Silver Love.

There are gold people and then there are silver people. I am certainly the former, but every now and then I’ll take a dip into the silver team and actually truly enjoy it.

Such was the situation a month ago when I decided to drape myself in blue (again not a very seldom drive in my case) and wear the silver pearl set I got from Star Harvest Jewellery. 

They’ve been so kind to gift me this silver set and 2 more golden pieces that I’ll show you in a future blogpost, that I feel incredibly blessed. Their brand is solely focused on quality jewellery pieces, all perfect designed silver, with classic or more edgy cuts depending on your style.

Their shop is really packed with the most fab items. The shipping is fast and the wrapping of the jewellery is beyond fantastic, so their jewellery could just make the perfect gift you know.

Star Harvest Jewellery Shop is the hub for any type of quality piece for either girls or boys, for a special moment in one’s life, for a certain celebration (graduation, wedding, anniversary etc.), with a massive offer on rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, sets – anything you could possible imagine.

I am wearing a silver pearl jewellery set – earrings and necklace with a pendant – that is just perfect for silver lovers with a penchant for classic and refined pieces. The quality is insane, it is silver, beautifully crafted and designed, with a pearl on each earring and on the pendant, adorned with sparking tiny gem stones.

It is such a beautiful classic piece that goes great on an evening dress, a wedding dress, an office power suit, and even a casual outfit. Maybe sans the earrings, but the necklace is for sure a piece that can easily blend into a relaxed outfit, giving it the top-knotch edge we all wanna have with no effort whatsoever.


silver jewellerysilver-jewellery-starvarvest-thefashiontag-4silver-jewellery-starvarvest-thefashiontag-3silver-jewellery-starvarvest-thefashiontag-6silver-jewellery-starvarvest-thefashiontag-5silver-jewellery-starvarvest-thefashiontag-10

I received it as a compliment from Star Harvest Jewellery and I couldn’t be more humbled and happy about it. And as I said, the wrapping of the package was absolutely stunning, so… my dear little sartorial lovers, if you’re on the lookout for beautiful high quality perfectly designed jewellery pieces for yourself or for a gift to somebody very special – this shop is for you.

Photos by Florina Ciupertea.


The Perfect Jacket!

They said 2016 is all about oversized jackets and new sartorial crushes, aka ‘can we please try a little harder than the already too-worn leather jacket?! Thank you.’ My prayers were answered – a jacket that has it all, but it’s not leather – has arrived.

Actually it’s got superpowers, and tons of swag, and versatility, and I can sometimes wear it to the gym, and sometimes to work, and sometimes for meetings when I pair it with uber posh outfits. It’s sporty and casual, with a retro-college reminiscence that gives it incredible sophistication when I pair it with smarter outfits.

My Captain America Varsity Jacket is officially my fave item in the world, and to be honest with you it’s my favourite jacket so far. I love that it’s slightly oversized, I got it in size M, which means two things.

(1) It makes me look like those super cool kids/bloggers/can’t-be-bothered-rich-babes-who-love-the-hobo-look in an instant, especially when I wear it with mom jeans and sneakers or brogues, bold lips, and messy hair. It is literally the easiest look in the world. Being oversized makes it perfect for the fashion-editor-swag-look: wearing it around your shoulders. Being an oversized varsity jacket it makes me feel like a college kid. Again.

(2) Oversized means it fits the boys, so when my husband tried it on and it fit him (though it’s a bit too fitted for him, but it works), he was like ‘Okay, this is officially mine, I’m stealing it.’ He loves it. It is a men’s jacket which makes it so much better for the girls. The sartorial irony, I know.

We, of course decided to share it.


Why is Captain America the perfect jacket? Not only it ticks the trend boxes of 2016 (oversized, menswear inspired, sporty-athleisure), but it really has superpowers.

Fashion superpowers.

No matter what you have on, no matter the #OOTD, the moment you put this oversized varsity jacket on your back, or just let it chic’ly hang off your shoulders, you look like you got swag and you mean business. You know your shit.

It’s sophisticated, and it has a retro sort of college traditional vibe to it that makes it effortlessly cool. The colour is brilliant: dark blue with white and red stripes for that sporty casual vibe. And it has the superhero badge. Shut the front door.

Quality wise it’s insane: it’s soft, it keeps you warm, you don’t sweat in it, it’s not bulky which is great when you do oversized, so it follows you body-line naturally. Price wise it’s a bargain, and the shipping is super fast.

Of course Captain America might not be your #1 hero, and that’s fine, cause the shop – Celebsclothing – has all the superheroes jackets. It is the most popular movie clothing store. So just make sure you check them out here and find your own. I’m telling you they are fabulous. The perfect statement-traditional mix in jackets.

I wore my oversized varsity jacket with jeans + cropped top + velcro sneakers + bold lips + bling cause that’s like the most comfortable style for me, and that was my mood that day. But Captain America looks great with anything from athleisure outfits to heels and smart attire. Trust me, it’s all road-tested.

And now the photos:



Captain America Varsity Jacket | Superhero & Varsity Jackets | Celebsclothing Shop 

Photos by Florina Ciupertea. 

Have a great week my loves. xoxo



Classic & Luxe

There are dresses, and then there are DRESSES. When it comes to CECILY dresses – my favourite dresses brand for office & events – that’s how I cut a long story short. And trust me this is coming from a woman whose eyes wander more often than not over to edgier and sometimes more extravagant pieces. But, if my age and sartorial adventures have taught me anything it’s that sometimes classic and luxurious are winning tickets.

You can never, in a million years beat a classic cut dress, perfect for office or even some more formal events. Sure, you can give it a slight edge and twist and make it your own, but it remains a classic one.

So I take my hat off to Cecily dresses for this. They really deliver to the perfect clean cut and refined look that women want in a dress. They understand it 100%, so their dresses are the go-to-itmes for occasions when you want to look and FEEL your best in the classiest way possible. And YES, comfort wise they’re fantastic, all the three dresses I wore felt like second skin, a bit stretchy so it feels natural to move, but fitted so you know your dress is like an armour for luxury on you. Quality wise, shut the front door. It’s more than you can ever bargain for.

They got me, and I’m a hard nut to crack when it comes to classic over trendy, but I felt like a 1950s movie star, or like some Italian rich woman from a James Bond film. I do realise the resemblance is hardly striking and the illusion is solely in my head, but that’s fine with me, you know.

I do belive we sometimes dress for comfort or for nailing effortless looks, but sometimes a woman wants to feel powerful, sexy, successful, bossy, fashionable, while all the while incredibly feminine and herself. Cecily dresses make this happen. They do for me.

I am wearing: Natasha Dress | Karen Dress (in red) | Gina Dress (in black)


Okay, you’re probably thinking it so imma just say it… which one was my favourite? You could point a gun to my head and I still could’t tell you.

Gina dress is more my style and I felt like this rich woman in a Bond series wearing it. But then a week earlier when I had Karen dress on I was in love with it. I LOVE it still. And Natasha fit me like a glove. It’s a tie ladies, that’s how great these dresses are. It’s like they give me these moods that I live in for the rest of the day.

And what day it was. Each day wearing them and shooting photos with my talented photographer pal – was a day well spent. It always is, but it did feel cinema-like, and if I’m a sucker for anything it’s fashion and movies. So I got a bit of both worlds with this editorial.

And now ALL the photos.

Karen Dress 



Natasha Dress



Gina Dress



Thank you Cecily for yet again another fabulous collaboration. Your dresses, I just can’t say no to, and I LOVE that.

Thank you Florina Ciupertea for the amazing photos.

Get the look and shop for fab dresses here:

CECILY Shop | Natasha dress | Gina Dress | Karen dress





#REDasmyheart: Statement Look In Two Piece Dress

That I’m as quick tempered as a storm, and fiery as fire can get is no surprise, so there is really no wow factor to the fact that I feel at my mostest when draped in red. Yeah, yeah I know, what a cliche. But when I’m wearing red and a gorgeous dress like the one in this post I’m again walking as if Beyonce and I are singing “I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want.” Damn right. And we strut. We don’t walk.

