Hairstyle is perhaps the most important feature of a person’s look and that remains true in 2017 as well. With the flurry of products, techniques and styles that have appeared in the last few years, not to mention the influence of the fashion industry, the range of hairstyles has widened dramatically. Men now have more choices in terms of hair than ever before.

This overview of the 10 most amazing men hairstyles across the year will be particularly useful to men looking to keep their appearance top notch. Depending on age, physique and personal preference, 2017 has in stock the perfect men hairstyles.

The Shade

men hairstyles

This type of hairstyle is often demanded from barbers and hairstylists across the world for good reason. Coupled with a groomed beard, the shade can look good in various settings, from the club to a business meeting. For that reason, it was and still is the choice of many men even in the present year.

The Undercut

men hairstyles

The undercut, along with other taper cut examples, has been the preferred choice of professional hairstylists and artists. Together with its numerous variations, this look reaches its maximum potential on young men and goes along nicely with tight clothes and a slick attitude.

The Side Part

men hairstyles


One of the few hairstyles that still looks good with or without facial hair, the side part never goes out of style. Easy to do in the morning with a pinch of gel, this hairstyle is the saving grace of lazy students and those who prefer shorter hair. Men who choose this kind of hairstyle give off the impression that appearance matters to them but that they value simplicity. Without being overly complex or demanding, the side part is masculine and handsome in the way every man should strive to be.

The Short & Wavy

Short hair is still the way to go for a number of male Hollywood stars. Building on the same look, Tom Hiddleston’s hairstyle includes a few short wavy strings in the front. This minor change can improve a man’s look despite the shortness of his hair. It is definitely a style to consider adopting, as it gives off a sense of class and maturity. Discrete and sexy, the short and wavy hairstyle can work wonders in both professional and personal life.

On the Side

Moving on to longer hair, hairstylists have changed the layered hair look drastically. Avant-garde and immediately eye-catching, the on the side gives off a daring allure. Going well together with longer and darker clothes, this style creates mystery around it.

The Pompadour

John Cho refused to let his hair look bland and without personality and went with the stylish pompadour look. Longer on top, this hairstyle can easily be turned into the wavy or grown out into a side part hairstyle. By choosing this type of haircut, men can put their straight medium-sized hair to effective use, creating a unique and desirable appearance.

The Curly Pompadour

For those who have rich, curly hair to work with, hairstyle possibilities are more numerous. Pulled backwards and held tightly by a clam or kept in place with some product, the curly pompadour will allow the curls to be visible only on top. This hairstyle is appropriate for specific kinds of hair and may prove difficult to maintain, but it might be well worth the effort.

The Flow

The flow is a combination of straight on top, wavy on the side hair. Bradley Cooper is the perfect example for this kind of style. It gives off a feeling of relaxation and masculinity. Either in a casual or more professional setting, the flow looks good and it creates a feeling of strength. Chosen by more and more male stars, it is a maintained and handsome style for the hair.

The Male Bangs

The bangs can give a man’s look a dash of mystery and desire that will definitely attract the opposite sex. Boyish and charming, this hairstyle can take years off the face and perfectly frame the eyes. Rather careless than maintained, the male bangs are coming back in style this year and you can count to see a prolonged stay.

Long Hair

Long hair in itself is no longer such a taboo for guys. Gone are days of the buzzcuts and crewcuts that dominated the men hairstyles market. With long, luscious hair, guys can choose from an array of styles – even using a bun. Length gives a hairstylist a lot of possibilities and it can be turned into any other hairstyle. Rebellious and young, this style exudes energy and curiosity.

This article has been an overview of the 10 most amazing men hairstyles in 2017. By choosing the right hairstyle, one doesn’t just pick out different appearances – he sends a message. One about personality and the way he lives his life. Hair is more important than men usually consider and having the appropriate style can change the overall look drastically.

