7 Gift Ideas For Men: Head to Toe Gifts Every Stylish Guy Wants

Buying gifts for the men in our lives ain’t no easy task, I mean with the billion of choices thrown at us, and the infinite men’s tastes out there… no wonder we’re a bunch of headless chickens when it comes to gift ideas for men. Besides, not every husband or boyfriend is into sports, beer, or grilling.

If you’re looking to gift a fashion forward man, well you’re in it for a great ride. Maybe slightly tricky too, cause like us, they too will know the bits and pieces of fashion so you gotta make sure you buy them something they love, and that fits their personal style.

So I’m thinking if I have this once-in-a-while predicament why not talk it through with y’all and share my own gift ideas for men. Spoiler alert: yes I always go for fashion when I buy gifts for either my husband or my brothers. Also, I know my hubby so well, that I could shop blind-folded for him, anything, and he’d still be so happy about it. #imluckylikethat


Starting at the top, a fedora is not only always in style, but it’s a great style trick for men, quickly transforming any boring look into something cooler and more personal. It’s easy to wear, and even easier to buy as a gift cause it comes in so many styles, colours, and price ranges. Fedoras really got popular in the 80’s when Indiana Jones wore one. Today mega stars like Pharrell Williams or Justin Timberlake rock them.

gift ideas for men

2. Ray-Ban “Flash Clubmaster” Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is so popular and it offers such a variety of different styles, among which the “Flash Clubmaster” is the hottest design this season – that this alone makes it one of the great gift ideas for men and a bit of a fashion statement too. At a price point of under $200, they’re a great choice because they can be worn with almost any outfit, and are quite a style staple. 

3. Leather Bomber

If your guy is really into fashion, he will LOVE clothes, and he’ll know that a bomber jacket like the ones from Robert Old is a must have piece for him, and another great gift ideas for men tips for you. Bombers in 2018 are like the new leather jackets. From super sporty, to chic, or even more sleek and simple styles they can pretty much dress up any outfit. 

gift ideas for men

4. Red Wing Pioneer Belt

Ah, belts are such a manly thing if you ask me. A leather belt is a timeless look. If you invest in a high quality belt it can last for many seasons. It’s a good idea to choose a belt that is high quality, even if it costs a little extra, because it can be worn multiple times.

gift ideas for men gift ideas for men

5. Diamond Watch

Buying diamonds for men can feel like a risky gift, but it doesn’t have to. Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces can be a bit risky, but a watch is pretty safe, as most men feel confident rocking a watch, and wear one all the time. A good watch is a great accessory to kick the outfit up a notch, and betray a great style and a taste for impeccable details. 

gift ideas for men gift ideas for men

6. Jogger Pants

Fashion forward men want to look stylish even when they are having a super casual day, and you know what… with athleisure being so on the rise still, anything sporty and casual with a dash of luxe is gift perfection and fashion worthy. While playing sports outdoors or hitting the gym, jogger pants are a great choice, and a cool-er alternative to regular sweats. They have a band around the ankle making them a great choice for showing off trendy sneakers.

gift ideas for men gift ideas for men

7. Yeezy sneakers

Shut the front door! Speaking of sneakers, everyone needs a pair of Yeezys. Kanye West’s line covers so many different colours and styles, that the best part of Yeezys is that you can wear them with just about anything. These aren’t your Dad’s pair of New Balance sneakers, that you can only wear while playing sports or mowing. These shoes are so popular that it is ok to rock them any time. 

I’ve successfully  tried and tested some of these and they’ve pretty much become my go-to-gift-ideas for men, when I have to get them something.

Now I don’t know how *they* feel about it, but if they don’t like it I’ll just assume they’re fashion ignorant and I did them a service. #lol

What do you think?

xoxo D.

Men & Beards Grooming: To Shave Or Not To Shave?

Just when I thought we finally got to the bottom of all this ‘men with or without beards grooming war’ it dawned on me, that we never will. As long as there are 1) boys who grow hair on their faces, hipsters, and lumbersexuals, with their entourage of other boys and girls who love facial hair in all its sizes and shapes, and, 2) razor blades and beautiful chiseled cheeks and jawlines  – the world my friends… will be divided.

