If going bare foot EVERYWHERE would be okay from all points of view, I’d totally do it. I’ve done it as a kid, what’s a few years later right? Well… funny you should ask. A few years later is: being slightly older, not wiser though (so we’re safe there), and is having a few extra obsessions among which fashion reigns. At heart though, we stay the same. Kind and a bit wild.

From this place of perfect-chaotic mix of moods and styles-clashing comes the comfort and cool bohemian happy vibes I had shooting a few pics for this blogpost.

I was gifted by Nomads Clothing with this beautiful boho-chic waterfall waistcoat I am wearing today, and I will be honest here: I ADORE the vest, I love how it speaks to my nomadic Latina roots, I love how free and careless it is, but I confess I was clueless as to how I should wear it.

You see, all throughout the day I thought I had a blouse on, and a blouse you wear with a bra (which I did). Turns out, I had a vest on, which, socially speaking requires more than a bra underneath. That’s the beauty of fashion though, you can do your own spin on anything and create constantly according to your moods and who you are that day.


I certainly had a fantastic time wearing this beautiful white vest with tassels, and a very summerish bohemian vibe to it. I felt in tune with myself that day, and it was all perfect. Shooting pics with the first photographer I had ever worked with, who’s also a close friend of mine now living in Estonia, way way too far away for us to keep on shooting fashion together on a constant basis. So you can imagine how happy it all felt: wearing my new crush gypsy vest, working with my girl, and later celebrating with a few wine glasses.

If you LOVE easy breezy clothes, the effortlessness of wearing eco-friendly and organic fabrics you will love Nomads Clothing brand. From basics, to dresses and tunics in those 70s inspired prints they have clothes that urge you to go out in nature, to go on picnics, to hunt for secret gardens and spent entire afternoons drowned in nature while staying effortless and boho-chic all the while.


My white tassel vest is probably one of these things in my closet right now that I can wear pretty much everywhere and style it in so many ways it’s crazy. I wore it here with jeans because I felt very comfy chic casual, and also because right now I am obsessed with the denim and white combo. Nothing will ever speak summer coolness to me more than this combination.

One tip though: unlike me, before you wear it make sure you iron it, and perhaps done a proper bustier, otherwise you will be faced with constantly having to adjust your plunging neckline and uh yeah walking around with wrinkled clothes. But… we’re all gypsies in here this summer – careless and free. :)

nomads-clothing-boho-chic-summer-vest-style-thefashiontag-1 nomads-clothing-boho-chic-summer-vest-style-thefashiontag-3 nomads-clothing-boho-chic-summer-vest-style-thefashiontag-4 nomads-clothing-boho-chic-summer-vest-style-thefashiontag-7 nomads-clothing-boho-chic-summer-vest-style-thefashiontag-11 nomads-clothing-boho-chic-summer-vest-style-thefashiontag-13

For more clothes check out their shop – Nomads Clothing 

Shop the vest here – Waterfall Waistcoat

Photos by – Sandra Rugina


The great thing about being in a loop on a new trend is you’re the only one doing it, or among the very few, and THAT, if you’re into fashion is the best thing ever.

When I was gifted with this incredibly trendy wooden watch from JORD, beyond the excitement we all get from receiving gifts, I was mostly curious to see how a wooden watch feels on wearing it. How it looks, how polished it is? Does it tell time the same way? Well… on the latter of course it does, I just wish it came with a superpower of freezing or speeding time.

woodwatch-trend-jordwatch-blogger-thefashiontag-style-1 woodwatch-trend-jordwatch-blogger-thefashiontag-style-photos-by-dfbtv-9

Other than that the JORD watch – Sully style – I so kindly received was beyond what I had expected. It came in this beautiful wrapped box, so it will most definitely make a fantastic gift if you’re on the look-out. It is a watch in all its glory, except it’s made of wood, which comes in all colours, all shades, all sizes, and beautifully crafted. Better than that, JORD offers a great variety of wood watches for both men and women, in quite a few styles, from the statement bold massive ones, to more classic, cute, sweet pieces that blend fashion, utility, and this new WOOD WATCH trend in the best way possible.

What I most love about it is the mixture of wood and all it stands for with the classic details of a watch: the time arrows, the metallic insertions, the screen, which comes in various colours to pick from.


Those who know me, know I’m more boho rather than chic, and though my glamorous side is hyperbolised all the time, I’m this ghetto-couldn’t-care-less-what-I’m-wearing-girl other times. Oh… and I have a soft spot for big watches. On 4 out of 5 occasions I’d probably pick a masculine watch over a feminine one, just because I feel it clashes beautifully with my feminine side: red lips or stiletto nails I love to have every once in a while.

So of course I chose a rather bold wooden watch from JORD, in a reddish & nude colour, because it will look great as a statement accessory against any look. And I’m into this sort of thing.

