trends-fashion-week-couture-street-styleIt sometimes feels as if our fashion existence is measured in FWs. D’ohhh. So now we are somewhere between catching our breaths from the Couture Shows, and working out butts off to get invites for the next FW that’s practically just around the corner. I mean London FW’s schedule was already announced so the crazy days are upon us. And they come with tons of work, travel aaaand girls’ biggest issue ever (in case you nail an invite) “What to wear?“. I’ll tell you something though, every time I look over these street style photos from any FW shows it seems to me as if I am the only one stressing over this what to wear matter, (and still not pulling it off majorly, if I were to come clean) – cause every single person in there seems to either not give a shit what they put on (and look Ah-mazing) or… seriously now… draped in CHANEL or DIOR – how could you not score a Phil Oh photo in Vogue. But let’s not even discuss this posh category and linger a bit on the first one. Wrinkled shirts, messy hair, frumpy clothes, vintage (read old) granny clothes, unflattering outfits  – take front row in Tommy Ton’s or Phil Oh’s snapshots. Sure they’re always paired with a Celine bag or a Chanel little something, that’s always donned with the littlest care in the world as if it just cost 1 quid. Old rusted rings take the front light alongside some uber posh and expensive bracelets, while the cutoffs reveal stained pockets and the tops haven’t been ironed in ages. Who gives a fuck! Clothes are treated like just clothes and style seems to be such a long way from big labels and price tags. (sometimes)animal-print-hairfashion-week-couture-street-style-messy-hairwhat-to-wear-to-fashion-weekclassic-style-fashion-week-couture-street-styleBig editors must probably be biting their fingers off (they’re way past the nails) at this media circus turned big-party-for-everyone-with-a-knack-for-fashion. It was only years ago that this circle was closed, and now… well… it’s still not exactly a piece of cake getting in, but hanging outside the shows is somewhat part of our pop-culture. Not yet famous? You can still go there in your best style, see and be seen. Bloggers, photographers, and all sorts of artists with a passion for sartorial things shows up in what appear to be effortless bored-to-death looks . One rule exists: in order to be a hipster kid wear at least one major weird funky fun item. It usually is sunglasses, a wicked hairdo or some DIY project on display. cropped-top-fashion-week-couture-street-stylefashion-week-couture-street-stylefashion-week-couture-street-style-bagfashion-week-couture-street-style-black-and-whitefashion-week-couture-street-style-cropped-topfashion-week-couture-street-style-sweaterfashion-week-couture-street-style-susie-bubblefunky-shades-fashion-week-couture-street-stylehairstyle-fashion-week-couture-street-stylehairstyles-fashion-week-couture-street-stylehairstyles-street-stylestreet-style-couture-showsstreet-style-fashion-weekOf course everyone is still starstruck when spotting Anna Dello Russo or Miroslava Duma – but again these ladies are, like us, having loads of fun with clothes. Yeah bigger labels but still – creativity pushes the boundaries as well, and it’s all about the attitude and mood all wrapped up in brilliant visuals. anna-dello-russo-flamenco-style-fashion-week-couture-street-stylemiroslava-duma-fashion-week-couture-street-stylebags-fashion-week-couture-street-stylebelts-fashion-week-couture-street-styleblack-and-white-trend-fashion-week-couture-street-stylechanel-outift-fashon-weekfashion-week-couture-street-style (2)fashion-week-couture-street-style-cropped-top (2)fashion-week-couture-street-style-all-blackfashion-week-couture-street-style-detailsfashion-week-couture-street-style (3)fashion-week-couture-street-style-princess-skirtmaxi-skirt-fashion-week-couture-street-style (2)neon-trend-fashion-week-couture-street-styleoversize-top-fashion-week-couture-street-stylered-shoes-fashion-week-couture-street-styleyellow-bag-fashion-week-couture-street-styleWhat happens at FW, street style wise is definitely a movement of our times and a cool phenomenon. So what if it’s labeled as a circus? Circus is fun. All these cool kids who mingle so beautifully with sophisticated rich people are proving to the world it’s OK to show up in clothes that imply a middle finger up at the luxe side of fashion. We’re not against high end. No sir. Give me a CHANEL anything and I’ll take it. Yeah I’ll wear it with my H&M knuckle rings & my cheap eBay watch… So what?

Has today’s fashion scene changed? And could street style alone be crowned as nowadays biggest fashion influence?

photos via Vogue, Elle, Google Images

image_007OK so we all know the saying ‘The Devil is in the details‘ and when discussing fashion it couldn’t be more true. Sometimes a tiny bit of color, a ring, a lipstick shade or statement a bag makes all the difference in an outfit and can turn a look from the most boring unnoticed one into the most glamorous, fashion forward or edgy one. As we quickly (and quite tired too) wrap yet another Fashion Month season – I AGAIN turn to the street styles spotted in the fashion capitals. Truth is, after watching all these shows and collections you can’t not get a bit bored with it all. It’s repetitive. Sure we’re all dying to see our fave designers but by the time Paris comes, I have to confess I’m a bit checking my watch rather than checking the catwalk. Thank God we’ve got the street styles to break the routine. :)fashionweek-street-styleA bit of fashion inspiration never hurt anyone so for a mid-week I say let us indulge into some opulent and luxurious details that put the exclamation point into style! miroslava-duma-street-stylestreet-style-fashionweek-detailsStarting off: Fabulous Shoes! cause you can’t walk in anything else than uber funky & sexy heels, right? Though the kitten & chunky heels are huge today, can’t seem to quite get the hang of them. I mean chunky heels are great and comfy, so them… I love. But kittens… hmm. Still debating. First love remains true: hot stilettos! Those black studded Christian Louboutins are amazing! And the classic white pumps too, in the 3rd ‘shoes photo