Author Bio
Elaine Goodman is a hairstylist and hairstyle blogger. She is always up-to-date with the latest hairstyles and wants to share her knowledge to help people choose the right style based on face shape, age and hair features. Her goal is to open her own salon and have full creative control.

For the past few years sunglasses have certainly won their #1 fashion spot regardless of season or personal style. No matter who you are, what you do, what you wear, who you love – you wear sunglasses. It’s a fact. 2017 is the year red mirrored sunglasses are huge in fashion, from wayfarer to round frames celebs and mortals both are rocking this understated statement detail.  Those who love this, but also love the little style gimmicks, or are just incapable of making a sunglasses choice (did anyone say my name?) can now say hallelujah and be happy – snap on sunglasses are a thing and they’re amazing.

No matter your outfit, your attitude or your feeling of the day – SETS interchangeable side technology lets you match perfectly, look stylish and feel great.

snap on sunglassesWhat are snap on sunglasses?

I too was once a fashion ignoramus, but not anymore. What happened, you might ask. Well,  I discovered SETS Club sunglasses, a USA brand that is perfect for sunglasses lovers. A.k.a. red mirrored sunglasses lovers as of lately, courtesy of 2017 trends. Top this new shades obsession with a snap on, and I’m done. Hooked for life.

Snap on sunglasses are those that you can change the side arms to, with a simple one-second-click.

SETS Club have them in white, black, pink, baby blue, and cobalt blue. So you have the classic wayfarers to which you can add any colour sides you want, just to spice things up you know.

Even more than that you can mix them, for that extra spring colour statement. This is actually what I did when I first wore my Play set of SETS. I literally just couldn’t make up my mind on what sides I should snap on, so I took the black ones off (which I got on the sunglasses by default) and snapped a pink and a blue side.

It’s the first time in my life when being so indecisive paid off. #HappyAtLast

snap on sunglasses snap on sunglasses snap on sunglasses

What snap on sunglasses I’m wearing?

Featuring: the PLAY SET snap on sunglasses with a pink and a blue side, just to show you guys that you can mix the sides however you want, and also because spring kinda makes me feel extra bubbly and happy, so I went all out on colourful. They’re red mirrored sunglasses which is a massive style plus given the latest in 2017 sunglasses trends. More so, they’re also polarised, so it’s safe and cool at the same time.

They’re a blessing for those who want it all from their fashion sunglasses! They’re a style chameleon and do look great paired with a sporty outfit. However, at the same time they’re the perfect edge to a more minimal and clean look.

The quality is amazing, they feel so solid and sleek, you can literally tell that design and build wise they’re the real deal. SETS kept it super simple, and while they give options to play with the snap on is super easy, it literally takes 1 second to switch the sides. The outcome is amazing: new sunglasses in an instant.

The shipping was super fast, the  price is great, and the packaging is insane. Hence they make a fantastic gift. Also, they’re unisex so you can share them with your S.O., or just trick them into buying one pair with sides in all the colours and then you can wear them together.

The photos:


snap on sunglasses

I am wearing PLAY Set | Shop for all sunglasses SETS Club 

{Photos by Florina Ciupertea}








While going through your closet you need to assess whether in the midst of purchasing all the maxi dresses and floral dresses for the summer, you have forgotten to buy some women’s wardrobe essentials that every woman especially working women should have for casual and formal looks. If you want to know what are the 5 must have apparels for every woman than read below:

A Black Dress 

Whenever you’re in doubt about what actually are the women’s wardrobe essentials, OR what to wear for a party for an evening out or a dinner, perhaps it’s time to take out your little black dress, or your maxi dresses of black color and rock a perfect evening look. Firstly it’s a classic piece that works for events and office, and secondly it can be so edgy and sophisticated it could be the perfect go-to style for a more trendy event. Therefore the LBD remains a must have item at all times.

women's wardrobe essentials

A Striped Shirt 

You must have a striped shirt in your closet, not only because they are making a huge come back in 2017, but also because they never really go out of fashion and you can literally combine them with anything from a skirt, jeans, dressy pants.

