The good news is you’re born with it. The bad news is… you’re born with it. When it comes to great style and the good side of it few people out there have it all figured out. Truth is we’ve all been victims of the 2000s and the 80s and the bad outfits. If you love fashion it comes with the territory really. So if you haven’t taken a walk on the ugly side of style a few times, you haven’t lived well sartorially speaking.


Great style comes with your DNA really and a little practice. Irony is, it has so little to do with fashion per se it’s scary and refreshing at the same time.

Have you noticed how some people look good no matter what they wear, and how the saying ‘it’s not what you wear but how you wear it’ is truer than never for these folks?

On the other hand, opposite them are the ones who no matter what they wear they can’t get it right. Give ’em a plain tee and a pair of classic Levis and they’ll fucking ruin it.

The difference between the two lots lies precisely in the true essence of style.

A person with a great style, no matter if it’s a busy and opulent kinda situation or a minimal and simple one will have her/his shit together – fashion wise – from head to toe. The hair, the makeup, the attitude, the shoes, the nails, are all keys in having a dope style. How you are as a person, what you like, who you fancy, what you eat, how you laugh, what you enjoy doing – have more to do with a great style, or a well contoured  personal style, more so than fashion trends and following the must-haves lists out there.

A great style stands the test of time and the person wearing it will have that je ne sais quoi quality to themselves and their outfits no matter what they have on. Period.

What do people with great style have in common?

  • they know damn well what they like or don’t like
  • they stick to basics
  • they don’t take fashion seriously, so they will either have fun with clothes, hence have a great adventurous style, OR their looks will be just a consequence of all their sums and selves you know.
  • they have good taste
  • they enjoy clothes but are not slaves to fashion
  • they pay attention to details
  • they have go-to outfits
  • they are effortless

Why do some folks have a not-so-great style?

The opposite pole has people with less blessed style DNAs, and as much as it pains me to be such a bitch, I gotta say it: stop trying so much y’all. I see them every day and they flock like a circus crowd whenever there’s an event close by, and I don’t mean a circus like a Fashion Week kinda thang you know. Nope. I mean like bad taste. Plain ugly.

Bad style comes from a desperate place and a lack of self-education or information. You can’t wear 123,678 trends into one outfit. Okay, you can but FYI you’re not as cool as you think. Trendy? Oh yes. #notacompliment

In bad style’s defence one must say it ain’t easy staying on the good side with all the retail chains and online sales bombarding us with way too many fads. But, in fashion as in life, not all humans have their shit together. Those who can dress well regardless of the fads, and can pick from the fads what looks good and cool on them – well my friend they’re the lucky ones.

Is there any great-style-hope in the cards for ugly dressers?

Of course it takes a great style-ER to spot another great style-ER… so I wonder – is everything in vain  in this good versus bad style battle?

And is there such a thing as educated style? Can one evolve and grow sartorially speaking? All would be lost without hope you know. So yes there is such a thing.

Bottom line is, some people can wear all the crap in the world at once and pull it off amazingly, while some ruin a plain good ol’ LBD the minute they put it on.

Be opened to anything new, learn all the time, don’t take clothes seriously, love fashion, when in doubt stick to black, jeans and a white tee, avoid too tight clothes, and keep you jewellery minimal. Hair wise say no to overly done hairstyles, and makeup wise if you wanna make a statement wear bold lips. If you’re good with make and hair though, do your thing!

Also, know your fortes and play them.

Below I’ve personally picked a few items that are so fab you can’t fuck it up. Of course I ain’t the fucking guru here, God knows I have my bad days… and lazy outfits, and overly done looks, but I’d like to think I’m learning every day.


Love ya’. xoxo

Last night was one of the biggest and most eventful nights in Hollywood Oscars’s history. Viola Davis won her Oscar being the first black woman to win an Oscar, Emmy, and Tony award for acting.  Mahershala Ali won best supporting actor being the first muslim to win this award, La La Land won best picture. Oh, sorry, no, scratch that. It was Moonlight. That’s how it went down. Oh… and the red carpet seemed poor in ‘wow’s’ and stunning best dressed.

I decided to not sugar coat anything. I’m already having major sweets craving, I don’t need such temptation in my life. So I will be direct and subjectively honest when it comes to 2017 Oscars red carpet. It was one of the worst red carpets. Yes, there were obviously best dressed actresses and those who were looked beyond amazing and stunning and my heart literally skipped a beat, but there were too few.

I also felt like everyone was waiting for this carpet to make a fashion statement be it edgy or classic and most didn’t. They actually blew it. It’s like they stayed for so long in anticipation mode that they eventually got bored and didn’t bother too much.

Best dressed – Oscars 2017 Red Carpet

Viola Davis looked beyond perfect. The dress was a simple gorgeous mermaid in the best colour ever. Red looks insane on her and she pulled it off like a winner! I loved the entire look, form dress to hair and makeup. She looked beautiful. Emma Stone in Givenchy was the perfect image of how to wear gold’ish tones. I LOVED the contrast of the dress with her darker red hair and bold makeup up. So fashion and old Hollywood. Continuing the golden love was Jessica Biel who pulled off a very risky look if you ask me. She looked amazing, but the dress as gorgeous it is, has a bit of that army/ripped fabric effect. Even a bit of Flintstones fashion vibe. Nevertheless I loved it. I’m loving long sleeves on red carpet dresses more and more. It also had this 70s glam vibe to it.

Olivia Culpo – OH MY GOD! Stunning. Perfection. Beautiful. It’s simple, dramatic, very sexy in such a classic 20s roaring dazzling way it’s irresistible. I love the black belt and the contrasting dark nails. Love her hair and makeup. Ah…. I am in love with this look.

Ruth Negga. Are you kidding me? SLAY! This is beyond perfect and I think she took a massive risk here to go for a full on dramatic look, so powerful, and visually so strong for the Oscars, when everyone plays it safe, that it’s insane she did that, and pulled it off 100000%. LOVED the dress, the boho-romatic-dramatic-high-fashion style, loved the hair, the makeup. Beautiful.

Sofia Carson was wow. Simplicity and classic to the core and done with supreme perfection. I love how she was not afraid to keep it minimal and simple. That red lip was the only extravagance she went for and it payed off big time. Gorgeous.

Isabelle Huppert looked so elegant, beautiful and effortless. I love that she went for a very glamorous but relaxed dress, in which she looked comfortable. She killed it.

Okay, Darby Stanchfield looked amazing, but what the hell is up with the cape dress. My friend and fellow blogger Vanessa, over at Budding Fashionista blog said so well: ”the white cape dress. Is Hollywood not over it yet?”. Apparently not, but I’m over it. I love everything about this look, from the dress, to the colour, the cut, the upper part, the flowy rich bottom, the earrings, the hair, I even love the damn cape, but WE ARE OVER IT. Karlie Kloss, really?! Yes it’s all nice and rainbows and butterflies, but I don’t get the cape. I never really loved it, it always felt it was a bit shoved down my throat, but I took it cause it was different, classic, high fashion whatever… Now I’m done.

Emma Roberts looked very pretty, but what I didn’t really like was that dirty yellow’ish white part of the dress. It was a good look, a very classic with an edge style and she pulled it off.

Taraji P. Henson. STOP. Bow down bitches. I love love love love love this dress, and how she was feeling it too. Massive style crush and hotness. Love that she kept it sexy and simple, with just a statement necklace and high slit. It’s the classic red carpet sexy dress that we haven’t seen in such a long time, and I’m so glad she did this look.

Giniffer Goodwin had another version of Ruth Nega’s dress. Different style, same dress sort of. Major faux pas. But she looked good. Ava DuVernay stunning!!!! Again the long sleeves rule. Perfection.

Kirsten Dunst was oh. my. god. Too beautiful. She owned this dramatic very glam style. Chrissy Teigen… cape. And she’s like so in our face lately. Literally speaking. She always looks good. That’s all imma say about it.

Nicole Kidman… Can we all take a moment and say a big thank you and a standing ovation. She finally nailed it. My God, it took only like a 1,567,046,944 red carpets worst dressed lists but she did it. It’s all in the simple choices.

Priyanka Chopra she’s so stunning this woman can wear anything. I don’t know how this dress looks from the side, but from the front I love it.

Brie Larson looks sooooo pretty and refined. She looks like a designer’s stunning sketch. It’s glamorous, elegant, classic, beautiful. Love the hair and makeup too.

