2016 Grammys Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

A more suited title would be ‘Worst and worst dressed’. I mean, what the fuck happened out there? Last time I checked the Grammys were just about the edgiest, loudest, coolest, funkiest and most sophisticated fashion forward red carpet of all. It was about having fun and being outspoken style and fashion wise.

Oh there was outspoken’ness alright, with Taylor Swift slamming Kanye West, thank God. I don’t care how talented his ass is, or how much of a self proclaimed God he is, or how cool and fashion-music-and-everyitng-us-mortals-can-t-grasp-he is, he is a dick. And nothing in the world excuses it. And he ain’t a dick just now, after saying on record what he said about Taylor, but cause of all the crap he continues to say and has said since he popped his head in the rich and famous world. No, you motherfucking punk ass, you can’t pick on women, and expect the world to go along cause you’re talented! And I used to be a fan. At this point on I couldn’t care less for his Pablo nor his music. He’s a poor man. And yes I did just use this Grammy post to finally put my thoughts out there. As if anyone gives a fuck, but I owe it to myself.

For the record I still don’t like Taylor Swift, but she was wronged.

As E! very well put it, 2016 Grammys were awkward and uncomfortable. I haven’t attended, obviously, but it sure looked kinda weird, less effortless, less fun than it usually is. See Ariana’s joke nobody laughed at, Miss Swift being happier than Ed for his win (awkward), the red carpet infinite misses. Adele’s shit happened.


But the highs were fucking high. Lady Gaga was of course amazing in paying her tribute to David Bowie. Fantastic performance, outfits and moment. Kendrick Lamar killed it with his performance and practically won the Grammys with ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’. I bet Kanye is now working on his next Twitter rant.

And yet the world keeps moving. And so should I.

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 15:  Singer Lady Gaga performs a tribute to the late David Bowie onstage during The 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for NARAS)

2016 Grammys Red Carpet: BEST DRESSED

This will be the shortest list in history, with Giuliana Rancic reigning in that amazing golden edgy incredibly sophisticated and powerful dress. SLAY G! My favourite of the night. Another fave of mine was Selena Gomez in her dark blue Calvin Klein. Simple glam and effortless at the same time. Beautiful. Lady Gaga payed an homage to David Bowie and nailed it. LOVED the blue dress. Beyonce did not do the red carpet, but her dress was pretty nice. One of my fave looks for Bey. Very effortless and beautiful.

2016-grammys-red-carpet-beyonce 2016-grammys-red-carpet-giuliana 2016-grammys-red-carpet-lady-gaga 2016-grammys-red-carpet-selena-gomez

I also liked Zuri Hall in classic black mermaid with just a bit of sheer for a touch of edge. LOVED Kehlani‘s red long sleeve gown. So 70’s diva-glamorous and relaxed. Liz Hernandez was very young and fresh and sexy, and I kinda liked it.

2016-grammys-red-carpet-Liz-Hernandez-Grammy-Awards-2016 2016-grammys-red-carpet-zuri-hall2016-grammys-red-carpet-Kehlani

A more sophisticated version of that dress and look, was nailed by Seraiah, who kinda looks like Rihanna. (her hair ain’t helping her much either. It’s a good thing to look like Rih, but a bad one as well, when you’re in the same business you know).


Bella Hadid was bella alright! Really hot and gorgeous look. Ellie Goulding‘s dress was amazing in the back. A bit ill fitted in the front, but she looked gorge! Love the hair and the colour of the dress.

2016-grammys-red-carpetellie-gouldong Bella-Hadid-2016-grammys-red-carpet Ellie-Goulding-2016-grammys-red-carpet

Kacey Musgraves looks like she dipped in graves and then polished herself up for the night. Given the horrendous worst dresses, hers was a blessing in the stars.


And then there were those dresses that were just: ‘Seriously! That’s all you could do? Why bother show up if you can’t put an effort into a fab dress. What a waste of all those designers and money and stylists.’ I seriously don’t get how – to this day, with all the given premises – we still have worst dressed.

Anyway, the following ladies were not bad, but I’m not blown away either. On any other given day, I’d have thrown them in the worst dressed bucket. I’m feeling kinder today.

Taylor Swift’s look was very Anna Wintour’ish. The hair, truth be told I’m not feeling but he dress, I mean the skirt, knickers and bra look kinda great on her. She look young and fresh, and the colour combo looks amazing. So it’s a YES for me this time. Chrissy Teigen. Of course she did white. I was considering putting MYA in the worst, cause I feel her dress and look is so old Tuesday, but it’s OK. It’s an okay dress, so… here she is.

2016-grammys-red-carpet-chrissy-teigen 2016-grammys-red-carpet-MYA 2016-grammys-red-carpet-taylor-swift

Florence Welch… she was alright. Not my style, but not bad. Kaley Cuoco was kinda cool looking. Great jumpsuit and hair and very clean lean and effortless style overall. Anoushka Shankar, I loved her dress, colours, jewellery. Beautiful.

2016-grammys- 2016-grammys-red-carpet-florence-welch- kaley-cuoco-2016-grammys-red-carpet

2016 Grammys Red Carpet: WORST DRESSED

Everyone else basically. And not so much worst, as in major disappointment. I’m looking at you Demi Lovato. What the hell, is that all you could come up with? Adele was in black. Groundbreaking. Ariana Grande in her hair and mermaid red dress. Same level of groundbreaking. I wasn’t feeling Alessandra Ambrosio’s dress either. Too much. Eyes too dark, too much black, too many stripes and chokers, and slits, and bits. Dammit.

2016-grammys-red-carpet-demi-lovato adele-2016-grammys-red-carpet ariana-grande-2016-grammys-red-carpetAlessandra-Ambrosio-2016-grammys-red-carpet

Janelle, you look ridiculous. Please go home and change. Ciara, you came in your posh bath robe, lounge wear? Aww. Celeb life is a hard knock life, but girl, next time try and remember: when on the red carpet we do red carpet DRESSES. Okay. You go along now. Great bod tho.

-janelle-monae-2016-grammys-red-carpet 2016-grammys-red-carpet-ciara

I wonder does Anna Kendrick know she’s young and she can dress her age?


Kimberly Schlapman... … … … just wrong. Same colour as Swift’s dress, but that puddle hair ruins it. Dress design ain’t that great either.

2016-grammys-red-carpet-Kimberly-Schlapman-grammy-awards-arrivals-215162016-grammys-red-carpet 2016-grammys-red-carpet-carrie-underwood 2016-grammys-red-carpet-DianaGloster-grammys.cm.21516 2016-grammys-red-carpet-tori-kelly 2016-grammys-red-carpet-vanessa-simmons faith-evans.2016-grammys-red-carpet skylar-grey-2016-grammys-red-carpet tove-lo-2016-grammys-red-carpet

There were some great moments, some too-few great gowns, but all in all I’m sticking to my first impression: it was a more-worst-than-best-red carpet, boring, and very unconformable event altogether.

Your turn now, in the comments below.





2016 SAG Awards Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

Well… I sat on this red carpet awards for a few days now, and starting the post with ‘well’, ain’t helping much. I liked it. The 2016 SAG awards red carpet had this calm and somewhat effortless vibe to it I think. There were a lot of nice dresses, few wowza moments, few wtf-were-you-thinking and some meh-whatever. It had it all, but there was no high stake so there was no major miss that’ll make us cry for days and turn the word upside down. Well maybe except for Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore. Oscars might do that. Right.

Everybody at the SAGs this year was like strolling through the park for brunch. In evening gowns nonetheless but still, relaxed was the key word. Kristen Wig for instance came in pants, an outfit I still have no response to. I did like it. I guess. I swear, this week I probably bumped my head in my sleep cause I literally love everybody and tend to be less opinionated. Let’s hope it all passes by the time Oscars get here.


The hems of dresses were shorter, there were more column straight evening gowns and less mermaid. Even Sofia Vergara ditched the mermaid’s tail for this one and even went further pushing the envelope with the fuchsia… My eyes still hurt a bit, but at least I see dots of pink everywhere for the past 2 days. And what was with the long clutch?

Speaking of clutches there was Julia Louis Dreyfuss‘s Veep clutch… What the hell? That was a bit tacky I thought. But who the fuck gives a shit abut what I think.


All in all everyone seemed cool you know, for lack of better word. Borderline bored maybe, but that ain’t stopping us mortals to grow big heads when playing stylists with the stars. So here we go:

BEST DRESSES – 2016 SAG Awards Red Carpet

I don’t have a favourite. I am so normal right now I’m boring myself. I did love Laverne Cox‘s dress colour on her. I thought it was the best shade of burgundy ever, with her blonde locks it looked amazing. The dress itself was great, she looked hot, but I didn’t feel that Angelina leg too much. I heard they were giving away samples of originality down at the corner shop. Well, Laverne… maybe you bag one next time.


Alicia Vickander is one of my girl crushes, and although at first I didn’t know what to think of her sequinned dress, I love it. It was a perfect match with her hair, makeup, skin, and it was a bit edgy with the patchwork. I love this girl.


Naomi Watts is one of my fave red carpet ladies, and I thought she looked fabulous in that blue dress. Now that’s how you do red carpet. Effortless and so so elegant.


Brie Larson‘s dress was definitely a love it or hate it thing, and because I’m having this flower power moment, I loved it. She had that sexy coolness about her. Few people can pull off pale blue on the red carpet, but she did. Not a wow moment, but a nice one nonetheless.


Anna Faris was very red carpet’ish. Not a bad look at all. A big look I’ll give you that, but she pulled off that colour brilliantly. Loved the high slit on that dress. Speaking of big dresses, Emilia Clarke did a big fuchsia number. I kinda liked it. I loved the deep V-cut, and the pink contrast with her fair skin. Very dramatic. Speaking of drama, Jessica Pare and Sophie Turner were both black gowned and dramatic to the core. Very very red carpet ready. While I’m not a fan of big dresses on the red carpet I loved these. I also really liked Sophie Turner’s hair.

2016-sag-awards-red-carpet--sophie-turner 2016-sag-awards-red-carpet-anna-faris 2016-sag-awards-red-carpet-emilia-clarke 2016-sag-awards-red-carpet-jessica-pare

Giuliana did something different. Not bad. She’s one of those ladies that can pretty much pull off anything. While I love her more in long red carpet dresses, I thought it was a great fashion switch this one. To keep us guessing a bit, you know, before the Oscars.


