You know what they say, you can take the girl out of an all-black-outfit, but you can’t take the all-black-outfit out of the girl. The girl in question being moi. So you can imagine I’ve gone to pretty great lengths for today’s blogpost – wearing all-white.

Let me tell you something though: I LOVED IT. And for this I blame three people: my mom (for giving me my amazing skin tone that just looks so good against white. ‘sup mom), my friend Julie, cause you see her and I made a pact (I mean she did, but I’m just tagging along, which she’ll probably realise as she reads this. Hola back if you do girl!), that we’ll be draping ourselves in white for a long time after returning from holiday, and my friend Florina, my badass photographer who’s brilliance and talent have been soooo missed, who’s always telling me to wear white, cause it photographs so great.

What better way to respond to all these fab fab fab women than by following up on their advice. Something I don’t do. Like, I’m that girl that throws a great advice out the window and takes a bad one on any day, and twice on Sunday.

I guess somebody’s growing up here.

Well… I don’t know about that, what I do know is that while I’m busy having a blast in my unicorn world, refusing to deal with unwanted realities, something very funny happened: time passed. That little sucker’s got no patience I swear. So I fell. I fell hard. Actually I crashed along with the temperatures, and in the process it hit me that usually when autumn comes, humans start wearing long sleeves. You know, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, or blazers.That sort of stuff.

draped blazer draped-blazer-thefashiontag-1

So, for no other reasons than being cold I am joining the human lot, and leaving my summer unicorns behind for now. Also, fashion. Okay, fashion has a huge role in this. Hello layering!

One of the perks of my job is being gifted with so many clothes, such as this nude beautiful draped blazer I’m wearing today from Choies. It’s the perfect piece to have for autumn. It’s light, it goes great with almost anything (especially white outfits or tops), you can wear it with long sleeves or roll the sleeves up when it’s warm, and the best part is it’s not a classic blazer but the trendy draped style that’s been happening for a while now.

I was never one to give in to this draped blazer look, but I’ll just swallow my tongue on this one: I really love it. It makes an otherwise classic or sometimes boring jacket or blazer look more sophisticated. It gives personality. AND versatility, because you see – it works brilliant for office, for more professional looks, but also for casual styles, or… in this case to cover myself up from windy cold degrees, strangers’ stares, my insecurities, that sort of shit.

draped-blazer-thefashiontag-22 dana-cristina-straut-draped-blazer-thefashiontag-20 draped-blazer-thefashiontag-14

I also love the colour, which too is a still massive trend – nudes and whites and browns have a certain luxury to them, which I adore. So to paint the picture perfect (or so I thought anyway) I went for the whole white-nude look + my golden chunky necklace, and for one day I did not miss my all-black-outfits.

What I’ve learned from this #OOTD is that 1). sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is pretty liberating and rewarding (I’m hugging myself right now), and 2). there’s a reason the 2000s should never be back in fashion, so… note to self: get yo’self a pair of more updated (to put it politically correct as to not forever destroy my ego) white skinny jeans with a high waist. Or just a pair of beautifully tailored high waisted pants. With a major emphasis on *high waist*. I mean if you’re gonna do the white looks, you may consider being sartorially updated. Yeah. The talk-to-myself-happy-hour is closed now.

In case you’re not already too bored, pounding your head against the wall, thinking of clicking away, Imma let the pics roll, while you scroll.


dana-cristina-straut-dana-cristina-straut-draped-blazer-thefashiontag-27 dana straut draped blazer draped-blazer-thefashiontag-6 dana straut draped blazer dana-cristina-straut-draped-blazer-thefashiontag-12 dana straut draped blazer dana-cristina-straut-draped-blazer-thefashiontag-9 draped-blazer-thefashiontag-3-dana-cristina-straut dana straut draped blazer draped-blazer-thefashiontag-2 draped-blazer-thefashiontag-16 dana-cristina-straut-draped-blazer-thefashiontag-13 draped-blazer-thefashiontag-15

Learning from others’ mistakes is a true act of maturity (that’s probably the reason why it’s never worked for me), so… to avoid falling too hard into fall, sans any blazers, I’ll just leave the link to my look below. In case you wanna get the same draped blazer style.

Draped Blazer | CHOIES

Peace out ladies and gents. Have a great weekend, and remember to be good! And if you can’t be good be safe!


Let’s just put it this way: if it was socially acceptable, or I was Rihanna in Cannes that day, I’d only wear bodysuits. Fullstop. I know what y’all are gonna say – but, but, but, the 80s are dead girl. Well… not for me. On top of all my fashion crushes and obsessions the BODYSUIT look is not going anywhere as far as I’m concerned. Especially with fall coming and the temperatures dropping I can’t think of a better top to make us look sleek, put together, kinda sexy, and keep us warm. It’s a blessing.

