natural-hair-extensions-Uniwigs (5)When it comes to fashion, style & beauty, one thing I’ve learned is to never say never. Up to last week my relationship with hair extensions was none. Complete strangers, BUT my wish for super long hair has been with me since ever, with the inherent irony that as much as I love long hair, I’ve never had it as long as I would have wanted it. Think Azealia Banks style.

Why? Well, I’m inconsistent, I get bored, I get excited about haircuts, so I cut it so many times on a spur of a moment, only to later regret it. Story of my life. About 3 weeks ago I think I cut my shoulder length hair again to a shorter version of a layered hairstyle, only to correct a failed one length haircut from a few months ago. But the timing this time was right, as a hair extension company from US called UNIWIGS contacted me and gifted me with these AMAZING Remy Natural hair extensions.

fashiontag-hair-extensions-lookWhy I love them? 

  1. They’re made from natural hair, so they’re so silky and luscious like the healthiest hair you’ve ever seen. Being natural means you can style them (curl, straighten etc.) and even dye them.
  2. They have clip ins, so putting them on is as easy as clipping your hair for a hairstyle you’re doing. Youtube is packed with tutorials.
  3. They’re the easiest way to change up your look, without having to wait centuries for hair to grow, or without committing to a certain cut. I’m obsessed with them!
  4. They’re LOOONG, and that’s the point of hair extensions.
  5. They’re pretty thick.
  6. They’re made up of 8 pieces which let me tell you is more than enough. After putting 3 on, I was thinking of stopping there.
  7. Price & quality is great and shipping super fast + great customer assistance and gift surprises. I got a hair brush! :) natural-hair-extensions-Uniwigs (4)

How to choose hair extensions? 

  1. First of all color. Choose one that’s as close to yours as possible. I would recommend, if you’re not sure, pick lighter cause you can dye it. Also don’t sweat it, cause even if it’s a few shades different than your hair color, the extensions will blend in, and you’ll look like you have highlights or ombre.
  2. Go for natural hair only.
  3. Shape. There are the V-cuts, like mine, which is thicker on top (volume hello!) and thins out to the ends, like natural hair. Or there are the straight ones which have volume all over. I’d go for these ones next. ;)
  4. Weight & Length. Pay attention to the length and make sure they are long. That. Is. The. Point. Mine are 20”. Weight wise, the bigger the better. Mine are 90 grams. Don’t be afraid to go over 100 here. And pieces wise, I’m wearing 8 pieces, which is more than enough. So again, the more the better. fashiontag-hair-extensions-look (4)

What I’m wearing? 20” 8 Pieces Straight Clip In Remy Human Hair Extension E82005 H. Click here to get it. natural-hair-extensions-Uniwigs (3)natural-hair-extensions-Uniwigs (8)So has my life changed since my hair grew long overnight? Doh. I’m working faster, better results, I eat healthy now, I work out, I make less mistakes, I don’t get drunk anymore, I’m responsible.


While I’m still perfectly flawed to my bones, I am so with long hair. Whenever the hell I please. My life with hair extensions is a bit more fun, less hairstyle fussy (bad hair days are gone!), and I do feel very pretty with them. There is something very sexy & empowering about having your hair all the way down to your bum and waist. Us girls need so little sometimes to feel good. And we should indulge in all the pleasures and treat ourselves with whatever the hell we’re crushing on one day. Like me yesterday: hair extensions, hats and baseball caps. ;) And now the pics… natural-hair-extensionsuniwigs-natural-hair-extensions (3)natural-hair-extensions-Uniwigs (7)fashiontag-hair-extensions-look (5)natural-hair-extensions-stylefashiontag-hair-extensions-look (2)natural-hair-extensions-Uniwigs (2)fashiontag-hair-extensions-look (3)So hair extensions. If you’re thinking about them, DO IT. This coming from a girl who never thought she’d wear them, and now has an obsession.

SAMSUNG CSCWhen it comes to having a sweet sartorial November you basically need two things: a warm autumn sun (checked) and your massive fashion obsession that moment (checked). Being quite a predictable gal, the latter is not that hard to guess in my case. Er… FAUX FUR!

