelets. Pile them together and wrap them around each other or wear one on every wrist. 

When you choose one men’s bracelet and provide it as a gift to your man, his joyful reaction will inspire you to experiment with others in future!



So you decided to pop the question. Good for you! To get ready for the occasion, you might decide to have a ring purchased and ready to present to the woman you love.

Choosing the right ring remains only one of the big decisions you and you’re bride-to-be need to make in the near future. There are many things to look out for when shopping for engagement rings for women.

One of the most important characteristics to consider when you choose from a myriad of engagement rings for women available on the market. Let’s look at engagement ring styles first.

If your intended wears rings often, take a look at the design of the rings she wears. You should get an idea of the type of stone cut and design she likes from the rings she already wears. Or she may have already said something about the design of rings and type of stones she prefers.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

If you’d like to purchase a stunning stone for your engagement ring, and want that stone to really stand out, choose a solitaire ring design. In a solitaire design, one focal stone is placed in a Tiffany or other type of setting. No side stones or surrounding stones go into a solitaire setting. The individual diamond or stone of choice has a chance to show off its individual shine and glory.

Halo Design

As the name suggests, halo style engagement rings are focal center stones with a halo of smaller diamonds encircling that stone. You could go the way of Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge and choose a colored gemstone surrounded by diamonds. Or you can choose nearly any type and shape of stones surrounded by other smaller stones. The combinations of stones in a halo design remains nearly endless.

Side Stone Rings

Side stone rings have one focal stone with at least one smaller stone set to each side. The center stone may be the same shape as the side stones, or a contrasting shape. Also, another popular style has a diamond focal stone with a different gemstone for side stones.

Three Stone Design

A popular version of the side stone ring is the three stone engagement setting. The stones have been said to represent the past, present, and future of the relationship. Each diamond might be of a similar size. Or you might choose a larger focal stone with smaller stones to the side.

Eternity Engagement Ring

In a way, all engagement and wedding rings appear circular. The circle represents eternity because it has no beginning and no end. The eternity engagement and wedding ring usually have gemstones channel set around the band of the ring.

Engagement Ring Cuts

Several cuts of diamonds exist to give your engagement ring a unique look. Some of the shapes of diamonds available in engagement rings today include:

  • Round cut. The face of a round cut stone looks like a circle.
  • Princess cut. The princess cut diamond is usually square.
  • Cushion cut. The cushion cut stone looks like a square with rounded corners. This cut enhances the diamond’s brilliance.
  • Emerald cut. The emerald cut stone looks like a rectangle. Emerald cut stones catch and reflect light beautifully.
  • Navette or Marquis cut. This cut looks a bit like a football with pointed ends and sides. It might also have curved sides with a pointed top and bottom. Marquis shaped stones add an illusion of length to a woman’s hand.
  • Oval cut stones are longer than they are wide, with rounded edges. Smooth edges make an oval stone comfortable to wear.
  • Pear cut. The pear shaped diamond is rounded on the top and comes to a point at the bottom. The tapered point of the stone’s shape elongates the look of the finger. Its shape remains unique enough to stand out amongst the rest of the engagement rings.
  • Heart Shaped cut. You’ll keep the feel of Valentine’s Day going throughout the year with a lovely heart-shaped diamond or ruby engagement ring.

If you do a little research ahead of time, you’ll pick a wonderful ring for your loved one to enjoy for the rest of your lives together.

Have you ever watched old movies and just sat in amazement at how beautiful the actresses were back then? Even from watching them in movies, it made you want to look them up and learn more about them. These women have transcended time on and off the screen but one of the biggest areas where they shined bright was in the world of fashion. If you look at pictures of old Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, you’d see that their style was classy and elegant, even when they were “dressed down.” It’s those elements of class and sophistication that old Hollywood glam brings that make it very relevant to this very day. 

They say that the only constant is change, and that statement is very true, but they also say that history repeats itself… Both of those statements are very true, especially in the fashion industry. How many times have you seen fashion trends that are here today and gone tomorrow? You see it all the time, but you also see that very same “here today, gone tomorrow” trend resurface a few years later… that’s a commonality in fashion but with old Hollywood glam… it never left the scene. If you have to ask yourself “is this still cool to wear?” then you’re in possession of a “trend” that has probably gone out of style.

