As we approach arguably one of the best times of the year – spooky season – Halloween costume ideas are once again flooding the internet! With the pandemic largely preventing us from celebrating in our usual style last year, we’re hoping this year will allow for a little more normality. 

However, it’s likely that some will still be keen to wear masks (and not the spooky kind) when mingling, meaning many Halloween looks this year may be restricted to the upper half of the face. But fear not! There are so many fantastic ways to create a truly terrifying Halloween look using the eyes as the focal point. In fact, in recent years, the popularity of accessories such as scary contact lenses to complement a Halloween costume have proved just how crucial these seemingly minor details can be. 

The eyes are one of the best ways to really bring your Halloween look to life, so we’re going to explore some of our favourite spooky eye looks – particularly when it comes to the use of eyelash extensions! 


1. Animal Print Lashes 

We know it might not seem groundbreaking to dress up as a cat for Halloween, but it really doesn’t have to be the conventional look everyone is accustomed to seeing. If you want to mix it up a little, why not opt for a leopard look instead? Using super long, temporary leopard print strip lashes – such as these from Amazon – you can create a really dramatic eye look. Best of all, you don’t necessarily need to stick these to your natural lashes, as we all know excessively long lashes can be damaging. Instead, the lashes could be applied below the lower lash line, creating a really creepy 3D effect!

If you accompany the lashes with leopard print eye makeup, this can create a stunning, low maintenance Halloween look. To top it off, pair with a leopard print unitard or catsuit, and voila! You’re good to go and can even channel Beyonce circa 2007. 

  1. Cobweb Lashes

As well as experimenting with temporary eyelash extensions, using your natural lashes to create an optical illusion is another great way to spice up your Halloween look! 

One look we’re particularly impressed by is the spider web lash look. By applying some winged eyeliner and carefully drawing a spider’s web which stretches up into the eyebrows – with the lines mimicking the shape and length of super exaggerated eyelash extensions – this creates the illusion of the lashes themselves being webbed. 

Even close up, this eye look is really effective. 

Top tip: Make sure to fully conceal your eyebrows for maximum effect! 

This would look perfect with a Venom-esque style costume and would be super on trend this year, given the new Venom film has just been released! 

  1. Volume Eyelash Extensions

You may be wondering how volume lashes – a very popular style of semi-permanent lash extensions – can be used to create a Halloween look. Well, allow me to enlighten you! 

If you are a lover of lash extensions and regularly keep up with infills, you’re probably aware that you should avoid using too much makeup/oil-based products near them to avoid premature shedding. But instead of this holding you back from creating a creepy Halloween eye look, it can actually aid you! 

Use your lashes as a base from which to create your look. Volume lashes in particular can be extremely striking and bold, so these can add rather than detract from your overall Halloween look. If you want to opt for a devil-inspired look, for example, you could use red contact lenses (with caution, of course), and focus on applying makeup to the areas surrounding your eyelid and down your cheeks – as shown below:

Similarly, as you’ll notice here, dark eyeshadow has been swept across the lower lash line to add that extra element of horror – again, this won’t have a major impact on your volume eyelash extensions since it steers clear of the top lash line. 

So there we have it, three quick ways to make your Halloween look stand out by using the eyes and lashes in particular! 

xoxo D.

When it comes to feminine clothing, lots of different pictures can come to mind. Ranging from dresses to skirts, tops, and jeans: all of it is possible. Although this increases the possibilities for your potential outfits, it makes it harder to make a decision. In this article, we will explain the possibilities and show some intuitive ways to blend additional elements with your outfit to top it off.

Top trendy feminine brands 

Many brands offer feminine clothing to the market. To understand what falls into this category, let’s dive into the concept of femininity. When it comes to female clothing, form-fitting clothing and dresses are what come to mind first.

Next to that, it revolves around expressing the female body at its best, without creating a sexual connotation to it. Feminine clothing should be celebrating the female body, but keep it sophisticated at the same time. Think about poofy sleeves, ruching details, and soft shades. Although upcoming, this type of clothing is still a niche among women’s clothing. Brands that are popular in this domain are:

  • Asos
  • Chicwish
  • Lulu’s
  • Kate Spade

Selecting the best clothes based on your body shape

Feminine-style clothing is a celebration of the female body. However, everybody is different, meaning that you can change it according to your body type. This not only needed to select the best clothing but also to make you feel comfortable in it. In the end, it is all about expressing confidence in yourself when wearing a feminine piece.

