Do you want to update your look, at least when it comes to your style? If you do, you may not just want to explore the hottest fashion trends in clothes, but also the most recent styles in fashion accessories. Fashion add-ons are swiftly getting more popular, specifically in the celebrity-obsessed modern culture. However, many of us still have no idea just how to use them for our best benefit.

The concept of a “fashion accessories” is quite broad and features a number of items. Like clothing pieces, fashion accessories are available in every size, style, and shape under the sun.

Here are some of the important fashion accessory stuff you may wish to consider to keep your appearance latest and increase your options.


When it come to a fashion accessory, you should consider bags. Although handbags can also be stylish, it’s the handbag which has become a true symbol of status and important fashion accessory. They are available in an enormous variety of different designs, so it’s common to own more than one if you’re your spending budget allows.

The truth is, a lot of women out there want to go with their fashion accessories, such as their totes and handbags, with the outfits that they dress in.

Modernizing your handbags every top season can be a simple and comparatively less expensive way to improve your entire look. If your clothing collection is stuffed with vintage bits that flatter your physique and fit your coloring, then simply picking a new stylish handbag can quickly bring your appearance up to the minute.

Traveling handbags are also considered a style accessory, but are different from purses and handbags in that many of them are made for both genders. Any travel bag is commonly a small bag you can use as carry-on baggage for your airplane trip, some sort of nappy/diaper bag or a laptop carry bag. It is also the so named “man bag” which is getting more popular constantly. A lot of major style labels also have their own baggage line as well.



Shoes and boots are also a style accessory, although many of us do not really consider them to be, but in most cases, women’s shoes are connected to fashion accessories, instead of men’s shoes. A primary reason for this is the awesome variety of women’s shoes style out there, for instance: running sneakers, casual flip flops, stylish sandals, flat sports shoes, stilettos, kitten high heels, high heel mules, and the list moves on. Just like purses and handbags, nearly all women own several pairs of footwear and strive to synchronize their shoes, specifically for work and with the rest of their outfit. Shoes and boots can easily make or break a fancy dress, so take into account the type of impression you wish to depict and be sure your footwear matches that theme.

Spartoo is a fashion store with wide variety of clothing and fashion accessories; you can opt for latest stylish brands and pick the best. Discover ways to take full advantage of your look and dress up for success.




When it comes to anything great these days (fashion, food, kisses, and love) apparently the French know it best. And when it comes to fashion for your little pet it’s French Bullevard who knows what’s best.

This New York City luxury accessory brand is dedicated to dogs, with a special mention to French bulldogs, and it’s the #1 go-to shop for all the pet lovers out there.

‘Our adventure was born with the idea that our companions are more than dogs, but family members. We want the best for them and have a strong desire to give an exceptional look to each and every beautiful creature you share your life with.’ (French Bullevard)

jewelry for dogs

If fashion is anything these days, it’s contagious, so why keep it all to yourself and not share and enjoy it with your bestest friend – your little dog, and gift your pet with jewerly for dogs pieces to make its little tail dance more, to better suit its sophisticated manner, or just make it feel a little bit chicer, you know.

Jewelry for dogs is not in the least something new, BUT what I love about this fashion boutique is how it treats this niche luxe as the most exquisite pieces of jewellery. Because they are. The luxe golden collars are beyond amazing.

We wear chockers these days with such pride and supreme sophistication, why would we deprive our pretty pets from the same sartorial pleasure?

Inspired by French Bullevard’s muse – Kumi – the pet jewellery comes in quite a few styles and designs, with two things in common: glamour and high quality.

jewelry for dogsjewelry for dogsjewelry for dogs

And they’re all glam, with tiny chic details that just make you wanna drape your dog in all these pet jewellery pieces, and take both his ass and yours for a walk around the park. And an Instagram session.

We’ve got our #OOTDs so why not start one for our dog as well?

Whether or not your dog is into edgier pieces or more girly styles French Bullevard delivers to pet’s sartorial needs. Their Fall 2016 collection is stunning. Like – I’m crying they don’t make those necklaces for humans too.

