I absolutely adore summer and because I am the quintessential water baby, I always spend as much time as I possibly can swimming. Also it’s theee season to get a little color in you while having fun. But ever since the weather started warming up this year, I have been avoiding any serious water time because every single bathing suit that I own is faded, stretched, and basically falling apart. I know it’s time for me to get a new one, but I absolutely HATE shopping for bathing suits – like, with a passion!

But no matter how much I don’t want to do it, my sorry excuses for swimsuits have to be replaced. I’ve already searched Discountrue for coupons for JCPenney and other shops so I can hopefully afford more than one new swimsuit, I have set aside a whole day to find the perfect one for me and I searched online to get every bit of swimsuit shopping advice I could find. So while I procrastinate a little longer, I’m going to share what I think are the best tips for finding that perfect swimsuit!


Ignore that shape rubbish

There are tons of people who will tell you to ‘identify’ your shape before you start shopping for any kind of clothing. But that is a load of blooey because NONE of us fit exclusively into just one of them. For example, my hips are wider than my waist and I have a small bust which would normally make me a pear – but I have wide shoulders so that makes me more of an hourglass. Or maybe an inverted trapezoid – whatever that is! I would suggest checking out this post on Huffington Post for the best ‘size’ guide out there.


Figure out which features you want to highlight or hide

Decide which of your features you want to highlight, which ones you want to hide and what you want to ‘boost’. For example I have a small bust, so according to the experts I need to look for a bright or printed top that is molded or padded (I don’t want to look bigger so no ruffles!). I think I have a great butt, but I also have wide hips and some cellulite so I want to highlight the one while disguising the other. There is a lot of conflicting advice about these two features so I guess I’m just going to have to try different bottoms till I find one that works for me!


Examine your closet

Most women have a variety of underwear, shirts and all their old swimsuits – I mean they were PERFECT and how do you donate a used swimsuit to anyone? So try it all on in any combination and decide which items suit you best – does that string bottom make your butt look amazing but the top leaves you flashing? Then see what it looks like with that halter neck crop top that makes you feel like a supermodel! This is also the time to see what patterns and colors you like most – if your closet is full of blues and greens in simple patterns, it’s unlikely that you’ll choose a bright pink wildly patterned swimsuit!


Get some color

Whether you find yourself a tanning bed or you use tanning lotion, get a little color in you before you go stand in front of a mirror, under glaring florescent lights in what is essentially underwear. If you’re going to use tanning lotion then make sure you do it at least 24 hours before you start your shopping, and also choose a shade that is as close as possible to the color you will turn with some real sun (or that you’re going to use all year long).


Browse the current styles before you start shopping

When it comes to clothing you’ll generally find the same or similar styles in every store and from every brand – but this does NOT apply to swimsuits! You will find different styles of swimsuits in very store you go into, and even if two stores have the same style they’ll have completely different designs and patterns on them. And they will change EVERY month – even in the middle of winter! So before you start actually shopping for a swimsuit for yourself, go online to see what styles are currently on the shelves so you have an idea of what you will actually be able to find when you start shopping. Check out what different brands are doing when it comes to styles and designs, find which stores are carrying the kinds of swimsuits you actually like and try to look for pictures of what women with similar figures to yours look attractive in – or don’t look attractive in as the case may be!


Dare to be different

You may have noticed that most stores don’t sell bikinis as paired tops and bottoms anymore. This is mostly because some women who fit comfortably into a small bottom NEVER fit into a small top, or who need a small top but actually need a medium bottom. So take advantage of that fact and mix and match tops you like with bottoms you like – even if they’re from two completely separate swimsuits in two different stores! Pair a patterned top with plain bottoms, try a sports bra style top with a string bikini type bottom, get a top and bottom in different but complementary colors. These days, a full piece swimsuit is not just for professional watersports and there are hundreds of gorgeous styles – so why not try a sexy one piece instead of your usual two piece? And just because one style has always worked for you, it doesn’t mean you should only ever look for that style – be adventurous and try something you’re not sure you really like, you might just find something that is ten times more flattering and that you absolutely adore!


Don’t get too attached to your ‘regular’ sizes

For some unknown reason the people who make swimsuits can’t seem to agree on their sizes and neither do the sizes match regular clothing sizes. So don’t get depressed if you normally wear a medium but your swimsuit is a large and it really doesn’t make a difference if your usual bra size is a 34C and yet every 34C swimsuit top you try is WAAY too small! Just make sure that the swimsuit you buy fits you snugly, but not too tightly (it shouldn’t dig into your skin anywhere) and cut off the label if you don’t want to be reminded what size it is! Remember that swimsuits stretch when they get wet so opt for a more snug fit than a loose one. And please – test how well a swimsuit stays put before you buy it! Stretch your arms over your head, do some lunges, bend over, sit down, cross your legs, do jumping jacks and whatever other movement you can think of that might make it move about. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a swimsuit that doesn’t fit just right whatever you happen to be doing, or that has a tendency to ride up, slip down or shift over whenever you wear it!

