Say what you want, cry, bang your head against walls, scream, eye-roll 100 times a second, curse, but I’m sticking to my 90s vibes this week, continuing my day-dreaming with the best era in model world. Nothing will ever beat the ‘Supermodels’. That’s what I truly think and what I’m sticking to.

This week one of *the supermodels* – Linda Evanghelista – turned 51. Yes, that means we’re fucking old ourselves. But that also gives me an excuse to linger a bit more in this era which I draw inspiration from a lot more than I’d like to admit these days. While I’m trying to regret nothing in life, man am I sorry I did’t make more of those 90s when I had the chance.

90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-2 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-15

Aside from the beautiful 90s cliches everyone loves and has turned into trends a second time around, I’m obsessed (yes, I’m again overusing the word), with: 1) the supermodels, 2) the way photos were taken, 3) the way fashion editorials looked, 4) Versace, 5) bodysuits, 6) matte full-on make up, 7) the smoking and the partying, 8) polaroids, 9) the flowing champagne, 10) the way we took ourselves less seriously, 11) how it was ok to look super sexy.

I could go on for hours with a list longer than Mondays.

One of the 90s-supermodel-era icons was none other than one of my fave – Linda Evanghelista. Yes, I love them all, but I truly think she’s an iconic face, body, and a very very chameleonic glam incredibly sexy woman. I remember her in George Michael’s videos, as a Versace ‘It’ girl, long before ‘It girl’ was actually a thing.

This woman looked absolutely fabulous with just about any hair you can imagine. Again, way before Rihanna. Any hairstyle, any colour, and cut transformed her from best to bestest I swear.

So anyway, every model’s got her shtick, true that, and there are billions types of beauty which 90% of the time have nothing to do with looks, but it just feels fucking great to lose yourself from time to time into another… time, you know.

God, I’m so deep I need to come to my senses.

To celebrate Linda Evanghelista here are some of my fave photos of her.

Happy bday!


90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-4 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-6 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-7 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-1 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-5 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-3 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-8 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-9 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-10 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-11 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-13 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-12 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-18 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-14 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-17 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-20 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-21 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-19 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-25 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-22 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-24 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-27 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-26 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-28 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-29 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-32 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-31 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-34 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-30 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-33 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-35 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-37 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-38 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-39 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-36



90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-40 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-42 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-43 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-45 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-44 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-46 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-47 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-16 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-48

And to the rest of us lot – a fab weekend!!!



Okay, let’s all get off our sartorial unicorns for a minute and address today’s agenda: Kendall Jenner’s street style. Yeah, tres importante debate.

She’s not some fashion guru I’ll give you that, nor is she freaking Alexa Chung, or Jane Birkin, but she does do something that’s worth the chat and the double take: perfect effortlessness. Of course she’s got the dough and the body for it, but be that as it may, I’m really crushing a lot lately on Kendall’s street style. It’s so perfectly effortless and doable by anyone who owns a tee and a pair of jeans, it’s insane. Her capacity to look so cool in her activewear outfit and a leather jacket, a bomber jacket, or even a trench coat is such an eye-opener to the whole everything is in and all goes with all mantra it makes you stop for a second and think less about putting together your outfits and more about going with the flow of fashion-mood.

Not that we’re all burning our brains with creating envyliscous #OOTDs.

Kendall Jenner’s street style is really made up of her running errands outfits, her to or from the gym looks, her castings, or after/before photoshoots style. So she’s mostly in comfy shoes: her white sneakers, brogues, ankle boots, gym shoes and THAT gives her a dash of casual regardless of her clothes.

kendall-jenner-street-style-10 kendall-jenner-street-style-11

She is sometimes wearing high heels, red lips, the whole glam look but it still holds a bit of a cool casual vibe to it. Sometimes she’ll mix it with a baseball hat, sometimes with a rocknroll band tee.


Clothes wise: she’s a massive fan of activewear so she’s always in a gym outfit – leggings and sports bra – paired with a jacket and sunglasses. You’d be tempted to say leggings are not pants and the gym attire has gotta stay in the gym, but she works it, and I love it. And it is a perfect look for grabbing brunch, lunch or coffees.

She also loves crop tops, and she’s always sporting some sort of mini top that’s either a simple tee, or a turtleneck, or a luxe sports blouse. She usually pairs it with jeans (skinnies or classic Levis) or high waisted pants.

kendall-jenner-street-style-1 kendall-jenner-street-style-29 kendall-jenner-street-style-19

I’ve seen her a few times in a very 70s inspired denim jumper which I LOVED, and in her white high waisted jeans with front buttons. She wore those with a fitted brown turtleneck and a pair of retro eyeglasses. Perfection.

She’s also a fan of bodycon midi dresses that look amazing with flat shoes, and effortless hair. Oh yeah… her hair is the definition of low maintenance and beautiful.

There’s no gimmick to her looks, no extra frills, no overdose of anything, it’s just simple outfits that are a no brainer, and that any of us could wear and pull off. It’s like she was just hanging out with her twin reflection Gigi Hadid, or her family and then decided to go out and grab lunch or go to a shoot, so she just did that, sans the prepping and dolling up. You gotta love that.