Eva Longoria… well, well, well, well… fuck me if I know how I feel about that dress. I’ll tell you this: I love the colour, especially with her skin and hair. I love how it’s really sexy in a very loose and effortless way, I love the fabric, the cut, I actually really love the dress itself (you know me… if it’s too hot and too sexy, I’m in), BUT something is off about the look, and the more I’m trying to figure out what, the more I think it has to do with her makeup. No joke here. She’s always doing her heavy smoky eyes, and really pale lips, and I think it tends to harshen her at times. You can get a great bronzed look with a balanced eyes and lips makeup, rather than those racoon eyes and no lips. Just saying.


I loved Kate Mara‘s very breezy cool look: the dress, the colour, the hair. Perfection. Julianna Marguiles looked fantastic in her white column dress. Maisie Williams OMG, she finally nailed it. Love the blue, the dress, the hem line, the hair, the makeup. Everything was beautiful.

2016-sag-awards-red-carpet-julianna-marguiles- 2016-sag-awards-red-carpet-kate-mara 2016-sag-awards-red-carpet-maisie-williams

Rachel McAdams, was very Rachel McAdams, you know. Very pretty, not very wow, but really nice dressed. Unlike her GG dress, this one looked amazing.


Jackie Cruz… well, somebody call the fire squad. Hotness. I wasn’t too sold on that fabric, but the dress looked great, and Ioved her bangs, and her boobs, and her sexiness, and how easily she pulled puff that horrible colour. Well, with girls like that who the fuck cares about colour.


Kate Winslet. Meh. She once wore a red dress with cap-sleeves, and ever since she’s doing that style over and over and over again. She did green this time. Groundbreaking. She looks beautiful but she’s turning into the Sofia Vergara of the cap-sleeves. Perfect makeup, hair, and bling though. While we’re on the meh, there’s Laura Prepon, there’s Marisa Tomei. She had a great dress on but ruined it with that stupid colour.

kate-winslet-2016-sag-awards-red-carpet- laura-prepon-2016-sag-awards-red-carpet- marissa-tomei-sag-awards-red-carpet-arrivals-013016

Sarah Hyland was very simple & very beautiful. Not very simple was Viola Davis, but that dress colour was I swear to God the best in history. I left it last so I could OMGOMGOMG over it. You know I’m not a fan of structured dresses, or ruffles, or intricate big designs, but I’m just in love with that dress.

2016-sag-awards-red-carpet-Rooney-Mara 2016-sag-awards-red-carpet-sarah-silverman amy-poehler- 2016-sag-awards-red-carpet ellie-kemperls-2016-sag-awards-red-carpet- Queen-Latifah-2016-sag-awards-red-carpet- r2016-sag-awards-red-carpet-viola-davis sarah-hyland-2016-sag-awards-red-carpet-

WORST DRESSED – 2016 SAG Awards Red Carpet

January Jones got in a fight with curtains. The curtains won. What in the name of God is that? Whatever it was, Christina Hendricks followed her. Same fight. Same outcome. Perhaps a better colour, but still a no-no.


Sarah Paulson… was that a peacock resting on your upper dress? Oh, oh, oh… my bad, my bad. That was just your dress.


Poor Nicole Kidman, she was covered in puke. Oh shit, I’m sorry. That was her dress colour and print. Damn. Nicole never really did it for me on the red carpet, but the puke-dress is a first I swear.


And the worst just keep happening. Julianne Moore. I hated it. The colour, the fabric, the cut. On what planet is that a great red carpet dress? Did she pick it, eyes closed? Did she lose a bet or something?


Julia Louis Dreyfuss, whyyyy? It’s not that bad, but she’s always doing simple classic looks. Shows you to never fix it if it ain’t broken. Saoirse Ronan is such a beautiful young lady… but that dress is kinda meh. First I liked it, but then… it lost me.

2016-sag-awards-red-carpet-claire-danes 2016-sag-awards-red-carpet-saoirse-ronan julia-louis-dreyfuss-2016-sag-awards-red-carpet-

I told you I’m turing normal and boring. Or maybe the stars were too cool at the SAGs this year, or maybe, here’s a wild thought – when it comes to red carpets I’m not really such a bitch.

I promise to snap out of it though.

Have a fab week my beautiful gorgeous people!





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2016 Golden Globes RED CARPET: Best & Worst Dressed

Who cares if the holidays are done, you know. Red Carpet season is here ladies and gents, and kicking off 2016 are the Golden Globes with some fab moments. There’s the winners, YAY to them all, there’s Leonardo DiCaprio‘s face when Lady Gaga passed by him (priceless), there’s the-capes-are-taking-over-the-world movement happening (almost every single star was wearing some sort of cape dress. whaaaaaaa?!), there’s the overhyped and incredibly stupid duo JLAw and Amy Schumer. Yes, I did just say that, and half of you will probably click away right now. I just have to speak my mind, and I’ve held it for quite a while on these two, hoping they’d drop the bloody crap. They didn’t. It just gets worse. Hence my shocking confession.

Moving on. I’ll take a deep breath now, and you’re more than welcome to just throw that info under the rug, so we can all talk red carpet fashion at the 2016 Golden Globes. 


Well… it was amazing, that’s what I think. The stars brought drama into fashion, they brought jaw-dropping dresses, some over the top, some classic simple cuts. To me it all was finally red carpet worthy in every sense of the word. Hollywood is back on the red carpet and I just love that. Jennifer Lopez, my God she could sell me the worst dress. I hate capes, but she looked beautiful. Sure… very intricate design, steamy hot, but I loved it all, from the colour to the cut, to the whole look. Kate Bosworth shut the front door. LOVED that jewellery dress. Simplicity and glamour collided right there. Of course not all stars have woken up with a desire to nail the fashions – Cate Blanchet – seriously?!

Okay let’s put on the good hat first, and pretend we’re all bloody stylists, and praise the hell out of those stars whose dresses and looks we loved. And later, as you scroll down, I’ll let my bad mouth run wild, and pretend anyone gives a shit.

BEST DRESSED – 2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet

One of the biggest trends at 2016 Globes red carpet was the cape dresses, and let me tell you this: I adored them. And I hate capes. I was never too sold on Lupita’s cape in the past, nor on whoever wore it again. I guess it took the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez to make me love em. The women is beyond beautiful, hot, sexy, confident, she just nailed it. I adored the neckline of the dress, the high slit, the cape cut, the colour, her makeup. It was all simply stunning. Keeping the stunned face and gorgeous vibes happening was Giuliana Rancic. I loved loved loved her cobalt cape’ish (well more sleeve’ish look, but you get it, it’s dramatic in that high fashion sort of way). Simply beautiful.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed jennifer-lopez-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016

Alicia Vikander, she’s one of my faves newcomers, actress, style, beauty – all of it. I adore white dresses on the red carpet, and I think the secret to nailing it all the time is to keep it simple with just a slight twist. I loved her very natural look. Refined and fresh.


Rosie Huntington Whitely was one of my faves as well. I love the concept of slip dresses. And she just wore a simple and glamorous version of that. She looked so effortlessly elegant and very fashionable as if she just rolled and dipped herself in tiny little jewels.


Leslie Mann was so beautiful and very pink’ish ethereal. I’m a mermaid-dresses-and-hot-looks lover but I adored her dress, and Joanne Froggatt‘s lavender one. Very simple, no fuss, no frills, maybe too simple, but classic in a very right and safe way. The same classic safe approach I found in Maria Menounous’s dress. It was okay. Not my fave, but not worst in any case. Same meh vibes I got from America Fererra’s yellow gown. Okay… not mind-blowing through anything. Perhaps the yellow, but JLo beat her to it… so there’s that.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-red-carpet-2016-1 Maria-Menounos-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016

Carly Steel kept it very simple and just went overboard (in a good way) with that sequinned bejewelled fabric. LOVED that dress and her whole look, which I found dramatic, but clean and edgy, and cool, and very eclectic without being too much. The same is true for Kate Bosworth who truly looked like this beautiful exquisite piece of jewellery in that amazing dress. All of the rest was so simple and she looked beyond fabulous. Definitely breathtaking.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-12

Simple to the core and beautiful was Emmy Rossum‘s red dress. Now that is the kind of dress and look you wear when you want to look simply beautiful and classy on the red carpet. I also loved Eva Green, and Jamie Alexander, who I thought looked like this stunning emerald jewellery in such a dramatic beautiful dress.

emily-rossum-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016 eva-green-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016 Lamie-Alexander-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016

Brie Larson was beautiful, her dress was very armour like, and I loved it, although I’m not a huge fan of cut-outs. Loved Laverne Cox, Kirsten Dunst… ah-mazing!!!! I might be the only one, but I just think that dress was so much more than an LBD. It was drama and sexy through and through. Zendaya brought the same drama, and while I’m such a hater of ruffles… she killed it. Damn she is so fashionable and beautiful and that colour looked amazing on her. Loved it.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-red-carpet-2012 laverne-cox-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed

Burgundy beauty #2 was Olivia Wilde. Simple. Liquid sequins. Beautiful.


Taraji Henson looked gorgeous, but then again I love her and I love white gowns. Loved Jenna Dewan Tatum, Amy Adams, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Helen Miren, Queen Latifa, Amber Heard, Kate Winslet… so so many Hollywood red carpet styles like in the old days.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-4 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-5 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-6 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-7 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-8 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-10 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-11 golden-globes-red-carpet-2016-4

Now… Lady Gaga. Oh my Gawd. Talk about a beautiful old Hollywood look, and dress, and hair, and makeup and all of it. LOVED. Uhm… then there was Kate Hudson. Imma put her into the best dressed because I think she looked fucking hot. And beautiful. Very risqué, maybe too desperado por attention, maybe to hawt, maybe maybe maybe. I liked it.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-9

WORST DRESSED – 2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Emilia Clarke – what. the. fuck? (…) She looked horrendous, all buried under that horribly cut and designed dress for her tiny little figure. No. No. No. And the hair… poor thing she was probably trying to overdo. No, Emilia. In such cases under-do. Although to be honest, nothing could’ve made that dress work. Not a make up, or a hair, or a wig in the world.


