We might be coming into the coldest months of the year, but even in pandemic times, as we approach more and more towards a normality and resuming life as we knew it – we may be able to even travel and go on  vacation to somewhere sunny and warm. Which may mean lying by the beach in a bathing suit (or two, or three) and come on now… who does not love to online shop for swimwear? No irony here. To be honest, I’m a huge fan of classic triangle bikini which is adjustable and allows for comfort and sun tan BUT if bikini fashion is your thing here’s a few tips for buying swimwear online. Understand What You’re Looking For

Before you start looking at products for sale, it’s wise to stop and consider exactly what it is you’re looking for and what you want to achieve with your purchases. For example, do you require a swimsuit you can wear while doing laps in the pool regularly or for ocean swims? 

Or perhaps you’re after a sexy two-piece for a holiday with your partner or a supportive one-piece that you can move about in securely when playing with your young child? You’ll want to consider different material types, too, since some work well for exercise and general movement while others are more about the look they give rather than the practicalities. 

The clearer you are upfront about what you need when buying bathing suits for women, the easier you’ll find it to narrow in on appropriate options when faced with a plethora of products on eCommerce sites. 

Take Your Measurements

Next, take your measurements rather than just relying on being a certain size. The reality is that each brand’s sizing can differ significantly, so being a size 12, say, in the current brand of swimwear you own, doesn’t mean you’ll be that size in other products. There aren’t any set sizing standards these days, so you’re best off getting a measuring tape and finding your details in different areas of your body to get a clear picture of your size. 

Compare your measurements to the sizing chart made available by the manufacturer or distributor on their website or the chart put up by an e-tailer. Keep in mind, too, that some international boutiques list products in UK or European sizes, so check the specifics and read the actual measurements if they’re available to see which option will be the best fit for you. 

Buy Multiple Sizes and Styles

Even when checking measurements, though, it can be tricky knowing the right size when buying online and being unable to try things on until they arrive at your home. As such, it pays to buy a couple of sizes in the swimsuits you fall in love with, and to purchase bathing suits in a few different styles, too. 

For instance, you might get a halter-neck one-piece, a string bikini, a cut-out swimsuit, a high-waisted two-piece, or a one-shoulder product to test and see what kind of design best suits your particular body shape. Just make sure you check the returns policies on items before buying up big like this, as some places don’t allow refunds on swimwear. Check shipping policies on returns, too, to see how much you’ll have to pay to return the products you don’t like. 

Read Reviews 

When buying online, you’ll come across all sorts of stores and brands you’ve never heard of due to the enormous variety of designers and retailers there are selling swimsuits online now. It pays to check out as many reviews of stores as you can before finalizing a purchase so you can get a feel for how reliable businesses are and the quality of their products, not to mention what their customer service is like. 

Read the testimonials and product reviews placed on e-tailer websites but also take a look at forums, social media sites, blog and magazine reviews, and other spots for more unbiased and honest ratings and feedback. 

Take Note of Promotions

 One of the great things about buying online is that many stores have some excellent promotions throughout the year, especially around Black Friday and other occasions. Keep an eye out on shops where you’ve seen products you like to see if they advertise any upcoming sales or special deals on your favorite brands. You might want to sign up for retailer newsletters or social media sites, so you get notified of offers ASAP. 


Buying new swimwear can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Shop from the comfort of your home and have items delivered straight to your door where you can try goods on in a stress-free environment. Follow the tips above and start shopping for your new swimsuit today. 

xoxo D.

When it comes to feminine clothing, lots of different pictures can come to mind. Ranging from dresses to skirts, tops, and jeans: all of it is possible. Although this increases the possibilities for your potential outfits, it makes it harder to make a decision. In this article, we will explain the possibilities and show some intuitive ways to blend additional elements with your outfit to top it off.

Top trendy feminine brands 

Many brands offer feminine clothing to the market. To understand what falls into this category, let’s dive into the concept of femininity. When it comes to female clothing, form-fitting clothing and dresses are what come to mind first.