Have a look at these pics and let’s talk about it in the comments below.


kendall-jenner-street-style-6 kendall-jenner-street-style-4 kendall-jenner-street-style-7 kendall-jenner-street-style-2 kendall-jenner-leggings-matching-pink-set-h724 kendall-jenner-street-style-3 kendall-jenner-street-style-8 kendall-jenner-street-style-9 kendall-jenner-street-style-12 kendall-jenner-street-style-14 kendall-jenner-street-style-13 kendall-jenner-street-style-15 kendall-jenner-street-style-16 kendall-jenner-street-style-22 kendall-jenner-street-style-21 kendall-jenner-street-style-24 kendall-jenner-street-style-20 kendall-jenner-street-style-23 kendall-jenner-street-style-25 kendall-jenner-street-style-17 kendall-jenner-street-style-27 kendall-jenner-street-style-34 kendall-jenner-street-style-31 kendall-jenner-street-style-26 kendall-jenner-street-style-30 kendall-jenner-street-style-28 kendall-jenner-street-style-32 kendall-jenner-street-style-new-york-city-june-2015_4 kendall-jenner-street-style-33 kendall-jenner-street-style-36 kendall-jenner-street-style-35 kendall-jenner-street-style-out-in-la-12-19-2015-_1 Kendall-Jenner-Street-Style.jpg16 kendall-jenner-style-pictures-black-street-style__large

And d’you know what, from all the Jenners and the Ks, I’m a Kendall fan, and I know everyone’s obsessed with her sister Kylie’s looks, but, while I do like Kylie’s edgy urban outfits I think Kendall is more chic, effortless, relatable, and cooler in a very simple sort of way that is VERY hard to nail.

Have a great weekend loves. xoxo




There’s your million dollar for the most stupid Q, which can only be dignified by the equally stupid answer ‘DOH’, followed by the infamous eye-roll at any ignoramus who’s oblivious of the who’s who out there. Oh. I am not sarcastic. Actually I have’t been this dead serious in my life. YES, Alicia Vikander – the 28 year old Swedish actress who’s just won her Oscar for The Danish Girl, and has been in almost all the best films out there this year (U.N.C.L.E., Ex-Machina), who drinks like a man, swears like a sailor, and cooks like a chef (I knew we were sisters), looks like a model but is so relatable at the same time, dates the sexiest man out there (Michael Fassbender), dresses very high-fashion-relaxed on the red carpets, and very model-off duty when off-duty – is the mostest of the most right now. The IT girl.

A term my husband can’t stand, btw.

Speaking of who… he may not stand the term, but he’s totally smitten with Alicia alright. And so am I. And so are quite a few of my friends. So I’m thinking: is that how we know a person becomes an IT, and if so… is that okay if we call her that? 

Can a person become a trend? What the hell is wrong with us? 

I’m really asking all these hopefully-not-that-stupid-Qs to get an insight from you guys. Truth is we’re all like the blind leading the blind on this one. It’s usually media’s fault combined with our girl crushes, and film-geeking over an actress. And if the person in Q is a very cool, laid back, relaxed, talented, beautiful, and relatable human being like Alicia Vikander is – well then we are as guilty of starting person trends as the Internet is.

There is this charm and penchant we humans, and especially sartorial-media-pop-culture-lovers have about public figures who’ve got talents in film or music. We call them idols, we channel them, we emulate their looks, we watch or listen to their work, so it all eventually stretches out beyond what they do.

alicia-vikander-it-girl-4 alicia-vikander-it-girl-3 alicia-vikander-style-8

Why I, and every breathing human being out there have suddenly fallen for Alicia Vikander? 

Not to sound like a fucking smart-ass right now, but I loved her on-screeen first, and then whenever I heard of a film in which she had a part I was such an eager beaver to watch her. And then… we became best friends, who look alike. Please allow this poor soul, aka moi, a slight delusion here. It helps my pathetic mediocre life a little bit. Especially on Thursdays like these.

So yeah, now we hang out, we laugh, drink, party, eat a lot, swap outfits, listen to music, go to yoga class, talk about films, hang our with our gorgeous men.

tumblr_o2li7xnizt1u95i7to1_1280 tumblr_o3as1hJkXA1qewrcwo1_1280


P.S. I promise to get back on my medication right after this post. 

On the whys behind my infatuation wth this girl: it’s about her charisma, I love her hair, her skin, her ability to look like an awkward 19 year old girl, or like a femme fatale the next day, or like this major fashion forward IT girl. I love her strapless looks cause I just think she’s got the best shoulder and collarbones on earth, I love her backless looks for the same bare-beautoful reasons, I love her spaghetti straps looks, her mini skirts or midi length high-fashion-with-a-twist-of-retro looks, I love her in long trench-coats, and half-buns like at the Oscars. I love her voice, her petite frame, her retro shoes. She is fashion in the most natural and effortless way possible, and her hair is always amazing. As if she’s got this private wind-machine with her to make it all as cool as her personality.

alicia-vikander-it-girl-2 f8b239142ad3632dfebeb52756c4a80c alicia-vikander-style-17 alicia-vikander-style-9

I know, I know. I’m beyond saving. But I’ll tell you this: we’ll be seeing a lot of Alicia, magazine covers, brand endorsements, and all that ‘crap’. Personally I just can’t wait for her next film and then, maybe a year from now get a glimpse of how, or if, her ubiquity changed her style.

Of course, I could just ask her these questions over wine on Saturday, but I love the suspense.

What do we do when we have a girl crush? We scroll. Endlessly.


alicia-vikander-style-1 alicia-vikander-it-girl alicia-vikander-it-girl-7 alicia-vikander-it-girl-6 alicia-vikander-it-girl-5 alicia-vikander-it-girl-1 alicia-vikander-style-7 alicia-vikander-style-4 alicia-vikander-style-2 alicia-vikander-style-10 alicia-vikander-style-5 alicia-vikander-style-3 alicia-vikander-style-11 alicia-vikander-style-6 alicia-vikander-style-12 alicia-vikander-style-13 alicia-vikander-style-14 alicia-vikander alicia-vikander-style-18 alicia-vikander-style-15 alicia-vikander-style-16 b0c1b54ab4297288086b542cac26e877 aliciavikander c68908251d4fa2f08a57f2dffe412f0b baa894f79d2cc08f32363d4853257bb3 alicia-vikander-style cf5fbefc61ddd2ce4d7336e6bd373ab6 e76a6a7a1470716de8f69642e9249105 db8ad7f36221a341a172ee8d0d9fa7e7 tumblr_o3be5goq2D1rrlcp5o1_1280 f997db7fcbc4b78ce6f55d4af318a338 tumblr_o3dwh288Ny1rjjxbmo2_400




There comes a time in a woman’s life when her hair is a big mess. In my case it’s on a daily basis. I’ve gotten used to wild hair days, lifeless hair days, dull days, you know… anything the opposite of great hair day, which for me is a brief 10 seconds before I hop in the shower. To cure my bad hair days I am seriously considering including baseball hats into my #OOTD looks. Only thing is… I’m not ready to ditch the glam/smart/posh/sophisticated/feminine outfits and only wear sports.

