Somewhere between the redundant clean girl aesthetic and Griselda the world of Instagram fashion has declared a new trend upon us: the mob wife look. Outfits that look like late 80’s early 90s catwalks, animal print, vintage fur, red lips, bold makeup, loads of jewellery, long nails, french mani, big hair, little skirts, black tights, high heels – everything with a dash of tackiness is IN.


I don’t know about you, but I am here for it. For all of it. From the leopard print, to the maxi big furs and red lips – nothing is too much. I never gave up wearing my fur coats, or my red nails, and it’s only recently that I went back to big bold jewellery and leather – so this trend happening feels like a blessing for me and my 12749 fur coats and big chunky necklaces and earrings.

Tbh with you I think people got a bit tired of overly curated looks, and that clean style that looks fabulous, but is not very easy to pull off by everyone, as it requires a lot of quality pieces, which can be expensive – is too much by being too little. We want it all these days.

I also think some people are very faithful inherently to certain looks. For some girls it’s the boho look, for others it’s old money, for others it’s athleisure… whatever comes easier to us feels more honest. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and dab into different styles, but I do believe we might be witnessing a little revolution against curated styles. I pray so.

Are we also over perfectly done faces and styles altogether ?

That would mean we could get out of the house in a bare face… or just a dash of mascara and a red lip. No 12 step skin makeup… How easy would that be, just think about it?

So following the same logic/trend that would also mean we no longer have to overthink outfits and we can wear leather and animal print at the same time, and pair it with a vintage fur coat? Hell yess, and while you’re at it throw in 5 rings, some necklaces, and maybe bold lips or big hair… Is it tacky? It might be, but who cares. Is it too much? Well yeah, but that’s the whole point.

It’s a back to the basics of fashion situation: fave fun with clothes. That’s all there is to it. (ish. I also have a theory. of course I do. rolls eyes)

What would we look like if we threw out all the fashion rules and just enjoyed the clothes?

Well… some of us would look like lunatics lol, while others would look like a million bucks mob wife. So yeah… the truth lies somewhere in between.

What are the key pieces to the mob wife aesthetic?
  • big hair
  • bold jewellery
  • vintage fur
  • long nails
  • leather
  • animal print
  • sheer black tights
  • mini skirts
  • fitted fits

All of these at once or just pick a couple in one outfit.

Of course in 2024 we don’t have to walk around like we’re all the Nanny (that would be fine though), or some supermodel on the catwalks form early 90s, or a tacky but fun, flirtations and fashionable confident rich woman (that would too be okay) – we can adapt this trend to our personal style, and be a mod wife in sneakers, or a toned down hairstyle, or no makeup, or nude nails…

It’s all about the vibe.

The reason why I love this trend so much, aside from it being my alter ego since I was a born lol, is because of what it stands for: after years of laid back looks, and clean aesthetics, and overly done faces and styles – fashion is finally saying to us: go have fun, and forget about the rules. Be a fearless maximalist. It’s okay.

Street style inspo:


xoxo Dana

If you’re wearing a t-shirt in winter as you read this – please take a bow cause you’re a style inspiration to us all. No matter how you fashion tackle this, T-shirts *are* the #1 staple in the world and we almost ALWYAS wear t-shirts in winter as well. Have you noticed that? If they’re not in clear sight, you’re probably hiding them underneath a sweater.

Why does everyone wear T-shirts in winter?

  • easy layering tricks
  • they keep us warm
  • to show them off if the room gets too hot
  • simple vanity aka style purposes
  • they’re a go-to, extremely easy to style item to no matter what else you have on

How to wear t-shirts in winter AND actually show them off?

It all depends on 1) where you’re going and 2) how cold it is, so it’s totally do-able if not actually a coveted look for the past few years. The ubiquity of t-shirts all year round is most likely due to the rise of sports wear as every day wear, and the rise of street-style-like-fashion. Everyone these days is aiming for a casual, relaxed, versatile kinda style, that’s easy to dress up or down, and shows that you made 0 effort yet look like an Instagram star.

The rise of airport style and traveling also took their toll on fashion overall, cause if you’re going somewhere chances of you having a t-shirt on, underneath or just in plain sight is as close to 100% as ever.

So without further ado let’s see a few ways we can wear t-shirts in winter.

1.Style the t-shirt in winter with just a coat!

This look is the classic simple winter street style look you see EVERYWHERE but which slaysssss!!! What exactly do you wear and not freeze?