Old Hollywood Glam is All About Class and Sophistication

When you hear the word old Hollywood glam, your mind probably automatically goes straight to all things pretty and sparkly, and that is true but there is an air of class and sophistication that comes with old Hollywood glam. It’s so funny because the word glam is used today in so many ways. They are all pretty much related in meaning but the way it’s used is so different than how it was back in old Hollywood.

Glam is ultimately used in various forms to mean pretty. Celebrities have their “glam squad” to get them ready for awards and special events. Girls want to get “glammed” up for their prom or birthday party… you see, it’s all a form of looking pretty. The starlets of old Hollywood made glam a way of life. For them, glam was a lifestyle, as if it’s all they knew. 

Because glam was a way of life back then, there are fashion staples that have stood the tests of time and are still popular to this day. Take a look at the old Hollywood fashion staples that are here today and will transcend into the future.

The Perfect Red Lip

What’s old Hollywood glam without a red lip? This particular staple has been around for many, many years, and isn’t going anywhere. Now, in wearing a red lip, you can’t just go and grab the first shade of red and think it’ll do… As crazy as it may sound, there is a process to wearing a red lip. To achieve the look, you’ll need to follow this 4-step process. 

  1. Pick Your Shade of Red

When looking for red lipstick, you can’t just go and grab the first red lipstick you see… you have to pick a shade of red that compliments the complexion of your skin. You don’t want your lipstick to make you look too pale or be too bright that it deflects from your complexion.

  1. Apply the Right Shade of Lip Liner

This is where lots of people go wrong. Most people think that you would want to grab a lip liner that’s red. No. The only way it’s okay to use a red lip liner is if the lip liner is the exact same color red as your lipstick. If it’s not, use a lip liner that’s the same color as your lips or a shade darker.

  1. Apply Your Lipstick

The best way to apply lip liner is with a brush, rather than applying the actual lipstick to your lips… the brush gives you more precision and accuracy.

  1. Add Lip Gloss for a Pop

Lastly, add a little bit of clear lip gloss to make your lips shine.

Pearly Whites

Nothing goes better with an old Hollywood look with red lipstick than a set of gorgeous white teeth… it was gorgeous back then and it’s still gorgeous today. Now, nobody has the same teeth and everyone’s smile is different but to keep things old Hollywood, your teeth need to be straight and white. That’s not saying to go out and get work done on your teeth to properly achieve this look. Going to the dentist is all part of good oral hygiene and that’s something you should be doing anyway. Whether you need braces, porcelain veneers, or to get your teeth whitened, make an appointment with your dentist to ensure your pearly whites are healthy… then you’ll really be ready for your closeups!

The Little Black Dress (LBD)

According to, every woman should have a LBD in their closet. It’s a classic, simple dress that you can wear anywhere. The awesome thing about LBDs is that they’re not subjectified to a certain look… you literally can wear any color or shade with it and look classy and sophisticated. 

If you want to wear a red lip, go for it. If you want to wear gold jewelry, your dress isn’t going to do anything but make it pop. The LBD is a fashion staple that every Hollywood starlet had in their closet and so should you.


Have you just said yes or are you a week away from the big day and worried about a sudden breakout? Either way, the following five pre-wedding skincare tips can help you look your best on the big day.


While drinking more water won’t magically give you perfect skin overnight, it can help you maintain clear skin in the days and even months leading up to your wedding. It’s also important to drink more if you’re worried about water retention. When you’re dehydrated, your body retains more water “just in case” which can give your face and body a slightly puffier appearance. 

Plain water alone isn’t your only option. You can add fruit, lemon, or opt for tea instead. For those that are looking to have their teeth as white as possible, white and oolong teas are a less-staining option. 

Don’t Ditch the Classics

If you’re a few months away from your big day or even a year, then you are free to change up your skincare routine however you like. However, if you’re just weeks away and considering a significant change from what you’ve been doing every day for the last year or more- don’t. 

Even if you’re switching to the latest miracle product, there will always be an adjustment period. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to different products. Also if you’ve got a sudden breakout, reaching for a new never-been-tried solution can often make things worse, not better.

Take a Moment to Destress

No matter how many luxury wedding dresses, you have yet to try on or how many centerpieces you have to put together yourself, scheduling a moment of calm amidst the chaos is key to keeping your skin clear. Meditate, book an appointment for some pampering, or take some time at the end of each day to lose yourself in a great book. 

