‘How do you spend your Saturdays?’ should be the one thought triggering thousands of moments of bliss making up our weekends. IF, of course, there’s no major hangover happening, cause if that’s the case then we’re fucked. Perhaps the question we should address once Friday hits the calendars is ‘If anything were possible, how would you like to spend your Saturday?’

And then… the magic begins.

Of course it’s just a game I’m tempting you into playing, but what else have you gotta do? I know. A lot. But just in case your Friday and what follows got a bit of moody vibes all over them, then perhaps we’re more alike than you’d like to admit. I know, I know, nobody wants to be friends with a demented woman with a penchant for obsessions. But we’ll keep it a secret.

retro-mood-inspiration-39 retro-mood-inspiration-31retro-mood-inspiration-10

In a perfect world I’d live up and drink up my Saturdays in total lustful laziness with no hangover, after a 5 hour-sleep and a lot of liquor. Dressed in my gorgeous man’s sweaters or shirts, with dishevelled hair, because clearly we didn’t get enough sleep, reading the morning newspaper over strong black coffee, and taking black and white photos from our windows of strangers who pass by in their busy weekend lives. We usually like to laugh, listen to 60s and 70s music, smoke, kiss, and make up stories about people passing by our street.

I’d probably look like Brigitte Bardot, speak French if I feel like it, have big boobs, great hair, and that matte lipstick on all the time like those 90s supermodels. I sit by the window, as it rains, at my typing machine and write love letters I’ll never send.

I am of course loaded with dreams and ideas that will one day turn into some of the material stuff we sometimes crave for.

And I go to the cinema in the afternoon to watch my French films, dressed in my Burberry trench coat, with my dishevelled tucked in hair, and bare legs in cowboy boots in November. Of course, I’m not cold because I’m in love.

retro-mood-inspiration-41 retro-mood-inspiration-38 retro-mood-inspiration-34 retro-mood-inspiration-25 retro-mood-inspiration-14

I live in a retro world for a while now, and I confess that thanks to my work I can linger in it a bit longer than anybody else, and I do find a lot of inspiration these days from the past. Perhaps it has to do with my absolute love and lust over cinema and films, over 60s and 70s music that I listen to these days more than ever, and of course, of the 70s fashion trend. Whatever it is it makes my weekends perfect, when I spend hours in books I love, with music that gets me, quotes that make it into my Instagram, tiny bits of things that give me joy when I get moody.

Usually it’s coffee, and bright lips. Who am I kidding. It’s a bottle of wine and watching Seinfeld or Sex and the city, depending on my mood.

One thing I have to add to the list – wandering the streets with my camera. Oh how I long for those days, when my lust for black and white photos is greater than the laziness.


retro-mood-inspiration-1 retro-mood-inspiration-2 retro-mood-inspiration-3 retro-mood-inspiration-6 retro-mood-inspiration-7 retro-mood-inspiration-8 retro-mood-inspiration-9 retro-mood-inspiration-17 retro-mood-inspiration-18 retro-mood-inspiration-19 retro-mood-inspiration-20 retro-mood-inspiration-21 retro-mood-inspiration-24 retro-mood-inspiration-26 retro-mood-inspiration-30 retro-mood-inspiration-32 retro-mood-inspiration-33 retro-mood-inspiration-35 retro-mood-inspiration-37 retro-mood-inspiration-40 retro-mood-inspiration-45 retro-mood-inspiration-48 retro-mood-inspiration-44 retro-mood-inspiration-47

Okay, let’s get one thing straight here: I have by no means found the bloody secret to the world with this retrospection shit. The past has always been a major influence on everything, especially fashion.

I’m just using my moody mood excuse and retro obsession of everything really to linger a little bit more into my world. Who knows what’ll come out of it?

Have a weekend after your own heart!



Holiday Gifts They Will LOVE!

I rarely do exclamation points, but when I do, damn I mean them. Holiday season is here and you may take that information as you wish, but however you take it, this year I promise you one thing: you will not be a headless chicken on a never-ending hopeless hunt for gifts. No-uh!

What I hate about the whole process of holiday season gifting is how exhausting it is, when in fact it’s supposed to be this fun day, when you take your girlfriends out and you have a blast shopping, having brunch & coffees. But it becomes a nightmare cause we never know WHAT to get WHO, and we panic.

What we forget is the essential – everybody loves 2 things: useful gifts, but fun & great looking. Good taste that is. I spent the entire morning drooling over the holiday gift shop at Redbubble, the brand that you all know I have a soft spot for. Oh, My, God, it’s like the story of my life – I go in to have a look and end up with everything. They’re that great.

If you love modern meets retro art, futuristic retro, quirky, fun prints and illustrations you will LOVE what these guys have —– T-shirts for both women and men, bags, pillows, coffee cups. It’s like Instragram feeds jumping in your lap IRL.

holiday-gifts-redbubble-6 holiday-gifts-redbubble-7 holiday-gifts-redbubble-8

My favourite picks are definitely the pillows, the mugs, and those pouches. I’m speechless you guys, like falling hard over these amazing printed day-to-day-pieces we use, which look like tiny bits that fell from a retro futuristic moment, a Lana del Rey music video, a great Instragam grid.

I have a pillow from Redbubble, a tee, a pair of leggings, and a bag, and they are exactly what you’d expect. Great quality, great shipping, so shop away and gift away this season.

And just cause I can’t help myself, I’ve give you a little peak into my favourite pieces that will make the best gifts this holiday season, for any of your work colleagues, your friends, you family.