Naomie Harris looked sleeked and elegant and beautiful but I still think it was not very Oscar’ish. What the hell do I know?

Worst dressed – 2017 Oscars Red Carpet

[[[[ I am so curious to watch E! red carpet show and Fashion Police and find out what the hell is up with Giuliana Rancic’s dress. I am devastated. I don’t get it: the design is – what the hell is it? the fabric looks like shit, and the colour is great but not on her. Bad photo?! ]]]]] ;’*you guys…. this was my first thought. I have just caught a glimpse of her on E! red carpet talking about the dress and I love it. It was a bad photo. #happyagain

I know everyone was so excited over Zuri Hall‘s dress. I just think they’re all insane. That long waist is horrible, and while the dress is pretty colour wise and those appliqués are amazing, and the colour is fantastic on her, and her hair and makeup are great – that design  looks off on her (and on anyone else for that matter), a bit ill fitted, and not right, I don’t care how high fashion it was supposed to be.

Stacy London. Are you fucking kidding me? I have no words. The hair is great, the earrings are amazing, the colour of the dress is perfect for her… but all of them together, for the Oscars… did she lose a bet or something? And what in the name of the Lord is up with those shoes. Is this like a social experiment?

Blanca Blanco… …. …. you guys am I crazy or is this dress a bit great and hideous at the same time? I adore the sandals and the dress is major high fashion, that slit is perfect, but something makes me hate it. Maybe the overly puffy shoulders or that red belt…

Felicity Jones and Raphaela Neihausen… girls, we know Alicia Vickander wore that yellow dress at the Oscars last year or so, but that doesn’t mean it’s a ticket to winning best dressed. Hence your situation this year. I don’t like the dresses. Simple as that. I’m not a big fan of tea-lenght and certainly not at the Oscars. They’re not ugly of course… but I’m not feeling them.

Teresa Palmer – long waist, belt? What?! It’s like stylists and designers have agreed to make some people at the Oscars look not so flattering. She’s stunning either way… but that dress is not.

Leslie Mann shut down the internet with her dress, and everyone in fashion was in awe of how amazing she looked. I was un-impressed. It was wrinkled, and she looked like she ran off from a fashion shoot before they finished up her look.

Janelle Monae did exactly the opposite – she stayed with the glam team and the designers way too long, until they added all they could and then some on her dress and her look altogether. She looked too done, overly embellished, busy, too much.

Okay, can we all please talk about Dakota Johnson‘s dress, but without the pretentious fashion bullshit? Again the world’s sartorials died and said she killed it. She killed us, that’s what she did. Did you guys like it? I thought it looked hideous. I mean… yeah very cool and edgy and editorial FOR AN EDITORIAL. But it was wrinkled, it was sad, it was willowy, it was crying on her for God’s sakes. No?! Am I alone here?

Michelle Williams… she’s a very pretty girl but her style is so not my style, and I can’t for the love of me like it. Where’s the makeup, and the glam? It’s the Oscars for the love of God. I know she is wearing makeup, and jewellery, and she looks simple and pretty but something about this look I’m not feeling.

Alicia Vickander came out of the shower put on some dress (again the long waist), some diamond necklace and showed up. Btw… you forgot your makeup and you left your hair in your bun.

Scarlett Johansson was a no no. What the hell did she wear, last Tuesday’s vomit? She’s in this rockroll edgy phase I think. I don’t like it. Salma Hayek just wore her glam nightgown and didn’t bother too much. Ah well… we were all in pyjamas too at that point, why bother.

Charlize Theron and Halle Berry. Why? Maybe it’s just me but I thought they looked kinda meh. Bored. Not wow. Charlize Theron’s dress was too much fabric, and wrong hair, and colour of the dress. Bad styling. And Halle’s was great, but I think the hair ruined it. There I said it. You can now judge me and hate me.

Your turn.


We all love things that come in threes, right? Men in three-piece suits. Cheese, tomato, and pepperoni on a pizza. Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Hmm… Destiny’s Child? The point is that three is a strong number, and this rule of awesome things coming in threes definitely applies to your accessories. Right now, we’re talking a fantastic trio of watch, necklace, and a pair of earrings (okay, that’s technically four things, but let’s quickly move on).