  • jeans + cool T-shirt + fur coat
  • check pants + white t-shirt + teddy coat
  • all black look with t-shirt + long coat
  • all white look with t-shirt + camel coat
  • jeans + gucci t-shirt + puffer coat

The secret to nailing this casual but very chic style is to wear just the t-shirt with a very warm and thick coat on. Shoes wise I love how heels look with this type of style, cause it seems more statement and powerful, but you can also keep the whole look more simple and laid back with sneakers, or flat shoes. It’a also a great look if the winter ain’t so cold.

Make sure you wear your fave t-shirts, some thin layered necklaces, or statement earrings and loads of confidence.

2. Layer the t-shirt in winter with tons of clothes! 

Okay… this is pretty vague so basically you resort to cardigans, button downs, denim shirts, anything and everything that can stay un-buttoned in the front. To showcase that cool tee right?

  • t-shirt + cardigan
  • t-shirt + unbuttoned denim shirt + jeans + sneakers
  • t-shirt + cardigan + coat
  • t-shirt + blazer + coat

You get the idea: the more you have on, the more sophisticated you’ll look, just make sure you let a sneak peak into your tee situation.

3. Oversized t-shirts in winter!

As much as this look is giving me life, rocking it in all its beauty in winter ain’t so easy, cause you’re gonna have to cover that big t-shirt in order to not freeze.

  • oversized t-shirt + leggings + a puffer coat for a laid back sporty style.
  • oversized t-shirts, like vintage ones are a massive statement + shorts or skirts + a shaggy fur coat
  • wear Uggs, sneakers, and even heels if you’re going for that street style vibe.
  • wear them as a pyjama inspired look, around the house and take one for the gram.

4. Sporty inspired look for t-shirts in winter

Think going to the gym look without actually going to the gym. This is the perfect look for me. It involves leggings and 0 effort but you kinda pull off this don’t care cool vibe.

  • leggings + t-shirt + bomber jacket/puffer coat/coat/blazer/scarf
  • uggs + sneakers
  • oversized t-shirts, more fitted styles, simple, or colourful/text/logo t-shirts

The key to this outfit is 1) laid back, 2) details, 3) a mix of styles.

So wearing a big blazer over a gym outfit made out of a t-shirt looks sophisticated.

Put a pair of sunglasses on, layer some thin necklaces or a tiny choker, and a fanny pack and you’re one hell of a mf.

Street style:


Get the look:


The jeans and t-shirt combo is the best combo in the world so it only makes sense it transitioned seasons.

It’s a no brainer look. You can’t go wrong with it, it’s easy to put together, to style, to wear… and it looks so good with just a bold lip, a few jewellery, and a great bag.

So what do you think: are you team t-shirts in winter or not?

xoxo D.




Its tiny sibling better start counting its blessings. It is official: the fitted skinny leather jacket is gone and replaced by its sophisticated grown up classic sister the oversized leather jacket that has slung off celebs’, bloggers’, and all the who’s who’s of the sartorial world’s shoulders way too much lately for us to remain ignorant to its fashion statement.

Ever since Kim Kardashian’s style has evolved more into slouchy oversized cuts and designs it’s like everyone was finally ready to practice what fashion designers were preaching for some time. And so shops are now packed with different versions of oversized leather jackets.

The oversized leather jacket is basically the same shit only cut bigger, slightly heavier, a bit more vintage BUT a lot more sophisticated. It is basically the classic leather jacket of the 90s with an 80s twist, and a modern style.

It can be simple, studded, or embroidered, or packed with badges, as long as it casually slungs off your shoudlers it is perfect. Truth is, it’s got that off-your-shoulders vibe better any jacket in the world, and it translates to a very simple, non-fussy, but really cool style instantly.

How to wear the oversized leather jacket?

The easiest question ever, really. It goes with literally anything, BUT its best is revealed when styled with classic high waisted denim jeans and a white shirt, with a slip dress a la Kendall Jenner, or carelessly thrown over your activewear on chilly days.

Of course it’ll be the perfect piece to don over a sweater, over knit dresses, over your office attire – because it is versatile with an edge.

It really is no rocket science to wearing a leather jacket. There is only one rule: pick quality jackets that look expensive and classic, go a size bigger rather than too fitted.

Here are my fave picks for you.

Click on image to shop.