Do I have to? After crying, and crying, and then crying some more, for days in a row due to my untameable mane and refusal to ditch my stilettos, I had an epiphany. I really don’t need to change a fucking thing about my #OOTD routine so to speak. I just need to slap a mofo baseball hat on, regardless of the poshness or chillness of my look and BAM!, hope to look like Rihanna. Of course that’s humanly impossible, but can a girl dream? Thank you.

And then I was intrigued and wanted to know more about this ability to wear anything with a baseball hat and look beyond insane. In a good way. So I got together with my gal pal Riri and she basically said it really has nothing to do with what you wear, it’s mostly how, and the tiny details that make it work. Of course all this happened in my head. She doesn’t know we’re friends. Well… actually she doesn’t know me, but I like to pretend we’re fashion besties.


Perhaps Rihanna wears babseball hats cause she loves them too much, perhaps she’s cold, perhaps that’s how she hides from the paparazzi. Perhaps she too has a bad hair day. Whatever the case the girl nails it 100%. From airport cool laid back sporty style that of course goes well with a baseball hat, to wearing stilettos and a sporty cap, OR get this: an evening dress, stilettos and a baseball cap. Wrong? Right actually.

rihanna-baseball-hats riri-baseball-hats

How to wear a baseball cap like Rihanna? So I looked, and looked, and looked, and then looked some more and it really has 0 to do with rules and more with swag and details.

When trying to make a baseball cap work into any outfit that is the opposite of sporty, it’s all about balance. A certain type of balance is born out of clashing styles, which eventually turns everything into sophistication.

Stilettos and jeans, pants, skirts of all sorts paired with a more relaxed top will look great with a baseball hat, mostly cause of the casual top, which is a link, and a key element in between styles. Play it all up with accessories and bold lips for a very urban glam vibe.


If however you go for a complete polished look you can still don a baseball cap as it will be the one element to give the whole look edge. Of course we’re not talking red carpet gowns here, nor tuxedo looks, but certain outfits that have a type of versatility and urban vibe to them.


I might be wrong of course, but d’you know what? It’s not even about what I think or what Rihanna does. At the end of the day it’s all about how it looks. And if YOU love it.

Cause this is my #1 current obsession I’ve picked out for you my fave baseball caps below:


Rihanna in baseball hats everywhere. Cause she’s Rihanna you know:


25 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-1 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-2 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-4 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-5 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-7 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-8 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-9 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-10 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-11 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-13 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-14 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-16 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-17 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-18 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-19 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-20 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-21 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-22 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-24 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-25 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-27

One more thing… THIS is not a new look. It actually used to be a trend a few years back. This year though, for reasons more of necessity rather than trendiness I’m going for it. No, I’m dead serious. Consider it a head’s up before you let your reactions… happen: laughing and eye rolling I suspect once I start popping my baseball adorned head everywhere.

Could I be wrong about the ‘anywhere with anything rule of thumb’? Ah, who the hell knows anymore. Maybe I just woke up in a too-happy-fun-mood for me to be able to handle it like a normal human being.


Who cares if the holidays are done, you know. Red Carpet season is here ladies and gents, and kicking off 2016 are the Golden Globes with some fab moments. There’s the winners, YAY to them all, there’s Leonardo DiCaprio‘s face when Lady Gaga passed by him (priceless), there’s the-capes-are-taking-over-the-world movement happening (almost every single star was wearing some sort of cape dress. whaaaaaaa?!), there’s the overhyped and incredibly stupid duo JLAw and Amy Schumer. Yes, I did just say that, and half of you will probably click away right now. I just have to speak my mind, and I’ve held it for quite a while on these two, hoping they’d drop the bloody crap. They didn’t. It just gets worse. Hence my shocking confession.

Moving on. I’ll take a deep breath now, and you’re more than welcome to just throw that info under the rug, so we can all talk red carpet fashion at the 2016 Golden Globes. 


Well… it was amazing, that’s what I think. The stars brought drama into fashion, they brought jaw-dropping dresses, some over the top, some classic simple cuts. To me it all was finally red carpet worthy in every sense of the word. Hollywood is back on the red carpet and I just love that. Jennifer Lopez, my God she could sell me the worst dress. I hate capes, but she looked beautiful. Sure… very intricate design, steamy hot, but I loved it all, from the colour to the cut, to the whole look. Kate Bosworth shut the front door. LOVED that jewellery dress. Simplicity and glamour collided right there. Of course not all stars have woken up with a desire to nail the fashions – Cate Blanchet – seriously?!

Okay let’s put on the good hat first, and pretend we’re all bloody stylists, and praise the hell out of those stars whose dresses and looks we loved. And later, as you scroll down, I’ll let my bad mouth run wild, and pretend anyone gives a shit.

BEST DRESSED – 2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet

One of the biggest trends at 2016 Globes red carpet was the cape dresses, and let me tell you this: I adored them. And I hate capes. I was never too sold on Lupita’s cape in the past, nor on whoever wore it again. I guess it took the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez to make me love em. The women is beyond beautiful, hot, sexy, confident, she just nailed it. I adored the neckline of the dress, the high slit, the cape cut, the colour, her makeup. It was all simply stunning. Keeping the stunned face and gorgeous vibes happening was Giuliana Rancic. I loved loved loved her cobalt cape’ish (well more sleeve’ish look, but you get it, it’s dramatic in that high fashion sort of way). Simply beautiful.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed jennifer-lopez-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016

Alicia Vikander, she’s one of my faves newcomers, actress, style, beauty – all of it. I adore white dresses on the red carpet, and I think the secret to nailing it all the time is to keep it simple with just a slight twist. I loved her very natural look. Refined and fresh.


Rosie Huntington Whitely was one of my faves as well. I love the concept of slip dresses. And she just wore a simple and glamorous version of that. She looked so effortlessly elegant and very fashionable as if she just rolled and dipped herself in tiny little jewels.


Leslie Mann was so beautiful and very pink’ish ethereal. I’m a mermaid-dresses-and-hot-looks lover but I adored her dress, and Joanne Froggatt‘s lavender one. Very simple, no fuss, no frills, maybe too simple, but classic in a very right and safe way. The same classic safe approach I found in Maria Menounous’s dress. It was okay. Not my fave, but not worst in any case. Same meh vibes I got from America Fererra’s yellow gown. Okay… not mind-blowing through anything. Perhaps the yellow, but JLo beat her to it… so there’s that.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-red-carpet-2016-1 Maria-Menounos-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016

Carly Steel kept it very simple and just went overboard (in a good way) with that sequinned bejewelled fabric. LOVED that dress and her whole look, which I found dramatic, but clean and edgy, and cool, and very eclectic without being too much. The same is true for Kate Bosworth who truly looked like this beautiful exquisite piece of jewellery in that amazing dress. All of the rest was so simple and she looked beyond fabulous. Definitely breathtaking.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-12

Simple to the core and beautiful was Emmy Rossum‘s red dress. Now that is the kind of dress and look you wear when you want to look simply beautiful and classy on the red carpet. I also loved Eva Green, and Jamie Alexander, who I thought looked like this stunning emerald jewellery in such a dramatic beautiful dress.

emily-rossum-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016 eva-green-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016 Lamie-Alexander-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016

Brie Larson was beautiful, her dress was very armour like, and I loved it, although I’m not a huge fan of cut-outs. Loved Laverne Cox, Kirsten Dunst… ah-mazing!!!! I might be the only one, but I just think that dress was so much more than an LBD. It was drama and sexy through and through. Zendaya brought the same drama, and while I’m such a hater of ruffles… she killed it. Damn she is so fashionable and beautiful and that colour looked amazing on her. Loved it.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-red-carpet-2012 laverne-cox-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed

Burgundy beauty #2 was Olivia Wilde. Simple. Liquid sequins. Beautiful.


Taraji Henson looked gorgeous, but then again I love her and I love white gowns. Loved Jenna Dewan Tatum, Amy Adams, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Helen Miren, Queen Latifa, Amber Heard, Kate Winslet… so so many Hollywood red carpet styles like in the old days.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-4 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-5 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-6 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-7 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-8 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-10 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-11 golden-globes-red-carpet-2016-4

Now… Lady Gaga. Oh my Gawd. Talk about a beautiful old Hollywood look, and dress, and hair, and makeup and all of it. LOVED. Uhm… then there was Kate Hudson. Imma put her into the best dressed because I think she looked fucking hot. And beautiful. Very risqué, maybe too desperado por attention, maybe to hawt, maybe maybe maybe. I liked it.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-9

WORST DRESSED – 2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Emilia Clarke – what. the. fuck? (…) She looked horrendous, all buried under that horribly cut and designed dress for her tiny little figure. No. No. No. And the hair… poor thing she was probably trying to overdo. No, Emilia. In such cases under-do. Although to be honest, nothing could’ve made that dress work. Not a make up, or a hair, or a wig in the world.


If you think the Dragon Lady failed, well… you got another one coming. There were a few ladies out there who looked as if they just had a fight with a bunch of chickens and the chickens won. What the fuck is up with those quills dresses, that look less hot and romantic and more like some chicken underwater. Amanda Peet hello! Nice to see you, can you please go change. And Rooney Mara… I wasn’t a fan of that dress. It wasn’t that bad but she looked like a posh chicken. Sorry.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-21

And then, just when you thought the bad could not get any worse… there came the ruffles. Jane Fonda decided to be a giant cake. Jada Pinket Smith looked nice… but too much going on. The ruffles, and the slit, and the green dress, and the green shoes, and please stop me anytime. Caitrione Balfe looked not in quills, and not in ruffles, but somehow in everything, and then all wrapped up in this posh nightgown’ish matronly dress. Ugh.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-15 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-18

Same night gown approach was done by quite a few ladies. Unsuccessfully of course. I mean who the fuck wakes up and decides to wear a bridal night gown to the Golden Globes. Who in the right mind finds the idea amazing? Oh I know: Corrine Fox, Saoirse Ronan, Natalie Dormer, Lily James, Calista Flockheart, Georgiana Chapman, Zoe Kazan. Oh they took my breath away, and my heart skipped a beat, just when I thought I couldn’t anymore. NOT.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-1 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-14 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-16 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-22 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-29 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-30

And then don’t even get me started of Melissa Mccarthy. Whhhhhhy? Or Cate Blanchet who looked like she plunged into jelly and then right into some shredding machine. And Maggie Gyllenhaal – was she wearing a posh tablecloth, with a puked ribbon on her shoulder? Oh, that was a dress. My bad. And then I cried when I saw the beautiful Rachel McAdams. The dress wasn’t that bad if you decide to wear nice curtains on the red carpet. Also the colours and the print did her no justice.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-19 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-23 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed

I know everybody was in awe with Katy Perry… but seriously the girl needs to come off her unicorn sometimes. She’s drop dead gorgeous and beautiful and her body is amazing, but she looked so sweet in not a very digestable way. Sorry. Not feeling that hair. the dress was just a last minute effort, and it was ok, but something overall was off.


Amy Schumer. Now I know there’s hype around her, and she’s nice and all, but I’m just not feeling this girl. I laugh at her jokes every now and then, but I also get bored with her character you know what I mean. Hey Amy, the 90’s prom police called, they want their dress back.


Julliane Moore was nice, but I’m not feeling that colour on her at all. Perhaps too harsh for the worst list, but not good enough for the best dressed list either. Taylor Schilling looked beautiful: hair, makeup, even the idea of that jumpsuit tuxedo style was nice, I just thought it was a little bit ill-fitted, and too casual somehow.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-31

And last but not least… Jennifer Lawrece. Okay… I will get a lot of ‘shut-the-fuck-ups-bitch’ with this one, but I swear, for the love of me, I do not get all the hype around her either. Yes, talent wise, she rocks, but she’s just too caught up in herself if you ask me, and she’s trying too much to be this different version of a star, or actress off duty. But to each their own you know. Dress wise: I loved the colour. But I cannot stand cutouts and simply found her dress wrong, ill fitted, a bit of everything going on, and not much really. Nice neckline, nice colour, nice hair, but overall, I did not like it.


Not a big fan of these gowns either. Seriously Eva Longoria…girl you tryina be a school teacher who just sneaked up on the Golden Globes and is doing a version of the red carpet gown? Aww, that’s sweet.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-3 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-4 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-5 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-6 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-7 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-10 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-11

So there’s that for my best and worst. Now please feel free to judge (me) away, and tell me which was you most and least fave dress, in the comments below.


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Do we really need to have this conversation?! Okay, no need to pull my hand here. We’ll talk Drake. God knows everyone else is, with the www blowing up these days over whatever the hell this fucking gorgeous man is doing. Yesterday he dropped the video for ‘Hotline Bling’ and the world picked at it inch by inch, from his way way way way too funny dance moves (how can you not love him seriously?!), to the music (he talented ok!), to his sartorial choices.

But who gives a shit about his ‘dancing-like-a-drunk-dad-at-a-wedding’-moves – oh, oh, oh, oh, I’m sorry the Cha-cha-cha, my bad, my bad – when the song is so good and he looks beyond hot in his boots, and knits, and hoodies. Casual, cool, cozy – it’s like the man is a walking good-time-invitation. Netflix, chill, white wine. Fucking forget Netflix at this point.

drake-sweater-hotline-bling-11 drake-sweater-hotline-bling-21 drake-sweater-hotline-bling-123

But the ‘WHY’ lingers on.

Why are we all talking about his mock-turtleneck sweater? Or are we just fooling ourselves we’re talking Drake’s sweater in ‘Hotline Bling’, instead of Drake alone? Both. YES, we might as well come clean on this one. Drake is very appealing to the eyes, and we’re always on and on about him. How could we not? He’s got a song for every situation. Lyrics for every mood. And that smile. And he a real man too.

“Drake would never treat me like this.” is the ubiquitous meme that’s become the death of basically every male human being on the face of this earth who’s not treating his lady right.

You add this on top of his brilliant talented ass, of course the man will break the internet with or without a fucking sweater. Still… he in a sweater and he killing it. The cozy man sweater – turtleneck or mock-turtleneck to be more precise – will 100% be the trendiest and most coveted piece of clothing in menswear history. Mark my words.

When last fall it was a parade of turtlenecks courtesy of the 70s fashion happening, I got a little carried away and named the trend unisex – went further on actually, as I so often do (usually resulting into a complete embarrassment and total fool of myself) and made a post about how men should wear turtlenecks. Of course nobody gave the slightest fuck about it, and all the men in my life laughed in my face when I showed up with this trend on the table.

Well… who’s laughing now motherfuckers? All running to the stores like headless chickens to get the Drake’s Acne Studios sweater?

I live up to my reputation of walking-embarssament and exaggeration though, so again I am stating – the quite obvious now – TURTLENECKS are the new IT sweaters in menswear for 2015 autumn. If I stood no chance last season with this trend-calling, Drake came to my aid, pulled one turtleneck over his head-and-body and he’s got you round his little finger. I don’t blame you, the man could sell sand in plain desert.

drake-sweater-hotline-bling-3 drake-sweater-hotline-bling-5 drake-sweater-hotline-bling-7 drake-sweater-hotline-bling-14 drake-sweater-hotline-bling-18

How do male human beings wear men turtlenecks? Listen to a lot Drake, perhaps his manliness and sexiness and good ol’ wholeness will rub off on you. Learn the cha-cha a la Drake. Get some of those sweatpants we can see your religion through. What?!

Get the badass boots. Practice that smile. And talk to us in Drake language please. Otherwise, move along.

The Drake ‘Hotline Bling’ look below.



The sweater obsession is real though, but it’s not really about the sweater is it? It’s about all the above, and all Drake stands for really, as pretentious as that sounds. Yes, women love Drake. So what? In this very pop-culture-crush lies the whole obsession explanation: we want the real thing, sensitive real man, who can hold us in their cozy sweaters, kiss and cuddle, fuck with no restraints, love with no boundaries, cry when they fucked up, throw a fist when necessary, stand up to and by us, support us, don’t get chicken shit scared, admit when they do, be a good man to us and a bad boy to the rest. You know… Levelling up to THAT ain’t such a walk in the park, but I guess nicking a sweater from a style icon who stands for all the above will perpetuate the illusion of being somewhat similar. One can only hope, right guys?

 Regarding the sweater in Hotline Bling, stop fussing will ya’?! I got your back with a bunch of Drake sweaters below.


And now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go fall in love some more, with a man who will never disappoint me from any point of view, cause he’s a fantasy. But that’s not the point. Ugh.




sex-and-the-city-fashion (5) Beyond the exquisite fashion awareness and love this show started, it stood and still stands for so much more: women’s status on all levels, sex, relationships, love, marriage, kids, freedom to be and act however the hell we please, mistakes, memories, friendships, breakups, shared moments, winning some, losing some.