Now that you know everything you need to know about choosing a swimsuit, it is time to be brave, bite the bullet and actually go out to buy one! My last word of advice is to shop all year round – not just in or just before summer because I have found some of my favorite suits in the middle of winter! You’ll also need a thong so you can get the best idea about the fit (no lines, bunches or bulges to fight with) and also make sure you can disrobe easily!



Have a fab weekend my beautiful sexy beasts!


Once you get passed April you can literally hear wedding bells every weekend, events lining up faster than sartorials at designer sales, it’s raining with invites for fancy dinners, cocktail parties, red carpets, and outdoor happenings all throughout summer. Ah, the struggles. And no, I am not joking. If you too love fashion but get both excited as well as panicked at the thought of having to stylishly attend the poshest events of summer, know this: you are not alone. We all know, a pretty face, a great makeup and hair, and countless wine glasses in beautiful manicured hands is not all we need.

Yes the wine helps, and so does that fab smile, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a gorgeous dress on, would it?


How to pick the right dress? One thought: if when seeing the gown you sigh, you make ah, or oh sound and your heart skips a beat, that’s the dress you love and you need. Period. You don’t need to be a bride to have the a-ha moment.

From my experience I’ve learned that a coup de foudre with a dress for an event is a must. It’s as crucial as putting on mascara.

I have had this type of moment with J. Mendel’s 2016 collection. Like a literally shut the front door pure moment. The brand, of which I am huge fan of is the embodiment of luxe and femininity with a dash of sophistication and glam, while being simple, and oozing amazing taste.

You want all this in an evening dress, plus perfect quality, incredible fabric, cut, design, and the best simple classic vibe mixed with a dash of edge & modern sophistication. And then, from there on, the dress can have the style of your choice: it can be luxe and glam, or minimal, or extravagant, or pure simplicity. J. Mendel’s dresses deliver to this. Their entire collection for 2016 is absolutely fabulous. For me it’s like they read my mind as to what I want to wear to this summer’s posh events and ta-daaa.


When picking the right dress for a specific fancy event we must keep in mind all the above, our personal style (cause we wanna feel comfortable with the look and the outfit we rock), and the occasion.

For a black-tie event, like a very glamorous wedding you need to wear a gown. A long beautiful dress. These are my ultimate fave from J. Mendel. 



Club, restaurant or outdoor events with a dash of relaxed-edge to them, or a certain type of sartorial sophistication allowed, can give us just the right amount of room to wear more adventurous dresses. From two-pieces, to mini styles, to incredibly sexy ones, J. Mendel is the go-to-choice.

I kid you not – I am in LOVE with these J. Mendel dresses. They are the perfect summer elegance meets simplicity and glam combo.



The best part about rocking a designer dress like J. Mendel’s? You don’t need to bother too much on other details. The dress is the star, and it’ll be perfectly completed by a pair stilettos, natural hair and why not bold lips.

At this point you will literally need just two other things: a glass of wine, and your fab you.

Just make sure to check out J. Mendel’s RTW 2016 collection. You will die with lust.




Working from home sounds like a winner to most women. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s without a few downsides. Nearly everyone who dreams of working from home imagines themselves working on the computer in a pair of jogging pants, an oversized t-shirt and slippers (or jammies).  

You are the CEO.

And, as an entrepreneur in your field, you need to use every tool possible to compete for the next deal. To operate your own business, you need a computer, internet access, the skill set necessary to accomplish the jobs you accept and – believe it or not – a dress code.  

Anywhere else that you worked required that you show up clean, neat and properly dressed. Why? Because every business owner knows that success is half work habit and half self-image. So, set your own dress code and start outfitting your work-at-home apparel to meet that policy.


One Woman’s Story

An interview with one work-at-home mom who started out as a professional email writer for one marketing firm and expanded her business to include working in online trading with Binary Uno one of the largest global binary options platforms in the world, is a prime example of how setting a dress code, even if no one actually sees you, is important.  

During her first few months working online from home, she’d started working around 11:00 a.m. and eat at her computer.  She loved sitting on the bed next to her newborn daughter typing away in her baggy pants and sloppy tee.  She found herself slouching at the computer or leaning back against the headboard as if she were reading a great book instead of creating a marketing copy.  