If you think the Dragon Lady failed, well… you got another one coming. There were a few ladies out there who looked as if they just had a fight with a bunch of chickens and the chickens won. What the fuck is up with those quills dresses, that look less hot and romantic and more like some chicken underwater. Amanda Peet hello! Nice to see you, can you please go change. And Rooney Mara… I wasn’t a fan of that dress. It wasn’t that bad but she looked like a posh chicken. Sorry.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-21

And then, just when you thought the bad could not get any worse… there came the ruffles. Jane Fonda decided to be a giant cake. Jada Pinket Smith looked nice… but too much going on. The ruffles, and the slit, and the green dress, and the green shoes, and please stop me anytime. Caitrione Balfe looked not in quills, and not in ruffles, but somehow in everything, and then all wrapped up in this posh nightgown’ish matronly dress. Ugh.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-15 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-18

Same night gown approach was done by quite a few ladies. Unsuccessfully of course. I mean who the fuck wakes up and decides to wear a bridal night gown to the Golden Globes. Who in the right mind finds the idea amazing? Oh I know: Corrine Fox, Saoirse Ronan, Natalie Dormer, Lily James, Calista Flockheart, Georgiana Chapman, Zoe Kazan. Oh they took my breath away, and my heart skipped a beat, just when I thought I couldn’t anymore. NOT.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-1 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-14 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-16 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-22 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-29 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-30

And then don’t even get me started of Melissa Mccarthy. Whhhhhhy? Or Cate Blanchet who looked like she plunged into jelly and then right into some shredding machine. And Maggie Gyllenhaal – was she wearing a posh tablecloth, with a puked ribbon on her shoulder? Oh, that was a dress. My bad. And then I cried when I saw the beautiful Rachel McAdams. The dress wasn’t that bad if you decide to wear nice curtains on the red carpet. Also the colours and the print did her no justice.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-19 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-23golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed

I know everybody was in awe with Katy Perry… but seriously the girl needs to come off her unicorn sometimes. She’s drop dead gorgeous and beautiful and her body is amazing, but she looked so sweet in not a very digestable way. Sorry. Not feeling that hair. the dress was just a last minute effort, and it was ok, but something overall was off.


Amy Schumer. Now I know there’s hype around her, and she’s nice and all, but I’m just not feeling this girl. I laugh at her jokes every now and then, but I also get bored with her character you know what I mean. Hey Amy, the 90’s prom police called, they want their dress back.


Julliane Moore was nice, but I’m not feeling that colour on her at all. Perhaps too harsh for the worst list, but not good enough for the best dressed list either. Taylor Schilling looked beautiful: hair, makeup, even the idea of that jumpsuit tuxedo style was nice, I just thought it was a little bit ill-fitted, and too casual somehow.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-31

And last but not least… Jennifer Lawrece. Okay… I will get a lot of ‘shut-the-fuck-ups-bitch’ with this one, but I swear, for the love of me, I do not get all the hype around her either. Yes, talent wise, she rocks, but she’s just too caught up in herself if you ask me, and she’s trying too much to be this different version of a star, or actress off duty. But to each their own you know. Dress wise: I loved the colour. But I cannot stand cutouts and simply found her dress wrong, ill fitted, a bit of everything going on, and not much really. Nice neckline, nice colour, nice hair, but overall, I did not like it.


Not a big fan of these gowns either. Seriously Eva Longoria…girl you tryina be a school teacher who just sneaked up on the Golden Globes and is doing a version of the red carpet gown? Aww, that’s sweet.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-3 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-4 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-5 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-6 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-7 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-10 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-11

So there’s that for my best and worst. Now please feel free to judge (me) away, and tell me which was you most and least fave dress, in the comments below.


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2015 Emmys Red Carpet: BEST & WORST Dressed

If your current residence is Earth, you might be familiar with the saying ‘money does not buy happiness’. Well, yeah, but at least you can be sad and stylish, right? WRONG. After last night’s Emmy’s red carpet I have doubts about… everything. We’re talking the biggest celebrities on the planet here, with access to the biggest fashions, the most beautiful gowns, the top notch designers, stylists, the creme de la creme. Above us mortals.

So what the fuck happened? It honestly seemed like half the lot over at 2015 Emmys Red Carpet dressed in the dark, and the other half went for a Cookies and Cakes inspired theme from the 80s. Tons of pink. Lots of pink. Massive amount of pink. No, I am not listing thesaurus here, just trying to make a point. So… there was pink. Oooooooookay. Except for a few pink dresses that nailed it, such as Elizabeth Moss’s, which was STUNNING… the rest were just mirros of sartorial confusion meets cupckes party. Not a fan.

I always say – when in doubt go for black. When you don’t know what to do style wise, do simplicity. THAT can never go wrong. So of course, those who did listen to my advice landed on the best dressed list. You’re welcome, you hear me?

As you might be able to tell from the above I wasn’t that impressed with the red carpet at the Emmys 2015. But then again, I’m very very very hard to impress these days. Ah well… I can be a bitch at times, so imma just roll with that. Staying on the same page, I will also be NOT keeping my bad mouth shut. Heads up for those faint hearted people.


The thing is… I have waited every year for ‘Game of Thrones’, or ‘Mad Men’ to win. And I was left with the waiting. Now… after billions of waiting moments, they win. Go figure, when the last season of GOT wasn’t even that good. Anyway. As much as I’m a film geek we’ll talk gowns tonight.

At first sight of the pics I wanted to put everyone into the worst dressed list. It was like a bloody circus. Then I watched E! and some of the dresses looked better alive. Of course though, as any event has it, this one too had its best. Let’s have some fun and talk the talk ladies and gents.



The winner hands down is Sarah Hyland in that gorgeous dress. It was her fashion moment. Simplicity and elegance at their best. Loved the mermaid design, loved the back, the colour, her messy bob, no overdoing on jewellery. Perfection. Lady Gaga people owned it! THAT was such a beautiful moment of a real star on the red carpet. Toned down, simple black dress, perfect retro hair, perfect makeup and the sight of her tats, made this whole look one of my fave. Old Hollywwod glamour.

2015-emmys-red-carpet-lady-gaga-emmy-awards.ls.921015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-sarah-hyland-2.cm.92015

Giuliana Rancic – BEAUTIFUL. So so delicate and very feiminie, the dress was amazing. Loved the dusted pink, the sheer, the sequins, beads, and luxurious but understated glamour. It was gorgeous. Natural wavy hair, rings on all fingers – she looked so beautiful.


Aubrey Plaza I also really liked for that 70s incredibly natural diva thing going on. LOVED that dress: plunging neckline, high slit, great hair. A bit unfitted in the upper part, but its 70s vibe and simplicity made up. Christine Marzano, DAYUMN woman. Sexy on another level. For a person (moi) who does not like blue, and hates turtleneck dresses, I sure loved this one. It could have gone wrong, but her body is amazing, her natural hair and makeup helped, and the dress – say what you will – was pretty amazing.

2015-emmys-red-carpet-aubrey-plaza.cm.92015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-Christine--Marzano-emmy-awards.ls.921015

Taraji P-Henson LOVE LOVE LOVE. Now her Alexander Wang dress had a lot going on: cut-out, chains, sheer – which normally together would’t work out, but she did it. And I really loved how effortless she made that dress look on her. Great hair, great makeup. Nailing it in black gowns was Amanda Peet. The cutout of the dress was just a touch of edge and high-fashion. The red lips were perfect on her for the whole look.


In STUNNING on another level, Padma Lakshmi shut the front door! Who the hell looks soooo freaking good at 45? She’s clearly an alien. Can’t get over how stunning and beautiful she looks, and how she pulled off a great colour dress, with an uber uber uber sexy design.


Laverne Cox oozes sex-appeal ok, so whatever you put her in she’s not gonna look bad. I loved the dress, the cut, the back, but I wasn’t too sold on the colour, nor on the upper part – that halter neck wasn’t my thing. She looked great though.


Tatiana Maslany… tuxedo alert. LOVE this for the whole tuxedo and nothing underneath look I’ve been preaching since forever. The pants were a bit too unfitted in the crotch area, but imma say yes to this for the sake of the whole look. Perfect hair and makeup.


Julia Louis Dreyfus I adored, she looked like a movie star, with such elegance and glamour, but also a certain kind of effortlessness. Julie Bowen, Amy Poehler and Julianne Hough went for black as well, and were style winners.

2015-emmys-red-carpet-amy-poehler.cm.92015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-julia-louis-dreyfus-emmy-awards.ls.921015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-julianne-hough-emmy-awards-2015-092015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-julie-bowen-emmy-awards.ls.921015

Elizabeth Moss had a a great fashion moment in pink. Absolutely stunning on her. Jessica Pare – beautiful! I so loved that dress, and how the fabric fell and hugged her – perfection. Samira Wiley‘s dress was great, BUT her hair and makeup were a bit too un-done for this look. But the dress, I loved.

2015-emmys-red-carpet-elisabeth-moss-emmy-awards-2015-092015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-jessica-pare-emmy-awards.ls.921015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-samira-wiley-emmy-awards-2015-092015

And the list continues with Sofia Vergara, who of course looks hot and best dressed, but I’m so bored already with what she’s doing on the red carpet. At least drop the bloody earrings, and do something else with your hair. However, she could wear a garbage bag and still land on the best dressed list. She’s got it.


Kerry Washington – now I debated a lot on that dress, which is a great Marc Jacobs dress, but in photos I was like nah, this is bad, then I saw her on E! and I really really liked it. I’m still in doubt though as to whether or not it’s Emmy appropriate, but since it’s not a bad look, imma leave it here.


And the rest of the best dressed faces according to moi are…


2015-emmys-red-carpet-allison-janney.cm.92115 2015-emmys-red-carpet-amy-schumer-emmy-awards 2015-emmys-red-carpet-gina-rodriguez 2015-emmys-red-carpet-mindy-kaling.cm.92015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-jamie-lee-curtis-emmy-awards.ls.921015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-Lena-Headey-Emmys.ms.092015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-zoe-kazan-emmy-awards-2015-092015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-Taylor-Schilling-Emmys.ms.092015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-Penelope-Ann-Miller-emmy-awards.ls.921015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-1 2015-emmys-red-carpet-January-Jones-Emmys.ms.092015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-nash2.cm.92015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-viola-davis.cm.92015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-stephanie-bauer-emmy-awards-.ls.92015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-emma-roberts-emmy-awards-2015-092015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-ellie-kemper-emmy-awards.ls.921015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-kate-mckinnon.cm.92015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-Cat-Deeley.2-Emmys.ms.092015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-lisa-kudrow-emmy-awards-2015-092015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-charissa-thompson-emmy-awards-2015-092015 Debbie-Matenopoulos-2015-emmys-red-carpet 2015-emmys-red-carpet-christine-baranski-emmy-awards.ls.921015


Ok, how much time you got? Cause it seems to me a lot of celebs landed on this list this year, it’s like they all lost some bet or something. I don’t get it. They’re supposed to have the best stylists out there. And even if that doesn’t work out, don’t they have a mirror? Don’t they look into it? Claire Danes, you broke my heart. You are my #1 hero and fave actress… what the fuck were you thinking? The idea of the dress – rocknroll and everything – is great, but you looked like a sad eggplant in it. Loved the colour, loved the chains, loved the fabric – but it was a bad fit. The hair didn’t help too much. I am crying right now.