Next to that, it revolves around expressing the female body at its best, without creating a sexual connotation to it. Feminine clothing should be celebrating the female body, but keep it sophisticated at the same time. Think about poofy sleeves, ruching details, and soft shades. Although upcoming, this type of clothing is still a niche among women’s clothing. Brands that are popular in this domain are:

  • Asos
  • Chicwish
  • Lulu’s
  • Kate Spade

Selecting the best clothes based on your body shape

Feminine-style clothing is a celebration of the female body. However, everybody is different, meaning that you can change it according to your body type. This not only needed to select the best clothing but also to make you feel comfortable in it. In the end, it is all about expressing confidence in yourself when wearing a feminine piece.

Start with observing the four pillars

To select the best clothing, you need to start with the four main pillars of your body. These are:

  1. Shoulders
  2. Bust
  3. Waist
  4. Hips

By measuring these elements of your body, you get a good idea of your measurements. This is the foundation to select the best clothing for you. Although it provides some indication of your body shape, it is merely the start.

Determine the body shape

There are a total of five body types that are common among women. We will explain the body shapes and explain what types of clothing suit them best.

Apple shape

This shape is also known as the ‘round shape’. When it comes to this body type, it makes sense to create a balance between the four pillars we introduced. You can use patterns and lines to draw attention to the curves you want to emphasize. Typical items we recommend to wear are a peplum, dolman-sleeve and an open-front.

Pear shape

This is typically referred to as a body shape with broader hips than shoulders, also known as a triangle shape. Jeans and high waisted pants allow you to focus on your hips, creating a nice accent to the hips. Other items that work well for the pear-shaped body are wrap dresses, peplums, and square-neck tops.

The hourglass

With such a clear name, what is there left to explain? A body shape with a balance between shoulders and hips, combined with a slimmer waist. With this body type, you can shine in a jumpsuit, wrap, and v-neck.

The inverted triangle

This one might confuse a bit at first; a body shape with broader shoulders than hips. This allows you to wear different types of feminine clothes such as the scoop-neck, crop-top, midi dress, and fit-and-flare dresses.

Rectangle body shape

This body shape has the four pillars in equal shape, resulting in a straight build of the body. A ‘sweetheart’ would be a good option for this shape as well as the high-waist jeans, and ruched and puff sleeves.

Make the outfit  complete with perfumes for women

An item that cannot be missed from your outfit is a good perfume. When it comes to perfumes for women, there are many options to choose from. Generally speaking, we like to make a distinction between niche perfumes and other perfumes. The latter group mostly consists of perfumes provided by fashion brands. Although they appear sophisticated in their advertisements, these perfumes sometimes make use of synthetic products and lower-grade raw materials.

The power of niche perfumes

This is where the power of niche perfumes comes in: they not only make use of high-quality raw materials, they also make very distinctive and unique perfumes. These Perfumers can be considered true artists, which sets them apart from Perfumers that work for the ‘majority of the market’ as happens with general fashion brands.

Matching your perfume with your season and outfit

Complementing your feminine clothing with a distinguishing perfume can make all the difference. To determine which perfume suits best, it makes sense to think about the season as well as the occasion. For example, while the spring might call for floral notes such as orange blossom and aldehydes, this might not be the best choice for a luxurious dinner with your partner.

Complement your outfit with a bag

Next to clothing and perfumes, another accessory that has become unmissable is the bag. With many shapes and sizes, there is one for every occasion. When it comes to mix-and-matching with your clothing, the occasion is just as important. Who brings a clutch bag to a lecture at university? Or a backpack for a night out?

Naturally, these are choices that need to be made. Next to that, you can think about the colors of the bag as well as the ornaments. Matching ornaments with your clothing helps you to create an integrated outfit. 


xoxo D.

The countdown to finally going back to the office, even for just a few days a week, is now becoming a reality.  What are you going to wear?  The rules for office dress codes are changing and evolving and one thing is for sure — No one is giving up comfort for a return to a traditional dress code.  That includes bras that are great for the gym and yoga and also all day wearing at the office. 

Comfy wireless bras are taking a prime location in women’s intimate apparel wardrobes, and it makes sense. We got used to being in fabrics that are soft and stretch, and don’t want to give it up just because we are now leaving the house and going back to work.  It’s almost at an emotional level and part of our focus on wellness. 

Bras for the gym or yoga studio offer lots of options that feature designs focused on comfort and wellness.  But these are not the only wireless options!  There are bras without wires that use the latest technology to lift, support, and give comfort. Contoured cups for shape, brands and wide straps for support, stretch and breathable fabrics for comfort and cooling, are all part of the future of intimate apparel.  Best of all, you’ll want to wear these new styles long after you get home from work.

At the forefront of the biggest lingerie trends are bras that don’t require endless adjusting, provide support in all of the right places, and are pretty. Today’s trends are powered by bras that are supportive with enhanced comfort features like wire free and breathable materials. Underwire bras have new technology to encase wires away from the body or wire alternative materials that are “sandwiched” inside.  Pads have become lighter and softer to flex with the body. Bra linings in wings are soft and flexible, yet supportive.

All of these high-tech innovations in lingerie have helped women embrace self-care and confidence in every phase of their lives.  As we get back to getting dressed, women are now asking – How can they find a bra that offers the same comfort as wearing a bralette or nothing at all?  Dora Lau, founder and president of Dora L International, an intimate apparel global sourcing and design company that has developed programs for the world’s leading brands, offers guidance.

Focus on Comfort First

The most challenging part about wearing a bra, whether it’s for going back to work or out to dinner, is finding that same sense of wellness when relaxing at home.  Particularly when we are going back to sitting down for long hours, a band that starts to dig in and feel uncomfortable is not acceptable. Lau recommends starting a bra search by going a band size up to allow for less pressure on the torso and to have a smoothing back. If you go up a band size, be sure to go one cup smaller so that you have support and the comfort throughout the day. 

Bra sizing can be a bit confusing, so know that for example, a 36C cup is the same as a 38B cup. It’s called a sister size.  But don’t get hung up on the size — it’s all about fit and comfort. Ultimately, if you are not sure if you should go up or down in sizing, it doesn’t hurt to try on a few sizes and styles and see what you like best. If the band is too loose then go back to your original bra size. Going to a store and getting measured or speaking to a bra specialist online is the best way to find a great fitting bra.


Think of a Bra as an Investment

Your bra has more of an impact than you might think. Take a before and after picture when wearing a bra with little support and then again with a bra that has more support. The difference will amaze you.  A well-made bra that fits properly is essential for one’s wellness. Investing in quality lingerie dramatically improves both your mental and physical well-being.  When you invest in quality lingerie you will see a dramatic improvement in your posture. This is especially true for women who need a larger cup and require extra support. A bra that is poorly designed or the wrong size, you will not feel or look your best.  There is a lot of engineering that goes into creating a bra and that technology goes a long way to ensuring comfort and confidence.

Select Sports Bras with Innovative Muscle

Women embraced sports bras because of the wireless styles and support.  New technologies have taken these styles to the next level of performance with enhanced climate control features like optimum moisture management and cooling.  There are also great style details that can cross over for all daily activates including work, comfort, and work outs. Silhouettes include crop top styling with SPF factors that can be worn as a top and are perfect for a variety of other activities like going to the beach or taking a yoga class.

Finding a Bra for Every Occasion

With weddings and special events starting up again, new trends in dresses and tops are emerging that require bra styles that are multiway and multifunctional.  Crop tops, deep-v necklines, off the shoulder, cut outs, and cold shoulder styles require strapless bras and open plunge shapes that have multi-position straps and bands.  Incorporating new body comfort technologies like contour breathable pads with lift and no-slip bands and straps will add a layer of comfort and a secure fit.

Embracing the New Sexy

Lau truly believes that “Confidence is the Sexiest thing You Can Wear”. After months of “COVID casual” the demand for sexy bras is back!   Styles are updated and include comfort and “to be seen features” like strappy details, flossing bands, and cut outs. Beautiful laces and embroideries are back in full force. Beautiful laces peeking out under tops add a special something to a wardrobe.

The shutdown left us stranded at home with a silver lining of not having to get out of our PJs. A year later, things have dramatically changed. We’re embracing dressing up again with a twist – new demands that our lingerie should offer confidence and comfort. Not just as an accessory, but as the foundation of how we want to live. The current trend is not new however, this move towards comfort is part of how we are embracing inclusivity, different body types, and wellness.  Instead of being for only one aspect of our lives, relaxing, comfort and confidence is now essential to all that we do.

Sure we may not all be in our early 20s OR have lean tummies and six packs, but I’d like to believe we’ve come further than that, and the body positivity movement has made us all more forgiving and loving towards ourselves and others, SOOOO IF our heart lusts for tiny little tops – I say why the heck not. But you know me,  I can never pass on a denim and little cute top combo. Even nowadays, as a mamma I’m still loving my first fashion crush and my trick is to just get a good pair of high waisted pants, that hold evvvvrything in, act confident, and drink loads of water.

The 90s comeback fashion has sure made a splash when it comes to tops. From tiny, cute, basic – anything that has even a remote resemblance to your 90s “Clueless” days is a go.

My personal faves are racer back tops and basic tops in white especially, and bold coloured spaghetti straps basic tops. I’m into green clothes these days.

Here’s a little inspiration AND some fave pieces you can shop.


Shop for tiny tops here:


omg sooo cute. 😁

xoxo D.

The day has come my friends when the colour I had always thought to be the ugliest turned out to be the coolest. Imagine that. I don’t know what’s more troubling here, the fact that sage green is suddenly beautiful or that an almost-40-year-old-woman is using the word ‘cool’ to describe it.

So yes sage green is everywhere these days, from gorgeous aesthetic in decor, table setting, accessories of all sorts to actual clothes and entire outfits. It’s a thing and it started quietly before the pandemic only to grow on us little by little until… well it’s gotten to a point where if you know fashion and you love clothes you probably want to dip into this pastel green shade.

It has a bit of retro nostalgia mixed with some teenage kind of coolness a la 90s but ALSO a lot of feminine and delicate vibes in a very pure innocent and cute kinda way.

From little mini skirts, to crop cardigans, to sweats sets, lounge sets, and blazers, or full on suits  – sage green as a trend is one of the biggest fashion things for the past couple of years. And I love it. If not for the colour per se – which is – in my book cute and delicate and very hard to pull off – then for exactly its step by step growing fashion ubiquity in a time and place where I feel like trends no longer exist in their classic kinda way.

Wow that was a long sentence.

How to wear sage green in 2021?

Well you can either pick one sage green item and wear it/test it see how you feel about it, and if you love it, you can go on and drape yourself in sage dresses, suits, tracksuits etc. OR you can directly go for the full on sage green monochrome look.

IF like me you think this colour is hard to pull off (complexion wise) and style into other pieces try wearing a sage green t-shirt or a sage green cardigan or even better a sage green blazer with denim. Why? First off everything looks amazing paired with denim and second it’s a quick, affordable and an easy way to test a colour trend.

You can also go for a soft sage green mani.

The more adventurous style gurus can either rock full on sage green outfits like loungewear sets, sweats sets, suits, or can mix sage green with other crazy colours. Sage green looks AMAZING with any pastel shades especially yellow and pink. It has that beautiful, sad, delicate nostalgia that Lana del Rey songs kinda ooze. (literally just went on apple music to play her latest album now.) For braver fashion souls out there you can mix sage green with strong colours or prints. Purple looks amazing paired with green for some reason, and gingham and florals are prints and pattern winners.

It is a very soothing calm colour with a huge potential for so many looks especially those that hold some retro Americana slightly edgy or delicate twist to them.

I love it!

Shop for sage green outfits.