Then one day, she got an email from the marketing company that she’d been working for, asking her to meet their team in a Skype conference call.  

“For the first time since leaving the office, I jumped up to look at myself in the mirror.  I looked like a caricature of a cartoon fish wife. I didn’t want anyone to see me looking like that!  

“That day was when I admitted to myself that I needed to get a regular routine and start dressing as if I were at my own office instead of sitting in my bedroom. And, dressing appropriately every day has made a huge difference in my business.”  

Putting on a minimum of make-up such as eye shadow, lipstick and blush will make you feel completely dressed.  

  1. You’ll stop slouching while working online.  
  2. The quality of your work will be noticeably better.  
  3. Your productivity will increase.
  4. Your self-esteem and self-confidence will become your greatest asset.
  5. You’ll force yourself to behave professionally.  

You don’t need to wear an outfit that you would actually wear to an outside office but you do need to dress appropriately for a casual day at that office.  To that end, wearing dark-colored jeans, flats, blouses instead of tee-shirts, or comfortable dresses is sufficient.  

Inspo coming right away:



Have a fab weekend my beautiful ones! xoxo

There are dresses, and then there are DRESSES. When it comes to CECILY dresses – my favourite dresses brand for office & events – that’s how I cut a long story short. And trust me this is coming from a woman whose eyes wander more often than not over to edgier and sometimes more extravagant pieces. But, if my age and sartorial adventures have taught me anything it’s that sometimes classic and luxurious are winning tickets.

You can never, in a million years beat a classic cut dress, perfect for office or even some more formal events. Sure, you can give it a slight edge and twist and make it your own, but it remains a classic one.

So I take my hat off to Cecily dresses for this. They really deliver to the perfect clean cut and refined look that women want in a dress. They understand it 100%, so their dresses are the go-to-itmes for occasions when you want to look and FEEL your best in the classiest way possible. And YES, comfort wise they’re fantastic, all the three dresses I wore felt like second skin, a bit stretchy so it feels natural to move, but fitted so you know your dress is like an armour for luxury on you. Quality wise, shut the front door. It’s more than you can ever bargain for.

They got me, and I’m a hard nut to crack when it comes to classic over trendy, but I felt like a 1950s movie star, or like some Italian rich woman from a James Bond film. I do realise the resemblance is hardly striking and the illusion is solely in my head, but that’s fine with me, you know.

I do belive we sometimes dress for comfort or for nailing effortless looks, but sometimes a woman wants to feel powerful, sexy, successful, bossy, fashionable, while all the while incredibly feminine and herself. Cecily dresses make this happen. They do for me.

I am wearing: Natasha Dress | Karen Dress (in red) | Gina Dress (in black)


Okay, you’re probably thinking it so imma just say it… which one was my favourite? You could point a gun to my head and I still could’t tell you.

Gina dress is more my style and I felt like this rich woman in a Bond series wearing it. But then a week earlier when I had Karen dress on I was in love with it. I LOVE it still. And Natasha fit me like a glove. It’s a tie ladies, that’s how great these dresses are. It’s like they give me these moods that I live in for the rest of the day.

And what day it was. Each day wearing them and shooting photos with my talented photographer pal – was a day well spent. It always is, but it did feel cinema-like, and if I’m a sucker for anything it’s fashion and movies. So I got a bit of both worlds with this editorial.

And now ALL the photos.

Karen Dress 



Natasha Dress



Gina Dress



Thank you Cecily for yet again another fabulous collaboration. Your dresses, I just can’t say no to, and I LOVE that.

Thank you Florina Ciupertea for the amazing photos.

Get the look and shop for fab dresses here:

CECILY Shop | Natasha dress | Gina Dress | Karen dress




If you think FashionWeek is the place to be for partying and hanging out with la creme de la creme of the sartorial world, or just the cool kids, well… think again. Once summer hits our hearts they start beating to our fave beats, songs, and artists and we all turn into these new-type-of-groupies that spend weekends at music festivals in the coolest clothes ever. This apparently is the new thing to do if you love music, you love summer, and you love love love fashion.

When it comes to summer and weekend fashion aka festival fashion we’ve pretty much become gurus of what to wear. Masters of the boho chic slash rockroll style. BUT one thing we’ve missed and have yet to start splurging on and start talking about is the BAGS!

A few weeks ago I came across this great new brand that designs handmade bagsBrand Fair – and it hit me: I’m going to music festivals this summer, I’m a summer gal, I love to look great in the most effortless way possible, I love casual boho styles, but don’t mind a bit of edge, chicness, and a bit of razzamatazz hanging so very effortless around my body. I LOVE bags and would love one that is made for chic laid back weekends but also for summer office days when a bit of colour and a bit of fab style makes for a better day, you know what I mean.