Laura Prepon... everyone might have loved this look, but I thought it was wrong on all levels. The dress would have been great without that tiny golden cape, but even so… with that makeup and hair… no no no. Too harsh. We know you are bad ass, but seriously?!


Renee Bargh was very confused. She was lost somewhere between Xena the warrior princess and Miss Goody Two shoes with a case of sore throat. What the hell is up with that dress strap around your neck?


Porsha Williams… such a pity. What did you think this was an 80s prom? Okay if that was the case you win, but it wasn’t. June Ambrose – horrible. That dress was wrong from the colour to that long torso design, which I personally can’t stand.

2015-emmys-red-carpet-.Porsha-Williams-Emmys.ms.092015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-June-Ambrose-Emmys.ms.092015

Anybody lose a pink wedding cake? Ohhhhh… that was a person! Oopsy, I am so sorry Joanna Newsom. I thought you were some giant desert walking in. My bad. My bad. Seriously though, what could possibly go through your head when you choose such a dress? What about it makes you wanna scream and say: Ah this is what I want to wear? I genuinely think some of these poor suckers lost a bet. I refuse to think they’re that oblivious of a common definition of style. Or just pretty. Forget style. Dressing for a nice event basically means looking pretty. THIS is not pretty. Unless you dress in the dark.


Oh my God and don’t get me started on that chicken out on the loose. My gawwwwd! And she looked so happy, poor thing, bless her. Heidi Klum… I don’t know whether to feel pity or just let my bad mouth run wild. YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING CHICKEN. In human size. Poor thing (the chicken) decided to show up at the Emmys, and was so excited it didn’t know whether or not to pick sheer, feathers, straps, sleeves  – so the idiot went for all of the above. What I want to know is, where was Heidi when the chicken took over? So many years of fashion and style down the drain.


Jamie Alexander... everyone remain calm. It’s just my opinion. I did not like it. And frankly I don’t know what everyone was so in awe about with this look. I thought it was bad looking. Harsh. Heavy. She is beautiful but I ain’t feeling this whole sequins glitter thing at all.


Teyonah Parris… awww you thought this was an 80s prom as well?! How sweet. Only… IT WASN’T. So listen, the dress was beautiful, I loved the bottom part. The upper part and the polka dots ruined it. Polka dots are nice and all, very fashion’y, but they’re not red carpet worthy. Unless of course you want to look like a little girl at a grown up event. And that hair! You could have done anything else with that hair. Oh. Oh. Oh. I forgot, you got stuck in the 80s.


Nazanin Boniadi basically showed up in a white curtain. Ah well, better than naked I guess. I wasn’t too sold on Christina Hendricks dress either. Too armour’y. Morena Baccarin is beautiful but something was off with that dress. Morticia alert with Taryn Manning. Sarah Paulson… nah. I’ll pass. I’m not a fan of that shoulder cut dress with a sleek hairstyle. Not at all. Naomi Grossman… I am deeply sighing right now. Like, what is that? Disco ball, 60s, vinyl, sexy, all-gone wrong? What were you thinking?

2015-emmys-red-carpet--naomi-grossman-emmy-awards.ls.921015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-.Taryn-Manning-Emmys.ms.092015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-morena-baccarin-emmy-awards-2015-092015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-Nazanin-Boniadi-emmy-awards.ls.921015 2015-emmys-red-carpet-sarah-paulson-emmy-awards-2015-0920152015-emmys-red-carpet--Carice-van-Houten-emmy-awards.ls.9210152015-emmys-red-carpet-.hahn.cm.920152015-emmys-red-carpet-.jane-Krakowski-emmy-awards-2015-0920152015-emmys-red-carpet-.maggie-gyllenhaal-emmy-awards-2015-0920152015-emmys-red-carpet-Anna-Chlumsky-Emmys.ms.0920152015-emmys-red-carpet-Chelsea-Peretti-emmy-awards.ls.9210152015-emmys-red-carpet-Judith-Light-Emmys.ms.0920152015-emmys-red-carpet-regina-king.cm.920152015-emmys-red-carpet-tracee-ellis-ross-emmy-awards-2015-092015

I guess a whole lotta nothing went through a whole lotta heads at the Emmys this year. Fashion wise.

Peace out people, and don’t let my bad mouth fool ya. I’m the biggest idiot of them all.



2015 MET Gala Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

THIS is not for the faint-hearted people. I repeat, THIS is not for the faint-hearted people. The MET GALA event, through everything it stands for is one of the best red carpets to combine fashion, a great cause, art, over-the-top gowns, celebs, and all the perks and slight ridiculousness of this sartorial world we sartorial lovers adore.

If you don’t get it, don’t judge. Unless of course we’re all judging the red carpet, cause that’s what we do: we judge. We love them all, but a bit of bad-mouthing is, if not great, at least funny. And we all could use a laugh from time to time. (at our own expense too)


The 2015 Met Gala‘s theme was ‘CHINA: Through the looking glass’, and, with a few not-at-all-surprisingly exceptions, who preferred yet again to flaunt their asses and tits like it was the champagne room out here, some celebs went for this theme and NAILED it.

The winner of the night being of course: RIHANNA. Can I get an Amen! All the internet omelette memes, and the chicken eggs photos could not in a million years make me see her in that yellow dress by Guo Pei, as anything else but a Queen. An Emperess dressed in that stunning royal yellow gown, all covered up, with cute red hair and exquisite head piece to make the look even more heart-stopping.


That’s how you do it. Seriously, if Rihanna is coming to an event, you, as other celebs will be bound to lose the spotlight, no question about it.

Or… like her peers you can try to turn heads in other manners. Er… skin revealing. Fashion still, of course, but more on the racy side. Okay, people I’m talking about the three lassies out there who showed us that they have a body with asses and boobs and thighs and legs, and backs. Oh… so basically they’re all humans like the rest of us?! Except dressed in uber hot and even more uber expensive designer dresses. Yes I’m looking at you Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

Let’s make the list now shall we?

2015 Met Gala Red Carpet – Best Dressed 

Rihanna stole the show by far, so let’s just all go home and stuff ourselves with a egg omelette cause that’s as close as we’re gonna get to her look. Jennifer Lopez looked stunning and beautiful as she always does, and she was the 1st I’d seen, with my instant reaction being: dayum! Loved the dress. Yes it was revealing, but that’s JLo, and I love her for it. One thing I don’t get is why her dress didn’t cause more of a red carpet stir. Ohhhh… wait a minute, must be cause of the other two ladies rocking similar trends: Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-1 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-kim-kardashianMet-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-16Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-18

I don’t know what Kanye was doing but, he must have been asleep of smth. He let his steamy hot wife wear basically the same dress Beyonce wore a few years ago. Only thing is Bey wore it in black. Ok, bad-mouth aside, Kim looked fabulous, flaunting her famous curves and all.


But nobody puts Bey in the corner so there she was practically naked up-ing the butt/curves game and putting a spin on it all with a very daring pose and that high ponytail.

Pfff, as if we don’t know she’s got game, she had to put her leg up one stair and enhance what her mamma gave her. We get it already! You have bodies and you are sexy. Now can wee move on?


Kendall Jenner, now that’s how you do the red carpet high fashion. She looked fantastic and so so effortless in that column green dress, Chinese inspired, perfect hair, simple makeup. LOVED. And then there were the golden goddess of the evening all which I loved: Kate Hudson (she’s so my girl crush every now and then), and Kate Beckinsdale.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-23 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-29 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-35

In red we’ve had Reese Witherspoon, who was MEH. Not bad, cause she looked classic, but give me more, it’s the Met Gala. Allison Williams went for red princessy gown YET again. Kudos for doing something different. Not. I guess why fix it if it ain’t broken, but I would have loved to see her in something super funky and high fashion. Poppy Delevingne I loved. I thought she was this incredibly beautiful bohemian queen. Perfect. FKA Twigs… I would have loved to see more from her, but she’s in love, fashion’s the last thing on her mind with that man on her arm, so… as long as it ain’t bad, I guess it’s good. Now that’s a logic that’ll get me far in life.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-30 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-31 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-33

Then, there were the models, who if you ask me, are a bunch of rich spoiled kids with beauty, I’ll give em that, but also a bit of cash and nepotism. Whatever. I’ve been meaning to get these itchy thoughts out there, so I did.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-19 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-21 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-22 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-1873

Moving on to Jennifer Lawrence… I am stuck. Personally I do not like it, but the dress is not ugly. There’s just something about the whole thing I’m not feeling. Her face is flawless… I’m in between here, so feel free to share your thoughts at the comments section.


Marion Cotillard I really liked. So simple, with just a twist of edge. A lot of edge and twist and drama had Lady Gaga, who I thought nailed it. Whaaaaaa?! No. I did not hit my head. I just happen to think an icon such as Gaga, gave us what we expected and so much more. It was the Met Gala, and she nailed it in over the top gown.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-37 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-126

Miley Cyrus and Zoe Kravitz, two of my favourite BFFs, LOVED them!!! That’s how you do this event! Super funky, effortless and yet high fashion. Also, we’re best friends all three of us, so I might be biased. Of course they have to find out about me, but I’m sure they’d be fine sharing their BFF-ness with me.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-3 zoeeee

Rosie Huntington Whitely, Amanda Seyfried, Adriana Lima – perfection!

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-2 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-6 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-7 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-10

2015 Met Gala Red Carpet – Worst Dressed

Oh so many. To be honest it’s not really that hard to land on this list at such an event where there’s such a thin line between great over-the-top and horrible over-the-top.

The winner must be Kris Jenner. What in the name of good ol’ God were you thinking woman? Everything about that look is wrong. Everything. Except the colour maybe. Kris, baby, the 80s are over. And I get it, you want to put everything you have on you… but that karate belt, and those chandeliers you got from your living room?! Really? Oh… I’m sorry, that was a belt, and those were earrings. My bad. If only the horror stopped there. You topped it off with that hairstyle, like you’re trying to audition for an Elvis remake. Hey everybody: Elvis is in the house. Oh, oh, oh, my bad again. It’s just Kris Jenner’s hair.


