Why Being Too Cool Is Uncool?!

Looking like a billboard for ALL the trends in fashion & pop-culture might make one come across more as an ignoramus who doesn’t know the basics, and talks in words like ‘on fleek’ and ‘all the things’, and ‘feels’, and ‘turnt up’ and all of that, rather than a savvy ‘cool’ person who knows their shit.

You’ve seen those kids around town. Every town’s got them. They all shopped and dressed at the same time in the same place, they look cool, but somehow off. Trends are fighting with each other on their backs, clothes are wearing them instead of the other way around. There’s uniformity. There’s properness. Cheesiness. Blandness. They all have hats and caps, and mirror shades, and coloured nails, and rings, and distressed jeans, and text tees, and the same hair, and the same makeup. and that know-it-all-walk that’s meant to be swag. They all laugh and giggle at the same time, and the rest of the time they’re all practicing their poker faces. Because it’s so not cool to smile. Doh.

It’s like a scene from a cheap American teenage high school film, with very very pretty girls and too-cool-for-school-boys. Whatever. Hair flip.

Oh and of course they all have ‘cool’ hobbies all of a sudden like photography, brewed coffee, cooking, vinyls and the rest.

Don’t get me wrong though. There’s no fashion sin in the trends above, but can we get a bit of personality with each one? Can we see a new approach? No? Oh ok.

I think the moment you’re referred to as being cool you should reconsider everything before throwing your hands up in the air shouting Amen. Just saying you know.


I’m probably growing older with all this, cause I do sound a lot like my mum a few years back. OR it’s my job –  constantly on the prowl for new stories, way too connected to pop culture, trends, and the coolness of the kids these days, that’s making me long for two things: simplicity or over-the-top.

(1) Either a perfect effortlessness and simplicity that’s got nothing whatsoever to do with fashion or IN stuff, au contraire it’s minimal and clean on the outside, but deep and intense on the inside. I adore people who do their thing, like if white is in they’d still be draped in black, and if Kanye is running the world they’d still root for Hendrix. It’s people who never seek style or coolness but they end up being icons.

(2) Or an extreme, over-the-top way of expression like the ones the past has blessed us with. Watching ‘Vinyl’ made me realise how politically correct we all became, and how that is a great thing but how it killed a certain amount of creation and authenticity in us. The bit that’s raw and most genuine. We’ve become blasé and shit scared or just ignorant towards what we can do. In terms of cool nobody in the world will ever top David Bowie, The Beatles, Jane Birkin and Gainsbourg, Woody Allen, or Benicio de Toro. 

I mean I can see Benicio in his L.A. house listening to the latest Billboard hits, and googling hot trends 2016 to figure out what he’ll wear when he goes out to drink the new cool drink and eat the new cool meal in town. Or he’ll juice.



Okay… I ain’t saying we’re all saints here. God no! It takes a brain, a few balls, and some personality to not eat it all up like a starved ignorant though, but THAT’s another story.

We’re all guilty of a few and we all have out consumer pleasures (I’ll always be obsessed with bling and short modern poems aka #QOTD, and God knows I have too many sins to cary alone ), but to know when to sit one out, when to go all in, what to pick, and how to make it your own – that’s where it gets tricky, and where the line between cool and uncool blurs. And we’d better pray we’re on the right side here.

There are women who are cool with no trend existing on them whatsoever. It’s in the way they laugh or talk, or how strong and sexy they are, the things they know, the struggles they own, the talents that shaped them and so on.


And then there are women who can drape themselves in the funkiest things and crowd decades of trends on them and look unbelievably cool. Hello Rihanna.


Then there are those who change their looks to moods and style crushes but they always have their foundation. No matter what they wear, how different all is – you’ll know it’s their style. Hello massive bloggers.

It’s common knowledge some copy, some are. Hello history.

