Close your eyes. Picture yourself in a Mad Men inspired set. Ah… that shirt on his back, that slicked back hair, your retro dress, the vinyl sound playing your fave 60s song. This is not a dream. It could be your Christmas this year, as RETRO is back in 2017 and it’s got a hold of more than just our retro clothing. It’s spread on to our men’s daily fashions, and our home decor.

The future sounds great: new trends are fantastic, extravagance is beyond, but there’s just something about RETRO that is time-traveling-irresistible and kinda cool to surround yourself with. Besides, it’s got a special vibe to it, so going all retro with your Christmas gifts this year could turn into an unforgettable holiday.

Ladies, let’s get real now… we know how to do retro, whether it’s just splash in our outfit or a head-to-toe look, our office decor, or our homes… we kinda nail it. I know, we are savvy like that. So, why not take this retro savvy thing and gift it to the gorgeous little suckers in our lives: the men we so love to annoy. And then perhaps gift some retro fabulousness to our family, and sprinkle some retro vibe around our homes. Hear me out.

3 Retro Christmas Gift Ideas to consider this year for the most unforgettable and stylish holiday.

1.RETRO Clothing for men.

Nothing screams polished and cool with a dash of perfect style like a MOD inspired man look. Stop sighing and start doing something about it. You love it, your man will love it.

Personally, I love men that have a certain effortless and laid back vibe to them, but also a man in a perfectly tailored look with a dash of those rebel mixed with smart Mod 60s… now I love me some of that too. It’s a style that can be easily translated to office wear, and still kept laid back with just a few Mod inspired items like a shirt, or a pair of shoes.

Shop the best menswear MOD inspired gifts from top designers for your gorgeous hunk right below.

Atom Retro | Retro Gifts for Men



2. MOD clothing for girls. Who does not dream of those 60s little dresses and psychedelic prints, and decadent coats, and boho-rockenroll-queen inspired outfits? We’re all queens and flawless – no question there – but now we can look the part. Retro is back at it in 2017 and you know what? Don’t sit this one out…

Retro clothing for both girls and boys is versatile and works for the office as well as weekends or parties. It’s all a matter of style. So whether it’s for you, your partner, your sister, your bestie, your mom – Atom Retro’s got some of the best retro fashion gifts for women.

Atom Retro | Retro Gifts for Women


retro-women retro-women-style

3. Retro homeware. If you’re the kind of person who loves a great decor in your home or your office, who lives for those tiny details that make all the difference and can turn the worst day into the best, seriously gift yourself and your loved ones with some retro homeware from Atom Retro. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

It’s like tea tastes better from a retro inspired kettle. Music sounds better on vinyl. Come on, everyone knows that. A lamp on your bedside feels better when it looks like it’s borrowed from a Mad Men episode.

Really, it’s all about the details. And if retro fashion is a bit too much for some, you cannot NOT introduce them to great retro style with these PERFECT Christmas gifts: telephones, mugs, clocks…

Atom Retro | Retro Home Decor Gifts



Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go browse through Atom Retro and shop some retro fab pieces for my 70s rock n’ roll self, and my 60s rock n’ roll man.


What is sexier than a beautiful man? A beautiful man in a parka. Duh. 

If you think I forgot about men, you’re right I did. But thanks to friends and a nagging brother with a penchant for fashion I dedicate today to you: the boys who wanna know what jacket to wear this winter!

And if you think the title is misleading with the ‘ALL men’, it’s not. So dad, yes, this one’s for you too.

I really think, contrary to its disguising ubiquity – the PARKA coat is the most flattering and warmest coat of them all. And YES, men of all sorts look a bit better in it. Okay, they look hot, and probably feel hot as well. Tall, short, fat, thin, super sexy men, not so super sexy men, winter lovers, summer lovers – any, and all boys wear parkas. Or should wear #PARKAS.

men-fashion-parkas men-parka-2017-3 men-parka-2017-4

This post practically hit me in the face today, cause you see… everyone I know these days is either looking for the best parka, or wearing one. Hmm. Myself included. The looking part. And while I’m looking I’m fucking seeing them everywhere, on all the men out there. From the youngest to the oldest I swear to God, wherever I look, left, right, in the back, in the front, in shopping malls, in restaurants, in taxis. They are everywhere. Men in parkas that is.

And they all have one thing in common. (Besides the parka). They look great!

Boys, I think we’re onto something here, and I think the PARKA coat for men just became a winter staple.


What PARKAS to wear in 2017?

  • Fur-lined.
  • Long.
  • Side pockets.
  • Hooded.
  • Military green, black, white, blue, red, brown.
  • Huge fur lined hood.