Street style inspo.


oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-1 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-2 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-4 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-3 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-5 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-6 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-7 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-8 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-11 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-9 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-12 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-14 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-10

Paris Fashion Week September 2011

Paris Fashion Week September 2011

oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-16 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-15 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-17 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-18 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-19 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-21 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-24 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-22 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-23 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-25 oversized-leather-jacket-autumn-looks-120 oversized-leather-jackets oversized-leather-jackets-looks trend-oversized-leather-jacket vintage-diesel-jacket-montreal-street-style-1-12-768x512_c rihanna-acne-leather-jacket-narita-airport-style__opt




Crazy times my friends. Juggling life, and work, and a bit of play in the the midst of fashion week. It don’t get anymore chaotic than this. I call it the headless chicken dance, I being the little chicken sans the head, and the dance being my daily life these days. It’s all good though, I’ve had some pretty good selfies over the weekend, worked out, ate bad but felt good about myself, even had a brief good hair moment there for about 30 minutes. Ya’ know. #s’allgood

Remember when this summer I bombarded you guys with some posts from Sziget Festival? Yeah, this post and this post.

Well… in case you liked them a lot, or you miss summer – I GOT MORE! This time though they’re more street style photos taken by my doll-pal Florina Ciupertea.

I, and her are in there somewhere as well.


music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0028 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0039 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0048 music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0013 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0053 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0056 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0061

sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0069 music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0113

sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0132 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0135 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0125 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0126 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0151 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0122 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0141 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0147 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0164 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0144 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0156 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0167 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0166 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0171-2

music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0173 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0178 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0178-2 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0180 music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_0183 music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_1075 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_1083 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_1066 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_1087 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_1061 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_1094 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_1099 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_1098 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_1088 music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_1111 music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_1235 music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_1259 sziget-festival-budapest-2016-fashion-tag_1264 music-festival-looks-dana-cristina-straut

Well this is just great now, I miss summer. Like really miss it, and except for this festival it feels like I wasted an entire 3 months of sun. Just when I thought I wasn’t prone to any Monday blues…

Have a great one my little ones xoxo

P.S. let’s hope that graffiti text doesn’t say anything too awkward.



pencil-skirts-street-style (7) There are trends. And then there are timeless styles. No matter the fads in town the latter will always have our hearts. Such is the case of the one skirt style that flatters every woman, that’s great for office as well as parties, or more formal gatherings. The PENCIL SKIRT. With autumn here hems and lengths are a bit longer, and we ditch the relaxed silhouettes of summer for more polished, structured and sophisticated cuts and style.

For working women pencil skirts are the #1 office style staple. They’re like this sartorial uniform that’s never passe and you can’t go wrong with. Not to mention how quickly it literally polishes up a look, regardless of what you pair it with. pencil-skirts-looks (4) pencil skirt Which only brings me to my next idea: how easy it is to wear pencil skirts in terms of the ‘How To Style Them?’. Due to their flattering cut, they fit any body shape like a glove. They elongate, they slim yet play up the the curves, they conceal, yet are fitted enough to follow your body line in that very refined sort of way.

Styling them is a piece of cake as long as you keep in mind ONE majorly important tip. Always wear heels with them: stiletto sandals are so very sexy & classic pumps are timeless. pencil skirt I always used to say that stiletto heels (no platforms) best flatter any outfit and body. And it seems to me, in this case it’s truer than ever, just because you need extra height if you’re wearing a pencil skirt, yet at the same time you want to keep it light in the feet, to get that hourglass effect.

Of course we can still wear flats with them, it’s not a fashion crime, au contraire it’s kind of 50s laid back. I’ve done it a few times, and actually loved it. Even chunky styles work or sneakers, but it’s more of an edgy style.

autumn-looks-pencil-skirts How To Style the Pencil Skirt?

There’s this new craze in town of pairing high waisted pencil skirts with crop tops. From fitted to loose crop tops in different fabrics or exactly the same ones as the skirt. Think uber trendy deux-pieces. The look is in between those late 90s glam grunge, Dolce & Gabbana imperial decadent bustiers, and retro glamorous looks. Show just a bit of midriff. Wear a coat on your shoulders and why not spice it up with a peak of body jewelry.  Stiletto shoes look best with this look. pencil skirt pencil skirt pencil skirt pencil-skirts-style (5) Posh pencil skirts paired with simple t-shirts, sweatshirts, or sweaters are a bit more fashion forward in that effortless sophisticated sort of way. Especially the leather pencil skirts. Pair them with a bit of bling, like a statement necklace. Keep your stilettos on.