women's wardrobe essentials

Black Tights

Whenever in doubt about the length of your dress and the coldness of weather, wear your black tights, even better black opaque tights to not only stay warm but also have an appropriate length of dress. Moreover, black tights literally go with everything you own. Your oversized formal t-shirt, your pretty dress that is too short, or anything you want to combine them with.

women's wardrobe essentials

A Classic Trench Coat 

If you are looking to buy a classic piece for all women’s wardrobe essentials get a trench coat. It’s a classic timeless piece that fits into any personal style and looks good in any occasion.  Therefore the perfect combo of the women’s wardrobe essential has got to have a trench coat.

women's wardrobe essentials

A Colored Blazer 

You might already own a black blazer, that’s why it’s not on the list. Because let’s just be honest who doesn’t own a black blazer? So, the important thing here is to also have a colored blazer that can accentuate your look in spring and summer and when you’re wearing light colors. My personal favorite is red but beige, light pink and blue are also some great options, the key is to pick a color that will go with most of the formals you own.

women's wardrobe essentials

A women’s closet is the reflection of her personality, so apart from being organized it needs to have the above items, so that whenever you go out you can go out in style.


{Article by Rachel Stinson}
About The Author

Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and sports especially Golf. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estates, restaurants and online fashion stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner for all matters.

Yes, fashion is supposed to be about originality and ‘showing off your personality’. But we can’t all be creative all the time and sometimes it’s just easier to look at a fashion magazine and copy the idea in real life. So, here are ideas for those lazy days – 9 outfits from Topshop’s latest spring campaign that deserve to be stolen.

1. Metallic jackets

Topshop’s spring collection has a beautiful Metallic Hooded Windbreaker Jacket, which is perfect for these early spring days. The metallic shine just adds a bit of badass flair to your look and makes it easy to combine it with a dress or jeans. Aside from Topshop, Zara has a stunning collection of metallic jackets.

2. Oversized V-neck knits

Since the weather is not yet warm enough to allow us to hang around in t-shirts, Topshop’s collection has provided us with a humble knitted shirt. The knits are on point with the season’s biggest trends: oversized look and a V-neck finish. Similar to Topshop’s design are Next’s oversized knits, which are a perfect pair for your skinny jeans.

3. Frill blouses

Floral patterns are also visible in the retailer’s blouse collection. The frill blouse in floral design is a perfect way to style a skirt or skinny jeans. It adds a bit of beautiful frailty to your look and provides a fresh way to wear traditional frill shirts. If your blouse is see-through, like the Topshop model, you can use a simple crop-top underneath. A nude top is especially great option to pair with the specific blouse.

4. Vinyl peg trousers

Peg trousers are a must-have trend for spring 2017. While you can find peg trousers in all sorts of finishes, Topshop’s shiny vinyl trousers are worth checking out. The old-fashioned design has a modern feel to it in the vinyl finish. The trousers are a perfect pair for your oversized knit or even the frill blouse.

5. Ankle tie pumps

The Kute Ballet Ankle Tie Pumps in the spring collection are adorable beyond belief. They tick all the boxes – they look sophisticated, fun and comfortable. The pumps are a nice change from your typical ballerinas. They also give you a great reason to wear skirts and mini-shorts this season. If you’ve not yet fallen with the latest short design, check out the collection at and be ready to add a few more items to your shopping list.

6. Ruffled Midi Dresses

Since we have the shoes for dresses, we might as well shop for a dress as well. Topshop’s collection featured a beautiful Floral Ruffle Midi Dress, which is a great look for work or school. The floral design together with the ruffled finish creates a chic look with an elegant flair. The dress would pair perfectly with the ankle tie pumps. If ruffled and floral looks are not your thing, consider opting for colour-blocking midi dresses. These are a more classic, yet fun alternative to this look.