So YES I loved their bags. Brand Fair BAGS are the definition of boho chic with a fashion story. They’re all handmade and unique pieces and I what I love about them is the fact that each bag has this vibe to it, and a mood and story it puts you into, and a fab name to go with it.

My fave bag from is Pink Paris. Shut the front door. It has the chicness, it has the cool vibe, but it’s also a perfect marriage between weekend style and office wear with a twist.


All bags can be carried in your hands, hanging off your shoulders, or messenger style for free hands you know. They’re adjustable. They’re pretty big to fit my whole mess into them, but at the same time not too big to get in my way when I’m say… dancing, drinking to some tune, or just going around town.

If you love trends and a bit of bling or a bit of fringe – Santorini or Istanbul bag is the way to go. They’re unique statement pieces, and I can picture them hanging off bare shoulders paired with a a clean denim and white look, or an all-black minimal chic style.

The Santorini bag is woven by the expert women weavers in the Waguu tribe with every stitch reflecting their moods and creativity, so that each Mochila bag is not only handmade 100%, but also unique, with its own story.


The patterns on each bag style are amazing, the colours are so vibrant you’d think you landed in a IRL Instagram, fringes on bags are leather, they’re assembled in leather, they’re embellished with hundreds of crystals and beads.

It’s really a lot of brilliant craftsmanship packed with great style, tradition, and a story. And THAT is exactly what every sartorial lover wants in an item, regardless of where we carry it in the end.


I love statement pieces, because most of the times I can’t be bothered with perfected outfits, so for me these bags are right down my street. They’re statement if you want them to be, but also versatile.

Festival season needs amazing bags, statement pieces, that do the talking for themselves, that stand out, but are also style-blend-material, and have a story to them.

Have a look, have a browse, and click away to this absolutely chic BAGS shop. You will love it.





Shop for boho chic bags: Brand Fair Shop | Pink Paris | London Bags |



That I’m as quick tempered as a storm, and fiery as fire can get is no surprise, so there is really no wow factor to the fact that I feel at my mostest when draped in red. Yeah, yeah I know, what a cliche. But when I’m wearing red and a gorgeous dress like the one in this post I’m again walking as if Beyonce and I are singing “I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want.” Damn right. And we strut. We don’t walk.

I’ve been dying to wear this dress for a long time and let me just say that the wait was totally worth it. It’s a two-piece dress that is insanely sexy AND comfortable (yes, that is possible), it’s perfect for more va-va-voom occasions when you want to make a statement, but don’t wanna go all out you know.

Two-piece dresses are the new IT dresses of our time, and we’re thankful for this to mostly the Kardashians, they’ve been in crop tops and pencil midi high wasited skirts all year round for quite some time. So I gave it a try and I’m sticking with it.


MY LOOK. My two piece dress is from DevilPlus Shop – an online shop with all the sexy thangs you may need, but also with TONS of fashion dresses  that suit every situation when you wanna, you know, turn heads.

They have maxi dresses, evening dresses, peplum, midi, sweater, print – anything you love they have it.

I am currently *still* obsessed with midi dresses and sweater dresses so this is exactly what I am wearing: this sweater two-piece dress in red. 

Clearly I love it for that Beyonce effect, but also because it’s quite versatile. Being a sweater dress makes this piece perfect for cold seasons as well, and also it’s thick fabric is stretchable so it fits any body type, while hugging it and keeping it into place. The two-piece situation is perfect: you can wear the top with something else (I’ve worn it with high waisted jeans and LOVED it), and the skirt is perfect for office days even, paired with a longer top, a tucked in blouse.

Being midi makes it appropriate for so many occasions, and being all covered up plays that up. Don’t be fooled by the bare mid-riff, it’s a tiny tiny piece of skin barely visible and very adjustable.

All in all the dress is fab. It delivers on the WOW, it delivers on the comfort, and it’s so much more than one dress. It’s a statement. With two pieces which you can incorporate into your wardrobe and put together quite a few extra outfits.

And now the pics.



Get the look:

Sweater DressesDevilPlus | Red Turtleneck Two-Piece Sweater Dress



Right about the time ‘Sex And The City’ was breaking through and Carrie was causing commotions with her looks and her beautiful name necklace, that’s right about the same time I started coveting her style AND decided that all I ever wanted was a name necklace of my own.