One look I’ve rarely seen, but I think would be smashing hot is pairing a pencil skirt (that has a slit) with thigh high boots. A chunky turtleneck for coziness OR a basic tee for a balanced look will do the trick. pencil skirt pencil-skirts-outfits (4) pencil skirt Pencil skirts & office tops like chiffon or silky blouses are the definition of smart professional styles. Classic pumps on. A blazer on top, or don a denim or leather jacket for a slight edge. pencil-skirts-outfits pencil-skirts-outfits (3) pencil-skirts-style (4)

Why ALL women love pencil skirts?

They’re empowering. Look amazing on all bodies. Are easy to style. Aaaand go from office to cocktail parties, fancy gatherings, dates, important meetings. You get the idea. When you wanna look super hot but also rule the world. pencil-skirts-looks

When not to wear pencil skirts?

Places like to bed, to the beach kinda go without saying. Also one more thing: I might be under last Saturday’s influence on this one, when I went to this very glamorous club, and except for a few girls out there, everyone else was fucking wearing office outfits. Same bloody uniform: painted on high wasited pencil skirts and silky shirts tucked it. WTF? In a club. No. No. We get it, you want to look professional, and be taken seriously, but hello, unless you’re working the night rounds (which btw would require a whole new outfit) leave the pencil skirt + shirt for 9 to 5. Don’t you wanna dance, enjoy yourselves. Or don a crop top with it, or a simple t-shirt.

And while we’re at it, er… no stripper shoes on. Ahh, but what do I know. Who died and made me an expert anyway?!

Okay, with this off my chest, let’s kick back and see some STREET STYLE fashion inspo. :) pencil-skirts pencil-skirts-autumn-looks pencil-skirts-outfits (2) pencil-skirts-streetstyle (2) pencil-skirts-streetstyle (3) pencil-skirts-street-style (5) pencil-skirts-street-style (8) pencil-skirts-street-style (9) pencil-skirts-street-style (10) pencil-skirts-streetstyle pencil-skirts-style (2) What do you think?

body-chains-looks (4) Or maybe I should’ve asked ‘WHY?’? When it comes to body chains – the #1 body jewelry trend for summer – I think there are three types of ladies. 1) Hate body chains altogether. 2) Love them and wear them. 3) Like them, but are skeptical about wearing one.

Wearing body chains in summer makes a lot of sense, cause you can show them off either in your bathing suit or more revealing outfits: bare back tops, low cut blouses, crop tops, bustiers etc.

Of course once the cold season arrives nobody’s actually stopping us from keeping those body chains on. Why would we do this though? Well… as a girl who in summer rarely parts ways with my body chain, I can tell you there’s a bit of sexiness, enticement and empowerment a body chain gives you. Even if no one can see it. So… keeping one on in winter, underneath your clothes can be quite a seductive and glam-edgy thing for you and your partner.  street-style-body-chains (5) street-style-body-chains street-style-body-chains (3) Or, the sight of a body chain underneath a sheer top, or a very low cut blouse when you go out, is a very subtle way to look sexy. Especially with those body chains that are so thin and delicate. :)  street-style-body-chains (2) body-chains (4) Then there are the fancy parties or cool events we might go to in any season, when a bit of thin body bling that only sparkles at times, can be a very sexy but subtle statement from underneath a very luxurious low cut blazer, a sleek low cut black or white jumpsuit… body-chains street-style-body-chains (3) Still… to answer my question from the title, and with it also give another answer to the  question  – ‘Who in the right mind would want to wear a body chain that no one can see?’  (if playing seduction is not your cup of tea) – Body Chain LOVERS I’ll just tell you this: We can now wear body chains over clothes! body-chains (6) body-chains (5) body-chains (7) body-chains (8) body-chains-looks (2) Think of this style trick as the perfect way to dress up a basic top. It’s so simple but sophisticated and edgy it should become a uniform. I swear. From simple thin to thick and intricate designs body chains look fantastic over white or black tops. Keep it super simple even classy and understated and just add a body chain for that extra razzmatazz.

This body-chain-over-the-clothes also solves a great problem. No need to have a six pack all year round! Thank God! If being body ready or not is your only refrain from this look, give one a try over your top, OR wear one with a very low cut blouse. body-chains-looks (3) body-chains-looks body-chains-style body-chains-style-2015 Then you can wear them even in autumn on your skin when you’re in crop top. Just a peak of midriff with a bit of body chain sparkle will do. A little goes a long way. body-chains (2) body street-style-body-chains (2) rihanna-body-chains-looks street-style-body-chains (6) For the statement lovers there are also those massive body chains that actually look like skimpy jewelry tops or armour: over your shoulders, on your back, around your breasts. It’s the bling top to wear over any simple top. For special occasions only. ;) body chain  (10) body-chains (3) More looks… body-chains-trend boqvpa14 street-style-body-chains (4) edgy-style-bodychains how-to-wear-body-chains street-style-body-chains (7) trend-alert-body-chains street-style-body-chains streetstyle-body-chains I know body chains are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m telling you wearing one once will have you falling for it. Wear it in sight for everyone to kinda see it, or just for yourself… It’s sort of like a more private tattoo or piercing sans le life-commitment.