However, the good news is men and beards grooming is no longer just a fashion fad, or an antithesis but a lifestyle, a normal natural thing that even those un-kept cool dudes resort to in order to look… un-kept aka 2 days old stubble, un-shaved, and rugged. If you think they’re just lazy, you couldn’t be further from the truth. A clean shaved face is in fact a lazy method, a cop-out these days, as opposed to a full beard, or a couple of days stubble, which actually need more grooming, attention, and dedication than a little newborn.

So how do the wizard-men in our lives do it?

How do they make a 2 days stubble an all around look? A Jesus beard a full-time job? And a clean shaved face a jawline and cheeks perfection?

First of all technology has come a long way since the straight razor, bristle brushes, and barber poles. The blades are getting smarter, faster, and easier than ever to adjust for the perfect length and ideal trim to suit every face and preference. For the man with a tight schedule, that means beards grooming times are shortened.

Going from full winter beard to a stylish stubble with straight lines or intricate details is not a problemo. Whether  today’s busy man desires a sharp trim, a quick touch-up, or needs a head down overhaul, one shaver, aka gadget, and why not potential gift, should do the job fast, efficient, and easy.

Hello those multigroom tools, that have become to men what lipstick is to us women. Well, maybe not really, but you get the idea. Therefore… men gift alert. #easterisalmosthere

What do these multigroom tool apparatuses do to our boys’ pretty faces? 

No matter what beard thickness, a multigroom tool is perfect to get the job done. Period. I mean it’s no secret some men’s facial bushes are as thick and hard as razor blades themselves, while others are soft like a newborn’s butt. (the newborn reference must be due to my pregnancy #eyeroll)

The result is a comfortable shave and glide smoothly over the skin, and minimal irritation. More so a clever shaving tool will also be their best friend when it comes to their nose and ears little hairs. Nobody wants those suckers, and nobody wants any pain, pulls, or snags when getting rid of them… so help yo’ man glide and slide through his grooming you know. 

Why do all men need a fancy shaving tool? 

Because it saves both our asses: we get them a great gift, and they… can become the kings of beards grooming. Plus, these new tools charge fast, are cordless, waterproof, low-maintance, and a fashion and styling freedom and versatility to your man.

I mean… he’ll be one happy bloke, excited to play around with his face bush, and get adventurous with his style options: full beard, stubble, chiseled faces…

So then is the question to shave or not to shave actually pretty stupid in 2018? Basically all men shave, even those covered in beards… right?!

Guys, we need your help here. Talk to us, and shed some light on your beards grooming. Is the Q in the title still pertinent in 2018, or is it all just a matter of taste, personal style, and preference?

I think if the guy has a gorgeous face why hide it your know…


xoxo D.

Office Look For Spring: Floral Dress & Leather Jacket

I knew I was getting old(er) *and* wiser mind you, the moment I realised I’m leaning more and more towards minimal classic looks, rather than the whole circus. 1) they’re so easy to style and wear, and 2) they look better. While I’ll always be an edgy girl through and through I gotta say when it comes to an office look for spring, I’m all for classic and minimal with a dash of chic or sophisticated. Think French chic, or Dolce & Gabbana retro sophisticated.
Floral midi dresses in that 50s-meet-70s retro cut are my current obsession, alongside yellow, tiny sunglasses, and red lips. A leather jacket will keep you warm and give you some badass vibes while you’re at it.
This office look for spring is classic, work appropriate, kinda cool in a very retro sort of way, and incredibly versatile. You can switch up the shoes: stilettos for evening, and sneakers for weekend. And have fun with other jackets (denim, trench-coats), or bags (micro bags, bracelet bags).

SHOP the office look for spring here:

xoxo D.

Why Chunky Sneakers Are Actually For Everyone?

The chunky sneakers have been on my mind, and my list of outfits since Paris Fashion Week AW18, but as you might have known from my Insta-stories, some technical issues #macproproblemos – brutally separated me from my blog, hence why I, quite erratically, used my insta polls to ask you guys who follow me there about certain 2018 spring trends, like the chunky sneakers.

The outcome was bad.