I get those days in which I’m this glamour-puss in high stiletto heels and leather pencil skirts, or other times when I’m rocking crop tops, body chains and red lips, or I might simply go for a black dress with boots – and THIS watch would work. And I ain’t talking about telling time, which it will of course do brilliantly.

jordwatch-nature-stylepost-thefashiontag-dfbtv-6 woodwatch-trend-jordwatch-blogger-thefashiontag-style-photos-by-dfbtv-8

However, due to circumstances beyond my control I wore it differently for this blog post and the story behind it, is kinda great, especially if you love a bit of a tale, some fashion, and the perks of travelling in nature to remote places sans wifi and 21st century technology. My watch was probably the best mix of old-classic-details with today’s technology around there BTW. Of course, not counting the music devices we had on us. Cause seriously, internet we might do without, but music and a few other guilty pleasures? Never.

As you might have gathered from above, my friends and I left for a short vacay this weekend and I took my precious badass watch with me for: 1) being able to stay on top of my game both sartorially as well as time telling, and 2) took advantage of the fact that one of my friends, who’s also a photographer, travelled along, so just in case creativity hit us… I’d be prepared.

What happens when you mix the laziness of a well dodged hangover, with having Friday off, coffee out in nature, friends around you, favourite leggings and boots on, and the sudden urge to ‘YAAASSS kween! Let’s do this photoshoot right here, right now!’?

You get one of my favourite photoshoots for a blogpost. The least fussy in terms of outfits, makeup, and location, and the smoothest to go so far. Ideas were literally flowing out in the air. Shots helped and rewarded us afterwards, as well as some good hip hop by the fire later on. #dayum

jordwatch-blogger-style-thefashiontag-look-photos-dfbtv-1 jordwatch-nature-stylepost-thefashiontag-dfbtv-2

Dressed in a cool laid back mountain style outfit, with no make up (thank God for those shades), and my wooden JORDE watch on, I had realised: when 2 brilliant creative minds meet (you’re welcome mister!), you can have fun doing a great photoshoot wherever basically. Country-side included. No extra razzmatazz, no need for streets and graffiti, heels and lipstick and special lighting other than the morning sun. And my new watch of course.

I rarely predict trends BUT I honestly believe the wooden watches will be a massive hit this summer, alongside the knits, the safari look, the au natural styles, with which they blend beautifully with. Fashion is having a back-to-nature moment and that’s what JORD does, it gives us a bit of the old-classic-sophisticated-roughness of nature, in the city and our everyday lives.

And now more pics of me sleeping on chopped wood, lounging in hay, or chilling like some lumberjack’s sibling in between chopping more wood.

Tsst… click on link at the end to buy the look, or just browse.

Thank you for the photos Alex Ciobanu. Check out his Instagram (@dfbtv) and follow his talented ass for some great badass photos.


countryside-stylepost-jordwatch-thefashiontag-6 wood watch trend jordwatch-blogger-style-thefashiontag-look-photos-dfbtv-7 jordwatch-blogger-style-thefashiontag-look-photos-dfbtv-8 Wood Watch Trend Dana Cristina Straut Bulzesti jordwatch-nature-stylepost-thefashiontag-dfbtv-1 Wood Watch Trend Dana Cristina Straut Bulzesti Wood Watch Trend Dana Cristina Straut Bulzesti jordwatch-nature-stylepost-thefashiontag-dfbtv-8 Wood Watch Trend Dana Cristina Straut Bulzesti jordwatch-style-thefashiontag-look-3 woodwatch-trend-jordwatch-blogger-thefashiontag-style-photos-by-dfbtv-4woodwatch-trend-jordwatch-blogger-thefashiontag-style-photos-by-dfbtv-3

Get the look:

Sully | Cherry & Maple wood watch – JORD


The fact that nothing is out of fashion these days, makes the TREND of wearing eye-wear a blessing for us short sighted people. Of course if that weren’t so, and wearing glasses would be a fashion crime, I’d be banned from the sartorial word.

Hello, my name is Dana Cristina and I am blind as a bat.

But fashion is one hell of a lady, and not only so many eyewear glasses are trendy these days, but clashing styles, and wearing glasses on a night-out even, or out of office with quirky outfits and edgy looks is quite the fashion statement. Long gone are the days when eyewear was only worn to complete a certain professional style.

Today, eyewear is a trend. Period. It’s part of a look even.

lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-1 lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-7

Eyewear fashion for 2015 summer is still strong on thick dark rims, geek styles, retro designs, with a massive emphasis on: funky coloured  printed, even wood rims, AND a huge comeback for CAT EYE glasses, whether sunglasses or eyewear.

The 70s may be back in fashion, but when it comes to eyewear it’s the 50s and the 60s that rule the world. Mad Man series finally paid off, and to be honest I think that’s great, cause the bold thick black geek-wayfarers eyewear were starting to be a bit too ubiquitous.

So if you’re a blind bat, or just have a penchant for brilliant eyewear you probably understand my obsession with glasses. I will never have too many. Ever. And shopping for them ONLINE, for me… it’s sort of a guilty pleasure.