7. Furry sliders

Sliders are the most comfortable shoes and we should all deserve to wear them whenever we want – yes, even at work! In all honesty, the Fierce Furry Slider is almost fit for work. The lovely furry detailing adds a bit more sophistication to the humble slip-on shoe without making it too posh to wear with your sweat pants.

8. Floral denim skirts

Spring is also the season for skirts. Denim skirts are back in fashion and Topshop has added a beautiful floral pattern to their skirt. The big floral finish adds a lovely chic touch to the casual denim, making the shirt suitable for the smart casual situation. The collection also features a denim jacket in the same pattern, which could be worth buying as well. However, you can also pair the skirt with any denim jacket or even a velvet blazer in a bright red!

9. Lace-up trainers

Finally, Topshop added another shoe design to our wish list: the lace-up trainer. Trainers, especially black trainers, are definitely the casual shoes of the season. It looks cool when paired with jeans or even dresses – don’t be afraid to go comfortable and use lace-up trainers with your outfits.

So, there you have it – the nine outfit ideas and trends you should steal from Topshop’s new spring campaign. While the above lists actual items from Topshop, you can find similar items from other fashion retailers like Joules & Miss Selfridges. If you don’t want to spend much on updating your spring wardrobe, you should consider searching for discounts on VoucherBin for exclusive collection of spring fashion. Vouchers are a great way to shop for your favourite fashion brands while saving on your cart.

So, pick your favourite outfits from the above selection and add the trends to your lookbook – fashion can be fun and easy if you sneak in the occasional style fashion steal and these looks are definitely worth copying!

Anyone who loves fashion, like we do, will come across a certain amount of fashion bloggers in their quest for the latest trends,  beauty secrets and couture fashion show highlights. Some of these bloggers are good, a few are great, but only a select few were so on point that they’ve turned their blogging persona into a brand and have launched successful fashion careers. These are the crème de la crème and we can’t help but love them.

From Blogger to Brand: How It’s Done

Of course, building yourself into a brand isn’t something that happens overnight. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The bloggers-cum-brands that we love made it happen by developing a unique voice and creating truly engaging content tailored to their audience, and growing an extensive community on social networks that helped to further drive their website traffic. Simply put, they had enough people interested in what they had to say to establish them as authorities in their field. Any blogger who wants to gain enough readership and follow in their very fashionable footsteps will need to have vision, drive and dedication, and have a firm grasp on how to ensure their web presence is as well optimized as possible.

As their readership grows, they need to nurture it with dedication, and continue to grow personally as an influencer. Once you get to this point, this is really where things begin to turn around. Influencers gain a sort of “it factor” and come into contact with larger brands and industry leaders because they have immense Influencer Marketing potential. At this point bloggers would have the financial backing to support independent ventures and would have all of the right industry connections to make it happen.

Our Blogger Brand Favorites

Many of these blog to brand icons begin with collaborations and then grow from there into their own brands. There are actually many that we are inspired by, quite a few of whom are still in the collaboration phase. Those that we chose to feature are the bloggers who already have their own line and are doing quite well with it.

Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni is like an unstoppable force in fashion, with a Midas touch. With over 8 million Instagram followers, this social media butterfly is on everyone’s radar. She created a very successful shop on her blog that, because of its high web traffic and eager readers, tends to move a lot of product. She also created her own shoe line, the Chiara Ferragni Collection, which is being sold by over 300 retailers worldwide and just opened up a new flagship store in Milan.

Aimee Song, Song Of Style

Aimee Song has been a fashion darling for years now, with an incredible presence on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Her blog Song of Style was the perfect platform to reach a like-minded audience, and allowed her to launch both a jewelry line – which you can buy on her site or through major retailers like Bloomingdale’s – and her own relaxed clothing line, Two Songs.

Kristina Bazan, Kayture

Followed by over 2 million fans on Facebook, Kristina Bazan is perhaps newer to the scene, but certainly not unknown. She also has a good amount of Instagram followers as well. The blogger behind Kayture, launched her own makeup line with L’Oréal just last year, and has worked with couture brands Valentino, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Balmain.