I’ve been dying to wear this dress for a long time and let me just say that the wait was totally worth it. It’s a two-piece dress that is insanely sexy AND comfortable (yes, that is possible), it’s perfect for more va-va-voom occasions when you want to make a statement, but don’t wanna go all out you know.

Two-piece dresses are the new IT dresses of our time, and we’re thankful for this to mostly the Kardashians, they’ve been in crop tops and pencil midi high wasited skirts all year round for quite some time. So I gave it a try and I’m sticking with it.


MY LOOK. My two piece dress is from DevilPlus Shop – an online shop with all the sexy thangs you may need, but also with TONS of fashion dresses  that suit every situation when you wanna, you know, turn heads.

They have maxi dresses, evening dresses, peplum, midi, sweater, print – anything you love they have it.

I am currently *still* obsessed with midi dresses and sweater dresses so this is exactly what I am wearing: this sweater two-piece dress in red. 

Clearly I love it for that Beyonce effect, but also because it’s quite versatile. Being a sweater dress makes this piece perfect for cold seasons as well, and also it’s thick fabric is stretchable so it fits any body type, while hugging it and keeping it into place. The two-piece situation is perfect: you can wear the top with something else (I’ve worn it with high waisted jeans and LOVED it), and the skirt is perfect for office days even, paired with a longer top, a tucked in blouse.

Being midi makes it appropriate for so many occasions, and being all covered up plays that up. Don’t be fooled by the bare mid-riff, it’s a tiny tiny piece of skin barely visible and very adjustable.

All in all the dress is fab. It delivers on the WOW, it delivers on the comfort, and it’s so much more than one dress. It’s a statement. With two pieces which you can incorporate into your wardrobe and put together quite a few extra outfits.

And now the pics.



Get the look:

Sweater DressesDevilPlus | Red Turtleneck Two-Piece Sweater Dress




Name Necklaces: The One Thing I Always Have On

Right about the time ‘Sex And The City’ was breaking through and Carrie was causing commotions with her looks and her beautiful name necklace, that’s right about the same time I started coveting her style AND decided that all I ever wanted was a name necklace of my own.

Forward a few years later (okay, tones of years later) and ta-daaa! my wish not only came true, but I was happy it did. Cause you know sometimes you think you want something up until you actually get it, and then you realise you don’t want it anymore. Yeah, not the case here, hence the title.

My wish came true courtesy of Onecklace – my favourite jewellery and name necklace brand in the world. These guys rock. They are insane. The best quality in the world, everything’s gold or silver plated, the designs are amazing, the shipping is fast, the team over there is brilliant, the packaging is fantastic (great gifts alert!).

Those who know me, or those who don’t, but they randomly spot me in pics have seen how, regardless of what I wear or where I go to, I always have my NAME NECKLACE on. All. The. Time. I probably only took it off when I got married, cause I was wearing silver jewellery and my name necklace is gold. But that’s it.

I shower in it, I wear it to work, to parties, to swimming, to the beach, to get drunk, to get sober, to bed, to anywhere. And because it’s gold plated it looks brand new even after all these years, and I love it just as much. It’s so stuck on my heart and my persona, that I feel naked and bare without it.


I’ve lost two of them over the years, but luckily the team over at Onecklace have gifted me with another name necklace + a fantastic engraved necklace that was custom made to my fave ‘quote’: WILD THING. aka moi.

That’s the thing about Onecklace: you go to their shop and it’s literally a heaven for beautiful jewellery lovers. They have so many amazing designs, pieces, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, engraved, name plated that you can custom design to your own likes, or occasion, or person.

And YES, it is the go-to place for the perfect gift. A name necklace or engraved piece that says a person’s name or meaningful words for them or for you is the biggest and sweetest statement one can make to another loved one.

Not to mention – the necklaces are so dainty and beautifully designed they blend in with more pieces if you should want to layer, or they can just as well stand on their own. And they look fab with just about any outfit.

