Hello 80s eyeshadow, 90s mat brown and copper! Hello glossy faces, wet looks, natural lashes and brows, old-school glam, smudged makeup, natural beauty! Good-bye heavy contouring, perfectly groomed brows, heavy makeup, un-natural false lashes, too polished faces, overdone lip-fillers, perfectly groomed makeup.

This sums up the makeup trends 2018 according to the bestest makeup artists and gurus out there, according to designers for SS2018, and dare I see… according to moi. Sure I ain’t nothing but a mortal who loves makeup, nu MUA diploma or title over here, but I wear makeup everyday, I love it, it helps me be a better version of myself visually and self-confidently… and I’m all for it. Hell I even got a trademark look aka always in my liquid liner and mascara.

Therefore, fear not that my dislike with all those things I said bye to above is a mirror of my hate for makeup, quite the opposite actually. But frankly I’ve kinda had it with super super super super groomed looks. I have seen them in real life and let me tell you they ain’t nothing, not even close, to their Instagram selfies, or youtube filters, or magazine covers, or Photoshopped blogposts. Yes, those exist! Nothing like them.

No matter how amazing the products used are you still are able to see a lot of makeup and less of the natural beauty, no slight imperfections, no gleam in eyes, no glossy cheeks… just makeup. We’ve loved it for years thanks to instagram, but now it’s time to grow up and dust off a bit of that excess in favour of something new, maybe even more fresh and more natural in terms of beauty. More diverse if you will.

As makeup artists and makeup lovers alike we should embrace this new challenge and slowly say bye to anything too heavy and perfect.

Listen y’all, if Kim Kardashian and Mario – the gods of once perfectly groomed looks, and creator of contouring – have evolved and said good bye to her old ways, for a more natural, dewy, glowy and glossy type of makeup… perhaps it’s high time we did too. If she’s not you cup of tea… look on the runways. It’s the same story.

So without further ado I give you the makeup trends 2018!

1.1980’s Eyeshadow and makeup!

The 80s are back not just in fashion, but makeup too, which means colours are IN. Blue, green, purple, red, orange eyeshadows are huge for makeup trends 2018. You can wear eye-shadow smudged on your eyelids, as if carelessly applied, or you can use just a coloured eye pencil or coloured liner for up or bottom lid. It’;s such a fun, flirty and finally new look.

2. Matte brown makeup a la 90s. 

Remember the girls of Twin Peaks? Linda Evanghelista? Cindy Crawford? It all starts with bold eyebrows, mascara, brown shades of eye-shadow, maybe eye-liner, mascara, matte brown lips, matte face, no contouring, no highlight. Everything looks like it’s applied with your fingers, not your brushes, and very natural.

3. Natural brown makeup.

Everything is shades of brown, pink, copper, more glossy styles, no lipliner, just eyeliner if you want. It looks natural and bronzed, without a heavy contouring, just a cheek blush, and some highlight. It’s perfect for daytime, nighttime, anytime.

4. Wet glossy makeup looks. 

Saying good-bye to liners and contouring gives us so much room to play with more natural textures and creamy dimensions of the face and features. Everything is warmer and more feminine, more young and fresh somehow. The glossy wet look is specific to the 80s and it’s sweaty summers and heavy aerobics… it’s a great makeup trend to have a comeback. A lot of highlighter is used, pink and bronzed tones, lipgloss (massive comeback), and mascara.

5. Red lips, minimal eyes.

There’s this look in Zara’s 2018 campaign or online collection that just left me in awe: all models wear this perfect shade of red lipstick, no eye makeup, and glossy faces. For real? It’s perfection. THIS is makeup trends 2018. The lips look as if that lipstick is part of that face, it looks hydrated, saturated, natural, bold, fresh. It can be perfectly lined, or more smudge like applied. Keep the eyes minimal (I could never do that, but I’d love to be able to)… and rock this look for anytime of the day or night.

6. Natural eyeliner.

This is simple, natural, no fuss, no 10 hours in the making. Hydrated face, natural contouring, a bit of highlight if you will, brownish eyeshadow if you want to, and a clean, natural eyeliner on top. Mascara and maybe some lipgloss or tapped natural pink/brown lipstick and GO!