So here I am, again, standing in front of you all with my new style crush, which again involves the aforementioned 2014-2015 trend: this Two Tone Shaggy Faux Fur Coat from CHOIES. They’ve been so kind to gift me with it and with the fabulous Black Crochet Lace Short Sleeve Mesh T-shirt, which I’m practically in love with. It’s so retro yet trendy, slightly mysterious, but chic that I can’t resist it. It’s got a bit of that Dolce & Gabbana vibe to it, and I confess I’ve already worn it twice: on Halloween + on Monday’s photoshoot. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCWhy everyone needs a faux fur this autumn? Because they’re the easiest style statement ever, and they’re perfect for this crispy sunny weather, when a blazer is too thin and a winter coat too thick. Besides, they go with anything.

My shaggy faux fur is definitely a statement, so I chose to wear it with my skinny jeans, the crochet top, and my ankle boots. It also looks fabulous with dresses and high boots, or an all-black outfit. Quality wise it’s great, very light, versatile, it’s got hidden buttons for when it gets chilly. Just make sure you choose your size wisely. While mine is an M, and fits great on my body, I wish I got an L for longer sleeves. But then again, midi sleeves are quite on trend so… I’ll live.

Yes it’s a statement coat, or as my photographer said, quite a bird like attire (what does he know anyway?), but it’s fun. It looks cool and according to the world wide web every blogger is jumping on this birdie style wagon, with this coat per se, and with the feathers trend I was telling you about. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCBeing a fun girl myself I did go all the way on my last week’s feathers mood, and took the lyrics of Nelly Furtado’s ‘I’m like a bird’ song quite literally when – at my photographer plea – I posed like a bird. That, and I also dipped my feet into the freezing river. In November. Cause why the hell not? If you make it a day on the bridge, under the bridge, on the pier, by the river – go all the way. Have fun with fashion and shooting for blog posts.

Another thing I love about this coat is its two tone color and the shaggy style of the white part, which does make it all look like it’s feathery, especially when it’s windy. LOVE it. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCUnderneath it I rocked the simple and quite sheer crochet lace top, which is, I think one of the most retro-trendy-versatile pieces I own. It goes with anything from a polished pencil skirt, a midi full skirt (for that D&G look I was telling you about), to jeans of all sorts. Yes it may seem racy being so sheer, but truth is, it looks fabulous, and if you want to cover up more you always have the bustier choice underneath. For an evening out this is the top to go for.

Quality wise I love how delicate it feels, a bit crispy, it’s long enough to be tucked it and not leave a bare midriff, it’s got a great cut: it’s fitted yet slightly loose. It’s perfect. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCFor more absolutely top notch fashionable clothes check out CHOIES shop.

Seriously it’s a heaven for us fashion lovers. They have it all: ALL the clothes you can possibly imagine, all the styles, all the looks, with tons of discounts and great offers. Great shipping. Super affordable. Thousands of looks and clothes to choose from.

More pics… SAMSUNG CSC

SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCGet the look here: Shaggy Faux Fur | Black Crochet T-shirt | CHOIES shop here.

Thank you for the photos Alex! Follow him on Instagram here @dfbtv

SAMSUNG CSCWell, well, well… what do you say, what do you know. Turns out I wasn’t that fashion unstable after all. When last week, I was picking your brains for faux fur vests outfits, I did have a fashion-crush-look which involved an all-black outfit AND stiletto sandals. By Saturday, 2 days later mind you, I stuck to my initial crush and done the autumn look.

In case you’re wondering whether or not I felt comfortable rocking a rather posh-evening-party-cocktail style in mid day, in full makeup face, fur vest, red lips, and stilettos… well… I was, for 2 reasons. 1) I was going to my twin brothers’ birthday party later on, and 2) I had my photographer with me, so it was plain clear we were on a photoshoot-fashion mission.