2013-shoes-street-style2013-shoes-street-style-fashion-weekshoes-street-style-fashion-weekstudded-heels-shoes-louboutins-streetstyleHow we gonna carry all our phones, makeups, books and snacks? Why in a super cool Bag, of course! I’m noticing lots of posh ladies are donning the tiny bags… I can work with that… For weekends, going out, but if you have to carry a slight more than your phone and lipstick, then you cannot yet part ways with the practical bigger bag. These 2 below are pretty amazing! Anna Dello Russo‘s green clutch is absolutely fantastic for a pop of color and that rabbit head tiny tiny bag is sooo cute! bags-street-styleanna-dello-russo-bag-street-stylebag-street-stylebag-style-street-trendchanel-bag-street-stylestreet-style-fashion-weekstreet-style-luxe-detailstiny-bag-street-stylefashion-week-street-styleMy go to details to break a dull look (besides bags & shoes) are always accessories and a pop of color through nail polish or lipstick. Easy! What’s your go-to detail?

photos by Tommy Ton via

burberry-backstage0cara-countouredWhen it comes to makeup I’m a complete girly girl – love me a flawless hydrated skin, mascara eyelashes, thin eyeliner, lip-gloss and the occasional eye-shadow/lipstick/contouring. The golden rule is focus on only one feature at a time and play that up to its highest level… and though sometimes on the runways this rule rarely applies (just because we get to experience the art in fashion rather than the street style or day to day beauty tips), some reading between the lines can be done to spot next season’s beauty & makeup trends. And hair for that matter. Best part about doing such a cover post? Why the backstage insight of course! Getting a sneak peak into what models do while sitting for hair and makeup, what they look like with a fresh face, how well they transform, who’s flawless and who’s not (they all are, trust me. Young and fabulous looking with amazing bone structures), what makeup artists are working on this and that show, products they use (mostly MAC). Stuff like that, us girls go crazy over :) backstage-2013-fashion-week-1So what do designers shout out to us fashion lovers when it comes to 2013 fall beauty trends? Well… I say (and it’s just my humble so-far-captured opinion based on what I’ve seen) Eyes will be big for 2013 – 2014 Fall/Winter. From Marc Jacobs & Donna Karan to Gucci eyes are sultry, seductive, dark… yet in not that 1990’s way, but rather a negligent metallic grey or brown smudge kinda way on both the upper and lower lid. With Anna Sui it’s all about cat thick winged eyeliner that looks absolutely amazing and at Michael Kors there’s the black or grey eye-shadow on the outer half corner of the eyes. Cat eyes ladies!!! Love . It. If however you’re a more-colored-eye-shadow kinda gal… look into Thakoon show: fabulous cobalt blue eye makeup! Keep skin & lips nude or to a minimal and you’ll be rocking an uber hot sexy look. eye-makeup-fall-2013-fashioanna-sui-makeup-2013-2gucci-beauty-2013-5marc-jacobs-makeup-2013-1eye-makeup-fashion-week-201anna-sui-makeup-2013-6anna-sui-makeup-2013-7michael-kors-beauty-2013-4Seductive voluptuous dark, deep, or bold lips made quite a statement at Marc by Marc Jacobs (red red red), Diane Von Furstenberg (pink pink pink) and Vera Wang (deep brown/burgundy vampire like lips) . So… ladies, if you love the bold lip look this one’s for you. Color in trend: pink, dark burgundy/violet and red! Flawless skin required and simple eyes! lips-fashion-week-2013-fallfendi-beauty-2013-3fendi-beauty-2013-2fendi-beauty-2013vera-wang-beauty-4diane-von-durstenberg-makeup-1And last but not least the look that will always be at the top of any list and make it to the trends in any season is the natural look. Glowing skin, flawless faces, moistured, hydrated, just the right amount of cover, blush and contouring… ah looking like you’re 15 again! skin-fashion-week-2013marc-jacobs-makeup-3donna-karan-2013-beauty-1burberry-beauty-2013glowing-skin-fashion-weel-frag-bone-makeup-2prabal-gurung-makeup-2rag-bone-makeup-5ralph-lauren-beauty-4Here are more backstage beauty, makeup & hair looks for 2013 fall Fashion Week.  vera-wang-beauty-1victoria-beckham-beauty-5fashion-week-fendi-backstagevivienne-westwood-backstagegucci-beauty-2013-3fendi-backstage-2013So lovelies, do you have a fave look? LIPS / EYES / NATURAL… 