When TUXE Bodywear gifted me with THIS bodysuit I’m wearing today I was over the moon, bombarded with millions of ways I’m gonna wear it. Cause you see, that’s the thing about bodysuits, they’re so incredibly versatile, styling them is a no-brainer. From office hours paired with smart pants, pencil skirts, to casual days in jeans, to more glam-urban looks (who me?) it’s a heaven for sartorial lovers.


I am wearing the Keynote Stripe TUXE Bodysuit and let me tell you it feels amazing. Yes, it looks fabulous, and it gives a certain kind of empowerment, and girls-run-the-world-mood, but it’s so fuss-free you’re bound to fall for it. The fabric is soft, with a bit of stretch, so it hugs the body, leaving no trims, no lines, no need to keep on tucking that top you’d otherwise be wearing. Being a tall woman I’ve always had a bit of a predicament with bodysuits and jumpsuits, but this one I’m wearing just fitted like a glove. Amen to that!

Shipping was fast, size was perfect, quality beyond! and, frankly it delivered more than I bargained for.

bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-8 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-15 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-16

The company who makes and designs them is TUXE Bodywear – European Luxe bodysuits brand – powered by women who cater to what women want. No, not eating without gaining weight. Close though: looking gorgeous AND feeling great. Comfortable.

Ever since I got it I can’t stop wearing it, to meetings, to lunches, on Sundays with my family, out with the girls. In today’s post I’m wearing it simple: high waisted skinny jeans and classic heels. I wanted to go for that 90s urban glam vibe borderline Linda Evanghelista in her modelling days. ‘Wanted’ that’s the key word.

Being a bit chilly I wore my leather jacket on top, and my wild hair which I gave up on a while ago. I mean, why fight bad hair days? It’s a waste of energy. Thats’s what I learned. On the side, I’ve also learned I cannot wait to go back to my dark hair, and I’m hoping once I do it’ll tame down. Poor thing it’s crying cause it’s blonde. That’s like the best excuse I have for it. Mama’s gonna take care of you though. Soon.

Until then imma still be doing the bodysuit look with black and white stripes (hello obsession #2). In case you too have a thing for stripes, bodysuits, smart clean, professional, sophisticated looks to keep you comfy but make you feel like you run the world – you might wanna consider TUXE’s shop. It’s packed with designs that’ll just jump in your lap. They’re that amazing.

And now the rest of the pics.


dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-1 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-12 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-18 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-19 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-20 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-21-dana-cristina-straut bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-22 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-23 dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-30 dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-31 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-35 dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-46 dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-48 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-49-dana-cristina-straut bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-52-dana-cristina-straut bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-53 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-54-dana-cristina-straut bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-58-dana-cristina-straut

Hope you enjoyed this! xoxo

Wiping my tears off and mending a broken heart is what I’m doing these days. Why the drama you may ask? It’s the end of summer people – officially –  and I don’t think I’m ready to face the blizzard yet. Not to mention I’d kill for a cotton candy right now, and it’s only 10 am. I am pretty fucked up, up there. Regardless, life goes on, with or without pink cotton candies, and sweaty heat. There’s beauty in autumn weather, and rain, and cold, and grey skies. I just can’t see it, but it don’t mean it’s not there. I am the problem, not the rest of the world. Or so I keep hearing. Yeah…

So, to add more insult to injury I was thinking to rub it in your faces this cold weather, and share with you today my post from last week’s photoshoot with my girl. It was still summer people. And we had cotton candy, in all the possible colours, took selfies, Instagramed, laughed our asses off, while the rest of the ordinary people were probably left with their ‘wtf’ reactions at these two deranged girls, way past their teens, but acting way younger. We’re not even trying to pretend at this point. It is what it is.

A total chaos. Beautiful nonetheless.

Funny you should say that. Much like my look actually. When CHOIES – the clothing brand I always team up with – send me this white full midi skirt my sartorial brain was invaded by the amount of styles this beautiful white skirt can translate to. I could have done everything with it. ANY possible look: office, evening, glam, sporty, casual, summer’ish. You name it. If this skirt has got one thing, it’s versatility.

Also, the fabric is incredible. It does tend to wrinkle a little bit, but it’s soft, it dances around you, it’s silky sans being pretentious. It looks rich, expensive and sophisticated. And I love that.

dana-cristina-straut-full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-15 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-28 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-32

Being a bit of a mess myself, with a tad inability to make up my mind – in general – I wore this skirt with a bit of everything. White sneakers, navy inspired t-shirt, gangsta-glam earrings, bold lips, and to make things even more confusing I ate cotton candy and let my childish persona run around like a crazy kid while doing all this.