Also… bloggers’ alert: if you spell the name of your blog on it, it’ll be a great way to spread the word and have people ask you what it says, and then you’d be obliged to answer and happy to explain. #guilty

Anyway I chose to show it to you guys wearing a simple black dress & black light trench-coat. Photos are shot by my fave pal in the world with an eye of a tiger. Loved that spring day, and love the shots.


Get the look:

Name necklace | Engraved necklace | Onecklace 

Photos by Florina Ciupertea.

Have a fab week my loves. xoxo


If you’d have told me that day would be one of the best, I’d have said you’d gone completely mad, with no respect whatsoever for my splitting hangover, and my ultimate level of laziness. I mean you can’t beat a Saturday lazy as fuck situation. Oh man, but you wooed me with that 60s music I was so into, and with those green eyes, and that smile. Goddamn. Also there was no food left in the fridge, and I was having my healthy moment crisis of no more pizza, so I decided to get my shit together, put my face on, and hit the farmer’s market with you,on our way to pick up your guitar from last night’s gig. It was windy, and warm, and cloudy, and I was wearing pastel (which I never am), and you felt inspired by the setting and my messy hair, and in what I call a perfect moment you took some pics. Sometimes you plan things you know, and sometimes they just happen. I always feel the latter is the best scenario. Whatever we can’t control is where the best bits of us and of life lie. #deepshit

I think I should party more often and pray for a next day #WhenItJustHappens moment.


No, I’m serious. Like my best moments happened either when slightly intoxicated or heavily hungover.

Anyway, I will not tell anymore stories, but leave the pics below + links to what I wore in case you know, my messy look (yes I am aware that trench is wrinkled, but there’s only so much ironing one can master given the above situation. I tried though.) triggers a me-too-kinda-thing.



Similar look:

Trench coat | Jack of All Trades T-shirt | Shoes |

Have a fab week. xoxo




Bandage. Cream & Cappuccino.

Much like anything great in life – relationships, love, chemistry, friendship, fun, laziness, inspiration – you can’t force a great outfit. It just doesn’t happen. You’d think it only has to do with the actual clothes, but no. C’mon, even we are not that shallow. A great outfit is a perfect combo of what you’re wearing, with how you’re feeling, your details, state of mind, mood, great light, great hair day, great face day, et all.

And also, you never want to waste a great #OOTD on a basic situation, right?

Well I am bloody grateful I waited to drape myself in cappuccino and cream colours and let my body get hugged and loved by this amazing bandage dress. It was a good day. One of those perfect combos coming together. Or so I like to think.

After a very brief and very fun previous Friday night, I woke up Saturday morning fresher than a banana, put my hair in a sleek low ponytail, rocked dark lips (actually a combination of 3 lipsticks gave birth to that one), and squeezed my body into one of my latest gifts: a bandage dress from The Kewl Shop. Oh. My. God. That I am sometimes vain, is no news, but I LOVED myself in this dress, and you know what, I ain’t scared of saying it. It is International Women’s Day today, after all.

bandage-dress-kewl-shop-1 bandage-dress-kewl-shop-27bandage-dress-kewl-shop-11

This bandage dress is purely the best for two reasons: 1) the quality is insane, the fabric being bandage is so thick and stretchy, it holds it all together, pulls it in, squeezes it, the straps and cuts are body fit in the best way possible, it takes 10 seconds to put on and even less to take off if you have the right help, AND 2) the moment you’re dressed in it you literally hear Beyonce’s ‘I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want’ song in the background. No, I’m serious.

Man, I was feeling this dress, and so was my photographer pal, and so were the tens of people passing by and taking pics themselves. Yeah, that happened. Talk about not at all awkward moments.

All YES to this dress, for its high-quality fabric, for fast shipping, for being exactly as expected if not more, and for that razzamatazz it makes you feel once you squeeze into it. Not to sound as if I’m shoving them down your throat, but if you’re looking for hot dresses to wear to evening events, parties, going out moments THE KEWL SHOP is the online place to shop. It’s packed with bandage dresses, long, short, midi, two-pieces, you name it. I would literally wear all their dresses, especially the white, nude ones. Cause I have the obsession right now.