Of course you have to click and check out their SHOP for more. No, seriously, you have to.


holiday-gifts-redbubble-5 holiday-gifts-redbubble-9 holiday-gifts-redbubble-12 holiday-gifts-redbubble-13 holiday-gifts-redbubble-14 holiday-gifts-redbubble-15 holiday-gifts-redbubble-16 holiday-gifts-redbubble-17 holiday-gifts-redbubble-18 holiday-gifts-redbubble-21 holiday-gifts-redbubble-22 holiday-gifts-redbubble-24 holiday-gifts-redbubble-26 holiday-gifts-redbubble-27 holiday-gifts-redbubble-28 holiday-gifts-redbubble-29

Holiday gifts THEY will all LOVE — Redbubble





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Is GRANNY HAIR Really The #1 Hair Trend Right Now?

No, I did not just hit my head, nor am I writing this drunk. I’ve actually never been more serious, and sober for that matter. GREY HAIR is a thing these days, and GRANNY GLAM just became a massive hair trend in 2015. Whaaaaaaaaa?!

Are we loving it ladies? Yes, we are. Why? First of all cause it looks fabulous and second of all, for everything it actually stands for. For decades fashion has been throwing beauty stereotypes our way all centred around the idea of youth, as if being young is a choice and there are tons of immortals and beautiful vampires out there to whose looks we’re all dying to aspire.

To think youth is beauty is normal, but to limit beauty to this concept is ridiculous. Millions of women well beyond the age of 50 or 60 look more stunning than millions of other girls in their 20s. And viceversa. Beauty comes from within, from confidence, from brilliance, from happiness, from kindness, from strength, from love, from attitude, charisma and so much more that rarely has to do with just looks.

Of course as humans subjected to time passing and the oh-so-scary-getting-old-stage in our lives we try to keep ourselves young as much as we can. And yes, hair colouring is one gimmick billions of women of all ages are doing. 1) For the trend of it, and 2) for necessity – covering up those silver hairs.

beauty-trend-grey-hair glam-old-ladies-grey-hair granny-glam-hair-trend

The fact that fashion just put grey hair on a trend pedestal only comes to show us how stupid actually all these beauty-ideas are. Of course a lot can be said about this, and truth be told I’m not even sure if there’s a wrong or right.

The Granny Glam hair trend was started by young girls and beauty bloggers who made their locks silver and kept their makeup sassy: bold lips, perfectly applied eyeliner and lashes, long nails, contouring on point, while their mothers and grandmothers continue to dye their grey hair.

grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-8 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-17

Still, there are loads of other woman out there, way before this became a trend, with natural silver hair that frankly don’t give a fuck about hair trends and colouring and wear their manes with the pride that only comes with time and self-confidence. And they look stunning.

grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-7 natural-grey-hair-looks

At the end of the day the grey hair trend could be just another fad, that may or may not liberate the idea of beauty for some women. Cause really it’s up to each and every one of us.

I don’t have any silver hairs yet, but I’d go granny glam if only I’d have a glam squad. Now… if I had a head full of grey hair… in all honesty I’m not sure I’d rock that shit. Cause I couldn’t. Of course, I can only hope time strengthens my self-confidence and I might be this posh lady with beautiful silver hair, perfect lips and groomed nails when the time comes.

I might have gotten a bit carried away here on the idea of beauty and youth, but I feel like fashion FINALLY does make a point, and this might just be one of the brilliant fashion movements we’ve all been waiting for. Beauty is after all so very subjective and limiting it to one or two ideas is a complete waste of… beauty itself.

Although the granny hair trend became a look right now, courtesy of young girls (who let’s be honest here, could do whatever they wanted with youth on their side)… some of us will perhaps overthink this in a good way. I mean why do we regard men with a few silver hairs as bloody hot? See my point?

grey-blue-hair grey-hair-glam-style grey-hair-glam

The above rant aside, we are still faced with one question: can everyone do grey hair as a trend, and of so, are there any styling tips?

The thing about grey hair I think is it tends to wash you out, so finding the right shade (sounds silly, but Im guessing when dyeing your locks silver it does come down to more shades to pick from) is crucial. The granny glam hair trend comes in white hair, even a certain shade of platinum, grey, or greyish blue.

Makeup wise you need to go full on, if you ask me, in order to avoid the aforementioned washed-out effect. Bold lips look amazing!

grey-hair-trend street-style-grey-hair-3

Style wise: anything that clashes with the idea of grey hair works its magic. Edgy looks, over-the-top glamorous styles, a bit of rocknroll vibes all create a great style balance against silver hair.

grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-1 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-2 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-3 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-5 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-10

So ladies if you dare to do this incredibly statement and fabulous look kudos to you. If you’ve already got a few silvers in your hair I think right now would be a great time to stop stressing about it.  And last but certainly not least, if you’re already rocking the natural silver mane you are fantastic.

the pics now…

grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-4 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-6 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-11 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-13 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-14 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-15 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-16 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-18 grey-hair-style-2015 grey-hair-trend-spring-2015hair-trend-grey-hair natural-grey-hair shades-of-grey-hair street-style-grey-hair street-style-grey-hair-1 street-style-grey-hair-4 street-style-grey-hair-5 street-style-grey-hair-7 street-style-grey-hair-8 street-style-grey-hair-9 street-style-grey-hair-10 street-style-grey-hair-12

Beauty is just an idea we all have in our minds and hearts and we owe it to ourselves to expand it, break its boundaries and ironically not focus it on looks but rather on what truly makes a woman beautiful. Age and hair have nothing to do with it. My money’s on kindness, love, true friendship, strength, and happiness.