Sticking to major red failures is non other than – I am prepared for haters right now, so don’t bother sugar coating me or anything. I own my shit – Amal Clooney. For the love of me, I do not understand why everyone is STILL in awe with her fashion choices. It’s like I’m in this parallel universe where I’m the only one awake. That should tell me something, I know, but I refuse to see her otherwise than a red fucking cupcake. Or that dancing emoji. I ain’t feeling her shit. And chances are I never will. She’s been Taylor Swif-ed for me.


Seems like Kerry Washington got the same Cupcake Dressing Code Note, or she fell into an even bigger cupcake bucket of horrendous pink coating. Good God. When you think you’ve seen it all, there comes a live pink cookie staring right back at you. And on the freaking red carpet of all places.


If Rihanna was the omelette, than Sarah Jessica Parker was the flaming torch cooking it. Sorry SJP, but what the fuck? That’s all I got.


Rita Ora & Anne Hathaway came and did their own thing, Little Red Riding Hood Theme. Apparently those two live in their own world, fair enough, God knows I do too. Didn’t care too much for either of them.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-8 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-36

Solange Knowles… anybody loose a peacock? Do not panic people. Solange has it. She just swallowed it entirely. And you thought we couldn’t spot you S? Ha-ha-ha, you little sly peacock. I mean Solange.


And to wrap it up I didn’t care too much for Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens who had their own Latina theme, which I’m usually a sucker for, but it looked a bit too forced somehow. Or maybe I’m just on a roll right now bad-mouthing and bitching everybody.


NEW YORK, NY - MAY 04:  Vanessa Hudgens attends the "China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)


If it were me up there, I’m sure bloggers would have a blast. But until I make a fool out of myself (although I think that ship sailed long time ago), it’s your turn to tell me your faves and least faves. And do not spare anybody.



2015 OSCARS: Best & Worst Dressed

If the whole red carpet thing had been about nailing best and worst both in one look, a few of the actresses would have been in big trouble, I tell you. Not Marion Cotillard though. She did what I never thought could be done. She wore a dress so incredibly beautiful through its elegance and simplicity that I instantly said, right then and there, the very night of the Oscars 2015, ‘Dayum, she’s my favourite. Amen bitches!’ But then she turned. What in the name of God is that?


A bow wrapped beneath her butt? Oh wait a minute, the haute couture diaper look is in. Ohhhh I get it. Tssk, tssk, tssk, shame on you. I mean me.


Other than that I’m in a good mood today as I’m going through the photos and striving, YES striving for the last mean slash bitchy bone in my body, and honestly I can’t find it. For the sake of a funny but nonetheless accurate red carpet post.

On Sunday night I was very little impressed with all the gowns, as if at this point I’m jaded of all the glitz and glam that could leave an AH moment in my heart. Sad. So so sad. That’s what happens if you give an idiot a glamorous treatment for years. Thank God I’m neither rich nor famous, or you’d all have to take me down.

But then… I sat on the Oscars 2015 red carpet event for days in a row, and what do you say what do you know? With the exception of really just a few dresses, I actually think most of them were great. A few were out of this world AMAZING: Emma Stone!!! Everyone get up, sing, clap your hands and say your Amens. This was was beyond stunning! Jennifer Lopez is THE FUCKING QUEEN of red carpet and that’s that. Jamie Chung was beautiful. Rosamund Pike I liked, Giuliana Rancinc was STUNNING, and the rest… well they were gorgeous, but the talk about this red carpet is not really about best and worst, but rather about BEST and WORST ILL FITTED gowns. I mean, what?! Were they not aware the Oscars were happening this year, they had no time to sew and stitch? Looked like it.


Cause those I chose worse, were actually not that bad, but were incredibly ill fitted.

So let’s get out hands dirty and let the photos and comments roll.


Feels like each actress chose to do her thing and stick to her red carpet recipe. Jennifer Lopez went for an over the top, incredibly elegant and glamorous gown, so ethereal yet sexy and extravagant in a very refined way she made quite an appearance. Her hair I liked not so much, but she stunned. And stunned, and stunned in both her gowns. The one she wore at the Oscars Party was a serious case of Oh. My. God., resembling that over the top extravagant old Hollywood glam with the sequins, and the beads, and the low cut, and the fur. Perfection.

jennifer-lopez-oscars-red-carpet-2015-best-worst-dressed2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Rosamund Pike went for a classic design and made a statement with the red of the dress and the beautiful details. Jennifer Aniston chose a white-nude-pale gown, simple, classic and effortlessly sexy.

rosamund-pike-oscars-2015-red-carpet87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Sienna Miller was probably one of my favourites as well. I loved everything about that dress and look, and how easily she wears a glamorous elegant gown. Black, classic, and so very beautiful.


Giuliana Rancinc looked gorgeous. Flawless from her hair to her makeup to her insane dress. Loved the colour, loved the details, the cut, and she oozed such beauty and confidence it was crystal clear she loved the look herself.


Jamie Chung was a real-life-doll. In a good way. Loved her princessy style dress and how she chose to keep her hair and makeup natural. Simply beautiful. Naomi Watts ALWAYS nails it on the red carpet, cause she always keeps it simple. Simple cut, simple design, perfect natural hair and makeup, and just a tiny edge with the dress’s cut, and a bit of glam with its fabric. LOVE.

jamie-chung-oscars-2015-red-carpet87th Academy Awards, Oscars, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 22 Feb 2015

Margot Robbie chose a very dramatic look that screamed Angelia Jolie style, but she nailed it big. At least I like it. Actually it grew on me. I found it so stunning, and such a red carpet classic statement that I eventually fell in love with it. The low cut, the flawy fabric, the hair, the beautiful makeup were so old Hollywood with just a tad of 70s it was stunning.


Reese Witherspoon was… a very proper, but beautiful prom queen. I mean, I’m not sold on the dress, but she looks so good in it I can’t put it in worst, nor ill fitted. The hair I did not like at all. Nor those black stripes, nor the shoulder design. But she rocked it. Pure simplicity.


Jenna Dewan Tatum looked stunning in that white super glamorous dress. I mean she went for the glam-classic-recipe. Low cut, white gown, a bit of skin (well… a bit more) and nailed it. Great hair, great make up, great jewellery, great arm candy. Ka-Channing!


Chrissy Teigen loves white a bit too much, but again why fix it if it ain’t broken. Low-cut, checked. High-slit, check, long beautiful hair, checked, white, actually very pale blue dress, checked, blingy and sparkly, and glamorous and hot, checked, checked, checked.


Dakota Johnnson and her mom, Melannie Griffith were simply beautiful. 50s shades of crap aside, one thing about Dakota that’s clear is that RED is her colour. The dress I loved, but wash’t too crazy on the one shoulder thing. Other than that I kinda liked her, and coming with her mom on the red carpet was such an Aww moment.


Lupita Nyong’o dress AT THE PARTY (attention) was stunning. That’s a simple but glamorous moment. LOVED it.


And now… you will kill me BUT I actually thought Rita Ora‘s dressES had such WOW qualities. Or maybe it’s just her new hair and makeup, but I am loving this girl’s over the top red carpet choices. Yes, the party dress, in which she was practically naked was an invitation to staring, and admiring, and hating, and loving at the same time, BUT, let’s just admit it, and choke on our hate, she was beautiful and damn HOT.

2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivalsrita-ora-oscars-2015-red-carpet-1oscars-2015-red-carpet-rita-ora-22

Zoe Saldana almost slipped my mind – while I wasn’t blown away by the dress, she’s one gorgeous woman who’d make a paper bag look great. The dress was beautiful but it could have used a bit more va-va-voom.

zoe-saldana-oscars-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressedjennifer-hudson-oscars-2015-red-carpetoscars-2015-red-carpetoscars-2015-red-carpet-287th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


While I am very much aware of Giuliana’s massive faux-pas-mean comment about Zendaya’s hair, which I thought looked fantastic, I cannot put her dress however into the best dressed, because it was simply not a great dress. Except for her beautiful makeup and hair, there was nothing great about that gown. Poor fabric, that looked cheap, the draping was unnecessary and did her amazing thin frame little justice. I mean if you’re gonna style a girl like Zendaya play up her fab gorgeous body with a stunning cut and design dress. Not a night gown. Not at the Oscars for God’s sake.


America Ferrera… you are not ugly Betty, you are one beautiful woman, so stop choosing clothes that do you no justice. From the waist down the dress was great, but the ill-fitted upper part, was horrible, and I’m not even sure about that green on her, which is ridiculous cause she’s a woman that I think can pretty much get away with any dress colour, so choosing one that looks meh on her was such a long shot. But she did it.


Lady Gaga… was lady gaga all right. While the dress was not ugly, it’s not what I would have chosen for her. She seemed to get a bit lost in that gown. Robocop meets The Three Musketeers and both (or all four) go to the Oscars.


Wasn’t too crazy about Kelly Osbourne‘s dress and that made me really really really sad. Insert crying emoji here.


And signing my death sentence here… drumrolls please… Lupita Nyong’o‘s dress was a bit wrong. The beading was beautiful, the cut was amazing, her face was flawless as always, but I just thought it was ill fitted around her neck and her waist. Too bulgy, too beady. I would have loved the halter neck part to be more dainty and not so heavy, and the waist to look more defined.


Same goes for Julianne Moore. I mean from all the nights and red carpets she looked the least wow at the 2015 Oscars. Those 3 stripes were so so wrong on that dress, or at least the placement they had did her body little justice. Or maybe its just me, who the hell knows anymore.


Lorelay Linklater must have read the red carpet memo/dress code wrong. Seriously, was she going for a witchy look, for a boho chic? What the hell was she going for? The door. That’s what she should have gone for. Or a better dress. A simple red dress would have looked stunning on her.


Jessica Chastain looked so matronly. Beautiful, but so matronly and serious, not in a good way. What the fuck was up with the upper part of that dress? It’s like she couldn’t make up her mind: ‘I’ll go for a sequin dress, or maybe a draped one, or maybe a flowy one. Ah what the hell, I’ll do all of them, and while I’m at it, slap the ugliest pair of shoes on and make a mess out of the biggest red carpet event of the year. Yay!’ 

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Keyra Knightely... I’m not even gonna bother. I’d dress better with my eyes closed, and she continues to miss it with her eyes wide open, and all the best designers and stylists at her feet. But then again… maybe it was just me.


