Many people believe that the secret to good photography is getting the most expensive and hi-tech equipment. While good equipment can certainly aid you in your quest to improve your the look of your photography, it will not directly improve your photography skills.

The best way to improve your photography is through dedication, patience and hardwork. Taking the same shot from different angles and distances to compare the results is one of the ways to becoming a professional photographer. Here are a few more tricks from experts like Cindy that can greatly enhance your photography skills and abilities:

1. Know Your Camera

Until and unless, you know every minute detail of your camera settings and what kind of results they yield, you cannot hope to improve your photography skills by a long shot. For instance, always focus manually and remember your F-stops; every single option that is present in your camera can and should be used to good effect. .

If you know your camera inside and out, you apply the skills you learn to any camera you get your hands on, and effectively make use of its respective settings. This is what professional photographers focus on and this is precisely what makes the difference between a good photo and a bad one.

2. Consider Limiting Storage Space

What photographers do is open up their minds to endless possibilities with respect to angles and pictures that can be taken on the spot. As a result, they end up with several hundred photos, some of which never see the light of day. With so many options to play with and so much space left on your memory card, your thoughts and priorities tend to scatter and you stop giving priority to the shots that actually need to be taken.

When you are using your camera, aim to have a memory card with the least possible memory so that you restrict yourself to taking only the photos that are important. The lesser the memory in your camera, the more attention you will give to each shot and location.

3. Practice

Take your camera everywhere in order to be a more adept photographer. Experiment, click and record. Practice is key if you want to become an expert-level photographer. In fact,  if ask seasoned  photographer, they will tell you the same. Practice indeed makes perfect and only consistent practice will enable you to take the best shots.





Once upon a time (aka about 3 weeks ago) I wore all white (rare case scenario) and stumbled upon some turquoise background in the middle of the city (rare situation as well.) Unfortunately it wasn’t the ocean, but when life gives you lemons you fucking make lemonade. Or mojitos.

On that day I had my face on, my empowering lips (dark seems to be my go-to colour when all else fails) AND my dainty necklaces from Starharvest Jewellery. 

Although my look is rather strong with a dash of 90s reminiscence as my photographer likes to say, I thought the dainty pieces make a fab contrast. Also they’re golden, like hello!!! they go with anything.

Dana Straut fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-15

Why I LOVE them? Cause they’re fab looking, they’re very delicate, great quality, and YES the ring/choker one is my fave. The layered one is a great understated statement (if you can say that) but ya gotta take extra care cause it tangles a bit. But it looks amazing. So, put up with it, and rock it.

If I were to give you a style tip on these 2 pieces is that they go soooo great with office outfits, and white crispy button-down shirts, and also low-cut-tops or dresses.

Those too would have made great outfits here, but I was so stuck on that leather skirt I barely get to wear, and the concept of all white against dark lips, that I was blinded by my own style inspo.

Anyway who cares about clothes when you have a great personality and are funny? Right?! If that fails, work on jewellery, and make sure you check out Starharvest for some great pieces.

And now the pics. One of my fave editorials. If that makes any difference.


90s Look Dana Straut FashionTag90s Look Dana Straut FashionTagfashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-1290s Look Dana Straut FashionTagfashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-14fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-590s Look Dana Straut FashionTagfashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-18fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-13fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-16fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-1790s Look Dana Straut FashionTagfashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-23fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-22fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-26fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-27fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-24fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-25fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-29fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-28fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-30fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-31fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-34fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-32fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-33fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-35fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-36fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-39fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-38fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-41fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-40fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-42fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-43fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-46fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-45fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-47fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-49

Shop the look: Ring Chocker Necklace | Layered Necklace | Starharvest SHOP 

Photos by Florina Ciupertea.


Weddings are so special, as they are a once-in-a-lifetime event that unites two lovers together. The wedding photographers winnipeg for your occasion is out there, but you need to look carefully and pay attention to some key factors in order to choose wisely. Fortunately, we have some tips and hints right here!