Here’s to all the women out there! #youareallbeautiful




2015 OSCARS: Best & Worst Dressed

If the whole red carpet thing had been about nailing best and worst both in one look, a few of the actresses would have been in big trouble, I tell you. Not Marion Cotillard though. She did what I never thought could be done. She wore a dress so incredibly beautiful through its elegance and simplicity that I instantly said, right then and there, the very night of the Oscars 2015, ‘Dayum, she’s my favourite. Amen bitches!’ But then she turned. What in the name of God is that?


A bow wrapped beneath her butt? Oh wait a minute, the haute couture diaper look is in. Ohhhh I get it. Tssk, tssk, tssk, shame on you. I mean me.


Other than that I’m in a good mood today as I’m going through the photos and striving, YES striving for the last mean slash bitchy bone in my body, and honestly I can’t find it. For the sake of a funny but nonetheless accurate red carpet post.

On Sunday night I was very little impressed with all the gowns, as if at this point I’m jaded of all the glitz and glam that could leave an AH moment in my heart. Sad. So so sad. That’s what happens if you give an idiot a glamorous treatment for years. Thank God I’m neither rich nor famous, or you’d all have to take me down.

But then… I sat on the Oscars 2015 red carpet event for days in a row, and what do you say what do you know? With the exception of really just a few dresses, I actually think most of them were great. A few were out of this world AMAZING: Emma Stone!!! Everyone get up, sing, clap your hands and say your Amens. This was was beyond stunning! Jennifer Lopez is THE FUCKING QUEEN of red carpet and that’s that. Jamie Chung was beautiful. Rosamund Pike I liked, Giuliana Rancinc was STUNNING, and the rest… well they were gorgeous, but the talk about this red carpet is not really about best and worst, but rather about BEST and WORST ILL FITTED gowns. I mean, what?! Were they not aware the Oscars were happening this year, they had no time to sew and stitch? Looked like it.


Cause those I chose worse, were actually not that bad, but were incredibly ill fitted.

So let’s get out hands dirty and let the photos and comments roll.


Feels like each actress chose to do her thing and stick to her red carpet recipe. Jennifer Lopez went for an over the top, incredibly elegant and glamorous gown, so ethereal yet sexy and extravagant in a very refined way she made quite an appearance. Her hair I liked not so much, but she stunned. And stunned, and stunned in both her gowns. The one she wore at the Oscars Party was a serious case of Oh. My. God., resembling that over the top extravagant old Hollywood glam with the sequins, and the beads, and the low cut, and the fur. Perfection.

jennifer-lopez-oscars-red-carpet-2015-best-worst-dressed2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Rosamund Pike went for a classic design and made a statement with the red of the dress and the beautiful details. Jennifer Aniston chose a white-nude-pale gown, simple, classic and effortlessly sexy.

rosamund-pike-oscars-2015-red-carpet87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Sienna Miller was probably one of my favourites as well. I loved everything about that dress and look, and how easily she wears a glamorous elegant gown. Black, classic, and so very beautiful.


Giuliana Rancinc looked gorgeous. Flawless from her hair to her makeup to her insane dress. Loved the colour, loved the details, the cut, and she oozed such beauty and confidence it was crystal clear she loved the look herself.


Jamie Chung was a real-life-doll. In a good way. Loved her princessy style dress and how she chose to keep her hair and makeup natural. Simply beautiful. Naomi Watts ALWAYS nails it on the red carpet, cause she always keeps it simple. Simple cut, simple design, perfect natural hair and makeup, and just a tiny edge with the dress’s cut, and a bit of glam with its fabric. LOVE.

jamie-chung-oscars-2015-red-carpet87th Academy Awards, Oscars, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 22 Feb 2015

Margot Robbie chose a very dramatic look that screamed Angelia Jolie style, but she nailed it big. At least I like it. Actually it grew on me. I found it so stunning, and such a red carpet classic statement that I eventually fell in love with it. The low cut, the flawy fabric, the hair, the beautiful makeup were so old Hollywood with just a tad of 70s it was stunning.


Reese Witherspoon was… a very proper, but beautiful prom queen. I mean, I’m not sold on the dress, but she looks so good in it I can’t put it in worst, nor ill fitted. The hair I did not like at all. Nor those black stripes, nor the shoulder design. But she rocked it. Pure simplicity.


Jenna Dewan Tatum looked stunning in that white super glamorous dress. I mean she went for the glam-classic-recipe. Low cut, white gown, a bit of skin (well… a bit more) and nailed it. Great hair, great make up, great jewellery, great arm candy. Ka-Channing!


Chrissy Teigen loves white a bit too much, but again why fix it if it ain’t broken. Low-cut, checked. High-slit, check, long beautiful hair, checked, white, actually very pale blue dress, checked, blingy and sparkly, and glamorous and hot, checked, checked, checked.


Dakota Johnnson and her mom, Melannie Griffith were simply beautiful. 50s shades of crap aside, one thing about Dakota that’s clear is that RED is her colour. The dress I loved, but wash’t too crazy on the one shoulder thing. Other than that I kinda liked her, and coming with her mom on the red carpet was such an Aww moment.


Lupita Nyong’o dress AT THE PARTY (attention) was stunning. That’s a simple but glamorous moment. LOVED it.