When the amazing team over at Lensway – a fantastic eyewear shop with so so many great designs, wanted to gift me with a pair of eyewear you can imagine my state. No. I did not go get drunk to celebrate, although I could have. What I did was spend hours… read that again, hours browsing their shop.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhmazing! *sing with me*

So it was instantly coup de foudre between us and Lensway became my fave online eyewear shop because they offer designer glasses (both eyewear as well as sunglasses) in the most diverse range of styles & colours. The thing is, all their designs are classy, elegant but at the same time they’ve got that trendy quality to them. And the quality is fantastic. If however, you’re not a glasses person every day of the week, no worries, Lensway has your back – they do sell contact lenses as well.

In this blogpost I am wearing Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses – Lavander Brown. 

lensway-eyewear-fashiontag-outfit-1 lensway-eyewear-fashiontag-outfit-3

Why I am now in a serious love relationship with Derek Cardigan glasses?

More so, these lavender print ones? They look incredibly classy and rich. The slight cat-eye design gives them a retro vibe, which mixed with the lavender print, and the wood inspired side-rims makes them super sophisticated. And versatile. Plus they are the most feminine and dainty glasses I have ever had and worn.


Quality wise… 100% YAS with a major note: they are so light, and leave no marks on your nose. THIS I absolutely love, cause I do sometimes take them off or lend them to my friends to try them on, and because they’re light I don’t look like I’m still wearing invisible glasses on my nose.

I got them on Friday and those who follow me on Instagram saw I wore them with a plain T-shirt and a statement necklace then.Yesterday I had them on with a midi jersey dress and cut-out boots. So… I’ve done nothing to change my style, which is kinda eclectic but slightly edgy and casual, but instead just slapped these beauties onto my face and they blended in perfectly. And even if they clashed to a certain style, which they did, it gave the whole look more sartorial personality.

lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-11 lensway-eyewear-fashiontag-outfit-5 lensway-eyewear-fashiontag-outfit-6

For the photoshoot I tried to dress badass sophisticated with a dash of edgy, ‘tried’ being the key word. Regardless of me pulling it off or not, I had a blast. My friend and I made it a great afternoon with the occasional and always present stand by-ers, and the wrapping up lemonade and girl talk at the end. Amen to that!

I know I sound like a broken record here, and whenever I have a new pair I’m always in love with my new glasses, falling-in-crushes being my middle name, BUT these Derek Cardigan glasses are the bomb.

Period. and now the pics.

lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-2 lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-3 lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-5 lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-8 lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-9 lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-10 lensway-eyewear-fashiontag-outfit-2 lensway-eyewear-fashiontag-outfit-7

If you like them, buy them here: Derek Cardigan

If you’re just browsing for that just-in-case-moment slash ah-OMG-I-am-in-love, please cheek out their shop. EYEWEAR heaven people. You will love it guaranteed.

Lensway – Designer Eyewear

Thank you for the photos Florina! xoxo


You got that right. This spring, Relaxed & Chic is the new Rock & Roll. Tiny little prints, breezy fluid expensive fabrics, rich creamy colours, whites, electric blues, stripes and bugs. Think summer holiday sprayed with surfing trips, swimming, dining by the ocean, walking along the coast – ALL in beautiful chic effortless clothes.

I’ll take it, thank you very much and see you in September. I mean a perfect summer holiday in fabulous clothes. It don’t get better than this.

THIS is precisely what I think Yigal Azrouel – the very famous well known designer – is trying to tell us with this 2015 SS collection. Two things cross my mind when talking Yigal’s spring woman:

YIGAL AZROUEL SS15 Runway ShowYigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-10

(1) Maybe we’ve just had it with too-much-too-shocking-too-edgy styles. At least for summer. We want to look feminine, yet nonetheless powerful. We love effortlessness. We love looking like we couldn’t care less what we put on, yet look like million dollar girls.

(2) While it’s so feminine and fresh it still holds the right amount of edge and power. His bomber jackets paired with flirty tiny white dresses are beyond fantastic. The leather jacket on top of the most vulnerable and feminine dress is the perfect clash. Nobody wants a damsel in distress, and he knows that, so his fashion is just the perfect mix of both worlds with a penchant for ultimate femininity and easiness of style.

Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-18

Not to mention the perfect twist of 70s inspo. Tea-lengh dresses, wrap slit skirts mixed with modern blue and white aquatic scuba prints. Yigal knows his woman and delivers exactly what she wants.

Click his SHOP for all the looks.

Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-16

Ultimately he is famous for his ‘aesthetic using high-quality fabrics to drape structured, ultra-feminine, modern silhouettes’, and no matter what the inspiration behind is, I feel he’s always stayed true to this.

He’s collections are shown at every NYFW since 2000, and since 2010 he’s giving us more. Yes, that’s possible. Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël is his new brand concept that beautifully combines everyday casualness with high fashion. The clothes are fantastic. Period. In case you haven’t seen them, you seriously need to click above and browse and have a look. Stunning.