Have a great weekend lovelies!!! xoxo

turtlenecks-style-boys-girl Every year I say the same thing once autumn settles in: ‘never before have sweaters been so IN.’ Difference is, this year it’s actually true (Ha!). How so? Imagine all the sweaters styles in history, imagine all the hip designs that were once cool, imagine those granny chic cuts, those 90s crop ones, last year’s chunky and oversized styles. Now imagine you can wear any and look fab. Well, that’s what today’s sweater fashion is all about.

With an extra adage to the whole lot. The TURTLENECKS. The rise of this look in both fitted as well as loose chunky styles comes as no surprise. Not with the 70s on the rise, hence the extension of this trend to menswear as well. autumn-look-turtlenecks Micah Gianneli_Top fashion style beauty blogger_Rihanna Riri sty YES women rule the world of fashion, or so they say, but lately whatever we wear, buys can wear too. Whatever’s hot for us is hot for them, whatever’s trendy for us  trendy for them as well. Of course the turtleneck sweater trend for both men and women is no groundbreaking fashion discovery or statement. It’s been done since ever probably. street-style-turtlenecks (5) men-style-turtlenecks Only difference is, turtlenecks started off as being super fashionable in the 70s (see all those fashion/style/music icons wearing them), but with their peak came their fall as well: they went on in the 90s I guess through more fitted styles and cropped designs, the 2000’s had them pretty much exiled (with only very few styles surviving). men-turtlenecks-style tumblr_n8rzl6Pr7X1snb6qwo1_500 turtlenecks-trend (4) 2014 – 2015 Autumn/Winter gives us a major green light to wearing all the possible turtlenecks we can think of from retro chic, to grungy glam, to hobo chic, granny styles, last year’s oversized messy chunky cuts and anything else that comes with a neck, you know. street-style-turtlenecks (3) turtleneck-sweater-look (4) street-style-turtlenecks

GIRLS: HOT Turtlenecks Sweaters & How To Wear Them This Season? 

Oversized big collar turtlenecks are the stars of the season. Wear them as a sweater dress or over skinny jeans or pants, over mini skirts, flirty dresses, and pair them with heels (thigh high boots or pumps) for a more sexy style, or flats for a chic casual approach. street-style-turtlenecks (10) street-style-turtlenecks (2) Style tip: leave your hair tucked in, wear big chunky sweaters as jackets if you can (no layers on top), leave the collar of the sweater messy. turtleneck-sweater-look (6) street-style-turtlenecks (8) Pair them with more delicate fabrics: chiffon, silk, light textures, lace. turtlenecks-style (3) If you feel you look too sloppy in a big chunky sweater the trick is to don heels, they will make you look taller, more polished and give a certain coolness and effortlessness to your look. turtlenecks-trend Fitted turtlenecks sweaters. These are more classic, more literally 70s style, reminding me of how my mom and dad used to wear them in stretchy fabrics underneath a cardigan or a blazer. That’s the look today. Wear them as a pop of color underneath an outfit, as a nude base to a look, or as a basic sleek outfit (all nude, all white, all black. Monochromatic!) cause you know at the end of the day they’re also the best way to stay warm in winter. And they’re perfect for office. :) Accessorize them with a great necklace.turtlenecks-trend-fall-2014-2015 (2) The-turtleneck turtlenecks-looks (6) turtlenecks-sweaters (2)

BOYS: Chunky Cable Turtleneck Sweaters. How To Wear Them?