And now… you will kill me BUT I actually thought Rita Ora‘s dressES had such WOW qualities. Or maybe it’s just her new hair and makeup, but I am loving this girl’s over the top red carpet choices. Yes, the party dress, in which she was practically naked was an invitation to staring, and admiring, and hating, and loving at the same time, BUT, let’s just admit it, and choke on our hate, she was beautiful and damn HOT.

2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivalsrita-ora-oscars-2015-red-carpet-1oscars-2015-red-carpet-rita-ora-22

Zoe Saldana almost slipped my mind – while I wasn’t blown away by the dress, she’s one gorgeous woman who’d make a paper bag look great. The dress was beautiful but it could have used a bit more va-va-voom.

zoe-saldana-oscars-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressedjennifer-hudson-oscars-2015-red-carpetoscars-2015-red-carpetoscars-2015-red-carpet-287th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


While I am very much aware of Giuliana’s massive faux-pas-mean comment about Zendaya’s hair, which I thought looked fantastic, I cannot put her dress however into the best dressed, because it was simply not a great dress. Except for her beautiful makeup and hair, there was nothing great about that gown. Poor fabric, that looked cheap, the draping was unnecessary and did her amazing thin frame little justice. I mean if you’re gonna style a girl like Zendaya play up her fab gorgeous body with a stunning cut and design dress. Not a night gown. Not at the Oscars for God’s sake.


America Ferrera… you are not ugly Betty, you are one beautiful woman, so stop choosing clothes that do you no justice. From the waist down the dress was great, but the ill-fitted upper part, was horrible, and I’m not even sure about that green on her, which is ridiculous cause she’s a woman that I think can pretty much get away with any dress colour, so choosing one that looks meh on her was such a long shot. But she did it.


Lady Gaga… was lady gaga all right. While the dress was not ugly, it’s not what I would have chosen for her. She seemed to get a bit lost in that gown. Robocop meets The Three Musketeers and both (or all four) go to the Oscars.


Wasn’t too crazy about Kelly Osbourne‘s dress and that made me really really really sad. Insert crying emoji here.


And signing my death sentence here… drumrolls please… Lupita Nyong’o‘s dress was a bit wrong. The beading was beautiful, the cut was amazing, her face was flawless as always, but I just thought it was ill fitted around her neck and her waist. Too bulgy, too beady. I would have loved the halter neck part to be more dainty and not so heavy, and the waist to look more defined.


Same goes for Julianne Moore. I mean from all the nights and red carpets she looked the least wow at the 2015 Oscars. Those 3 stripes were so so wrong on that dress, or at least the placement they had did her body little justice. Or maybe its just me, who the hell knows anymore.


Lorelay Linklater must have read the red carpet memo/dress code wrong. Seriously, was she going for a witchy look, for a boho chic? What the hell was she going for? The door. That’s what she should have gone for. Or a better dress. A simple red dress would have looked stunning on her.


Jessica Chastain looked so matronly. Beautiful, but so matronly and serious, not in a good way. What the fuck was up with the upper part of that dress? It’s like she couldn’t make up her mind: ‘I’ll go for a sequin dress, or maybe a draped one, or maybe a flowy one. Ah what the hell, I’ll do all of them, and while I’m at it, slap the ugliest pair of shoes on and make a mess out of the biggest red carpet event of the year. Yay!’ 

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Keyra Knightely... I’m not even gonna bother. I’d dress better with my eyes closed, and she continues to miss it with her eyes wide open, and all the best designers and stylists at her feet. But then again… maybe it was just me.


I was also a bit disappointed in Kerry Washington‘s dress. Peplum? Please. Just stop already with the peplum. We’ve all had enough of this. We get it, it’s refined. (Personally I don’t get all the hype around peplum.) Also I thought it was a bit ill fitted and the upper part was too disproportionate from the lower part, but y’all love peplum so if you’ll excuse me, I’m just gonna go hit my head into the wall right now, and get some sense into me.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

And then… there were the models at the Oscars Party. We get it. You are Goddesses with flawless skin, and legs, and bums, and arms, and faces, and thighs, and everything in between, but you might have as well showed up in your birthday suits. Actually it wasn’t even about showing up half naked and going commando, I mean I go naked on the streets all day and us girls have stopped using underwear since 1950’s so… You see what I mean?


Seriously though, Irina Shayk what the hell was going through your mind? Or those 3 other lassies for that matter? ‘Oh look we got invited to the Oscars!!! Yay, let’s jump into a circle and wear black witches uniforms. Wouldn’t that be cool?’ ‘Yessss!!!’ Giggled the other 2 in an overly excited chorus.


Gwyneth Paltrow probably tried a bit too much to look like a real-size chicken. At least she nailed that! yay. Patricia Arquette... what the fuck? I’m usually not a fan of 2 toned dresses, and never in black and white, cause I always think they look so waitress-attire, and penguin-on-a-loose. Well, I’m right.


Felicity Jones, why didn’t you get the big one? (dress)

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Behati Prinsloo… not feeling that dress at all, while she looks stunning, that necklace killed it. In a bad way. It was a necklace that I thought ruined it for Scarlett Johannsen as well… or maybe that hair, or that colour. Don’t know what it was but she kinda looked like she swallowed a broom stick. In a bad colour.

behati-prinsloo-oscars-red-carpet-2015scarlettjohansson-oscars-2015-red-carpetSo maybe I’m wrong, although I always say I’m right. One thing’s certain though. Well more actually:

  1. I am usually more wrong than right.
  2. I might be overdosing on red carpets right now, cause I feel like I bumped my head and was left jaded of all that usually impresses people.
  3. It’s just clothes and dresses, and actors are just humans, who’s jobs are to act, not to please our eyes in overly expensive gowns.
  4. Thank God the red carpet season is done, otherwise I’d have gone off the rail. Legit off the rail.