Milan Fashion Week has officially begun yesterday and let me just say OMG! I know, what a cliche or better yet how predictable of me to love all the shows and collections (those of you who have read FashionTag & know me, know I absolutely adore Milan FW and why to this day it remains my fave of them all). Celebrating the woman (with all that she stands for and infinitely represents), Italian designers have always had a soft spot for the glam & opulence, and though some might say they can get repetitive with their fashions, I say to hell with it. There’s not a woman on this planet who does not want to ooze femininity, hotness, class and strength. And the Italians sartorialists know it. Following NYC’s footsteps in regards to the trends of next fall, Milan screams the same S&M meets feminine luxurious/grunge styles: fur, leather, gloves, white, black & dark shades. And you know what? Upon viewing all these shows I wonder, could we not steal all these trends starting with say… next month? Would you do next fall’s trends this spring? For practice if not for other reasons :)  _GVC0104.450x675Yesterday debuted with one of my favorite shows so far – Gucci! A brand that never lets me down and never ceases to surprise and please me. With Gucci it’s all about being sexy, strong, beautiful, confident and polished. Simple fitted cuts, knee-length dresses and black or burgundy leather everywhere: head to toe, or just on accessories (boots, gloves & belts). Message quite clear: do leather dolls! Knee-length pencil skirts & dresses in python & snake leather textures, long sleeves, nipped waists, high boots, gloves and sunglasses with the occasional coat thrown over and the posh bag – Gucci girl is one hot confident woman. When leather took a step backwards, full but fluid textures in violet or brown took over with some of those slim, long sleeve, knee-length dresses I can already see invading the streets/offices/parties this spring. Timeless elegance and class, from cut to color to design. And the same thing if you ask me goes for leather. You can never go wrong with a leather pencil skirt or why not (as Gucci suggests) leather turtle necks. I mean really, why wait till next fall?  gucci-fall-2013snake-leather-gucci-fall-20At it’s exact opposite stands Alberta Ferretti who could not make up her mind, so she delivered a dual collection, which was both dark & romantic, madame & jeunne fille in it. With pieces that bared some discrete embellishments,  fine cuts, strong lines – her models strutted the runway in innocent whites from head to toe (yep, definitely a spring try) or dark seductive blacks. Flirty pleated over the knee skirts and dresses with nipped at the waist jackets gave strength to a very romantic and feminine look. Solid colors made their way on the runway starting with the second half of the show and presented the same conservative strong look on one hand, and a very girly one, on the other. Loved the sort of understated opulence, romantic decadence and a tiny hint of baroque style the clothes seemed to have. Simplicity with a twist.  black-white-alberta-ferrettcolor-alberta-ferretti-fallFrancesco Scognamiglio‘s collection was simple, beautiful and definitely do-able this spring! The first all-white look with a wide-leg high waisted trouser and a silk white top with ruffles was a base for the whole collection (again black and white, and a dip into the animal kingdom as well). The animal/leopard prints in grey broke a bit the repetitiveness of the whole collection, which though simple, it was otherwise quite pleasant to look at in a sea of leathers, furs, prints and solids. Those fluid, silky, soft wide legged trousers and romantic ruffled tops will be a huge hit. Loved the cropped tops, the long sleeve dresses, the transparent belts and black leather pencil skirt as well. white-francesco-scognamiglifrancesco-scognamiglio-blacOversize, layers, browns and softness took over the runway at Max Mara. Never have I imagined I would actually love to see and wear for that matter a fur top (boxy top mind you) with an oversized coat over, and drape myself in brown. Hmm. Though I am not the biggest fan of an all-oversized outfit and all-brown,  the perfect soft lines and textures won me over. And the yellow shades were a great breath of fresh air (sort of bee-style with the stripes as well). And the black... well, it’s always a blessing and a must have and do! maxmara-fall-2013The English have met the Italians with No.21. Or so it’s been said about the collection. A huge mix of plaids, tweeds, sequins, crystals, knits, mohairs, you name it. Eclectic does not begin to describe this actually soft collection, in delicate tones. Evening tops, sequined blouses paired with day-to-day bottoms, plaid skirts, thick fabrics. I loved it. I mean the streets are already doing this mismatched trend for a while now: evening pieces paired with boring daywear or sports with classic, or girly with androgynous  Yep… mix it up ladies because it looks great, effortless and cool.   no21-fall-2013So recap now: black, white, leather, flirty dresses, pencil skirts, long sleeve fitted knee-length dresses, solid colors, animal prints, leather, mixed fabrics and styles… Should we wait till 2013 fall or start practicing right away? 

As we’re so fast pacing through what’s left of London & New York fashion weeks and getting ready for Milan to take over, with its fabulous glamour and hotness, I thought of wrapping up our two fashion capitals’ Fashion Week round-up with a bit of celeb close-up. Some of that guilty pleasure is always just the right thing to keep us going mid week. Especially in the midst of all this FW craze. Sort of like a breath of fresh air and brain rest, isn’t it? FRow is that thing (alongside backstage posts and street styles) that has us all yet again staring at photos for fashion inspiration and just a tiny bit of gossip. While with us non-VIPs it’s a constant battle on how to get in at Fashion Week, with celebs I bet it’s mostly a thing that just comes with the job’s territory. And probably one too many times a drag. Yet they all manage to have us stare in awe at how amazing they look, how stylish, how impeccable. Or better yet they give us a bit of inspiration for cool outfits and perfect accessorizingcelebs-front-row-london-fashoon-week-2In London, one of the most coveted shows, that had one of the best frows was by far Burberry! Everyone. Was. There. Looking drop dead gorgeous, from Rosie Huntington Whiteley to Rita Ora. Olivia Palermo is that face that never misses one show, regardless of where it is, ah… and she always looks fabulous. The woman’s got style, that’s for sure. Another posh face that gets the shows going has to be Anna Wintour. Yet in London, this season, there was a fresh frow newcomer who had the media and the attendants talking for days in a row – Anais Gallagher. Yep… Mr. rocker man’s Noel Galleghar’s offspring. At Moschino she looked ravishing, with her golden locks, heart shaped shades and pajama blue outfit, and the press didn’t miss one second to call her the new fashion face out there, to keep an eye on. I mean the girl is 13 and she could easily give plenty of fashion tips to any posh faces around. Before crossing the pond to have a look at NYC’s frow, lets check out London’s front rows at Burberry & Moschinocelebs-front-row-london=fascelebs-front-row-london-fashoon-week-1celebs-front-row-london-fashoon-week-3celebs-front-row-london-fashoon-week-4celebs-front-row-london-fashoon-week-5celebs-front-row-london-fashoon-week-6front-row-london-fw-fall-20Anais Gallegher Front Row @Moschino Cheap & Chic Moschino cheap&chic - Front Row - LFW F/W 2013Moschino cheap&chic - Front Row - LFW F/W 2013With NYC it’s a rule there will always be more celebs, and not just from fashion, but from all entertainment, and sometimes we get to see a few faces that have left the spotlight, or like to keep it private. Such is the case of famous yet private Hilary Swank at Michael Kors or Liv Tyler at Proenza Schouler. One of my favorite faces as of lately has got to be the petite Russian Miroslava Duma: sweet, pretty and super stylish she graced the front row at Altuzarra and Jason Wu. Other faces to never miss FW are super blogger Granace Dore (Altuzarra) and Scott Schuman, Leigh Lezark, Poppy Delevigne etc. Enough talk now, I’ll let you see for yourself and get some style inspo from the rich and famous. Enjoy :)  allison-williams-jason-wualtuzarra-frow-miroslava-dumaanna-dello-russo-rodartechristina-ricci-marc-jacobs-frowcoco-rocha-dvfdrew-barrymore-rag-and-boneelizabeth-olsengarance-dore-altuzarrahillary-swank-michael-korsjada-picket-smith-michael-korsleigh-lezark-frow-altuzarraliv-tyler-proenzamiroslava-duma-jason-wuolivia-palermo-dvfpoppy-delevigne-rag-bonerachel-zoe-dvfscott-schumansofia-sanchez-altuzrravanessa-hudgens-katherine-mcphee-frow-dvfwang-frow-zoe-leighzoe-saldanaphotos via & refinery29