Forward a few years later (okay, tones of years later) and ta-daaa! my wish not only came true, but I was happy it did. Cause you know sometimes you think you want something up until you actually get it, and then you realise you don’t want it anymore. Yeah, not the case here, hence the title.

My wish came true courtesy of Onecklace – my favourite jewellery and name necklace brand in the world. These guys rock. They are insane. The best quality in the world, everything’s gold or silver plated, the designs are amazing, the shipping is fast, the team over there is brilliant, the packaging is fantastic (great gifts alert!).

Those who know me, or those who don’t, but they randomly spot me in pics have seen how, regardless of what I wear or where I go to, I always have my NAME NECKLACE on. All. The. Time. I probably only took it off when I got married, cause I was wearing silver jewellery and my name necklace is gold. But that’s it.

I shower in it, I wear it to work, to parties, to swimming, to the beach, to get drunk, to get sober, to bed, to anywhere. And because it’s gold plated it looks brand new even after all these years, and I love it just as much. It’s so stuck on my heart and my persona, that I feel naked and bare without it.


I’ve lost two of them over the years, but luckily the team over at Onecklace have gifted me with another name necklace + a fantastic engraved necklace that was custom made to my fave ‘quote’: WILD THING. aka moi.

That’s the thing about Onecklace: you go to their shop and it’s literally a heaven for beautiful jewellery lovers. They have so many amazing designs, pieces, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, engraved, name plated that you can custom design to your own likes, or occasion, or person.

And YES, it is the go-to place for the perfect gift. A name necklace or engraved piece that says a person’s name or meaningful words for them or for you is the biggest and sweetest statement one can make to another loved one.

Not to mention – the necklaces are so dainty and beautifully designed they blend in with more pieces if you should want to layer, or they can just as well stand on their own. And they look fab with just about any outfit.

Also… bloggers’ alert: if you spell the name of your blog on it, it’ll be a great way to spread the word and have people ask you what it says, and then you’d be obliged to answer and happy to explain. #guilty

Anyway I chose to show it to you guys wearing a simple black dress & black light trench-coat. Photos are shot by my fave pal in the world with an eye of a tiger. Loved that spring day, and love the shots.


Get the look:

Name necklace | Engraved necklace | Onecklace 

Photos by Florina Ciupertea.

Have a fab week my loves. xoxo

I LOVE the human face, those incredibly interesting features that tell me stories, that have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. I adore those. I get inspired by that type of beauty. There’s nothing more magnetic than a face that tells a story. And I cherish it, and the connection that’s born between me as an artist and my model is the most powerful and humbling thing in the world. I give in to that.  – Lorena Garoiu

It was probably the warmest and sunniest winter day that Saturday, when my photographer and I pulled up to Lorena’s house a month ago, on a street that looks exactly like those you read about in a book. There she was, smiling her big warm smile, a little bit nervous, greeting us as beautiful as ever, looking very sexy-powerful in her racy new latex pants from Atsuko Kudo and one of her T-shirts from her collection Art On T-shirts – depicting whores and sex, and that intriguing different kind of beauty. She has a knock out body I’ll give you that. She had her bold red lips on, new hair-do that she was still growing into, and you could tell she was as nervous as she was excited about having her photos taken in her house atelier.

Her home is exactly as I’d expected it, packed with bits and pieces of art and inspiration from all walks of life, excerpts of beauty and racy innuendos, and graffiti on her kitchen wall, and used dry paint brushes sitting next to expensive perfumes – it really translated to the most beautiful bohemian vibe. You can tell a lot about a person though details, and Lorena has no intention of hiding anything that makes up her world. I thought it took great strength to allow such exposure.

We had fun that day, and wrapped it all up in the yard by a wall she painted with her daughter. She’s a beautiful soul Lorena, and she did give us a very interesting visual tour of her art world that afternoon.


We decided then that I’d sent her some questions over email and we’d make it a great fun interview so you guys, my readers, would get to know her a little bit and she’d explain more to us about her Art On T-shirts Project. SEX on t-shirts? Who’d wear that, I thought? How did it all come together? Where can I get one? You know… that sort of stuff.

She called me last week to tell me she’s off to Milan to some art exhibition, right after she stayed in Bruxelles for a few weeks, and she was planning to answer my questions in handwriting over coffee at her fave cafe in Milan.

‘I got into art cause of my family, who have a tradition in arts for over 4 generations. I studied art from 10 years old, when I chose art classes over piano. I went to Art Highschool in Resita, Romania, and then to Art University In Timisoara, Romania. I’ve had my first exhibition at 16 when I sold my first work. Then at 17 I received the Excellence Award in Drawing in the national art olympics. Throughout my life I’ve had exhibitions in Berlin, Amsterdam, London Budapest, Munchen.’