People watching over the weekend made me realise a few things: apparently everyone wants to be cool, and the fastest way there, is ditching your heels for ‘cool’ shoes. My husband and I were having dinner on Saturday, and everyone around us looked so cool he said. I agreed. Actually I was bombarded by the girls in hats, and checkered shirts, and distressed denim (is that still in btw? which is a weird Q considering, but I suspect the answer for them mattered, if you know what I mean), brogues and tennis shoes, and sneakers, and coloured bags, and bold lips, and jackets and dresses, and… oh my God my eyes are exhausted I thought. It was great at first, but then it felt weird, as if I’d fell into this massive bucket of coolness and trends, with a price to pay: boredom.

You might as well slap a fucking uniform on all of them and it’d be the same thing. Of course this goes further, I have no doubt about it. (yes my cynicism developed as did my age).

Below are some dope pics to put us on on the right track of cool. I mean we’re killing the word here (my bad, I take the fucking blame for this one), might as well let it die in the glory of the scroll.




So where’s the cool-uncool line? It all comes down to attitude and realness. If you feel what you say, if you pick your picks on what you love, if you have fun and not care what mortals think, if you understand what you read, if you’re heart dies a little on that song, or your feet beat the beat, if your clothes are a prolongation of your moods, and soul, and mind, and ideas, if you don’t try, if it comes to you easily – chances are you couldn’t care less about the issue, or how you come across. And that is dope.

Truth is some have it, some don’t.






Interview With An Artist: Lorena Garoiu About Art On T-shirts, Fashion & Inspiration

I LOVE the human face, those incredibly interesting features that tell me stories, that have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. I adore those. I get inspired by that type of beauty. There’s nothing more magnetic than a face that tells a story. And I cherish it, and the connection that’s born between me as an artist and my model is the most powerful and humbling thing in the world. I give in to that.  – Lorena Garoiu

It was probably the warmest and sunniest winter day that Saturday, when my photographer and I pulled up to Lorena’s house a month ago, on a street that looks exactly like those you read about in a book. There she was, smiling her big warm smile, a little bit nervous, greeting us as beautiful as ever, looking very sexy-powerful in her racy new latex pants from Atsuko Kudo and one of her T-shirts from her collection Art On T-shirts – depicting whores and sex, and that intriguing different kind of beauty. She has a knock out body I’ll give you that. She had her bold red lips on, new hair-do that she was still growing into, and you could tell she was as nervous as she was excited about having her photos taken in her house atelier.

Her home is exactly as I’d expected it, packed with bits and pieces of art and inspiration from all walks of life, excerpts of beauty and racy innuendos, and graffiti on her kitchen wall, and used dry paint brushes sitting next to expensive perfumes – it really translated to the most beautiful bohemian vibe. You can tell a lot about a person though details, and Lorena has no intention of hiding anything that makes up her world. I thought it took great strength to allow such exposure.

We had fun that day, and wrapped it all up in the yard by a wall she painted with her daughter. She’s a beautiful soul Lorena, and she did give us a very interesting visual tour of her art world that afternoon.


We decided then that I’d sent her some questions over email and we’d make it a great fun interview so you guys, my readers, would get to know her a little bit and she’d explain more to us about her Art On T-shirts Project. SEX on t-shirts? Who’d wear that, I thought? How did it all come together? Where can I get one? You know… that sort of stuff.

She called me last week to tell me she’s off to Milan to some art exhibition, right after she stayed in Bruxelles for a few weeks, and she was planning to answer my questions in handwriting over coffee at her fave cafe in Milan.

‘I got into art cause of my family, who have a tradition in arts for over 4 generations. I studied art from 10 years old, when I chose art classes over piano. I went to Art Highschool in Resita, Romania, and then to Art University In Timisoara, Romania. I’ve had my first exhibition at 16 when I sold my first work. Then at 17 I received the Excellence Award in Drawing in the national art olympics. Throughout my life I’ve had exhibitions in Berlin, Amsterdam, London Budapest, Munchen.’


That is Lorena the artist, what about Lorena the person behind it all, how would you like my readers to meet and know you? What would you say about yourself?

I love everything that’s beautiful. I adore beauty, refinement, and elegance.

