And then he looked up from under his green eyes and said, ‘Hey kid, let’s go be wild cats this Saturday, sip wine out the bottle, live in expensive hotel rooms, and make some movie memories for when we’re grey and old.’ 

If I decided to sleep on my couch all weekend, wearing the same pjs, watching the best movies, and pigging out on massive amounts of pizzas, a.k.a. ‘Dear life, sitting this one out.’ – chances are the weather would be perfect: sun shining, perfect light, warm wind blowing, birds singing my fave tunes, people dancing all around, no clouds on my sky, but my head would be high. #rhymesalert You know like those Woody Allen films just before some character falls in love.

So, around this time last November, Mr. FashionTag and I decided to finally do something with our lives, so we packed light, and went to where our hearts always take us. No. Not the Maldives. The second one on our list: Budapest. With a list of things to do that included and celebrated hedonism and laziness we couldn’t go wrong. And we were right.

We only had one major promise to each other: that no matter what happens we’d take loads, and loads, and loads, and loads, and loads of pics to mark our experience. For the generations of kids and grandkids to come, you know. Unlike our prior sofa-weekends, that precise Saturday clouds decided to make an appearance and basically fuck up the lightning. They did however set the tone for other pleasant innuendos.

We went for a morning coffee, for a brunch, for an early wine, for a stroll in the park, to check out the market, the Citadella, the pubs, the bars, The Danube. We had a brief rest, and then started all over again. Click, click, click sounds here and there, and we kinda made it a great Saturday.

Thank God for those clouds, otherwise we would’ve been clicking our way outta IRL-moments.



weekend-look-thefashiontag-winter-2thefashiontag-travelling-style-7weekend-look-thefashiontag-winter-4thefashiontag-travelling-style-13 thefashiontag-travelling-style-5thefashiontag-travelling-style-4thefashiontag-travelling-style-15 thefashiontag-travelling-style-3thefashiontag-travelling-style-912345 thefashiontag-travelling-style-10 thefashiontag-travelling-style-12123456 thefashiontag-travelling-style-2thefashiontag-travelling-style-14weekend-look-thefashiontag-winter-3

What the hell am I wearing?

Get the look:

‘Teddy Bear’ Coat | Sweater | Skinny Jeans – Topshop | New Balance Sneakers | Choker Primark| Rings H&M | Bag – H&M

Aaaaand that’s a wrap my pretty little fashion lovers.

Photos by Mr. FashionTag. #LOVE

Have a fab weekend! xoxo

What? It’s winter already? Gosh how time flies when you’re having fun. Or growing older. I’ll take the latter these days, as I feel a bit of wiseness too rubbing off on me. The fun part, in my case happens by default, and this year’s been everything altogether, wrapped up in the most chaotic and neurotic bits. There was fun alright, but it was all the highs and the lows too.

So what was high you might ask? Aside from my ego, and my head I was pretty lucky and blessed this year. Nawww. I’m not gonna get all cheesy on you right now and profess my love for 2015, and my promise to 2016 to be slimmer, and healthier, and not swear so much, and be a tamer version of myself. Nope. That ain’t gonna fucking happen. Because you see… I’m fire through and through and THAT I could never change. In fact it’s a wildness and a feistiness I wouldn’t trade for the world. Sure it comes with its share of storms and mistakes and bad habits, a filthy mouth, and some other beautiful misfortunes under my belt, but… to hell with musts, and do’s and all the rules. #speakinginrhymesnow

One of my beautiful highs this winter was having the massive chance to be a jewellery designer, when KOSHMAN brand asked me to help them design a man ring so dope it’ll make you feisty, strong, and everything in between. It was one helluva process, which I’m so humbled, grateful and proud of. And the RING? DAYUMN. DAYUMN. DAYUMN. You might have seen the editorial and story on it here, on another December day, which was more gloomy and foggy.