That is Lorena the artist, what about Lorena the person behind it all, how would you like my readers to meet and know you? What would you say about yourself?

I love everything that’s beautiful. I adore beauty, refinement, and elegance.

What inspires you the most?

Very expressive features, a certain way a person has, a special character. I find beauty in ugly you know. I get inspired by perfumes, by buildings, by travelling, flowers, the different faces I see on the streets. It’s also those busy places or my favourite cafes in Europe that inspire me so so very much. Paris Bar in Berlin, La Coupole in Paris, you know those retro tiny hideouts very famous in the art world.

And life experiences, certain things and chapters that happen in life, make me wanna capture it all in my paintings. Sort of like a scene in a film that remains there forever to tell my side of story.

Where does fashion come in all this? Does it come up at all in your art, do the two of them intertwine? 

Oh my God of course! Fashion has a massive place in my art and in my heart. It fascinated me ever since I was a kid and wanted to be a fashion designer. It’s also strong rooted in my family cause my great-grandparents had a military clothes atelier shop – ‘a wire and silk broidery atelier shop’ it was called.

You know, fashion is art. Period. And it’s part of my art, they go together.

We see their marriage throughout art history, the outfits that are present in the works of Van Dyck, Velasques or Tizian, they’re more than fashion, they’re a true reflection of the times, and of certain personal styles, precise outfits worn by certain people. Of course fashion is art.


Speaking of style, you have a great style, it’s very bohemian and somewhat extravagant but quite relatable at the same time. Tell me a bit about your personal style: do you seek it intentionally, or does it just come up naturally from the way you are? Do you give great importance to your outfits? 

Well thank you, I try you know. No, I’m just kidding. Actually I don’t try at all. It just happens, it comes from my background, my family, my education. I never seek style. You either have it or you don’t.

(well Amen! to that I thought).

However, I do like to grow it, and educate my style if you will, but even that comes effortless as I flick through fashion magazines, or just give in to my spur of the moment sartorial impulse. I guess I have a sort of a bohemian style, simple but modern. Or perhaps the way I approach it is modern and fresh and cool. Much like the portraits I draw and paint.

I must confess I do give outfits some degree of importance, not to sound snobbish or anything, but you know the way you dress is a form of respect if you will towards you in the first place, and how you present yourself to the world, and to the world and the people you meet inevitably, secondly. I do keep this in mind by default, but I also dress to the occasion, and situation.

That’s so well put, I agree. But does that mean you have a favourite outfit? Do you go about your fashion like that? Your go-to-look – is that something that strikes close to home for you? 

Well, I don’t have a go to look. That’s nonsense you know, or at least that’s what I feel right now, today. I’m quite spontaneous when it comes to actual dressing and clothes. BUT, I do have a favourite outfit: a dress, a leather jacket, and classic shoes.

Okay, but do you think any woman must have certain staples in her closet? 

Well yeah, I think a retro dress is a major must-have, a silk button-down shirt, a pair of leather pants, and of course a T-shirt by moi.


Yes, we got to the T-shirts and I seriously couldn’t wait. I know your latest project is Art On T-shirts. Tell me a little bit about what inspired you, what does it mean exactly? Where can we buy your t-shirts from, how do we wear them, where, who is more likely to fall for them? 

Art of T-shirts, yes. I always thought of bringing art into a more affordable sector if you will. By printing a painting that’s normally around €2,000, you make it more affordable at say €100, and wearable. Besides, you have something original, and you get to wear art. That’s something isn’t it?

It’s funny but it all started with a painting of a rhododendron, which I thought I’d print on a fabric and make a dress out of it. But this was way before Balanciaga and Dolce & Gabanna had their printed collections you know. So anyway, that’s how it started, and the T-shirt project was born.

Yes, the T-shirts are racy to some – like they depict sex workers, sex scenes, and prostitutes – but to me they have the most powerful message and beauty. True beauty for me is something that moves me. It doesn’t have to be pretty at all. Or fit the idea of mainstream pretty if you will.


So the T-shirts are statement pieces through what they stand for. Anyone with an outspoken mind and heart can wear them. Style wise they’re incredibly versatile so you can wear them with anything from jeans to skirts to leather jackets and blazers, whatever floats your boat really. And they can also go anywhere from parties to laid back brunches and God knows where the day and night take you.

I do see my T-shirts proudly worn by  confident women and men with a penchant for cool style, effortless, very relaxed and laid back, but not lazy, actually with a touch of racy and loudness to it and why not a penchant for strong statements and messages and of course a taste for the arts, in whatever shape and form they come in.