2015-spring-fashion-Yigal Azrouel-1

How to do the relaxed ‘n’ chic spring look, courtesy of Yigal Azrouel?

1. Light colours. As much as I live in black outfits I gotta say nothing screams spring and luxury more than tones of creamy whites, dusted blues, pinks, nudes, muted and somewhat pearly hues.

2015-spring-fashion-Yigal Azrouel-3

FYI though, Yigal does have a contrasted collection, with quite a few to die for black clothes, so… his spring fashion 2015 is simply perfect.

2015-spring-fashion-Yigal Azrouel-2

Whether it’s fluid or more structured silhouettes, go for white/light coloured dresses, that are perfect for casual-to-office-to-cocktail occasions. Pair light coloured tops with light jeans for example. Wear nude skirts with tiny prints with crop white tops.

Street style:


2. Fluid & structured. The play of silhouettes is the ticket to sophistication. Soft dresses look amazing with a safari green jacket. Lace white frocks clash so edgy yet feminine against a leather jacket.

Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-collection-1 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-9 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-11 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-17

Street style:

spring-2015-fashion-trends-jumpsuits spring-2015-fashion-trends-street-style-2 spring-2015-fashion-trends-street-style-blue

3. 70s come alive. Whatever your mom wore in the 70s (dresses, blouses and skirts wise) is a keeper. Those over-the-knee tea-length pleated or fluid dresses are better than any bodycon style out there. The high slit skirts look amazing paired with crop tops or tucked in shirts for a more spring office style.

LOOK_7_RTW_SS15 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-13 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-112

Street style:

70s-spring-2015-fashion-trend spring-fashion-looks-2015-4

4. Summer holiday vibes. Imagine you’re living by the ocean, somewhere hot, where there’s always the possibility of going to the beach for a swim. That is your lifestyle and your fashion will adapt to this swim-in-the-ocean, electric blue, tiny prints, wet hair, glowy skin kinda style. It’s not boho-beach-living-in-your-bikins kinda style, but city-life-by-the-ocean-coast relaxed kinda fashion.

Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-2Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-4 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-6 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-7 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-8

Chose white dresses with blue prints, go for silky fabrics in creamy colours with aquatic motifs. You can literally take it from the office to the beach in a second. Sans le heels of course, but you get the idea.

Street style:

spring-fashion-looks-2015-3 spring-fashion-looks-2015-5

6. Sexy PJs. 2015 spring might just bring pyjama inspired looks back to the streets. And you know what? I stood out the first round, I ain’t gonna miss it this time.

2015-spring-fashion-Yigal Azrouel-4

There is something very feminine with a French je m’en fiche to the day-time pyjama look. Think silk suit, expensive fabrics, rich perfume, tiny prints, high heels… Seriously. You can’t beat that.

Street style:

spring-2015-fashion-trends-pyjamas spring-2015-fashion-trends-street-style-1

Why we should switch from full on rockroll to relaxed and chic? It’s spring for God’s sakes, and nothing will beat the contrast of light creamy nude fabrics against glowy tanned skin and those 70s middles parted long wavy locks.

spring-2015-fashion-trends-street-style-70sYigal Azrouel-spring-2015-collection-3 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-141 2 3

Get the look:

Dress – V-Neck Dress

Skirt – Hawaiian Skirt

Jumpsuit – Strapless Jumpsuit

Jacket – Bomber

Dress – Sailor Stripe Dress

Spring dress – Orchid Dress

Truth is hot men can wear whatever the hell they want, but they know they’re pretty much the only human beings out there who can pull off SUSPENDERS in the sexiest way possible. Okay now, my dearest boys, get off the celling, and onto earth, cause I was only joking.

ALL men can wear suspenders. Cause all men and women are gorgeous in my book. (bet you didn’t see this one coming, but it’s true.)

So they’d better put these old-school accessories on cause it’s one of the biggest trends out there at the moment.

Also it helps them keep their pants on.

Or maybe not. But don’t cloud your thoughts on steamy scenarios now, what I meant was SUSPENDERS for men have become such a stylish and statement accessory that it’s got less-to-nothing to do with utility, and more, if not all, with STYLE.


Before coming across JJSuspenders brand – a company that designs and sells fantastic suspenders styles for men – I had no idea these accessories came in so many colours, and styles: leather, with buttons, with clip-ons, skinny suspenders, wide suspenders, solid suspenders, stripe, pattern… the sky’s the limit. No wonder the sartorials are bringing them back, it’s literally a style blessing and fashion-game-on-heaven for all those men who love to keep it classy, but cool and statement at the same time.

Suspenders for men - JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

Suspenders for men – JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

So boys make sure you check out their shop here – JJ SUSPENDERS – and have a look, cause… you know… hot men do wear suspenders. Just saying. You’re welcome.

Wherever you look these days, if fashion’s on your mind, they’re there: beautiful looking men, with brilliant style, polished yet borderline lumbersexual, with one thing in common: SUSPENDERS. Also, rings on fingers help, polished shoes, beards, slicked back hair… you get the idea. Billy Huxely, Justin O’Shea and so on.