Most people hated these dad sneakers, which only made me question my fashion sanity, and whether or not there really is an age limit to certain trends. Is there? And if so, am I lesser for not wanting to respect it? Or am I actually so fashion thirsty #victim that I’ll take any crazes and fads these days to make up for God knows what sartorial issues I might have?

Besides, their comeback was actually quite predictable given all the 80s trends out there.

AND if there’s anything that we are proud of these days – in terms of fashion movement – it’s basically our ability to juggle and mix everything with anything and come out as damn masters of personal style.

Don’t you think?

Or maybe I’m just trying to convince myself it’s okay to literally love chunky sneakers.

Yes, fashion these days is less about super pretty outfits and more about personal statements, comfort, some edge, some conveyed message, personal style – hence the rise of chunky sneakers worn with incredibly pretty outfits. Dainty looks are being clashed all over inatagram with these heavy sporty 80s shoes.

Think about your cute outfits meet Jerry Seinfeld like sneakers from back in the day. It’s a stronger look, and… I’ll say it… it’s fucking comfortable.

I mean I’ve seen IRL women in their late 30s and 40s on their way to some posh job that probably required a certain dress code, running around London in their expensive dresses, and 2 piece power suits, in running shoes, aka chunky sneakers. Why bother with high heels on the bus or the tube, or those crowded morning streets, when you can actually shoes-swap as soon as you enter your office?

Maybe it was them, these string women who decided ‘enough!’ We’ll turn this into some trend and call it a day, or maybe they’re the ones who teach us that wearing chunky shoes has nothing to do with age. Or fashion. (because ugly fashion or anti fashion is so cool these days. #eyeroll)

However we turn this discussion I still have one question: do you really not like these dad sneakers, OR are you fashion skeptical, and would give em a try, but don’t know how this fashion journey sits with you, with the world… ?

If you hate them, fine. Hate them and be happy. Nevertheless, if you’re not sure, do this: go get one affordable pair (don’t splurge just yet on those L. Vuitton chunky sneakers, or Stella McCartney styles) and wear them on a lazy Saturday. See how it goes.


HOW To Wear Chunky Sneakers (if you don’t really like them but kinda wanna try them out)

If you’re in your early 20s you can wear them with any type of sporty outfit. Spring is here so take out your simple sporty jersey dresses, or pair them with oversized dress-sweatshirts, cut-offs and a t-shirt, jeans and tee. Simple looks.

If you’re over the fashion trends victim age I’d say give them a try with jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket. Or leggings and a cool sweatshirt.


HOW To Wear Chunky Sneakers If You Love Them So Much 

  • jeans X tee
  • summer dresses (any lengths) X denim/leather jackets on top
  • shorts
  • a-line skirts
  • sporty jersey dresses
  • a power suit
  • mini skirts and a flirty top
  • midi dresses
  • gym clothes

I know you hate me saying this redundantly but just wear them with anything. Aim for strong looks, not necessarily common-sense-pretty. These dad sneakers paired with the exact opposite – say a flirty casual summer dress – is like wearing that dress with espadrilles for example, except with chunky sneakers the look is more powerful. Normcore meets fashion sophisticated a la 2018, with a dash of I don’t care what I look like.


So what do you think: YES or NO?

xoxo D.

The Best Looks From 2018 Fashion Week

Fashion Week is actually a month of whirlwind events and catwalk shows spread across the fashion capitals of the world; New York, London, Milan and Paris. Over the course of February and into the beginning of March this year, the fashion powerhouses showcased their AW18 designs. While that might seem ahead of the game, it’s a way for designers to stay ahead of the times and release their collections in plenty of time! And for us to pinpoint the best looks from 2018 fashion week.

Fashion Week is an exciting time for everyone involved, from the models to the audience. As some of the biggest names in fashion release innovative and creative designs, it also becomes huge inspiration for the high street too. The looks you see in Fashion Week determine the upcoming styles and hottest new trends that will hit the rails in a matter of weeks. So, to keep up to date with the new releases in fashion, here are some of the best looks from 2018 fashion week.

New York Fashion Week

NYFW saw a varied collection of new looks, including 80s glam and bright colours. With so many highlights in just one short week, it’s no surprise that there are some trends you’ll see emerging from New York Fashion Week, aka best looks from 2018 fashion week.