Peruse Their Profile Photos

No, we don’t mean looking through their personal Facebook, but if they have a Facebook album dedicated to their professional photography work, then by all means, check it out! You will definitely want to hop on the Internet and peruse their professional website to look through their portfolio and profile. Their photography album should be chock-full of stunning wedding photos (make sure they specialize in weddings and other special events!) Also, check out what their personal style is. For instance, do they tend to focus on more artistic shots, or do they keep their wedding photographs in a more traditional style? Paying attention to their own design aesthetic will help you get a feel for what they would do for your own wedding. Make sure your tastes match with the photographer’s!

Read Through Their Personal Bio

Most professional photographers will have a bio page or blurb on their website that can provide some more clarity and details about their business. Ask yourself some specific questions and try to find those answers in the personal bio. The more information you can find there, the better! For example, how long has the photographer been in business? Where did they learn their skills? Do they have a specialty or a certain aesthetic? What about their ability to travel and relocate? If they are out of your geographic area and aren’t willing to travel, then that means you will probably have to find another photographer. These are just some of the points to bring up when you are first browsing through your options, but you may have other questions depending on your personal needs and preferences.

Pay Attention to Logistics

Of course, you can’t book a professional photographer until you know the logistics of the operation. By this we mean asking about their price points, any available photography packages, their schedule, and so on. Some photographers will book up clients rather quickly, so if you want the best wedding photographer possible, you should start your search as soon as you can. You need to make sure that your wedding schedule syncs up with that of the photographer, and if you can, try to bargain on the price. These guidelines and tips should help you find a great professional who can make your perfect day a real dream come true!



One of the most exciting times in a couple’s life is getting married. There are so many things that you will have to do when attempting to get your big day planned out. Without a bit of hard work, you will not be able to get the right results from this planning process. Finding out where to find the perfect wedding rings in Toronto is one of the first things you have to do. Without a beautiful ring to propose with, you will not be able to show your significant other how much you love them. Below are some of the things that you will need to get planned out when attempting to have a great wedding.


Getting the Best Ring Possible

As previously mentioned, finding the right ring is one of the main things that you need to do before starting to plan your wedding ceremony. Finding the right spot to get custom engagement rings in Toronto will not be easy, but well worth the effort you invest. Ideally, you want to find a jeweler that has a good bit of experience and that will be able to bring your vision to life.

Finding The Right Venue

Before you go out in search of the right wedding venue, you will have to figure out what the theme of your wedding will be. Finding out about what you want your wedding to look like is the only way you will be able to narrow your selection. The best way to narrow down the selection of venues you have is by going on a few tours. These tours will help you find out how big a venue is and whether or not it is right for your particular needs.

The Food and Drink Factor

Once you have chosen the right wedding venue, you will need to start thinking about what your guests will eat and drink at the reception. The best way to make sure everyone has a great experience at a reception is by hiring the right caterer. With the right caterer, you will be able to have the delectable dishes you need to feed the masses on your big day. Assessing the amount of experience that a caterer has is important and will allow you to get the right one hired in no time at all.

The amount of time that is invested into the planning of a wedding will be worth it considering the results it will allow you to garner.





Did you know there is such a thing as wedding ring etiquette? It’s true. Marriage proposals are a big step, and with that comes certain rules, responsibilities and expectations. Knowing the engagement ring etiquette is important if you are going to take this most important of steps. It may sound silly, but ring etiquette should not be taken lightly!


Who should wear the ring?

According to tradition in most Western cultures, only the woman wears the engagement ring. However, this is one instance in which etiquette and tradition can be thrown out the window. If you want to give your man an engagement ring to wear, go for it! Why not! The only trouble then becomes when you get your wedding rings. Although most women wear both their engagement ring and their wedding ring as a set, most men don’t. But that’s not to say that the engagement ring can’t be worn on a different finger once you are married.

Should I take the engagement ring off or just add a wedding ring?

Many brides wonder what to do on their wedding day in terms of their ring. After all, they don’t want to have to take off the engagement ring that their fiancé has placed on their finger, right? Well, according to etiquette and tradition, the wedding ring should be worn first, followed by the engagement ring, so that the wedding ring is “closest to the heart.” On the wedding day, simply switch your engagement ring to your right hand, then place it back onto your left hand next to your wedding ring.