Enough talk. Here’s the pics.



I am wearing Sophisticated & Edgy Bandage Dress | The Kewl Shop | bandage dresses collection

Photos by Florina Ciupertea.


And then he looked up from under his green eyes and said, ‘Hey kid, let’s go be wild cats this Saturday, sip wine out the bottle, live in expensive hotel rooms, and make some movie memories for when we’re grey and old.’ 

If I decided to sleep on my couch all weekend, wearing the same pjs, watching the best movies, and pigging out on massive amounts of pizzas, a.k.a. ‘Dear life, sitting this one out.’ – chances are the weather would be perfect: sun shining, perfect light, warm wind blowing, birds singing my fave tunes, people dancing all around, no clouds on my sky, but my head would be high. #rhymesalert You know like those Woody Allen films just before some character falls in love.

So, around this time last November, Mr. FashionTag and I decided to finally do something with our lives, so we packed light, and went to where our hearts always take us. No. Not the Maldives. The second one on our list: Budapest. With a list of things to do that included and celebrated hedonism and laziness we couldn’t go wrong. And we were right.

We only had one major promise to each other: that no matter what happens we’d take loads, and loads, and loads, and loads, and loads of pics to mark our experience. For the generations of kids and grandkids to come, you know. Unlike our prior sofa-weekends, that precise Saturday clouds decided to make an appearance and basically fuck up the lightning. They did however set the tone for other pleasant innuendos.

We went for a morning coffee, for a brunch, for an early wine, for a stroll in the park, to check out the market, the Citadella, the pubs, the bars, The Danube. We had a brief rest, and then started all over again. Click, click, click sounds here and there, and we kinda made it a great Saturday.

Thank God for those clouds, otherwise we would’ve been clicking our way outta IRL-moments.



weekend-look-thefashiontag-winter-2thefashiontag-travelling-style-7weekend-look-thefashiontag-winter-4thefashiontag-travelling-style-13 thefashiontag-travelling-style-5thefashiontag-travelling-style-4thefashiontag-travelling-style-15 thefashiontag-travelling-style-3thefashiontag-travelling-style-912345 thefashiontag-travelling-style-10 thefashiontag-travelling-style-12123456 thefashiontag-travelling-style-2thefashiontag-travelling-style-14weekend-look-thefashiontag-winter-3

What the hell am I wearing?

Get the look:

‘Teddy Bear’ Coat | Sweater | Skinny Jeans – Topshop | New Balance Sneakers | Choker Primark| Rings H&M | Bag – H&M

Aaaaand that’s a wrap my pretty little fashion lovers.

Photos by Mr. FashionTag. #LOVE

Have a fab weekend! xoxo


A Variety of Men’s Wedding Bands In Style Today

Wedding bands, at least where men are concerned, were never given much importance in the past. In fact, most men did not even wear a wedding band until as recently as just over one hundred years ago. Even then, most of the bands being worn were very simple and plain. Most men wore the same type of wedding band – a plain yellow gold band that did not make much of a statement at all. All of that has changed today as men have become more aware of the jewelry and accessories they wear and want something that stands out and looks great. Rings like men’s diamond wedding bands and other styles are much more in vogue today and there is a bigger selection than ever before.


Go Traditional with a Twist
You can still go with a traditional look if that is what you want but you can also add a twist of style and design to your wedding band. Traditional gold wedding band sets are still very popular, but today you can get them with all kinds of additions to them. Many people choose to get a band with a simple diamond added to it. Others may choose a more ornate design and get something with a Celtic knot or other Celtic design to reflect their heritage. There are also many other surface designs that can be found on a gold band to add some texture to it to make it different. When you want to look at the variety of men’s wedding bands that are available today, check out the bands available at Union Diamond.