Some of the biggest looks to come out of AW18 New York are ones you can easily recreate on the high street too. Leopard print was prominent across shows like Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors and Tom Ford. Being somewhat of a neutral in fashion, a leopard print coat will quickly become a must-have.

Florals and lace were also prevalent, with shows like Tory Burch and Badgley Mischka creating a romantic feel. Chiffon and frills creating a flowing appearance, in shades of white and nude.

The 80s made a comeback in bright colours and big shoulders, particularly at Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs. Neon pink and other eclectic mixes of colour along with oversized coats were a huge part.

London Fashion Week

LFW taught us some crucial lessons in fashion for the upcoming months. Kaleidoscopic colour was celebrated, with Burberry showcasing rainbow coats in a nod to the LGBT community. Rainbow checks featured heavily throughout the show, from puffer jackets to caps.

Accessories made a huge statement at London Fashion Week. Simone Rocha’s show featured feminine hair bows, dangling earrings and fur heels, while JW Anderson featured silky neck scarves and multicoloured Converse.

The 80s also made an appearance in London; models for Ashley Williams wore ra-ra skirts, cycling shorts and tie-dye dungarees. Gareth Pugh showcased pin-stripe suits and those staple big shoulders.

Milan Fashion Week

Headwear of all shapes and sizes were seen across the board in Milan, from bucket hats at Prada to headdresses at Gucci. It even went as far as full-coverage balaclavas for stand-out effect. Talk about the best looks from 2018 fashion week!

Moschino transformed its models into Jackie O lookalikes, with skirt suits and bold prints. Beaded evening gowns made an appearance for an elegant, polished look. Glamour continued in Roberto Cavalli’s show, with split leg dresses and cut-out details to expose without going too far.

Neon made an appearance in Milan; the recurring theme seemed to reveal itself across the 4 major cities. Prada lit its catwalk with a neon sign while models walked in hi-tech, digital printed designs offset with feminine aspects like tulle, sequins and corsets.

Paris Fashion Week

Statement coats were one of the best looks from 2018 fashion week, and made a lasting impression in Paris; Jonathan Anderson’s collection featuring designs like leather duffel coats with shearling accents. Balenciaga also placed emphasis on layering, with coats, fleeces and flannels used together to create some unique ensembles on the catwalk. Other outwear included elegant tweed jackets and colourful patchwork coats.

1960s vibes were felt at Christian Dior, featuring the clothes of that era including crochet and embroidery, enhanced by Dior’s luxury touch. Mixing contemporary elements such as embellished skirts made for an interesting look.

xoxo D.

Popular BEARD STYLES Among Hollywood Stars!

When it comes to beard styles the world is divided my friends: 1. men who love beards, and women who love men who love beards, and 2. men, and women regarding men, who are not too obsessed about the beard trend. There was time when if you didn’t grow a full on Jesus beard you were not hipster enough to walk this earth. Well… things have changed, and beard styles are  more than just your regular can’t be bothered to shave mood. Besides, much like us, men too look at celebrities for a lot of fashion, style, and beauty inspiration. Hollywood stars can start and kill trends with a blink of an eye, or a rise of a movie. And the world follows. Sure, Hollywood men, like women, have an army of stylists who probably tell them what beard styles go best with their face shapes and features, hence why boys and men might keep an eye on Hollywood stars every now and then. 


Goatee beard style instantly brings us back to the early 2000s. Every pop star had it, and girls all over the world were crazy about it. Some actors play with goatee beard style even today. Robert Pattinson with a goatee gives us that boyband vibe. The goatee on his facial features makes him look much younger and more playful. Goatees usually make men look more attractive, which is definitely the case here.

The best thing about goatees is their versatility. Just look at how hot Brad Pitt looks with it. It’s amazing to see how different facial features change with the goatee style. It all depends on how you wear it. It can make you look younger or older, so just try it out and see for yourself.

Anchor Beard

This beard style was quite popular at a certain point among beard styles in Hollywood. Many celebrities have rocked it over the years. It enhances facial features and makes you look sharp. It’s also a fun change, but it needs a bit of effort and styling. Many celebrities have tried this beard style over time, among which Zac Effron and Bradley Cooper, probably looked best. They had it for longer periods of time, which is maybe why this beard style is so popular.