You can buy my fave parkas for men here.

Click on image to shop.


How to wear PARKAS?

With anything.

They look so great, and make any men look fantastic that it doesn’t matter how you wear it. Regardless of your style – smart, office, casual, sport, rock, punk – the parka is the perfect fit. Just try and see how great it blends whether you wear it over a suit, a hoodie, or a sweater. It’s really the most versatile piece in the world. So you can’t go wrong with it. Ever.

men-parka-2017-26 men-parka-2017-7

Where to wear PARKAS? 


You heard me. From office, to mountain trip weekends, to casual weekends in the city, to smart and posh events, to the gym, to drinks with your buddies, to dates, to cocktail parties. A-ny-wh-ere.

I know men don’t really like a lot of talk, so I’m gonna call this a wrap, and let the street style pics inspire you my beautiful boys. Here we go.


men-parka-2017 men-parka-2017-1 men-parka-2017-2 men-parka-2017-5 men-parka-2017-6 men-parka-2017-8 men-parka-2017-9 men-parka-2017-10 men-parka-2017-11 men-parka-2017-12 men-parka-2017-13 men-parka-2017-14 men-parka-2017-15 men-parka-2017-16 men-parka-2017-17 men-parka-2017-18 men-parka-2017-22 men-parka-2017-23 men-parka-2017-24 men-parka-2017-27 men-parka-2017-29 men-parka-2017-31 men-parka-2017-32 men-parka-2017-33 men-parkas men-parkas-2017 parka-men-looks parkas parkas-over-suits-men

If you got a fur-lined parka, well… I’m probably saying ‘dayum’ in my mind as we speak. Now go do a twirl for eye-candy mankind.

If you don’t have a parka, well… just scroll back up, and browse my fave picks for you, and buy a parka for the love of God.

Have a fab day you gorgeous parka loving boys.


Before y’all hair gurus say the obvious on this one – like how late I am on the balayage being THE hair color trend right now – please know I know. You’re right though. Balayage has been an IT hair gimmick for quite a while. It was the the ombre trend and its death that actually brought balayage as a trend into spotlight for the past few years, and still going strong.

So I guess I’m right too. Amen to that! (to all of us being right.)


What exactly is BALAYAGE?

The word per se is French, and it’s actually a hair dye technique used for quite a while to give your mane that natural sun-kissed look we’re all naturally having in summer. It’s the most beautiful and natural mix of highlights and shades of blonde, caramel, honey, ash, brunette et all.

[the hair dye is applied on sections of hair, not from top to bottom].


It’s like the summer, the sun, the beach, and all their sunny gorgeous friends decided to have a party in your hair, and the outcome is brilliant as opposed to the after party mess. And it gets better in time. Ha!

Which brings me to the time situation with balayage. Who cares about time? That’s right. It’s such a natural looking hair color trend that you don’t need to re-touch it very often, in fact skipping on a few hair appointments will only make it look better: lighter ends, darker roots.

This technique has been having its natural way with my hair since I was a kid: born with super blonde hair which turned dark blonde growing up, but in summer it always looked better than ever, cause of how it naturally had that highlighted sun-kissed effect.

Now, thanks to balayage, imma get me some sun-kissed hair in mid winter.

balayage balayage balayage

Who can get Balayage?

Anyone really, as it’s a super versatile technique for all hair types and colours. There’s blonde balayage which can actually range from ash blonde to honey blonde, to golden blonde, or dark blonde. Then, there’s the caramael chocolate balayage which is slightly darker. And then there is brunette balayage ,so yes you can actually do balayage on dark hair.

Also, apparnelty there is the balayage highlight, or omblre, whichever floats your boat.

In my humbled non-hair guru opionion, but still one who’s tried all the shades from blonde to brunette throughout time, I think balayage is the most falttering hair colur trend ever, and anyone can look amazing with both blonde or dark balayage, it’s all just a matter of the right tone. Golden warm tones versus cold tones. And the lunky ones are neutral, so that means they can pull of any tone. 

balayage-brunette 2017-hair-trends balayage-hair-looks

Why it’s the best hair color trend ever?

It’s low maintance, it’s incredly flattering on everyone being so dynamic and not uni-dimensionl (or whatever), it looks young, fresh, and very effortlessly sophisticated.

It flatters the skin tone, and looks like you literally sat in summer all day long.

Great. Now I’m having a season meltdown here. #summernostalgia

And the worst part is winter’s not even here.

Anyway, here are the pics for hair color inspo.