Start with observing the four pillars

To select the best clothing, you need to start with the four main pillars of your body. These are:

  1. Shoulders
  2. Bust
  3. Waist
  4. Hips

By measuring these elements of your body, you get a good idea of your measurements. This is the foundation to select the best clothing for you. Although it provides some indication of your body shape, it is merely the start.

Determine the body shape

There are a total of five body types that are common among women. We will explain the body shapes and explain what types of clothing suit them best.

Apple shape

This shape is also known as the ‘round shape’. When it comes to this body type, it makes sense to create a balance between the four pillars we introduced. You can use patterns and lines to draw attention to the curves you want to emphasize. Typical items we recommend to wear are a peplum, dolman-sleeve and an open-front.

Pear shape

This is typically referred to as a body shape with broader hips than shoulders, also known as a triangle shape. Jeans and high waisted pants allow you to focus on your hips, creating a nice accent to the hips. Other items that work well for the pear-shaped body are wrap dresses, peplums, and square-neck tops.

The hourglass

With such a clear name, what is there left to explain? A body shape with a balance between shoulders and hips, combined with a slimmer waist. With this body type, you can shine in a jumpsuit, wrap, and v-neck.

The inverted triangle

This one might confuse a bit at first; a body shape with broader shoulders than hips. This allows you to wear different types of feminine clothes such as the scoop-neck, crop-top, midi dress, and fit-and-flare dresses.

Rectangle body shape

This body shape has the four pillars in equal shape, resulting in a straight build of the body. A ‘sweetheart’ would be a good option for this shape as well as the high-waist jeans, and ruched and puff sleeves.

Make the outfit  complete with perfumes for women

An item that cannot be missed from your outfit is a good perfume. When it comes to perfumes for women, there are many options to choose from. Generally speaking, we like to make a distinction between niche perfumes and other perfumes. The latter group mostly consists of perfumes provided by fashion brands. Although they appear sophisticated in their advertisements, these perfumes sometimes make use of synthetic products and lower-grade raw materials.

The power of niche perfumes

This is where the power of niche perfumes comes in: they not only make use of high-quality raw materials, they also make very distinctive and unique perfumes. These Perfumers can be considered true artists, which sets them apart from Perfumers that work for the ‘majority of the market’ as happens with general fashion brands.

Matching your perfume with your season and outfit

Complementing your feminine clothing with a distinguishing perfume can make all the difference. To determine which perfume suits best, it makes sense to think about the season as well as the occasion. For example, while the spring might call for floral notes such as orange blossom and aldehydes, this might not be the best choice for a luxurious dinner with your partner.

Complement your outfit with a bag

Next to clothing and perfumes, another accessory that has become unmissable is the bag. With many shapes and sizes, there is one for every occasion. When it comes to mix-and-matching with your clothing, the occasion is just as important. Who brings a clutch bag to a lecture at university? Or a backpack for a night out?

Naturally, these are choices that need to be made. Next to that, you can think about the colors of the bag as well as the ornaments. Matching ornaments with your clothing helps you to create an integrated outfit. 


xoxo D.

For a lot of people, jeans are the go-to bottoms. After all, they are easy to wear, and they match well with a wide assortment of clothes. However, the design for jeans nowadays are often notoriously tight. They can be tricky to put on and are uncomfortable to wear on hot days or during rainy weather.

Fortunately, there are several more comfortable alternatives for wearing jeans. Buying denim leggings, for example, should be on the top of your list if you still don’t have a pair in your wardrobe. Aside from leggings, there are also shorts, loose trousers, and many other bottoms to choose from. Adding a few pairs can give you a break from wearing jeans and a fresh look for your style. 

To find the perfect alternative for jeans, here are some of the bottoms you should consider adding to your daily wardrobe.

Capri Pants

Capri pants are the general term for close-fitting pants that usually reach between your knees and ankles. They are often worn in more casual settings, such as streetwear or a day out at the beach. Capri pants are especially popular in the summer when temperatures rise and people are looking for something airier to wear.