Rumi Neely, Fashion Toast

Perhaps not everybody’s cup of tea, but certainly enough to launch her own clothing line Are You Am I, Rumi Neely is one of the biggest blogger to brand successes to date. Her vision developed out of not being able to find the pieces that she really wanted to reflect her style, which naturally gave way to creating her own. Aside from her brand, she has also collaborated with major brands like Dannijo and Reformation and was featured in campaigns for Forever 21 and Free People.

Summing Up

This is obviously a small list of some of the incredible artists that could have made our list. They are, however, great examples of developing an influential blogger persona and impeccable sense of style that translates well and hooks enough readers and generate enough interest on which to build their own brand. These success stories are not miraculous cases, but rather bloggers working very hard at their craft and never giving up on their visions and dreams.


Who needs a watch to tell time, when you’ve got a phone, right? Wrong. You actually need both but not to be excessively on time but to look excessively cool without any effort. How cheesy, I know. But hear me out.

No matter how often trends will change and fashion will be more and more technological rather than pretty some things will never alter. The classic and timeless details that speak style without any effort whatsoever. Such is the case of watches. Sure, they get their nip and tuck from the sartorial creators, and we love classic pieces as much as trendy ones, but the fact of the matter remains that watches in all shapes and sizes will always be the best accessory a man can wear.

Well… debatable… but let’s just work with what we’ve got.

YES, today we are talking men and watches. Sigh. Swoon. Et all.

* I honestly sometimes think nothing is sexier than a man wearing a really great watch.

So, my beautiful men an boys let’s address the burning question: what watches to wear in 2017? These days ‘all is in’ in fashion, and watches are no exception so I’ll tell you more than what watches to wear, I’ll tell you the personal styles that each watch works for.


Think elegant, refined, business man sort of style. This is a man who’s always in a suit, or a button shirt and dressy pants with shoes and no socks, who has hidden tats and wears classic perfume.

A suit is usually complimented by a classic watch, in leather or metal belt, and usually a more minimal design.

men watches


These are the men that can do both: suit and tie but also tees and sweatpants. They usually wear chunky watch styles, or vintage pieces to go with their brown pants and blue casual shirts. They stick to classic with a twist of cool or trendy, they pick more sporty styles, black, masculine, that go really well with a more active lifestyle.

men watches fashion men watches fashion men watches fashion


This is for fashion lovers and adventurers. The wooden watches are a massive trend in fashion for the past few years, and they’re the perfect marriage between amazing design and Eco-friendly fashion.

The men who pick them know good style, know how to dress well, know good music, good food, are calm and appreciate tasteful details.

A wooden watch is sort of like a statement and looks incredibly cool paired with casual shirts and jeans, sweaters, t-shirts and more laid back outfits. BUT if the guy has a great style he’ll know how to wear a wooden watch with a suit, because wooden watches are so well made, handcrafted, and beautifully executed, and come in so many designs they are really the icing on the cake.

If you don’t believe me check out Rusticlub – a USA brand that will have you swoon over their wood watches. So many styles! Personally I instantly feel in love with their minimal black designs. STOP!


Men watches inspo


They’re natural and look soooo good.


In reality there is no true swimwear season as people are swimming all the time. Perhaps it’s at their local pool for exercise or perhaps they’ve jetted off to somewhere warm with crystal blue waters while their neighbors are shoveling snow.

However, the designers of swimwear tend to stick to a schedule and many of them release their designs to great fanfare during Miami Swim Week which generally takes place each year in July. Retail buyers and influencers in the fashion world flock to Miami to see what’s hot for the upcoming season. This, in turn, results in the swimwear you’re now seeing in stores around the world.

While not everyone can afford a designer swimsuit, the styles created by the top designers influence the designs available at lower prices. So if you’re ready to purchase your new swimsuit for the year these are some of the trendiest looks and sexy styles you’ll have to choose from.