I was also a bit disappointed in Kerry Washington‘s dress. Peplum? Please. Just stop already with the peplum. We’ve all had enough of this. We get it, it’s refined. (Personally I don’t get all the hype around peplum.) Also I thought it was a bit ill fitted and the upper part was too disproportionate from the lower part, but y’all love peplum so if you’ll excuse me, I’m just gonna go hit my head into the wall right now, and get some sense into me.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

And then… there were the models at the Oscars Party. We get it. You are Goddesses with flawless skin, and legs, and bums, and arms, and faces, and thighs, and everything in between, but you might have as well showed up in your birthday suits. Actually it wasn’t even about showing up half naked and going commando, I mean I go naked on the streets all day and us girls have stopped using underwear since 1950’s so… You see what I mean?


Seriously though, Irina Shayk what the hell was going through your mind? Or those 3 other lassies for that matter? ‘Oh look we got invited to the Oscars!!! Yay, let’s jump into a circle and wear black witches uniforms. Wouldn’t that be cool?’ ‘Yessss!!!’ Giggled the other 2 in an overly excited chorus.


Gwyneth Paltrow probably tried a bit too much to look like a real-size chicken. At least she nailed that! yay. Patricia Arquette... what the fuck? I’m usually not a fan of 2 toned dresses, and never in black and white, cause I always think they look so waitress-attire, and penguin-on-a-loose. Well, I’m right.


Felicity Jones, why didn’t you get the big one? (dress)

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Behati Prinsloo… not feeling that dress at all, while she looks stunning, that necklace killed it. In a bad way. It was a necklace that I thought ruined it for Scarlett Johannsen as well… or maybe that hair, or that colour. Don’t know what it was but she kinda looked like she swallowed a broom stick. In a bad colour.

behati-prinsloo-oscars-red-carpet-2015scarlettjohansson-oscars-2015-red-carpetSo maybe I’m wrong, although I always say I’m right. One thing’s certain though. Well more actually:

  1. I am usually more wrong than right.
  2. I might be overdosing on red carpets right now, cause I feel like I bumped my head and was left jaded of all that usually impresses people.
  3. It’s just clothes and dresses, and actors are just humans, who’s jobs are to act, not to please our eyes in overly expensive gowns.
  4. Thank God the red carpet season is done, otherwise I’d have gone off the rail. Legit off the rail.

Oh wait a minute. I’ve been off the rail for a long time… ah well… See ya!!!



2015 Grammys Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

This little annoying voice in my head keeps telling me: ‘‘Hey missy, ain’t you a little late on this event right here?” To which I reply with my motto these days: bitch please. Ef you. Having to deal with all the drama to which I am naturally prone to, and the pile of errands and meetings to attend these days, has inevitably led to this sad event of me not covering the Grammys sooner.

BUT, good things do come to those who wait. I don’t believe that shit, but it does fit the situation.

2015 Grammys were the best event so far, not necessarily due to the red carpet looks (which were actually pretty on point and more on the best dressed rather than not), but mainly because of everything else that happened. KANYE!!!! Just. Go home already.


His walking-on-the-stage-joke-shit was just that, pure shit, and I actually think his constant rants and neurotic behaviour, self absorbed persona, and God complex are only doing his talents un-service. So… what the fuck do you want Kanye? Who died and made you Beyonce’s defendant? Ahh… just go home man. Loosen the fuck up and leave the building.

Back to more important matters now: the red carpet at the Grammys, and the belle of the ball. RIHANNA in that Giambattista Valli pink Disney princess dress. Shut the front door.


Okay, actually at first sight I was like: uh-oh, Riri screwed it up this time, but then in less than 5 minutes the dress grew on me. Very much like her song with Paul McCartney and what’s his name. Now I can’t stop listening to it, much like I can’t stop uhhing and ahhing over that pink dress. The make-up was stunning, the hair was whispy-bun-amazing… The best by far.

And she kept it the best with her exactly-the-opposite-look from her performance: androgynous suit, sleeked back hair… swag and all of that shit! Perfect.


2015 Grammys Red Carpet – BEST DRESSED

Did I say Rihanna killed it? She did show up last on the red carpet, but she made a statement aright. That’s how you do it y’all.

Most of the other gals were great, BUT I’m still gonna be a bitch about some details. The bloody BOOOOOOOOBS cleavages. What the fuck is up with that? Yes, nice round perky big ‘girls’ are fucking amazing, but there’s also a thin line to looking vulgar, and ruining a very nice red carpet gown.

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Like Nicky Minaj... she looked amazing. Natural makeup (the beauty red carpet trend this year!), sleeked back hair, beautiful mermaid-style-black-sequinned dress with a plunging neckline so deep you basically saw her vajajay. Well… actually no, cause those double D’s distracted from wherever else you might be going. She was best dressed, STILL the pressing and the lifting of boobs right to your chin is so… 2000s and so cheap. Get it together Nicky.

If I had girls like that (that’s a big IF) I’d do the 70s look like crazy: you know… loose, au naturelle. Just saying.


Kim Kardashain everyone. Aside from the fact that she’s freaking everywhere these days, gotta give it to her: stunning. Maybe, just maybe a bit too much: slit, boob-land alert, heavy-nude-makeup, glitter, sequins and what not, but she did look beautiful. Sure, a bit like the golden globe statue, but she is all about the glam and glitter. I actually loved the dress (I mean the super glamorous bath robe), what I don’t like is her so pretentious self these days for being attached to the self proclaimed God of everything. Whatever.



Still in the cleavage county, I thought Lady Gaga looked very very nice. Decent, you know. No more crazes and fads, just her own self, in a very simple yet dazzling dress, with a cleavage so deep you didn’t know where she was going, draped in diamonds and safires. Yes. I actually did like her dress. Simple cut, glam fabric. Except the pressed breasts. Is this a new thing nowadays or what?


Jessie J looked very nice as well, in that black-sequined-lace-sheer-cap-sleeved dress. Although I did think those T-shirt sleeves and blunt haircut were a bit too harsh. Maybe that’s just me. Beyonce was alright. I mean, she rarely is a red carpet good statement, so I wasn’t good-or-bad-surprised over her look at all. Loved the long locks, the mermaid Morticia sexy gown. Good, but I wasn’t blown away. You are Beyonce for God’s sake. Is this all you can come up with? With all the mills and bills in your pockets and the world’s best stylists dying to work with you?

2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-2057th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivalsbey

Miley Cyrus kept is very very simple and I loved her look. Almost casual and effortless in a very red-carpet-sort-of-way. Chrissy Teigen of course looked stunning, although she could have tried something other than a white dress. That’s all she does lately. Chrissy dear… you were a bride. We get it, you really really really enjoyed it. Now can we move on please?

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpetchrissy-teigen-emilio-pucci-2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-

I thought Sia made her great statement again. Although that too is like barking at the same door since forever. But I love her, so…


Jennifer Hudson and Nicole Kidman looked okay, for a very proper sexy-mom-pta-meeting. Do not hate people, that’s just what I thought. They looked beautiful, (hence the good dressed list) but deep down inside I cannot shake the ‘meh‘ feeling.

57th GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsXXX 2015_GRAMMY____316.JPG A  ENT USA CA

Also Iggy Azealia. Iggy!!!!!!!!!!! Why the fucking cookoo’s nest on your head? That just ruined it for me. But I loved her natural makeup and simple cobalt blue dress.


Katy Perry looked beautiful. Sure, she looked like a chandelier, but… a beautiful one.

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-31

And some more looks/gowns I liked.


2015 Grammys Red Carpet – WORST DRESSED

I mean who the hell didn’t do their job properly and let Madonna out on the loose? She too has a case of Kanye or whatever, so Madge… if all you’ve got up your ass and sleeve is just cheap shocking tricks… please just go home. And while you’re out the door, take Kanye with you.

Did she know this was not a Halloween party, or was she going to one, but instead chose to crash the Grammys? And what the fuck was she wearing around her butt? And why the need to show the world? Girlfriend… not even being fucking Madonna is an excuse for… THIS. seriously.

APTOPIX The 57th Annual Grammy Awards - Arrivals2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-34madonna-2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed

Ciara showed up in what looked like the after-fight with a dark black wasp nest, which she wrapped, and cinged around her as if to show the whole world ‘this bitch won the fucking fight’. Makeup and hair, the best at the Grammys, but that dress. I get it, it’s couture, but… you look like a runaway black widow bride in some alien wasp nest attire. Ciara… paaaalease.


Ariana Grande was… … I’m still thinking… … prom queen, meets wanna fashionista, meets chaos, meets wtf. The dress was basically fine, but that silver handkerchief patched around her boob, as if she just decided to cover up her left nipple before leaving home… was just wrong. And that hair… I get it, why fix it if it ain’t broken, but she’s so stuck on that hairstyle, that it feels as if she was born with it. Girl you are what, 14? (I know she’s older… )  Have some fun with fashion.


Taylor Swift y’all. By now my ”love” for the girl who’s done me no wrong is quite notorious, hence her landing on my worst list. Actually I hated that dress. What you trying to be: Stepanie Seymor in Guns’n’Roses November Rain video? It ain’t working. And those shoes… I’m not even gonna go there. Hate it.

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Paris Hilton just escaped her 2000’s prom night and decided to show up here. Moving on. Rita Ora looked stunning from the neck up, but that dress just swallowed her up into all the sequins and the glitter of the world. Sorry Rita.

2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-2657th GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsRita-Ora-2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-2

And Gwen Stefani… WHY????? She looked stunning, her face, her hair, her lips, her eyes, even the upper part of that outfit, but the lower part… horrible. Or maybe it’s just me, but I did not like that jumpsuit, nor how the pants fit her. Looked like she left home in her pj pants.


My heart breaks a little now, but Giuliana Rancinc… *insert like 100 sad emojis here* why did you wear that jumpsuit? No. No. No. I didn’t like it one bit.


The rest of the lot:


Oh… and those 3 divas or whatever… Kendall, Khloe and Kylie... okay people, truth is they look drop dead gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, but don’t you feel like it’s TOO much. I mean, Kendall’s look is fantastic, Khloe is HOT and she is my favourite, but that little brat… Kylie, you are what, 16?!?!?!?! Plastic alert anyone. I’m talking your lips here. I mean seriously, we were not all born yesterday. And the uber sexy(ual) pose… oooooookay. She’s drop dead HOT but it’s just too much for a teen. Other than that… I guess they literally roll with ‘if you got it flaunt it.’ If not, you can always get it and then flaunt it.