men-wedding-bands.6 men-wedding-bands

Different Metals and Styles
You will find many more options available to you than in the past. You can get your wedding band in more than just the yellow gold of the past. Many men today choose titanium, platinum, white gold, palladium or even rose gold to get a completely different and unique look. You can then choose from among the countless styles available that make use of very unique inlays and designs that may appeal to you. You can then choose from brushed or polished looks to get the shine you like most. This allows you to have a ring that has your own personal style to it and is different from most of the other men that you know.

men-wedding-bands.1 men-wedding-bands.4 men-wedding-bands.5

The Internet can be a great source for you when it comes to choosing a wedding band. Union Diamond has such a wide selection for men that you will find everything from the classic looks to contemporary and everything in between. They have bands that are suited to any budget and can help you to find just the right size and style that will provide you with the ideal ring. If your wedding band is going to be the only piece of jewelry that you wear, you want to make sure it is something that speaks well of your style and make it something that is a true reflection of you.



, ,

My Valentine’s Day WISHLIST

I swear sometimes it feels as if we literally jump from one festivity to another, and what follows on the list of parties, celebrations and fab outfits is none other than Valentine’s Day. Can I get a love song here? No? It’s fine. I’ve had so much alcohol and sleepless nights poured into me lately I’m doing just fine entertaining on my own. So many love songs playing in my head, so many candies waiting to be served, that the only thing missing at this point is… a fantastic dress. You know, something to slip my not-so-fab body into, before I go out and let the vices take over me. That’s the plan.

We celebrate loooove, and for that we need some amazing looks to shop. To bedazzle our partners you know. No. It’s for us actually, the beautiful ladies who love fashion a little too much to sit this one out.

Hey! If there’s a party, if there’s love, if there’s a hot man next to me, a constant flow of liquor, and sweets I’m in. And we can’t really show up in whatever outfit, can we? So I truly proclaim this Valentine’s Day a day in RED. I know, how groundbreaking. But seriously, why fix it if it ain’t broken. Red is the colour of sin. Oh, I mean passion and love. Tomato tomato.

So what I did today was to wake up with a case of red and love overdose, and I decided to go online to my new shop crush – Sammydress and put together a wishlist of looks I’d totally do for Valentine’s Day.

Key words in this situations are: lots of red, beautiful jewellery for accessorising, and stiletto heels. Think simplicity, with a dose of hotness, never too much or over-the-top dresses, but simple, chic, form fitted of A-lined.

red-outfits-valentines-day valentines-day-sexy-looks

So, here are my picks, click on links to browse or shop:

 discount for you guys. Just use the code –

VLTSD for 15% until February 20, OR Rebaja (permanent) – when shopping at Sammydress. 🙂

A red dress with a pair of fab earrings, a choker, or a ring, high classic stiletto heels on, and a dash of makeup will have you looking smoking hot for the evening. In a very simple way mind you.

sammy-dresses valentines-day

If red is not your cup of tee, mark my words – you can never go wrong with black. A LBD is a classic forever. Paired with classic pumps, and a pair of gorgeous earrings, and you’ll be owning that date night.

sammydresses sexy-dresses-valentines-day

For a more feminine light casual approach opt for those mid-length flirty silky dresses a la Monica Bellucci. Think 50s mixed with a bit of todays edge. I love love love the 2 dresses from Sammydress I picked for you for this look.


There’s also a 10% discount for you guys. Just use the code – VLTSD for 15% until February 20, OR Rebaja (permanent)  – when shopping. 🙂

Now… if I’m waaaay off on this Valentine’s Day fashions, which I might be (who the fuck am I to draw the rules here, and who says a bra and a pair of knickers won’t do, or a pj. More than half of us will probably end up in birthday suits anyway. Well hopefully.), rest assured my beloved little cats, as Sammydress has a bunch of clothes and outfits you can pick from to spice it up or down for you on the big day. I mean night.

Not to sound old or anything… clothes are great, a sexy dress is dayumn hot, a red look is beyond, but we’d better make sure we back that shit up with more than a glass, or two, or three, ok, make that a bottle. We gotta bring some of our funny witty smart and irresistible personality to the table.

Have a fab weekend my gorgeous little ones.