Oh. My. God. I happen to think there’s nothing hotter in winter (in that cool effortless sort of way) than a man in a chunky oversized sweater with a messy collar all the way up to his beard or stubble. Sigh. Choose loose cuts, yet not too overzied to avoid looking frumpy. men-looks-turtlenecks men-style-turtlenecks (2) Men can wear casual knitted turtleneck sweaters just about anywhere paired with anything: office, weekends, with boots, sneakers, with jeans, black pants, blazers, jackets, coats, vests. men-autumn-looks-turtleneck men-in-turtlenecks men-in-turtlenecks-trend men-street-style-turtlenecks men-turtlenecks-looks Fitted sleek turtlenecks. Not all men can pull off this look, but a black simple fitted turtleneck paired with a pair of black pants or black jeans and Chelsea boots, a blazer on top can look so hot in a very 70s classy sort of way. Office appropriate and very very sophisticated. turtleneck-sweater-look-men (2) turtleneck-sweater-look-men Let’s have a look at more turtlenecks street style pics… turtleneck tone in tone turtleneck-sweater-look (7) turtleneck-sweater-look (5) turtleneck-sweater-look (3) Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset men-style-turtlenecks (3) men-style-turtlenecks (4) men-wearing-turtlenecks street-style-turtlenecks (7) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA tumblr_mfuv73DXPM1qajhjjo1_500 tumblr_n6ra3kVZvs1qh9lbeo1_500 tumblr_nejdb4XbAO1rve87to1_500 turtlenecks-looks (2) turtlenecks turtlenecks-looks (3) turtlenecks-looks (4) turtlenecks-looks-men turtlenecks-style (5) turtlenecks-style (6) turtlenecks-style (8) turtlenecks-style turtlenecks-sweaters turtlenecks-trend (2) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (2) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (3) turtlenecks-trend-fall-2014-2015 turtlenecks-trend-fall-2014-2015 (4) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (4) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (5) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (6) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (7) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (8) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (9) turtlenecks-trend-autumn turtlenecks-trend-autumn (11) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (12) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (10) P.S. This post reminds me of the film ‘Something’s gotta give’ when Jack Nicholson was asking Diane Keaton (who was always wearing turtlenecks even in summer) ”So what’s up with all the turtlenecks?” to which she replied ”Nothing, I just like them very much.” ;)

There you have it.

white-coats-style (6) ”I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… “

Yeah, yeah, that’s great and all, we all wish a white Christmas, BUT what we really should be focusing on until Christmas is a certain sartorial choice, that just goes hand in hand with a white Christmas. A WHITE Coat. We’ve already established that pretty much everything is hot and hip these days, but each season there is one item that stands out. coats-trend-fall-2014-white (2) And this season belongs to wrap coats with the star being… (drumrolls please) the WHITE coat. If you’re getting it in a wrap-cut-design then you’ll be smoking hot, nailing 2 massive trends with one choice. If being wrapped like a sandwich is not your thing, white coats look great in all cuts and styles:

– trench, oversized blazer (long collar, V-cut, one button), V-shaped coat, fur coat, suede white coat, short, medium or long, fitted or loose, slouchy or oversized. As long as it’s white it’ll work.  white-coats-style (5) coats-trend-fall-2014-white white-coats-looks (5) white-coats-street-style (6) WHY pick a white coat? Because it looks rich. Glamorous. Refined and sophisticated. Something about a white long coat, an all-white look in the cod season or a classic white coat over any colored outfit – screams impeccable style.

It looks as if you’re this rich socialite, celeb, business woman who dresses regardless of the grey season and rain out there, but according to luxurious moods and expensive fabrics. A pair of black sunglasses and long gloves always works so fabulous with a white coat with midi sleeves. Very retro chic.  white-coats-looks (4) white-coats-street-style (5) HOW to wear a white coat without feeling like polar bear in a Batman film? (dark gloomy surroundings courtesy of crappy weather) Well… the thing is the above image is just in my your head, so it’s not actually a problem. If you see one of these ladies in pics out there in town you’ll LOVE their looks and never for one second despise, dismiss, or laugh off their white choices. So no problem, requires no solution.

I have to get this through my thick head. white-coats white-coat-looks How to style a white coat? Now we’re on to something. While white is a non-color, neutral, basic shade, meaning theoretically it goes with anything, truth is white coats look best over an all-white outfit, an all-black outfit, over jeans and a basic top, or over monochromatic looks. coats-trend-fall-2014-white (3) white-coats-looks (6) To get an effortless casual style, wear an oversized white trench-style-coat with jeans and a white or black sweater or shirt. Classic pumps will look great for a sophisticaed style, and flats (pumps, sneakers, slip ons, oxfords) for a more masculine chic take on the white coat. white-coats-street-style (7) white-coats-street-style white-coats-style (4) Rich refined elegance is guaranteed with a white soft coat over a knee-length dress and heels. Perfect! white-coats-street-style (3) Fashion editor sophistication is doable in white coat + all-black outfit (slim cut business suit, or black dress) with hot heels on. white-coats-style (8) white-coats-street-style (2) white-coat-trend-2015 (2) white-coat-trend-2015 (4) white-coat-trend-2015 (5) In other words, in order to make it work keep your look simple, minimal, fresh and elegant. white-coats-looks (3) white-coats-looks white-coats-street-style (4) winter-white-coats white-coats-street-style white-coats-street-style white-coats-style (7) white-coats-style white-coats-trend white-coats-winter-2015 white-coat-trend-2015 (3) white-coat-trend-2015 white-coat-winter-street-style winter-white-coats As much as I love it, I have only once in my life lived for a whole autumn in a white coat. Okay it was more nude rather than white. It was more trench style, in leather, knee length and slim cut. But I wore it over anything, and I remembered loving  how it looked with jeans, a beige sweater, and heels. I still have it… so I just might give it a try. Again.