Anyway… that’s a wrap. Until the Oscars lovelies!

P.S. Now it’s your turn to share your faves and least faves. xoxo


2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

Let’s just say today was a PERFECT day. Just because I could’t wait to play God for yet another year, with the celebrities you know. On the red carpet. I know, who the hell died and made me fucking queen of style, but one can only hope, while being redundant, since every year I bitch about red carpets yet end up covering and actually enjoying them. There’s a bit of power (and ridiculousness) to all us bloggers and mortal writers loving or NOT loving incredibly expensive dresses on incredibly famous people. `Ah well… that’s the game and somebody’s gotta do it. Might as well have a few shots with it you know. Giuliana-style. You go girl.


And BTW… with the risk of having the entire planet hate on me right now I will however be a bitch about Clooney’s new wife – Amal. Kudos to her for the woman she is – professionally and I’m sure personally as well, but… I seriously – 1) do not get what the hype is about her. Okay she’s HIS wife. Ohhhhh. Ahhhhh. Let’s get over it okay; and 2) What the fuck is up with those white gloves. I thought she looked meh, if not worst dressed, just because it was plain, and those gloves were kinda ridiculous. Oh, oh, oh, oh… she sewed them herself this morning.


Pleasssssseee! Just shoot me now, before I choke of cheesiness. It would have been such a sweet statement were she, er I don’t know 15 YEARS OLD, but she’s double that age, so… Ok. I will stop now. While the whole twitter exploded with envy and style lust over her outfit I felt like the odd one out. Nothing new there.


Other than this… 2015 Golden Globes came with one bloody amazing red carpet. It was by far one of my favourite red carpets in a long time. I mean did you guys see Jennifer Lopez? OH. MY. GOD. And Kate Hudson. Shut the front door. I guess it’s no secret anymore who my all time faves were.


The fashion winning ticket this year at the globes was definitely white. Every girl wants to be a briiiiiiiiiide! Well not necessarily. White gowns on the red carpet though… SIGH! Perfect. It’s elegant, it’s simple but glamorous.

For edge you can throw in some cut-outs (major trend), ruffles, feathers, sequins… etc.

The next big trend was… SILVER dresses. Statuesque, sexy, and very very glamorous. LOVED them.


And then there were the live dancing emojis. Oh, I mean the ruffled red dresses with the winning live emoji award going to… Catherine Zeta Jones. WTF? For the love of God. FYI, if you choose to wear a ruffled red dress do not, I repeat do not pose like the Cha-Cha emoji. Just saying.


And now the list.

BEST DRESSED – 2015 RED CARPET Golden Globes

There were the WOWs… – mostly the ones in silver, and whites and then there were the MEHs, not too bad, but not over the top, shut-the-front-door either. So JLO nailed it in Zuhair Murad. remember last week I was going on and on about how HOT plunging necklines are? Somebody was taking notes… Kate Hudson as well. THAT DRESS. Ah… can I re-marry in that dress please? Er. No. OK.


LOVED Julianne Moore. She looked stunning. Reese Witherspoon as well. Simple. Elegant and very red carpet understated glamorous. Diane Kruger best dressed doh. And… another big favourite was Chrissy Teigen. Er actually could I re-marry in THAT dress. Oh.My. Absolutely stunning. Anna Faris: I’m not a big fan of her red carpet choices but this time I loved her dress. Camila Alves... of course big YAS.

julianne-moore-2015-golden-globes-red-carpetreese-witherspoon-2015-golden-globes-red-carpet72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivalschrissy-teigen-2015-golden-globes-red-carpetAnna-Faris-2015-golden-globes-red-carpet2015-golden-globes-red-carpet-methew-mcconaughey-camila-alves

Kate Beckinsdale‘s dress was great, but I feel like she always misses with hair. Jessica Chastain was gorgeous. She looked beautiful on screen, less than perfect thought in photos, cause the dress photographed kinda weird around her stomach. The colour was beautiful on her.


Noami Watts is one of my faves all the time just because she always looks stunning, but effortless.

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Emma Stone was… different and okay I guess. Perfect make up and hair. I would have gone for a dress though. She would have killed it.


Emily Blunt was okay as well… but there was something about the dress that didn’t blow me away. Same case goes for Rosamund Pike… To me, the dress was a bit ill-fitted. I salute the fact that she just had a baby and chose to show so much skin so quickly. I still think she just needed an excuse to show her new boobs.

And more best dressed.




Not too many made this list, but those who landed here sure made up for the whole lot. Lana Del Rey. OH! MY! GOD! What the hell was she thinking? In what world, on what planet, in what decade other than 80s is that dress OK? Lena Dunham… loved the red of the dress. That’s it. I am trying very hard to like this girl, but I cannot do it. YET.


Claire Danes was probably trying to do the rich sophisticated baroque style widow, but just ended up looking like a… witch.


I might as well sign my death sentence with the next 2 worst dressed: Amal. Yes, I’ve already told you about her, and Lupita Nyong’o. I cannot for the love of God understand why everyone is STILL so hyped about this girl. She is beautiful. Ok. She is talented. So they say. OK. I’ve only seen her in the 12 Years A Slave, in which she had 2 lines. Or so. Fair enough. Then she wore that blue dress. Then the internet exploded. Then we went on with our lives. Now she just showed up in an ugly dress, and everyone was still ahhhing over her. Let’s get it together people and not still fall like suckers over last year’s PR work. OK?

amal-clooney-2015-golden-globes-red-carpet72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Kerry Washington. Did she have a mirror before she left home? I’ll just pretend she didn’t. No woman would have worn that dress to such an event.


And did Keyra Knightley lose a bet or something?

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

And the rest of the worst lot to follow.


Yeah. I should talk, sitting here writing in my expensive sexy and hot as hell Chanel pyjama, wearing diamonds, and bed-hair that smells like 4 figure heaven, sipping champagne, and snap-chatting with my A-list friends, planning our yacht-vacay getaway.



Met Gala 2014 Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

met-gala-2014-red-carpet (13)Judging by the red carpet excitement I woke up with this morning, you might as well have presumed that hell has frozen over. Or I bumped my head or something. Although I’ve no recollection of the latter, who the hell knows what’s going on at night. Actually the bump would explain why I so eagerly awaited for the 2014 Met Gala Red Carpet, when in fact I usually hate red carpet posts. Watching the shows and looking at the pics… well, that’s a different story. Who the hell doesn’t wanna play fashion police with their friends and destroy celebs as if pffff they’re so last Tuesday for not dressing the way you expected them to?

Also, it kinda feels like it’s been a while since a proper red carpet happened, and this one, well… was worth the wait, let me just say that. The biggest night in fashion was definitely marked by super high highs and oh some nasty lows. met-gala-2014-red-carpet (30)Worst Dressed at The 2014 Met Gala

I mean, PEOPLE, (1) it’s bloody fashion, not rocket science, and (2) are you not suppose to have stylists when you’re saaay – Solange? Or Margot Robbiemet-gala-2014-red-carpet (36)"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute GalaAnd LUPITA!!!! what were you thinking? Why? The same emptiness must have been going through the Olson‘s minds (all three of ’em), and Shailene Woodley & Kristen Stewart. Crissy Teigen‘s boob had its own moment. Quite surprisingly it managed to outstage that ruffled peacock neck. "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivalsmet-gala-2014-red-carpet (28)Don’t. Even. Get me started. On Lena Dunham. I will not even dignify her dress with a capital-letter wtf. I get she’s like trying to be quirky and not give a shit about what she looks like, or what the world thinks of her, cause all this can’t-be-bothered-thing is so blase, it’s cool, but really stop it. Or just go all the way on this infatuation and don’t bother waxing, shaving, perfuming, or washing all together. That’ll put you on a quirky pedestal. Oh wait. You can’t do that, cause actually you do care. So. Cut the fucking bullshit and man up to your status. Learn how to pose, listen to the stylists, and cover your fucking arms and upper body. Yes I just said that. Y’all can hate me now, but the girl looks bad in all these strapless things she’s wearing. 1. She can’t pose for shit. 2. A different dress shape would do wonders on her (cap sleeves, cinged at the waist, long, forget bloody ruffles and girly details, you’re fucking 20, not 12.) And do something about your hair. met-gala-2014-red-carpet-lena-dunhamOther than that, I love her. And I think she’s brilliant. Somebody just needs to tell her it’s okay to wanna look pretty.

Well, if there’s one other thing this rant has guaranteed (besides haters) it’s that Taylor Swift is off the hook today. Yeah, yeah. She looked great. Hate the hair though. Did somebody say glam-granny? met-gala-2014-red-carpet (33)And if you think these were bad, wait till you see Kate Upton. What in God’s name is that? Didn’t anyone tell her Met Gala is not Costume Freak Show. (well, it is a little bit, but not literally). Clearly, she was at the wrong party. Great laugh though. Thanks Kate. Better luck next time maybe. If not, we’ll still love you. met-gala-2014-red-carpet-kate-uptonOoopsy, looks like the post’s started off on the Worst Dressed list, so why not give in to the impulse, and continue. Rita Ora is one hot beautiful woman, no argue there, and when she nails it, boy she stuns. Not the case last night. Beautiful she looked, loved her hair and makeup, but that dress was hideous: gladiator bride broke an arm and came to a party a little too late. Could’ve worked sans le Xena the warrior princess boots, lose the arm bandage, and that white bridezilla tulle. met-gala-2014-red-carpet (2)And Naomi Campbell, we get that you’ll never age and will always be gorgeous, but that dress? No. No. No. What the fuck was she thinking with those feathers? I have an idea. It rhymes with ‘brushing’. met-gala-2014-red-carpet-naomi-campbellOther girls I didn’t quite like were: Alexa Chung (hated the dress and I’m too bored with the same hair and makeup. I know, why fix it if it ain’t broken, but do something different. At least once a year. You are considered a style icon, after all.), Karlie Kloss (too bloody matronly, with a glam granny hair), Hayden Pannattiere (she was okay, I’m just not too sold on these massive ball gowns, that SJP was doing as well, hence my meh comment for her too.) Sorry. Karolina Kurkova looked like she could sting somebody with that dress, while Reese Witherspoon looked like a very very very very sweet desert. Cheap candy, more like it. Loved the silhouette, hated that I-just-threw-up-in-my-mouth pink and her hair. "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivalsmet-gala-2014-red-carpet (34)karolina-kurkova-marchesa-dress-met-gala"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - ArrivalsBest Dressed at 2014 Met Gala

Saving the best for last, I swear – the best – was by far the best red carpet I’ve seen in a while. That, or I really must’ve bumped my head or something. Assuming it’s the first situation I’ve got a top 3 favorite, without any particular order, just cause for the past 3 hours, they kept switching between themselves, so I’m just throwing my faves out there as they come.