How about you?

xoxo D

Simple, easy to throw on, and classic is the key here. If there’s one thing this pandemic changed in terms of fashion it’s that style became much more laid back, and casual. We are still working from home these days so… our lazy asses have even found a way to make office blazers look relaxed. Whats’ my take on this? Well, let’s see: I LOVE IT.  I love the casualness of it all, the style, the vibe, which ironically goes hand in and with my lack of time and motivation really to get all dressed up these days. I still wanna look good tho, if that makes any sense, but if it can be done with good clothes and 0 effort I’m in. And apparently the ‘zoom fashion’ CAN be done in such a way to please both our professional/fashion selves as well as lazy selves.

 Think t-shirts with gorgeous necklaces, or blazers over sporty tank tops, luxe knit cardigans over sweats. That sort if style narrative…

Also… I think we might as well milk this laid back vibe till it’s still here, cause after pandemic like is gone I seriously predict a boom in all aspects of life, fashion included. So I think we’ll be overdressed  and oner the top when this ends for a loooong time.

Bottom line is what does one wear to zoom work meetings? Yeah yeah we know by now there’s a party on the bottom and most often than not we’re in leggings or sweats. Pjs anyone? (raises hand). But do we keep up appearances on the top? Do we bother or need to bother anymore to look professional? YES and NO really. Personally I think the definition of smart wear changed a lot, and is more relaxed. We’re not pretending to be anything we’re not, but we are still keen to look good. For lack of better word.

Hey you’d be surprised to see how cool and put together a blazer looks even over the oldest pj top.

So yes our fashion office life is hanging by our tops alone. That’s all our colleagues and bosses see so no wonder there’s more emphasis on simple cute tops, good makeup, jewelleries, lipstick, low maintenance hairstyles.

Simplicity is the key.

Best tops to wear for zoom meetings:

Blazers over anything.


T-shirts and necklaces


Cardigans and knits over loungewear.


White shirts/button-downs


Looks and sounds so easy, yet I always end up having a little mental breakdown before a zoom meeting cause I don’t know what to wear.

xoxo D.

I must be the only human alive these days who occasionally still dabs into skinny jeans outfits. I mean it was only last week when I had a hoodie on, all my leggings were in the laundry pile so I pulled a 2017 and wore some skinny jeans. But… look, I was born in the 80s. I lived the dad jeans trend once in my early teens… plus I’m a mom now, and a grown ass woman and I can wear whatever the hell I want. (tbh skinny jeans with a high waist, or skinny high waist mom jeans will forever flatter my body and boost my self confidence. Why argue with that, you know.)

For fashion’s sake girl. – says I to myself.

Also, there comes a point in our fashion lives when even the best most classic staple bores us. Plus fashion is cyclical and the baggy jeans were bound to make a comeback, all you had to do to see that was look at the oversized trends that were happening out there for the past 5 years or so. So yes, with a bit of heartbreak I must say it: skinny jeans are dead.

(I will secretly still pull out my fave pair from time to time. #whynot)

Okay now let’s focus on the present:

What exactly are DAD JEANS? And are they universally flattering? Are they a staple? Are they easy to style and mix? Are they beautiful, or more like cool?

They are SO COOL. Think late 90s Aaliyah and TLC – with a high waist, a long cut, and a million styles in between. The best styles come a mile long (which is a tough one for tall girls like me, but hope dies last.), and they hug the body/waist while still leaving room for coolness. Slim but baggy.


In theory and on Pinterest they sound like the holy grail of jeans, but in practice you may need to go through more dad jeans pairs until you find the right one for you. Also, is it just me or do they look more flattering on skinny girls? And if you’re tall – you can almost forget about it.

Or maybe I’m just dad jeans traumatised from the last 2 pairs I got. The first one fits perfectly but is too short and my legs look ridiculous aka overgrown woman in kids jeans?!? Plus I feel fat in them. #cottonjeanscandothat

The second pair I got is AMAZING. Baggy, very long, but the waist is too big. I need to tailor them. So… dad jeans style is a process for me. But the style and outfits are a major payoff. And they look more grown up. Serious. Like work pants but way cooler. They are a very very beautiful mix of mom jeans and cool baggy jeans.

It may just take a while to find your perfect pair.