Hence today’s post: sunny December day when I decided to take my Dragon Skin Ring out on a date in the sun. Other rings joined, alongside my my long coat and turtleneck sweater.

koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-02 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-10 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-11 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-14 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-28 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-30 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-31 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-34 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-35 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-39 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-40 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-41 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-42 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-46 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-47 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-51 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-54 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-58 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-61 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-62 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-63 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-64 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-66 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-67 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-68 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-74 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-77 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-78 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-79 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-80 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-81 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-82

The ring is made to order here – KOSHMAN by Andrey Koshman | Instagram (@a.koshman)

Photos by Florina Ciupertea!

Uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-hun-uh-no. Yes I am now actually singing that Beyonce song, and no it has nothing to do with the forever and ever part of it. It’s actually gotta do with literally putting a ring on IT, ‘it’ being one of your fabulous fingers and swaging your swag to wherever it is you’re going. And that’s exactly what I did: on the gloomiest December morning ever, when it was so cold outside you could barely breath, so foggy I couldn’t see my feet, I put a ring on it, took my photographer pal with me, and shot some pics of my Dragon inspired self.

Let me tell you the story. A while ago I teamed up with an amazing talented young jewellery designer Andrey Koshman from – KOSHMAN RINGS brand – and after the most terrifying and beautiful designing and brainstorming process ever we came up with a Men’s RING that has super powers.

Each ring is made to order and you can get yours here – Men’s Rings – by KOSHMAN RINGS

koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-27 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-32

This men’s ring represents all the energy of one of the most powerful and dangerous magical creatures ever: Dragons. They don’t care of what others think about them. They are smart and wise, and powerful enough to do whatever they want. This men’s ring doesn’t make you a dragon, it just reminds that you already are one. – Andrey Koshman

The idea of a Dragon skin ring was simply love at first sight for me, as it embodies everything I adore about both fashion and life: contrasts. It’s strong, polished, it’s got swag, but it’s minimal, it’s got a rocknroll vibe, but it’s also urban hip hop dope, it’s got so much meaning and power to it, and it’s a piece of art at the end of the day, which always leads to you feeling a certain type of empowerment and coolness when you put it on.


Jewellery wise it’s so well created and crafted it feels both heavy and precious on your fingers. I’m wearing it in silver, and although I always go for gold in jewellery, I adored it this way. Something about silver makes it unearthly and incredibly powerful in a very masculine and sharp way. It has that cold steeliness and high polished indifferent beauty to it, a certain kind of magical power that sent me away to some land where ‘Game of Thrones’ characters live side by side with Dragons, and there’s a code of honour, there are love affairs and stories, and passions, and it’s always cold, and fashion always creeps its way in there somehow, in tiny details like rings, and fur, and leather.


THE DRAGON SKIN RING by KOSHMAN RINGS X FashionTag is a men’s ring at the end of the day, a bit too large for my tiny fingers, BUT who cares, I’m wearing it either way and if you’re a woman with a penchant for powerful statements, art, beauty, and fashion you’ll love it as well. I paired it today with a few other silver rings for a full on effect.

If you’re a man… you have to wear it. I love men who aren’t afraid to wear rings. Big, bold rings that always have a hidden meaning behind them, rings that speak about their style, their loves, their worlds, their taste in life, music, fashion.



HOW TO WEAR IT? We wanted to make a ring that is a perfect jewellery choice for men with a strong character and a strong sense of style. The Dragon Skin Ring is the perfect marriage of fashion and art and that makes this piece a very sleek but versatile one. It is precious and powerful enough to work so well into a smart and refined, elegant, and very city professional style. Even slightly retro if you will.

OR if you’re a man seeking and living advetures and have a more eclectic look or even more urban – be it rocknroll, punk, or hiphop I am telling you the ring is the dopest thing ever. It blends and stands out as well.

I LOVE that it’s minimal and sleek, but it’s also very heavy, strong, bold, and edgy with its dragon skin texture and that cold and heavy steeliness. The packaging is fabulous and it’s art in itself. I adore it, and will be wearing it forever and ever, men ring and all.


koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-08 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-12 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-17 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-20 2-koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-25 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-06 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-01 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-03 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-29 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-48 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-50 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-57 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-60 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-72 koshman-man-ring-dragon-skin-thefashiontag-73

The Dragon Skin Men RingKOSHMAN Rings 

Thank you Andrey Koshman for this incredible opportunity, for allowing me to express myself and create beyond my comfort zone, for challenging me, and at the end of the day for this incredible outcome, which I’m so proud and humbled to be part of. The Dragon Skin Ring is a project closest to my heart and I love it for what it looks like, but mostly for all it stands. I like to think of myself as a strong but sensitive woman, and for me, that is exactly what the ring represents.