What I wore? Faux Fur Long Vest from Lookbook Store which was exactly as I’d hoped for: soft faux fur, light weighted, side pockets, long enough for my 5’8 height, with 3 concealed buttons in case you want to wear it like that, pitch black, and incredibly easy to style, and literally throw on over any top whether a fancy blouse, a plain tee, or autumn jackets or coats. Weather wise: it’s the best piece to invest in if you ask me. Price is incredibly affordable and delivery time ASAP. SAMSUNG CSCSequins Perfume Sweater – Black from Lookbook Store. If you’re looking for a very rich-style-dressy sweater THIS IS IT. It’s so luxurious yet casual it makes the perfect fall piece from morning to evening, especially if like me, later on you attend something more fancy. The front sequins perfume patch is basically the cherry on top. The fabric is a little bit stretchable, the neckline is classic slightly round, and the sweater can be worn over, or tucked in your pants or skirts. Also the half tuck looks great. Love it. And adore the fur vest. So thank you Lookbook Store for this very very sophisticated gift! Will be my go-to-items for this cold season. :) Btw, you so have to check out their store. It’s packed with so many trendy chic pieces. SAMSUNG CSCAnd now the photos: SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

Get the look here: Faux Fur Vest | Sequins Sweater from Lookbook Store. Must check it out, as they’ve got amazing clothes! <3

Thank you for the photos Alex!

bedroom-design-workinginbedIf you think bedrooms and fashion have nothing in common, well… you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact they go hand in hand, especially for fashion bloggers, artists, writers, jobs that give us the luxury to work from home on a few weekdays. It’s on those days that your home is your oasis, office, and inspiration haven, so making your little corner of lounging & working puuuuurfect is essential.

Besides, having your coffee in bed while reading the morning news, doing your Social Media or Instagraming is the lazy girl’s guide to starting your day, as well as (let’s tell it like it is) quite a fashion/media trend. So a perfect bed is a must. For sleeping you know. Among other things. fashion-blogging-bedroom-styles (7)What makes a perfect bed though? It’s the invitation it holds to keep you lingering more in it. Personally I LOVE massive high beds, with crispy and soft bedding in neutral colors. Sometimes I’m into white or creamy colors that hurt the eyes in the morning but look so luxurious and rich it’s intoxicating. Other times I like to switch the mood with dark bed lingerie in black, dark brown, dark red for that moody mysterious sensual vibe. Tons of pillows are a must, soft immense duvet and a fur blanket for decor… you know. A few candles, flowers by the bed, great books and a laptop for when inspiration strikes make the perfect day spent in bed.

My obsession with having a cozy yet seductive and luxurious bedroom was only amplified by One’s Nest website that is packed with luxury bedding collections – from classic styles and colors, to those dark or white bedding fashions I am so hung up on. They also sell FABULOUS pillows, art & decor, furniture & rugs – basically everything you need to make your little corner of sleeping (or whatever) perfect!

One's Nest - luxury bedding collections

One’s Nest – luxury bedding collections

One's Nest - luxury bedding collections

One’s Nest – luxury bedding collections

bedding-design-working-from-home (4)The customized bedding sets they offer are the cherry on top, and this is coming from a girl (me) who’s the least skilled in doing interior design. One thing I tell you though, spotting a fantastic interior decor, THAT I’m great at. And that’s the reason I love One’s Nest, because frankly they understand that 1) ‘Sometimes you don’t just want a home; you yearn to build a nest instead!’, and 2) They offer everything you need to make your bedroom better than you’d imagined. A paradise for fabulous luxurious interior design.

One's Nest - luxury bedding collections

One’s Nest – luxury bedding collections

bedding-design-working-from-home (2)bright-bedrooms

One's Nest - luxury bedding collections

One’s Nest – luxury bedding collections

Having the perfect bedroom (big, dark or light, classic, bohemian, chic, glamorous), with a massive bed, packed with pillows and soft bedding that yo just drown into as you climb in, is essential for a great night’s sleep AND a fabulously lazy day: coffee & working in bed, reading, writing, blogging, watching films, listening to music, Instagraming that #nomakeup face, that sexy PJ you’re wearing, that new candle by the bed, those cozy socks… you get the idea. bedding-design-working-from-home (3)bedding-design-working-from-home (5)fashion-blogging-bedroom-styles (11)fashion-blogging-bedroom-styles (10)Sometimes we all wanna feel lazy, but still posh. Keep cozy but still have a glamour to the simplest activity we do. Eating chips in bed as you watch your favorite film can suddenly become an enviable evening moment in such a decor.