Oh wait a minute. I’ve been off the rail for a long time… ah well… See ya!!!



Trends Spotted At NYFW For 2015 Fall

After all this time, I still don’t know whether or not Fashion Month is the best or the worst of time in a fashion-person’s life. Of course it’s the best… but it’s also unbelievably hectic.

Imagine the traveling to 4 fashion capitals in just one month, and attending so many shows, you lose count off, each show lasting up to 20 minutes, and then rushing over to God knows which borough to attend the next. All this… done in supposedly amazing clothes, yes, but also in freezing temps, in towns which you’re not too familiar with… only so that at the end of the day you gotta get your ass to your room and write, instagram, tweet… and so on. Work, while all is still fresh in your mind, and interest to the particular shows still aroused.

Who am I kidding. Seriously. If you’re so lucky as to be invited to all fashion weeks, and can go, complaining is like so so so so so very inappropriate.


Okay, now that that’s out of the way let’s get down to business. New York Fashion Week fall 2015 is almost coming to an end, which means, we’ve seen a bunch of pretty damn amazing collections, have had our crush-on-designers-not disappoint us and have made new crushes. I, for one, can’t keep track of them anymore. It figures though. I’m always the first to fall for something and the first to get bored with it.


NY has pretty much given us an idea of what 2015 Fall will be about in terms of trends, and if there’s ONE thing ALL collections had in common that’s a certain coolness and sassiness to the looks.

A woman with an attitude. Take that as you may, bottom line is, regardless of style, designers were all smitten with a certain power and empowerment oozed by us girls, whether or no we’re rocknroll kids, grown-up professionals, bohemian goddesses, glamorous queens, there’s a bit of each in all of us and a bit of femme fatale we should all embrace and showcase, subtly or not.

Girls do rule the world people, and 2015 will be just about that! 


Here are a few TRENDS and my favourite looks from NYFW 2015 fall:

1. FUR. Do not roll your eyes now. You might have gotten enough of this look, but it’s really far from over. Fur everything and anything is in.


2. 70s are still going strong, with turtlenecks, plunging necklines, Patti Smith inspired looks, leather, fur, over-the-knee-skirts, fluidity boho-styles.


3. Boots will be massive in all designs and styles, from over the knee to under the knee, to ankle, to heels, to sporty.


4. Long Coats.


5. Monochromatic looks. A lot of designers went for the all-red looks, all-blue, all-green and there is a certain kind of glamour and muted elegance to dressing in just one colour.


6. High slits. Nobody’s yet getting over that Angelina leg.


7. Nudes, browns, camel. Again a prolongation and variation of those 70s, in both glamour as well as more bohemian music-festival kind of brown tones.


And the OMGs:

DKN_0660dknydvfDVF_0203_A2X0379 DVF_0217 DVF_0343 DVF_0389 j-crew-008-1366 j-crew-012-1366 j-crew-016-1366 j-crew-023-1366 j-crew-024-1366 j-crew-025-1366 j-crew-026-1366 JAS_0263 MARC0321 MARC0469

Before wrapping this shit up maybe I should address the elephant in the room: Kanye West’s collection for Adidas… Although my lack of falling-flat-on-my back here over his talent as a designer and as a God is biased by my gradual dislike for his person, I gotta be honest here – what he’s done for Adidas is great, but not in the least innovative. The models of all sizes? Done before. The deconstruction on some designs? Done.

He was trying to go for a bit of shocking, but not too much, a bit of fashion, but not too much, a bit of weirdness, again not too much as to not scare, but enough to kinda shock those fainted at heart… I don’t know, to be honest I wasn’t even looking at the shoes and don’t have a fucking clue if that’s good of bad.

Also, if I’m completely honest here, the show was okay, it’s just his constant rant and self sufficiency, his God complex and how he’s asked a question like: how are you, and he’ll start giving you the genesis, you know. That’s what pisses me off and triggers my bias-ness.

_AG18853 _AG18898 _AG19010 kanye

Oh, oh, oh, oh… and how about that front row? It’s the only thing he could have had 110% certainty on nailing. Yet… I can’t help the smirk on my face for the somehow staged spectacle. I mean, do you really expect us to believe Beyonce is besties with Kim? Or Anna Wintour?

11 111

Ahhh what the hell do I know. Sometimes things are exactly what they seem, and I’m might just having a case of waking up on the wrong side of the bed today.




When Streets Turn Into Catwalks! New York Fashion Week 2014 Fall.

2014-NYFW-streetstyle-best-dressed-3This is a post on and for fashion addicts. Yes chicas this is STREET STYLE at New York Fashion Week. Cause why the hell not, right?

I mean seriously if I see one more thing about the inherent holiday frenzy (yes Valentine’s Day, I’m looking at you) I swear I’ll turn sick. There’s only so much pink, reds, hearts, forced (or not) love, one can take.

I know yesterday I was preaching this, but give a girl the right excuse and she’ll turn it into fashion. So anyway, on braking the routine of the quite predictable week (yes more Valentine’s Day posts are to follow. What?) why not give in into some ridiculously lustful extravagant, exaggerated, avatgarde, fashion frenzy the street styles at FWs hold? Ding2014-fall-FashionWeek-NY-ststreetstyleThough I haven’t yet seen all collections, I wonder if the trends on the streets match the ones preached by designers?