These accessories can turn a good outfit into a great outfit – small touches that can complement your clothing in big ways. Bigger choices don’t always mean better, as often it’s simply about what works well with your chosen outfit. So, mix and match as much as you like, but just make sure you’ve got some good options to work with. And that’s why we’re here!


Let’s start with watches. A thing that looks gorgeous and tells the time? What’s not to love! You might think the humble watch is outdated now that we’re never far from some sort of digital device that displays a clock, but the justifications to wear a watch are numerous. First off, they are a great reason not to constantly check your phone, but secondly, watches are yet another way to showcase a piece of your style. Marie Claire writes that, “The wrist is a window into the soul,” but whether or not you believe in that, their blog post on celebrity watch choices is a fascinating look into how diverse timepieces can be.

Whilst we’re not suggesting that you have to keep up with the celebrity Joneses and pick up a few Cartier or Rolex watches on your weekly grocery shop, Swiss-made watches really are the bee’s knees when it comes to beauty and style. However, going down the pre-worn route is definitely a solid life-hack, as you get the same great watch, but at a far cheaper price. Browse through an online seller like this and see what takes your fancy.


Next up is the necklace. It can actually be hard to find the right necklace for you. With so many shops and online stores selling cool and interesting designs, you’d be forgiven for being a bit overwhelmed at the choice! However, if you only buy one necklace this year, make it something unique. Introducing: Origami animal jewelry. It’s hard not to marvel at the simple-but-beautiful designs, and no matter what type of animal you connect with the most, there is bound to be something for you. These are also just a fun conversation starter! Who wouldn’t make a comment about a golden origami crane or a silver origami fox?


Finally, we come to earrings to complete the trio. In the past, we’ve covered larger statement earrings, but now we want to make a case for studs. Statement earrings may not suit your style, as you may wish for something less conspicuous and bold, but if you want that cherry on top to complete your outfit, then we have to recommend one of these choices. Pearl studs are an obvious first choice, as some of the classiest women out there are known to rock these; such as Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, and Kate Middleton. Then of course the above link covers diamond studs, multi-stone studs, and even snail studs (wait, what?)… now you’ll have to look!


Reads title. Goes and gets red lipstick. Applies it on lips, eyelids, and cheeks. Takes a selfie. Goes out. #SheSaidItsATrend What?!


Right. That’s actually one way to do the monochromatic makeup trend of 2017. But maybe you go for a more natural lipstick color. Unless of course you’re a model in a fashion editorial. Back in the 80s, my mom was not a model, but she did use this lipstick trick on her cheeks, I remember so well as I was just a little girl and would love to watch her do her makeup. Lips and cheeks were her thing and she actually rocked this monochromatic trend way before it was a massive Instagram trend.

monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup

What is MONOCHROMATIC MAKEUP & why is it a trend in 2017?

Monochromatic makeup means same tone makeup, and if the colors allow you even same per se color makeup in eyes, lips, and cheeks. Mostly though it refers to the same tones and undertones makeup, and it’s usually best done in shades of pink, nudes, browns, burgundy, peachy, mauve.

The monochromatic makeup look can either be:

  • natural, fresh, and glowy
  • natural bronzed with shades of nudes and browns (my fave)
  • very dark and burgundy, deep reds meet non-saturated browns and oranges.

Don’t think of the monochromatic look as something in the same color per se, but rather a pulled together look based on a color that is extremely flattering on your skin tone.

monochromatic makeup

Where did this come from?

Somewhere between 80s trends making a comeback, and our love for Instagram #makeuplooks – this was born.

2017 is about fresh glowy bronzed dewy skin I think, and while girls love natural makeup they also love makeup A LOT – so this is a more polished version of the fresh face.

Influenced by Kylie Jenner’s same tone makeup looks (pink, browns, nudes, mauve), and then by celebrities not too long ago at the Golden Globes – so many of them rocking the monochromatic makeup look on the red carpet – no wonder this makeup trend is picking up.

It’s easy to do (sort of), and if you find your color tone it really can do wonders for your overall face makeup. I also think it’s really versatile and easy to pull off on most occasions.

And it photographs amazingly. Did I say I suspect this is an Instagram trend as well?