Acne and other inflammation-based skin blemishes are an immune response. Stress causes your immune system to be on higher-than-average alert. The more often you can remain calm, the shorter your breakouts will be, and the less they will occur altogether. 

Exfoliate and Get a Massage Well Before the Big Day

Depending on how long it’s been since your last full body treatment, getting a massage and significant exfoliation can leave you feeling a bit drained the following day or days. Still, it’s one of the best ways to improve circulation, reduce cellulite, and lay the foundation for glowing skin on your wedding day. 

For best results, book your treatment a week before your wedding, give or take a few days. Before and after, make sure you drink plenty of water. If you’re planning on getting a tan, getting a massage and exfoliation treatment beforehand will make a spray tan appear more natural while a tanning bed may work a bit faster.


Sweat Every Single Day

Not only will this help you get in shape for your big day, but sweating is key to having the best skin possible. Working up even a light sweat can help your pores stay unclogged. Sweat also contains an anti-microbial protein named “Dermcidin” that helps reduce the bacteria living on your skin. The more often you sweat, the more this effect compounds.

Bowties can make you look iconic so consider adding them in your male accessories. They can make you stand out at an event regardless of their size and style. If you can’t decide between wearing a regular necktie or a bowtie to your next event, here are some good reasons to convince you why you should be wearing a bowtie. 

  1. Bowties are Trendy:

Bowties are back with a bang. They are booming with new styles and colors in the men’s tie collection. You will find a fashionista rocking his style in a bowtie at almost every fashion show or a red carpet event. Retailers of men accessories have seen more bowtie sales. You must also buy one if you haven’t got it yet. 

  1. Diversify Your Style:

You can look boring or rigid if you follow the same dressing style every time you get ready for an event. You can try to spice things up by juggling between bowties and neckties. Wearing bowties make you look formal and sophisticated while sticking to your formal dress code. Bowties can actually make your life a celebration by elevating your style. 

  1. Make You Look Confident and Elegant:

A bowtie indicates that you are a bold and confident man who knows how to pull off a style. Bowties are not as common as neckties so you can stand out at an event by wearing a bowtie. It makes you look elegant, smart, and gentle. Shop the best bowties at

  1. They Don’t Get in Your Way:

A bowtie will not bother you like a necktie. With a bowtie, you don’t have to worry about the wind to blow your necktie, or you will no longer face the awkward situation when your necktie got caught in the car door. Bowties are especially convenient if you are constantly on your feet during the day. Professionals who have to bend over tables and people like architects, dentists, and chiropractors, prefer to use bowties because they don’t get in their way. 

  1. A Bowtie can Set You Apart:

Dressing righty has become essential for success in most professions. For instance, if you are dressing up to for an interview, a bowtie can set you apart from a sea of candidates wearing normal ties. Moreover, if you are up for a promotion, or a meeting, wearing a bowtie is a great way to impress your superiors. You’d be surprised by how many folks will remember you just because of the impression your bowtie has made. 

  1. Girls love Fashionable Guys:

Girls easily get impressed with the guys who care about their style and aesthetics. When they see you are wearing a bowtie, they know that you are a bold guy who likes to stand out and to be different and fashionable. 

  1. No Size Restrictions:

Bowties don’t usually vary much in size and shape. When you choose to wear a regular necktie, you waste your time while selecting the right size that goes well with your suit or body shape. There are no such rules when wearing a bowtie. Men of every age group can enjoy the grace and flexibility of bowties. You can choose between silk, cotton, or wooden bowties.



Despite the many fashion trends that come and go, the lure of vintage fashion never seems to go away. There are many reasons why they are popular as ever and one is because they never go out of style. Additionally, these seasoned articles are usually well-made that they outlast the most recent-made clothes and accessories.

Apart from their sturdiness, vintage fashion items contribute to the growing problem of fast fashion. Buying secondhand items help curb the malicious industry practices of fast fashion and help conserve the planet’s resources.

Some vintage items are brand and considered investments so understandably not everyone can afford them. However, you can find some of them in flea markets, thrift shops, specialty stores, and even online. If you are looking for a vintage piece that may be hard to time, your best bet would be to utilize the power of the internet. Online vintage clothes buying and selling is a considerable niche and there may be existing communities around your area.

If you are looking for ideas on what to look for, you can find some examples below.

What is Considered Vintage Clothing?

Vintage clothing means an old item that is at least 20 years old. These are articles that were produced in a bygone era and the style is usually so different from the modern ones produced now. Clothing, shoes, and accessories can come from mainstream but old fashion labels, haute couture or handmade.