Everyone has their favorite colors when it comes to clothing, swimwear included. However, this year’s hottest color in swimwear might surprise you. What is it? Nude.

That’s right. Swimwear designers rolled out collections filled with various shades of nude and this trend has taken off among celebrities. Everyone from the Kardashian/Jenner clan to Kate Hudson have been spotted wearing flesh-toned swimwear designs. While one might expect this look to be, well, too close to naked, the various shades are flattering to all skin colors and even help accentuate your tan. So if you’re looking to find a swimsuit style that the celebs are wearing the easiest way to that is by going nude.



For years designers have added other fabrics than lycra and spandex to their swimwear arsenal and this year is no different. Texture seems to be a big trend in both one-piece and two-piece styles and you’ll be surprised at some of the fabrics they’re using.

Crochet is big this year and before you dismiss it as being too bohemian or a ‘70s throwback you should take a look at some of the styles. They’re cute, flirty, and fun and many designers are using color block techniques with crochet to add dimension to their designs.

Designers are embracing texture in other ways too. Burn out designs, lace, and suede style materials are all making an appearance so step away from the traditional lycra and have fun with these beautiful and unique textured swimsuit designs.


Prints and Other Elements

When swimwear designers choose prints for their new collections they’re starting a trend that will last all year and perhaps longer. This year’s designs seem to be heavy on bright colors and interesting designs. Gingham appears to have made a comeback, we’re seeing subtle tie dye prints, and earth tones like olive green and brown are popular as well.

Designers are also adding unique elements to their designs this year. Side laces are seen on both bikinis and one piece swimsuits and front laces are popular on both styles as well. In addition, longer ties on string bikinis offer a secondary look, especially when they’re a different color or adorned with beads and other trimmings.


Plus Size Swimsuits

It’s always refreshing when designers create looks with women of all sizes in mind and this year’s plus size swimsuits includes all the best aspects of their other new looks. Whether you’re choosing a one-piece or a two-piece this year, expect to find the same bold prints, the textures like crochet, and the trendy nude colors.

Vintage styles have also made this year’s swimsuit cut so look for high-waisted bottoms, flirty skirted bottoms, and tops that offer full coverage and great support. One piece styles offer other interesting designs like one shoulder straps and high cut legs, perfect for the curvy woman.


Swimsuit season shouldn’t be looked upon with dread and this year’s styles offer something for everybody. Whether you want something athletic for exercise or something that will make a statement when you put your toes in the sand in Mexico, there are numerous ways to look and feel your best in your new swimsuit.

swimwear swimwear swimwear swimwear swimwear swimwear swimwear


You know the saying ‘Go big/hard or go home’? Well… seems it was the mantra behind this outfit post, hence the oversized jacket situation. The story behind it is quite funny actually and bares another famous quote – ‘be careful what you wish for’. And ‘practice what you preach’. What is wrong with me this morning, living via quotes and shit? Anyway.

Here’s the story: I adore the oversized jackets trend. I really think it’s one of the most sophisticated looks we’ve had from fashion in a long time, and it’s so versatile and diverse that it really works for any personal style, from the sexy glam effortless look a la Kim Kardashian par example to the more hobo chic style of the Olsens. The best part is you can actually share it with your man. Ha. Fashion is unisex after all. Also… the oversized jacket style leaves so much room for chunky sweaters and layering it’s a very thoughtful kinda trend.

So my love for all these, and my lust to be part of the cool oversized jacket gang drove me to get such a jacket. I might have gotten a little carried away on the oversized situation, buuuut… even the best ones make mistakes, right? #lol.

When USA Jacket wanted to gift me with a jacket I jumped at the occasion of finally looking tiny in a massive cool jacket. I don’t know about the tiny, but the massive jacket I sure nailed.

oversized jacket oversized jacket oversized jacket

Let me tell you though why it’s like the best choice I made.