Let’s get inspired shall we.


monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup

monochromatic makeup

monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup

And now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go and practice what I preach. #MonoMakeupHereIcome

Have a fab weekend everyone!



Why do one post when you can do two, you know what I mean? Yesterday I was telling you about how rocknroll and 70s wild-child-wish-I-were-a-diva I felt for like a brief 20 minutes over the weekend when I wore Lorena Garoiu art on t-shirts pieces. What I didn’t tell you was that after my alter ego was done with the 70s situation (induced by this #LorenasTee) I too quickly slid into some pink mood, a little bit more girly if you will. Perhaps more glamorous ’cause of the shades, but still with a tiny edge.

I was wearing the same things for God’s sake, changing in my closet, I mean car. Ain’t much of a difference there, OOTD wise.

How did I do that, you may ask? I just switched t-shirts and wore #LorenasTee number 2, this light dusted pink piece that has printed her portrait on it, front and back. It’s beautiful. I paired it with the same things like I said but tied it all together with the bright pink sunglasses.

Something about the sun that day, my mood, my two alter egos playing dress up… even my hair felt like a bit of pink. It all felt right, you know what I mean?

In case you too wanna fall into a bucket of pink, or some type of 70s make sure you contact the artist – Lorena Garoiu (here) – and ask for your own art on t-shirts.

And now the pics.


I am wearing: Art on T-shirt by Lorena Garoiu | Vintage fur coat | Zaful Sunglasses

{ Photos by Cosmin Straut }

Once upon a time (faux) fur coats were quite a niche look: either super rich socialite, OR granny chic style you know. So if you secretly loved fur coats but were neither a grandma nor a rich socialite, and instead had a 9-5 job, a tube ride to work every day, and just a strong a penchant for fashion well then… too bad for you.

Sometime circa 2013 though, fashion decided enough is enough! Everyone wants to look like a million bucks, and there are more gals out there who love luxe then those who don’t, and you really don’t need to wait until you make your first million, or reach the beautiful age of say 60 to be socially acceptable in a fur coat. Nope.

So for the last 5 years or so fur coats have been the IT coats of winter, and 2017 is no stranger to that, in fact I think fur coats have never been more of a staple than today. Especially the vintage style ones and the brown-nude-latte-white-creamy-tone ones. They’re perfection.

The downside of it is finding the right one without breaking the bank, so you can either chase the retail chains for latest faux fur trends out there, or just find a great fur sale to get your lust quenched.

Once that is sorted out the most dreadful question will remain pending:

HOW TO WEAR a fur coat?

The glam look. When you’re dressed to the nines and a fur coat is pretty much the only stylishly acceptable coat: silky dress, high slit, stiletto sandals or over the knee boots, jewelry, bold lips. Somewhere between a Monte-Carlo-rich-look, and a posh winter evening out look.


The sophisticated look. It’s sort of like your work outfit or your fashion-week-kinda-of-style topped of with a fur coat. Par example: flirty dresses, boots, leather pants, button-downs, chunky sweaters, heels, beanie hats, jeans, crop tops. In other words – do you, only with a fur coat.


The cool-casual look. This one’s the easiest and best by far, just because it’s so effortless it’s easy to do and there is no wrong way about it, IF you naturally have a great style. This is winter going-shopping-look, meeting friends, running errands, etc. Boyfriend jeans, sneakers, boots, sweatpants, activewear, baseball hats, sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts. It’s the I-don’t-care-what-I-look-like-look BUUUUT I’m not so unaware cause I just threw a fur coat over. So… it’s fashion without being too fashion you know. I also think this one is the 2017 look.


Any thoughts on this trend? Let’s talk about it.



You’re at your desk, sipping on the 3rd coffee, begging for inspiration & work motivation, procrastinating, daydreaming about last or next weekend, avoiding the work-agenda of the day and instead cheekily spending hours on your fave sites and adding to cart #ootds, food, shoes, books, gym wear, everything you need and more importantly don’t need.

Does this sound familiar?

Good. Since we’re all rowing the boat here why not actually get some good stuff out of it? Like shop for the perfect #OOTDs for each day of the week, for work? That way we’ll be actually indulging into a somewhat guilty pleasure but the same time we’ll be investing in our perfecto wardrobe AND do something for work. Motivate ourselves through perfect outfits of the days.