2017-hair-color-trend-balayage-1 2017-hair-color-trend-balayage-9 2017-hair-color-trend-balayage-10 2017-hair-color-trend-balayage-11


2017-hair-color-trend-balayage-19 2017-hair-color-trend-balayage-20

2017-hair-color-trend-balayage-23 2017-hair-color-trend-balayage-24 2017-hair-color-trend-balayage-25 balayage-hair-trend-2016 balayage-looks balayage-style brunette-balayage hair-2017 balayage-trend latina-balayage hair-2017-balayage hair-style-2917-balayage hair-color-trend-2017

Happy hair day I guess!



We’ve all got staples we love, and #ootd we obsess about, but I strongly believe that the T-shirt is the sartorial star behind a lot of our fashion daily choices. And when that choice is backed up by a special kinda message we wanna convey to the world, well… it don’t get no better.

The title of this style-post is not random. Well, few things about me are. Actually no, not really.

Anyway, there is a perfectly tailored meaning to the above.

The T-shirts I’m wearing are designed by a Madrid fashion brand – Individually Connected – around the very idea of CONNECTIONS and how we’re all tangled and united in this life and world, or strive to be so, while keeping our individuality and unique razzamatazz as intact as we can.

I LOVE this, and I love how beautiful and simple they convey this in their T-shirts. The design is simple, clean, very good quality, great message, great font (slightly retro), basic black and white colours, with a dash of red par example (like in the Connected T-shirt I’m wearing), spreading love and unity through simple but strong one word design on a black or white t-shirt for both girls and boys.

dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0574 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0576

Why I love Individually Connected T-shirts? Tbh I generally adore T-shirts. Period. And my uniform tends to be T-shirts X jeans. But, cross my heart on this one: these are my fave so far. I love their clean cut and clean design (the red Connected is my fave), and I love how they are fitted but not tight.

There is something so perfect about a great T-shirt that sort of hangs on your back in an effortless way, follows your body, but is not tight, and the sleeves sit a bit away from the arms (and they look skinnier). It’s long enough to tuck in, but also not too long to look weird if you wear it over jeans or a skirt. It’s thick, but not stiff, and it doesn’t wrinkle that bad, which is a massive PLUS for me at least.

Something about their T-shirts has a very classic retro vibe to it, and I LOVE that.

I think T-shirts in general have made a massive comeback into fashion for the past 5 years or so, and I strongly believe they will never leave us again, and from now on we’ll keep on wearing them anywhere, from office days to casual weekends.

Simple and clean designs are a IN right now, and have killed the busy t-shirts of the past. Classic black and white tees for both men and women are massive. So are clothes with a certain meaning to them, message, or just a movement they support as part of our generation’s take on this classic staple.

I am wearing the Connected t-shirt (size M) and the Love t-shirt (size M).


dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0572 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0536

dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0654 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0575 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0649 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0546 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0648 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0611 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0570 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0571

Get the look and #SpreadTheLove

Connected t-shirt | Love t-shirt | Shop | Instagram 

{Photos by Florina Ciupertea}



You know those perfect Instagram kitchen decors, with those perfect coffees resting on textured wooded tables, at which the most beautiful man we’ve seen is sitting in his effortless persona, disheveled hair, sexy everything, sipping that coffee while reading his morning paper through his eyeglasses? Yeah. What in the name of Lawd is hotter than that? Well, two things actually. Same scenario in a birthday suit, OR a woman doing the same thing. And if you pay close attention both have one thing in common: a perfect pair of eyeglasses

When it comes to eyeglasses we’re witnessing one of the best fashion and utility combos ever. Most people these days need glasses to function better. Hello short-sighted me and half the people I know. But eyewear has come a long way from being just that – glasses we use to see better. They’re fashion, they’re polished, they’re cool, they’re funky, and they come in so many designs to match each and everyone’s personal style, it’s fantastic. Shopping for a pair of great spectacles these days is a lot of fun.

One of the latest eyewear hubs I came across these days Express Glasses offers just that: a variety of the coolest eyeglasses to literally fit all tastes and styles for both men and women.

womne-eyewear-trends-2016-3 men-eyewear-trend-2016 eyewear-trends-2016 men-glasses-trends-2016-1

What to wear: EYEGLASSES trends 2017? It’s a party of colours, reds and browns being at the top, and a party of cool geeks.

The retro designs are still going strong. Thick rims are in, with a more wide variety of shapes, not just the classic ‘Mad Man’ inspired black wayfarers thick rimmed spectacles.

MEN: You know those retro tinier frames Johnny Depp is always wearing, as if he’s always poking his head from behind some novel or newspaper? Yes, those are the ones. They’re the perfect marriage of retro, and boho, and intellectual, and funky, and cool, and fashion, and geek, much like that guy I was telling you about in the beginning.