But in case you don’t, or you just don’t like them, girl… I got you. *hugs you in skinny jeans. :)

Happy to be back typing and creating.


xoxo D

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dashed out of the house with just my phone trying to squeeze it into my pockets, or worse – tailoring my outfit to fit my phone when I didn’t wanna carry a bag. A daily scenario of style compromise or of unnecessarily carrying a bag that I repeated way too many times. The thing is I LOVE bags, BUT as a mom to a very very active and cheeky little toddler girl lemme just say I need comfort and utility in my life more than anything, But I also kinda wanna look decent (read stylish maybe) in the process of running around her or/and running errands. #thestruggleisreal

So coming across a brand like Vaultskin – who value simplicity, utility AND beautiful style all wrapped up into high quality pieces such as phone cases and wallets – was a godsend gift to this busy mama. I love the detailing in their products and the minimalist design which does not take away from utility or style, au contraire it makes it incredibly chic and versatile.

I am wearing the Victoria Case Golden Chain and I absolutely adore it specifically for its simplicity which in personal style translates to versatility. Whether its jeans, sweats or more dressy looks this case fits in like a glove. AND it not just holds my phone but also my cards, leaving my hands free to hang in my pockets for all I care.

In reality I’m busy carrying 2,456 grocery bags, a little toddler girl, and my daily struggles. Which is amazing.

A little backstory about me is… I’m that girl who has about 134 panic attacks a day over losing my phone, but this Victoria phone case literally ends this struggle for me. Also quality wise it’s beyond sturdy, so if Siena decides to have a go at my phone I can yet again rest assured it’ll survive any toddler attack. And guess what? Sturdy still means luxe. #somuchyes

I have chosen the golden chain detail to my iPhone case just cause you know me… ya girl still loves a bling. And I just think a touch of gold is just that… pure gold. ;)

And of course it’s beige cause seriously what isn’t beige these days.

Anyway for this post I wore it against white cause tbh I’ve waited forever to actually have an excuse to wear these pants, and just dress up a little. But on a daily basis, y’all know me from Instagram – I’m in jeans or gym wear all the time. Only happier recently cause I don’t have to think about where to put my phone when I leave the house with Siena. I got my little bag read phone case and I’m good.

So ladies and gents if you need free hands and don’t want wear a bag, but still look like you sort of have a bag, without actually having one (#waitwhat) – this is for you.


I am wearing the Vaultskin Victoria Case | PLT pants & coat| HM sweater

xoxo D.

The sense of normalcy I have while writing this is no short of what I like to call a good feeling. Yes we wear face masks, and yes we live in pandemic street style reality, BUT some of us still have a big desire to celebrate life through clothes, be it staples, minimal style or just basic ol outfits topped with red lips. Even as those will go masked and covered up… personally I never forget to selfie a rare makeup day situation.

Anyway… back to today’s dilemma (gosh I missed fashion dilemmas)… how weird and refreshing is it that upon documenting this post I literally came across anther such post, almost identical in its (my) quest circa 3 yrs ago?

Am I really that redundant? Or maybe there’s a legitimate dilemma with no wrong or right answers?

What autumn jackets do we reach for once fall season is here: BLAZERS or LEATHER JACKETS?

Sure one does not have to exclude the other. We can all be both Dolce and Gabbana dolls and V. Beckham minimal girls… BUT do we live in a time where the staple of jackets – the leather jacket – has lost ground? How do we feel about that?

I know, I know…. a series of Q that are only making this thing harder.

The truth is both jackets are pretty fab, and at the end of the day it’s all a matter of what you want. At first sight there’s not even a style battle as the differences between them are huge: the leather jacket is more badass, cooler, a forever staple of rocknroll and edge, while the blazer is more polished, professional, sleek, and classic.

Well, leave it to fashion to color out of the lines and ruin a perfectly good antithesis of items, cause in 2020 you can get a badass vibe with a blazer in no less than 3 seconds, and a very clean and classic cut look with a leather jacket in equally the same amount of time.

So you see why 3 years post my initial article I am still struggling to find a decent answer to this?