It all happened in the beautiful lives of these 4 women in NY, and in ours. All in fabulous outfits, amazing fashion moments, looks we copied and emulated over and over again. sex-and-the-city-fashion (6)

Almost 10 years later I find myself still loving the styles, the looks, the outfits, and the 4 girls that made it all possible. Just 2 weeks ago I started watching the series again after having watched it 10 times before.

I know some lines by heart yet I still hold my breath at THAT outfit, this skirt, or Carries’s thoughts on Big. I still laugh out loud at Miranda’s brilliant sarcasm or Sam’s theories on relationships, and while they’re all so different from one another, they’re all right in what they preach. sex-and-the-city-fashion (4) So why this SATC nostalgia? Well last week the news/rumor broke that a SATC 3 will be in the making! And then I read the author’s opinion on how Sarah Jessica Parker is too old for this shit. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I’m guessing women in the real world grew up and changed so if the same happens to the characters, what do you know? – it’s only, er… normal. Anyway. SATC-carrie-bradshaw-style Leaving the SATC 3 debate for some other places and times, let’s focus on the one thing this show became iconic for: the FASHION. The OUTFITS. Carrie Bradshaw pushed boundaries with her looks, she defied rules, she dressed how she pleased for the sake of fashion and fun, and not once was she ever scrutinized and labeled negatively for it.

But then again it was NYC, where nobody gives a crap what you wear, until they do, and that’s the point when it actually doesn’t even matter, cause that’s when you can start doing you. Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (2) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (3) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (4) Every single look Carrie had I loved. From her daytime dresses, quirky pants and crop tops, fabulous coats and those amazing SHOES, to her going out outfits, her brunch style, her stay-at-home-and-write PJs or shorts, to her baggy-chic-granny nightgown. Even if at first sight some of her clothes were whoaaa! she could certainly carry them and pull off ANY look.

Here’s SATC fashion & Carrie Bradshaw’s style in all their glory. Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (5) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (6) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (7) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (8) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (9) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (10) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (11) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (12) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (13) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (14) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (15) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (16) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (17) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (18) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (19) Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion Carrie-Bradshaw-looks (2) Carrie-Bradshaw-looks (5) Carrie-Bradshaw-looks Carrie-Bradshaw-outfits (2) carrie-looks-sexandthecity fashion-sex-and-the-city SATC-style (2) SATC-style (3) sex-and-the-city sex-and-the-city-carrie-sty sex-and-the-city-fashion (2) sex-and-the-city-fashion (3) sex-and-the-city-fashion (7) sex-and-the-city-fashion (8) sex-and-the-city-fashion sex-and-the-city-fashion style-looks-SATC sex-and-the-city-looks sex-and-the-city-looks sex-and-the-city-looks (6) sex-and-the-city-looks (5) sex-and-the-city-looks (3) sex-and-the-city-looks (2) sex-and-the-city-looks (4) How can we not crave for a SATC 3?

New York may not be all ‘Sex and The City’ as a friend of mine once said, but what if it could, just a little bit? The 4 girls certainly taught us a few life lessons. The meaning of true love between friends, and why doing over-the-top fashion is okay. If only life was a movie, right?

kardashian-style-KYLIE-JennStarting a sisters’ riot is really the last thing on my mind, cause a fabulous no-one like myself  would otherwise start one, had I wanted to. Yeah. That’s the thing about Kardashians, they’re fucking everywhere, so staying immune to their notoriety, greatness, and not-so-greatness, is pretty tough. Unless of course you live under a rock. Then, you’re probably safe.

So I stayed away from the wedding, and all that fussiness, and chose not to blog about it, while admitting its fabulous opulence and beauty. Then, just a few days ago, it was Kendall’s infamous dress, with an almost-view of her vajayjay, and I couldn’t care less about it, until a friend of mine, just yesterday asked me ”Hey, d’you see Kendall’s dress? What do you make of it?”, and I told her I liked it, and realized I haven’t actually seen it properly. So I googled it. What happened next? Yeah, yeah, Kendall lookes great, the dress is a perfect fashion statement, I do still like it, but seriously, forget Kendall and look at Kyliekylie-jenner-look (3)kylie-jenner-fashionThen, my Kylie Jenner style discovery amplified, as I recalled all those wedding pics in Florence or Paris wherever the hell it was. She stole the show, fashion wise. The next step, I remembered some more Instagram pics of her nails, bold lips, blue hair, chockers, rings and so on, throughout this year. And… today here I fucking stand blogging about the clan.

It’s kind of funny, if not ironic that the most stylish Kardashian sister is actually a Jenner. Does she really have more game?

It seems so to me, and I think that’s just because she LOVES fashion, has FUN with it and doesn’t give a crap about anything else than herself when dressing. Has a keen eye for fantastic style, visuals, design (hello! her Tumblr) and she’s a bit of a wild child, which actually adds more edge and coolness to her style, without the slightest effort. kylie-jenner-fashion-sensekylie-jenner-gith-stylekylie-jenner-grunge-stylePeople have said she’s way too inappropriate for her 16 years old, but really she lives in a totally different world, has tons of money, and a taste for fashion… of course she’s gonna have fun with it, and test the fashion & moral-style boundaries.  And that’s the difference between her and Kendall (who is absolutely stunning, but, to me, she doesn’t really care a lot about outfits and looks, when she doesn’t have to, which is perfectly fine). kylie-jenner-great-stylekylie-jenner-look (5)Khloe and Kourtney already have a certain look to them, and while I find it OK, if not generic, I only really love certain items they’re wearing. Kim, well… she clearly loves fashion, but is not laid back about it. It’s only since Kanye came into the picture that she started taking risks, that she now put to rest and is back to being a glamour puss, concerned about her pout, heels and whether or not this goes with that and so on. She’s so ‘breezy‘ about fashion that she and Kanye spend 4 days to make the perfect Instagram photo at the wedding. 4 FREAKING DAYS! kylie-jenner-style-sistersSo then when Kylie Jenner comes along with cheap old looking tees paired with expensive chokers, porn nails, blue hair and grungy boy boots… you know who owns the style game in that family. Then she does the same bling and nails and lips in beyond amazing evening attire, like that white dress. kylie-jenner-look (7)What’s her secret? Money. Plus a lifetime around sisters rigidly obsessed with fashion. Plus her nonchalance and love for great style rather than fashion itself. Besides, when you’re 16, and look like her, you can pull off any outfit, all you need is balls, imagination, and money. And she’s got them.