Paired with heels and skinny jeans it’s the definition of cool and effortless. It’s like you literally dressed pretty and then just threw on the first jacket you laid your hands on, which happened to be an oversized jacket. The different style items (heels + masculine cut coat, bold lips) paired the #OOTD architecture – all kinda root for a very sophisticated chic overall style.

The color is beyond insane. I love red and I love how it looks paired with anything, it’s a color that fits my mood and personality.

The quality is really really great, the shipping was fast, and the shop USA Jackets is simply one of the best online hubs for ‘famous jackets’. The movie staple jackets, like the Tom Cruise from Top Gun jacket, or the Suicide Squad one, or the superheroes jackets (hello my Captain America one) are perfect jackets for a very trendy street style.

Being a girl who actually has some of these jackets, I have to say go for the look, they’re amazing, they’re trendy, they look so expensive, and the quality is great. Personally I couldn’t be happier with this new addition to my boyfriend inspired/movie jackets collection. (I have the Captain America & Suicide Squad ones, and I love them).

I am wearing this red jacket in size L, and I’m normally size S, or XS. And I think you could probably get the oversized look with an M as well. (wish I knew that.)

P.S. The 80s are back as well, so this jacket arrived just in time. :)

Here are all the photos.


Jacket from USA Jackets

{Photos by Cosmin Straut}



In India, kurtis and salwar suits are the go-to attire for most women. Although these were originally popular as traditional wear, kurtis have gone through some changes in the past few years, making them the perfect modern attire with a traditional appearance. Not only are salwar suits and kurtis immensely comfortable apparel for most women, they are also available in trendy designs, colours, and patterns.

While the patterns and designs are extremely important in determining the look of a dress, there are several other things that have to be considered. For example, most women are unaware that the salwar or the bottom, which is paired with kameez dresses or the kurti has a great deal of importance in determining how the final look will turn out. This article, discusses different types of dresses, the most loved fabrics, patterns and designs popular in India along with some expert styling tips.

Different Salwar-Kameez And Dress Fabrics To Choose From

Although dresses are available in several types of fabrics and designs, the most important distinguishing factor that sets every piece apart is the fabric material that it is made with. The type of material with which the dress is made is a critical factor that determines the look of the outfit. The material or the fabric can even determine if the dress is suitable to be worn for a particular occasion.

For example, while cotton is largely considered to be suitable for casual and every day wear, fabrics like pure silk, crepe and embellished georgette are worn on traditional occasions and are generally considered to be party wear. Given below is a list of the most popular types of fabrics used to make salwar kameez dresses and how you can style them perfectly:

The Comfort Of Cotton

When it comes to comfortable dresses, cotton has no match. Cotton dresses are largely preferred as casual wear which can be worn daily. Cotton has a number of features which make it the perfect material for daily wear suits. It is highly absorbent and soft, making it the perfect dress fabric for the harsh summers of India. The quality of the material is such that it can be dyed, patterned and embroidered easily. Cotton blends like cotton-silk and cotton-viscose are popularly used as suit materials.

Chiffon And Georgette

As mentioned before, several innovative and modern suit designs have been made popular in India by designers. For a modern and comfortable look, salwar kameez and dresses are made from fabrics like georgette, chiffon, and even crepe. These are known for their mix of modern comfort and stylish look along with the mark of culture and tradition. Most of the fashionable anarkalis made popular by Bollywood fashionistas are made of chiffon and embellished with brilliant designs. You can also choose beautiful salwar kameez designs made of georgette, velvet or satin.

Silk And Its Types

Silk hardly needs an introduction as silk dresses are one of the most popular varieties of this garment in India. Silk salwar kameez and dresses hold a special importance in India due to its beautiful traditional appearance. There are several silk varieties to choose from like chickankari silk, cotton silk, Jamdani silk, Bhagalpuri silk and Banarsi silk. Mysore silk is one of the most popular variants of silk, known for its softness and great quality. Tussar and kosa silk are coarser variants of silk that give a rustic appearance. These are loved by many Indian women.