Ok, I must say I love them, and would wear them proudly as you put it. And now the easy-fast Q. that I just have to ask. What do you listen to? 

Suede, Kate Bush, Nick Cave, David Bowie, and classical music I love.

People who inspire you?

Winston Churchill, Vivienne Westwood, David Bowie, Klimt, Jan Six, Marlene Dumas, Yves Saint Laurent, Lucian Freud, Rubens, Oscar Wilde, Yehuda Berg, Marcel Proust. To name a few. :)

What would you never do for the sake of art or fashion?

Kitsch. I’d never do or wear kitsch.

And now let’s talk a bit about today’s times: do you think we can still give birth to new movements and ideas in 2016? Like revolutions in art and that sort of stuff?

Well I believe in change. Deeply. And I think it’s happening now as we speak, we’re witnessing massive changes we’re just too close to fully grasp it you know. But it’s happening. The New Age period shows us exactly this. And, I’m an optimist on the whole idea of new ideas and I love to think we’ve still got some aces up our sleeves.

I need to ask you this though, we live in the times of Facebook, and selfies, and Intragram and the online culture of everything really. Do you think it makes us grow too far apart from art in its classic sense? Do we turn into technological versions of ourselves? Or is this a new era that we should learn to accept, embrace and let it rub off on us inspiration wise. Can we do that? What do you think? 

Facebook and Instagram can send the information out there in seconds. It’s crazy you know. It’s out there for a whole world to see. We NEED to understand this and give in to this. We need to adapt to the times we live in.

And yes there are the selfies, but they’re a version of the self-portrait if you think of it. There can be an art to taking selfies, why not? Or perhaps certain selfies can be art, maybe that rings truer.

But in your paintings, do you let yourself be inspired by this world, by the online? Facebook, photos, films, videos, pop-culture do all these things transpire in what you create, and if so, how? 

Well it’s easy. I do. I let myself be inspired by everything I see and come across. Like if I see a great photo on FB or Instgram I save it you know. I’ve got tons of such pics that I later draw from, literally. And also, films and cinema I give in to that as well. ‘Only lovers left alive’ inspired me tremendously. Theatre inspires me, for example ‘Roosevlet Square’ by Radu Afrim,  or ‘The girl in the gold bowlfish’.

Can you tell me a bit about the process of creation for you. How does it all begin? 

It all starts with an idea, an image, an interesting face maybe, some lyrics that just stick with me, a scene in the streets I passed by. You know, THE idea behind something great can really lurk God knows where. The point is to just keep an open eye, mind, and soul to it all.

Ok, but is there such a thing as a good painting? Or there is no such thing as good and bad in art, it’s just creation? 

A good painting is the one that gives you an emotion. It sends chills down your spine you know. It’s well drawn. And it has sensibility and force at the same time.

Thank you so much for this Lorena. It was so much fun, and really an honour for me. And now let me wrap this up with the most cliche Q.: where do you see yourself in a few years? 

Oh, of course I’d love to have my work shown and exhibited all around the world, in the most notorious art galleries, and also travel as much as I can to wherever my spirit and art would take me. And of course I’d be living in my house and art atelier by the sea. That is my dream. Yeah, you asked, so there it is, my future. Hopefully.


art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-2art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-29art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-30 art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-7art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-24art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-10art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-20art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-17art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-16

Fingers crossed for this beautiful artist. Hope you enjoyed this. I surely loved discovering a glimpse of her wonderful world. And I am dying really to wear one of her T-shirts.

Lorena Garoiu contact 


You know those perfect Instagram kitchen decors, with those perfect coffees resting on textured wooded tables, at which the most beautiful man we’ve seen is sitting in his effortless persona, disheveled hair, sexy everything, sipping that coffee while reading his morning paper through his eyeglasses? Yeah. What in the name of Lawd is hotter than that? Well, two things actually. Same scenario in a birthday suit, OR a woman doing the same thing. And if you pay close attention both have one thing in common: a perfect pair of eyeglasses

When it comes to eyeglasses we’re witnessing one of the best fashion and utility combos ever. Most people these days need glasses to function better. Hello short-sighted me and half the people I know. But eyewear has come a long way from being just that – glasses we use to see better. They’re fashion, they’re polished, they’re cool, they’re funky, and they come in so many designs to match each and everyone’s personal style, it’s fantastic. Shopping for a pair of great spectacles these days is a lot of fun.

One of the latest eyewear hubs I came across these days Express Glasses offers just that: a variety of the coolest eyeglasses to literally fit all tastes and styles for both men and women.