london-street-style-fashion-week-1One of the most awaited parts of Fashion Week is definitely the street style. And when the snap shooter is photographer guru Tommy Ton, you can spend hours looking at those photos. For a few days twice a year, each fashion capital’s streets change and are swirling with fashion editors, journalists, bloggers, stylists, photographers etc. and then, just like that, all is permitted fashion wise. Hell, the funnier and crazier you look the better. Which brings me to my question for you: Do you think Fashion Week street style is turning into a circus? new-york-street-style-fashionweek-3london-street-style-fashion-week-27london-street-style-fashion-week-21A few days ago Suzy Menkes from T Magazine was saying just that. Compared to those 1990’s when the fashion crown was so elitist and wearing black (often mistaken by a crowd going to a funeral), today’s editors, bloggers and the rest are like peacocks showing off and selling their image to street photographers. Colorful, crazy, eccentric wearing it all with no rules and no purpose in mind – other than to land in magazines’ or blogs’ pages. Oh, and she was also suggesting how screwed up the fashion world has become. Why, cause it’s not so exclusive & elitist anymore? Leandra form the Man Repeller perfectly defended us (generation Y) saying that this is the time we live in, it’s progress, it’s our generation… Thanks L! Anyway, generation gap talk aside… I would still like to know what all of you think. It’s pretty clear that the street styles have become outdoor shows themselves and can easily be called the fashion week outside the shows. But is this due to attendants’ creativity and fashion self expression (plus some extra cash in their pockets or fame to trigger gifts for advertising?) or to the hunger for those 15 minutes of fame? Because let me tell you… a funky super crazy outfit will GUARANTEE you being photographed. Hmm. Dirty business this street style show, isn’t it? new-york-street-style-fashionweek-11london-street-style-fashion-week-10london-street-style-fashion-week-11london-street-style-fashion-week-4new-york-street-style-fashionweek-6Now let’s not get carried away on morals and play the too-proper card… because we’re all guilty as charged, if not by wearing the peacock outfits than by loving to look at them on others (live or in photos). There’s just something so liberating, candy eye and fun about seeing someone go loose on imagination and break rules. Besides, sometimes there’s nothing like that feeling you get when ‘normal people’ around you can’t seem to contain their shock regarding your hair/clothes/ shoes/accessories… Ah, what do they know? To them we’re all a bunch of weirdos & fashion wannabes who, when let loose twice every year (for fashion weeks) loudly announce that “the circus is in town”…  Well… is it?  london-street-style-fashion-week-6london-street-style-fashion-week-3london-street-style-fashion-week-7london-street-style-fashion-week-8london-street-style-fashion-week-9london-street-style-fashion-week-13london-street-style-fashion-week-14new-york-street-style-fashionweek-7london-street-style-fashion-week-18london-street-style-fashion-week-19london-street-style-fashion-week-20london-street-style-fashion-week-28london-street-style-fashion-week-24london-street-style-fashion-week-23london-street-style-fashion-week-25new-york-street-style-fashionweek-4new-york-street-style-fashionweek-5new-york-street-style-fashionweek-8new-york-street-style-fashionweek-1london-street-style-fashion-week-26london-street-style-fashion-week-17london-street-style-fashion-week-29london-street-style-fashion-week-30new-york-street-style-fashionweek-2new-york-street-style-fashionweek-9new-york-street-style-fashionweek-10London & New York street styles a Fashion Week – posh luxury or circus?  (photos by Tommy Ton)

Good things come to those who wait, right? Well it certainly looks so today. If London Fashion Week weekend collections were a bit too much (or too something, still debating on what), and I found myself in quite a predicament as to whether I should love them or hate them… (sometimes there is such a thing as too weird, funky and way too edgy even for me), yesterday came as a knight in shining armor (Burberry I am looking at you) and had me succumb to London’s fashion scene for 2013 Fall. Might be that I’ve gotten used to their approach and the clothes grew on me… or it may just be that collections were better. Or simply more my cup of tea.

Burberry Prorsum @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 burberry-2013I was saying yesterday that I found some collections to be dull, repetitive and boring in a sense that designers screamed ”look at me, I am trying so hard. Did I nail it or what?” (no. not really was my answer). I was saying there was more focus on cut and shape rather than color & print… well, I now stand corrected, because upon looking at more of the shows I realized it is actually a huge focus this time on clothes’ architecture but the color and print were not ditched aside. So it’s all an eclectic mix of it all: prints, cuts, colors (pinks and solids mostly), in understated elegance or funky punk inspired looks.

Burberry Prorsum @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 burberry-dresses-fall-2013Burberry Prorsum is the star of London Fashion Week Fall 2013. By far. With a collection named Trench Kisses by Christopher Bailey we’ll be looking at a hot autumn in sexy latex, leather, metal belts and some other S&M inspired details. The classic trench was again reinvented and I have to say I loved every single piece. A big trench trend will belong to the animal prints of all sorts: leopard, zebra etc. The shoes were not quite my style, but Burbery sure made up for that with his trenches,  to die for dresses & skirts paired with rich expensive delicate knits.