Everyone knows that denim is almost indestructible. They were initially designed as a sturdy piece of fabric that can withstand wear for a long time. Vintage denim clothing from the 1940s to the 1980s are, particularly in demand. If you go to thrift shops or flea markets, be on the lookout for aged denim jackets, jeans, skirts, shirts, and even dresses.

Apart from being nice finds, denim doesn’t look like they’re going to go out of style anytime soon. There are so many uses for them and so versatile that they are easily styled. Additionally, the more used denim is, the more comfortable they get. In short, they just get better with age.

Peep Toe Shoes

This kind of shoes was born and popularized in the 1930s. There are still modern recreations of the original design that exist today, which is a testament that it has become a classic in women’s fashion. Peep toe shoes can be styled in a lot of ways, but it goes best with pencil skirts, circle skirts, and knee-length dresses.

Capri Overalls

Most people would be surprised when they find out that overalls have existed longer than they thought. In fact, women started wearing overalls during the first world war when they did laborious jobs in place of men. Overalls only continue to become popular among women since then and even today.

There are many kinds of overalls and each era have their own versions of it. Capri overalls are specifically from the 1950s and the reason why it comes back at the forefront of fashion is that it is both fashionable and functional.

Wool Plaid Skirts

There are many kinds of skirts, but the wool plaid kind was very popular in the 1940s. If there’s one article of clothing that has seen a consistent comeback in the decades, it’s wool plaid skirts. Styles change around to accommodate it and are supremely fashionable no matter the length.

If you ever find yourself looking for a trusty article of clothing you can dress up or down, especially in the fall, you can always rely on wool plaid skirts. Whether vintage or not, they’re plenty and you can find them almost everywhere. Here are some ideas on how you can wear it.

Thigh-High Boots

Any boots that are over the knees belong to this category. This kind of footwear has existed for centuries and was originally intended only for men in the 15th century, but these boots were called differently back then. In the modern day, thigh-high boots continue to enjoy popularity among women for style and utility since they are comfortable to wear in colder seasons.

What other vintage fashion items do you think never goes out of style? Share your insights below.

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The 80s were the height of the punk scene, and today’s modern punk style is paying homage to its roots. Here are the latest punk fashion trends to watch! From the Sex Pistols to the Ramones, punk rock has long been an iconic music style that spans generations.

If you’re looking for a few incredible punk fashion trends that will take you on a whirlwind tour of the 1908s, look no further.

This awsome guide covers some of the coolest punk rock fashion trends to watch, so read on to find out more and get ready to showcase your rebellious side in style.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Leather

Leather is an iconic material for the punk fashion trend. Whether it’s a black moto jacket or leather pants, this supple material is the stuff of punk rock legend. Pair a black leather jacket with some plaid pants and you’re right on target.

Make your outfit even more daring with a long leather trench coat or blazer. Just be sure you stick to black leather – anything else simply won’t do when you’re trying to show off your punk rock roots.

Spruce Things Up With Patches

You can easily dress up your favorite denim jacket or a big handbag with a ton of awesome patches. From your beloved 80s band to bold designs, custom patches give any look a ton of personality.

Pin or sew several patches to your favorite pair of ripped denim or attach them to your bookbag to make a statement. The best part about embroidered patches is you can find them in just about any theme or style.

Embellish Your Punk Fashion With Spikes

Shiny metal spikes are the epitome of punk fashion design, so look for them on a variety of pieces ranging from clothing to accessories. The spikes should be prominent, such as all across the shoulders of your favorite top.

Spiky choker necklaces are a great option if you want to expose your punk rock side. Make sure the spikes are in a place where you won’t hurt yourself, but have fun with them and wear them on jackets, shirts, and more.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

Of course, you can’t forget to wear the most punk shoes possible when creating your look. Try black combat boots or Doc Martens for a bonafide punk aesthetic. Boots are the most popular choice when it comes to iconic 1980s punk footwear.

You can also wear chunky heels or Converse if you want to reminisce about shoe styles that were popular in the 80s. These shoes are timeless and will complete the look by giving you a bold, dramatic finishing touch that screams punk rock.

Make a Punk Rock Statement

From spiky choker necklaces to colorful patches for your jean jacket, punk fashion will never go out of style. Try some of these unique suggestions to give your outfit a bold boost.

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