You can order your own + stay up to date with all the latest rings and designs – Instragram (@a.koshman)

Photos by Florina Ciupertea. Thank you so much! <3

Aside from black – which is like the ultimate favourite colour for moi, I think RED comes pretty close in line, because I think every now and then, whether it’s for a daytime posh look, or for evening doing the monochrome trend in RED is beyond. It’s the greatest style statement. It’s powerful, very sexy, polished, and classic.

dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-1 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-5

From the start I pictured I’d wear it draped in red from head to toe, hence my look for today’s style post: red lips, red fringed bag, red stiletto shoes. I kept the bling minimal, which is a first for me, but I really wanted to show off how incredible the jumpsuit stands alone. It’s golden belt is enough jewellery to give it razzmatazz.

Being a tall giraffe, with human features nonetheless, I was a tiny bit scared the jumpsuit would’t fit sans the camel toe. The tall girls out there know what I mean. But I fit like a glove. Amen to that.

Not only that, but it became my fave go-to-piece for a very posh hot look. It’s also very versatile, being made of a fabric that could stand the test of daytime but also be the queen of the evening.

It’s incredibly easy to put on, with the deep V-neckline giving it a sexy oomph if you wish, but the same time it’s made like a blazer neckline, so you can wear it as a decolatage or not, depending on your mood.

The cinged waist is a perfect touch of feminine and the pockets give a perfect relaxed effortless vibe. This makes it ok for you to wear it for office, for casual weekends with comfortable shoes.

I am wearing the Rosalin Jumpsuit in RED 

evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-19 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-20 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-35 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-38-dana-cristina-straut

Jumpsuits have become quite the staple lately, especially for evening get-together, and sophisticated occasions. THIS is precisely why I opted for a jumpsuit. It’s the definition of chic and refined done differently than your classic LBD par example.

I’m just gonna let the pics scroll down, of what a fantastic red-passionate-magic-hour us girls had that day. And yes… I did kinda feel like a star. Sans the red carpet. But in all red nonetheless.


evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-6 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-11 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-12 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-17 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-23 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-27 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-31 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-33 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-34 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-36 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-37 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-39 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-41 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-42 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-44 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-46 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-47 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-49 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-51-dana-cristina-straut evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-53 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-54

Let me know your thoughts on your go-to-evening attire, if you’d go for a jumpsuit, let’s talk about your fave films, your fave food, these pics, this jumpsuit. Whatever you want… let’s have it in the comments below.

Photos by the wonderful Florina Ciupertea.

When it comes to this style – Boyfriend T-shirts – which actually became quite a trend lately, hold on to your senses and don’t let the name fool you. There is only ONE thing we need in order to nail this look down to its core. And it’s not a human, contrary to the name it implies.

For the past couple of years fashion has started to pivot towards more androgynous looks, or at least more effortless, slouchier, looser styles and cuts. With the exception of a few refined sartorial timeless pieces for example, or our stilettos, or skinny jeans, everything else became men inspired. Our coats are sweeping the floors in one size too big, our sweaters are humongous, our blazers are borderline men-tuxedo, and so on.

In all this men inspired fad the BOYFRIEND T-SHIRT is without a doubt the king of the castle. It’s the #1 trend out there for quite a while. WHY? Because of it’s easiness and because a boyfriend t-shirt will always have that effortlessness and the exact loosens that we seek. It also feels kinda cool to wear men’s shirts and clash them with something feminine, and pull off this rocknroll, dope, relaxed look.

In this post I am wearing Jack of All Trades boyfriend T-shirts, all in size S, from the Men’s Rock’n Roll Collection.

You can get yours using the discount code – FASHIONTAG15 – for 15% off the rock n roll collection. (click here) 


dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-5 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-13 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-29


  1. All Tomboy-ish look. Boyfriend jeans, or a pair of suit trousers that sit a bit slouchier on you, with sneakers or brogues, a blazer on top of your boyfriend tee and a messenger bag. It’s very French chic if you will, very designer-stylist minimal kinda look.
  2. Office sophisticated. A boyfriend t-shirt is perfect for office due to its loose cut. You tuck it in your high waist pencil skirt of your perfect pair of trousers with heels or ankle boots on and it’s quite the effortless professional look. Watch the t-shirt though.
  3. Casual cool. Think models off duty running around Paris or London to casting jobs or just to get coffee with their other model friends. Jeans, ankle boots and a cool t-shirt on top. Leather jacket, shades, and a big bag and it’s the dopest most effortless style ever.
  4. Hot rocknroll. Sexy high heels and rad t-shirt. Simple as that. This is perfect for evening paired with a mini skirt or a pair of skinnies. Or just the long t-shirt playing as a dress if you’re Rihanna par example.
  5. A touch of feminine coolness. This has nothing to do with what you pair the tee with but mostly HOW you actually wear it. The great part about a boyfriend t-shirt is its size, which plays up its versatility. So you can wear it long, or tucked it, or tied at your back or on the side to mimic a cropped top. It’s perfect actually. I do this all. the. time. Especially when I feel I’m getting lost in a too-big-t-shirt.

As you all know its not the first time I’m seen in boyfriend tees, nor is it the first time I’m wearing men t-shirts from Jack of All Trades. They do have a saying that “once you go jack you’ll never go back.” Seriously… it couldn’t be truer. I mean their pieces are – quality wise – to die for. The tees’ fabric is unbelievable – soft and just a bit stretchy – and the cut is fantastic. I am wearing all men t-shirts, in S, but they’ve got the best cut ever: they’re loose, but I don’t look homeless in them. Especially the Beatles T-shirt is a perfect fit.

Design wise – personally I am a sucker for slogan tees AND band tees. It’s like they do the talking and introduction for you. So the fact that I am wearing Beatles or Guns’n Roses is by no means a thing left to chance. Nothing I do or say is ever random.

I am wearing the Guns’n Roses t-shirt | Rolling Stones tank top | The Beatles tee | The Ramones raglan  — all men & size S.


boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-7 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-27boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-23

I wore my black skinny jeans and leather jacket, and switched the style a little bit with the help of shoes. I’ve always been a fan of clashed looks with a dash of sexy – hence my stiletto sandals for that boy-meets-girl style that is perfect for pretty much any occasion, with a few tweaks (a pair of black pants and a blazer would make the look office appropriate for example).

Then I switched it up with something more casual and rocknroll by wearing cut-out boots. The bold lips and my favourite big bold bag add just the right amount of girl vibe to it all.

In case you fancy this look and wanna partake into this on-going trend involving MEN T-SHIRTS – check out Jack of All Trades collection. I guarantee you will LOVE their pieces. They have so many styles and so many tee’s designs… get ready to waste a few hours browsing. The prices are great and if you’re looking to get the looks I’m ranting about above, or you have some T-shirt crushes of your own CLICK below to shop using a 15% discount.

Use the discount code FASHIONTAG15 for a 15% off the rock n roll collection

And now the rest of the pics of how I’ve worn my Boyfriend Tees. Scroll to the end to shop the looks.


boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-14 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-15 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-32 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-38 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-40 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-41 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-45 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-46 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-50 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-54 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-56 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-61 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-63 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-64boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-19 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-28 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-47 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-48 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-52

I am wearing the Guns’n Roses t-shirt | Rolling Stones tank top | The Beatles tee | The Ramones raglan  — all men & size S.

Shop using the Discount code FASHIONTAG15 for 15% off the rock n roll collection

Hope you enjoyed this post. Personally I’ve had the best time ever shooting and styling these tees.

Photos by Florina Ciupertea. For more amazing pics follow her on Instagram – @florinaciupertea



My life and its daily moments are totally chaotic, living la vida loca does not come in cheap or easy you know. My feet are dancing all the time, my fingers are typing, my eyes are rolling, my head is spinning, and don’t even get me started on my heart. Kill me now. And I can’t even leave the house without being swamped by fans. It’s the life of the rich and famous you know. I am of course JOKING. If anything, my life is exactly the opposite. Well… except the part about my head, and heart, and fingers, and dancing feet. That crazy-part is ON.

The rest is just my coping mechanism that usually involves a few guilty pleasures, ‘what if’s’, and taking a dip into some obsessions. Of others and mine. At this point it don’t matter no more.

Sunday was just that: a very very very toned version of a few obsessions belonging to Mr. FashionTag (errr… trains and railways, among others), and a few of my own. I’ve always been drawn to incredibly urban places, to the less ‘beautiful’ part of town, which I find exquisite and more beautiful than any green flowery gardens and clean pavements. It’s real. Tough. Sad. Strong. I love stories. Finding them, telling them, creating them, and I love films for exactly this reason.

urban-look-thefashiontag-1 urban-look-thefashiontag-10

In all this precise taste that most of the times turns into the obsession I was telling you about, this little shallow bitch squeezed in – le Fashion – but I love her to death. And I also find her, not so shallow and fun. I like that we fuck rules together, and don’t give a shit about things of common sense that people around us usually do care about. Hence me wearing summer espadrilles in plain September. And YES it was cold. Everyone-had-no-bare-legs-kinda-cold. Not me though. I even had a summer’ish yellow cropped t-shirt on. Cause you know, if you follow my Instagram you might be aware I am still stuck in summer, refusing to acknowledge the dropping temperatures.

Anyway, THIS post was not planned, but just because I loved the cinematic urban vibe it holds I was like, fuck it. This is going up. Hashtags and all.

So there you have it.


urban-look-thefashiontag-2urban-look-thefashiontag-3urban-look-thefashiontag-5urban-look-thefashiontag-7urban-look-thefashiontag-8urban-look-thefashiontag-11 urban-look-thefashiontag-13urban-look-thefashiontag-17 urban-look-thefashiontag-23 urban-look-thefashiontag-15 urban-look-thefashiontag-20

urban-look-thefashiontag-16 urban-look-thefashiontag-18urban-look-thefashiontag-33urban-look-thefashiontag-35urban-look-thefashiontag-39 urban-look-thefashiontag-41

Hope you enjoyed it and found a bit of your own stories in it.

I am wearing – all H&M

Photos by Cosmin Straut. Thank you!



You know what they say, you can take the girl out of an all-black-outfit, but you can’t take the all-black-outfit out of the girl. The girl in question being moi. So you can imagine I’ve gone to pretty great lengths for today’s blogpost – wearing all-white.

Let me tell you something though: I LOVED IT. And for this I blame three people: my mom (for giving me my amazing skin tone that just looks so good against white. ‘sup mom), my friend Julie, cause you see her and I made a pact (I mean she did, but I’m just tagging along, which she’ll probably realise as she reads this. Hola back if you do girl!), that we’ll be draping ourselves in white for a long time after returning from holiday, and my friend Florina, my badass photographer who’s brilliance and talent have been soooo missed, who’s always telling me to wear white, cause it photographs so great.

What better way to respond to all these fab fab fab women than by following up on their advice. Something I don’t do. Like, I’m that girl that throws a great advice out the window and takes a bad one on any day, and twice on Sunday.

I guess somebody’s growing up here.

Well… I don’t know about that, what I do know is that while I’m busy having a blast in my unicorn world, refusing to deal with unwanted realities, something very funny happened: time passed. That little sucker’s got no patience I swear. So I fell. I fell hard. Actually I crashed along with the temperatures, and in the process it hit me that usually when autumn comes, humans start wearing long sleeves. You know, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, or blazers.That sort of stuff.

draped blazer draped-blazer-thefashiontag-1

So, for no other reasons than being cold I am joining the human lot, and leaving my summer unicorns behind for now. Also, fashion. Okay, fashion has a huge role in this. Hello layering!