Emma Stone was ravishing in that bright/pale pink dress (well, crop top and high slit skirt). The hair and makeup were pure perfection with the whole look. Loved. It. "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - ArrivalsRihanna! She always nails it and I’m always the most excited to see what she’s gonna rock. She is my girl crush after all. Following the same design pattern as Emma, only edgier (doh) and sexier (no surprise there either) she looked absofuckinglutely stunning. Loved the white combo against her skin, loved the mermaid skirt and the long sleeve super crop top with those glam details around the neck. The hair… not my fave. I would’ve gone for a more sleek hairstyle. "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - ArrivalsRihanna-Met-Gala-2014 (1)Also, did you see her dress at the after party? Dayum. met-gala-2014-red-carpet (14)If there’s a woman who’s got perfection and elegance in her bones that’s gotta be Charlize Theron. Oh. My. God. That dress was amazing and the way she chose to wear her tuxedo jacket as a shawl/cape – perfection! That’s how you do it. met-gala-2014-red-carpet (20)And although this time Beyonce looked soooo good (was about time), I’m still sticking to my 1st impression: somebody’s copying Rihanna’s bedroom-red-carpet-white-dress-look. Just saying. Other than that Bey looked smashing hot: makeup, hair, veil LOVED them all. beyonce-givenchy-dress-met-gala-2014beyonce-met-gala-2014-red-carpetEven Kim Kardashian looked so good this year. 😉 kim_kardashian-met-gala-2014-red-carpetkim-kardashian-balmain-met-gala-2014-red-carpetAlso loved Jessica Alba, Kate Mara, Cara Delevingne, Olivia Munn, and the beautiful Blake Lively who just gave the whole world a lesson on how to do old-Hollywood-style in a fabulous way. met-gala-2014-red-carpet (37)georgia-may-met-gala-2014-red-carpetjessica-alba-met-gala-2014-red-carpetKate-Bosworth-met-gala-2014-red-carpet"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivalsmet-gala-2014-red-carpet (21)"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivalsmet-gala-2014-red-carpet (31) "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivalsmet-gala-2014-red-carpet (32)met-gala-2014-red-carpetmet-gala-2014-red-carpet-kate-maramet-gala-2014-red-carpet-rachel-mcadams… aaaaand that’s a wrap. Who was your best and worst?

2014 Oscars Red Carpet. Best & Worst Dressed

oscars-2014-winners-photos__140303075535The much awaited film slash red carpet fashion event of the year came and went, in what felt like a heartbeat. And it was great. In fact, fashion wise it was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. As a film geek and a fashion addict I enjoyed it tremendously sans le Oscar snub Dicaprio was yet again faced with. Seriously? Let’s not go there though. Maybe in a next post.

Another ‘seriously! wtf?’ moment for me was Jennifer Lawrence fall. Cooooome ooooon now. You can’t tell a good joke twice and hope it has the same laughing effect you know. That’s what I thought of the fall anyway. And the back necklace. It was Oscars 2013 re-run, that may have us like her even more, or not so much. Great timing that Daft Punk was there to give her a hand. Not. But that would have been hilarious. Oscars_2014__Jennifer_Lawrence_falls_over____againLupita Nyong’o was the belle of the ball, nailing the award for best supporting actress, delivering an emotional, very endearing and inspiring speech while looking incredible in her duck egg blue flowy dress. Ethereal and so feminine. lupita-nyongo-2014-oscars-red-carpet-And speaking of speeches – Matthew McConaughey’s was by far my fave with the already coined phrase ‘alright, alright, alright.’

Let’s talk fashion though. It was all white, ivory, metallics and dusted feminine colors. Even tux wise, so many men opted for the retro classic white tux jacket. Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Seacrest I’m looking at you. 86th Annual Academy Awards - Show1972409_10152320229985127_434643368_nI know the title of this post is about best AND worst, but I’m having a very kind moment right now, and really feel that this year most actresses nailed it. It only comes to show you if you keep it simple and classy, and go for feminine styles you’ll probably so effortlessly land on the best dressed list. Although, honestly I don’t know how much they actually give a crap about these lists invading the internet post-Oscars, but for the sake of conversation we’ll keep doing them.

Best Dressed at the 2014 Oscars. 

Everyone. Well almost. Lupita stole the show in that Nairobi blue custom made Prada dress and her headband. Regarding the latter… (please don’t hate) I’m not very sold on it. Yeah, she pulled it off. She’s incredibly beautiful, feminine, young, fun, elegant, so a sack on her head would have had the same effect. To me that tiara was a bit of a last minute bling. 2014-oscars-red-carpet-lupita-nyongoAnd then there were the ladies in whites and dusted ivory colors with sequins, crystals beads and metallics. Angelina Jolie: OMG. I’m never so in aww with her granny dresses, but this… this Elie Saab gown was perfection. angelina-jolie-2014-oscars-red-carpet-Cate Blanchet: a HIT! It was so her, in that understated glamorous way. Beautiful. cate-blanchet-Jessica Biel was the epitome of simple elegance in an ivory metallic strapless gown and side parted old Hollywood hairstyle. Loved her look. jessica-biel-2014-oscars-red-carpetNaomi Watts: ah! Stunning in an effortless way. White, sparkly, cap-sleeve Calvin Klein. Loved her look and that necklace. naomi-watts-2014-oscars-red-carpetWhite goes a long way apparently. I wonder, do they all chat before and decide to start a red carpet trend? Who knows… but really those who went for the white’ish dresses rocked it. Kate Hudson shines on the red carpet. All. The. Time. She’s one of my faves. This year she opted for a gorgeous old Hollywood style in a white, plunging V-neckline, semi-cape-draping in the back, Versace frosty look. kate-hudson-2014-oscars-red-carpetKelly Osbourne’s always a favorite in my eyes. Loved her white dress. And her black one, in which she changed afterwards. Kelly-Osbourne-2014-oscars-red-carpet-And last but not least… Camila Alves. Simply beauty & perfection. Loved the dusted pink dress with a bit of draping. camila-alves-2014-oscars-red-carpet-matthew-mcconaghey-camila-alves-2014-oscars-red-carpetThen there were the black/red/dark-ER colors. It is said those do not photograph that well, and are not so wow-ing for the Oscars, but… whatever. I mean, did you see Charlize Theron. That’s how you do fashion on the red carpet. LOVE. That Dior dress fits her ridiculously well, and her short hair and minimal jewelry compliment this ultimate elegance. charlize-theron-2014-oscars-red-carpetAmy Adams went for a very simple, clean cut dress. The exact opposite of her character, and her past choices. She did say she chose this dress for herself, cause she wanted to feel comfy classy simple and chic. Loved the earrings and all this clean elegant look. may-adams-2014-oscars-red-carpet-Kerry Washington – amazing! Perfect dress. Loved the hair & the dark lips. kerry-weashington-2014-oscars-red-carpet-Jennifer Lawrence. Okay she’s beautiful and fun no matter what. I really liked her Dior red peplum dress, although I thought the peplum was placed too low for her long torso. But maybe it was just a bad angle. Love her new hair and the classic elegance it oozes. The back necklace? Been there done that. By her. Last year. As was the fall. jennifer-lawrence-2014-oscars-red-carpet-Sandra Bullock did her own thing and wore a simple but slightly sophisticated dress in dark blue. Minimal bling and just let own self and inner elegance and beauty do the work. And it worked. Simple and beautiful. movies-oscars-2014-sandra-bullock-red-carpetOlivia Wilde – gorgeous! As most actresses she too went for simple, classy and time-less and nailed it 100%. Loved her earrings and her makeup. Speaking of makeup, it was all about natural: nude lips & pale skin. 2014-oscars-red-carpet-olivia-wilde2014-oscars-red-carpet (2)olivia_wilde_2014-oscars-red-carpetAnne Hathaway is one lady I’m not always so keen on fashion wise, but this year against most people’s dislike in her armor chest dress – I liked it. It had slightly more edge and overall looked classy and pretty. Emma Watson kept it classy and chic and Jennifer Garner looked beautiful as always in the trend of the night. But those platform shoes!!! Hideous. ann-hathaway-2014-oscars-red-carpetemma-watson-2014-oscars-red-carpet-jennifer-garner-2014-oscars-red-carpet-86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivalsportia-de-rossi-2014-oscars-red-carpetWorst Dressed at the 2014 Oscars. 

Well, I’m not sure about the worst pre se, except Liza Minelli maybe. Once a drama queen always a drama queen. Everyone was sold on her look. Not me. What in the name of God is up with the blue hair? Oh… I get it. She wanted to color coordinate with that cobalt blue thing. I mean dress. Jumpsuit. Whatever. Hobbit alert. The thing is that silk satin fabric does not photograph well at all. It rarely looks great on 6ft tall skinny models. I guess if anyone could have pulled it off, that would have been Liza. Or maybe she just needed a mirror. And a bra. liza-minelli-2014-oscars-red-carpet-The rest of the ladies were OK, not necessarily worst. Julia Roberts looked great – hair and makeup, and even the dress is OK on her. Frankly I don’t like the fabric, it looks like cheap lace, too thick, too stiff, a bit too boxy from the waist down. julia-roberts-2014-oscars-red-carpet-Anna Kendrick. First of all kudos for choosing a black, edgier style. Didn’t quite nail it, but it’s only the 1st time. anna-kendrick-2014-oscars-red-carpetMargot Robbie looked like crap. She’s probably doing the dark hair for a movie role (thank God) but that dress looked hidious on her. The back was pretty interesting, but the front looked square, dull, unfitted and I don’t know… I like her more as a blonde. margot-robbie-2014-oscars-red-carpet-rogbbie-margot-2014-oscars-red-carpetOh… wait. I just realized there are a few worst dressed winners. We love them all, but there’s no show without a few misses, right? So there you have it. lady-gaga-2014-oscars-red-carpetoscars-2014-worst-dressedworst-dressedAll in all it was a fantastic red carpet, all about understated glamour, classic sophistication, nude lips, ivory shades, crystals, beads and metallics in a very subtle timeless way. It was the year of less is more. 🙂