For edgier styles there is the skull beaded golden and black necklace Mittsuami, and for more classic but rich looking styles there is the Dante necklace.

I am telling you – pet jewellery lover or not, you will die over these jewelry for dogs pieces.

Here are my fave picks for you from French Bullevard.


jewelry for dogs-french-bullevardjewelry for dogs-french-bullevardjewelry for dogs-french-bullevardjewelry for dogs-french-bullevardjewelry for dogs-french-bullevardjewelry for dogs-french-bullevardjewelry for dogs-french-bullevardjewelry for dogs-french-bullevardjewelry for dogs-french-bullevard

And some fab sartorial human and pet inspo:


jewelry for dogs-french-bullevardjewelry for dogs-french-bullevardjewelry for dogs-french-bullevardjewelry for dogsjewelry for dogsjewelry for dogsjewelry for dogsjewellery-for-dogs-7jewellery-for-dogs-9jewellery-for-dogs-10jewellery-for-dogs-19jewellery-for-dogs-11jewellery-for-dogs-133jewellery-for-dogs-156

Go on. Give your dog a glamorous treat this holiday season. Think of all the Instagrams you’ll be taking. And like they say: ‘let’s just get back to the essentials: food, belly rubs, and French Bullevard.’

Jewelry for dogs | French Bullevard

Have a fab weekend everyone! xoxo


Aside from my #GymOutfit situation the title of today carries another Q: could a gym outfit, be more than a gym outfit?  If we can be anything we wanna be, why can’t our outfits do the same?

There’s only one thing greater than finding a great shop, and that’s finding a great shop that has ALL the bestest shops and brands at your fingertips. That fab fashion hub is none other than OCTER. I’ve recently come across their shop and I loved it for 2 reasons: 1) they’ve got the go-to brands we all stalk for best buys, so instead of checking each and every shop separately I just click on, and 2) it’s super easy to navigate, brand and items wise.

Like an obsessed potato that I recently realised I am, of course I was clicking and filtering everything though the gym/workout/leggings/bustiers/sweatpants filters. I guess we all gotta do what makes us happy, right? I’m having wine on Friday, so we good.

Seriously though, OCTER has it all: from Dorothy Perkins, to Asos, to Topshop, Puma, Adidas, to Mr.Porter. My heart though belongs to Beyonce and her Ivy Park sportswear collection, so you can imagine my reaction to receiving what I am wearing today.

Navy Ivy Park sportswear from Octer – Ivy Park collection 

Dana Straut Ivy Park SportswearDana Straut Ivy Park Sportswear

Why it’s the best workout outfit?

It holds my razzmatazz into place. It looks pretty good, and I will say… it can go beyond the gym. Leggings can go to a casual day out, and the crop top that I am wearing can be styled with jeans even.

Those who follow me on Instagram or who know me, know I’m kinda obsessed with working out so I’m always on the look out for great gyn outfits, cause of my other obsession: fashion. Ah, I know I am such a fucking cliche. At least I’ve channelled myself towards a healthier obsession on this one. I’m sorry Jack (Daniel’s that is).

So on Sunday I went to my local gym, that’s practically become my second home, and put on my new outfit, did a bit of a workout, and shot some pics with my girl. Was it awkward (playing the model instead of the workout beast)? You bet your ass, But… we did it.

So this Ivy Park outfit catered to both my obsession for gym, as well as for style, and I LOVE wearing it.

Here’s why:
  • the fabric is so thick and elastic that you can run 1,245,201 miles, or dance through a tornado and it’d still be in place.
  • because it’s so thick and elastic it’s hard to put on (it’s not like sweatpants), but once it’s  on, it stays.
  • when you squat, deadlift, lunge et all the leggings stay in place, so there was no need to keep pulling them up. Same goes for the top, as it’s so elastic you can move your arms perfectly.
  • sizing is weird. I am usually size S, or XS in gym outfits, but this was XXS. So what you need to do before buying it, is to measure yourself according to their size chart and go for that, even if you think you might be bigger or smaller. I guess Ivy is a size smaller.
  • no camel toe. Amen to that sister.
  • no sweat stains.
  • love the little key-holes, and the colour.
  • LOVE the high waist, and how you can fold it and wear the leggings as mid-rise if you want.