7. Glitter makeup trends 2018.

These are perfect for the winter holidays, and for festival season. If however you know your way with makeup up I think it’s a look that can be subtly adapted to normal life as well. It’s all about that glossy face, and hydrated skin and lips.

8. Copper!

Bronzed, fiery, strong looks that are not very polished. Everything is rather tapped or smudged, or carelessly applied on beautiful lips and natural glossy eyelids.

9. Natural smoky makeup trends 2018.

Think about that look when you use your fingers to apply dark creamy eyeshadow, instead of a brush. It’s not precise, but it looks amazing, and very modern. Everything is moisturised, and highlighted, with eyes looking very seductive in a 2000’s smokey kinda way. But more polished or modern.

10. Natural lashes extensions. 

Think doe-eyed, doll like, not heavy fly wings batting in the sun. Lashes are applied un-even, like natural lashes look, whispy… I don’t wanna be a lashes bully… I wish mine were fuller and more beautifully aligned, and I love those girls whose lashes are perfect… but not too perfect, you know what I’m saying.

11. Natural face. 

All the above had one thing int common: less contouring, if none at all, strong brows, hydrated skin and lips, less using of makeup brushes and more suing of fingers to get that natural blended and creamy look to a face. Go wild with the highlighter if you have to, return to lipgloss, have fun with bronzer.

What do you guys think? Tbh I’m really excited about these new makeup trends 2018, cause it’s finally something new, fresh, more natural looking, more colourful, with a big inspiration from my two favourite decades: the 80s and 90s. Hello supermodels!


xoxo D.


If you think I’m inconsistent reporting on big trends one day and trends that are over the next, you’re right. I am what we (my friends and I) like to call ‘all over the place’. Today, my so called condition took me to trends that we love, aka RED BOOTS! And that is with all the capitals and drumrolls in the world, because… you cannot escape (who the hell would want to?) this trend in the next year no matter what you do. It is the best thing fashion has given us so far. Say it with me people: red boots.


I need a moment to cry. #happytears

Red boots are to 2018 what the sun is to summer: hot, beautiful, and makes everything look better.

Designers have shown red boots – heeled and thigh high, or ankle style with kitted heels, block heels or stilettos – all throughout their collections for this fall. But since fall only lasts 2 seasons (autumn and winter) I don’t think it’ll ever be enough for sartorials to showcase their red boots love for only a few months. Hence the stretching out of this boots trend way into spring 2018. Talk about a great outcome.

So for 2018 spring trends – we’ll be witnessing a lot of red boots worn with jeans and a tee – like a statement piece, OR blending them so cool into a boho fashion kinda look, when paired with those flirty summer dresses or retro jumpsuits. Perfection.

Why red boots is the best trend so far?

1). They look amazing. So fear not the ‘puss-in-boots’ analogies or jokes. You’re fashion. Everyone else is an ignoramus.

2). They’re both classic and statement. Red will always be a fantastic choice in style, and boots come in a billion designs, so if you want a pair of classic red boots – staple worthy – go for a pair of stiletto red ankle boots, or even block heel ankle boots. For statement pick over the knee red boots style.

3). Red boots go with everything. They’re like black boots only cooler, and for cooler people, for daring fashion soldiers who ain’t scared to walk the fashion walk. But like all trends they too will most likely have an expiry date. For example, just last week as this red boots through was crawling more more and into my sartorial head… I Facebook stumbled upon yet another Jenner inspired trend #eyeroll – as Kendall Jenner was supposedly seen in what will be or is the boot of 2018 – which was… attention people… a pair of white boots. Pointy toe, ankle cut, kitten heel an all – just like its massive red boots trend over here.

So… that’s that for trends per se. But don’t tell anyone. Let’s just pretend this red boot will last forever and ever and ever and ever.

And to put a pin in the why Q above… a great trend is one that stands out, yet can live on on on over time without losing its charm or that sexy je ne sais quois it used to have. QED. #redboots

How to wear red boots?

The title pretty much sums it all up, and if you put this next to there’s no wrongs in today fashion you could actually wear red boots on your head and get away with it.

For the conservative lot out there, who wear boots as shoes still… you can go on wearing them as such because they look damn good.