Let’s get into the luxurious lifestyle mood and click the link at the end for a slice of interior design paradise! ;) bedding-design-working-from-home (6)bedding-design-working-from-homebedroom-designsbedroom-style-fashion-blogging-bedroom-styles (2)fashion-blogging-bedroom-styles (5)fashion-blogging-bedroom-styles (8)fashion-blogging-bedroom-styles (9)fashion-blogging-bedroom-styles (12)

One's Nest - luxury bedding collections

One’s Nest – luxury bedding collections

One's Nest - luxury bedding collections

One’s Nest – luxury bedding collections


One's Nest - luxury bedding collections

One’s Nest – luxury bedding collections

One's Nest - luxury bedding collections

One’s Nest – luxury bedding collections

One's Nest - luxury bedding collections

One’s Nest – luxury bedding collections

One's Nest - luxury bedding collections

One’s Nest – luxury bedding collections


One's Nest - luxury bedding collections


From chapped lips to split ends, the cold winter weather can have a negative effect on everything from your skin, hair, nails and even your mood! We’ve put together our top tips to help you avoid the most common winter beauty woes to look fabulously flawless whatever the weather… Winterbeauty-gerrard-international

Your skin is a reflection of your diet and one way to guarantee gorgeous skin throughout the cold weather is by drinking plenty of water – 1.6 litres is the recommended daily amount for women, which is around eight 200ml glasses. Fruit, vegetables and key vitamins, C and E, will help to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

The cold, frosty weather can have drastic effects to your hair. With less humidity in the air, your hair is prone to fizziness, split ends and dandruff so try switching your shampoo and conditioner for a more intense moisturising treatment throughout the winter. Dry air and windy weather can have an
impact your hairs natural sheen – so it’s worth investing in shine sprays to bring back your sparkle throughout the winter months.healty-hair-in-winterwintyer-hair-health-tips

Keeping your skin moisturised is essential. Dry, cold air will draw moisture from your skin; therefore it is necessary to rehydrate your skin by moisturising daily and drinking plenty of water as previously mentioned. winter-beauty-tips-1

Your skin can feel a little pale and dull during the winter months but by adding a bit of colour with fake tan, it is sure to give you a boost. There are a
wide range of great self-tans on the market, as well as countless salons across the UK specialising in professional spray tans to help you get a gorgeous summer glow this winter.

We all know how a cold can make you feel miserable, let alone the effects illness can have on your skin. Avoid cold and flu symptoms by stocking up on your vitamins and supplements – if you feel great, you’re sure to look great too!

The cold weather can affect your nails too, making them brittle and more prone to breaking. Swapping harsh nail treatments for a more natural alternative is a fantastic way to strengthen your nails. Gel manicures such as Geleration include a
soft gel technology to help protect nails as well as boost nail growth. Lasting for between 2-3 weeks, gel nails are a gentle, long last nail alternative – perfect for improving damaged nails!805ef581f3a2f5f6fe591b8c6ad26d9bnails

It may be cold outside, but don’t be tempted to turn up the heat in the shower! Hot showers effect the uttermost layer of your skin – which you need to retain moisture. Hot water has negative effects on the moisture in your hair, drying it out and leaving it extremely brittle – so try turning down the heat to see the difference! 98cceb6a93f27dbd61d12805eefc8636

Hope you enjoyed these great beauty tips! Great beauty & skincare products here.

street-style-men-polo-shirtWell, well, well. ‘What do you say, what do you know?’ polo shirts are back! Not that they’ve ever really been out of fashion, given their main purpose and incredibly versatile trait, which translates into numerous styles for numerous occasions, ages and walks of life. For all men.