One of the perks of my job is being gifted with so many clothes, such as this nude beautiful draped blazer I’m wearing today from Choies. It’s the perfect piece to have for autumn. It’s light, it goes great with almost anything (especially white outfits or tops), you can wear it with long sleeves or roll the sleeves up when it’s warm, and the best part is it’s not a classic blazer but the trendy draped style that’s been happening for a while now.

I was never one to give in to this draped blazer look, but I’ll just swallow my tongue on this one: I really love it. It makes an otherwise classic or sometimes boring jacket or blazer look more sophisticated. It gives personality. AND versatility, because you see – it works brilliant for office, for more professional looks, but also for casual styles, or… in this case to cover myself up from windy cold degrees, strangers’ stares, my insecurities, that sort of shit.

draped-blazer-thefashiontag-22 dana-cristina-straut-draped-blazer-thefashiontag-20 draped-blazer-thefashiontag-14

I also love the colour, which too is a still massive trend – nudes and whites and browns have a certain luxury to them, which I adore. So to paint the picture perfect (or so I thought anyway) I went for the whole white-nude look + my golden chunky necklace, and for one day I did not miss my all-black-outfits.

What I’ve learned from this #OOTD is that 1). sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is pretty liberating and rewarding (I’m hugging myself right now), and 2). there’s a reason the 2000s should never be back in fashion, so… note to self: get yo’self a pair of more updated (to put it politically correct as to not forever destroy my ego) white skinny jeans with a high waist. Or just a pair of beautifully tailored high waisted pants. With a major emphasis on *high waist*. I mean if you’re gonna do the white looks, you may consider being sartorially updated. Yeah. The talk-to-myself-happy-hour is closed now.

In case you’re not already too bored, pounding your head against the wall, thinking of clicking away, Imma let the pics roll, while you scroll.


dana-cristina-straut-dana-cristina-straut-draped-blazer-thefashiontag-27 dana straut draped blazer draped-blazer-thefashiontag-6 dana straut draped blazer dana-cristina-straut-draped-blazer-thefashiontag-12 dana straut draped blazer dana-cristina-straut-draped-blazer-thefashiontag-9 draped-blazer-thefashiontag-3-dana-cristina-straut dana straut draped blazer draped-blazer-thefashiontag-2 draped-blazer-thefashiontag-16 dana-cristina-straut-draped-blazer-thefashiontag-13 draped-blazer-thefashiontag-15

Learning from others’ mistakes is a true act of maturity (that’s probably the reason why it’s never worked for me), so… to avoid falling too hard into fall, sans any blazers, I’ll just leave the link to my look below. In case you wanna get the same draped blazer style.

Draped Blazer | CHOIES

Peace out ladies and gents. Have a great weekend, and remember to be good! And if you can’t be good be safe!


Let’s just put it this way: if it was socially acceptable, or I was Rihanna in Cannes that day, I’d only wear bodysuits. Fullstop. I know what y’all are gonna say – but, but, but, the 80s are dead girl. Well… not for me. On top of all my fashion crushes and obsessions the BODYSUIT look is not going anywhere as far as I’m concerned. Especially with fall coming and the temperatures dropping I can’t think of a better top to make us look sleek, put together, kinda sexy, and keep us warm. It’s a blessing.

When TUXE Bodywear gifted me with THIS bodysuit I’m wearing today I was over the moon, bombarded with millions of ways I’m gonna wear it. Cause you see, that’s the thing about bodysuits, they’re so incredibly versatile, styling them is a no-brainer. From office hours paired with smart pants, pencil skirts, to casual days in jeans, to more glam-urban looks (who me?) it’s a heaven for sartorial lovers.


I am wearing the Keynote Stripe TUXE Bodysuit and let me tell you it feels amazing. Yes, it looks fabulous, and it gives a certain kind of empowerment, and girls-run-the-world-mood, but it’s so fuss-free you’re bound to fall for it. The fabric is soft, with a bit of stretch, so it hugs the body, leaving no trims, no lines, no need to keep on tucking that top you’d otherwise be wearing. Being a tall woman I’ve always had a bit of a predicament with bodysuits and jumpsuits, but this one I’m wearing just fitted like a glove. Amen to that!