Not for this season, for the next. Cause you know, if the creme de la creme of the fashion world is not precocious, I don’t know who is. Well… when you’re rich and famous, or are the biggest editor/PR or fashion blogger, that’s not very difficult, more so, wearing the newest of the new comes with the job description. off-duty-models-NYFW-2014-f2014-NYFW-streetstyle2014-NYFW-streetstyle-20Trends ON & OFF Runways? 

  • Oversized seemed to be a huge look on the runways. Streets stuck to it.
  • Socks in sight with heels, sandals and any shoe will be massive, and the the gurus know it. And did it.
  • Extremes are still in, so basically ALL is still IN. Grungy black, dark looks live happily and side by side with an explosion of colors, prints, patters in the most wild, funky mixes ever.
  • Red lips rule man.
  • So do the details that make a look: bags, funky stilettos or weird shoes. Nails. Hats. Face Masks.
  • 90s accents, a bit of 70s. So yeah basically retro inspo is still a thing.

And now… let us marvel at how the gurus do it… 🙂 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-12014-NYFW-streetstyle-22014-NYFW-streetstyle-32014-NYFW-streetstyle-42014-NYFW-streetstyle-5 (2)2014-NYFW-streetstyle-52014-NYFW-streetstyle-62014-NYFW-streetstyle-72014-NYFW-streetstyle-82014-NYFW-streetstyle-112014-NYFW-streetstyle-12winter-street-style-Fashion-weekwhat-to-wear-to-FWmodels-off-duty-2014-NYFW-streetstylemiroslava-duma-2014-NYFW-streetstylemilitary-style-2014-NYFW-streetstyleblogger-2014-NYFW-streetstylechic-2014-NYFW-streetstylebloggers-2014-NYFW-streetstylebest-dressed-2014-NYFW-streetstyle-1best-dressed-2014-NYFW-streetstyle2014-NYFW-streetstyle-best-dressed-12014-NYFW-streetstyle-shoes2014-NYFW-streetstyle-172014-NYFW-streetstyle-editors2014-NYFW-streetstyle-222014-NYFW-streetstyle-132014-NYFW-streetstyle-142014-NYFW-streetstyle-best-dressed-52014-NYFW-streetstyle-242014-NYFW-streetstyle-best-dressed-322014-NYFW-streetstyle-bloggers2014-NYFW-streetstyle-detailsstreetstyle-2014fall-NYFWstreetstyle-at-NYFW-2014street-style-at-fashion-weeNYfashionWeek-streetstyleNYFW-streetstyle-best-dressFashion is simply getting better and better, dismissing all rules, effing all conformities and praising what actually matters: personal style. Show me your take on a certain trend. Or if you hate them all, do your own shit. Give a big fuck to all that’s not you and experiment, wear whatever the hell you love. Be vibrant and cool. And always, always have fun. That’s what it’s all about.

Enough rambling. Who the hell died and made me a preacher anyway?

photos via,, Marieclaire, by Tommy Ton.
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Why Do We Love Fashion Week Street Style So Much?

NYFW-street-styleSeriously? Only an alien going around naked would not get this. FW street style is the ultimate expression of style, of clothes, creativity and lack of fear when donning the craziest thing ever. For the past week, New York streets are swirling with the coolest people, hipsters, bloggers, editors, photographers, writers, stylists, celebrities, models – who all have 2 things in common. 1. They adore fashion and 2. They own it out there style wise. It’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collections Time and fashion’s creme de la creme is in the Big Apple. Crazy colors, prints, mismatched trends or patters, textures, accessory abundance, crazy hair, makeup, vintage old wrinkled clothes alongside high-end brands, ripped jeans, posh heels or dirty old sneakers, caps, hats, bags, clutches… all adorn these hipsters and make us fashion-fantasize about clothes.

Sometimes it’s the opulence of colors, textures, prints or designer brands that captures the eye, but other times (and this is a massive lesson in progress for us all), it’s the most simple outfit, last decade jeans or old T-shirt that has us all stare in complete awe at these cool kids. It’s style. Beyond trends. Beyond catwalks. But made up of some unfulfilled love for a certain decade, for old pieces that bare some meaning to each wearer. Or it’s the lack of interest. Careless, un-studied outfits scream personality and raw attitudes, and that’s what we want. We’ve all had enough of those polished magazine faces and perfect clothes, of ads that well… look like ads that sell. Give us a quirky way of wearing that Marc Jacobs top or a funky approach to a Carolina Herrera skirt, and we’ll take it. Or better yet, who needs them when you’ve got imagination and a strong urge for braking the street visual monotony? street-style-new-yorknew-york-fashion-week-streefashion-week-streetstyleSomeone once said there’s a new Fashion Week going on outside the shows, each year. And I agree. It’s more relate-able , doable, more genuine. And it’s always a case of ‘‘all is in, nothing is out”. He/She who’s more unafraid to explore and get style creative lands the pic that will inspire millions at home. Oh… and build in us an unquenchable shopping urge, and the promise to get more creative with our looks starting with… Monday. Now I ask you again, how can we not love FW street style? Seriously now. fashion-week-2014-streetstylefashion-week-ss-2014-street-stylefashion-week-streetstyle-fashion-week-street-style-spring-2014new-york-fashionweek-spring-2014-streetstylenew-york-FW-street-stylenew-york-street-style-fashion-weeknewyork-street-stylenewyork-street-style-fashion-week-spring-2014nyfw-spring2014-streetstylesprin-2014-streetstyle-fashion-weekspring-2014FW-NY-streetstylespring-2014-NYFW-street-stystreetstylestreet-style-fashion-weekstreet-style-fashion-week-spring-2014streetstyle-FWstreet-style-new-york-fashion-weekstreetstyle-NYFW-2014-sprinphotos by Tommy Ton via