Should you buy your own engagement ring?

Traditional etiquette dictates that the man purchases the ring and surprises the woman with it. However, these days more couples are getting engaged without a ring and then shopping for it together. This is a personal choice, and it depends on whether you want the element of surprise or whether you’d prefer to be involved in the process.

What happens to the ring if the engagement is broken off?

If, God forbid, your engagement is broken off, what should happen to the ring? An engagement ring is a symbol of a promise, a promise of a life together. If your engagement is broken off, it can become tricky to determine what to do with the engagement ring. On the one hand, it was a gift, right? But on the other hand, it was (probably) purchased by the man and since there is no longer a partnership, he should have it back, right? Engagement etiquette dictates that the ring ought to be given back to the giver. However, this is not a legal requirement and it is the source of many arguments between many former engaged couples. For this reason, many couples stipulate in a prenuptial agreement what they will do with the ring in the event that their engagement doesn’t lead to marriage.

Engagement rings inspo right below:



BEVERLY HILLS, CA - OCTOBER 24: Kim Kardashian attends the Dream For Future Africa Foundation gala at Spago on October 24, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)


Bottom line is if you wanna put a ring on it, do it. But if you don’t, don’t. Always follow your heart though, but take your brain with you as well.

Have a great day y’all. xoxo

A lack of sleep is a common complaint – up to a third of adults are thought to suffer some kind of sleep disturbance or insomnia. Still, knowing you’re not alone doesn’t help you when you’re wide awake in the middle of the night, and then fall into a deep slumber just before the alarm goes off in the morning.

Sleep problems can have many causes, but you can often have trouble sleeping when you’re worried or stressed. The negative effects of not getting enough quality sleep can be cumulative – and this in itself can cause you additional stress as you feel unable to function properly during the day. Physically, missing out on sleep can take its toll, too. You may develop aches and pains as your body isn’t getting enough rest.

One of the most obvious symptoms of a lack of sleep is in our appearance. Eyes can look bloodshot and the skin can have a dull appearance. While you can take action to improve your sleep, by cutting down on caffeine, establishing a good bedtime routine so that you have time to unwind and relax before going to bed, it may take a while for your sleep patterns to improve. In the meantime, then, what can help improve the appearance of tired skin?

Tips to tackle tired skin:

  • Start the day with an invigorating shower to wake yourself up and stop feeling groggy. If you can bear it, switch to cold for the last minute as this will tighten the pores in your skin.

  • Use your favourite moisturizer for your neck and face, then treat the eye area with an eye serum. After moisturising, generously spray some Evian or rosewater mist, such as Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, on your face. This will not only wake you up, but it will also help to hydrate tired skin and provide a great canvas on which to apply your makeup.

  • If your eyes are irritated and red, use soothing eye drops to take away the burning sensation and reduce redness.

  • Use makeup as a way to draw attention away from the shadows under your eyes and get people to focus on a bright lipstick colour. If you don’t like coloured lipsticks, then a bit of gloss will have the same effect. Of course, you can still apply the usual foundation, concealer and mascara, but make the focus your lips, not your eyes. You can also use some lip balm on your cheekbones to add a glimmer at any point during the day.

  • A quick cheat to boost tired skin is to use a light bronzer. Everyone with a glow always looks healthier. And don’t forget to use sunscreen– see if you can find a tinted moisturiser that contains SPF, and reapply every time you’re heading out into the sun.

  • Protect your eyes from bright light with a pair of tinted sunglasses and they’ll feel less irritated. They will also protect you from inquisition on why you’re looking drained.

  • Keep hydrated. The more water you can drink, the better, as it will all help in revitalising your tired skin. However, if you’ve spent a while applying lipstick, use a straw to drink so that you don’t need to reapply.


All these tips will help give tired skin a boost after a poor night’s sleep, but don’t forget that you’ll need to address the root causes of your insomnia as well. That way, you’ll not only get better sleep, you’ll also need to do less work to get your skin looking in tip-top condition at all times.

Hope you enjoyed this little Monday cup of beauty tips.