With all that being said, there is only one king of anchor beards, and he is Robert Downey Jr. Nobody, I repeat, nobody can rock this beard style as well as he does! When he came out with his new style, women went crazy. It’s so elegant, yet so manly. It’s no wonder why men around the world find him as an inspiration for anchor beard style. But then again, the man is such a huge style icon. 

Chin Strap

Chin strap beard style is definitely one of the most donned beard styles in general, but Hollywood stars are rocking them the most. Why? Mainly because of their ability to transform the face. Growing the beard in this style will change up your whole appearance, making you look more masculine, hence people taking you more seriously. Right?! Ryan Reynolds is one talented actor and very hot man rocking a full beard. His dark hair and dark beard look perfect with his deep brown eyes. It’s a match made in heaven. If you have similar facial features, you need to try this beard style. Or maybe not, cause you see… the thing about a full beard is that it covers the face and hides/enhances whatever you want most, dear men. 

Chris Pratt shows us that you don’t have to have a full beard to rock chin strap beard style. It looks just as good on men who have some sparse areas in their beards. Chin strap will still frame your face perfectly well and make you appear more attractive.

Recreating some beard styles for men, is like tying out new beauty trends – easy and fun. No full on commitment needed, cause if you don’t like it you can go on and shave it. Just pick one of these mostly donned beards that are played by a large number of Hollywood celebrities and have some fun.

Listen, most men these days rock beards, whether full on or not. It’s their way to a cooler style if you will… so switch things up, change your beauty game once in a while, and be ‘beard adventurous’. 

xoxo D.

Fashion Week STREET STYE Fall 2018: Are You Also Obsessed, Or What?!

If I say ‘obsessed’ one more time I’ll punch myself. The fact is, there is no other word to describe a person’s love aka moi for all fashion things, especially when it comes to fashion week street style. OBSESSED. So the Q above is not at all random, in fact it’s a massive summoning for everyone to come together and let’s have a chat about fashion week street style.

Like… don’t you feel it’s a show in itself happening 2 times a year alongside the runway? Don’t you sometimes think it’s better than the collection, if not for the designs worn per se, than for what it stands for: the rise and celebration of personal style over fashion itself?

Not to mention how amazing the 4 fashion capitals’ streets feel like to the connoisseurs of these events. It’s like a fucking exclusive carnival, that you don’t even need to be invited to, you can just watch, take photos, hell even mingle and show off your outfit.

Fashion week street style is getting its own magazine recognition, photographers, bloggers. It’s a fashion movement, it’s fun and it’s constantly changing and evolving.

And the clothes… OH. MY. GOD. They’re alive. It’s what it all comes down to really: how actual regular people are wearing what is shown on the runway, and how they’re mixing it up with other clothes, from retails chains, vintage shops and what not. Sure there are certain trends you can pinpoint for the season to come, and outfit campaigns happening in the looks of the luckiest bloggers and influencers out there – but that’s just yet another great thing that’s happening.

Is there anything new this year at fashion week street style fall 2018?

If you love fashion and you know your shit the answer is yes. If not, it’ll all just look like the same circus to you.

What is new this year in fashion week street style is a more relaxed approach to personal style when it comes to attendants of fashion week shows.

Maybe it has to do with the cold and the snow that’s been too harsh this month, or maybe it’s a natural response from all those attendants who are actually running from show to show as a working schedule so they choose comfort over polished style.

Whatever it is, a lot of stylers chose to wear jeans this year. Which is actually fantastic cause we’re just witnessing the death of denim these days… so maybe they’ll rise to the occasion come spring. There were a lot of normal regular winter looks happening: pants/jeans, sweaters, super long coats, puffer jackets, hats, beanies, boots… So comfort over shocking style. At least in New York.


London had a lot of its classic androgynous, normcore, artsy, funky meets polished styles. Milan was mostly glam, with a dash of 80s normcore, which was a nice surprise. Must have been the cold weather.

And Paris is probably the best.


What were the trends at fashion week street style fall 2018?

As personal as it may be, fashion will always evolve around trends, if not as a given goal, than at least as a normal effect of people loving and choosing the same clothes or looks.