What inspires you the most?

Very expressive features, a certain way a person has, a special character. I find beauty in ugly you know. I get inspired by perfumes, by buildings, by travelling, flowers, the different faces I see on the streets. It’s also those busy places or my favourite cafes in Europe that inspire me so so very much. Paris Bar in Berlin, La Coupole in Paris, you know those retro tiny hideouts very famous in the art world.

And life experiences, certain things and chapters that happen in life, make me wanna capture it all in my paintings. Sort of like a scene in a film that remains there forever to tell my side of story.

Where does fashion come in all this? Does it come up at all in your art, do the two of them intertwine? 

Oh my God of course! Fashion has a massive place in my art and in my heart. It fascinated me ever since I was a kid and wanted to be a fashion designer. It’s also strong rooted in my family cause my great-grandparents had a military clothes atelier shop – ‘a wire and silk broidery atelier shop’ it was called.

You know, fashion is art. Period. And it’s part of my art, they go together.

We see their marriage throughout art history, the outfits that are present in the works of Van Dyck, Velasques or Tizian, they’re more than fashion, they’re a true reflection of the times, and of certain personal styles, precise outfits worn by certain people. Of course fashion is art.


Speaking of style, you have a great style, it’s very bohemian and somewhat extravagant but quite relatable at the same time. Tell me a bit about your personal style: do you seek it intentionally, or does it just come up naturally from the way you are? Do you give great importance to your outfits? 

Well thank you, I try you know. No, I’m just kidding. Actually I don’t try at all. It just happens, it comes from my background, my family, my education. I never seek style. You either have it or you don’t.

(well Amen! to that I thought).

However, I do like to grow it, and educate my style if you will, but even that comes effortless as I flick through fashion magazines, or just give in to my spur of the moment sartorial impulse. I guess I have a sort of a bohemian style, simple but modern. Or perhaps the way I approach it is modern and fresh and cool. Much like the portraits I draw and paint.

I must confess I do give outfits some degree of importance, not to sound snobbish or anything, but you know the way you dress is a form of respect if you will towards you in the first place, and how you present yourself to the world, and to the world and the people you meet inevitably, secondly. I do keep this in mind by default, but I also dress to the occasion, and situation.

That’s so well put, I agree. But does that mean you have a favourite outfit? Do you go about your fashion like that? Your go-to-look – is that something that strikes close to home for you? 

Well, I don’t have a go to look. That’s nonsense you know, or at least that’s what I feel right now, today. I’m quite spontaneous when it comes to actual dressing and clothes. BUT, I do have a favourite outfit: a dress, a leather jacket, and classic shoes.

Okay, but do you think any woman must have certain staples in her closet? 

Well yeah, I think a retro dress is a major must-have, a silk button-down shirt, a pair of leather pants, and of course a T-shirt by moi.


Yes, we got to the T-shirts and I seriously couldn’t wait. I know your latest project is Art On T-shirts. Tell me a little bit about what inspired you, what does it mean exactly? Where can we buy your t-shirts from, how do we wear them, where, who is more likely to fall for them? 

Art of T-shirts, yes. I always thought of bringing art into a more affordable sector if you will. By printing a painting that’s normally around €2,000, you make it more affordable at say €100, and wearable. Besides, you have something original, and you get to wear art. That’s something isn’t it?

It’s funny but it all started with a painting of a rhododendron, which I thought I’d print on a fabric and make a dress out of it. But this was way before Balanciaga and Dolce & Gabanna had their printed collections you know. So anyway, that’s how it started, and the T-shirt project was born.

Yes, the T-shirts are racy to some – like they depict sex workers, sex scenes, and prostitutes – but to me they have the most powerful message and beauty. True beauty for me is something that moves me. It doesn’t have to be pretty at all. Or fit the idea of mainstream pretty if you will.


So the T-shirts are statement pieces through what they stand for. Anyone with an outspoken mind and heart can wear them. Style wise they’re incredibly versatile so you can wear them with anything from jeans to skirts to leather jackets and blazers, whatever floats your boat really. And they can also go anywhere from parties to laid back brunches and God knows where the day and night take you.