Red boots look great with denim and all red outfits. It’s their best best best combo in the world.

Blue jeans, white shirt or chunky turtleneck, red boots with block heels, and one of these cool coats that are fab for winter 2018.

Another great outfit tip for red boots is to just add them onto any outfit you’re wearing, be it colourful, be it weird, funky, elegant, office… it will be that eclectic detail that will either pop out or bring everything together. Either way you can’t go wrong.

Street style inspiration:


Get the look:


Well guys, gals, I don’t know about you… but I am kinda sold on this puss-in-boots-look.


xoxo D.



For the sake of this post I will assume the most ridiculous thing ever: not all people wanna look extra. I know… shocking for someone so self absorbed with a dash of socially awkward tint. #allaboutme Anyway it’s winter – another shocking statement – which means everything sucks except one thing: FUR COATS. They are the best thing about the cold season, they are the christmas of fashion, the chocolate of food, and I am the biggest lover of fur coats out there. From classic styles, to edgy ones, to funky designs, colourful, statement – I’ll take them all and refuse to look anything other than extra.

They have have a superpower no matter what. They make any outfit look money, luxe, sophisticated in whatever way you like, AKA ‘extra’.

So to down-play them can be both a shame but also a true art.

Wearing theses coats on a daily basis can happen and it can happen in a very casual and effortless way too, without the extra over the top vibe they usually carry. It’s true that fur coats can be everything and so much more, but long done are the days of fur coats being more than jackets. These days it’s not just high society women draped in diamonds who wear them. Nope. It’s also a slob like me or you. Hence the accessibility of these jackets and the huge versatility they’ve earned for themselves.

They are everywhere. Extra looking or casual styles.

How to wear fur coats in 2018 without looking extra?

Go for:

  • casual
  • sporty
  • eclectic
  • hobo-chic
  • granny style
  • normcore
  • retro

Pair them with:

  • jeans
  • t-shirts
  • ugly sweaters
  • morocycle boots
  • ankle boots
  • sneakers
  • hoodies
  • leggings

If you still wanna look the extra mile you can. Pair them with:

  • heels
  • stilettos
  • over the knee boots
  • vinyl
  • leather
  • dresses
  • exposed legs
  • evening sexy dress
  • 70s glam style
  • bold lips

What are the hottest fur coats of 2018? 

All is in! Last year it was the year of the vintage styles, those brownish looking coats our moms maybe wore in 70s. Before that the shaggy coats ruled, and before those the tiny ones, and before those the fur lining ones and so on.

2018 welcomes and celebrates all these style AND give a huge welcome to statement fur coats. Talk about extra.

Long fur coats, slightly oversized are looking more dramatic than ever.

Bright yellow coats are having such a moment right now. #chickencool

Vintage style is still pure perfection.

Shaggy and bear fur coats are the new funky stars of these jackets. They’re more fun and laid back.

Statement ones in the wildest colours and prints were all over the streets at Fashion Week.

Street style inspo:


Get the look:


So whether or not you’re a fan of real or faux fur coats please note they’re all IN, and the style out there is casual with a dash of extra. Not everyone can wear fur coats, and not everyone is comfortable wearing them, but for those who love love love this trend the news of them being IN is pure happiness. For the rest… take it with a grain of salt and comment below why you’re not a fan. Or maybe give them a try.

xoxo D.




In order to understand the greatness and hotness of vinyl trend in 2018, first of all let me take you back to the 90s MTV days, when Lisa I’Anson, Simone Angel, Davina, Cat Deeley, and Eden (my all time fave!!!!), alongside the 90s supermodels set the tone in fashion and style for us teens and pre-teens all over the world. Oh. My. God. They were like the best dressed and the most fun with a style that was so easy to copy if you had the age and the balls. I did on certain occasions. (cropped tops, dark nails, lips, chokers, big shoes, low waist). But what I secretly always wanted to wear and never got around to was vinyl! Maaaan… a pair of vinyl trousers, paired with a cropped sweater and a faux fur shaggy coat. Dayumn. Eden wore this outfit once, and 10 years later it’s still one of my fave. Liv Tyler also wore it in Aerosmith video. It was the go-to-cool-hot look if you were a teenager or 20 something. So I guess being slightly younger at that time was my excuse to sit it out.