Burberry Prorsum @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 burberry-fall-2013-lfwburbery-animal-print-fall-2Erdem crossed over to the dark side with a collection stripped of color and loaded with overly embellished fabrics and a mix of textures. All was dark (different shades of black) slightly oversized baring that rich unaware-how-cool-you-look attitude. With Louise Gray it was all about insanity and over the top eccentricity. Picture: desperate housewife going a bit mad. People always say how all is permitted for the sake of art and fun so I guess bin-bag hats and toilet paper brooches or rings are just the right thing this fall, right? Ah… to hell with it, let’s have fun and dress like insane rich housewives. Or not. Whether this collection is a yes or not to you, one thing remains true – Gray’s clothes were not too bad: prints, details, cuts, boots, colors. There’s a bit of truth and genius in madness, I guess.

Erdem @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 erdem=fall-2013Louise Gray @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 louise-gray-fall-2013Michael Van Der Ham‘s collection was inspired by the “tough girl—moody and dark”,  “Lulu having a rough day“. Dark or not, his clothes oozed luxe. And not in that opulent way, but rather a subtle manner: crispy (sort of metallic) textures, strange prints (that blended so well into the fabrics) and perfect cuts (loved the trousers).

Michael Van Der Ham @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 michael-van-der-ham-fall-20Though Christoper Kane was much praised for this collection (and I can see where all that is coming from: great inspiration theme, use of cuts, textures etc) but I stay true to myself so I will repeat yesterday’s mantra: a woman loves to look good in clothes. While some of the clothes were amazing and the fabric cut & print play was exceptionally executed, let’s just say big boxy jackets, slightly too oversized, as if I borrowed my dad’s super large coat and I’m now having trouble sinking into it – is not right down my street. Or it could just have been the shoes (not too crazy for them either). Perhaps sexy heels and more feminine design would have balanced the clothes.

Christoper Kane @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 christopher-kane-fall-2013Understated elegance and hotness. That’s what happened with Antonio Berardi. Grey simple conservative textures that he gave some edge with hints of color: red, greens & blues. Beautiful trousers, dresses, tops, amazing prints (simple as if you just don’t realize they’re prints) and sexy shoes. Models’red lips and sleek hair perfectly completed the looks.

 Antonio Berardi @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 antonio-berardi-fall-2013Saving the best for last – Rihanna showed her first collection at London Fashion Week: Rihanna for River Island. A much awaited (by me) event, clothing line, collection, it was all what I had expected. A cool fun edgy, trendy, stylish line that captures Riri’s style and puts it out there for us girls to get  a bit of her fashion sense. It’s urban, hip-hop chic meets 1990’s grunge: cropped tops, long dresses & skirts with high thigh slits, denim baggy trousers, printed bottoms, shorts, boxy jackets… A heaven for the girl who loves to look chic sophisticated hot & urban.

 Rihanna for River Island @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 rihanna-for-river-island-2rihanna-for-river-island-corihanna-for-river-island-1rihanna-river-island-collectionrihanna-for-river-island-3

As I start typing this new fashion post, can’t help but sing (in my mind) The Clash’s late 1970’s hit “London Calling“, and then it hits me… London designers were actually set on this punk mood with their 2013 – 2014 Fall/Winter collections. Could it be because of the Metropolitan Exhibition? Regardless of the present day happenings, the truth is London’s art & fashion legacy has always been the punk. Someone said that punk and its culture with all its subversive moods and consequences is for London as pizza is for Naples (Italy). Brilliant! So what happened in London over the weekend at Fashion Week? Oh boy… a lot to take in and a lot to figure out, to be honest with you. I always say it’s so hard to grasp London after New York, don’t know why, it’s probably the properness and glam NY delivers that makes London appear more wacky at 1st sight, rather than avantgarde. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I don’t. Ha! Truth is I love clothes that, while they make a statement and carry a message (related to the wearer’s personalty or a certain era) also look good. ‘Good’ being such a subjective term, I’ll elaborate: good clothes celebrate a woman’s body, making it look great, hot, classic, elegant. ‘Womanly’ in a word. And London kinda let me down this time on this one. Apart form a few designers who have surprised me in a wonderful way, others missed big time. (Mary Katranzou). But again, it’s just my take on things. What matters is the outcome of the weekend: Punk is cool yet again (it was never uncool actually) but it’s a bit more tamed (not sure if that’s still punk but anyway). Think 1940’s lady meets 1950’s & 1970’s woman. All in one. So many sides to one girl, so many looks & styles that I’m sure we’ll all find a few to crave for right after London Fashion Week ends.

Topshop @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall topshop-2013-fallOnes of my favorite collections and some of the most amazing clothes and looks, I found with Temperley London & Vivienne Westwood. No surprise here, given the reputation & talent that proceeds the latter. With her show held quite close to King’s Road at 430, where her legendary shop existed, Westwood’s collection was a working woman’s wardrobe & her punk spirit: great colors, cuts, same slouchy sexy nipped at the waist dresses. Loved it. Moschino Cheap & Chic was in the same punk zone – “punk goes couture“, with punk’s strongest elements reinterpreted in a softer way.

Temperley London @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall temperley-london-fall-2013cgowns-temperley-london-falltemperleylondon-prints-colotemperley-london-fall-2013wVivienne Westwood Red Label @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall vivienne-westwood-2013-fallMoschino Cheap & Chic @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall moschino-2013-fallAnother collection I actually loved was L’Wren Scott‘s. Heavy gold details, busy embroideries – it sort of made all the sense in the world that she was ‘‘dreaming of decadence” as she designed it. Inspired by Gustav Klimt’s portraits and obsession with those salon ladies and Viennese socialite Adele Bloch Bauer – the outcome was brilliant: 1940’s lady sometimes meets 1970’s woman, dressed impeccable with an utmost attention to detail and fine cuts, with a somewhat baroque vibe or style if you will to their lookslwren-scott-fall-2013Most of London’s designers chose to focus more on shape this season, rather than prints or color, and I’m not sure if it was one of the best takes, I mean most collections seemed a bit too dull, too stripped off the razzmatazz , too austere and why not call it like it is… pretty wacky. Following NYC, there was a free pass for leather, fur, whites et all, though not so much and not so glam. Jonathan Saunders depicted the 1950’s pin up girl, in cupped bustiers and warm wooly textures with a hint of vinyl and rubber here and there for edge. He & Mulberry too put their money this time on oversize. Whether that was bad or good, I’ll let you be the judge of it.