Just had a chat with my brother over this golf-look & he agrees they’re IN. Besides, his fashion choices and some of my male friends’ testify to boys’ love for the classic POLO SHIRT. street-style-polo-shirtsFor the past 50 years or so men have stubbornly refused to give up on these. From the Kennedys, to movie stars who paired them with crispy pants on their yacht getaways, to filthy rich men in a middle life crisis and pressed pants, tanned playboys, young wannabe professionals, preppy East Coast boys, all the way to actual golf players, and Scott Disick – everyone expressed their penchant for proper fashion in the polo manner.

old-abd-new-looks-polo-shirScott+Disick-polo=-shirt-lookScott+Disick-polo-shirtThe polo shirt has got that special something that screams ‘I do care about fashion, but really I can’t be bothered every day, so I just threw this on.’

Why the POLO comeback? We can blame it on high end brands, I mean it was only last Fashion Week that designers gave us a free pass at all sporty things. With the inherent self razzmatazz and personal touch, (which I’m sure our boys do not lack) Spring 2014 will belong to the sporty chic sartorial choices. Moments & snapshots from a golf course, a yacht, or a race are great sources of inspiration.

Or we could always blame Leonardo Dicaprio for the POLO comeback. He practically lived in this look the entire film – The Wolf Of Wall Street.

How to wear Polo Shirts?

  • For a preppy/old Hollywood rich actor style pair them with chinos or pressed trousers, loafers & shades. It’s relaxed and casual. You can also throw on a blazer, which beats the leather jacket when it comes to polo shirts.
  • For a 50’s meets 70’s style go for polo shirts in stripes, patterns, checks, and those muted ice-cream colors. Pair them with skinny trousers, jeans or shorts and always roll up your trousers for a cooler vibe. To play with styles switch up shoes: loafers, sandals, oxfords, sneakers. No boots.
  • Feeling adventurous or hipster cool. Dare to wear bright bold colors: neon green, turquoise blue, reds, pinks, fuchsia et all. Pair them with just about all the above and your sunnies.

menswear-polo-shirtsstreet-style-men-polo-shirtsCasual office wear, weekend cool guy, beach relaxed style, whatever you choose to do is great with just ONE DON’T rule. STOP popping your fucking collar. Unless you’re Alex Turner out on the prowl again, of course. alex-turner-polo-shirtalex-turner-polo-shirt-look

Where to shop?

I found the perfect brand and store for you – Function18. One of those online shops that you gotta love for reading your mind, you know. They’ve gathered in one place all the fantastic brands that design polo shirts and are selling them here at super (really!) dupa prices. I’m talking Tommy Hilfiger, Galvin Green, Lyle & Scott, Hugo Boss, Ping, Nike and Adidas. 



Function18 is a brand that for over 10 years focuses on golf clothes for men. And since the sporty rich relaxed look is the TREND this spring, this brand just became a must see & shop. :)

Here are some of my faves polo shirts from Function18. I do love black basics cause they can be styled so easily.



And then I’m all for bold crazy colors and vintage/sporty prints.




Need some more inspiration? Take it form the streets. ;) men-polo-shirts-comeback-20jay-z-polo-shirtmenswear-trend-2014-polo-shirtmen-trends-2014-polo-shirtpolo-shirtpolo-shirt-look-2014polo-shirt-men-streetstylepolo-shirt-trend-2014-men-streetstylesean-combs-polo-shirtstreet-style-polo-shirts (2)polo-shirts-stylesIf it’s good for James Bond, it’s great for you. polo-shirt-trend