Dana Straut Ivy Park SportswearDana Straut Ivy Park SportswearDana Straut Ivy Park Sportswear

Anyone who loves athleisure, gym outfits, and working out – hands down I highly recommend Ivy Park. The leggings are insane. They feel like second skin so you can literally focus on your form when you work out instead of heaving to worry how they pulled down in the back or how they give you a camel toe, or how you sweat and look like you peed yourself. And because their fabric is so thick they kinda sculpt your body.

They look amazing even for a coffee run or a lunch in town, but for working out they are 100% my fave outfit in the world.

If you’re into this make sure you browse Octer for tons of brands and styles. Spoiler: Puma X Fenty. Shut the front door.

Anyhow, here I am wearing Ivy Park leggings and top | Octer




Get the look here:

Ivy Park leggings | Ivy Park top | Octer

{Photos by Florina Ciupertea}

All summer, we read fashion and health articles encouraging us to wear sunglasses – both to look great and to protect our eyes. And this goes double if we require prescription lenses. Eyewear fashion is bigger than ever, and glasses and sunglasses aren’t just seen as accessories anymore – they are an absolute fashion essential. On top of this, we know more than ever before about the damage caused to our eyes by UV rays, both in the short and long term. So summer style and health articles are packed full of eyewear advice, but this advice tapers off in the autumn and winter, even though sunglasses still look great and the sun is still in the sky! With the insight of the experts at Red Hot Sunglasses, who have a wide range of prescription sunglasses and the expertise that comes from over five years in the eyewear industry, here’s my guide to wearing sunglasses in the winter…


The Winter Sun Can Still Damage Your Eyes

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere it’s edging into winter around about now and it’s starting to get way colder. This is due to the diminishing intensity of the sunlight and it usually means you don’t have to worry as much about sun cream protecting your skin (but some SPF is advised all-year-round). However, the winter sun is much lower in the sky, so it is often shining more directly into our eyes than in the summer months. The UV rays are weaker, but the exposure is arguably higher. This is a big argument for wearing sunglasses and clear prescription glasses that come with UV protection all-year-round.


If you don’t protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, you’re leaving yourself open to a range of different eye problems further down the line. There are three big problems associated with sun damage: cataracts, pinguecula, and macular degeneration. Cataracts occur when UV radiation damages the lens of the eye over time, changing its proteins, causing it to go cloudy. In moderate cases, the vision is obscured a little; in extreme cases, the eye is rendered completely blind. Pingueculae is the thickening, yellowing of parts of the conjunctiva (the outer coating off the eye). It usually occurs in the middle of the sclera where your eyelids meet, as this part of the eye is exposed to sunlight – even when your eyes are closed. Pingueculae can cause your eyes to feel dry, burning, itchy and can cause blurry vision. Macular degeneration is gradual blindness that had previously been associated with old age. However, we now know that it is caused by exposure to UV rays over time. All of these diseases, especially macular degeneration, occur slowly, after years of exposure to the harmful ultra-violet radiation in sunlight. So protecting your eyes consistently, even in the winter, is a very smart thing to do. If you’d like to learn more about eye health and protecting your eyes from the sun, check out All About Vision – it’s full of information and useful advice.


Low Winter Sun can be a Danger to Drivers

A secondary reason to wear sunglasses or prescription sunglasses in the winter is that the low sun gets into drivers’ eyes and can sometimes dazzle them, causing accidents. Impairing drivers’ vision is doubly serious when you add frost and icy conditions into the mix. The solution is to always leave a pair of sunglasses in your car. Make sure they are comfortable to wear and that they filter enough light to protect you from getting blinded by the sudden appearance of the sun, but not so dark that they impair your vision – the experts at Red Hot Sunglasses say that a filter category 2 or 3 should do the trick. If you have a prescription, you’ll need prescription glasses; and as you’ll already need to wear glasses in this case, why not wear sunglasses on the sunny days instead?