Jonathan Saunders @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall jonathan-saunders-fall-2013Mulberry @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall mulberry-fall-2013Julien Macdonald @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall JULIEN-MACDONALD-fall-2013

With David Coma too there was an obsession with shape & vinyl, and at Matthew Williamson it was all geometry & shape on one hand, and relaxed slouchy looks on the other, whereas at Paul Smith, though a somewhat oversized menswear inspired collection, I think he pulled it off and gave us a heaven on trousers at least: cropped ones & shorter ones that had a bit of slouch to them. Definitely some styles too keep an eye on for next fall. Speaking of shape & oversize-ness I’m reminded of Richard Nicoll‘s collection: cheap on embellishments (no surprise there) basic, austere, elegant, androgynous and slouchy. Again.

David Coma & Preen @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall preen-david-coma-fall-2013Matthew Williamson @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall matthew-williamson-fall-201Paul Smith @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall paul-smith-fall-2013Richard Nicoll @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall richard-nicoll-fall-2013Back to punk it is when we look at Preen (punk meets luxe and glam) and Sister by Sibling (inspired by Paula Yates, a mix of post punk domestic disturbance,  housewife goddess who oozes a rock’roll aggressiveness and is a rebel at heart). The 1970’s and 1980’s inspired House of Holland who named their collection “Rave Nana” – that is, imagine a girl who steals her grandma’s clothes and goes out to party in a mix of prints, colors, cuts and shapes. A similar toned down side of a girl had Issa, as models strutted the runway in tapestry, prints, wool, and 70’s meets cowboy hats with feathers. Her glam girls seemed to have gone on a vacation and ditched the super fun hot outfits. And speaking of hats… oh there were some tulle ones at John Rocha, inspired by the horses in Wickland Ireland. Asked about his clothes he said – “I want to make an old fashioned woman contemporary… because I am an old fashioned man”… Oh so that’s what it was. Silly me :)

Sisters by Sibling @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall sister-by-sibling-fall-2013House of Holland @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall house-of-holland-fall-2013Issa  & John Rocha@London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall issa-john-rocha-fall-2013Emilia Wickstead @London Fashion Week – 2013 Fall 

emilia-wickstead-fall-2013This was it for London’s Fashion Week weekend… Remember I asked for more edginess?  Should mind my wishes next time. I am still debating if I liked what I saw or not. Though all in all it was great and I managed to put together some of my fave looks in the collages above, I still think (for now at least) that designers were too cheap on complex well put together creations this season, too dull & austere, and instead of a cohesion I found myself in a sea of weird too funky clothes, repetitive looks, still inspired by the same London obsessed themes: punk and the 70’s. Anyway, you could find clothes in all collections that had that certain something to keep you begging for more and coming back to reconsider. But not too many… Ah well. Let’s not get hasty now, who knows what tomorrow brings us, right?

Continuing yesterday’s NYC Fashion Week cover story (click here to read), when we looked at some of the trends to keep an eye on in Fall 2013, here we are again in this fabulous sea of new collections, luxurious clothes, fantasy of cuts and shapes… and finally some color. Not too much though, because as I said yesterday, designers’ main focus for 2013 – 2014 Fall / Winter is not so much on color & prints (though I did spot a few amazing vibrant shades and patters), but mostly the freshness and uniqueness (though you know me… I always say, nothing is really new anymore) a certain cut holds. It’s architecture of the clothes dolls. So shall we proceed? michael-kors-new-york-fashion-week-fall-2013-11With most designers we had a bit of it all: black, fur, brown and some other head-to-toe-color looks. Which brings me to the White Trend. Did anyone say you can’t do white in fall & winter? Ha, they couldn’t be more far off. That is, according to NYC’s designers. At the exact opposite of dark, deep, black shades, white comes as a breath of fresh air. Innocence anyone? Well… not really. Think luxurious, super elegant, classic with a twist, sometimes feminine and sometimes… punk. Or grunge. Rodarte had quite a few such white/light shades of grunge inspired outfits and Jason Wu put the exclamation point into sexy femininity. His woman was strutting the runway in flirty white, pleated dresses and skirts. Luxe: add some fur, which he did. Bad-ass: throw in some leather jackets & leather harnesses. With Herve Leger it was all chic hot sporty chic, in white over the knee dresses, subtle gold embellishments, body fitted and always a baseball cap on. Brilliant! Marc Jacobs… ah well. He’s will remain my all time fave. Continuing his 2012 Spring theme, and stretching it a bit into the 1970’s, his girls were mostly metallic goddesses in pixie cut hair, knickers, some fur and white. Not a lot… but that white fur coat was stunning.