THIS was literally one of my fave looks, and evenings well spent, and it taught me something. I am at that boring age now, when I tend to see more in everything and better myself with time. Much like wine. So… what I learned is to never have preconceived ideas about nothing. Not even a full midi skirt. Now don’t you roll those pretty eyes at me. I can’t stand full skirts ON ME. Being tall I always thought they made me look too matronly, too big, too pretentious. You get it. Welllllllllll… you see I kinda, sorta, might have reconsidered this. I felt pretty good and pretty pretty in this white cloudy full midi skirt. Thank you very much.

If you like… you can buy it here – WHITE FULL SKIRT | Choies 

I will leave you now with the photos from the cotton candy evening adventure, and I hope you enjoy them.


full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-1 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-2 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-3 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-4 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-7 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-8 dana-cristina-straut-full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-9 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-11-dana-cristina-straut full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-12 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-13-dana-cristina-straut full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-17 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-19 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-20 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-21 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-23-dana-cristina-straut full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-24-dana-cristina-straut full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-26 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-30 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-31 dana-cristina-straut-full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-33 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-34

Get the look here: white skirt | CHOIES 

Photos by the wonderful Florina Ciupertea. You can now follow her on Instagram – @florinaciupertea

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!




Whether or not you give a shit, imma tell you something anyway: ever since I met this sophisticated flawless and flawed mama called Fashion, I’m always late. All. The. Time. And *this* is happening to somebody – as in moi – who was never late. Actually, if anything I was always early. But you see, it’s not cool to be early, or so I’ve heard. Plus there’s a ton of stuff we gotta mingle by the time we’re 30, and this alone is a great excuse for those 15 min late. Okay, sometimes. 20. Maybe 30. Sometimesss perhaps an hour. So kill me.

If you add in this life equation the brilliance and headaches fashion alone gives us – well, then we’re pretty much fucked. I mean leave it to me to be buried in clothes, and then bitch about not having anything to wear, being so creatively at a loss that I almost always end up in jeans and a tee. And then I get those ignoramus stares and raised eyebrows all the way to the back if their heads: ‘THIS is why you’re late?! Ugh.’ Ugh, yourself, thank you very much.

To my defence I am trying though. And now… ever since I was gifted with THIS beautiful watch from Elliot Havok – I seriously have no more excuses.

dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-5 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-30 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-7

If I were to say one thing about this watch – style wise – it’d be ‘dayumn’. A reaction that might come as a shock to many. Or not. While I may across as a girl who’s quite obsessed with bling, and opulence, and in-your-face statements – I ain’t saying I’m not. Uh-huh. I’m owning that shit – but sometimes I do love a bit of balance. God knows I need it in my life. On all levels. Fashion is the least of my concerns of course, but I gotta start somewhere, right?

The watch I’m wearing in this post – Oxford Havok Watch – is a masculine style, with a black leather belt, a classic, minimalist design which makes it so so easy to wear and style with anything.

For example: if I’m wearing something very loud, and very colourful, bold, or urban-glam the watch balances the whole look. It really blends in.

If however I wear something simple and classic like the look in this post – beige suede culottes, white top, classic heels, and an office bag – it compliments the look. It’s clean, professional, slightly trendy. Not too over the top.

classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-3 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-23 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-35

Elliot Havok‘s classic watches have that fashion classic minimalist quality to them, and THAT is precisely the reason they look amazing and can translate this sophistication and incredibly good taste to whatever it is you’re wearing. I always find this watch to be a bit French-chic with a twist of retro, a dash of masculinity, and a grown up refinement that comes with age, and perfected style.

And its most important trait: it helps me tell time, hence trying to prevent me from running late. Does it succeed? Imma let my friends get back to me on that one.

I wasn’t running late when my friend and I were shooting this blogpost. That’s gotta count for something. And by the way, as always it was a great early evening, when again we had tones of fun working at magic hour, we got creative, we were in the mood, we had our chats and rants, and at the end of the day we came up with these pics.

*dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-1 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-4 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-6 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-8 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-9 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-11 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-12 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-13 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-14 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-15 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-16 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-17 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-18-dana-cristina-straut classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-20 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-21 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-22 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-25-dana-cristina-straut dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-26 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-27 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-29 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-33 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-35

Errr… if you too have a thing for classic watches, for fantastic designs, you’re a bit of a sartorial too, or you’re just chronically running late – Elliot Havok got your back.

SHOP the Oxford Havok Watch here | Elliot Havok

Photos by my wonderful friend and photographer Florina Ciupertea. Thank you!

Follow her on Instagram for some amazing photos – @florinaciupertea 



There are lots of reasons someone might get the urge to change their look: graduating from school, getting a new job, starting or ending a relationship—the list could go on. Sometimes, when we have a big life change, or when we want to have a big life change, changing our look can put us in the right mental state.

beauty-tips-looks how-to-change-your-look-1

There are lots of ways you might consider changing your look, but if you’ve never actually tried any of them before, you may feel like you just aren’t sure if any of them will work for you. If you’re thinking about changing something big about your general look, be sure to consider these pointers before taking any steps:

  • Make sure you sleep on it. That is, give yourself a week or two to really think about it to make sure you aren’t being impulsive. When it comes to making a really major change, you can’t exactly change your mind afterwards!

  • Think about how the new look will fit in with your general sense of style. For example, if you’re thinking about trying out a pretty strong new hair color, consider how the wardrobe you already have reflects the way your hair looks now. That is, if you tend to dress business casual a lot of the time, you might feel a little at odds with yourself when sporting bright blue hair. Give yourself some time to make sure you are going to feel at home in your new look.

  • By that same token, don’t allow yourself to chicken out. A lot of people tend to put off new looks indefinitely: “after I get the new job,” “after I get into school,” etc. At a certain point, you might just have to take a plunge if it’s something you’re really serious about trying out.

  • If you’re still nervous, try to find some ways to test out your look before committing. For example, if you’re thinking about trying out a shorter haircut, try wearing your hair up, even tuck it under a hat for a day, to get a better sense of how you will look and feel. It won’t be a perfect reflection, but it will help you sort of get used to the idea. Or if you are thinking about getting a new piercing, check out some clip-ons like the ones from Emitations to see how you like the look. Of course, with something like a piercing, if you decide you don’t want it anymore, you can take it out, but you won’t be able to get your money back. Even if you suffer from one of the complications associated with piercings like infections, development of scar tissue, rejection, or even cartilage collapse, you won’t be able to get a refund (with most piercers, you have to sign an agreement first that frees them from responsibility for common complications).

  • While you shouldn’t make your appearance choices based on what others are going to think, you should keep a realistic picture in mind of how it will impact your interactions with people or your ability to continue to function in the workplace. Some companies have strict limitations on things like visible tattoos and piercings, and hair styles, especially in the service industry. You may also face particular limitations in the medical field where you are limited on what kinds of jewelry you can wear. Tattoos that could be considered offensive or controversial could also cause problems, so be sure you really consider the potential outcome. You could always go with one of my personal favorites on the weekends: flash tattoos. While in most cases, tasteful changes to your appearance won’t cause problems, you should be aware of the real reactions you may get from all of the people you may interact with.

  • If you’re nervous about making the plunge, consider some milder ways that you can alter your appearance. For example, something like a new makeup style, a new hairstyle (without cutting it) or even a few new items for your wardrobe may help you get that sense of change you want without having to do anything major.

hair-inspiration how-to-change-your-look-2 how-to-change-your-look-3 how-to-change-your-look-4 how-to-change-your-look-5 how-to-change-your-look-7 how-to-change-your-look-8 how-to-change-your-look-9 how-to-change-your-look-10 makeovers thefashiontag-blog

When it comes right down to it, most of the time when you are worried about making a look “work,” all you really need to do is to feel confident in your look. So don’t overthink it! Once you’re sure it’s what you want to do, just go for it and make it your own!

Jimi playing in my ears. Jack of All Trades Tee hanging off my back. Voodoo Child by my side. My wild ways never tamed and always getting me into trouble… just an ordinary day in my deranged beautiful world. And if you count my talented photographer girl by my side, shooting for one of my favourite brands these days – Jack of All Trades – I’ll tell you this, it don’t get no better.

Those who know me know that I’m anything but in-between, hence my girly days some days, or my Tom-boy’ish outfits another, my rocknroll heart and my hip hop songs. My tats, red lips, hawt heels.  I’m not only guilty for doing all this all-over-the-place shit, but also for occasionally stealing some key pieces from my man’s wardrobe. Like hello! men inspired looks and boyfriend tees styles.


Well, my beautiful readers… starting with today I no longer have to resort to such petty fashion schemes. I gots myself my own boyfriend Tee, courtesy of Jack of All Trades, and it’s fucking fabulous. It’s got Jimi on it, with his Voodoo Child song, it’s got the most amazing fabric I have ever laid hands on in a T-shirt, it’s got a V-cut neck which I absolutely adore in boyfriend tees because I feel like it balances out the masculine-feminine thing. Being still a man T-shirt it’s oversized, but not too much, as I got it in a size S, so it’s loose, but you wouldn’t say I stole it from a man twice my size.

You can buy the Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child Tee hereJack of All Trades

boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-3 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-11 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-20

And TRUST ME but if this tee style or print is not right down your street, you will definitely find something in their shop staring right back at you and begging you to take them home: T-shirts, bags, gift cards, hats, tank tops. You name it, that have it for both girls and boys.

See for yourself right here – Jack of All Trades SHOP

And just because every now and then I’m this lucky bitch I had to flaunt it: the amazing team over at jack of All Trades not only gifted me with my #1 current sartorial obsession in my closet – my Jimi Tee – but with a Jack of All Trades backpack and a sign with their logo on it, which will totally go on my office wall soon.

The backpack is a very simple basic fabric style, with their amazing bold print and logo on it, and ever since I got it I take it with me whenever I’m shooting for a style post because it fits my shoes inside, my tops, jeans and whatever pieces I’m taking with me along one day. It’s perfect. Not too big, easy to carry, fits a whole lot of my fashion crap inside and can be worn as a backpack or a bag hanging off one shoulder.

In case doubts are still hovering over you… make them go away please. The team over at Jack of All Trades has probably one of the coolest and most diverse collection of pop-culture, superhero, rocknroll pieces. AMAZING quality fabric, fast shipping. Great quality-price ratio.

It’s the little bit of art you choose to wear on your back, and it’s brilliant. A self expression. A dope way to show a pice of yourself to the world.

boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-10 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-5

What I love about MY JIMI tee is its versatility, and this stands true for a lot of their pieces, which have this effortless chic rocknroll quality to them, and this makes it easy to mix and match with any looks, and any sartorial moods that might strike you one day. Think celebrity airport styles, or sophisticated fashion editor sitting front row at New York Fashion Week, too busy to bother with a posh dress, so a cool tee from Jack of All Trades, heels, and a blazer is basically the ticket to effortless sophistication.

As you can very well tell from the pics, I wore mine with boyfriend-style leather shorts, my fave statement necklace, and a basic pair of classic heels, just to balance the boyfriend-oversized silhouette. This, plus the sun in my eyes – hence the shades at all times – plus  my secret weapon – aka my talented beautiful photographer girl – and we made it a quite an afternoon and later an evening of drinks by the river chatting like headless chickens cause we haven’t seen each other in ages. Actually in a week. But who’s counting.

Ahhhh, I probably exhausted you with my endless rant, so I’ll just stop, and leave the pics below and the links to shop the looks and other pieces at the end of the post. Enjoy.


boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-15 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-21 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-19 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-7 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-22 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-9 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-14 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-8 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-6 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-18 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-12 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-13 boyfriend-tee-JOATclothing-fashiontag-17

What to do next? Pick you fave pop-culture thing. Or your superhero. You fave band. Song. Okay… now go to Jack of All Trades and wear them. As they very well put it: ‘You don’t know Jack, if you’re not wearing Jack!’ Amen to that.

Get the look:

Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child T-shirt | Rocknroll T-shirt Collection | Jack Of All Trades SHOP

Photos by my girl Florina Ciupertea (@florinaciupertea – Instagram). Thank you so much for some great visuals again and putting up with me. <3

Have a great weekend y’all! And let your wild ways run free. ;)


While the summer season is still upon us, and many of us are still wearing bathing suits and sundresses every chance we get, autumn is inching ever closer, and with it a whole new wave of fashion trends. So far at fashion shows and in style publications around the world, the focus for the coming season has been on accessories. As a result, I wanted to round up some of the most intriguing ideas that we’ll see in the months ahead.

Here are five fun accessory trends for fall 2015.

The Waist Bag

It tends to be one of the universal truths of fashion that tourist style “fanny packs” are tacky. But in some of the collections being debuted for the season ahead, we’re already seeing designers challenging this idea with a chic take on the concept. Harper’s Bazaar showed off some autumn accessories from a number of top designers and pointed to a fun design from Marc Jacobs that’s as functional as it is stylish. We may just be seeing a lot of hands-free waist bags this year.

New York, NYFW FW 2015 day 7

accessory-trends-fall-2015-17 accessory-trends-fall-2015-18


NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 10: A model walks the runway at Michael Kors during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 at Spring Studios on September 10, 2014 in New York City.


Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces were a more traditional idea that was also written up in the Harpers Bazaar seasonal preview, though they’re also being mentioned by a number of other publications. Lengthy, dangling pendants have a way of lending a carefree vibe to outfits that can sometimes be somewhat stiffer and heavier when the weather gets cold. But they also foster a great deal of self-expression, as there are all kinds of different styles and pendants to play around with.

accessory-trends-fall-2015-3 accessory-trends-fall-2015-11 accessory-trends-fall-2015-12 accessory-trends-fall-2015-21 Pendant_1

Fuzzy Handbags

This is a fun little concept headlining Lyst, and it suggests a great way to provide a unique touch for virtually any fall outfit. Fuzzy clutches are soft to hold, cozy in appearance, and more versatile than many might expect in design. What’s more, they don’t all look like the bulky pouches of fur one might expect; many of them resemble ordinary handbags lined with intriguing texture and material.

accessory-trends-fall-2015-1 accessory-trends-fall-2015-2 accessory-trends-fall-2015-5 accessory-trends-fall-2015-13 accessory-trends-fall-2015-22 FuzzyBag_1


One of the most interesting things about seasonal trends is how various forms of jewelry tend to jump to the forefront of the public’s focus, seemingly at random. For example, a year ago (in summer 2014) you could hardly look at a collection or read a fashion article without stumbling upon suggestions for rose gold pieces. Well, according to Vogue, the jewelry trend this fall belongs to one of the most consistently popular and lovely ornaments we have: pearls! They seem to be popping up in just about every jewelry piece imaginable, which makes them a near-must have for the season.

accessory-trends-fall-2015-10 accessory-trends-fall-2015-15 Pearls_1

Patchwork Patterns

Finally, it has to be mentioned that many of the most attractive collections for the fall are showcasing quite a bit of patchwork. Forbes Life compared the trend to quilting and even popular artworks, and that’s not much of a stretch. A number of prominent designers are stitching together different patterns and materials, seemingly in an attempt to liven up garments that are often a little duller and more uniform than the looks of spring and summer. Rest assured, the trend can be extended to accessories, even including footwear and handbags.

accessory-trends-fall-2015-4 accessory-trends-fall-2015-7 accessory-trends-fall-2015-14

Suede peep toe stiletto isolated on white background. Clipping path included.

There’s your early look at some great accessory ideas to keep in mind as we ease into September. It’s already looking like an extra-stylish time of year.


Sunset. Sandy feet. Glowing skin. Wild hair. And in between, the flashes of my gypsy heart and flash tattoos. The perfect scene of an early summer evening when my photographer and I decided to tell our story, on a beach, with a camera, a black maxi dress, lots of rings, laughter, chats, and the stars of the show: the jewellery tattoos I got from Barebaroque.

Unless you’ve been hiding underneath a rock for the past year, or you’ve been busy travelling to Mars, you’re well aware that every freaking fashion obsessed person on this planet is sartorially addicted to a new body jewellery trend: the FLASH TATTOOS, also known as the jewellery tattoos.


Of course, being part of this lot, I too have a case of major major major crush over these. God knows for the past 2 weeks I’ve looked like a bloody badass fairy in glitter and glam who rides her unicorn to work. The cars and bikes are so passé right now. And I’ve also got superpowers whenever I stick these glittery statement jewellery tattoos on: I feel Beyonce. No. Not LIKE Beyonce. But literally Beyonce. Yeah, sans the billions, sans Jay-Z, sans the talent, the looks, the tattoo line she just launched. But other than that I’m practically her.


Delusion is a common condition in my case, which I’ve learned to embrace. It gives me freedom to be whoever I want, without a care in the world.

FLASH TATS is a fad for those who love to have fun with fashion, with accessories, and why not give the tats a temporary try, so you can imagine why I’m not gonna sit this one out and will continue to drape myself in flash tats for the rest of the summer.

dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-1 thefashiontag-flash-tattoos-8 thefashiontag-flash-tattoos3

Now let me tell you HOW you put them on, and WHERE you can take them? 

The process is super easy and it takes like a few seconds. You stick them onto your body and use a damp towel or sponge to tap them, leave them on for a few seconds and then take out the paper on which they were stuck. And voila the tat will remain on your body. In case I haven’t been too clear, rest assured, as Barebaroque flash tats come with instructions. Plus, I’m the least savvy person when it comes to pulling off such detailed work, so if I could do it, everybody can.

HOW long do they last? They can last up to a few days, and they don’t wash away with water so easily, what they do come off with is body oil. In fact the next day after the photoshoot I decided to take my Beyonce persona covered in flash tats on a yacht. I mean at the pool. Fine. They didn’t come off from the sun, nor from the water, but the minute I put some rather oily sunscreen on they started to come off. Let’s just say I looked like I just had a mission in fairy land, or Las Vegas, all covered in glitter. Who cares anyway. So FYI: if you plan on keeping them on for more than 1 day, stay away from any oily body lotions.

WHERE do you take them? Ah… that’s probably the hardest question. If you can contain yourself to wearing just one: like a bracelet, or a hand jewellery design you can pretty much take it anywhere, even at the office. It does look like a perfect marriage between a tattoo and a jewellery.

If however less is not more for you (did anybody call me?) then you’ll probably have a case of Beyonce personality and, like me will end up wearing them all. At once. This scenario goes best with weekends, festivals, holidays, beach. Any form of fun and relaxation, where fashion always creeps in a little bit.

dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-2 thefashiontag-flash-tattoos-2

This was the reason why my photographer and I went on a beach. I wanted to capture the bohemian, the wild and free side these tats gave me. Sort of like a gypsy queen, in bare feet, and loose clothes, with wild hair and a perfect twilight moment. I loved every minute of this photoshoot by the river, I adored the sand on my feet and later on my dress, I loved the golden hour, and the golden tats.

And YES I am recently golden obsessed, hence my blonder hair, and my continuing growing addiction to gold accessories and of course flash tattoos. BUT, I have learned that when it comes to jewellery tattoos – mixing gold, silver and black, or even other colours will make more of a flash statement.

And BAREBAROQUE deliver to this. I’ve only tried the silver, black, and gold ones, but they do sell all the possible colours and designs out there. Great quality, great prices, super fast shipping. And basically the ticket to looking bohemian, cool, and feminine all throughout your summer getaway.

And now the rest of the photos.


dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-3 dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-5 dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-6 dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-7

1 flash-tattoos-barebaroque-1 flash-tattoos-barebaroque-2 flash-tattoos-thefashiontag-5 flash-tattoos-thefashiontag-6 flash-tattoos-thefashiontag-7 thefashiontag-flash-tattoos-4 thefashiontag-flash-tattoos-5 thefashiontag-flash-tattoos-6 thefashiontag-flash-tattoos-7 thefashiontag-flash-tattoos-9


I will leave you now to go live in my Beyonce skin, as I drape myself in even more glitter and glam. Imma milk this flash tats fad while it lasts, just so you know. In case you had any doubts.

Photos by my wonderful and talented photographer and friend – Florina Ciupertea. Thank you so much for an AMAZING job! Follow her on Instagram here: @florinaciupertea for some pretty dope shit!




You know those late afternoons, when you’re wearing office dresses and, on your way home you’re ambushed by paparazzi, and they stalk and follow you everywhere, from office, to lunches, to early dinners, to God knows where your busy schedule takes you that day? And you know that feeling of being followed by them photographers at all times? Yeah. Neither do I.

With this week’s photoshoot though, I got as close to this feeling as I ever will. Thank God for two things: magic hour, AND my polished business dresses from CECILY, a UK brand that designs the epitome of office dresses, to keep you looking the part at all times. No, seriously. It’s no frills and un-necessary extra thrills, but classic chicness, perfect lines, and textures to dresses that are TIMELESS.

I was lucky enough to wear two fab office dresses with the best quality ever, and that powerful razzamatazz that a perfectly tailored frock gives you.

They make me feel like I can rule the world, and nothing I want is ever impossible. That’s what a powerful outfit and empowering look tend to do actually, but I’ll tell you this: as a woman with a penchant for trousers and skirts I never thought I could rule the world in dresses. Well… what do you say, what do you know? Was I wrong, or what.

In fact it was just recently that I read in Vogue I think that the BUSINESS dresses, aka the office dresses, are the new work attire for professional women. And, frankly why not? While being queens of our castles we still wanna dress the part, and mingle, and manage, and be on top of our days while looking chic and feminine. And that’s exactly what Cecily business dresses do.

office-dresses-CECILY-5 office-dresses-CECILY-16 office-dresses-CECILY-19 office-dresses-CECILY-22

WHY I LOVE Cecily office dresses?

Uhh… aside from the above, their classic lines and cuts translate a perfect versatility, so you can wear them in the most simple beautiful way possible, with just a bag and a pair of classic heels, OR you can add your own spin on them, aka statement jewellery, trade an office bag for a clutch, a pair of classic pumps for some bright heels… and before you know it, the office dress can take you straight to some cocktail or dinner thing, where you will look polished and put together but also show your penchant for fashion. Through details.

Once I put these office dresses on, it was a total coup de foudre, and a perfect style marriage between ‘Mad Man’- fashion meets Carrie Underwood (‘House of Cards’), and those Italian fashion editors at Fashion Week.

office-dresses-CECILY-11 office-dresses-CECILY-23

What I Wore? 

Let me sigh a little bit before I proceed. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Okay, I’m good to go now.

The red dress – ANASTASIA – was utter perfection. ‘Mad Man’-inspired through the incredibly retro chic perfectly lined collar, and mid-sleeves, with a thick classic fabric that had just the perfect stretch in it to hug the body and give enough room for movement.

The green dress – RUBY GREEN – I saw as a perfect outfit for work and then fancy dinner somewhere, hence my statement necklace, bright fuchsia shoes and clutch. I felt so sophisticated and put together it’s crazy.

At the end of the day the perks of wearing office dresses is that you free yourself of all the sartorial headaches of pairing this with that, and layering. The incredible versatility they hold, such as the Cecily office dresses – makes them classic enough to add any personal style and fashion favourites, but in the end still ooze sophistication, an effortless elegance and refinement, and quite frankly comfort too.

And now the pics.


office-dresses-CECILY-1 office-dresses-CECILY-2 office-dresses-CECILY-3 office-dresses-CECILY-4 office-dresses-CECILY-9 office-dresses-CECILY-10 office-dresses-CECILY-12 office-dresses-CECILY-13 office-dresses-CECILY-14 office-dresses-CECILY-15 office-dresses-CECILY-17 office-dresses-CECILY-20 office-dresses-CECILY-21 office-dresses-CECILY-24 office-dresses-CECILY-25 office-dresses-CECILY-27 office-dresses-CECILY-28 office-dresses-CECILY-29 office-dresses-CECILY-30

Now that I am delusional enough to think I look the part, all I have to do is just go out there and make it happen. So ladies, let’s zip up those empowering and uber feminine office dresses and get to work. Now y’all sing along – ‘Girls, we rule the world!’

For more fantastic designs and, I am telling you, the best quality everrrr, make sure to check out:

CECILY SHOP right here.

What I wore: ANASTASIA red office dress | RUBY GREEN office dress 

Photos by my wonderful talented photographer Florina Ciupertea. Thank you!

Have a great weekend lovelies. xoxo



Crushing over the same things over and over and over and over again is definitely my #1 strength (and weakness). But leave it to fashion to add more insult to injury, and turn me into an even more inconsistent, troubled, and constantly falling mess over new pieces. I am known to have a soft spot for street art, white T-shirts, lipstick, poems, bling, urban style, life, funky prints, clashing looks, music, films, disgusting food, Jack. Uh… I will probably stop here with my guilty pleasures sharing.

Constantly on the prowl for that ONE who can sum up all the above has paid off eventually, courtesy of REDBUBBLE – the online marketplace for independent artist-designed products. The brand that has the perfect mix of ALL the above. It’s life and art and fashion in a bubble.

Check out their amazing ART IN MOTION Redbubble video that’ll give you a perfect glimpse of what they stand for.

redbubble-thefashiotag-look streetart-redbubble-fashiontag

They’re packed with fab products printed with uber cool designs from top artists, and my bet is, whatever you love – a film, a quote, a piece of art, of pop art, urban moment, a song – you will find an item that’s printed with it and you’ll fall for it. Whether it’s a T-shirt, a pair of Redbubble leggings, a bag, stationary, cases, home decor – they have it all, for men, women, and kids.

Basically you will end up wearing what you love, what speaks to you, and defines your tastes in anything. And that’s the beauty of it, if you ask me. You’ll rock an outfit that means something, not a high street retail chain uniform, not a necessarily trendy look, au contraire  a personal style statement.

redbubble-look redbubble-outfit

We’re not trendsetters or trend followers. Inspiration doesn’t come in a box, it comes in a bubble. So, slip into something a little more — not mass produced and let your imagination run wild, do cartwheels, breakdance and just shake its moneymaker.

Because life is art in motion.

And so are you.


It was just recently that they’ve gifted me with a white T-shirt and a pair of wild red printed Redbubble leggings hot as fire, that I styled and shot with my girl just yesterday evening, both of us riding around town like headless chickens on the hunt for the perfect street corner (urban graffiti DOH), trying not to miss the magic hour.

It missed us to be honest, as the sky preferred to take a shade of grey rather than pink-red sunset. Unstoppable demented chicas they call us, so… we beat the shades of grey, the rain, and bravely avoided a tiny car bump at the red light, thanks to our batmobile. Cause, aside from us two being a scene from ‘Sex and The City’, and her, a photographer, she’s also apparently a ‘Fast & Furious’ driver. You’re welcome girlfriend.

The evening was beautifully topped off by sipping on lemonades, parading in my Redbubble outfit, while eyeballing at the pics she took. Shut-the-front-door ah-mazing!

leggings-redbubble printed-leggings-streetstyle redbubble-t-shirt-style

I am wearing:

  • Black Cloud T-shirt in white (please observe the name, in tune with the weather #lol), because 1) I adore white tees, and 2) I’m a bit of a storm myself. The quality is great, 100% cotton slim fitting masterpiece.
  • The Beauty of Papua Redbubble Leggings I fell for in an instant, cause 1) they’re art in motion, and 2) the print is insane ‘this girl is on fire’-kind. The fabric is fantastic as it’s thick and elastic, you can’t see a damn thing through them. They’ve got this slightly rubber elastane vibe to them, high waist, and they can pass as pants with no problemo.

And now the pics.


leggings-redbubble redbubble-art-leggings-tee redbubble-blogger-look

leggings-outfit-redbubble redbubble-leggings-blogger-look redbubble-leggings-tee redbubble-t-shirt redbubble-thefashiontag-outfit redbubble-white-t-shirt-leggings street-style-graffittiwhite-tee-style street-style-leggings

So girls and boys, if you’re into street style, art, statement, unique pieces, with an urban twist to them, check out REDBUBBLE Shop here. 

And… tsst, tsst – a little secret: they’ll be doing a 1-day 20% off promotion in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for growing and shopping.


Photos by Florina Ciupertea. Thank you!