Sunglasses Don’t Stop Looking Great Because it’s Cold

The emphasis in the fashion world often shifts away from sunglasses in wintertime, but it doesn’t need to. A beautiful pair of designer sunglasses is still going to look great paired with a coat or jacket. Don’t pack away your designer shades into the drawer along with your sun cream; be bold and wear your sunglasses any time it’s bright outside. Eyewear is becoming a bigger part of the overall fashion industry, with eye glasses being worn even when no prescription is required. Sunglasses can be worn any time of the year and they’re the perfect way to complete an outfit. In winter, it’s usually a good idea to choose black and darker colours when selecting your sunglasses. Here are a few sunglasses perfect to pair with your winter wardrobe:

why-you-should-wear-prescription-sunglasses-in-the-winter_html_5f838dfdBlack Jimmy Choo sunglasses from Red Hot Sunglasses

why-you-should-wear-prescription-sunglasses-in-the-winter_html_30d1ca20Black-grey Havana Hugo Boss sunglasses from Red Hot Sunglasses

why-you-should-wear-prescription-sunglasses-in-the-winter_html_m453bf439Shiny black Tom Ford sunglasses with blue lenses from Red Hot Sunglasses


And that’s all for now. I hope I’ve convinced the sceptics out there to try wearing sunglasses in the winter. The benefits of wearing sunglasses in winter are threefold: healthy eyes, safer driving, and they look great. Sunglasses aren’t just for summer. They’re an all-year thing!


Most women love to shop and even call themselves shopaholics, but some men love to shop as well. In today’s world, there are all kinds of ways to go shopping and there are so many different things you can shop for from designer clothing to electronics to even restaurants.

Shopping is just one of those things that we must do whether it is to buy food or other necessities. However, you may not know where you wish to go shopping to find designer clothing at a reasonable and affordable price. The answer is Tory Burch outlet.


Outlet malls have become a huge success in the United States as consumers can purchase a variety of designer clothing as well as accessories, handbags, watches, shoes, and even beauty products at a discount price. The items are the same as you would find in their stand-alone shop or purchase online. The only difference is that the designer has agreed to offer their products at a lower price for those who shop at outlet malls across the US.

Many people today, shop at outlet malls and save money not only on the clothing they purchase for themselves but also for their children. However, outlet malls do not only have clothing designers but offer several different shops in one location. You will be able to find all kinds of items to furnish your home, your kitchen with dishes and other cooking utensils, bedding, baby items, and more.

Most outlet malls will also have food courts so you can spend all day exploring the shops and have a nice place to enjoy lunch while watching all the shoppers. The good thing about outlet malls is that you can save hundreds of dollars over the prices you would normally spend if you visited their regular store.

The main problem is that you may not find the designer you want in every outlet mall across the US. As mentioned above you can find Tory Burch in outlet malls, however, the only states offering this designer’s clothing is California, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, and Texas, so you may have to travel to another state to find the items you desire. Of course, when you look for a specific designer, you can easily go online and find the nearest outlet mall offering your favorite designer’s clothing along with any other items you may be looking to purchase for your home or as a gift.

Today, designer clothing does not have to be expensive and are not replicas or knock offs of the real thing when you decide to shop at outlet malls. You will be able to purchase the same items that the movie stars wear but at a much lower price than they paid as you shopped with saving money in mind and visited outlet malls.





Since fall is here, and it is time to start dressing yourself a lot warmer with a lot more layers, you are probably planning to visit your local store to look for some new items for your wardrobe. But if you want to be stylish, well-dressed and be confident of looking fashion-forward, you need to read this short list of five fall essentials. Why? All of these items just have to be in your wardrobe in order to make your fall be not only warmer, but with a lot more style too! So – what are you waiting? Check this advisory list and start shopping right away!