Fast forward a billion years to today, and here comes Cat-woman. I would legit wear vinyl head to toe were it socially un-awkward. For others. I sat it out once, I will not do it again. I am after all a lover of leather, patent, vinyl, whatever… as long as it’s glossy and looks like liquid sign me up and paint me all over.

What is the vinyl trend 2018? 

Vinyl is a style of leather, patent leather to be more specific, the kind that’s very glossy and shiny, and looks liquid if the items are fitted on the body. So many designers showed 2018 SS collections packed with vinyl and PVC that I literally cannot wait for summer, so… with leather being a huge trend still, and red and black vinyl pants invading the Instagram feed… I figured it’s time to embrace the vinyl trend 2018 massive comeback and start having fun with this fabric.

Bloggers everywhere seem to love love love vinyl pants and mini skirts. Fashion Weeks this years have been graced with some of the best street styles ever, vinyl coats being majorly present.

How to wear vinyl trend 2018 like a grown-up?

First of all define grown-up, and second of all, do we really care? Or am I so vinyl set and thirsty that I’m  willing to throw my pride out the window?

A little bit of both. the great thing about vinyl is that it looks glossy and incredibly sleek and shiny aka elegant in a very dramatic way, so if worn properly it’s a great pick for any age and most occasions.

If however it’s too skimpy, and paired wrongly with racy pieces and excessive hair and makeup – it tends to look cheap and costume-like.

In order to pull off the vinyl trend 2018 try to pair it with more contrasting pieces and fabrics:

  • knits
  • cotton shirts
  • faux furs
  • beanies
  • chunky sweaters
  • hoodies
  • sports clothes
  • sneakers
  • tweed
  • checkered prints

The outcome is pure sophistication rather than risqué vibes.

You get the latter though by wearing very daring pieces such as Kim Kardashian’s Atsuko Kudo nude dress. A brilliant designer with some of the hottest and most tasteful pieces out there. Second-skin like, too hot for school. Thigh high red vinyl stiletto boots, red vinyl coat or mini dress as tight as those abs, paired with fishnets – all are very risqué yet not necessarily bad, if done properly.

Red and black vinyl pants are huge this season: they look great paired with a more chunky soft sweater, an oversized hoodie, or a button-down big shirt for office wear topped with a blazer. Simple ankle boots with a small chunky heel look great, sneakers, chelsea boots, motorcycle boots. Stilettos look great for more sexy styles.

Mini vinyl skirts look great paired with tucked in t-shirts, turtlenecks, coats, and ankle boots.

Vinyl coats are such a statement and they are the polished version of any coat, they’re like the superhero costume we could all use every now and then.

Street style inspo:


Get the look:


So unless you do wear vinyl as part of some costume, or unless you’re auditioning for some risqué role play, I say vinyl trend 2018 is pure sophistication with a grain a risqué, a risqué I’ll take and flaunt if I have to, but I’ll be damned if I sit it out. #challangemyself

You know what: either fashion is more fun lately (as it used to be), or I am on some cloud #9 of sartorial debauchery.

xoxo D.

No winter has ever looked so fabulous as 2018 winter. It’s as if this season waited patiently for all coats trends and looks to parade themselves throughout time and then brilliantly selected only the best. This fall the coats we love to so effortlessly throw on our backs are 100 shades of different and luxe and so much more. You just can’t limit 2018 coats trend to just one coat style. Oh what a pity that would be. Sure, there are a few dusted overly done looks that we’re so over, but the rest is here: reinvented, vintage, minimal, opulent, funky, military, feminine, fur, leather, sleek, slouchy, fitted, long, midi…

What designers showed us on the runway for this season was a mix of the opulence I was telling you about with a bit of vintage and glam, some rascal vibes, and sometimes a minimal 80s kind of creamy coats that Melanie Griffith used to wear back in the day. Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen had the most glam and luxurious coats you’ve ever seen – which is a clear indicator that 2018 coats trend is quite statement.

If, on top of this you add your vintage fur coats and faux fur you’ve got from way back when it only emphasises our desire to again have so much fun with fashion. Who cares if it rains or pours, if it’s freezing and snowing all at once?