Thick rims look amazing on all designs, and because of that we’re witnessing a rise in the massive rims as well, those 70s inspired ones that Ryan Gossling had on in his ‘All good things’ movie.

men-glasses-trends-2016-10 men-glasses-trends-2016-2

WOMEN: That’s the thing, we’re blessed with the same styles + a huge variety of cat-eye inspired eyewear, of even bolder colours, and a redesign of the thin rimmed glasses that 70s French girls used to wear. Think retro shape in those 90s thin metallic rims.

All in all it’s a celebration of ALL is IN, with a penchant for bold colour and more classic geek rims. Which I think is fantastic.

THIS is precisely what I loved about this eyewear brand – Express Glasses, that they have the most beautiful spectacles in terms of colour and texture and a huge variety of retro rims that fit so many styles and looks it’s insane.

womne-eyewear-trends-2016-5 womne-eyewear-trends-2016-11

I am majorly crushing over red rimmed thick glasses right now, and a pair of brown retro Johnny Depp inspired ones. They are next on my list, and I already see them perfectly blended in my morning work routine, with my lose jeans and boyfriend button down shirt, working on my laptop.

I even see them on my husband as he’s songwriting on his guitar or reading his favourite book over coffee one morning. Because that’s the thing you know: they work for both women and men.

And then there are those eyeglasses that are a more polished version of the above, for those situations when you go out there and rule the world. Business suit and all. Posh dress and high heels.

WOMEN: check out more eyeglasses styles here – Express Glasses | Women eyeglasses


womne-eyewear-trends-2016-1 womne-eyewear-trends-2016-2 womne-eyewear-trends-2016-6 womne-eyewear-trends-2016-10 2016-eyewear-trends-women womne-eyewear-trends-2016-7 women-glasses-trends womne-eyewear-trends-2016-8 womne-eyewear-trends-2016-9 women-glasses

MEN: check out more eyeglasses styles here – Express Glasses | Men eyeglasses 


men-glasses-trends-2016-7 express-glasses men-glasses-trends-2016-4 men-glasses-trends-2016-5 men-glasses-trends-2016-6 men-glasses-trends-2016-3 men-glasses-trends-2016-12 men-glasses mens-eyewear men-glasses-trends-2016-8 men-glasses-trends-2016-9 men-glasses-trends-2016-11

And now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go make myself one more cup of coffee and as I sip on it wearing my spectacles I’ll be shopping for my next pair of retro thick rimmed eyewear pair here.



What to wear to work every day of the week and nail the office wear game?

We get to play with fashion and take style to work in our office outfits. Yay. Mondays – they’re the best of times, they’re the worst of times. Or maybe just the latter if you’re to pay any attention to all the facebook memes going around. Still, not all is lost on Mondays, cause alongside the blues and the weekend hangovers we’ve got office wear!

Please contain your excitement.

office wear

If our love for all sartorial things has taught us a valuable lesson it’s that this ‘passion for fashion’ blissful crap is both a gift as well as a nightmare.

How many of you really wake up and start singing of joy cause it’s Monday, and use the extra hour before work to try on work outfits ideas with a smile on your face, only to finally, in an even more fake-happy state of mind, pick a colorful posh combo office attire to go with your Monday happiness?

Yeah. I thought so.

If this is you, then read no more.

If however, every week 3 out of 5 times you find yourself running late, buried in clothes that to a mere mortal would make a killer office look, but to you they’re all ‘stuff’ that bring out the fashion monster inside you, leaving you looking stupid in your underwear staring at piles, and I mean PILES of clothes thinking ”Great! I’ve got nothing to wear”, then I’ve got 2 things to tell you.

(1) This post is for you, and

(2) You’re husband/BF/roommate (with no fashion penchant) probably thinks you’re crazy.

What to wear to work?

Cause the recurring question of ‘what to wear at work’ is pertinent from Monday to Friday, why not take a deep breath and put our creative fashion minds to work? With one side note: we need to figure out how to stop dressing boring to work! If you’ve got the secret please share. Errr please know, simple and classy do not boring make.

7 work outfit ideas to get you going from Mondays to Fridays.


1. The CLASSIC Look

Probably the most common and easiest way to dress for office and nail the wear to work situation, this work outfit is perfect for all jobs. But it’s also the most likely to get you looking boring, unless you remember this ONE TIP:

*always wear a statement piece, or add a fun item to your look (shoes, bag, jewellery, watch, lips, nails. It’s all in the details.).