ZARA Chunky round neck sweater

Of course – how can fall be without these cozy essentials any girl and woman can’t imagine her cold fall days? The chunky sweater is definitely that one of the five essential items you have to have in your wardrobe. And the best part about it is that it easily goes with everything. Pull it with jeans, skirts or wear it with a dress – it will always look cute, cozy, and it will keep you warm. Perfect!


Faith Briony navy suede heeled sock boots –

During the summer, we could wear sneakers, sandals, and other footwear as much as we want, but right now it is the time for big hard boots! It will make your look tougher and of course, make you warmer too. Sorel has some really fashionable styles of winter boots and booties for winter, plus you can save money on these investment items with current promo codes from Coupon Sherpa.

Moreover, it will be a lot easier and comfortable to wear those since their heel is pretty wide and not that high so that you can be comfortable in cold windy fall weather. It perfectly embraces your feet making walking even with high heels a lot more pleasant and gives you that chic and cool vibe for these cold days.


This ASTR rib knit sweater wrap dress from

Another essential item you must have is one super cozy, easy to wear and all occasions appropriate sweater dress. Navy and olive colors of this dress will match various occasions and can be dressed up and down with accessories. A sweater dress will be that one ‘emergency’ outfit you might going to need since it always looks good effortless. Moreover, this particular dress will probably fit each and every body type too – it was a wrap-up waist which perfect accentuates your figure and hides things you want to. Invest in one excellent quality dress like that, and you will be stylish during this fall in a second! This particular dress is not that expensive, especially now! You can get it with 20% discount if you use a coupon from here. Being stylish will never be so easy!


The something in leather or this Mandy mesh stripe leatherette jacket from A’GACI.

No matter what – leather always works for fall fashion, and it always looks good and neat. So everything that has at least something with leather on is to work this fall! Pants, jackets, or even dresses are always considered to be stylish and good looking. While this particular Mandy mesh stripe jacket is the one we would love to recommend you at first. It is super cool, so sexy and might not serve its primary purpose of keeping you all warm – but who cares then you will look this good!



The Haute Hippie overlay flare trench coat –

Finally, a trench coat in the neutral color palette should also be in every wardrobe of every fashionista. And it is a real legend of fashion – you can wear this coat for many years, so investing in one good coat will pay off for sure. It will easily never go out of style! The one we absolutely love is this lightweight trench coat with an open front which will both make you look thought and a bit romantic at the same time. It comes only with “military” color, so it will be easy to match it with other pieces of your clothing too. 



Happy Monday everyone! xoxo


If you’re a fan of the latest cult film – Suicide Squad – this post is for you. If you’re also constantly torn between 2 jackets (colours) this too is a post you will love, cause like nothing else out there the jacket I’m wearing today caters to two loves. In this case wearing both a red and a blue jacket. Perfection. It was only after this Sunday when I wore my new Suicide Squad jacket from Celebsclothing that I actually realised I kinda love blue. First time ever in my life I’ve had a blue crush.

With autumn almost here it’s as clear as a blue blue sky that we’ll be needing some jackets to hang around our shoulders more often than not. 2016 Autumn comes with a few looks and trends that this jacket nails: bomber inspired, statement, pop-culture, reminiscent of 80s-borderline-90s, tells a story.

So I couldn’t be happier to have been gifted with this jacket. It’s a statement jacket alright, so styling it may be a bit tricky. I was constantly torn between keeping it simple or mixing it chaotically – because it is a Suicide Squad item and a very glam-tells-a-story-jacket-kinda-jacket, so why bother belittle it, when I should embrace its loudness.

I’ve realised you can style it any way you please but it tends to look best paired with black, or jeans. Also if you wanna wear it as a top with just a bra underneath it can be a very going-out look a la Rihanna.


Why I love my Suicide Squad jacket? Give me statement something and I’ll take it and put a pin in it anyday. Period. My first reaction of this jacket was just Wow. And then it took a little time for everything to settle in. Those around me were struck by the same reaction, and I’ve found that guys love it a lot, and when they realise it’s the Suicide Squad jacket they literally lose it. Hello little brother and husband!