YAS. (do people still use this phrase?)



On the ‘worst’ day of the week wear black. And heels. My fave picks below. I am currently obsessed with basic dressy pants and those classic silk blouses.



#TheNudeOpposite (I’m obsessed with nudes.)











Pastel will be the #1 trend this spring, if you didn’t know that now you know. From dusted pinks, to baby blues, to de-saturated greens and ice-cream 50’s colors, pastels were back on the runway for SS2017 collections and they will be invading retail shops soon as the damn winter is over.

Truth is pastel was never really gone, and sartorials were picking light clothes over dark ones for sometime now. Hello nude trend, grey outfits, and white in winter.

So why not step outta the comfort zone and try a little pastel adventure to better master this trend come spring, you know? It’s only light pinks and blues after all, right?

Aside from the sheer panic I feel, that I’ll be super exposed and pajama-like draped in pastels, and that these colors don’t really compliment my not-so-fair-skin-tone… I LOVE this trend. I love it. I love it on others. I love to see pastel outfits all over Pintrest and Instagram… and I really would love to look like one of those cool girls who can pull off a baby blue outfit at -10 degrees Celsius gloomy weather. But for now… I can’t. And I am crying inside cause pastel outfits are such sophisticated looks and so chic, and in 2017 they hold a somewhat punk or rocknroll romantic vibe to them. It’s not all rainbows and boring light tones, pastel in 2017 is a bit edgier and more adapted to personal style.

With this in mind, and the incredible luxe trait it holds I wish to be more pastel prone this season.

By the looks of it spring is far far away, so… here’s how to wear pastel in winter 2017.

1.Dusted PINK. Pink pastel sweaters and sweatshirts are a massive look this winter, paired with dainty jewellery and a pair of weird mom jeans. Or opt for a light pink cardigan with a white crispy shirt underneath and a pair of dressy pants for office. Those who love preppy dressy office styles will love this look.

Pastel pinks look great paired with darker accessories and details: dark nails, bold lips, that sort of thing.

All the pastel pink clothes to have this season right here. Click on image to shop.


2. Baby BLUE. I think this is one of my favorite pastels but so hard to pull off if you’re not a brunette or a fair blonde. Which leaves me… nowhere really. Baby blue pastel outfits have a very chic crispy vibe to them. Fresh, clean and luxe in a very classic way. I LOVE a baby blue top (shirt or a cozy sweater) paired with blue jeans.

All the pastel blue clothes to have this season right here. Click on image to shop.


3. NUDES and WHITES. These may not be pastels per se, but nude and white winter outfits were bigger than everin2016-2017. So big that even I traded some of my black tops and outfits for nude pieces and so big even gym wear looks cooler now in lighter shades. Who knew?

All the pastel clothes to have this season right here. Click on image to shop.


Truth is an all-white-outfit is pure luxe and ultimate sophistication and all-nude looks so rich in a very casual cool chic way that I was sold on the look instantly.


So, what do you think about this pastel thing: YES or NO?




From now on you may call me Rapunzel. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m working on it. For the first time in a long time I feel like I’m a step ahead of a ‘trend’… My hair is growing, life is good. Who knew that my overuse of coconut oil and my unabated hate towards scissors would ever pay off sartorially. Ha. At this point me and Kim Kardashian could be besties. I’m growing my hair past my ego (I really hope it reaches my waist by this summer. #hairprayers), she’s rocking the Cher inspired hair all the time lately. So… if you chose not to acknowledge this relationship, that’s your problem.

This post practically hit me in the face on Monday when I realized something.

While having my coffee, and still struggling with a damn running nose, planning my week, working (I know. My life is beyond exciting.), scrolling through Facebook news of how Kim Kardashian is back on the internet with her now Cher inspired hair (eye-roll) and all that – it hit me. THIS will be a look. Sure it’s Azealia Banks signature hair, Rihanna’s done it like a billion times, Beyonce’s wearing long blonde braids in Lemonade buuuut it’ll probably be Kim’s ‘look’. So… life is unfair. Go cry in a corner, and get over it

We’re still doing the 70s looks, and the lob has been did done did for a while, it’s got its followers no doubt about it… so if you take these and add fashion crowd’s thirst for always something new BANG! you know you’re winning with waist long hair.