statement-earrings-gift-ideWith the holiday season almost here we’ll all be running around like headless chickens in no time, with one dilemma and one thing only on our minds. Well… maybe 2. What gifts to buy friends and families for Christmas & (2) what to wear to the holiday parties? Look no further, breath in and relax. I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we get something either (or both actually) for us & the women and girls in our lives that looks stylish and adds the holiday razzmatazz we’re all crazy about: EARRINGS!  earrings-gift-ideasbyVellamo-earrings (2)Long endless infinite earrings that lusciously hang from your ears dangling their luxurious stones as you’re laughing and tilting your head – these statement pieces will definitely make an outfit stand out. You know, jewelry has that power to add jazz and sophistication to a look. This, mixed with women’s love for all bling & jewelry (especially statement earrings) make accessories (read earrings per se) the best gift idea & easiest way to spice up your style. Christmas-gift-ideas-byVellamo-earringsbyVellamo-earrings-gift-ideasThese luxurious well crafted and original earrings are made by my friend Sandra at byVellamo (see her Etsy shop here) and are spot on with both the Trends out there (statement earrings! hello!) as well as Christmas gift ideas. This season it’s all about super long dangling opulent chic earrings in either Swarovski crystals, disco balls, silver and all that sparkles OR in the most exotic colorful palettes and stones in that ‘un-paired’ quirky style specific to byVellamo designs – the left earring is always different from the right one. Same style & color, true, but not so alike! gift-ideas-byVellamo-earrings byVellamo-earrings-christmas-gift-ideasgift-ideas-byVellamo-earringsJust last summer she gifted me for my birthday with a pair of red long sophisticated earrings (thank you!) and let me just say they made me feel like this Russian doll slash Mexican beauty that I took a photo and posted it on FB bragging about it (here it is).

Okay, enough talk, let’s have a look. This blue-turquoise pair is my fave! To die for!


For more styles & designs go here:

byVellamo Shop | Facebook |Twitter


name-necklace-FashionTag-dana-cristina-strautWhen last month I lost my FashionTag name necklace I felt the same panic and sadness Carries Bradshaw did when losing hers in Paris. Only, in my case, much to my luck, oNecklace Brand (who gifted me with my first name necklace) sent me another one, for which I am deeply thankful. I absolutely love it! In all honesty, alongside a few other pieces, it’s my favorite thing from my wardrobe. It holds a symbol for me, it’s simple yet always a statement. I adore it. 

So on taking my name necklace out (actually never taking it off) I thought I’d do a style post for you, and use the photos excuse to make it a day out with my friends on Sunday. Again with the same scenario as last time. Thank God for delicious sandwiches & fresh lemonades. ONecklace-name-necklace-FashionTag-street-styleWhat to wear with my new brand 24K gold plated (Alegro Name) Necklace, was the last thing on my mind, because the truth is this super feminine statement piece is so chic and simple that it goes with anything. Even layering necklaces works with it, and the tiny piece is bold enough to shine through all the bling you may choose to wear one day. It also looks fantastic when worn both on your skin, or over a top. Having said that… I practiced what I always preach: when in doubt go for black, and shoes wise, if no heels are required stick to boots or tennis shoes. And so I did put into practice my obsession for all black, leather and golden accessories: leather jacket, black sweater with leather sleeves and black jeans (they look like leather, but are not). Sunglasses on, tennis shoes and my 2 great friends, July and David (my photographer) and we made it a day. 

name-necklaces-streetstyle_fashionTag-Onecklacefriends-FashionTagname-necklaces-streetstyle_fashionTag-OnecklaceWhat I love about my oNecklace name necklace is, beyond its versatility, its fantastic quality. I’ve had my previous one on all the time, at the beach, I’ve showered in it, slept in it – and it remained the same. A great name necklace becomes a part of your style and sooner or later wearing it becomes so YOU, that when you don’t have it on your friends notice. When I told everyone I’ve lost it, they were as bumped about as me ”Nooo! Not your FashionTag necklace. Oh my God!” Or when I rarely didn’t have it on they were like “Oh… where’s FashionTag?”. Now when I got it again, and had it on for the weekend everyone was relieved about it :) ”Oh, thank God it’s back”. The moral of the story: 1. I got the best friends in the whole world, and 2. A tiny beautiful piece can so easily be your style identity in everyone’s eyes. name-necklaces-streetstyle_fashionTag-Onecklacename-necklaces-streetstyle_fashionTag-Onecklacename-necklaces-streetstyle_fashionTag-OnecklaceCould this be the reason why they’re making a huge fashion statement right now? Wearing words is one way to express yourself though style. Understated yet present. From the famous sartorialists out there, snapped in street style pics, to celebrities and to us the non-VIPS, everyone is seen with cute, bold, funny, quirky words hanging around their necks. It’s sort of a bling tattoo you don’t have to commit to forever, yet you end up wearing it at all times. 