Quality wise Celebsclothing are super high rated. This is the second jacket I have from them and I really like it beyond the fashion reasons.


The Suicide Jacket is thick so it’s more for fall rather than summer. The fabric is incredibly soft-silky, so it feels absolutely great on the skin, it has a perfect cut and tailoring, and this is coming from a person who is rather tall, and I’m always scared jackets will not fit me arms and waist wise. But it did.

I am normally a size S but this jacket is size M. I think I’d get a size L or even XL now, just cause I love oversized jackets, and that very cool and urban masculine look a massive jacket has.

If you love this jacket and you wanna buy it go for it. Quality wise it’s amazing. Fashion wise it’s a statement alright. And shipping wise it’s really fast.

My outfit pics below:





Get the look here: Celebsclothing | Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Jacket  | Suicide Squad Jackets 

Photos by Cosmin Straut. 

For some of us we’ve literally grown up on Disney cartoons and characters!  Be it Donald Duck, Alladin, Mickey Mouse or Adriana from “The Little Mermaid”, every character comes with a certain degree of authenticity to its nature and depicts complete innocence and magic! Most of all look at a Disney character and your heart lights up with joy and laughter. From the toddler to the young executive chilling out at an amusement park or lazing at the home couch – almost everyone loves to sport Disney fashion! And to let you know, Myntra has it all for you. Probably, that’s the reason why Walt Disney in the recent times has joined hands with brands like Coach to introduce Disney apparels that spell complete vibrancy and fashion, in its own quirky way!


Defining Disney Apparel

When it comes to Disney dresses and apparels like the hoodies and tees for both kids and adults, high-street fashion or posh style is not something that would come to mind! The element that the Disney apparels exude is an element of casual and free style dressing. Take a Mickey Mouse graphic print tee and pair it up with a pair of loose denims or khakis and its perfect for a weekend time out with friends and family! Simultaneously, the colour schemes and the design patterns add an element of chic without overdoing it to your look!


The Era of Disney Baby Clothes

In the recent times and even couple of years before, Disney dresses have been popular in the section of baby clothes! Kids clothing section is a flourishing vertical that’s thriving on creative thinking and innovative designs. Disney characters add to kids clothing by rendering an element of magic and wonder as every child today has a favourite Disney character. The Disney baby clothes come both as casual wears as well as party dresses such as birthday costumes as many more.

Dress-Up Your Little Princess

Cute little baby girls get the most of the Disney apparels! Think of a birthday theme and select on a Disney princess costumes and check-out the thrill and joy that you get to see in the eyes of your little one! Be it Ariel or Arista from The Little Mermaid, Princess Jasmine from Alladin or Alice from Alice in Wonderland – baby girls would love to get clad in a Disney character and flaunt the frills and all the baby pinks and pastel blues with all the glitters, tiara, magic wands, angel wings and other cute accessories that makes them feel happy and magical within!


The makers and designers of Disney dresses today puts huge amount of dedication, innovation, precision and imagination in designing the Disney princess dresses. Be it a knee-length frock or an evening gown made of shimmering dress materials along with fancy accessories to add to the glitz and the overall show, the designers and manufacturers ensure that they use high-end fabric so that the baby skin doesn’t feel any harshness or irritation. The designs and sizes are multiple, so finding one for your little one won’t cost you much both in terms of money and time!

So if you have been contemplating on Disney princess dress up for your little angel on her next birthday, go for it! It would light her up from within.

Disney fashion inspo courtesy of street style right here:





Computer and calendar, cold glass or synthetic materials, boring neutral colours: standard decoration of most offices. Indeed, it seems that our ideas and personalities cannot be expressed in the workplace.

But that is not true. There are more and more designers and manufacturers to come in this field, with the aim of giving more choices for interior decoration.

You might be surprised by how simple it is to change your 9 to 5 days with a real elegant professional style. And all you need is a clock, an accessory on the desk, and a bag for yourself.