boyfriend-blazer-street-style (3) Apparently everything these days is about size. The bigger the better. Question mark. When it comes to fashion it seems more yes than no, with women’s looks borrowing pretty much all they can from menswear, with slouchy oversized silhouettes, 80s cuts and big bold frumpy coats, jackets and blazers. Blame it on the cycle of fashion, on women’s full plate with constantly being too polished or dressing too fitted, whatever the reason, the outcome is great.

And while there’s nothing new and groundbreaking about a blazer, be it fitted, oversized, slouchy, or structured, talking about the blazer look and wearing one is still considered a trendy thing. In a very classic chic sort of way. boyfriend-blazers Oversized or boyfriend blazers have been hot for decades. Hello, the 80s, remember, with a quick relapse in the late 90s and 00s, when fitted was the only size everyone was doing, which soon ended to make way to classic blazer cuts and for the last few years to the big blazer also known as the boyfriend blazer. boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (10) boyfriend-blazer-style-trend (5) For this year though it seems to me like even boyfriend blazers went up a size and are bigger, longer, wider, broader (sans le big shoulder pads please!), and it makes me wonder about two things. 1) Do we, or CAN we literally wear our boyfriends’ blazers for a style statement? and 2) Is there actually a right way to doing this massive blazer look?

The current obsession we’re having now with ‘how to dress like a French girl?’ makes me quickly jump to 2 answers for the above questions. What would a French girl say: YES to (1), and NO to (2). Duh. boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (3) oversized-blazer-street-style Truth is it takes a certain kinda swag and attitude & GREAT personal style to pull off a boyfriend blazer look per se, without any attention to what you’re pairing it with. That said, there are girls who look amazing in oversized blazers and slouchy trousers and frumpy tops. It’s hobo-chic and it works. For some.

It’s got to do with the details of your look: from hair to makeup, shoes, bags, accessories. Adding a bit of jazz to your hobo-chic look with these is what sets you apart from a just-hobo look. boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (15) For the rest of the world though, the safest way to do the oversized blazer does actually imply a RIGHT way to nail it, by paying attention to ONE style trick: keep at least one item of your look fitted (trousers, jeans, skirts, or top) to create a balance in the silhouette. Think like an architect. boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (4) Another trick to pulling off an as-big-as-you-want-it-to-be blazer is playing with lengths. More and more bloggers, celebs, and fashion savvys are opting for the blazer dress, which is a fab way to dress for a posh evening out, a cocktail party and so on, but it’s also inspiring to see how great a big-ass blazer can look with a mini skirt, shorts, or short dresses. Sizes in this case can be either slouchy or fitted, cause you’re playing with lengths, which will create a visual balance. boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (2) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (19) For chicness and sophistication purposes you can consider: rolled up sleeves, wearing your blazer slung on your shoulders, using a belt over it, popping your collar (I can’t believe I just said that! Well… for cold days you know), adding a scarf over it, pairing it with sporty tops, statement accessories for example, and so on. boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (7) boyfriend-blazer-street-style (2) Enough talk. Let’s see some photos for inspiration… :) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (5) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (8) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (9) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (11) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (12) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (13) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (14) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (16) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (17) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (18) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (20) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (21) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (22) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (23) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (24) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (25) boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 boyfriend-blazer-look (2) boyfriend-blazer-street-style (4) boyfriend-blazer-street-style (5) boyfriend-blazer-street-style boyfriend-blazer-style-trend (2) boyfriend-blazer-style-trend (3) boyfriend-blazer-style-trend (4) boyfriend-blazer-style-trend (6) boyfriend-blazer-style-trend (7) boyfriend-blazer-style-trend oversized-blazers oversized-blazers-looks Right way or no right way, one thing’s certain: oversized blazers have never been so hot, and they’re not going anywhere!

feathers-streetstyle If you didn’t know that birds of a feather, er… dress together, well now you do.