(well… I kinda do… but we’ll not discuss my hatred fur the cold here. You see… I am trying to focus on the bright side here – the fashion.)

On the other hand a certain kind of understated glam and timeless elegance will always always be in, so 2018 coats trend is also a very minimal and 80s inspired sartorial picture. Camel coats, black coats, nudes, taupes, greys and all the dusty creamy shades of the world in broad shoulders, super long hemlines, wrapped like design. The coats of Max Mara for example. Stu-nning.

2018 Coats Trend: so what exactly do we wear this season? 

  • fur coats
  • coloured fur coats
  • printed coats
  • coats with beads, sequins, appliqués
  • Edwardian coats styles
  • military styles
  • glamorous
  • very long coats
  • belted coats
  • leather fitted coats
  • faux fur coats
  • sherling coats
  • minimal coats
  • 80s inspired styles
  • camel coats
  • bright colours
  • statement coats
  • oversized coats

ALL. IS. IN. Shorter styles coats have a little bit lost their ground and so have black coats, but having said that I would never say no to a long faux fur black coat. A-line coats have lost their appeal as well, and so have coats that are too cinged at the waist, and flare in a short style of a mini skater skirt. Yeah those are gone.

What is the #1 2018 Coats Trend?

As hard as it is to pinpoint I’d say we tend to lean more onto the statement coats this season, with a massive return of the colours and printed coats as well as appliqués styles.

However… be careful they’re not circus like, nor too playful in the sense of clown-like-colores and statements. They’re more glam-playful royal-funky-opulant rather than the above.

And I… am all for that.

Let’s have a look, grab a drink,  and let the street style take over.


Get the look:


What do you think: are they a great change for a change or what? Or are some of us not feeling this too-much trend? Insert thinking emoji.

You know… I talk the talk but when it actually comes down to the dirty business of wearing a bird on my head for example, I tend to chicken out. However… I love fur and faux fur, so for me… there’s no such thing as too much there. And I love this new glam Edwardian-Military style so that’s great too. But then I’m also a camel coat wrapped around myself kinda girl as well…

Decisions… decisions…

xoxo D.


Whatever I click on these days it’s most likely wearing oversized puffer jackets. Whatever shop you’ll go to in the next months it will shove a puffer down your throat. Even my closet is not exempt from this fall 2018 trend. Like I said, they are everywhere, and tbh I love it!

Rewind 10 years back and I was a puffer jacket hater, 100%. Up until a year or two ago when forced by the freezing degrees I had to face after workout every day in winter, I decided to get one. “That’s it, I thought, I’m done freezing my ass and risking a flu. I’m ready to look like an elephant. Maybe I’ll be so lucky to pull off a flamingo-in-a-puffer look.” There’s only so many coats, and layers, and faux fur one can do in winter, right? So I bought this orange puffer jacket (Instagram pic of me wearing it) that I swear to God became my fave jacket (similar here). It’s easy to put on, to take off, and keeps you so cozy and warm. And I don’t look like an elephant in it, nor a flamingo who had a big burger. I look normal. #orangeinspired

Why is fashion and everyone so obsessed with oversized puffer jackets all of a sudden? 

What is it about these gigantic enormous coats that are the least flattering coats of all times that have us smitten with them all of a sudden. And it’s not just the sartorial fashion week crowd, nor the famous supermodel squads or cool street stylers. No. It’s everyone, from designers showing puffers in their runway collections to the damn fashion victims everywhere who basically ruin any good trend the moment they make it so mainstream and wrong you don’t wanna wear that piece just to not be associated with them. You know what I mean?

But thank God for the billions of puffer jacket out there. I think it’s safe to say there’s a style for everyone.

Meanwhile the ‘why’ lingers… I think the rise of the oversized puffer jackets has a lot to do with the rise of athletic wear, sports gear, activewear, which tbh is more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle that once belonged to a small group of people and now became mainstream so everyone started wearing their clothes, because 1) they’re comfy, 2) they look cool, and 3) if you happen to actually workout, they save time.