White Mode (read details abovewhite-fall-2013-1anna-sui-fall-2013-8white-fall-2013-2dieseal-black-gold-fall-2013-6With the 1990’s continuing to inspire the street styles… it was bound to still linger on the catwalk too, so yes ladies, for next fall you just gotta channel you rock/punk chic and have fun with the concept of edge. When we talk Grunge Trend for fall 2013 we need to think 2 ways: punk grunge & glam grunge. Pick one side (or be indecisive, that’s cool too) but sneak into your outfit a bit of leather, studs, neon color hair, boots… The 90’s you know? Phillip Lim does the punk grunge look amazingly, and Rodarte puts some boho romanticism into it, while at  Belstaff & Diesel Black Gold it’s all glam hotness, with leather, mini skirts, skinny trousers, studs, heavy eye makeup… A heaven for those who love this look. (guilty as charged)

Grunge Trend (read details abovegrunge-trend-fall-2013dieseal-black-gold-fall-2013-11grunge-trend-fall-2013-1dieseal-black-gold-fall-2013-12 dieseal-black-gold-fall-2013-10All this grunge talk takes me to the next trend – the Leather Trend. Still, you may ask? Yes ladies, it happened this fall and will go on all throughout the next season. And it’s an obsession I tell you, because all designers had so many leather looks this Fashion Week, and I loved how there were no boundaries. Leather clothes do no longer mean: black & jacket. No way. It can be whatever you like: insertions of it, head to toe, tops, skirts, suits you name it.  Michael Kors (one of the best collections this season), Alexander Wang, Jen Kao, Max Azria, Prabal Gurung, Calvin Klein, Custo Barcelona – all played with this fabulous fabric. Altuzarra had some absolutely stunning zipper black leather dresses, Michael Kors was the master of leather insertions and Jason Wu‘s peplum leather top with a feathers collar was to die for!

Leather, S&M et al (read details above) dieseal-black-gold-fall-201herve-lerger-fall-2013-9leather-trend-fall-2013tory-burch-fall-2013-7In all this black, white, brown, leather-for fun sort-of-dullness we’re quickly brought back to our senses with a few trends that if I may say so… are not for the faint hearted ones! The Metallic Trend. OK so it has been around for some time… but it seemed to me it was always more niche (think edgy teens), rather than ok for anyone. What designers are telling us… no wait… what Marc Jacobs is telling us (cause his collection was all metallic. All. Of. It) is that if you’re loving fashion & clothes you’ll be wearing metal, no matter your age or job, because listen up… it’s ok to wear it everywhere. Well maybe not those Jen Kao robot like suits, but sublime textures that are cut in the most simple way: dresses, tops, trousers. Not your cup of tea? Then turn to Thakoon for metallic shoes. A tiny bit of this trend that actually does make a statement.

Metallic Mania (read details abovemetallics-fall-2013-1marc-jacobs-fall-2013-3metallics-fall-2013-2anna-sui-fall-2013-7With all these trends you may think there’s no room for color, right? And besides why do it in the cold season? Designers may have focused on minimalist dark deep shades, but still some of their outfits were telling us that it’s ok to go wild even on prints. The Print Trend may not be so big but it’s there. Think weird prints, wild prints, not a specific theme, but rather cut off textures and then randomly sown back on. Dots, stripes, flowers, digits… all in the same outfit. Sometimes all in one tiny top. Marc by Marc Jacobs (1970’s style), Anna Sui (she had enough for everyone), Diane von Furstenberg, Rodarte, Vera Wang (flowers) – defined the new concept pf prints. It’s no rules, but a sublime chaos of mismatched patters!

Funky Strange Prints (read details aboveprints-2013-fall-1diane-von-furstenberg-fall-2013-1prints-2013-fall-2diane-von-furstenberg-fall-2013-8Not too far off from this trend, stands the Solid Color Trend. Blunt, minimalist, elegant, austere but super luxurious clothes. Doesn’t make sense does it? It’s simple, but it’s not. It’s coloured but understated. There. That should clear it :) Think an all-black outfit or all-white and a solid color jacket on top. Or solid colors in trousers, tops… you get the picture. The point it… it’s all about the basic shades: yellows, blues, reds, oranges and greens. Lovely.

Solid Shades (read details above) color-trend-fall-2013chado-ralph-rucci-fall-2013-5solid-colors-trend-fall-201marc-by-marc-jacobs-5Not for you? Than you may choose to stick to the Splash of Color Trend as some designers chose to keep their outfits in blacks, greys, browns and basic or deep shades but spice it up just a tiny bit with either vibrant or solid colors. And when I say a tiny bit… I mean they were really cheap on color. Think orange collars, blue pocket stripes, shoes, clutches or pink gloves.

Splash That Color (read details above) _OSC0147.450x675altuzarra-fall-2013-2rag-and-bone-5rag-and-bone-2013-fall-5zac-posen-fall-2013-3No Fashion Week will ever be complete without the evening looks… and most designers went for Imperialism & Baroque inspiration with ball gowns in neon decadent shades and heavy embroideries. The ultimate richness, luxe and glamour! Others set the tone for this amazing opulent decadence in daytime wear with stunning embroidered heavy tones and deep shade dresses, skirts, tops or coats! Zac Posen, Carolina Herrera & Marchesa were but a few designers to own this trend.

Imperial & Baroque Opulence (read details aboveopulence-fall-2013-1zac-posen-fall-2013-6opulence-fall-2013-2That’s pretty much it for NYC Fashion Week fall/winter 2013 – 2014… Hard to part, but we need to, as London Fashion Week awaits and I’m dying to see some major fashion revolution taking place. As if.  But you know me… hope dies last! Have a lovely weekend dolls :) xoxo

Every fashion savvy has probably got a list of a few things to look out for in a fashion week season, and when it comes to New York City’s Fashion Week… well it doesn’t get any better. As the posh crowd has flocked to the Big Apple for a week now, we’re already placing out best & worst of Fall 2013 collections. (with all this red carpet season I’m starting to see it all in terms of best & worst). Right before a Fashion Week season I always get a bit nervous and feel swamped in work even before staring it… so many designers, collections, so fast… and I confess I am always a bit skeptical as to what we shall see. And my ever haunting question starts to resonate yet again: will we finally see something new? Ah well… if not we’ve still got those ‘fresh/controversial stories‘ to hide behind: Alexander Wang is the new creative designer for Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs gave us a heart attack when he announced he postponed his show (breath now – it was delayed a few days due to shipping matters) and the big one: John Galliano was to return to the Fashion Week courtesy of Oscar de la Renta. Lots of eyebrows and eye rolling on this one… but I suppose we all deserve second chances right? And Galliano is bloody talented so we can give him that. prabal-gurung-fall-2013-6What happened at New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 so far? Amazing collections, some fantastic trends that arise so far for the next cold season and a bit more focus on shape and cut rather than prints and patters, which is so refreshing. Most designers focused on solid colors, basics and loads of dark deep shades with all the fashion razzmatazz coming from the clothes architecture. Some 1940’s inspired looks with Carolina Herrera, some 1970’s with Marc Jacobs (am I starting to see a pattern here?) and as much as designers said they hated this term or label: lots of punk inspired looks. Yes dolls the grunge is back and with it, its side trends.