Women are pairing blazers with leggings and combat boots, or even track suits. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of times I’ve worn a blazer over a gym outfit as I made a quick run to the shops. Being a mom I’m always in a hurry in gym clothes but I also always wanna look like I’m not… hence my blazer tendencies lately.



Shop blazers:


Oh and don’t get me started on the 2020 leather jackets. They are so BEAUTIFUL in their massive cuts and oversized masculine vibe that to say I adore them is a big understatement. Like I ADORE them. They are the definition of 80s badass style, regardless of what you have underneath: flirty dress, boots, sneakers, stilettos, sweats, leggings, jeans.


Shop leather jackets:


Ultimately it’s all about what your vibe is the day of. Just keep in mind one tip if you can – no matter your jacket of choice, remember bigger is better.

And now it’s your turn: are you team blazer or team leather jacket?


What a nice chat this was. I feel I’m leaving with an even bigger dilemma but what can I do, that’s life.

Stay safe y’all. xx


Few months into 2020 the world has stopped. It has paused everything for about 2 weeks only to later slowly and awkwardly come back to life affected and misshaped, but somehow happy or hopeful. And fashion – although forced to pause and postpone its FW shows at the time, and even now – has too slept and then awakened. Different. Awkward. But somehow still the same.

The 2020 pandemic had changed everything in us and around us, and our personal style made no exception.

To some minds and souls, less prone or ‘affected’ by fashion this makes no difference whatsoever, yet it affects us all, as fashion has always been a true mirror of its times. The 2020 pandemic street style bares some novelty other than the ubiquitous and mandatory face mask. Being forced to stay in lockdowns and quarantines, or just more isolated and home based has truly paved the way for loungewear, tracksuits, pjs, comfy clothes, slob friendly outfits, less makeup, no fancy hair, sunglasses, face masks, sneakers, hats. The so called celebrity look is on everyone these days, incognito, quickly popping out for just 20 min to run the necessary errands, or go for a quick run or walk.

The world has changed its priorities and with it we’ve changed what we wear to the party. (read everyday).

So is there a street style during the 2020 pandemic?

Well… tbh I came here today, after the longest time off (feels f*&*& great to be back btw!) – and my answer to the above title was supposed to be pjs and tracksuits. To be more precise the IRL street style during the 2020 pandemic transitioned to Instagram, to those #OOTD pics of influencers that look so aesthetically pleasing in their casual lounge/tracksuit pants uniform, as I’m scrolling down on insta every day. They are all wearing the same casual cool outfits, face masks and long lashes. So… this is the new street style right?

Right. Why? How?

Well, the fact that we all have to be indoors pretty much all the time has shifted our choice of clothes from maybe more office, chic, elegant, refined styles to… well… pjs all day everyday. Ish. And since instagram is a platform that mirrors reality (eyeroll… BIG eyeroll) it only makes sense that whatever we do around the house in our outfits will be shown on Instagram as #the2020pandemicfashion. And getting out if the house these days – aka IRL street style – is just a quick run to the shops or the park. And most of these errands can and are done in whatever the hell we’re wearing indoors. We’ll throw a mask and sunglasses on top of everything anyway so why bother?


Yes and no.

While this was true at the beginning of lockdown… and was the 2020 pandemic street style… something strange is starting to happen to fashion and personal style. Maybe it’s our need to socialise, to get dressed so we don’t get depressed, maybe its 2020 FW, which is half assed this year anyway – BUT aside from the Instagram street style STYLE, we also have the normal move-on-with-your-fashion-life-in-a-loud-way kinda fashions, born from our desperation of beauty and normalcy. Some people are wearing nice outfits topped with even nicer face masks. Celebrating life you know.

And THIS exact new reality, triggered by our despair and FW is what actually surprised me upon writing and diving into this post, which I had so ignorantly assumed at first to only be about pjs and slob looks.


TBH with you all… I think we’ll all come out of this 2020 pandemic changed. And way better dressed, thirsty for fab, over-the-top, BEAUTIFUL outfits.

It feels good to be back y’all. xx