When it comes to suspenders though as easy and conventional as they may look, the business of styling them is pretty tricky.

Rule #1 Never wear suspenders and a belt at the same time. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES. Unless of course you lost a bet, then you gotta honour it.

Rule #2 Always pick the right suspender style for the occasion, outfit, body type, and personal look.

The suspenders that go for office, might not go for a weekend casual look, or a night out. Think Michael Douglas in his 80s-90s film. The guy was always playing some wolf of wall street in a suit and suspenders. I doubt he was chilling in the same attire at a picnic.

suspenders-men-street-style-4 menswear-trend-suspenders-2

Suspenders for men - JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

Suspenders for men – JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

For more casual looks you can certainly have fun with leather suspenders, skinny styles, coloured, printed. Try them on, see how they fit your body types & how they match your shirt.

Speaking of which, suspenders do tend to look so much better with a shirt, BUT if you got the swag you can totally pull them off with a T-shirt as well. It’s all about experimenting and having confidence.

Suspenders for men - JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

Suspenders for men – JJ SUSPENDERS Shop


Suspenders for men - JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

Suspenders for men – JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

Suspenders for men - JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

Suspenders for men – JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

suspenders-men-street-style-2 suspenders-men-street-style-3 suspenders-men-street-style-5

Suspenders for men - JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

Suspenders for men – JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

Suspenders for men - JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

Suspenders for men – JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

suspenders-men-street-style-7 suspenders-men-street-style-8 suspenders-men-street-style-11 suspenders-men-style-trend-2 suspenders-men-style-trend-3

Suspenders for men - JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

Suspenders for men – JJ SUSPENDERS Shop

The days when suspenders were not too mainstream or fashionable are looooong gone, and while I myself was a bit skeptical about suspenders in general, well… on men, they tend to look good. Ok, great actually.  I’m sure all y’all are already rocking them. It’s not the first time I’m the last to notice something that’s been right under my nose for the longest time ever.

Not anymore though. My eyes are wide open for this one.



You know how in life we tend to take the best things for granted? Well, it’s not any less different in fashion. There’s this one thing that glues our outfits together, that holds our pants on, our skirts high waisted, that gives more razzamatazz to our looks, that cinges our coats and jackets like we’re all freaking fashion editors.

Everyone, say it with me: BELTS!

The times when these pretty little accessories have been just a means of keeping our pants on, are long gone. I mean you can buckle up, or out of the damn things so… there’s that.

This is where us, the sartorial lovers come in and destroy all belts style boundaries and give the world infinite ways to wear belts. And when you’re gifted with a perfect leather hand-stitched Argentine polo belt from PAMPEANO, such as the one I am wearing – you know you gotta belt it big time. Aaaaaaaaaaa!


While belting your pants is still accepted, 2015 belting trend is a great combo between 70s style and 90s edge.

  • Belts are cinging our high waists, looking chic and sophisticated wrapped around our coats, vests, and jackets.
  • They define waists when worn on sweaters, cardigans, shirts, and loose tops.
  • Or… they can look so punk (and idiotic to some) as chokers. Cause of the choker trend you know.

Being quite disturbed up there, and off my medication yesterday I did wear my perfect belt in every possible way. Well… not exactly, actually. I mean, if there’s one thing I’ve got, that’s a rich and sick imagination. But we’re not gonna go there today. Enough about me, though.

So… two weeks ago I (notice how I’m not talking about myself please) received the best present ever from PAMPEANO – a brand of Argentine leather polo belts that have a shop packed with polo belts, polo equipment, and tons of Argentine leather goods that you just have to have. Like seriously browse here — Pampeano SHOP. 



Why I love my PAMPLEANO belt?

It’s literally the best quality ever, at a great price. It’s classic, with a slight edge, and gaucho design in two vibrant shades of pink and cream, hand stitched onto buttery Argentine leather that’s just spot on and gives chicness to a look.

The gift box it came in was beyond fantastic, wrapped like the best present ever, and the shipping was super fast.

I wore my Pampeano Aurora BELT to cinge my faux-fur vest and give it more waist definition. The look is rather simple and basic, no rocket science here, but the BELT touch I loved. And loved so much that belted my sweater and then my neck, and could have as well belted my wrist and wear it like a statement cuff. It’s a very subtle statement piece that I just couldn’t get enough of. Hence… the belt party I had.

belt-over-sweater-style-fashiontag-1belt-over-sweater-style-fashiontag-belt-as-choker-style-fashiontag-1 leather-belt-look-fashiontag

But there’s more where this belt came from, so make sure you check out their shop – PAMPEANO. When ordering you get to pick the belt length & letters personalisation.

belt-over-vest-style-fashiontag-2belt-over-vest-style-fashiontag-3belt-as-choker-style-fashiontag-belt-over-vest-style-fashiontag-5 belt-over-vest-style-fashiontag-1 leather-belt-look-fashiontag-pampeanobelt-as-choker-style-fashiontag-3belt-as-choker-style-fashiontag-5belt-as-choker-style-fashiontag-4

Get the look here:

Pampeano – SHOP

Belt I am wearing – AURORA Polo Belt 

What better way to start off a week, than by playing stylists for the men in our lives. Can I get an Amen? And by the way, the ‘&’ in the title is not unintentional, quite the opposite actually, because I feel like some men out there need to make a very clear distinction between OFFICE shirts AND CASUAL ones. Not that wearing one or the other, any and everywhere is wrong. Not at all. Like I said, it’s about style and swag, and rules are meant to be bend every now and then.