If you’re looking to add some glamour and sophistication to your work attire, a diamond watch is an excellent choice of accessory. It not only serves as a functional timepiece but also as a statement piece that can take your outfit to the next level. Whether you choose to wear it with a classic suit or a simple dress, a diamond watch is a versatile and timeless accessory that exudes luxury and elegance. By incorporating this stunning piece into your work wardrobe, you can easily transform a basic outfit into a chic and polished look that’s sure to impress your colleagues and clients alike. So remember, when it comes to nailing the wear to work situation, it’s all in the details, and a diamond watch is the perfect detail to elevate your style.

office-wearoffice wearoffice wearoffice-wear-business-chicoffice-wear-classic-look (2)office-wear-classic-lookoffice-wear-classyoffice-wear-dress (2)office-wear-pencil-skirtwhat-to-wear-to-work-office-wearoffice-wear-pants-blouseoffice-wear-stylework-outfits

2. The CASUAL Business Office Look

It’s the easiest, and it  basically translates to jeans office wear.

The TIP is to always pair casual work outfits with heels, a very smart/feminine top (think silky blouse, men-shirts, structured tops), a blazer and a professional bag. Have fun with accessories and even shoes and bags depending on your job.

office-wear-casul-lookoffice-wear-all-whiteoffice-wear-jeans (2)office-wear-jeans (3)office-wear-jeansoffice-wear-jeans-at-workoffice-wear-casual-glamoffice-wear-jeans-blouse


A look for those who’ve got slightly more penchant for fashion and ladies office wear, but look like they don’t give a crap, yet, to the trained eye they’re street-style-worthy.

The TIP: clash different style items, play with shapes (slouchy versus fitted), with looks (feminine and masculine). Heels look best with this style, yet brogues or oxfords do the trick as well.

work-office-looksoffice-wear-pants (2)office-wear-street-styleoffice wearoffice wear

4. GLAMOROUS at the Office

This office outfit is for all those sexy women who also run the world, but prefer to do it in glam office attire: bright lips, sky high heels and office outfits that can go from 9 am to late dinner cocktails.

The TIP: fabulous heels, expensive perfumes, rich fabrics, pencil skirts and silky blouses, long trousers, statement golden necklaces, brand watches and massive bags or clutches. These ladies are not afraid to flaunt it all.

office-wear-inspirationsoffice-wear-dressoffice-wear-glamourusoffice-wear-look (2)office-wear-pencil-skirtoffice-wear-pencil-skirt-blazeroffice-wear-sexy-dress


This office outfit is easy to do, but it needs training, so experiment away and have fun with clothes.

The TIP: enjoy fashion and always wear at least 1 statement piece, clash styles, use a classy look for a start base and then add itemes according to your personality and job.

Men inspired looks with super sexy heels, massive bling, sporty luxe sweatshirts with classy pencil skirts, hats, prints, leather, sheer, denim – all that the non-connoisseurs label as work inappropriate is quite the opposite, because it’s about styling them & making them work. Hence… it’s about having fun with your outfits for work.

office wearoffice wearoffice-wear-man-blazeroffice-wear-mismatched-printsoffice-wear-sophisticated-stylestreet-style-office-wearoffice-wear-pantsoffice-wear-pastelsoffice-wear-women-suitoffice-sophisticated-looks

6. SIMPLE & FEMININE office wear ladies.

It’s an easy peasy look if you’re the kinda gal who loves flowy flirty dresses, tiny jewelry and looking casual smart all the time. If you think chiffon and flirty is not for office think again.

The TIP: it’s all about the hem. Wear knee-length or over-the-knee dresses or skirts in any color or print, cinged at the waist, paired with smart blazers. Shoes wise, heels look better however you can also don ballet flats.

office-wear-skirt-ballet-flatsoffice-wear-plaidoffice-wear-street-style (2)office-wear-street-stylespring-dresses-for-officeoffice-wear-street-style (3)

7. The EDGY office looks. 

They’re not for the faint hearted ones, nor for all work domains, although, one can add a slight edge to any look and get away with it.

Probably this style is more appropriate for those who work creative jobs and have less of a strict office attire, therefore they can add a bit of their own thing into their outfits for work: boots, leather, T-shirts, darker lips, nail-art, tennis shoes.

The TIP: mix and match statement with simple pieces into great work outfit ideas. ;)

office-wear-edgy-sophisticated (2)office-wear-edgy-sophisticatedoffice-wear-edgy-styleoffice-wear-street-style-dressoffice-wear-streetstyle

In conclusion, consider this your office wear inspiration for the week.


Get the look here: