lu-590x564 Just finished catching up on 2014 Golden Globes and a few things linger in my head as highlights:

  • Elizabeth Moss giving the middle finger on the manicure camera. Finally some fun, right?
  • Beauty looks (read make up & hair) reigning over dresses this year.
  • Tina Fey slams Taylor Swift yet again. Excuse the gloating, just can’t help myself.
  • The cape of Lupita Nyong.
  • The winners. (Leo, with the supermodel joke making it even better. Jennifer Lawrence, though I’ve heard complaints due to her role being so little. She did win for supportive actress, right?)
  • Still don’t like Lena Dunham. There I said it. I have officially self subjected myself to world’s dismay.

2014-golden-globes-red-carpet-beauty-looks elisabeth-moss-middle-finger lena-dunham-2014-golden-globes-red-carpet Debuting the red carpet season, a few trends were making quite the wave: metallics, colored dresses & bare backs. Or intricate backs. amy-adams-golden-globes-2014-dress Best Red Carpet Dresses & Looks at 2014 Golden Globes. 

My faves include: Olivia Wilde‘s metallic slash sequined dark green long sleeve half bare back and cute tummy dress. Loved her simple side parted hair (biggest red carpet hair trend) & smokey yet natural makeup.

Kelly Osbourne looked HOT as hell, stating herself she did not feel this sexy on the red carpet ever. Loved her dress, her gold details on the gown and on her stiletto nails, which may be losing spotlight this year, but if you love it and can pull it off, do it! I’m all for over the top details and extravagant accessories.

Naomi Watts was the definition of simplicity, glamour, elegance and style in her light grey metallic gown and simple beauty look.

2014-golden-globes-red-carpet-olivia-wilde 2014-golden-globes-red-carpet-olivia-wilde 2014-golden-globes-red-carpet-olivia-wilde Kelly-Osbourne-2014-golden-globes-red-carpet kelly-osbourne-getting-ready-golden-globes-2014-instagram kelly-osbourne-nails-golden-globes-2014-instagram_GA 2014-golden-globes-red-carpet-naomi-watts Margot Robbie: beautiful. Amy Adams: so very loose & hot 70’s style. Loved her look from head to toe. Zoe Saldana: only she could have pulled off such a weird but beautiful dress. Makeup & hair flawless. Margot Robbie Margot Robbie amy-adams-dress-2014-golden-globes-1 amy-adams- 2014-Golden-Globes-Red-Carpet-Zoe-Saldana The couple of the night (actually there were 2 equally beautiful and hot), Matthew Mcconaughey & Camila Alves in a black metallic or sequined long sleeve dress, and the Channing Tatums71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals What I thought of Lupita Nyong‘s look? Never have a seen such a beautiful woman. Flawless & gorgeous without even trying. Simplicity at its best. The color complimented her, the silhouette of the dress was beautiful, short hair, tiny studs. One thing I was not over the moon with was the one thing the rest of the world loved. The cape. Yes, I can acknowledge its interesting’ness and high fashion trait, (it was the talk of the event after all) but if I were to speak the truth and nothing but the truth: I wasn’t sold on it. Lupita Nyong'o NBC's Elizabeth Moss was most definitely the star of the mani camera for flipping the bird so unexpectedly. Dress & makeup wise: loved her. Elisabeth Moss Others who nailed it… Oh, Robin Wright. Is it legal to look this great & sexy still? How is it even humanly possible? 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals robin-wright 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 2014-golden-globes-red-carpet-cate-blanchet emma-roberts-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals Julianna-Margulies-Golden-Globes-2014-dress mila-kunis-2014-golden-globes-red-carpet sarah-hyland-ariel-winter-golden-globes-2014-dress sarah-hyland-ariel-winter-golden-globes-2014-hair-makeup taylor-schilling-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet Borderline Worst Dresses at 2014 Golden Globes. 

Kate Beckinsdale went for a metallic look and pulled it off, sort of. The woman could wear a sack over her head and still look hot, but it was the same ol’ type of gown (mermaid, strapless etc). If Sofia Vergara opted for a different silhouette this year, it could only mean 2 things. (1) It’s OK if we all follow her example, or (2) The world has come to an end. The latter though makes more sense. At least if we’re to talk about her dress per se. Seriously, Sofia? She’s a beauty and a hot mama no matter what, but I’m not gonna mask my disappointment on this one. Borderline worst dressed. 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals sofia-vergara-2014-golden-globes-makeup-hair 2014-golden-globes-red-carpet-sofia-vergara Taylor Swift… … … … with every dot my blood pressure went a little higher. For no reason, just Taylor you know. Although this year I’ve been done a little justice by Tina Fey’s slamming of the young pop star and by Jennifer Lawrence who said she was about to push her over the stairs. (joking of course). I hear you sista’. Sans le joke. Doh. Poor thing (the Swift) taking so much crap from so many people., even those who don’t know her. Although I guess knowing her would barely change a thing. Fashion wise: the dress was a love it or hate it situation. In my case the obvious being the latter, due to all the back strangled fabric of that damn dress. She looked like she sat on a massive marshmallow that was now stuck up her ass. While she’ll struggle pulling it out, she might as well take the stick outta there as well. Who knows… sans it, we might actually get to like her. taylor-swift 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 2014-golden-globes-red-carpet-emma-watson 2014-golden-globes-red-carpet-emma-watson reese-witherspoon-golden-globes-2014 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals On the other side: Worst Red Carpet Dresses & Looks at 2014 Golden Globes, Paula Patton leads the way in that “side vagina” dress (as Leandra put it), then comes Julia Roberts. What in the name of God are you doing Julia? Trying to pull a Sharon Stone? Not working girl. What you need to do is get rid of 2 things: your stylist & that stupid shirt. Kaley Cuoco was a hot mess. Kate Mara, much like Amber Heard decided to wear a bird’s nest on their heads, hence ruining their dresses. Which, in all honesty were not a big deal anyway. 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals amber-heard-golden-globes-2014-makeup-hair Amber Heard Sandra Bullock‘s great hair and dark makeup did not save her from landing on the worst or weird dressed ladies. Neither did Jennifer Lawrence‘s. I love this girl. And ever since she cut her hair, I love her beauty looks so much. Yet her red carpet dresses are so… meh. Either too much. Either something’s lacking. Either ill fitted. Never spot on. 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 2014-golden-globes-red-carpet-jennifer-lawrence Maria Menounos is still stuck in the prom look. Perhaps she never got to attend her’s so she’s only trying to make up for the lost time. Let it go Maria. 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals And some other looks and dresses who made the worst cut. Like Heidi Klum. Just go home Heidi. heidi-klum-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals Hayden-Panettiere-2014-golden-globes-red-carpet Which was your most and least favorite?

pointy-toe-stiletto-boots … the Pointed Toe Stiletto Ankle Boots that is. Or the I’m-sexy-and-I-know-it boots.

Somewhere between motorcycle boots, combat Tom-boy-ish styles, and the ever present chunky heeled ankle boot – this pointy toe stiletto style, once reminiscent of those early 2000 when every girl with a penchant for fashion dressed as a glam goth chic, crawled their way back into our lives. Maybe we’ve just had enough with flat un-sexy shoes. Maybe we’re in a desperate need to feel feminie and strong. Or maybe… we just wanna look great regardless of what we wear, and stilettos + tasteful pointy toes can do that to any outfit. Or perhaps it’s just me, falling hopelessly in love with my new ankle boots, that I’ve been crushing over for some time and finally found the ONES.

There is a bit of truth in all these ‘maybes‘, as there is, in the fact that these sexy uber strong feminine sophisticated boots are quite present everywhere lately: streets, celebs, retail, online… and I basically think it’s all a matter of fashion being cyclic as well as us wanting to look no less than fabulous again. ankleboots-stiletto-pointy- ankle-boots-trend-winter-2014 Forever 21 Clear Cut Stiletto Booties, .80-trend I swear we need to make a promise: “I promise to never ever get rid of any old shoe, bag, or clothing item, as ridiculous as wearing it today may look, it will most likely be an IT fashion statement in at least 5 years.” Had I only kept this promise, I would have had quite a collection of pointy toe stiletto boots. pointy-toe-boots There is something very Cruella-ish about these shoes, yet alongside this cartoon’ish femme fatale trait they inspire, they also ooze hotness and extreme strength , confidence and refined attitude with a slight case of edginess if matched with say jeans and a plain old T-shirt. They can look extremely polished and incredibly classy or they can inject a certain sexiness and bad-girl vibe to an otherwise rather plain look.

Hence the saying: if you ever need to spice up your style last minute, go for stilettos. They can make a garbage bag look fantastic. pointy-toe-stiletto-ankle-b Personally I couldn’t be happier if these boots made a huge comeback, for all the above reasons plus my sort of less liking to anything platform style (except wedges and those man inspired brogues). Being quite tall, but loving heels I would like to be able to wear the sexiest shoes and boots without the fucking platform, because frankly I don’t need it. (Although I’ll give you this, platforms are brilliant with chunky heels.) And anyway, today, we’re all in a polygamist relationship with all styles and all trends from 1920s all throughout 2013, so I think these pointy toe shoes can co-exist alongside all the others. pointy-toe-stiletto-ankle-boots-looks pointy-toe-stiletto-boots-look stiletto=ankle-boots-trend In terms of HOW to style them? Balance is the key. They look great with skinny jeans or leggings and a slouchy top or knitted oversived sweater, and also with mini skirts, office or party dresses whether short or midi length. And I would definitely give maxi skirts a try with these if styled properly: think rocknoll chic. stiletto-ankle-boots Basically all goes with these boots, cause they’re super feminine and hot, but (yes there is a but) I’d avoid the all leather look, extremely dark-glam style, not cause it looks bad, just a bit too vamp’ish. Or too vampire style you know. If you love it though, do it! It’s not about what you wear but how you wear it ;) stiletto-ankle-boots-street-style stiletto-ankle-boots-trend stiletto-ankle-boots-trend-2014 street-style-pointy-toe-ankle-boots strettstyle-pointy-toe-ankle-boots zara pointy ankle boots-street-styl Here are 3 of my fave looks of the pointy toe ankle boots…

stiletto bootiesI’m curious about you, do you like them? How would you style them?

ryan-gosling (1)Yes girls, I had to do this, as I confess I too am a hopeless victim of this mass obsession involving the 32 year old incredibly talented hunky Canadian actor. To my defense I’d like to add I only fell in his good looks & talent trap a while ago and I blame the research for this post for that. (feels good to kid ourselves every now and then). For the past year or so my FB feeds and results on whatever I research are pretty much packed with Ryan Gosling memes, snapshots of him, news or the ever notorious “Why won’t Ryan Gosling eat his cereal?” thing. Not to mention some of my friends’ obsession with this guy, and our film chats that always and up in us ah-ing over him. Women of all ages and men-tastes are smitten with his baby blues, impossible to resit smirk & stare, and adorable laughter. And his talent just makes it all so much better. ryan-gosling (54)ryan-gosling (17)ryan-goslingBut let’s not get carried away and use what’s left of our sane brain to figure out why are women obsessed with Ryan Gosling. Because girls (please don’t hate me) let’s face it, he’s not the prettiest bulb in the chandelier. His looks are far from your all-handsome-pretty-boy standard (think Brad Pitt, though the guy never did it for me), and to be honest he’s the kinda guy you “could probably bag on a good night”, as a blogger so very well put it, were he not so out of reach due to his fame. Right? Or as TMR once said, could fame’s glamour be behind all this obsession? You did see his pre-The Notebook years, right? I won’t say ugly, cause my heart might cringe a little, but he’s that awkward scrawny weird looking young boy, who’d probably need a whole lot more than a good clean up to date Eva Mendes. photofest 270707ryan-gosling (7)ryan-gosling (8)ryan-gosling (9)ryan-gosling (21)ryan-gosling (25)ryan-gosling (41)Or is it exactly his not-so-perfect-looks and tiny flaws that make Ryan so much more appealing, with girls fantasizing over how perfect their flaws would match his, and how one day, were they to meet him… who knows? To strengthen this women-do-not-want-bad-perfectly-looking-boys reality, is this guy’s sensitive side and relaxed cool and quite humbled personality, or how unaware he seems to be of why women are crazy over him. Hence his more than kind approach with fans (taking pics, chatting) or his impossible to resist embarrassment when reading his memes. Yet he’s not all milk & honey, which makes his good-guy/bad-guy persona hot as hell. Batman and Superman might as well hang their suits and find a job when Gosling‘s in town: he saved a woman’s life and broke a fight on the streets of NYC. Which worldwide famous actor, not too caught up in his own shit can do that so cool and effortless as if he’s just a regular guy? And to top this off, and make women even more obsessed (if that’s humanly possible) he defended his girl’s honor, Eva Mendes, when a paparazzi called her ‘baby‘. He totally flipped out and was about to punch the guy for his inappropriate behavior. Some said Ryan was too possessive and jealous, but they don’t know him like we do (lol). ryan-gosling (15)ryan-gosling (14)ryan-gosling (18)He can be both, good and bad, funny and serious (have you seen his interviews?), and that smile probably makes any girl think they’ve cracked up his celeb shell right down to his soft quirky funny heart and perfect mind, cause that’s how he comes across – a guy you could talk and laugh your heart out till dawn over drinks, take home to your grandma, or break the bed with. But then again, it can all be media & PR, and he may just be a notorious asshole. (Yeah… I somehow doubt it.) at the "The Ides Of March" Los Angeles Premiere, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Beverly Hills, CA. 09-27-11ryan-gosling (4)And I haven’t even mentioned his talent and films yet. Brilliant. Long before I gave a crap about his fit body, hot stare and unbelievable smile, I’ve loved the guy for a plain simple reason – he’s one of the best actors out there and his films were the guarantee of best stories and play roles. (note: I’m a total movie geek). He can hold his shit together opposite Anthony Hopkins or other big names with tremendous talent and cool hearted approach, and he picks his roles without an apparent care of Hollywood’s recipe. His characters are all different from one another, and not once have I seen him repeat his acting. The guy in Drive has nothing to do with Noah, or the guy in Half Nelson, or Lars, and all completely different from Luke, the man in All Good Things, or the heartthrob in Crazy Stupid Love.

And he dates real women, talented, beautiful, funny, not a specific type, which is well… more to add to girls’ sighing. And just when you thought he can’t get any better than this, BAM! He can. Did you know Ryan Gosling is in a music band? Dead Men’s Bones, it’s called and he’s good. So good. ryan-gosling (10)Though nobody gives a crap about his style, he owns it. But then again how hard can it be to pull an old looking T shirt over those abs and throw on a pair of jeans and look fabulous? If men’s fashion is on your mind when talking the Ryan Gosling obsession, here are a few pics to quench your style thirst. Ryan's high fiveExclusive... Ryan Gosling Leaves LunchEva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Arriving For A Flight At LAXryan-gosling (32)ryan-gosling (36)Ryan Gosling catches a flight at LAXStill, I don’t know… I may just be in the midst of all the RyGos films I’ve just watched, interviews & pics I’ve seen, cause the guy’s OK (read hot) but kinda regular looking. So I wonder if maybe the internet and new media bare all the blame for this craze? If everyone says red is the color of the season, as much as you may not like it, you may find yourself one day strutting your bum in a red-head-to-toe-outfit. And even if Ryan was the sexiest and hottest man alive, The Feminist Ryan Gosling book? Seriously? Or the Color Me Good Ryan Gosling color book? Have we all gone so mad, or have women finally figured out what they wanted? ( a RyGos please!) A decent looking grounded funny sensitive man who’s got his bad boy persona up his sleeve just in case. Oh, and he looks photoshoped.

Some more RyGos eye-candy pics to make this debate less or more complicated…  ryan-gosling (6)ryan-gosling (11)ryan-gosling (12)ryan-gosling (13)ryan-gosling (16)Actor Ryan Gosling suffers a bad case of bedhead as he stops at a local 7-Eleven to pick his morning iced coffeePremiere Of Columbia Pictures' "The Ides Of March" - Red Carpetryan-gosling (26)ryan-gosling (29)??????????????????????ryan-gosling (31)ryan-gosling (33)Ryan Gosling Touches Down Safely in New YorkPremiere of "Drive"ryan-gosling (39)EXCLUSIVE... Ryan Gosling Intense First Day On Set Of 'Drive'!A bespectacled Ryan Gosling touches down at LAX looking cool in a leather jacket and grey slacks*EXCLUSIVE*  Ryan Gosling:  Hardware Hunkryan-gosling (45)Ryan Gosling Visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"  - July 20, 2011ryan-gosling (47)ryan-gosling (48)kinopoisk.ruryan-gosling (52)ryan-gosling (53)What do you think? Don’t know about you but I’m not obsessed. Just off to watch Only God Forgives. And then back to debate with you this RyGos obsession :)

P.S. sighing is accepted.

Every summer, celebrities take out their best attire and inspire our fashion choices. But since it’s sunglasses we’re interested in, let’s have a look at some of the most popular styles of the season, according to our favorite stars. We found seven trends that we love, and we think you should consider wearing them while summer still lasts:

1. Cat eye sunglasses. These have been around for a while, but this summer it looks like they’re moving away from their ’50’s roots and into more modern shapes. They now come with embellishments of sorts, in irregular shapes, and can even be worn by men (if they dare). cat-eye-shadescat-eye-sunglasseskaty-perry-cat-eye-sunglassesmiley-cyrus-sunglasses-Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo filming in New York CitySalma+Hayek-Cateye+Sunglasses2. Clear frames. These look great on both glasses and sunglasses, they’re unisex and very versatile. You might see them on round, square, cat eye or butterfly-shaped frames. Summer is the perfect season to wear them, as they’re light, yet eye-catching.  rita-ora-clear-frame-shadesclear-frame-shadesKim Kardashian Hosts Season Opening Pool Party at Wet Republic3. Embellished frames. Why wear plain sunglasses when you can show your DIY skill on them? Glue pearls, glitter, rhinestones and even studs on your old frames and you instantly get an updated, modern style. Or just buy them ready made. Derek+Warburton-statement-sunglassesAnna-Dello-Russo-versaceEmbellished-Sunglassesrihanna-embelished-sunglassesrosie-huntington-whiteley-embelished-sunglasses4. Keyhole sunglasses. This style is especially used with round sunglasses, but it may sometimes be combined with rectangular or cat eye frames. Initially used in men’s sunglasses, the keyhole bridge trend has quickly become unisex. keyhole-glassesBarefoot Ryan Gosling Leaves His Muay Thai Classsienna_miller-keyhole-sunglasseskate-hudson-keyhole-sunglasses5. Mirror lenses. They were long forgotten when, last year, they started showing more and more often on street style blogs. Mirror lenses can be blue, yellow, green or even pink, and no star in their right mind could stay away from them. blue-mirrored-glassesbrad-pitt-mirror-sunglassesJessica Alba -sunglassesjessica_alba_mirror-sunglasses6. Pentagonal sunglasses. This is a new shape in fashion, popularized by Miu Miu. Most of the ladies below are actually wearing Miu Miu sunglasses! The golden frames, with or without glitter, made fashion statements all around this summer. rihanna-miu-miu-sunglasses-2012-2013-pentagon-shape-1052a4fccc71218eb527ac5a090fb919e16c3fea2e4931f64867596e9c5d070e47. Red frames. We already know from red lipstick that no other color looks so good on everyone’s face! Celebrities who want to shine wear red sunglasses, whether acetate or metallic, because they know how to grab attention! Cee+Lo+Green-red-SunglassesMadonna-Sunglasses-red-framesrihanna-red-frame-sunglasseselle_macpherson_red_sunglassesArticle by Daria P. (contributor at & & blogger at kittenhood)

marilyn-monroe-beauty-daytimeIf I had a quid for every time I’ve said ”ah, wish I could raid the closet of…” I’d probably be filthy rich by now, and ironically would’t need to raid anyone’s closet no more. But the fantasy’d still be there. I mean us girls have always been obsessed with what our BFFs are wearing and have, more than once, given a few thoughts about raiding famous closets, right? But what if I told you,  it’s no longer a fantasy. Yeah go ahead now… raise your eyebrow. I know I did. So what I am saying? And what does it have to do with Marilyn Monroe? Let me briefly unfold the story for you: marilyn-monroe-daytime-dres(1) with Marilyn Monroe‘s birthday coming soon I’ve been flirting with the idea of writing a post on her, as I’ve always felt, underneath all the admiration, awe and love for her style and looks, that we’ve barely scratched the surface with Marilyn’s fashion choices. All the media and the fans admiration aside – the truth is 51 years after her death and MM is STILL a style icon. Hell, I think she defines the concept of style & beauty icon. Why is that? I think she might be among the 1st products of Hollywood, and, as virgin as Tinsel Town was on that one, they nailed it. Actually they never topped it. Beginners luck or perfect recipe? Or could it be that MM is still teaching a style lesson decades later, and we still haven’t figured out how to do it? marilyn-monroe-style-fashion

(2) So we’ve got her photos and timeless dresses, but would a peak into her closet be asking for too much? Errr… actually no. Stylitics is launching Marilyn Monroe’s digital closet, making it possible to browse and shop her style for the 1st time. Wait. What? (see below a tiny glimpse of how it’s all gonna work and look like). To be honest with you (though I’m not a retro type dressing gal) I will however give it a few looks, just cause it’s Marilyn, you know. Besides I think nobody topped her in terms of makeup & the ultimate glam, so it’ll be fun chatting with other fans over her clothes, and potential style had she still been alive and young. How to get in the MM closet? Get on Stylitics and while you’re waiting for MM’s digital fashion world to come alive, built your own closet, share it and throw a few peaks into other famous fashionistas’ closets while you’re at it.  marilyn-monroe-inspiration

”It’s exciting to think about what Marilyn would be wearing if she were walking around NYC today”

Vintage-Marilyn-monroe-outfmarilyn-monroe-casual-looksI don’t know what it is about Marilyn that always leaves me speechless and lingering on her photos as if I’d be looking for the deepest most intriguing things in the world- but to me, she is the definition of beauty & style. Something about her makes it impossible for anyone to not fall in love with her. You can’t resist her charm. She’s all in one: seductive, innocent, beautiful, sexual, vulnerable, strong. One might assume her style was all white glittery tight dresses, diamonds and fur, and while that’s a true statement, and a Marilyn true image, I found her so much more appealing, human and utterly fabulous in a deux piece, capri trousers, shorts, flirty day-dresses, or oversized sweaters. With her famous pout, sultry look from beneath those perfect eyebrows, fake lashes and disheveled bleached blond hair – she had you at ‘Hello‘ probably (for more on her style click here). My favorite MM memories are those from film sets, in her room reading, laughing or on the beach. Comes to show you she didn’t need a village of stylists and artists to captivate and seduce. It was her. And that’t it. marilyn-monroe-beauty-lookMarilyn’s fashion looks over time…  marilyn-monroe-white-dress-furmarilyn-monroemarilyn-monroe-beauty-style-lookmarilyn-monroe-boots-lookmarilyn-monroe-capri-pantsmarilyn-monroe-dressmarilyn-monroe-dressesmarilyn-monroe-dress-lookmarilyn-monroe-evening-dressmarilyn-monroe-fashionmarilyn-monroe-gipsy-stylemarilyn-monroe-little-black-dressmarilyn-monroe-pink-dress-lookmarilyn-monroe-style-icon (2)MARILYN MONROE & ARTHUR MILLERmarilyn-monroe-style-iconmarilyn-monroe-sweater-lookWhen it comes to makeup she’s the queen of beauty, and to this day makeup artists and women are trying to emulate the red lips or fake lashes look. A while ago I’ve watched a video by Lisa Eldridge on Marilyn makeup and was totally blown away by how she captured the essence of those times & of what Marilyn stands for. Plus a tone of info, like what face moisturizer MM was using, or how her makeup artist loved to highlight her face as to create a heart-shape for her and all that. Marilyn Monroe-beauty-lookmarilyn-monroe-makeup-lookWith an army of makeup artists and a tone of beautiful gorgeous faces out there – there’s still one Marilyn. Not a copy in the world and a mastering in style or beauty will ever top what MM stood for, yet we’ll always use her image as a huge beauty & style reference and massive inspiration.