So… our love for activewear stretched to winter coats and designers are simply having fun and giving us what we want. Why pair your leggings with a coat and be cold, huh? Or why should you recycle your winter looks from one or two years ago – coats, vests, faux furs – when there’s this not-so-little jacket that looks way too cool for school and actually works for most looks and styles?

Add this to the rise of 80s in fashion, and you have a case of some of the best looks out there. Sports meets 80s meets oversized urban Yeezy styles, all wrapped up in glam or edge, or even smart office wear. Yes you read that right.

Our love for a more laid back vibe is at the core of all this change in fashion and personal style. The oversized puffer is cool. Sure, there’s no way it will replace a camel coat, or those bath robe amazing winter coats, those furs and faux furs we love, but it’s a great piece to rock every now and then. Especially in freezing degrees.

What oversized puffer jackets styles are IN this season?

Like anything great in life… the bigger the better. #lol The puffers of 2018 look like fluffy colourful marshmallows, so big they can fit 3 people in there, and are usually worn low on the back, or just one shoulder a la late 80s New Kids On The Block. They’re boxy, with a back side sticking out as if you’re actually wearing a box, with puffed ‘collars’ and sot of slouchy cuts.

They can also be very long like massive duvets that you wrap yourself into. Rihanna is the queen of wearing  these, without losing an inch of her sex appeal, in case you wondered about that kinda stuff.

How to wear oversized puffer jackets even if you’re not sporty, or on winter holiday?

They do look amazing in winter when you’re living it up in some sky resort or just taking a walk around town and pretending you;re a tourist. And take it from me, they do look great over your gym outfits. Sooner, rather than later you’ll be wearing the puffer when running errands, weekend shopping and so on. It’s easy in these circumstances.

But what about office wear, and going out? Meetings, going to lunch, dinner, meeting people outside the gym or that sky resort?

Throw that sucker puffer on whatever the hell you are wearing, including heels, stilettos, kittens, block. You can wear them over dresses, over the knee boots, sweaters and jeans, power suits. It’s all a beautiful mess. Eclectic.

It looks great paired with crop tops, which you can actually wear in winter cause the puffer will keep you warm. It looks fab with hoodies and sunglasses a la 90s.

It wok with layers (not that you need them), with dresses, with skirts, shorts… sky’s the limit.

Street style:


Get the look:


It’s just a jacket I know, but I feel like it’s the best thing that’s happened in a while. #Ihavenolife

xoxo D.




Sweaters to autumn are like bikinis to summers, so the more the merrier. When it comes to this season the best sweaters to shop for and wear are pretty much same as always. We live and dress by the mantra all is in, so you can even rock your old knitted tops and refresh them them a little by pairing them with something new and trendy.

Or… if you love to always dabble a bit into the newest and chicest things out there then shopping you must not refrain from.

What are the best sweaters to shop for?

  • classic nudes
  • black
  • white
  • red
  • massive sweaters, oversized cuts
  • cropped
  • solid coloured
  • block colour
  • printed
  • Celine soft nude tone sweaters
  • Gucci wild funky retro psychedelic styles
  • Marni retro prints
  • H&M classics
  • Missguided hot sweaters for date night
  • fitted
  • turtlenecks
  • cut-outs
  • asymmetric
  • fuzzy
  • fluffy
  • cable knit
  • hooded
  • too long
  • vintage inspired

Absolutely all you love is wearable and all you can find can be styled brilliantly. From massive brands like Celine or Marc Jacobs to affordable shops like boohoo, H&M – everyone’s selling something worth splurging on.

Sweaters are the jackets of autumn and spring, and they’re the best layering for winter. They look amazing with anything and for almost any occasion.


Best sweaters to shop:


xoxo D.


You know I have this theory – when all is blue #Mondaylife, shop; when all is pink and rainbows, shop. Shopping, much like wine never fails us, yet unlike the latter we can splurge on it anytime, all the time. Add this mantra to the active life that’s so fashionably IN these days and you have what I like to call a recipe to sooth your soul.

Everyone give it up for: activewear shopping. 