BUT, in case some of you lads are wondering IF you wear a button down shirt for work differently than for going out par example, know this: you probably do. And it’s less about the shirt per se, and more about HOW you style it.


Plaid shirts can go from beaches to office hours, so can denim, and quite honestly so can white shirts. Of course, I’ve got a soft spot for denim and white shirts so I’ll take those on men anywhere, anytime, all the time.

Sure T-shirts, jerseys, sweaters or birthday suits do the trick as well, but there’s something very sexy and effortlessly polished about a man in a button-down shirt.

And while we’re at it, make sure you beautiful boys check out Natty Shirts – an online shirts shop packed with some of the most beautiful shirts I’ve seen in a while.

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP


Hear me out: they’re 100% Egyption cotton, and range from classic colours and cuts (white, blue, black) to slightly more edgy and sophisticated styles, yet classy still. I love their simplicity with just a touch of trendiness, like the ones that have plaid print on the inside of the sleeves and neck-line, because obviously men look so much hotter in cuffed sleeved shirts and 1, 2, 3 buttons (okay, all the way down why not. 70s style alert.) left undone.

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP


Their shop tells you all you need to know about each fabric (thickness, thread, weave), and you can buy them ready-made or CUTSOM them yourself (pick the fabric and make your own shirt). And the prices are worth several ‘OMGOMGOMG‘s. So click away here, browse, and shop: NATTY SHIRTS

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

How To Wear A Button-Down Shirt To The Office?

Usually more classic styles are a better fit for office, BUT depending on how adventurous you are and your personal style, I would very much say that ANY shirts can go to the office IF you style them correctly.

Well… maybe Hawaiian shirts, or tropical print styles (which are a massive trend in Spring 2015) not so much. But again, it depends on your office dress code.


Simple white, blue, black, one colour shirts look good for office no matter if you wear them with jeans or more dressy pants, brogues, tennis shoes (YES those too), loafers work as well. Tuck your shirt in, wear a belt, that does not have to match your shoes. Slap a skinny tie if you want to. Or don’t. Whatever floats your boat. Keep it simple and classic. This look is the easiest to do for office, cause a classic coloured shirt looks professional no matter what you pair it with.


Printed shirts, more funky style, short sleeves, denim DO go for the office as well. Here’s HOW:

  • wear a skinny tie with them
  • button them all the way up
  • tuck them in
  • pair them with more smart, elegant pieces: blazer, dark pants, oxford shoes, brogues etc.


Plaid shirts, not flannel, are a more classic with a boho-chic twist style, and look great with:

  • dark jeans
  • chinos
  • black pants
  • brogues, oxfords, Martens, tennis shoes
  • tucked in



Although… for the past years THIS particular look has become a uniform for all boys too lazy to think out of the box fashion wise. Yes, it looks good, it’s put together, slightly trendy, but it’s been so done that I’d like to see something new.


Also, if I see one more boy in this uniform on a Saturday night… I swear I’ll either go insane, or just let him know IT’S OKAY TO DRESS CASUAL WHEN YOU ARE NOT AT WORK. In what? Here’s a crazy thought… A T-shirt!

OR even a shirt. Even the same shirt but styled more casually.


Get the look here: Natty Shirts shop

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

How To Wear A Button-Down Shirt More Casually?

No matter the shirt (perhaps not a tuxedo shirt) pair it with more laid back pieces like:

  • jeans
  • shorts,
  • tennis shoes, loafers, boots
  • cuff your jeans/pants
  • roll up the sleeves of the shirt
  • And have fun with accessories: watches, hats, baseball caps, jewellery.


Sounds like such a cliche but it’s always in the details. When the going gets tough remember this:

  • slim cut shirts are the best
  • office wear: dark shirts or white shirts work best and easiest to style. Funkier styles go best for office when paired with more classic pieces.
  • casual wear: printed more fun styles look more trendy, OR keep your office shirt on, BUT pair it with more casual funky pieces.
  • a good fit is tres importante


men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

And now boys go out there and be trendy men. Or classic. Or chic & sophisticated. Whatever you do… be yourselves. And seriously don’t listen to me, cause what the hell do I know.