I adore long hair. The longer the better. But then I have days when I LOOOOOOVE a great lob. Or even a pixie cut. Short hairstyles look amazing, and that’s the truth. #thestruggleisreal

The thing about uber long hair, as long as your hips and waist is that it looks amazing if it’s healthy and taken care of. Also it can be styled in a million ways, but also not really. Hmm. Braids, ponytails, buns. Maaaaan this is hectic post and rant. Moving on.

How to wear waist long hair? The thing about uber long hair is that it may look too princess-y and young-ish to be rocked if you’re past 15 years old. It can also look dated. Circa 18th century. It can look tacky or cheesy in that soap-opera kinda way.

So can we wear waist long hair if we’re not 15 anymore, and if we wanna look sophisticated and effortless rather than beauty pageant-y? Can Rapunzel hair work in our favor?


Here’s how:

  • straight luscious hair slightly wispy at the ends, like a 70s queen (hello #CherHair) but very polished at the same time
  • slightly wavy like beach hair for a more boho chic style
  • long layers
  • sleek hair
  • center part, or side-part (never sleeked back)
  • braids
  • avoid super styled hairstyles
  • avoid those 80s big puffy looks (keep those for shorter hair. the 80s are back after all).

Outfits also matter when you wanna make a hair statement. I love the athletic with a twist looks, like sporty luxe, like heels but with a sweatshirt. Mini skirt with a baseball hat. Thigh high boots and oversized coat.

Other days I love minimal looks: all black suit for example which would look super bad-ass with stiletto heels and straight waist long hair.

It’s all a matter of what you like and your mood that day when you decide to make a hair commitment.


What I do know after this post is that I may like pixie styles sometimes, and the lob and God knows what, but I’m a long hair girl through and thorough. And if you just cut your hair recently – like my bestie beast is probably cringing right now – I say to you: You are a kween no matter what! Also rock that mane and enjoy your look. At least you’re different than the Rapunzel pack. And you got great hair.

Have a good one everybody. xoxo



Don’t find customers for your products; find products for your customers.” ~ Seth Godin.

When this American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker spoke on TED Talks, on How to Get Ideas to Spread, all the promotional marketers followed his advice carefully. The marketing guru added that to get what you want, or cause the change that you want, you need to find a way to spread your ideas to as many people as possible.

For any business, especially small business owners, driving product demand is key to earning revenues and profits. This is where brand promotion or promotional marketing can be of huge help. However, some thought needs to be put into choosing promotional items. They have to things that resonate with the target consumer.

According to one of the leading providers of promotional gifts in Minneapolis MN, Embroidme, promotional marketing products like custom t shirts, trade-show bags and jackets have to be planned carefully so that they represent your brand identity and messaging perfectly. At the same time, you also need to keep customer preferences and ideologies in mind while designing such custom promotional material. Here are some suggestions that can help.

Go Green

The city of Minneapolis, MN, offers promotional material that sets your business up as an ecologically conscious and responsible one. With more and more people today being concerned about the environment, this can go a long way in creating a positive image of your business in the minds of the target audience. By choosing green promotional marketing products, you are establishing your business as one that invests in ideas that reduce pollution to create a healthier place to live, work, and play.

Identify Your Target Customers and Target your Competition

Even during times of recession, there are customers who will be making purchases. You just need to find them. Then, you need to demonstrate those people why they should choose your business. Look at your competition if you want to locate the type of people who might be interested in your products and services. There’s no harm if you scrutinize your competitors’ approach, but make sure come with strategies that are innovative and unique and set your apart from the rest.

Keep Marketing… Promotional Marketing

Unfortunately, many business owners chop their marketing budget when looking to cut costs. But when you are trying to increase your customer base, promotional marketing is your best friend. Brand campaigns can take your product to every household. Don’t forget to use promotional marketing products like custom T shirts & tradeshow bags and jackets, during such campaigns with your brand name and logo easily visible.

Old Wine in a New Bottle

Is your inventory in need of a packaging makeover? A change can be a great way to create a buzz in the market. Maybe your products are the best on the block and your customers already know it but get them talking about it.

In order to grab the customer’s attention, you don’t need to come up with a completely new idea. In MN, promotional materials of various types can be accessed to an innovative strategy.