Comelity arrived in the UK with their Italian design and handmade crafts. Thanks to the online gift store, these artistic items can reach us directly from their boutiques in Venice.

As the top of Comelity’s office lines, Callea Design catches our eyes for the first. It is a workshop based in Trieste, and their wall clocks are perfect design for house, office or other public spaces. The great emphasis is placed on the small details, such as an ideal attachment to the wall. All the clocks are handmade in Italy. The interesting thing is they have no storage, and the clock will be created from zero from the moment they receive an order.

Wall clock pendulum Rock:


This model comes in its geometric shapes and simplicity of design. Entirely made of wood and there are different colours available.

Vintage wall clock Sixty:10_001.5_nero.0-1024x1024“Sixty” is a vintage looking clock. Thanks to the wise use of contrasting colours, this clock would be the most eye-catching decoration in your office or house.

Multiple time zone office wall clock Cosmo:



As the other clocks from Callea Design, this wall clock is made with wood of hight quality and it is fully hand crafted in Italy. This clock gives a magnificent look and, the contrast of gradient colours makes it perfect in any office, waiting room or even in a hall.


Troika – Pen & Paper clip holder:



gam15.ag_argento.0-815x815The iconic VW Bulli Camper is transformed in a true design masterpiece. Even the super motor sport is now a nice piece of collection, perfectly match any office desk.

Hour glass “Tempus Fugit”: by  Dalvey 

779_dalvey.ag_argento.0-1140x1140Count your time with an elegant hourglass, that would be one of the things you’d love to do in you office. A timeless object designed with clean lines, silently making the working atmosphere calm and peaceful.


An elegant and practical handbag is essential for every women in business. Comelity provides bags of brand with a unique design.

Zanellato is known for its stylish luxury handbags and leather accessories. They exclusively use the best leather which is processed by hand in Italy.


zan00718.by_brandy.2-651x651This leather briefcase comes with a 15” Laptop cover. With its soft handle, practical interior organisation and an adorable colour of brandy, it could be a “must have” for every professional woman – even if it is a briefcase designed for men.



Piouadro’s leather briefcase with two zippered compartments for a 15″ Laptop and an iPad, suitable for both work and free time.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into fab design. :)


As a traveller, at some point you are going to need accommodation to get you through the night. And that too must be kept within the entire travel budget.

Whether you are a sightseer or a traveler who is forced to transit to another city, you need to know what to consider before choosing a place to spend the night.  Here’s what to consider before choosing a motel:

1. Your Requirements

Regardless of who you are, the basic checklist for choosing a motel remains the same. Cleanliness and tidiness are your foremost priority with access to good amenities and facilities. If your motel is rundown, you should not think twice about spending too much money on it.

You can instead, spend a little more money and get a much better motel with cleaner and higher quality facilities. Another thing to consider which people often overlook when choosing motels, is the presence of insects and bugs that have the ability to cling to your clothes and follow you everywhere you go. That combined with the paper thin walls can make you regret not choosing a better motel elsewhere. Again, scout out the place for cleanliness – if it isn’t kept very clean, you can bet the place has hygiene issues which means a hotspot for insects and bugs.

2. Locality

There is no point in choosing a motel which is secluded and isolated from the rest of the world. Chances are that you do not have your own personal mode of transport and that can make commuting a big hassle for you. Always go for well-known motels which are closer to the city and tourist attractions; for one thing, you’ll get to see the sights and sounds the city has to offer, while getting to know some of the local folks.

3. Safety

This should be a top most priority as robberies and muggings are common in motels located in dark and  secluded areas. Your trip can end almost instantly in regret and anger should you fall victim to such incidents. And there is a high chance you will, if you do not plan your trip accordingly. Always make sure the motel is in a safe and secure location so that no unforeseen calamity befalls you. The entrance to the motel particularly should be well lit.

Tobermory cottages fit the bill well. But since they are not everywhere, make sure to keep the above tips in mind to choose a motel that fits your needs the best.