There’s no denying that Breitling has conquered the sky and the seas with its impressive line of aviation and nautical timepieces. The technological prowess, immaculate precision and hardy performance of Breitling watches make them the gear of choice for explorations everywhere –be it thousands of metres underwater or thousands of kilometres into outer space.

But what about the good people back on plain old land? While Breitling has been the trusted equipment for aviators, pro deep water divers and extreme sportsmen, the brand is equally loved for ordinary wear –so to speak, because when it’s a Breitling, it will always be extraordinary!

The thing I love about Breitling watches is that they’ve got something for everybody. Whether you’re looking for timepieces that are casual or formal, extravagant or understated, rugged or rustic, sporty or simple, Breitling watch collection at popular Indian retailers, like Ethos Watch Boutiques, are simply a treat to devour.

You must be wondering why I’d recommend obviously aviation/sports/diving-inspired watches for daily wear! Here’s the deal: while any regular old wristwatch is a perfectly sound choice as well, Breitling’s aviation and nautical watches offer greatly enhanced benefits. Consider this, Breitling watches have been especially designed keeping the requirements of and environments encountered by aviators, divers, and navigators. Which means they’re built to endure just about everything –from sand and sea to sun, snow and sky, meaning, they take reliability, durability, precision and power to entirely unprecedented levels, as compared to regular wear watches.

But what really sets apart Breitling watches for daily wear is the exquisite sense of aesthetics added to the technological genius. Breitling presents a fine mix of luxury, aesthetics, and technology –a trio that stands testament to the very nature of fine watchmaking. Here’s a peak at some of the models that showcase the wide spectrum of designs, making each timepiece ideal for different occasion and wear:


While the Superocean Heritage range is designed for divers, it works wonders on dry land just as well!

Shades of silver and black bring about a sophisticated and stylish look in this timekeeper. Not too loud, not too jazzy, the simple and understated design makes it a comfortable choice for any occasion. You could suit it up or dress it down with casual attire, and it’ll transition seamlessly from formal to casual, night to day. And if you’re in the mood for a little dip in the pool, jump right in with this baby still strapped strong. Designed for divers (who have a super sense of style, I must say!), this Breitling watch comes with water resistance of up to 200 metres.


When a quirky sense of style is sweeping the streets these days, this is the watch you go for. The bright yellow dial beams beautifully on your wrist, strapped in with a hardy black rubber strap. The dull, metallic grey casing adds a balancing touch to the otherwise black and yellow palate. The design may be sporty, but it’s totally on trend!

This one’s great for an informal day out on the town. And oh, if you ever fancy a casual little dive 3000 metres into the deep blue, go right ahead!


Thought Breitling watches were all about the sporty? Well, here’s a timepiece with such an elegant finish that it looks anything but sporty. But at the end of the day, it is a watch made for the seas, so you can happily take this beauty snorkelling and swimming up to 200m.

Simplistic and minimalistic in design all the way, the Superocean Heritage collection characteristically eliminated numerical hour markers, opting instead, for simple steel cut markers. The blue strap and bezel issue a positively regal and refined effect –making this timepiece a winner at formal affairs.


Here’s a timepiece that’s got all the right amounts of traditional design elements to make it classical favourite among professionals (and I mean the 9-5 office kinds, not the pro aviation or diving variety!).

The steel link strap is the true mark of a traditional timepiece. But add to that a slightly busy dial with big markings, and you’ve got a bit of fun added to the formal. Looks like a classic timepiece, but here’s the catch –it can go up to 500m underwater without complaint! It’s efficient, watertight and pressure-resistant qualities ensure a sturdy build –yet another feather in the cap of Breitling watches’ nautical prowess. But for daily wear, think of it as a super sturdy style statement!


A glamorous addition to the Breitling collection, this Chronomat is just right for the kind of guy who loves all things luxurious.

A plush brown leather strap holds the stately gold and steel casing together. Hour, minute and second markers coupled with a tachymeter, date window and 3 sub-dials, make up the multifunctional edge of this timepiece. Crafted for aviation, this watch promises to do just that –send your style quotient soaring high into the sky!

With such gorgeous designs, would you ever be able to tell that Breitling is fundamentally made for aviators, divers and navigators? More like high fashion supermodels, I’d say!

Have a great week my loves and check out the Breitling Watches Shop here. 


There are gold people and then there are silver people. I am certainly the former, but every now and then I’ll take a dip into the silver team and actually truly enjoy it.

Such was the situation a month ago when I decided to drape myself in blue (again not a very seldom drive in my case) and wear the silver pearl set I got from Star Harvest Jewellery. 

They’ve been so kind to gift me this silver set and 2 more golden pieces that I’ll show you in a future blogpost, that I feel incredibly blessed. Their brand is solely focused on quality jewellery pieces, all perfect designed silver, with classic or more edgy cuts depending on your style.

Their shop is really packed with the most fab items. The shipping is fast and the wrapping of the jewellery is beyond fantastic, so their jewellery could just make the perfect gift you know.

Star Harvest Jewellery Shop is the hub for any type of quality piece for either girls or boys, for a special moment in one’s life, for a certain celebration (graduation, wedding, anniversary etc.), with a massive offer on rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, sets – anything you could possible imagine.

I am wearing a silver pearl jewellery set – earrings and necklace with a pendant – that is just perfect for silver lovers with a penchant for classic and refined pieces. The quality is insane, it is silver, beautifully crafted and designed, with a pearl on each earring and on the pendant, adorned with sparking tiny gem stones.

It is such a beautiful classic piece that goes great on an evening dress, a wedding dress, an office power suit, and even a casual outfit. Maybe sans the earrings, but the necklace is for sure a piece that can easily blend into a relaxed outfit, giving it the top-knotch edge we all wanna have with no effort whatsoever.


silver jewellerysilver-jewellery-starvarvest-thefashiontag-4silver-jewellery-starvarvest-thefashiontag-3silver-jewellery-starvarvest-thefashiontag-6silver-jewellery-starvarvest-thefashiontag-5silver-jewellery-starvarvest-thefashiontag-10

I received it as a compliment from Star Harvest Jewellery and I couldn’t be more humbled and happy about it. And as I said, the wrapping of the package was absolutely stunning, so… my dear little sartorial lovers, if you’re on the lookout for beautiful high quality perfectly designed jewellery pieces for yourself or for a gift to somebody very special – this shop is for you.

Photos by Florina Ciupertea.

There are girls who believe in fairytales and girls who don’t. The latter have the upper hand though and know damn well the only real thing about a fairytale is the bloody dress. Rest of it is a bunch of bollocks for gullibles who’ve read one too many… uhm… fairytales.

Pardon my sarcasm, it just comes with a combination of brains and reality. Be that as it may, my heart does drop a little and it does skip a beat when it comes to that part of fairytales that involves fashion. The dress, the shoes, the hair, the clinging of the champagne glasses, the cheeky smiles. I couldn’t give a shit about the man saving the woman with his white fucking horse and carriage, cause when we have our own horses and carriages and hustle for our own dreams and love stories, I’ll be damned if we’ll not be draped in the best gowns ever.

Once the hot season arrives it’s all about prom dresses and cocktail parties, and outdoor weddings – you know 2016 versions of fairytales. The sartorial fairytale. Billions of years ago, when I had my prom I was obsessed with prom dresses and what I’d wear that night, so of course I went above and beyond for what I thought was the perfect dress. And it was. I went for classic black, and I am very proud of myself for that actually.

prom-dresses-sherrylondonprom dresses

Today I’m not a prom attender anymore (thank God), but adult life comes with other engagements: weddings, cocktails, events channeling red carpet fashion situations etc.  – which too require some versions of black prom dresses for example.

So the shopping for evening dresses hasn’t stopped, if anything it got more hectic and redundant, but when you come across certain brands like – Sherrylondon – for example you realise that finding the perfect short prom dresses or red prom dresses is fun! They have a packed online shop of fab evening dresses that are very very very much red carpet inspired.


How to pick the right dress for evening events?

If you’re going to the prom pick a dress that’s fun, that allows you to dance, to move, and make sure it screams you and youth. It can be sexy, flirty, seductive, or classic. Whatever you go for don’t stray too much from yourself, as it’s a night when you want to have fun, and feel amazing and comfy doing so.