Trends @NYFW Fall 2013 trends-fall-2013After looking at the collections, these past few days, I think it’s safe to say that for 2013 – 2014 Fall/Winter we’ll all be posh grunge ladies in deep dark colors, knee & over the knee high boots & long gloves. Femininity is high this season and so is the strength of a woman. Only looking at Prabal Gurung‘s collection we feel empowered: fantastic display of femininity & strength in dark army colors, strong shoulders, tiny waists, buckled thigh high boots, leather insertions, fur for glam… Oh how I loved it. He said he took inspiration from the women in combat! So one big arising trend for 2013 Fall, to be on the look out for, is Stick To Black Trend! Hmmm… not a new one, but always a classic I can never get enough of. We did it this season, we’ll be ditching it for Spring Summer but fall right in its dark mysterious claws for next season. All designers had one too many clothes & outfits in all-black, but what differed from say the past was the rawness & the bluntness of them. All was stripped from over the top embellishments as designers focused on the right attitude & vibe. Feminine & powerful. Strong shoulders, tiny waists, mix of textures, zippers, buttons… 

Stick To Black Trend (read details above)fall-2013-new-york-fahion-week-trendsthakoon-fall-2013-3fall-2013-new-york-fahion-week-trends-blackprabal-gurung-fall-2013-5fall-2013-new-york-fahion-week-trends-black-1victoria-beckham-fall-2013-8Remaining in the color zone I was quite surprised to notice a trend that has been dead for quite a while (well not really, we all do it, it just wasn’t too big) – Earth Tones: Brown Is Back. Carolina Herrera had quite a few looks that screamed ‘‘look out for brown”. Remember Katherine Hepburn? Or those super feminine rebel sexy 1940’s vixen heroines? Long hemlines, large trousers, nipped at the waist blazers, super long fur trimmed coats nonchalantly thrown over shoulders, pulled back and rolled up hairstyles… all in a sea of chocolate with milk. That’s what it was all about! Another fashion lady to always pay attention to – Donna Karan – went back to  her roots yet reinvented all she once did: draped textures and cuts in mostly brown tones. Dark reddish brown this time with leather insertions and fur embellishments here & there for that dramatic sexy vibe. I absolutely loved that long slim fit brown dress with leather insertions at the chest and the dark brown knee length coat with a big fur collar – ah simply timeless elegance, all completed by one of my fave beauty looks out there: sleek pony tails, dark eyes & nude lips! Then it was with Alice + Olivia that I’ve spotted an amazing brown look with a fur coat as centerpiece: eclectic, bohemian, polished yet nonchalant. Well the brand is all maximalism so whatever you love you’ll surely find with them.

Brown Is Back Trend (read details above)fall-2013-new-york-fahion-week-trendstommy-hilfiger-fall-2013-3fall-2013-new-york-fahion-week-trends-brownvictoria-beckham-fall-2013-3And speaking of fur… get ready for a warm and super glamorous Fur Fall 2013 Trend. Almost all looks from all designers had a touch of this luxurious detail. If with some such as, Chado Ralph Rucci it was all about the luxe vibe: long fur coats, in all shades (pink & yellow neon) that covered trouser suits and business like outfits (my fave was the black & white fur coat over the white ensemble), others opted for fur insertions & slight touches of fur: Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung, Thakoon & Tommy Hilfiger. Amazing fur coats, vests & jackets were at: Diane von Furstenberg, Belstaff, Cuso Barcelona, Donna Karan, Herve Leger, Max Azira, Jason Wu, Vera Wang (capes), Plillip Lim had some & of course Oscar de la Renta. By the way… his collection, though a bit critiqued by the fashion connoisseurs for being a bit too ”been there done that” – was one of my favorites. So did John Galliano had an input or not? When asked, one of Renta’s PRs said “well he is backstage“. There… that should answer your question. Ha! The collection might have been a bit old, non risque taker (compared to S/S 2013 when it was all pink hair & leather remember?) but it celebrated the sultry feminine sexy dramatic strong woman: perfect shapes, deep colors, amazing cuts and those brilliant fur & rich accessories… 

Fur Fall 2013 Trend (read details above)christian-siriano-fall-2013-2fall-2013-new-york-fahion-week-trends-furdiane-von-furstenberg-fall-2013-3prabal-gurung-fall-2013-1fall-2013-trends-new-york-fherve-lerger-fall-2013-2Which brings me to an accessory trend we will definitely love: Over The Elbow Gloves. It’s quite reminiscent of those glam post WWII times, when ladies dressed well, and regardless of their status and fortune all wore: gloves, hats & purses. Vera Wang‘s interpretation of gloves was my fave: leather, way-over-the-elbow long, paired with everything, in nudes and black. Forget your long sleeves and replace them with super long expensive looking gloves. Other designers did the shorter version, the wrist version, the neon colored one… So I guess it’s safe to say… get creative with your gloves look. The important thing next fall is to wear them!

Over-The-Elbow Gloves Trend (read details above)gloves-trend-nyfw-fall-2013_OSC0365.450x675jason-wu-govesstay tuned for more Fashion Week trends spotted by FashionTag :)