If you’re interested in trying out capri pants, they are available in a wide variety of styles and materials. Some of them include denim, cotton, polyester, and linen. If you’re looking for something that makes a bold statement, leather capri pants may suit your signature style better.


Chino pants are best known for their light colors and casual look. These pants are loose and made with lightweight materials—perfect for the person who feels constricted by jeans. Though light brown is the signature color for chinos, they also come in a wide variety of hues to suit different preferences.

Historically, chino pants are made from a twill fabric called chino cloth, which is 100% cotton. This explains their light and airy feel. Today, however, cotton blend chino pants are more common, but their lightweight quality has not changed. Coupled with a cute top and comfy pair of heels, chinos might just become your new go-to pants for every day.


Culottes are perfect for people who like the dress silhouette but have no desire to wear a dress. Culottes are knee-length trousers with wide bottom hems, which make them look like a skirt. Indeed, it’s more accurate to think of them as a skirt that has been split in the middle.

There are several perks to wearing culottes. Firstly, they are so comfortable to wear. They give your legs a lot of room for movement, but they don’t look baggy. On the contrary, they’re one of the classiest pants to look at.

Secondly, you can wear them in any setting. Depending on how you style culottes and match your accessories, you can wear them to the office, the coffee shop, and virtually any other location. It’s a no-brainer. Buy some culottes for your wardrobe.


Jumpsuits are another stylish alternative for people looking for comfy bottoms. These are one-piece garments that incorporate both the top and the bottom of an outfit. The top and bottom portions commonly feature the same color, but some jumpsuits will use different shades for contrast. 

These one-piece garments are fashion favorites in the community, but other people are afraid to try them on for fear that the jumpsuits won’t flatter their body shape. Cast your doubts away because jumpsuits come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and cuts. No matter what your body shape is, you can find a jumpsuit that not only fits you but also glams up your look.


Can leggings be used as pants? For most of the fashion community, the answer is yes. The boundary between the two lies in the fabric’s opacity. A good pair of leggings should be made of a material opaque enough to hide your underwear, so you can use them as you would regular jeans. On the other hand, using sheer tights as pants would be considered a fashion faux pas.

Wearing leggings as pants takes a fair bit of confidence. After all, it will highlight every curve below your torso. If you’re feeling a bit shy, you can always go for an oversized shirt, a long blouse, or even a short dress to cover your hips. If you wish to flaunt your body shape, however, go for a classy top that falls just above your leggings and have fun choosing footwear and accessories.


The term “skorts” is a portmanteau of “skirts” and “shorts”. For people who like wearing these two types of garments, you can get the best of both worlds by sporting a skort on a casual day. 

This type of clothing looks like a skirt from the back and the front, but inside, a pair of shorts of the same color is sewn into the same piece as the skirt. In this manner, you can wear a cute skirt without worrying about an underwear slip.

If you like showing off your legs but want to wear something that looks more polished than shorts, skorts are one of the best ways to go. They come in numerous colors and styles, giving you countless outfit options to mix and match.


Everybody owns a pair of sweatpants or two. With their loose fit, adjustable waistband, and close-fitting ankle cuffs, sweatpants are some of the most comfortable bottoms to wear in the world. That said, sweatpants sometimes get a bad rep for being too casual.

Unless you’re staying at home or going out to exercise, many people consider wearing sweatpants outside as sloppy. The laid back vibe of these pants make them look very informal but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are inappropriate for other uses. 

Many fashion-forward folks have shown different ways to dress up in sweatpants. Putting on a trendy coat, wearing heels instead of sneakers, and having fun with mixed fabrics can elevate the look of these comfy bottoms. Indeed, all it takes is a little bit of creativity to make your sweatpants look chic and on point.

Tailored Shorts

If you want something comfy and classy, tailored shorts are the way to go. Their design is similar to slacks, but cropped short and often roomier around the legs. The average tailored shorts, for example, only reach around the knees or mid-calf.

Tailored shorts feature a fitted waistband with a button or zipper and may have loops for a sash or belt. From cinching the waist to create a structured look, the fit becomes significantly wider around the hip and at the bottom hem, making the shorts look loose but not baggy.

These shorts can blend in a variety of settings, including the office, the streets, the club, and even the beach. They also come in different styles and offer various features, like pockets, sashes, pinstripes, and other designs that will surely give you much to explore.

Conclusion: Let Go of Your Go-To Jeans

While it may be impossible to fully let go of wearing jeans, remember that there are so many other bottom clothing options available. Exploring allows you to try out a different look, another style, or a new vibe, which you might end up liking more than your usual jeans and shirt combo. So don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. Set aside your jeans for now, and explore potentially more comfortable alternatives.

Halloween high spirits are all over the place, and you’re probably trying to style the comfiest way to be savagely sexy and alluringly scary for the special night. 

As always, we are here to give you the best advice on looking and feeling at your best. Below, you will find our list of sexy Halloween costumes for women that you won’t be able to resist.

A Sexy Skeleton Costume

No need for additional styling, no need for extended shopping. With an all-over costume, your Halloween preparation will happen more swiftly and successfully than you’ve ever been hoping for.

The only way to make it even better? A skeleton, of course. A UV-reactive, party-friendly one, printed in lucid shades of gold on a raven black basis. This is how a horror outfit quickly evolves into a sexy costume garnished with horror motifs.

Droid-Themed Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

If you’re looking for a one-piece outfit out of this world, futuristic motifs will definitely be your favorite on the list. Cyber assassins, sexy droids, and savage fembots are a trend in 2021, and they look streamlined as hell.

For the women-machines, a futuristic Halloween costume will present a brand-new level of epicness in looks and comfort. They are made of quality spandex and provide perfect freedom of movement, so you can get as wild as you’d want to.

A Kitty Costume for Halloween

You can’t possibly go wrong with a Cat Woman costume, can you? To get from good to fabulous, all you need is a pinch of red-hot creepiness added to the sex appeal of felines. And – of course – there is a whole world of glorious outfits out there that match these criteria.

Once you dress up, you can also keep using your costume for virtually all types of festivals, raves, and parties you’re about to attend in the years to come.

Zombie Halloween Outfits

Now, can perfectly sexy also be perfectly hair-raising? Of course, as long as zombies are your thing. Then, all you’ll need to produce the effect is a sleek, polished, and realistically printed zombie costume that will make their jaws drop.

When your dress-up masterpiece is on, finish up the look with the perfect details and accessorizing. This includes a crazy wig, realistic makeup, and a pair of brute shoes to match the concept of your costume. What you get is anything but ordinary and nothing but supreme.

Animal-Printed Sexy Costumes

A tiger costume, a zebra costume, a leopard costume, or a creepy bunny costume – there are multiple ways to show off your inner wildling this Halloween night, and all you need to do is choose between them.

Because there is always something scary about being who you truly are, and it’s probably about time to try the sweetness of the thrill this year!

Grab Your Bag of Tricks and Go!

Whatever costume you choose to put on, don’t forget to sprinkle a bit of mood on it before you go. Because Halloween is the perfect time to let yourself run wild, and a spooky costume is just a part of the bigger picture.

What about the rest? The rest is yours to design!

xoxo D.

The countdown to finally going back to the office, even for just a few days a week, is now becoming a reality.  What are you going to wear?  The rules for office dress codes are changing and evolving and one thing is for sure — No one is giving up comfort for a return to a traditional dress code.  That includes bras that are great for the gym and yoga and also all day wearing at the office. 

Comfy wireless bras are taking a prime location in women’s intimate apparel wardrobes, and it makes sense. We got used to being in fabrics that are soft and stretch, and don’t want to give it up just because we are now leaving the house and going back to work.  It’s almost at an emotional level and part of our focus on wellness. 

Bras for the gym or yoga studio offer lots of options that feature designs focused on comfort and wellness.  But these are not the only wireless options!  There are bras without wires that use the latest technology to lift, support, and give comfort. Contoured cups for shape, brands and wide straps for support, stretch and breathable fabrics for comfort and cooling, are all part of the future of intimate apparel.  Best of all, you’ll want to wear these new styles long after you get home from work.

At the forefront of the biggest lingerie trends are bras that don’t require endless adjusting, provide support in all of the right places, and are pretty. Today’s trends are powered by bras that are supportive with enhanced comfort features like wire free and breathable materials. Underwire bras have new technology to encase wires away from the body or wire alternative materials that are “sandwiched” inside.  Pads have become lighter and softer to flex with the body. Bra linings in wings are soft and flexible, yet supportive.

All of these high-tech innovations in lingerie have helped women embrace self-care and confidence in every phase of their lives.  As we get back to getting dressed, women are now asking – How can they find a bra that offers the same comfort as wearing a bralette or nothing at all?  Dora Lau, founder and president of Dora L International, an intimate apparel global sourcing and design company that has developed programs for the world’s leading brands, offers guidance.

Focus on Comfort First

The most challenging part about wearing a bra, whether it’s for going back to work or out to dinner, is finding that same sense of wellness when relaxing at home.  Particularly when we are going back to sitting down for long hours, a band that starts to dig in and feel uncomfortable is not acceptable. Lau recommends starting a bra search by going a band size up to allow for less pressure on the torso and to have a smoothing back. If you go up a band size, be sure to go one cup smaller so that you have support and the comfort throughout the day. 

Bra sizing can be a bit confusing, so know that for example, a 36C cup is the same as a 38B cup. It’s called a sister size.  But don’t get hung up on the size — it’s all about fit and comfort. Ultimately, if you are not sure if you should go up or down in sizing, it doesn’t hurt to try on a few sizes and styles and see what you like best. If the band is too loose then go back to your original bra size. Going to a store and getting measured or speaking to a bra specialist online is the best way to find a great fitting bra.


Think of a Bra as an Investment

Your bra has more of an impact than you might think. Take a before and after picture when wearing a bra with little support and then again with a bra that has more support. The difference will amaze you.  A well-made bra that fits properly is essential for one’s wellness. Investing in quality lingerie dramatically improves both your mental and physical well-being.  When you invest in quality lingerie you will see a dramatic improvement in your posture. This is especially true for women who need a larger cup and require extra support. A bra that is poorly designed or the wrong size, you will not feel or look your best.  There is a lot of engineering that goes into creating a bra and that technology goes a long way to ensuring comfort and confidence.

Select Sports Bras with Innovative Muscle

Women embraced sports bras because of the wireless styles and support.  New technologies have taken these styles to the next level of performance with enhanced climate control features like optimum moisture management and cooling.  There are also great style details that can cross over for all daily activates including work, comfort, and work outs. Silhouettes include crop top styling with SPF factors that can be worn as a top and are perfect for a variety of other activities like going to the beach or taking a yoga class.

Finding a Bra for Every Occasion

With weddings and special events starting up again, new trends in dresses and tops are emerging that require bra styles that are multiway and multifunctional.  Crop tops, deep-v necklines, off the shoulder, cut outs, and cold shoulder styles require strapless bras and open plunge shapes that have multi-position straps and bands.  Incorporating new body comfort technologies like contour breathable pads with lift and no-slip bands and straps will add a layer of comfort and a secure fit.

Embracing the New Sexy

Lau truly believes that “Confidence is the Sexiest thing You Can Wear”. After months of “COVID casual” the demand for sexy bras is back!   Styles are updated and include comfort and “to be seen features” like strappy details, flossing bands, and cut outs. Beautiful laces and embroideries are back in full force. Beautiful laces peeking out under tops add a special something to a wardrobe.

The shutdown left us stranded at home with a silver lining of not having to get out of our PJs. A year later, things have dramatically changed. We’re embracing dressing up again with a twist – new demands that our lingerie should offer confidence and comfort. Not just as an accessory, but as the foundation of how we want to live. The current trend is not new however, this move towards comfort is part of how we are embracing inclusivity, different body types, and wellness.  Instead of being for only one aspect of our lives, relaxing, comfort and confidence is now essential to all that we do.

The last 18 months have brought so many changes into the fashion industry. New lines of thought, new assumptions and – most of all – a new mindset. The idea behind all of it is simple and yet difficult to apply in practice: let’s try to reconnect with the people, because in the past years we have gone way too far. Many believe that this is just a side effect of the pandemic and the idea of “new austerity” that went with it, and it’s bound to disappear as soon as the humanity will be back to normal. By the way, this is the current state of the art, and all the people involved in fashion business have to deal with it.

Not only the evening suits or gala dresses have to undergo this kind of renewal: even the ordinary everyday outfits have been drastically revisited. Let’s take a look, for example, to the way the fashion industry has redesigned the typical women’s business suit: how is a business woman supposed to dress at work nowadays? Rather than a specific dress code – the typical, and slightly obsolete, combination of business suit and high heels –, now we can spot a few hints able to guide a potential buyer through the 2021’s new trends. Below, you will find the most significant ones.


  • Coziness above elegance. Comfort has regained the first position in a hypothetical scale of priorities. Once (and we are talking about just a couple of years ago) it was systematically sacrificed on the altar of a strict dress code, especially for what concerned the women’s outfit. Now this hierarchy seems to be completely reversed, and wearing more comfortable dresses doesn’t seem a mortal sin anymore. Unless you have to take part to an extremely formal meeting…


  •  Add some spices. First off, this has zero to do with the idea of looking more attractive or trying to satisfy the male staff’s curiosities. Quite the opposite, it’s more about expressing each one’s personality through a more individual dress code. This is an era where so many people are struggling to express themselves freely, and the apparently uptight business world is no exception in this. So, if you want to add some color to your monochrome “office uniform”, or you just want to look less formal or conventional, do not hesitate.


  • Tailored pants are overcoming gowns. For many women, the opportunity to wear pants instead of a gown, not only at home but even at work, has been a sort of emancipation from a series of conventions decided predominantly by men (at least, this is what all the feminist theories claim). According to many stylists, nowadays a pair of finely tailored pants is the most indicated item of clothing for a business woman. The question is: is it just a trend, or is it an ultimate women empowerment’s sign?

In more general terms, an office is no longer seen as a place where strict rules and protocols deal with almost every aspect of this microcosm’s life. And for what concerns the employees and managers’ outfit, a more casual dressing is equally appreciated, as long as it’s able to comply with good taste and common sense.


There is nothing as comfortable or reassuring as pulling your favorite, go-to dress out of the closet. With ingenious laying, the proper styling, and fantastic accessories, you can easily make your dresses as fabulous for the Fall as they were during the summer. This ensures we can justify splurging on timeless designer dresses. The right dress will quickly prove its worth as a wardrobe staple for multiple seasons. Check out our top five drop-dead gorgeous dress styles for this Fall.


Shirt Dress

We aren’t thinking of nicking your boyfriend’s shirt here. Nevertheless, we are sure he will think you look just as alluring as if you did throw on his favorite button-up. Shirt dresses are known for their short hemline, loose fit, and buttons down the front. While they are available in an infinite number of patterns and colors, we think that this Fall is the time to elevate the shirt dress from comfortable to classy. Add a knitted sweater vest and a pair of loafers to complete the androgynous look for autumn.


Midi Dress

Many people don’t know that a midi dress is simply any dress where the hem rests at calf length. This certainly opens up the title to a vast array of dresses; however, the reason that we love the midi dress for Fall is that it is ideal for pairing with your favorite below-the-knee boots. You’ll show just a hint of skin when you’re walking while remaining nice and warm as the temperatures take a nosedive.


Sweater Dress

A sleeveless or short-sleeved, knitted sweater dress is ideal for cooler autumn climates where the temperature can be hit or miss. Pair your sweater dress with a blazer in your air-conditioned office and go bare-armed when basking in the mid-afternoon sunshine. A lightweight silk scarf and gold jewelry will boost your look and ensure you stay fashion-forward this Fall.


A-Line Dress

The A-Line dress is flattering on almost every figure and hugs the female form in all the right places. An A-line dress is easy to wear and be active in. The flare comes from the waste making a roomier bottom half hiding parts many women prefer. To update the look for this Fall, accentuate your waist with a bold belt and pair the look with a classic handbag that never goes out of style.


Wrap Dress

We love a wrap dress at any time of year; however, they come into their own with Fall weather. The V-neck and cinched waist look fantastic on almost every body type and particularly on curvier figures. It’s no wonder that the infamous Diane von Furstenberg dress has changed little in the last 50 years. Look for natural, warm fabrics like silk, cotton, or wool. For the most up-to-date look, check out bold patterns and pair the dress with solid-colored accessories.


If you invest in a few classic, designer dresses before Fall, have fun with different accessories and layering to make dozens of different outfits. This will ensure you are confident and stylish as you navigate the Fall fashion season.

As the fall arrives, the weather is slowly losing the high temperature and getting cooler. Therefore, you need to switch your clothing quickly into something that suits fall best. You need clothes that will keep you warm, but not too warm because the weather is not as cold as winter. You do not want to wrap yourself in too many layers.

With that in mind, here are some amazing fashion tips for clothes for fall, that will make you stand out from the crowd

1. Wear Boots

If your feet get cold, your entire body will feel the chill. That is why fall is the right time to switch from traditional summer sandals to fall boots.

You can wear a pair of suede ankle boots, heeled knee-high boots, or combat-military boots and combine them with some warm clothing. They go nicely with jeans, so pairing up these two can help to make you look stunning.

2. Wear Vested Sweaters for Added Warmth

Normal vests might not be enough to provide that much warmth when you wear them on top of any casual summer clothing, so try wearing a vested sweater. You can wear these sleeveless sweaters on top of any casual summer clothes such as t-shirts or full-sleeved shirts and complete the look with denim jeans.

If the sweater is thick, wearing only the vest can work just fine as long as the weather does not get too cold.

3. Adorn Yourself with Blazers

Blazers are amazing outfits because they can be used for both fall and winter. This makes them a versatile and stylish choice. You can wear blazers as outerwear and have formal or casual dress inside.

However, make sure you match the color of the blazer with the rest of your clothing. Because having two completely different colors makes you look awkward. You can go for the traditional gray or black blazers with black trousers or formal pants.

4. Turtlenecks are Very Popular

Who knew that the turtleneck sweaters would remain popular even to this day? They are warm, cozy and offer the perfect protection for your neck. Additionally, they go well with any other outerwear. You can wear denim jackets, blazers, overcoats, or trench coats over your turtlenecks and look amazing. They are also acceptable as formal attire, so you can wear them to your office too.

5. Wear Suits for the Perfect Formal Look

Fall is the right time to bring out your suits from the closet. They are amazing at providing warmth, while also making you look formal for the business meeting you are to attend in the morning. Since the temperature will start to drop, wearing a completely black outfit such as black suits, black shirts or turtlenecks, fall shirts for women, black pants, and black shoes will certainly make you stand out.

6. Long Sleeve Dresses Will Be Your Best Friends

If you feel that the temperature has not dropped significantly in your area, then it is better to avoid wearing heavy warm clothes and instead opt for simple long-sleeved dresses. Men can wear long-sleeved sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, and women can wear long-sleeved maxis or t-shirts.

They are also very versatile because if the temperature drops, you can just wear a jacket or a coat on top of your thin long-sleeved clothes and stay warm.

7. Wear Full Denim

Denim jackets are the go-to fall wear for many people. They are not very warm, but they do not keep you feeling cold as well. For this, they are perfect for fall, when the weather is still shifting.

Wearing full denim can keep your fall outfit simple and enhance your appearance. Combine a denim shirt with a denim jacket, a pair of denim jeans, and finish it off with a pair of boots.

8. Leather Attires Are Great Alternatives

If denim is not quite your style, then you can opt for full leather wear. But make sure that the leather garments have a soft texture because some leathers are super heavy and uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

Even though a leather jacket or a leather jumpsuit may be slightly more expensive, they will keep you warm when you need them. Leather, like turtlenecks, also never go out of style. You can even wear those garments two to three years later as well.

9. Autumn Colored Clothing

If you go on a trip, especially in the countryside, or just visit the local park, you will see that the trees are full of orange and yellow leaves. You can embrace the warm color of nature by wearing something that complements the colors of autumn.

You can wear clothes that are orange, or colors that go well with orange such as yellow, gray, blue, white purple, and burgundy.

10. Fur Coats Are Amazing

There are a lot of controversies surrounding fur coats. Activists may even warn you to avoid fur coats at all costs, but those are genuine and authentic fur coats. You can still buy and wear original fur coats because they are always popular.

As for animal rights activists, they can wear faux fur, also known as “Fake Fur”. It is a thin fiber that gives the texture and the appearance of original fur. This will fulfill your desire of wearing fur coats, while also staying true to your cause.

11. Cotton Can Be Stylish Too

Cotton clothing may be cheaper compared to the other outfits mentioned here, but the sheer variety of cotton clothes make it an excellent choice for the winter. In fact, cotton clothes can be just as stylish and comfortable as any other fall clothing material, such as leather.

You should try for heavier cotton fabrics such as flannel or corduroy. They may not be good for summer like other cotton fabrics such as linen, but they are perfect for the cold, windy weather of autumn.

Final Thoughts

Fall is a time for comfortable clothing that can also keep you a little cozy. You can try different combinations with the clothes we mentioned and easily find a style you will love.


Every now and then a new bag hits the market and women go crazy after spotting it on Instagram influencers. However, these fast-fashion moments don’t last long, usually until another trend comes up and accedes to the throne. When it comes to consumer goods, women invest in bags more than ever. The reason is simple – designer handbags hold their value over a long period of time, while vintage pieces are worth their weight in gold. 

Fashion industry is putting more and more focus on pairing the clothes with bags, rather than the other way round. It seems as if the hunt for a great purse is never going to stop. Here are some classic bags that will always be in fashion, regardless of the trends that come and go.

Classic Black Bag

Just like buying a house, when picking out a perfect black bag, pay attention to “storage space”. Additional compartments and pockets make this accessory perfect for every occasion whether it’s a party, parent teacher conference or a brunch. A black luggage tote  will give your attire a professional look. Tote bags are durable and women tend to buy them because of their long-lasting design and practical shape, along with being convenient and comfortable to carry. 

Beige Tote

Due to their versatility, you can pair a beige tote with a dark suit, loose jeans or fashionable designer sneakers, it’s entirely up to you. Flaunt your style at work or make some jaws drop at the beach – it can easily be transformed from a work bag  into a beach bag, and vice versa. It’s a time-tested staple piece with enough space to carry all of your everyday essentials. You can accessorize versatile designer Marni bags according to your personal style and fashion preferences. Boho or traditional business look, a high-quality designer bag takes your look to the next level.

Speedy Bag

The most famous example of a speedy bag is a Louis Vuitton statement piece that was originally used as a travel accessory. You will definitely enjoy this bag for a long time, because it is roomy and manageable for everyday use. Due to the sturdy material it’s made of, it’s extremely hard to tear, so it’s remarkable characteristic is that it can remain scratch-free for a long time period. All sophisticated women need to have this piece in their wardrobe.

Saddle Bag

It’s all about bringing the vintage look back and reviving the past. With its unusual equestrian design, a saddle bag might be a perfect choice for a dynamic and hectic lifestyle. It is small in size, and it easily became a street-style staple, but also perfect for weekends and travels. According to statistics, Dior is among the top 10 brands with the highest resale value, so this is definitely a great investment to make. As one of the most prominent parts of the 2018 Dior collection, it became a must-have bag thanks to Maria Grazia Chiuri’s impeccable eye for detail.

Every woman’s nightmare is spending a lot of money and then seeing stitching coming undone, the zipper catching, the pull tab falling off the zipper, and the leather being all creased and saggy. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you get low-quality bags. Even though we understand that getting your hands on that occasional trendy piece might be interesting, it will probably not bring you any value. If you lean more towards eccentric styles, there are designers with a variety of “out of the box” styles you can choose from. Let us know which one is the bag of your choice in the comment section below!  

xoxo D.

Sure we may not all be in our early 20s OR have lean tummies and six packs, but I’d like to believe we’ve come further than that, and the body positivity movement has made us all more forgiving and loving towards ourselves and others, SOOOO IF our heart lusts for tiny little tops – I say why the heck not. But you know me,  I can never pass on a denim and little cute top combo. Even nowadays, as a mamma I’m still loving my first fashion crush and my trick is to just get a good pair of high waisted pants, that hold evvvvrything in, act confident, and drink loads of water.

The 90s comeback fashion has sure made a splash when it comes to tops. From tiny, cute, basic – anything that has even a remote resemblance to your 90s “Clueless” days is a go.

My personal faves are racer back tops and basic tops in white especially, and bold coloured spaghetti straps basic tops. I’m into green clothes these days.

Here’s a little inspiration AND some fave pieces you can shop.


Shop for tiny tops here:


omg sooo cute. 😁

xoxo D.