images via Pintrest & google images

Article by Ghintare Survilaite

We keep talking about fashion trends in terms of accessories, clothing items, sunglasses, hats, shoes, bags, and the list goes on…instead, lets talk about those who bring fashion in our closets, particularly those who make women walk with their heads up, even when they don’t feel like doing it. You guessed, I am talking about shoe designers.

The one I chose to write about in today’s article was born in a country famous for its cheese, champagne and of course FASHION! Celebrities like Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Blake Lively, Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Kate Moss adore his creations. For three years his shoes were on top of the Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI)…yes, there is such an organization in New York that conducts research on the luxury industry called The Luxury Institute. In order to make you understand how advanced the fashion industry is, let me also inform you that there also exists a Fashion Law Institute, which is the world’s first center dedicated to law and the business of fashion.

But let’s get back to our designer ;) If you still don’t know who I am talking about let me give you a last hint: the red-lacquered soles are his signature. Yeah! I’m talking about Christian Louboutin.

Working as a freelance designer, Louboutin designed women’s shoes for Chanel, Yves SaintLaurent, and Maud Frizon. For a short period of time he worked as a landscape designer, but then realized that his passion involves shoes and opened a his first shoes salon in Paris, in 1991. Since then his boutiques spread worldwide and now Christian Louboutin’s brand counts almost 50 stores with flagships in all world’s fashion capitals.

Decorated with jeweled straps, bows, feathers, patent leather, lace and rhinestones Louboutin’s shoes are famous for their elegance , sex appeal and classy touch.

His creations are worn by celebrities to movie premieres, concerts, fashion shows, awards and other important events.

Jennifer Lopez in Christian Louboutin Lucifer Bow Pumps Jennifer-Lopez-Christian-Louboutin-Lucifer-Bow-Stiletto-HeelJennifer Lopez wearing a Christian Louboutin 123 Double Platform Sandal jennifer-lopez-and-christian-louboutinA fan of Manolo Blahnik wearing a pair of golden studded Louboutin’s – Sarah Jessica Parker sarah-jessica-parker-louboutinsKim Kardashian wearing a pair of lime green Louboutins Kim+Kardashian+rocks+lime+green+LouboutinsCheryl Cole in a pair of Christian Louboutins Bikiki pony pumps cheryl-cole-in-christian-louboutinKate Moss wearing a pair of black Louboutins Stella McCartney-London Kate MossAnd we couldn’t forget Victoria Beckham… Victoria-Beckham-dress-louboutinsPrincess Caroline of Monaco… Princess-Caroline-of-Hanover-Wearing-a-Chanel-DressAnd now the bad news – if you’re not a celebrity don’t wait for discount season, as Louboutin rarely gives shoes away – offering just some discounts to his high-profile clients. He doesn’t even make presents for his family, saying that “giving shoes away as gifts is  unimaginative”.

It’s not forbidden to dream though ;) …. Kisses!!! Neiman-Marcuskendall-jenner-spike-louboutinsChristian-Louboutin-Asteroid-Spike-Toe-Pumpstumblr_m9cx8uPKFZ1r04xyvo1_500Marchesa-Louboutins-Spring-Summer-2010black-christian-louboutin-heels-louboutinscinderella-louboutinsWould-You-Wear-Christian-Louboutins-Face-on-Your-Toes

kate-middleton-hat It’s been quite a long time since I meant to do a post on the Duchess of Cambridge Style, but always postponed it just because, to be honest with you, I’m not too into royals, duchesses, princess and all that… Sure I respect and admire all they do and stand for, but when it  comes to associating fashion or style with a royal in general… allow me to get a little reluctant. May be my edgy style or my sometimes over the top personality that simply contradict with the whole understated everything that royalty stands for (fashion & style wise). Besides… I hate hats. There I said it. Not the street style types, that you can so easily dress up or down with jeans or heels, but those uber pretentious styles embellished with so many beads and feathers and paired with the least tasteful A-line, knee-length dresses, in those ice-cream colors that do no favors to anyone. Anyway… there are a few royals out there who every now and then get in the flashlight and have us all talking about their beauty, social skills & styles. And such is the case of the lovely Kate Middleton. Well actually the Duchess of Cambridge! A regular looking kinda gal who’s got a hold of a prince’s heart and had a whole nation (hell a whole world) get all sappy and romantic over the wedding of the century and as of lately the pregnancy.  kate-middleton-hat (2) kate-middleton-green-coat Does Kate Middleton have style? And if so… what is it? Do you like it? Kate Middleton fashion has already been discussed and praised for years now, and what I believe she deserves a big kudos for, is the way she does not take it too seriously. I love Kate, I think she’s a likable person, genuine, lovely, beautiful. Her smile is just perfect, her social/people skills are fantastic… but her style… Well… let’s just say it’s not right down my street. With a few exceptions (the nude lace dress, the black lace dress, and a few other outfits I’ll show you below) her overall fashion choices are a bit boring, they lack personality and quite frankly Kate Middleton’s style is although classic & polished, quite unfinished. Quite a few times I’ve looked at her outfits and felt as if she could have used a belt, more accessories or clothing items to make it work. I suppose she’s got more than a few style rules she needs to obey but still… dress according to your age Kate. And I’m not talking about that fishnet dress that had Will all smitten with her, or her sparking sequined fashion choices when she hit the town to party, or her boring jeans and plain tops when living back home with mom and dad – I mean find a balance between classic & cool. OK so she has to do the longer hem, the hats, the proper granny styles once in a while… but there’s plenty of room for subtly jazzing it up, right? here are some past style looks of Katekate-middleton-glamed-up kate-middleton-before-fame kate-middleton-party-dress