The saying (sans les feathers) is so true for me and my birdy friends it’s scary. We go shopping together and more often than not end up buying the same clothes, each of us refusing to make a compromise will lie to herself that we’ll be careful as to not wear them at the same time when we’re together. We never do. That is, we never plan in advance to avoid the copycat sartorial predicament, so we do sometimes end up looking like slightly schitzy overly fashioned sisters. And the moment we start talking in syncron, that’s when it all goes down south.

At this point we’ve learned that creating confusion kills boredom so we just say, at the same time: ”It’s been 2 weeks since the doctor separated us.” We get the laughs, true, but I’m pretty sure they come with the weird label as well.

Starting with this fall though things are about to skyrocket to the next level for us, as women with a penchant for fashion (Hello, everyone!) will literally dress to the above saying: BIRDS OF A FEATHER flock DRESS TOGETHER! IN FEATHERS. 2014-fall-trend-feathers (3) 2014-fall-trend-feathers (2) 2014-fall-trend-feathers Yes ladies, feathers are the new IT thing of 2014 – 2015 autumn/winter, and I think that’s just fantastic. A while ago I would have been very skeptical in regards to this trend, but 2 things made me change my mind. OK 3.

  1. Seeing my friend and fellow blogger Vanessa from Budding Fashionista rock a fab feather skirt here.
  2. Looking at some Vogue pics of this trend.
  3. My inner voice screaming ”Have some fun, you stuck up bitch! It’s just fashion. And they’re just feathers.”

Good. So here I am now, converted to the birdy trend and it ain’t that bad. Actually feathers have a bit of retro glamour and sophistication to them. They’re somewhere between fab costume & sexy fashion forward style. And the way they just dance and move at the slightest wind blow it’s irresistible. It’s like wearing a trend with its own personality. Not to mention that each color they come in, is more than just a color. It’s a new style and look altogether: black feathers, pink fathers, white, green, blue… *sigh*. fashion-look-feathers-skirt 2014-fall-trend-feathers (5) feathers-details-looks How to wear feathers without looking like a half bird – half person creature? 

Instead of draping yourself in a feathers coat, just stick to one feather item.

Skirts are the easiest and chicest way to go about this trend. A black or colored feathers mini skirt looks great with a more classic top (tee, shirt, sweatshirt) and more feminine shoes (flats, high boots, classic pumps). feathers-looks-autumn-trend-2014 (2) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (2) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (8) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (9) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (7) Feather tops are one way to dress to this trend. It may be borderline costume but don’t let the feathers fool you. It can look pretty sophisticated.feathers-looks-autumn-trend-2014 (4) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (5) Feather coats. Why the hell not. When I see these fashionistas wearing them at Fashion Week… hell yeah! feathers-coat-autumn-trend-2014 feathers-coat-autumn-trend-2014 (2) feathers-coat-autumn-trend-2014 feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (3) Feather dresses look sooo glamorous and feminine for a special occasion. They scream fashion celebration.feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 feathers-trend-street-style (5) If you’re not sold on the big bold feathers look, but still wanna do the trend you can certainly give it a try with feather details on shoes, bags, shoulders, necklaces, appliques here and there, hats. The sky’s the limit. feathers-bag-autumn-trend-2014 (2) feathers-bag-autumn-trend-2014 feathers-looks-autumn-trend-2014 feathers-trend-street-style (2) feathers-trend-street-style (7) feathers-trend-street-style (11) feathers-trend-street-style feathers-trend-street-style (15) There are literally tons of ways to do this trend, from the type of feathery clothes you wear, to the colors, the feathers per se, and of course how you style them. I think the best way to go about styling is to keep it chic and feminine OR clash them with more versatile pieces like denim or leather.

They are a massive statement piece so leave it to them only to make the bold fashion moment of your outfit. Let’s see some street stylers now for inspiration. ;) feathers-looks-autumn-trend-2014 (3) feathers-looks-autumn-trend-2014 (5) feathers-looks-chic feathers-on-clothes-looks feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (4) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (6) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (10) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (11) feathers-styles-fashion OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA feathers-trend-street-style (4) feathers-trend-street-style (6) feathers-trend-street-style (8) feathers-trend-street-style (9) feathers-trend-street-style (10) feathers-trend-street-style (12) feathers-trend-street-style (13) pink-feathers-looks light-feathers-fashion-tren And now, if you’ll excuse me I’ll go fly away in some feathers…

‘I’m like a biiiiiiiiird… ‘