To wrap up this guilty pleasure post, and get in a weekend mood, let’s have a look at some of Kylie’s looks… kylie-jenner-90s-grungy-lookkylie-jenner-look (2)kylie-jenner-look (6)kylie-jenner-look (8)kylie-jenner-look (9)kylie-jenner-makeup-hair-stkylie-jenner-outfitskylie-jenner-style (2)kylie-jenner-style (3)kylie-jenner-style (6)kylie-jenner-style (7)kylie-jenner-stylekylie-jenner-style-90skylie-jenner-style-blue-hairkylie-jenner-style-denim-jacketkylie-jenner-style-edgykylie-jenner-style-hoodie-nailskylie-jenner-style-leather-red-pantskylie-jenner-style-makeupkylie-jenner-style-plaid-skirt"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" - Los Angeles Premieretumblr_n78p11CLPo1rlmyjgo1_500kylie-jenner-makeup1 10354518_291514221015942_217825160_nBottom line: kudos to her. And her stylist.

These pics gave me an instant cool fashion & bold lips craving! Thank God it’s Friday.  Happy Weekend! :) xoxo

candice-swanepoel-hairI wonder do all women have girl crushes and find themselves falling for a certain celeb out there who just seems to be a perfect bff were it not for this thing called reality getting in the way? And is it like this, us mortals end up having style icons or role models? Sure, talking about jobs, men, relationships and whatnot is fun, but chatting about a girl crush like Candice Swanepoel, her style, her hair, her makeup, clothes et all, is so much better. And if she seems down to earth and laid back, you could practically hang out together in unicorn world. So I thought why not play this game today where we share our fave girls out there and why we love them. candice-swanepoel-star-stylecandice-swanepoel-makeup-hairstyleAlso I felt this post was a necessity due to its dose of beauty and hotness, cause we’re living in the dawn of all ugly trends: mules are back, birkenstocks are suddenly cool, normcore is massive, culottes are great, what the hell is happening right? And although a bit of this fashion ugliness is welcomed and I will post about these soon, I feel as if sometimes we just wanna be girls, and wear beautiful things, and giggle, and look pretty and dream about great holidays, great moments, great outfits and all that crap. :) I-Get-Goosebumps-Candice-Swanepoel-Chats-About-Life-Victoria-Secret-Modelfa5794b33c7efddb48948e704ac500d1candice-swanepoel-hat Those who know me, probably saw this girl crush coming (alongside Rihanna) as I love models (all models) and I’m a summer girl, and Candice Swanepoel is for me the epiphany of these two. Born in South Africa (my I-wish-I-was born-in-countries-are: Australia, South Africa or Brazil, in case this is not weird enough), and now living in Brazil, this 25 year old Victoria Secret model looks like the perfect girl (her body is skinny but not in a sick way at all, which I love) and she’s got this all around summer beach style that I simply adore. candice-swanepoel-beach stylecandice-swanepoel-style (13)candice-swanepoel-style-cutoffs-hatI love her in her swimsuits and beach cover ups, her cutoffs, cool shades and hats, with her gold body chains, but also she’s got a great casual street style, and really nails the model off duty look brilliantly. candice-swanepoel-style (14)candice-swanepoel-style (18)candice-swanepoel-style (15)candice-swanepoel-style (25)But when she steps on the red carpet, Candice Swanepoel wows by far, especially when she’s wearing white or black. Stunning. candice-swanepoel-leather-dresscandice-swanepoel-white-dressAnd if you think her looks and super thin toned body come easy, (well they do. doh. but seriously no one looks like this by eating fast food and sitting on her ass.) think again. She’s been super open about her diet and work out plan and confesses that she’s been disciplined all her life and eats healthy and works out constantly, especially before a Victoria Secret show, when she drinks tons of water, “takes vitamins and protein shakes and supplements with eco-friendly ingredients.  candice-swanepoel-candice-swanepoel-bikinicandice-swanepoel-style (8)candice-swanepoel-style (21)candice-swanepoel-style (23)And with all this she still says she’s not perfect and posted a pic of her bum on Instagram showing a bit of cellulite with the caption “Remember nobody’s perfect”, and had all her followers love her even more for this. Down to earth, fun, real and not afraid to strip off of any beauty/style gimmicks to show the world she’s real, makes her really one of my favorite ladies out there.

So let’s have a look at Candice Swanepoel’s style on and off camera. ;) beach-style-candice-swanepoelcandice-swanepoel-casual-lookcandice-swanepoel-on-the-beachcandice-swanepoel-red-carpetcandice-swanepoel-street-stylecandice-swanepoel-street-stylwcandice-swanepoel-style (3)candice-swanepoel-style (4)candice-swanepoel-style (5)candice-swanepoel-style (6)candice-swanepoel-style (7)candice-swanepoel-style (10)candice-swanepoel-style (11)candice-swanepoel-style (12)candice-swanepoel-style (17)candice-swanepoel-style (20)candice-swanepoel-style (24)candice-swanepoel-style-streetcandice-swanepoel-style-red-carpet (2)candice-swanepoel-style-iconcandice-swanepoel-style-dresscandice-swanepoel-style-beachcandice-swanepoel-style-beach (2)candice-swanepoel-style-airportcandice-swanepoel-styleAnd now let’s chat about your girl crushes. ;)


kim-kardashian-1 So I have a few guilty pleasures. The usual cliches bla bla bla bla, aaaand watching Keeping up with the Kardashians.