some of my fave Kate Middleton style looks :)  kate-middleton-black-lace-gown kate-middleton-beauty kate-middleton-fashion-style kate-middleton-lace-blue-dress Catherine Duchess of Cambridge seen leaving St Paul's Cathedral in London after Queen Elizabeths Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service Safe or not, too boring or too granny – Kate Middleton’s style makes way and settles in among other celebrity faces. Kate Middleton’s dresses have a certain elegance and class to them that has nothing to do with red-carpet like glitz and glam… yet she looks fantastic in some of them. Understated elegance and pure refinement seems to be Kate’s middle name. Besides she’s doing something that just screams hats down to her: combining high-street brands with huge designers. Kate Middleton fashion pictures portray her in both Alexander McQueen gowns and Topshop or Whistles dresses. She loves high-street brands and doesn’t shy away from wearing them, which is amazing! I’d love to see more of this young Kate shine through the confinements and proper restrictions of royalty. Although I guess this may not be exactly up to her… She’s probably doing what she can to combine the required classic style with the personal touch, and besides she’s on a constant growth and change style wise. So let us not throw the dice yet! dress-kate-middleton kate-middleton-black-coat kate-middleton-casual-style (2) kate-middleton-casual-style kate-middleton-coat kate-middleton-coat-style kate-middleton-dress (2) kate-middleton-dress kate-middleton-flowy-dress kate-middleton-green-dress kate-middleton-green-mcqueen-dress No Kate Middleton fashion icon talk is complete without mentioning Kate Middleton’s wedding dress: Alexander McQueen simple, feminine, grand & elegant. (not my style in terms of design at all, but she looked stunning in it). Still the talk of the town (and world) and a reference point for all brides to be, I guess. Loved her overall look, not too made up, as if she didn’t try at all, yet managed to look breathtaking. And one more thing I so need to mention… Kate Middleton’s hair! OMG… never have I seen a mane so perfectly luscious, glossy, bouncy & healthy. The best haircut, color and texture I’ve seen! Not too crazy about her latest 1970’s haircut, but I swear… with that hair she could make anything work.  kate-middleton kate-middleton-fashion-icon-hat kate-middleton-hair kate-middleton-in-red kate-middleton-hat (3) kate-middleton-hair-beach-waves kate-middleton-makeup kate-middletonnew-hair kate-middleton-wedding kate-middleton-wedding-dress What’s your take on Kate Middleton style? Do you think she’s a fashion icon? kate-middleton-hat-fashion kate-middleton-hat-styl kate-middleton-look kate-middleton-michelle-obama The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Canadian Tour - Day 7 kate-middleton-pink-dress-hat kate-middleton-red-dress kate-middleton-red-gown kate-middleton-skinny-jeans (2) Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall And Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Fortnum & Mason Store The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Make An Official Visit To Cambridge kate-middleton-style-classic kate-middletonstyle-hat kate-middleton-white0split-dress kate-middleton-white-dress-red-shoes kate-middleton-white-dress-sparkles The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Diamond Jubilee Tour - Day 7 kate-middleton-yellow-dress (2) The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Canadian Tour - Day 8

beyonce-beauty-look I’ve always looked at Beyonce as a miss-goody-two-shoes kinda gal, super talented, professional, extremely beautiful & hot. But as of lately the B super woman, who’s now, on top of her game (entertainer, musician, wife, mom, business woman etc.) has turned into miss edgy funky woman. Quite often she’s seen with her blogger camera, her top knotted hair, funky outfits, more fashion adventurous snapping shots of herself in less of a staged pose, and rather just having fun with it. A bit like fashion bloggers, right? And guess what… not too long ago it was announced in the media that Beyonce has just launched her blog!!! Errr… wait what? Yes she did. Exclamation point. (click here to see it). I have to say I love it, it looks great, amazing design, it’s simple & personal. What I am most concerned about is all these celebs turning to blogging and making statements after statements with their blogs after (or even before) 1 hour from their blog’s launch. I mean seriously? Are we supposed to compete with each other? How? Who’d wanna read or check out modest outfit posts by miss Nobody, when Beyonce for example is posting super funky outfits & accessories by the world’s biggest designers, and sharing with us all pics from her celebrity lifestyle. It’s not a fair ride is it? On the other hand… there’s always gonna be the question if these celebrities post themselves. Because, let’s call it like it is, if they don’t (or we found out they didn’t) we’d never click back. Today people love the un-photoshoped stuff, the dirt, the backstage peak, Instagram photos, fun, laid back glimpses of everyday life. We’ve let our voyeuristic personas out and can’t be bothered to tame them a tiny bit. beyonce beyonce-backstage-look beyonce-backstage-style beyonce-beach-waves-beauty beyonce-blogger beyonce-blogger-style beyonce-hoops I’ve always been a fan of Beyonce, I do like her & I love her music. And what I’ve noticed from all her interviews and backstage short films, is that she’s a true professional, a perfectionist and a very nice person. She used to come front-stage only with her music and everyone knew she’s a private gal who likes to keep it that way. But controversy has met Beyonce a while ago, when she was pregnant, with the media writing BS over how she faked her baby and all that crap, saying the reason that would be so, was because B was losing fan base and had a hard time with her music comeback, her last album was not too well sold. When that cooled down… the media was not OK with her new fashion approach and was making jokes at her expense: the top knot, the constant camera, the blogger pose etc. And just a few days ago… she was bombarded with the silly accusation of lip syncing. Really? I mean if there’s one person who can sing flawless that’s Beyonce. What surprises me in a good way is that she doesn’t seem to give a damn about it and continues to do her own thing. You go girl! She’s into fashion and sharing her thoughts and creations with the world. I respect that and I see nothing wrong with it, au contraire I love it that I’ve got a glimpse of herself right at my fingertips whenever I feel like it. But does Beyonce have style? Is she a fashion risque taker? Is she a trend setter? (pause) As much as I adore her… I’m still debating over this. Her past fashion choices were not really my cup of tea, nor her red carpet gowns (except for a few), but I can give her credit for trying to step out of her comfort zone lately. All in all Beyonce’s style was and still is a funky glam mix, pilled with accessories, hot heels, super trendy & sometimes edgy. Ever since she started blogging, Beyonce is seen more relaxed, more fashion forward, chic, in funky cool clothes, mixing up styles and clashing different items. Good or Bad? It’s say good & kudos to this beautiful lady for having fun with fashion! I love her in those super hot dresses, in color, in skinny jeans and slouchy T-shirts and blazers and always to-die-for heels. But the girl can rock leather trousers/leggings, crazy prints, neon shades, funky sunglasses… She’s quite eclectic without ever losing that glamorous rich feminine touchbeyonce-beauty beyonce-blue-dress beyonce-blackoutfit0black-hair beyonce-casual-outfit beyonce-casul-chic-style beyonce-blue-maxi-dress beyonce-fur-coat beyonce knowles, jay-z