ONecklace Brad has got tons of such name necklaces in all possible styles in both silver and gold, that you can design yourself. The prices are affordable, and the shipping is super fast. It’s a heaven. Not to mention it can be the PERFECT gift for someone, on any occasion. It’s meaningful and it looks fabulous! FashionTag-name-necklace-ONecklace-street-style

Get the Look here

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Every summer, celebrities take out their best attire and inspire our fashion choices. But since it’s sunglasses we’re interested in, let’s have a look at some of the most popular styles of the season, according to our favorite stars. We found seven trends that we love, and we think you should consider wearing them while summer still lasts:

1. Cat eye sunglasses. These have been around for a while, but this summer it looks like they’re moving away from their ’50’s roots and into more modern shapes. They now come with embellishments of sorts, in irregular shapes, and can even be worn by men (if they dare). cat-eye-shadescat-eye-sunglasseskaty-perry-cat-eye-sunglassesmiley-cyrus-sunglasses-Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo filming in New York CitySalma+Hayek-Cateye+Sunglasses2. Clear frames. These look great on both glasses and sunglasses, they’re unisex and very versatile. You might see them on round, square, cat eye or butterfly-shaped frames. Summer is the perfect season to wear them, as they’re light, yet eye-catching.  rita-ora-clear-frame-shadesclear-frame-shadesKim Kardashian Hosts Season Opening Pool Party at Wet Republic3. Embellished frames. Why wear plain sunglasses when you can show your DIY skill on them? Glue pearls, glitter, rhinestones and even studs on your old frames and you instantly get an updated, modern style. Or just buy them ready made. Derek+Warburton-statement-sunglassesAnna-Dello-Russo-versaceEmbellished-Sunglassesrihanna-embelished-sunglassesrosie-huntington-whiteley-embelished-sunglasses4. Keyhole sunglasses. This style is especially used with round sunglasses, but it may sometimes be combined with rectangular or cat eye frames. Initially used in men’s sunglasses, the keyhole bridge trend has quickly become unisex. keyhole-glassesBarefoot Ryan Gosling Leaves His Muay Thai Classsienna_miller-keyhole-sunglasseskate-hudson-keyhole-sunglasses5. Mirror lenses. They were long forgotten when, last year, they started showing more and more often on street style blogs. Mirror lenses can be blue, yellow, green or even pink, and no star in their right mind could stay away from them. blue-mirrored-glassesbrad-pitt-mirror-sunglassesJessica Alba -sunglassesjessica_alba_mirror-sunglasses6. Pentagonal sunglasses. This is a new shape in fashion, popularized by Miu Miu. Most of the ladies below are actually wearing Miu Miu sunglasses! The golden frames, with or without glitter, made fashion statements all around this summer. rihanna-miu-miu-sunglasses-2012-2013-pentagon-shape-1052a4fccc71218eb527ac5a090fb919e16c3fea2e4931f64867596e9c5d070e47. Red frames. We already know from red lipstick that no other color looks so good on everyone’s face! Celebrities who want to shine wear red sunglasses, whether acetate or metallic, because they know how to grab attention! Cee+Lo+Green-red-SunglassesMadonna-Sunglasses-red-framesrihanna-red-frame-sunglasseselle_macpherson_red_sunglassesArticle by Daria P. (contributor at & & blogger at kittenhood)