Let’s Talk Street Style At Fashion Week!

trends-fashion-week-couture-street-styleIt sometimes feels as if our fashion existence is measured in FWs. D’ohhh. So now we are somewhere between catching our breaths from the Couture Shows, and working out butts off to get invites for the next FW that’s practically just around the corner. I mean London FW’s schedule was already announced so the crazy days are upon us. And they come with tons of work, travel aaaand girls’ biggest issue ever (in case you nail an invite) “What to wear?“. I’ll tell you something though, every time I look over these street style photos from any FW shows it seems to me as if I am the only one stressing over this what to wear matter, (and still not pulling it off majorly, if I were to come clean) – cause every single person in there seems to either not give a shit what they put on (and look Ah-mazing) or… seriously now… draped in CHANEL or DIOR – how could you not score a Phil Oh photo in Vogue. But let’s not even discuss this posh category and linger a bit on the first one. Wrinkled shirts, messy hair, frumpy clothes, vintage (read old) granny clothes, unflattering outfits  – take front row in Tommy Ton’s or Phil Oh’s snapshots. Sure they’re always paired with a Celine bag or a Chanel little something, that’s always donned with the littlest care in the world as if it just cost 1 quid. Old rusted rings take the front light alongside some uber posh and expensive bracelets, while the cutoffs reveal stained pockets and the tops haven’t been ironed in ages. Who gives a fuck! Clothes are treated like just clothes and style seems to be such a long way from big labels and price tags. (sometimes)animal-print-hairfashion-week-couture-street-style-messy-hairwhat-to-wear-to-fashion-weekclassic-style-fashion-week-couture-street-styleBig editors must probably be biting their fingers off (they’re way past the nails) at this media circus turned big-party-for-everyone-with-a-knack-for-fashion. It was only years ago that this circle was closed, and now… well… it’s still not exactly a piece of cake getting in, but hanging outside the shows is somewhat part of our pop-culture. Not yet famous? You can still go there in your best style, see and be seen. Bloggers, photographers, and all sorts of artists with a passion for sartorial things shows up in what appear to be effortless bored-to-death looks . One rule exists: in order to be a hipster kid wear at least one major weird funky fun item. It usually is sunglasses, a wicked hairdo or some DIY project on display. cropped-top-fashion-week-couture-street-stylefashion-week-couture-street-stylefashion-week-couture-street-style-bagfashion-week-couture-street-style-black-and-whitefashion-week-couture-street-style-cropped-topfashion-week-couture-street-style-sweaterfashion-week-couture-street-style-susie-bubblefunky-shades-fashion-week-couture-street-stylehairstyle-fashion-week-couture-street-stylehairstyles-fashion-week-couture-street-stylehairstyles-street-stylestreet-style-couture-showsstreet-style-fashion-weekOf course everyone is still starstruck when spotting Anna Dello Russo or Miroslava Duma – but again these ladies are, like us, having loads of fun with clothes. Yeah bigger labels but still – creativity pushes the boundaries as well, and it’s all about the attitude and mood all wrapped up in brilliant visuals. anna-dello-russo-flamenco-style-fashion-week-couture-street-stylemiroslava-duma-fashion-week-couture-street-stylebags-fashion-week-couture-street-stylebelts-fashion-week-couture-street-styleblack-and-white-trend-fashion-week-couture-street-stylechanel-outift-fashon-weekfashion-week-couture-street-style (2)fashion-week-couture-street-style-cropped-top (2)fashion-week-couture-street-style-all-blackfashion-week-couture-street-style-detailsfashion-week-couture-street-style (3)fashion-week-couture-street-style-princess-skirtmaxi-skirt-fashion-week-couture-street-style (2)neon-trend-fashion-week-couture-street-styleoversize-top-fashion-week-couture-street-stylered-shoes-fashion-week-couture-street-styleyellow-bag-fashion-week-couture-street-styleWhat happens at FW, street style wise is definitely a movement of our times and a cool phenomenon. So what if it’s labeled as a circus? Circus is fun. All these cool kids who mingle so beautifully with sophisticated rich people are proving to the world it’s OK to show up in clothes that imply a middle finger up at the luxe side of fashion. We’re not against high end. No sir. Give me a CHANEL anything and I’ll take it. Yeah I’ll wear it with my H&M knuckle rings & my cheap eBay watch… So what?