More street fashion inspo:


Back in the day I used to take fashion week street style with a grain of salt. I just couldn’t shake the feeling everyone dressed to be photographed, so if wearing a birthday suit got you featured on some Instagram account or magazine, that’s what you did, you know.

Now… I don’t really think that anymore, and maybe it has to do with a shift in either me, and what I like these days, or those who dress up for fashion week, who maybe took a more regular lovers of fashion approach lately.


What do *you* think?

xoxo D.


Spring Chic

According the the calendar it’s the first day of spring (crowd cheers), yet according to reality so well portrayed on my Instagram… it’s freaking winter still, so we basically have 1 foot in spring and 1 in winter, hence this look that I feel – were it only a few degrees over minus – would be oh-so-perfect for spring. Hello transitional pieces and outfits. I always loved the flirty spring skirt and turtleneck combo. The ankle boots tie the look together and the classic accessories are minimal to not take away from such a simple very French like style.
SHOP this look:

xoxo D.


If you don’t know what matrix sunglasses are – they’re those tiny little super cool tiny sunglasses that barley cover your eyeballs and that every. single. cool. posh. chic. person on this planet is wearing right now. If Matrix married Beverly Hills 90201 and they had a kid, that sucker would have been exactly this 2018 trend, aka the matrix sunglasses. They’re retro futuristic and incredibly fashionable.

Necessity wise… well… they barley cover our freaking eyeballs so there’s that for sun-hiding and makeup-free hungover mornings. However, if you don’t care about these things, and you just wanna look super funky, or you really just love love love this trend – give it a go. It’s sunglasses, not an 80s perm.

How did the matrix sunglasses fashion craze begin, in the first place?

And are they really that great, or are we yet again blinded by fashion’s brainwash ability and our constant need to covet those Instagram looks?

Now THAT is the Q.

When Kim Kardashian said to Jonathan over brunch in some episode of KKWTK, as she showed up in the hottest outfit ever (leather mini skirt, black bodysuit, tiny sunglasses – all matrix all black inspired) that Kanye emailed her and told her to only wear small sunglasses form now on – a lot of ignoramuses said what an idiot. Also, ‘who the fuck emails his wife?’ was another world concern. Well…  aside from text, call, facetime and what not, I email with my husband all the time, all sorts of things (creative stuff, funny stuff, business stuff).

Anyway – moral of the story here is that she put the matrix sunglasses on the map. Or did she?!

Prior to her there were the cool kids of Instagram (where Kanye, and not only, gets his inspo from), and then her sister Kendall, and her squad of lookalikes.

And of course prior to that *I* was rocking the tiny sunglasses circa 1995 trying to emulate a lovechild of Brenda Walsh and John Lennon.

I’ll let that sink in for a while.

Add all this to fashion’s followers’ thirst for new and… a fad is born.

What is new to the matrix sunglasses in 2018?

They’re high-tech yet retro, they’re super black sleek intimidating #matrixninja, but they can also be fun and flirty like those yellow or red see-through tiny glasses.

You can go for either incredibly small, like ‘what is that on your face?’ to slightly bigger tinier sunglasses a la 80s or 90s.

They look great on Instagram.

The weirder they are the more you’ll love them. #questionmark

They come in a gazillion styles, not just the classic black oval matrix sunglasses, but also cat-eye inspired, rectangular, round, square, as tiny as your eyes, silver or gold rimmed, or colourful, mirror, black, white, see-through…

How to wear matrix sunglasses?

Brace yourselves for the most groundbreaking statement.

With anything.

Nonetheless, the great thing these days is that they look incredibly grown-up sopshitctatied when paired with grown-up outfits, like office wear, or casual Sunday athlesuire. So there’s no need to dress up in vinyl, or wear tiny denim cutoffs with combat boots – when in fact you can actually stir as far away from these young trends as possible, still slap a pair of matrixes on, and look fab.

Useless as they may be for summer, they do look amazing with beach outfits or summer city looks. Sadly we’re a long way from summer, still, so they’re actually a great pick for cloudier weather.