You can pretend I just didn’t say that, in case we’re not on the same page.

In the name of research (or so I keep telling myself) I’ve been watching the show pretty often lately, trying to grasp Kim’s recent makeover. And if, after all it’s all courtesy of Kanye. kim-kardashian-great-new-style Ever since the Kimye thing happened, she looks stunning and has transitioned from the generic rich socialite to this sophisticated and incredibly sexy woman, to the point where even the Anna Wintour is considering putting her on the cover of Vogue. After all, Carine Roitfeld took a chance on Kimmie when she put her on the cover of CR Fashion Book. ‘‘She’s controversial, but so was Marilyn Monroe and I always like controversial people” Carine told Time out London, praising her talent (beauty), saying she was the easiest model to work with, and acknowledging that has style has changed a lot over the years.  article-2411556-1B9FD458000005DC-219_634x424 Have a lookkimk-style-before-kanye Today: kim-kardashian-new-cool-style Kim’s old style. 

Back in the day, the super short painted-on party dresses were a must for Kim Kardashian style, alongside her long long very long luscious hair, long long very long fake lashes, stripper heels, tons of makeup etc etc etc.

Later on in her ”career”, as she watched, listened and learned, she went for slightly more polished (too polished and groomed if you ask me) looks, maintaining her glamorous pussy-cat persona. kim-kardashian-before-kanye I’ve never been a fan of Kim’s style prior to this makeover, for the aforementioned reasons. I loved her (actually all of their) clothes. Not how she wore them, though. I just thought she took it all soooo serious, all business and no fun, too much, too polished and dolled up all the time. Not to mention boring, predictable and borderline high class call-girl at times. kim-kardashian-old-style She did nail it quite a few times, and she always looked beautiful, I’ll give her that, but personally I never thought (except for her hair and makeup) that she stood for a certain style or dressed impeccably to a certain look. It was always so generic, seen on any woman with tons of money, no imagination, nothing wrong, but nothing right either. Just plain bleah, with the occasional massive fashion miss. Or hit.

Huge brands, uber expensive clothes, shoes, bags and bling, and she always was wearing some skin-tight mini dress, skinny jeans/trousers, silky shirts, fur vests, leather jackets, tons of jewelry… and the always present stripper heels. Horrendous. kim-kardashian-old-look Kim’s new style.

Fast forward a few years, bring Kanye West into the picture, and what do you say, what do you know? kims-new-look Kim Kardashian looks chic, incredibly hot, sophisticated and effortless, keeping that glamorous twist to her outfits, but stripping off all that was wrong and really unnecessary to any woman’s style (platform high heels, long hair/hair extensions, too much makeup, too polished, matronly looks, too groomed hair etc.). kim-kardashian-new-style Once Kimye was ‘born’… ah… the world has changed. They stated dressing alike and soon became the IT couple of today. So is he styling her? No. But I think he had a massive role in her makeover, so kudos to him for that.

I remember a short clip from the show, when she’s trying on this long glamorous plunging-neck dress for some red carpet event, and she’s asking the stylist to make it tighter around the breasts, so that she can wear a bra to push the girls up and flaunt them. Surprise, surprise. NOT. And Kanye’s there, telling her, no, leave it like that, flowing, floating and very 70’s retro glamorous, leaving the eye to guess the curves and the fabric to fall naturally abound the body. DING!

kimk-new-style It’s all in the details I swear, cause even before she went blonde, the makeover started with cutting her hair shorter, subtle highlights in it, side long bang, and ladies, drumrolls and applause for this one: replacing the platform heels with classic pumps. Wow. If you ask me, that made all the difference. Just look the photos before and after. It’s all about the shoes, hair and makeup.

Kim Kardashian transitional style:  kim-kardashian-transitionin kim-kardashian-style From then on… things have changed so amazingly and I found myself adoring her new looks.

Loved her as a blonde in those pastel soft cream colors, and to-die-for coats. Seriously? She. Has. The. Best. Coats. Ever. kim-kardashian-camel-coat kim-kardashian-coat-look kim-kardashian-look-2013 kim-kardashian-sophisticated-look kim-kardashian-style-fashion-makeup-2013 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West dine at Hakkasan with Tyga and Black Chyna Her new look meant new makeup, think golden Goddess as she herself put it. Dusted bronzed eye-shadow carelessly applied, thick eyebrows, un-groomed hair, contoured face. blonde-hair-kim-kardashian kim-kardashian-blonde Her hems got longer (over the knees), she started covering up more, and whatever she left for sight was through sheer fabric (boobs alert) or her midriff in those amazing skin tight pencil dresses and matchy (or not) cropped tops. And sometimes she’s just too perfect with those oversized coats on. kim-kardashian kim-kardashian-2013-style kim-kardashian-blonde-and-new-style kim-kardashian-coat-style-2014 kim-kardashian-goes-back -to=natural-color kim-kardashian-going-back-to-brown-hair ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? kim-kardashian-pencil-skirt-bare-midriff kim-kardashian-pencil-skirt-cropped-top kim-kardashian-style-2013 kim-kardashian-style-makeover kim-kardashian-style-makeovver kim-kardashian-white-lace-dress Her jeans are no longer waaaay too long. She’s doing the careless effortless rock’ish glam style in ripped jeans, old T-shirt and leather jacket. And messy hair. Gotta love it!

Yeah. Kim’s all grown up now into this confident sexy sophisticated woman, who still flaunts her curves and shows some skin, yet does it tastefully. She’s still an all around glamorous girl, and she’ll always be. And I love that. kim-kardashian-all-white-style-2014 kim-kardashian-casual-2014 kim-kardashian-casual-look kim-kardashian-edgy-glam-look kim-kardashian-rocker-look-2014 For me Kim’s makeover rules and her new style is a definite YES. How about you?

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies & have a great weekend!!! xoxo