Oh… except that you pretty boys look kinda hot in button down shirts, and here’s the shop to get those fab shirts: —>> NATTY SHIRTS shop ;) 




… to quote Nicole Richie on this one: ‘Cause you look smarter.’ Doh. ‘Look’ being the key word here. I said it before and I’ll say it again – eyewear is so on trend these past years, as if it’s trying to make up big time for all those years it was a complete geek-ish attire, sans le chic.

It’s such a trendy accessory these days that you don’t even have to be blind as a bat to wear them. Yes, people with perfect vision have been known to wear glasses solely for the sartorial purpose. Whaaaaaaaaa? Me? Well… I have to wear them so that I get on the right bus to wherever I’m going, so that I can recognise people on the street, so that I can watch a film at the cinema. No. Sitting front row does not help.


The only time I’m ditching my posh eyewear is when I’m just too drunk to care. So, yeah, basically one every other weekend. BUT, the best part about wearing glasses right now is that besides appearing smarter and people actually listening to me, they go so hand in hand with my persona and my style.

And I LOVE black thick rimmed eyewear. To me they are the definition of geek-chic, and I ain’t afraid to rock this shit now. Years have been kind on my self-esteem.


If you’re in the-blind-as-a-bat-team you probably know that there is no such thing as too many pairs of glasses. So, of course I was ecstatic when Glasses Shop gifted me with a BEAUTIFUL pair of eyewear that I’ve been wearing round the clock since Friday.

They have tons of really really trendy and affordable eyewear and sunglasses designs, from classic to fashion forward, to wayfarers, to cat-eye styles, in various colours and shapes. Their shop is a MUST-SEE, so click on the above link, to check it out.


WHY I LOVE THEM? Every design comes with a free prescription if you need it, discounts and the quality is incredible.

I’m wearing the ONEIDA WAYFARERS in Black

  • The rims are so sleek and a perfect fit. So yes, those measurements are real and spot on, so make sure you do measure your face and old sunglasses to compare to whatever pair you wanna get.
  • You really get what you see online. Actually better. I’ve shopped for online eyewear before and I did get great pairs but never quite what I was excepting. They were either too big or too small.
  • These look incredibly posh and expensive and the shape I got is classic wayfarer with a slight-cat-eye twist. Just to spice things up a bit you know. 50s alert. :)
  • They have a protective case, microfiber cleaning cloth, and anti-scratch coating. Oh, and they make me feel like I’m this famous writer slash sophisticated fashion editor with a penchant for all things glamour-ghetto-sporty.


I am telling you I’m in love with them. So shooting a few pics was such a piece of cake, cause I couldn’t care less what I was wearing (hence the boyfriend t-shirt, sneakers and vintage coat), since I had my new wayfarer cat eye glasses on. Besides, I made it a day with my friend and wonderful and talented fellow blogger & photographer Anca from The Casual Cat.

Fun, but freezing photo-shot, where I got to be a photographer as well, shooting her style post pics – can I het a mass high five? -, and then ending things up with delicious deserts and selfies. Perfect Sunday.

With my new eyewear, my vision in perfect shape and style, I got my game back on. You’d think I can see beyond eye-friendly things  now… And you know what? I can. And I do. Cause nobody fools a woman with superpower vision? #justsaying

And now the pics. Thank you Anca!


Get the look – Glasses Shop: Oneida Wayfarer – Black 

Photos by Anca Varsandan: blogger The Casual Cat

Yes, go on and read that title again. No, I am not drunk. And no this is not a fairytale story. Before you go all wtf on me right now, let me tell you this: the encounter was fantastic.

Not any less weird?

Bambie – the half sibling of Bambie & Butler UK fashion brand – once had a major crush on all furry & leather things. Also a penchant for great fashion and brilliant designs. I mean, did you see their clutches? So… later on they met me – a mere sartorial mortal at FashionTag – and we all were smitten with each other. Well… I with them and their furry clutches. #storyofmylifeLOL


So you can imagine the extent of my excitement when they gifted me with the clutch I’m wearing in this style post. It’s called Mademoiselle de Clermont and you can see & shop it here.

Like, seriously! Fur. Leather. Clutch. I am so in. It’s the sweetest and cutest thing in the whole world, and though it’s rather tiny it carries with great style all which us gals need to have: phones, cards, money, lipstick, gloss… you get the idea. So yeah, maybe I can’t carry my whole damn life in it, but who the hell needs to really. Not when it looks sooooo cute and stylish.


Being a bit of a procrastinator it took me a while to put together an outfit, shoot the pics and make it an outfit/sartorial day. I may be a procrastinator OK, but if it wasn’t one thing, it was another I swear. Had to fight the bad weather, the lack of photographer, finding a proper camera, a new photographer, flexing my schedule to fit everyone else’s…, fighting with my new-found-photographer (read husband) on HOW the photos should be taken. Oh… and having prolonged hangoverS. From the weekend you know.

In the end everything turned out great courtesy of everyone who helps me out and puts up with my moody fashionable ass. Oh, did I say I was moody?