At the end of the day matrix sunglasses are statement sunglasses, and they’re also the easiest to buy and wear accessory. So a pair of either small black ones or a pair of cool red see-throughs for example will instanly lift an otherwise normal/boring look. Make it more trendy, you know.

Street style and inspiraiton:


Get the look:



Evidently I’m on the matrix sunglasses wagon already. I’m a sunglasses girl and while I’m not the most adventurous person when it comes to all sartorial things, and I ain’t also giving up the classics, imma still dabble a little bit into the matrix pool on this one. Maybe a little bit more.

Okay, a lot.

How about you?

xoxo D.



6 Powersuits To Wear In 2018

Powersuits as powerdressig is a major trend in 2018. Sure, we’ve been dressing in powersuits in the 90s as well as 2000s, so what is changed?

Powersuits for 2018 embody everything: they’re sleek, but also slouchy, classic but so edgy, the blazer is massive, big shoulders, cinged at the waist, incredibly fashion forward in both cut as well as colour or print. However, the key lies in how we wear them, and the fact that a business look these days is also a fashion, social, and personal message.

The powersuit is 80s iconic, and if we’re to quickly pinpoint to the latest trends of 2018 fall fashion week, both the 80s, as well as power-dressing aka powersuits stand out. Sure, that’s for fall next year, but that don’t mean we can’t start practicing. In fact we’ve been unconsciously doing 80s for the past year: dressing, movies, music. So why stop now?

Personally I kinda like all the kitsch and the drama of late 80s, and don’t get me started on broad shoulders, cinged waists, big earrings, slouchy boots, and bold lips. 80s are so iconic for women’s rights, and the rise of women in business which of course led to power-dressing. It was an awakening decade socially, politically, and of course fashion wise, cause nothing ever happens in the world without it being reflected in fashion. Hence today’s #metoo movements and the rise yet again of 80s and 80s trends in 2018 fashion week.

While all is *still* in, there are a few styles of powersuits for 2018 that stand out and make a strong case for their trendiness.


It’s like mixing coffee and milk, night and day, powerful and dainty. Baby blues, pinks, and mint greens or light yellows look amazing in either powersuits that’re more classic, or the more oversized, masculine styles.


How to look like a million bucks, like you give no fucks, like you rule the mf world, like you ooze sophistication and strength mixed with extra coolness, like you’re the queen of 80s in 2018 fashion? Put on a check print powersuit, slightly oversized, big shoulders, cinge it at the waist and go!

OR, if you’re more of a pinstripe kinda gal… go for pinstripe powersuits paired with great shoes. Like sleek kitten heel boots in red, or white.


It’s the key cut of the 2018, the more a blazer is massive, the more we’ll love it. Same stands for pants. Mix the big suit with a cool crop top, a lace bra-top, something very cheeky that just peaks from underneath, and have fun with belts.

If you fear it’ll swallow and spit your right out (the suit), chose Tom Ford or Versace 2018 spring styles: tight high waisted pants aka leggings paired with the best tailored blazers in the world. Long, big shoulders, strong cuts, cinged waists.


It’s retro, masculine, sophisticated, empowering, it looks cool and feels effortless especially when paired with more glamorous pieces: massive earrings, bold lips, heels.


Uhm… hello, the 80s called, they want their belts back. And I ain’t giving them nothing back. I used to love love love this look in the movies or in old fashion catalogues, so I’m actually kinda thrilled it’s back and we can all start channeling our inner 80s goddess. No matter how big the powersuits, how old, how dated, once you belt it you killed it. In a good way.


Powersuits are a classic piece, so when you mix them (style, cut, print) with something more edgy or fashion forward it instantly lifts their fashion vibe to this new chic and sophisticated piece that although old, feels brand new. So if you wanna look super formal, professional but still put your fashion mark and statement in our outfit – pick a bold coloured classic cut suit. Red, blue, purples and yellows are huge this season as well as next.

TIPS and street style:

In 2018 you can wear the powersuits however you please, either as a very formal classic outfit, OR just have fun with it, and go for weird cut, funky prints and fab style combinations. Not to mention you can break it down and wear the pants and/or the blazer separately.


Get the look:



So what do you think: are you a fan of powersuits? Will you be wearing one this spring?

xoxo D.