Shipping was fast, size was perfect, quality beyond! and, frankly it delivered more than I bargained for.

bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-8 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-15 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-16

The company who makes and designs them is TUXE Bodywear – European Luxe bodysuits brand – powered by women who cater to what women want. No, not eating without gaining weight. Close though: looking gorgeous AND feeling great. Comfortable.

Ever since I got it I can’t stop wearing it, to meetings, to lunches, on Sundays with my family, out with the girls. In today’s post I’m wearing it simple: high waisted skinny jeans and classic heels. I wanted to go for that 90s urban glam vibe borderline Linda Evanghelista in her modelling days. ‘Wanted’ that’s the key word.

Being a bit chilly I wore my leather jacket on top, and my wild hair which I gave up on a while ago. I mean, why fight bad hair days? It’s a waste of energy. Thats’s what I learned. On the side, I’ve also learned I cannot wait to go back to my dark hair, and I’m hoping once I do it’ll tame down. Poor thing it’s crying cause it’s blonde. That’s like the best excuse I have for it. Mama’s gonna take care of you though. Soon.

Until then imma still be doing the bodysuit look with black and white stripes (hello obsession #2). In case you too have a thing for stripes, bodysuits, smart clean, professional, sophisticated looks to keep you comfy but make you feel like you run the world – you might wanna consider TUXE’s shop. It’s packed with designs that’ll just jump in your lap. They’re that amazing.

And now the rest of the pics.


dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-1 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-12 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-18 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-19 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-20 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-21-dana-cristina-straut bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-22 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-23 dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-30 dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-31 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-35 dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-46 dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-48 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-49-dana-cristina-straut bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-52-dana-cristina-straut bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-53 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-54-dana-cristina-straut bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-58-dana-cristina-straut

Hope you enjoyed this! xoxo

Wiping my tears off and mending a broken heart is what I’m doing these days. Why the drama you may ask? It’s the end of summer people – officially –  and I don’t think I’m ready to face the blizzard yet. Not to mention I’d kill for a cotton candy right now, and it’s only 10 am. I am pretty fucked up, up there. Regardless, life goes on, with or without pink cotton candies, and sweaty heat. There’s beauty in autumn weather, and rain, and cold, and grey skies. I just can’t see it, but it don’t mean it’s not there. I am the problem, not the rest of the world. Or so I keep hearing. Yeah…

So, to add more insult to injury I was thinking to rub it in your faces this cold weather, and share with you today my post from last week’s photoshoot with my girl. It was still summer people. And we had cotton candy, in all the possible colours, took selfies, Instagramed, laughed our asses off, while the rest of the ordinary people were probably left with their ‘wtf’ reactions at these two deranged girls, way past their teens, but acting way younger. We’re not even trying to pretend at this point. It is what it is.

A total chaos. Beautiful nonetheless.

Funny you should say that. Much like my look actually. When CHOIES – the clothing brand I always team up with – send me this white full midi skirt my sartorial brain was invaded by the amount of styles this beautiful white skirt can translate to. I could have done everything with it. ANY possible look: office, evening, glam, sporty, casual, summer’ish. You name it. If this skirt has got one thing, it’s versatility.

Also, the fabric is incredible. It does tend to wrinkle a little bit, but it’s soft, it dances around you, it’s silky sans being pretentious. It looks rich, expensive and sophisticated. And I love that.

dana-cristina-straut-full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-15 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-28 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-32

Being a bit of a mess myself, with a tad inability to make up my mind – in general – I wore this skirt with a bit of everything. White sneakers, navy inspired t-shirt, gangsta-glam earrings, bold lips, and to make things even more confusing I ate cotton candy and let my childish persona run around like a crazy kid while doing all this.

THIS was literally one of my fave looks, and evenings well spent, and it taught me something. I am at that boring age now, when I tend to see more in everything and better myself with time. Much like wine. So… what I learned is to never have preconceived ideas about nothing. Not even a full midi skirt. Now don’t you roll those pretty eyes at me. I can’t stand full skirts ON ME. Being tall I always thought they made me look too matronly, too big, too pretentious. You get it. Welllllllllll… you see I kinda, sorta, might have reconsidered this. I felt pretty good and pretty pretty in this white cloudy full midi skirt. Thank you very much.