What to wear: EYEGLASSES trends 2017? It’s a party of colours, reds and browns being at the top, and a party of cool geeks.

The retro designs are still going strong. Thick rims are in, with a more wide variety of shapes, not just the classic ‘Mad Man’ inspired black wayfarers thick rimmed spectacles.

MEN: You know those retro tinier frames Johnny Depp is always wearing, as if he’s always poking his head from behind some novel or newspaper? Yes, those are the ones. They’re the perfect marriage of retro, and boho, and intellectual, and funky, and cool, and fashion, and geek, much like that guy I was telling you about in the beginning.

Thick rims look amazing on all designs, and because of that we’re witnessing a rise in the massive rims as well, those 70s inspired ones that Ryan Gossling had on in his ‘All good things’ movie.


WOMEN: That’s the thing, we’re blessed with the same styles + a huge variety of cat-eye inspired eyewear, of even bolder colours, and a redesign of the thin rimmed glasses that 70s French girls used to wear. Think retro shape in those 90s thin metallic rims.

All in all it’s a celebration of ALL is IN, with a penchant for bold colour and more classic geek rims. Which I think is fantastic.

THIS is precisely what I loved about this eyewear brand – Express Glasses, that they have the most beautiful spectacles in terms of colour and texture and a huge variety of retro rims that fit so many styles and looks it’s insane.


I am majorly crushing over red rimmed thick glasses right now, and a pair of brown retro Johnny Depp inspired ones. They are next on my list, and I already see them perfectly blended in my morning work routine, with my lose jeans and boyfriend button down shirt, working on my laptop.

I even see them on my husband as he’s songwriting on his guitar or reading his favourite book over coffee one morning. Because that’s the thing you know: they work for both women and men.

And then there are those eyeglasses that are a more polished version of the above, for those situations when you go out there and rule the world. Business suit and all. Posh dress and high heels.

WOMEN: check out more eyeglasses styles here – Express Glasses | Women eyeglasses



MEN: check out more eyeglasses styles here – Express Glasses | Men eyeglasses 



And now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go make myself one more cup of coffee and as I sip on it wearing my spectacles I’ll be shopping for my next pair of retro thick rimmed eyewear pair here.



Much like anything great in life – relationships, love, chemistry, friendship, fun, laziness, inspiration – you can’t force a great outfit. It just doesn’t happen. You’d think it only has to do with the actual clothes, but no. C’mon, even we are not that shallow. A great outfit is a perfect combo of what you’re wearing, with how you’re feeling, your details, state of mind, mood, great light, great hair day, great face day, et all.

And also, you never want to waste a great #OOTD on a basic situation, right?

Well I am bloody grateful I waited to drape myself in cappuccino and cream colours and let my body get hugged and loved by this amazing bandage dress. It was a good day. One of those perfect combos coming together. Or so I like to think.

After a very brief and very fun previous Friday night, I woke up Saturday morning fresher than a banana, put my hair in a sleek low ponytail, rocked dark lips (actually a combination of 3 lipsticks gave birth to that one), and squeezed my body into one of my latest gifts: a bandage dress from The Kewl Shop. Oh. My. God. That I am sometimes vain, is no news, but I LOVED myself in this dress, and you know what, I ain’t scared of saying it. It is International Women’s Day today, after all.

bandage-dress-kewl-shop-1 bandage-dress-kewl-shop-27bandage-dress-kewl-shop-11

This bandage dress is purely the best for two reasons: 1) the quality is insane, the fabric being bandage is so thick and stretchy, it holds it all together, pulls it in, squeezes it, the straps and cuts are body fit in the best way possible, it takes 10 seconds to put on and even less to take off if you have the right help, AND 2) the moment you’re dressed in it you literally hear Beyonce’s ‘I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want’ song in the background. No, I’m serious.

Man, I was feeling this dress, and so was my photographer pal, and so were the tens of people passing by and taking pics themselves. Yeah, that happened. Talk about not at all awkward moments.

All YES to this dress, for its high-quality fabric, for fast shipping, for being exactly as expected if not more, and for that razzamatazz it makes you feel once you squeeze into it. Not to sound as if I’m shoving them down your throat, but if you’re looking for hot dresses to wear to evening events, parties, going out moments THE KEWL SHOP is the online place to shop. It’s packed with bandage dresses, long, short, midi, two-pieces, you name it. I would literally wear all their dresses, especially the white, nude ones. Cause I have the obsession right now.

Enough talk. Here’s the pics.



I am wearing Sophisticated & Edgy Bandage Dress | The Kewl Shop | bandage dresses collection

Photos by Florina Ciupertea.