Has today’s fashion scene changed? And could street style alone be crowned as nowadays biggest fashion influence?

photos via Vogue, Elle, Google Images


Style Details That Count! How To Glam Up A Dull Look? Street Style At FW Inspiration…

image_007OK so we all know the saying ‘The Devil is in the details‘ and when discussing fashion it couldn’t be more true. Sometimes a tiny bit of color, a ring, a lipstick shade or statement a bag makes all the difference in an outfit and can turn a look from the most boring unnoticed one into the most glamorous, fashion forward or edgy one. As we quickly (and quite tired too) wrap yet another Fashion Month season – I AGAIN turn to the street styles spotted in the fashion capitals. Truth is, after watching all these shows and collections you can’t not get a bit bored with it all. It’s repetitive. Sure we’re all dying to see our fave designers but by the time Paris comes, I have to confess I’m a bit checking my watch rather than checking the catwalk. Thank God we’ve got the street styles to break the routine. 🙂fashionweek-street-styleA bit of fashion inspiration never hurt anyone so for a mid-week I say let us indulge into some opulent and luxurious details that put the exclamation point into style! miroslava-duma-street-stylestreet-style-fashionweek-detailsStarting off: Fabulous Shoes! cause you can’t walk in anything else than uber funky & sexy heels, right? Though the kitten & chunky heels are huge today, can’t seem to quite get the hang of them. I mean chunky heels are great and comfy, so them… I love. But kittens… hmm. Still debating. First love remains true: hot stilettos! Those black studded Christian Louboutins are amazing! And the classic white pumps too, in the 3rd ‘shoes photo

2013-shoes-street-style2013-shoes-street-style-fashion-weekshoes-street-style-fashion-weekstudded-heels-shoes-louboutins-streetstyleHow we gonna carry all our phones, makeups, books and snacks? Why in a super cool Bag, of course! I’m noticing lots of posh ladies are donning the tiny bags… I can work with that… For weekends, going out, but if you have to carry a slight more than your phone and lipstick, then you cannot yet part ways with the practical bigger bag. These 2 below are pretty amazing! Anna Dello Russo‘s green clutch is absolutely fantastic for a pop of color and that rabbit head tiny tiny bag is sooo cute! bags-street-styleanna-dello-russo-bag-street-stylebag-street-stylebag-style-street-trendchanel-bag-street-stylestreet-style-fashion-weekstreet-style-luxe-detailstiny-bag-street-stylefashion-week-street-styleMy go to details to break a dull look (besides bags & shoes) are always accessories and a pop of color through nail polish or lipstick. Easy! What’s your go-to detail?

photos by Tommy Ton via


Backstage Makeup Looks From Fashion Week! Beauty Trends For Fall 2013…

burberry-backstage0cara-countouredWhen it comes to makeup I’m a complete girly girl – love me a flawless hydrated skin, mascara eyelashes, thin eyeliner, lip-gloss and the occasional eye-shadow/lipstick/contouring. The golden rule is focus on only one feature at a time and play that up to its highest level… and though sometimes on the runways this rule rarely applies (just because we get to experience the art in fashion rather than the street style or day to day beauty tips), some reading between the lines can be done to spot next season’s beauty & makeup trends. And hair for that matter. Best part about doing such a cover post? Why the backstage insight of course! Getting a sneak peak into what models do while sitting for hair and makeup, what they look like with a fresh face, how well they transform, who’s flawless and who’s not (they all are, trust me. Young and fabulous looking with amazing bone structures), what makeup artists are working on this and that show, products they use (mostly MAC). Stuff like that, us girls go crazy over 🙂 backstage-2013-fashion-week-1So what do designers shout out to us fashion lovers when it comes to 2013 fall beauty trends? Well… I say (and it’s just my humble so-far-captured opinion based on what I’ve seen) Eyes will be big for 2013 – 2014 Fall/Winter. From Marc Jacobs & Donna Karan to Gucci eyes are sultry, seductive, dark… yet in not that 1990’s way, but rather a negligent metallic grey or brown smudge kinda way on both the upper and lower lid. With Anna Sui it’s all about cat thick winged eyeliner that looks absolutely amazing and at Michael Kors there’s the black or grey eye-shadow on the outer half corner of the eyes. Cat eyes ladies!!! Love . It. If however you’re a more-colored-eye-shadow kinda gal… look into Thakoon show: fabulous cobalt blue eye makeup! Keep skin & lips nude or to a minimal and you’ll be rocking an uber hot sexy look. eye-makeup-fall-2013-fashioanna-sui-makeup-2013-2gucci-beauty-2013-5marc-jacobs-makeup-2013-1eye-makeup-fashion-week-201anna-sui-makeup-2013-6anna-sui-makeup-2013-7michael-kors-beauty-2013-4Seductive voluptuous dark, deep, or bold lips made quite a statement at Marc by Marc Jacobs (red red red), Diane Von Furstenberg (pink pink pink) and Vera Wang (deep brown/burgundy vampire like lips) . So… ladies, if you love the bold lip look this one’s for you. Color in trend: pink, dark burgundy/violet and red! Flawless skin required and simple eyes! lips-fashion-week-2013-fallfendi-beauty-2013-3fendi-beauty-2013-2fendi-beauty-2013vera-wang-beauty-4diane-von-durstenberg-makeup-1And last but not least the look that will always be at the top of any list and make it to the trends in any season is the natural look. Glowing skin, flawless faces, moistured, hydrated, just the right amount of cover, blush and contouring… ah looking like you’re 15 again! skin-fashion-week-2013marc-jacobs-makeup-3donna-karan-2013-beauty-1burberry-beauty-2013glowing-skin-fashion-weel-frag-bone-makeup-2prabal-gurung-makeup-2rag-bone-makeup-5ralph-lauren-beauty-4Here are more backstage beauty, makeup & hair looks for 2013 fall Fashion Week.  vera-wang-beauty-1victoria-beckham-beauty-5fashion-week-fendi-backstagevivienne-westwood-backstagegucci-beauty-2013-3fendi-backstage-2013So lovelies, do you have a fave look? LIPS / EYES / NATURAL…