new york city, usa - 15.04.2012 beyonce-hat-denim-shorts beyonce-hot-heels beyonce-leather-pants Beyonce and Jay Z Head To Dinner beyonce-look (2) beyonce-look (3) beyonce-look beyonce-look-edgy beyonce-orange-dress beyonce-orange-mini-dress beyonce-outfit-post beyonce-pink-pants beyonce-prints beyonce-red-carpet-black-mermaid-dress beyonce-red-carpet-met-gala beyonce-red-dress beyonce-rock-style beyonce-sexy beach-style beyonce-singing beyonce-star-sty;e beyonce-street=style beyonce-street-style (6) beyonce-street-style (8) beyonce-street-style (10) beyonce-street-style (11) beyonce-street-style (13) beyonce-street-style (14) beyonce-street-style (15) beyonce-street-style (17) Beyonce seen out and about in New York City beyonce-street-style (19) beyonce-street-style (20) beyonce-style (2) beyonce-style-fashion (2) beyonce-style-fashion beyonce-style-icon Pregnant Beyonce Knowles All Smiles in Bright Yellow & Green Outfit black-outfit-beyonce One thing that remains true about Beyonce’s style is her impeccable look: flawless face (she’s one of the few celebs out there who look beautiful with no makeup on), amazing hair (straight, curly, dark, blonde, long, shorter, bangs, no bangs – she can make it all work), and super hot body! Her beauty looks are some of my favorite, no matter what style she chooses it looks amazing on her: bold lips, understated eyes, retro waves, wild curls, sleek elegance, sexy bomb etc.  But the question remains: is Beyonce a style icon or not? Does the woman know good fashion? beyonce-beauty-retro-hair beyonce-black-hair beyonce-black-mini-dress beyonce-black-dress-look beyonce-blode-fashion-shoot beyonce-curly-hair beyonce-editorial beyonce-fashion-editorial (2) beyonce-fashion-editorial beyonce-glamorous-look beyonce-natural-hair beyonce-geek-sexy-look beyonce-superball-add superball0beyonce-cover beyonce-super-curly-hair


miranda-kerr-christmas A little gossip and celeb guilty pleasure never hurt anyone, especially on these last days of holiday when all we want to do is rewind and go right back to December 24th. So before FashionTag starts a brand new year of fashion news, editorials, trend reports and street styles… we thought of lingering a bit more on the lazy side and chilling over a cup of who did what on 2012 winter holidays. Ladies I’m talking about celebs, and how they spent their 2012-2013 winter holidays. Ah… this sick curiosity goes right hand in had with the post-holiday hangover & weight gain… Anyway… while most of us have spent our Christmas and NYE with friends and family, partying, chilling, lazying around in cold (or hot weather, depending on where we live), guess what? So did celebs. Sure with a credit card that’s hardly got any limit… it was bound to be big for them. nicki-minaj-nye-outfit-2013 taylor-swift-435 beyonce-nye-2013 rachel-zoe-2013-nye-beach While some of the famous faces out there had to work on NYE or Christmas others chose to relax in the posh sun and ocean breeze of St. Barts. Who can blame them. I’d have done the same. So while Beyonce was doing her private show in Las Vegas on NYE & Taylor Swift was trying to be (or look like) a rock star in her leather ensemble, others like Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Simson & Channing Tatum were lazying by the ocean or poolside in St. Barts. Mr. Simon Cowell looked as if he had a blast in the winter sun on his jet sky, I suppose he can afford to take a day off, right? Still confused though about why he cannot afford a good hairstylist, I mean does this guy sleep on his head or what? All in all… they’ve all had a blast and spent their winter holidays trying to make the best of it, much like all of us. Some of the pretty faces out there even threw us a bone & graced us with Twitter photos of themselves next to their Christmas trees or surrounded by presents. Aww… how sweet! To have a little something to gossip about over the weekend, or on your last hours of work this Friday, FashionTag is giving you a short scoop into the what celebs did for Christmas or NYE, what they wore, how they looked, who they were with… Not that anyone cares, anyway:)steven-tyler-660 simon-cowell-660 redfoochristmas puff-diddy-christmas-yacht-2012 naomi-campbell-christmas-2012 kim-kardashian-2013-nye-dressjpg kilye-kendall-kardashian-christmas kardashian-christmas justin-bieber-christmas-nye-2013-concert justin-bieber-and-sister-christmas-2012 jude-law-2013-new-years-day-beach jonas-christmas jessica-simpson-2013-winter-holiday-beach

jenny-mccarthy-new-york-nye-2013jpg jennifer-aniston-2012-christmas-st-barts jay-z-2013-nye hugh-jackman-2012-winter-holidays-beachjpg gloria-estefan-christmas fred-durst-christmas eva-longoria-nye-2013 enrique-iglesias-christmas chirstmas-ashley-tisdale-vanessa-hudgens channing-tatum-2012-winter-holidays-beachjpg celebs-winter-holidays celebs-christmas carson-daly-660 ashlee-simpson-beach-winter-holidays-2013jpg alejandra-ambrosio-nye-2013-prty