If you like… you can buy it here – WHITE FULL SKIRT | Choies 

I will leave you now with the photos from the cotton candy evening adventure, and I hope you enjoy them.


full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-1 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-2 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-3 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-4 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-7 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-8 dana-cristina-straut-full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-9 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-11-dana-cristina-straut full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-12 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-13-dana-cristina-straut full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-17 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-19 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-20 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-21 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-23-dana-cristina-straut full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-24-dana-cristina-straut full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-26 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-30 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-31 dana-cristina-straut-full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-33 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-34

Get the look here: white skirt | CHOIES 

Photos by the wonderful Florina Ciupertea. You can now follow her on Instagram – @florinaciupertea

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!




Whether or not you give a shit, imma tell you something anyway: ever since I met this sophisticated flawless and flawed mama called Fashion, I’m always late. All. The. Time. And *this* is happening to somebody – as in moi – who was never late. Actually, if anything I was always early. But you see, it’s not cool to be early, or so I’ve heard. Plus there’s a ton of stuff we gotta mingle by the time we’re 30, and this alone is a great excuse for those 15 min late. Okay, sometimes. 20. Maybe 30. Sometimesss perhaps an hour. So kill me.

If you add in this life equation the brilliance and headaches fashion alone gives us – well, then we’re pretty much fucked. I mean leave it to me to be buried in clothes, and then bitch about not having anything to wear, being so creatively at a loss that I almost always end up in jeans and a tee. And then I get those ignoramus stares and raised eyebrows all the way to the back if their heads: ‘THIS is why you’re late?! Ugh.’ Ugh, yourself, thank you very much.

To my defence I am trying though. And now… ever since I was gifted with THIS beautiful watch from Elliot Havok – I seriously have no more excuses.

dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-5 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-30 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-7

If I were to say one thing about this watch – style wise – it’d be ‘dayumn’. A reaction that might come as a shock to many. Or not. While I may across as a girl who’s quite obsessed with bling, and opulence, and in-your-face statements – I ain’t saying I’m not. Uh-huh. I’m owning that shit – but sometimes I do love a bit of balance. God knows I need it in my life. On all levels. Fashion is the least of my concerns of course, but I gotta start somewhere, right?

The watch I’m wearing in this post – Oxford Havok Watch – is a masculine style, with a black leather belt, a classic, minimalist design which makes it so so easy to wear and style with anything.

For example: if I’m wearing something very loud, and very colourful, bold, or urban-glam the watch balances the whole look. It really blends in.

If however I wear something simple and classic like the look in this post – beige suede culottes, white top, classic heels, and an office bag – it compliments the look. It’s clean, professional, slightly trendy. Not too over the top.

classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-3 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-23 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-35

Elliot Havok‘s classic watches have that fashion classic minimalist quality to them, and THAT is precisely the reason they look amazing and can translate this sophistication and incredibly good taste to whatever it is you’re wearing. I always find this watch to be a bit French-chic with a twist of retro, a dash of masculinity, and a grown up refinement that comes with age, and perfected style.

And its most important trait: it helps me tell time, hence trying to prevent me from running late. Does it succeed? Imma let my friends get back to me on that one.

I wasn’t running late when my friend and I were shooting this blogpost. That’s gotta count for something. And by the way, as always it was a great early evening, when again we had tones of fun working at magic hour, we got creative, we were in the mood, we had our chats and rants, and at the end of the day we came up with these pics.

*dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-1 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-4 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-6 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-8 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-9 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-11 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-12 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-13 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-14 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-15 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-16 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-17 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-18-dana-cristina-straut classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-20 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-21 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-22 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-25-dana-cristina-straut dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-26 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-27 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-29 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-33 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-35

Errr… if you too have a thing for classic watches, for fantastic designs, you’re a bit of a sartorial too, or you’re just chronically running late – Elliot Havok got your back.

SHOP the Oxford Havok Watch here | Elliot Havok

Photos by my wonderful friend and photographer Florina Ciupertea. Thank you!

Follow her on Instagram for some amazing photos – @florinaciupertea