TBH you don’t even need to exercise or love working out, you can just wear the clothes. How cool do you look running the world in heels and tracksuits? Right?!!! btw I ain’t joking. How amazing do weekend errands feel when you do them in leggings and crop tops? And how badass do you feel when you pair anything with your Ivy Park or Adidas sweatshirt.  Love it or hate it, do it or don’t, active life is happening and it looks better in activewear. And if you love all its sides you know how importante shopping for gym clothes is, right?! Except cake, pizza, or wine, nothing is better.

Activewear shopping is still #1 Monday hobby, and today I give you sales and deals that’ll leave you day-dreming and maybe motivate your inner ninja.


Which reminds me, I have some leftover chocolate cake. #Liveyourdreams

xoxo D.



When life gives you hot summer days you drink lemonade and hit the pool.

Or you work on a photoshoot.  #BloggerLife


We’ve all got a bit of glam diva in ourselves, God knows I do. But lately it’s been asleep #sleepingbeauty until last week, when forced by circumstances outside my control I was forced to step out of my lazy slob zone – we’ll call it comfort zone – and put a little more effort into my looks. Beyond jeans and a tee that is.

Memories of times when I wore heels all day every day came back. Of glam nights around town. Or extra bling, and super bold lips (actually this one’s the one thing I kept and like to think kinda mastered along the growing up ride).

And I got to thinking if I woke up my inner sleeping beauty what the hell would she wear? I went a bit all out and carried away by the heat of summer, and the excitement of my new #BringBackTheGLAM project so I did it all. Mini skirt, check. Leather, check. Heels, check, Lips, check, Cami top, check.

On the bright side I kept it simple in all black, and restrained from excessive accessories.










Photos by Cosmin Straut.


Sometimes you love to dress up, and lay out your office outfits for summer 3 days in advance, but sometimes you just can’t be bothered. It’s fine. I mean somewhere between not falling asleep fast enough on Sunday, and that Monday blues and never-enough-coffees who gives a shite about fashion anyway? What to wear suddenly sounds like the most idiotic question ever.

“Like, seriously, you should be so lucky I actually bothered to put on pants today. Ugh.’ #thoughts

Shocking as this may sound, eves us – fashion gurus and style stalkers get tired once in a while, and feel no jazz whatsoever when it comes to our office outfits for summer, let alone shop for them. Best case scenario we could use a style assistant. Or rewind a few years back to kindergarten and first grades and we’ll take whatever our moms laid out for us. Ahhhh! Worst case scenario, open your closet, stretch out your hand, hand touches clothes, pick one, or more, put in on, and hope for the best.

It’s called dressing up as an adult.

Therefore, all you need is pants, skirts, basic tops, and dresses. To jazz it up throw in a polished big bag, a pair of sunglasses and some gold jewellery.

1.PANTS: office outfits for summer.

A bottom style, alongside the skirt that is required in public, hence in office situations. Whether they’re the most plain boring pair of pants in the world, or bight and printed in funky styles, culottes, long, cigarette, dressy, stretchy, black, white, red – normally all pants (sans jeans) are office appropriate.

Easiest way to wear them: wear a plain white or black t-shirt (or a button down), a pair of simple heels (stilettos, block), sandals, ballet flats, a big massive tote bag, sunglasses and jewellery if you want.

TIP: go for high waist, not too tight.

2. SKIRTS: office outfits for summer.

Anything that’s around the knees (even above a few inches) is usually great for office outfits for summer. Pencil skirts tend to look more professional, but summer is the perfect season to wear more causal skirt styles, pleated skirts, flirty, floral, midi, even denim (midi length).

Pair them with a simple top: t-shirt, bodysuit, silky blouse, blazer, flats, heels, even sneakers if the code permits.

TIP: flirty pretty skirts look best for office in monochromatic outfits and flats. Very summer’ish. Pencil styles work better with any type of heel.

3. DRESSES: office outfits for summer

There’s no way around this: dresses are the easiest things to wear. You need one item + shoes + bag and you’re ready. From super dressy pencil cut dresses to more tea-inspired, flirty styles  – the dresses you can wear to office in summer are infinite. As long as the length is decent, and the fabric is not see-through, you can literally go for anything: shirt dresses, tea-dresses, tight and fitted, boxy, flirty.

TIP: avoid spaghetti straps and too short hemlines and you’re safe.

Hope this was helpful! :) xoxo