Classic red or black or nude mermaid dresses are a great choice, so are short prom dresses, or A-Line cuts that allow you to move and dance.

Keep the hair simple, and have fun with makeup.


If the event in question is a cocktail party pick simple dresses, not too long, not too dramatic, but classic or sophisticated. Go for intricate backs, for luxurious good quality fabrics, for classic cuts.


If you’re a wedding guest or the event is more formal, bigger, more like a black-tie gathering then you gotta go over the top a little bit, in long evening dresses, with perfect cuts, maybe a train, a few razzmatazz details, but balance the luxury with minimalism and don’t do too much. Good taste is key.


Whatever the occasion or the personal style the dress must speak volumes about yourself and the occasion you’re attending. It also must be comfortable, it has to feel good on your back, not too hot in summer, not too tight, the right fit, the right fabric and it’s gotta make you feel like a star.


prom-dresses-5mlong-prom-dresses prom-dresses-1prom-dresses-9prom-dresses-8prom.dressesprom-dresses-2

Other than that have fun.That’s what any event is about. Sort of. Wear a smile, chat with friends, cheers all night on champagne… live *your* version of the fairytale.

Have a fab week my loves.



They said 2016 is all about oversized jackets and new sartorial crushes, aka ‘can we please try a little harder than the already too-worn leather jacket?! Thank you.’ My prayers were answered – a jacket that has it all, but it’s not leather – has arrived.

Actually it’s got superpowers, and tons of swag, and versatility, and I can sometimes wear it to the gym, and sometimes to work, and sometimes for meetings when I pair it with uber posh outfits. It’s sporty and casual, with a retro-college reminiscence that gives it incredible sophistication when I pair it with smarter outfits.

My Captain America Varsity Jacket is officially my fave item in the world, and to be honest with you it’s my favourite jacket so far. I love that it’s slightly oversized, I got it in size M, which means two things.

(1) It makes me look like those super cool kids/bloggers/can’t-be-bothered-rich-babes-who-love-the-hobo-look in an instant, especially when I wear it with mom jeans and sneakers or brogues, bold lips, and messy hair. It is literally the easiest look in the world. Being oversized makes it perfect for the fashion-editor-swag-look: wearing it around your shoulders. Being an oversized varsity jacket it makes me feel like a college kid. Again.

(2) Oversized means it fits the boys, so when my husband tried it on and it fit him (though it’s a bit too fitted for him, but it works), he was like ‘Okay, this is officially mine, I’m stealing it.’ He loves it. It is a men’s jacket which makes it so much better for the girls. The sartorial irony, I know.

We, of course decided to share it.


Why is Captain America the perfect jacket? Not only it ticks the trend boxes of 2016 (oversized, menswear inspired, sporty-athleisure), but it really has superpowers.

Fashion superpowers.

No matter what you have on, no matter the #OOTD, the moment you put this oversized varsity jacket on your back, or just let it chic’ly hang off your shoulders, you look like you got swag and you mean business. You know your shit.

It’s sophisticated, and it has a retro sort of college traditional vibe to it that makes it effortlessly cool. The colour is brilliant: dark blue with white and red stripes for that sporty casual vibe. And it has the superhero badge. Shut the front door.

Quality wise it’s insane: it’s soft, it keeps you warm, you don’t sweat in it, it’s not bulky which is great when you do oversized, so it follows you body-line naturally. Price wise it’s a bargain, and the shipping is super fast.

Of course Captain America might not be your #1 hero, and that’s fine, cause the shop – Celebsclothing – has all the superheroes jackets. It is the most popular movie clothing store. So just make sure you check them out here and find your own. I’m telling you they are fabulous. The perfect statement-traditional mix in jackets.

I wore my oversized varsity jacket with jeans + cropped top + velcro sneakers + bold lips + bling cause that’s like the most comfortable style for me, and that was my mood that day. But Captain America looks great with anything from athleisure outfits to heels and smart attire. Trust me, it’s all road-tested.

And now the photos:



Captain America Varsity Jacket | Superhero & Varsity Jackets | Celebsclothing Shop 

Photos by Florina Ciupertea. 

Have a great week my loves. xoxo