Dress Styling Tips

The popular design and patterns of salwar kameez suits have changed a great deal over the last few decades. Nowadays, graceful materials like crepe and georgette enjoy popularity while silk suits are in high demand all over the country. While the former can be paired with stone and crystal studded jewellery, silk is best worn with gold and oxidized designs.

The Ever-Changing Designs And Dress Patterns

Salwar kameez or the, recent favorite, kurti with leggings or cotton pants are available in many different types and varieties in India. These dresses have a long history of use and have been worn in similar forms since times immemorial. As they are worn across India, several regional varieties and patterns have emerged which are specific to a certain part of the populace. For instance, the baggy Patiala pants with short cotton kurtis are a trademark of Northern India, especially Punjab whereas the anarkali style of dress, which is popular all over India are an influence of Persian style of clothes brought by the Mughals in India.

Similarly, several different types of salwars have been given a complete makeover by designers who have made kurtis into a global favorite of womenfolk. This attire from ancient India has been through adaptations and evolution giving rise to a large number of innovative designs and patterns for women to choose from.



I never thought Madame Fashion would ever go for anything small but I guess she showed me. Oh, but she still fancies big sweaters and massive sweatshirts and maybe the occasional pair of baggy jeans… but according to designers’ collections for SS 2017, and to some very cool celebs there’s a new IT look in town involving sunglasses.

Oversized is so last Tuesday. Small sunglasses are IN.

(I am cringing right now. Slightly panicked too.)

But… I took a deep breath, rolled my sleeves and decided to plunge into research with an open mind. We can cope with small. God knows we’re striving for a XS in every goddamn piece of clothing we buy, so why not shades as well?

Cause they make us look ridiculous! (screaming voice)

Anyway. I am wrong. Let me tell you that one hour post-panic-small-glasses-attack I realized I was having the best morning ever. SMALL SUNGLASSES are the coolest shades in the world, they’re the 90s staple of Brenda Walsh, Donna, and Kelly. Oh. My. God. They’re Drew Barrymore’s incredibly cool secret weapon. They’re so 90210 back in the day, they’re Steven Tyler and Aerosmith, and Liv Tyler, and cool rockstars, and our teenage years.

small sunglasses trend small sunglasses trend small sunglasses trend

Really now… what took 90s return cycle so long to just put a pin in small sunglasses and bring em back?

Well… probably cause they don’t do so much justice to ALL shape faces, BUT the right frame will do wonders regardless of size.

Basically all of 90s sunglasses styles are back in fashion and designers sent models down the runway in: round tiny frames, in pink, red or blue transparent shades, oval small shapes, and right after the shows some celebrities picked up on this very cool style and Instagram blew up.

Hello Selena Gomez. This girl really knows 90210 Beverly Hills 90s style. Those round shades, those red tiny ovals, the oversized clothing mixed with uber fitted and sexy pieces. It’s perfection.

And she still does oversized glasses too like wayfarers and cat eye. Selena Gomez sunglasses style is really on point.

Consistency is never friends with fashion or trends, so I wouldn’t throw my classic oversized shades away, by no means. They’re a staple and will always be a go-to-look.

If you’re one to spice it up with sunglasses and love to peak a few glaces over at celebs styles you will love this Celebrity Spotter hub over at You click on the site and then pick a celeb whose style glasses you love and BAM! you can buy them. I LOVE their feature.

Don’t know about you, but Selena’s glasses style & the small sunnies all around this post triggered some major 90s nostalgia for me and I am kinda hooked on this new fashion revival.

So… 2017 will be the year I wear tiny sunglasses again. Like it was yesterday that I was 15 and listened to Aerosmith, watched Beverly Hills, and had a crush on Johnny Depp.


small sunglasses trend

See? I told you it was a great morning.