Every respectable fashionista, blogger, fashion journalist, photographer, stylist or editor knows who Olivia Palermo is. I mean with a style like hers it’s pretty hard to go unnoticed in the fashion industry. Born in 1986 the American socialite, actress and model is one of the most photographed faces at fashion shows in New York, London, Paris and Milan. She started off as an actress in “The City” reality TV show, and now she’s guest editor for Piperlime. Not to mention fashion magazine covers and editorials of this New York city girl, interviews, articles, features and so on.

olivia palermo fashion

Again… what is she famous for? That’s an easy one… why her sense of style, of course. This girl can sure dress to turn heads and land in the pages of Vogue, Elle or Marie Claire with articles on her style or her  fashion tips. Too short to be a model, not an actual actress, not a designer, too rich to be a stylist… I’m still haunted by the same question. What does she do? Or better yet… would she still be famous for her incredible style were it not for her parent’s fortune and her rich NYC girl status? Hmm. That’s a challenge for you Olivia. Could you still dress fabulous with less? Well I supposed so, to a certain extent, I mean, she’s mostly known for the way she mixes her designer clothes with affordable pieces.

One of the first super rich celebs who started shopping at Topshop and wearing their clothes when sitting front row at fashion shows, Olivia Palermo became a style icon and fashion figure to look out for by whole generations of fashionistas. Sure she paired that ‘cheap’ Topshop jacket with uber luxurious and expensive dresses or trousers, but if the credit card has no limit and the tastes are refined… what the hell. So kudos for that Olivia. Then the other thing she’s most famous for is her accessorizing sense. Quite often she’s seen with statement necklaces over knitted tops or basic blouses. Golden bracelets, her famous watch (which she confessed she can’t live without), cat eye sunglasses, fabulous bags and shoes, and statement rings make her outfits effortlessly glamorous. olivia palermo fashion fashion-icon-olivia-palermo olivia palermo fashion olivia-palermo-accessories


I love how she mixes prints, uses pops of color, wears layers (sometimes 2 jackets) and fur all brilliantly accessorized. When asked about her style she describes it as classic with an edge, and quite eclectic. She’s not as fashion forward or risque taker as Rihanna is for instance, but she manages to dress classic and make it appear modern and trendy.

Her look is always refined and rather pretentious at times and I think she gets this luxurious vibe from the quality of her clothes: fine textures, rich fabrics and best cuts. She does admit the best thing about a piece of clothing, and the one thing to invest and look out for, is the tailoring. Always asked to throw us a bone on her styling and fashion tips, Olivia is pretty decent and doesn’t build a mystery wall around her fashion sense. What is the big deal, after all. It’s only clothes, right?

She told US Weekly some of her fashion tips for the holiday season. “For holiday travel I always pack chiffon dresses, a sunhat to protect from those harmful rays, and printed sarongs, and scarves.” “I also love a striped nautical look with a large tote for picnics.” For parties and nights out she gets her inspiration from menswear and plays a lot with fringes, feathers and jewellery. She considers velvet shoes as a must in any wardrobe, and confesses her love for them as they are “luxe, timeless and very durable”.

Her styling tips include red nails ladies, a sleek ponytail, smoky eyes or bold lips. When shopping for single pieces pay attention to the cut and the tailoring and if you’re getting a dress remember that its movement and easiness are crucial. For a subtle edginess opt for a pop of color and accessories, and she says it’s not how much they cost, it’s how they look, “if it’s $2.00 it’s even better.”

*olivia-palermo-all-balck olivia-palermo-all-black-style olivia-palermo-animal-print-coat olivia-palermo-beauty olivia-palermo-black-dress olivia-palermo-editorial olivia-palermo-mismatched-style olivia-palermo-layers-style olivia-palermo-fashion-look And since the freezing season is here to stay and Olivia Palermo lives in NYC she probably knows a few things abut how to stay comfy and warm in winter. From what I’ve seen she’s a huge fan of fur, layers, parkas, boots, chunky heels & sweaters. For 2013 Spring/Summer she’s got a few fashion tips for us ladies and some trends she says we need to look out for and pick our fave: the neon trend, chunky heels, tribal prints, structured bags, printed jeans (these ones you need to pair with a basic top and fun printed shoes). A bit of mix and match, accessorizing and not over-thinking of the outfit will probably have us all looking like Olivia Palermo‘s. Right? Well… minus the cash and luxurious designer labels, but those are details that don’t define personal style. I guess… olivia-palermo-black-see-through olivia-palermo-bohemian-romantic-look olivia-palermo-business-suit olivia-palermo-chunky-heels olivia-palermo-cich-street-style olivia-palermo olivia-palermo-color-block-dress olivia-palermo-cut-offs olivia-palermo-dress olivia-palermo-editorial-fashion olivia-palermo-fall-look Olivia Palermo sports new haircut and wears leather pants in Brooklyn, New York olivia-palermo-fashion-editorial

olivia-palermo-fashion-week olivia-palermo-fashion-week-style olivia-palermo-fur

olivia-palermo-fur-vest olivia-palermo-large-pants olivia-palermo-leather-dress olivia-palermo-leather-shorts


olivia-palermo-look olivia-palermo-maxi-skirt olivia-palermo-nautical-style olivia-palermo-new-york-style olivia-palermo-oversized-trousers olivia-palermo-pencil-skirt

olivia-palermo-red-dress olivia-palermo-school-girl-look

olivia-palermo-short-skirt olivia-palermo-skinny-jeans-ballet-pumps olivia-palermo-statement-necklace olivia-palermo-stilish olivia-palermo-street-fashion olivia-palermo-street-style

olivia-palermo-street-style-look olivia-palermo-stripes-statement-necklace olivia-palermo-style

olivia-palermo-winter-style olivia-palermo-yellow-coat olivia-palermo-yellow-ress xoxo