ONecklace-jewellery (2)First time I came across ONecklace Jewellery brand I instantly thought of Carrie Bradshaw and her golden name necklace she wore everywhere. I confess I’ve always wanted one, though it seemed a bit weird wearing my own name marked across my neck, but fast forward a few years and I’m saved by my blog. Ha! So you can imagine my excitement when ONecklace contacted me and asked me to pick a custom made necklace (name, metal and writing). I was like ”This is it. I’m getting my Carrie little omen“. Instead, I’ve opted for my FashionTag omen for the same reason: my name is really not all that interesting, and having to wear it and commit to it socially to all strangers was a bit too much for me. Besides when people ask me now ”- FashionTag? What’s that? – Well if you must know… it’s my blog. (giggles), and all I think about is what a brilliant marketing strategy all this is. ONecklace-jewellery-custom-made-necklaceonecklace-jewelleryButterflies and a bit of self consciousness packed in, I decided still, to confront my demons (read itsy bitsy fears) and show you my ONecklace jewellery piece in a style post. (gulp). Before scrolling down to the pics, let me fill you in on my ONecklace fashion adventure and tell you a bit about why I actually fell in love with this brand and my name necklace. So the story unfolds… Ever since I’ve received it (on Thursday I think, last week) and put it on right in the car, after ripping open my little gift, baring the same excitement a toddler has on her birthday, I fell in love with it. I’v asked mine to be plated gold and have a hand writing FashionTag name – and it was more than I’d hoped for. The necklace is super feminine, thin, and it’s got that fine jewellery quality to it. I love how it’s not too long and it sticks to the skin in the most nonchalant way, as if it was just thrown there with the name across it. The gold plated (yeas you’ve heard that right) metal looks amazing on my skin (I know I’m a bit obsessed with golden jewellery, so I figured I should stick to my obsession on this one too. Great choice!) and this exquisite little piece can be styled with anything. For the past 5 days (I’m wearing it as we ‘speak’) I’ve had it on for: work, music festival, dinner out with friends, photo shoot (doh), out with the girls, family time. So you see… its fashion quality is intact and does rise to our highest expectations. To proceed on a more practical note, I’m impressed with its quality. Coming from a person who is allergic to a few metals out there and cannot stand to wear some (beautiful I might add) pieces more than a few hours, without scratching my skin like a possessed freak, I have to say this was my greatest fear towards this necklace. So here I am on my 5th day, haven’t taken it off, no scratch, I’ve showered with it, it didn’t ruin its color, have slept in it, didn’t break, didn’t cause me allergies. I’m happy. And it came in a posh little box that I simply adore. gift_pack_imageFashionTag-style-necklace-ONecklaceThe range of products ONecklace offers is fantastic, all baring the same custom made quality, which I find absolutely great. You can pick your kind of metal (silver, gold, gold plated, diamonds, swarovski, sparkling, brushed etc) and what you want it to say in the font you love (from simple to sophisticated and uber glam styles). You can write names, initials, or engrave them on a metal shape you love (hearts, circles, crosses, stars etc). The process is fun and easy: you click on the model, follow the steps, add to chart and it’s free shipping. Yay! And the prices are not the you-have-to-break-the-bank type. Perfect for anniversary, birthday or just a gift you wish to make to yourself or somebody else. (Browse through ONecklace shop here). how-to-style-necklacesAnd now more photos from my Saturday photo-shoot…which was actually not as stressful as I thought, we kind of made it into a fun girls day, and courtesy of my friend photographer Anca and my best friend Julie who’s always got my back and support, we did it. Nothing a great camera, artist and tons on makeup can’t do. We did party hard until Saturday morning, and to be honest I’d never thought we’d make it lol. A refreshing lemonade, a little chat to get us in the mood and establish some locations around town, a healthy delicious sandwich and 1 hour later I was feeling like a diva posing everywhere. Since my new chic necklace was the centerpiece I’ve decided to keep it simple and not fuss too much about what to wear (a lot of leg work was involved too and with my hang-over kicking in God knows when, clothes were not on my mind). I went with basic stuff: black skinny jeans and my gold studded belt, cobalt blue silky top tucked in, studded flat sandals (anybody senses an obsession? no.), Rare London bag, aviator shades, high bun, and accessories (golden watch, H&M golden black ring and knuckle rings, and a vintage ring). Note to myself: nails need a retouch girl! FashionTag-custom-made-jewellery-ONecklacecustom-made-jewellery-ONecklaceONecklace-custom-made-jewellery-necklacebasic-look-necklacesFashionTag-name-necklaceFashionTagWe wrapped it up at this old or new (well new in town anyway) circus baby-blue carousel (which was out of service for the moment, but anyway) and I have to say I loved every minute of this experience. Fun, cool, no fuss, and pretty fast, sort or like wham bam thank you mam, but in a friendly kinda way. Thanks to all!

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Custom-made ONecklace Shop here  | Facebook | Twitter |

photographer: Anca Varsandan | Anca Varsandan Photography Facebook |