One thing was great though. The clutch. SIGH. Something about this clutch made me think of retro-sophisticated decors, with dim lights, champainge glasses, bare legs, silky dresses, fur coats and extpensive lipstick. Due to having all-day meetings I chose a casual but kinda smart outfit. You can never go wrong with leather pants and cut-out boots. And of course my sunglasses. Always have your shades with you.


And guess what? Although it was such a busy long day, I LOVED carrying my furry tiny clutch everywhere. It made me feel pretty, put-together, stylish, and kinda sexy grabbing onto it, or carrying it under my arm. Perfection!

Not to mention the luck it brought me that day. I conquered the world. Well… not really, as I am no freaking Cleopatra, but I wasn’t far from it either. Conquering my world. Not being Cleopatra. ;)


Why I am now loving BAMBIE & BUTLER? The quality of their clutches is amazing. Real fur and leather perfectly stitched together, easy to style, affordable, shipping was fast and the team over there so nice. A new brand to definitely be on the lookout for!

And now the pics…


I don’t know about you but as one of my friends said to me, if I ever need a stylish pillow in public (cause you know you get tired from being so fabulous. Please laugh now. Thank you .), all I have to do is take a nap on this soft perfect clutch. Aaaaand in case you’re a softie at heart who treats her bags like tiny humans, also now that Mademoiselle de Clermont must be the happiest bitch out there. She’s wearing fur for God’s sake!

11123649That jewelry has super powers is no question. Un-debatable . And if you haven’t experienced them, it’s either because you haven’t worn jewelry or you haven’t found the one piece to steal your heart. I, on the other hand, a total extremist on both sides (minimal & over-the-top) found love in way too many pieces in my life, and keep doing so over and over and over again.

Still… Marilyn didn’t say ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend‘ for nothing, so of course the moment I laid my eyes and hands on Nude Diamond pieces I was literally swept off my feet. Irony is, and those who know me know this, I’m more of an opulence-bling-kinda-gal, so… go figure. Life has its ways, and I for one am converted now to the superpowers of both diamonds, as well as… dainty delicate incredibly beautiful classy and elegant pieces. nude-diamond-jewelry-style (17)nude-diamond-jewelry-style (8)What I love about both the company – Nude Diamond – as well as their fabulous jewelry is the simplicity and elegance they stand for. They let the diamonds literally shine through, so the name ‘nude diamond’ stands exactly for the non-fuss, non-extra coats for the the sake of extravagance. It’s just diamonds. Pure, beautiful and exquisite stones dangling and hanging off refined and classic rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It’s brilliant. It’s new. And so groundbreaking. You don’t really need extra razzmatazz when it comes to the richest and most refined stones out there.

Diamonds. Nothing else.

And that’s exactly what women want every now and then. nude-diamond-necklace (6)When I’ve received my gift from them I not only loved the pieces but the packaging, which I felt stood for and mirrored the brand. Tasteful & luxurious.

A refined piece of jewelry does feel different when you put it on, it does carry a certain kind of luxury and subtle sophistication. It’s timeless. It’s delicate yet very powerful through exactly what it makes us feel when we wear them. The quality takes front stage alongside beauty and there’s no question about it.

What I’m wearing?

The LUEUR nude diamond necklace and the CLOVER nude diamond ring. 

The thing about diamonds is that no matter what you’re wearing they’ll look amazing, either complimenting an elegant outfit, or dressing up a look. I wore them with a black pencil skirt, a white simple cami top, a leather jacket and heels. Kept it minimal as the pieces themselves.nude-diamond-necklace (5)nude-diamond-necklacenude-diamond-necklace (3)Why I fell in love?

Because of how I felt wearing nude diamonds. Because of their beauty, and because as tiny and delicate as they are, their superpowers turned me into a diamonds and dainty jewelry lover. The way the diamonds stones catch the light, the way the subtly sparkle and look against the skin is brilliant. nude-diamond-necklace (8)nude-diamond-jewelry-style (16)I felt so effortlessly elegant and classy, rich and chic, that after the shooting I kept snapping selfies of myself and kept them on util the late hours of the night. And if you think diamonds are just a ladies thing, well… know this: even my husband (who couldn’t care less about the bling and the fashion) acquiesced to their beauty when he helped me put my necklace on.

”So these are diamonds? Nude diamond? Oh… wow!” Exactly.

And now the rest of the pics… :) nude-diamond-jewelry-style (12)nude-diamond-jewelry-style (14)nude-diamond-necklace (2)nude-diamond-jewelry-style (15)nude-diamond-necklace (4)nude-diamond-ring-look (2)nude-diamond-ring-look (3)nude-diamond-ring-look (4)nude-diamond-ring-look (5)nude-diamond-jewelry-style (5)Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go feel rich and sophisticated in my diamonds. Truth is, the way some jewelry make us feel is exactly the essence of their superpowers and why we fall in love.

Get the look here: NUDE DIAMOND shop

Necklace: LUEUR nude diamond necklace

Ring: CLOVER nude diamond ring

Use the code below for your 15% discount. FashionTag_15_Coupon