I do see my T-shirts proudly worn by  confident women and men with a penchant for cool style, effortless, very relaxed and laid back, but not lazy, actually with a touch of racy and loudness to it and why not a penchant for strong statements and messages and of course a taste for the arts, in whatever shape and form they come in.


Ok, I must say I love them, and would wear them proudly as you put it. And now the easy-fast Q. that I just have to ask. What do you listen to? 

Suede, Kate Bush, Nick Cave, David Bowie, and classical music I love.

People who inspire you?

Winston Churchill, Vivienne Westwood, David Bowie, Klimt, Jan Six, Marlene Dumas, Yves Saint Laurent, Lucian Freud, Rubens, Oscar Wilde, Yehuda Berg, Marcel Proust. To name a few. 🙂

What would you never do for the sake of art or fashion?

Kitsch. I’d never do or wear kitsch.

And now let’s talk a bit about today’s times: do you think we can still give birth to new movements and ideas in 2016? Like revolutions in art and that sort of stuff?

Well I believe in change. Deeply. And I think it’s happening now as we speak, we’re witnessing massive changes we’re just too close to fully grasp it you know. But it’s happening. The New Age period shows us exactly this. And, I’m an optimist on the whole idea of new ideas and I love to think we’ve still got some aces up our sleeves.

I need to ask you this though, we live in the times of Facebook, and selfies, and Intragram and the online culture of everything really. Do you think it makes us grow too far apart from art in its classic sense? Do we turn into technological versions of ourselves? Or is this a new era that we should learn to accept, embrace and let it rub off on us inspiration wise. Can we do that? What do you think? 

Facebook and Instagram can send the information out there in seconds. It’s crazy you know. It’s out there for a whole world to see. We NEED to understand this and give in to this. We need to adapt to the times we live in.

And yes there are the selfies, but they’re a version of the self-portrait if you think of it. There can be an art to taking selfies, why not? Or perhaps certain selfies can be art, maybe that rings truer.

But in your paintings, do you let yourself be inspired by this world, by the online? Facebook, photos, films, videos, pop-culture do all these things transpire in what you create, and if so, how? 

Well it’s easy. I do. I let myself be inspired by everything I see and come across. Like if I see a great photo on FB or Instgram I save it you know. I’ve got tons of such pics that I later draw from, literally. And also, films and cinema I give in to that as well. ‘Only lovers left alive’ inspired me tremendously. Theatre inspires me, for example ‘Roosevlet Square’ by Radu Afrim,  or ‘The girl in the gold bowlfish’.

Can you tell me a bit about the process of creation for you. How does it all begin? 

It all starts with an idea, an image, an interesting face maybe, some lyrics that just stick with me, a scene in the streets I passed by. You know, THE idea behind something great can really lurk God knows where. The point is to just keep an open eye, mind, and soul to it all.

Ok, but is there such a thing as a good painting? Or there is no such thing as good and bad in art, it’s just creation? 

A good painting is the one that gives you an emotion. It sends chills down your spine you know. It’s well drawn. And it has sensibility and force at the same time.

Thank you so much for this Lorena. It was so much fun, and really an honour for me. And now let me wrap this up with the most cliche Q.: where do you see yourself in a few years? 

Oh, of course I’d love to have my work shown and exhibited all around the world, in the most notorious art galleries, and also travel as much as I can to wherever my spirit and art would take me. And of course I’d be living in my house and art atelier by the sea. That is my dream. Yeah, you asked, so there it is, my future. Hopefully.


art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-2art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-29art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-30 art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-7art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-24art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-10art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-20art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-17art-on-t-shirts-lorena-garoiu-16

Fingers crossed for this beautiful artist. Hope you enjoyed this. I surely loved discovering a glimpse of her wonderful world. And I am dying really to wear one of her T-shirts.

Lorena Garoiu contact 



Is Alicia Vikander The New IT GIRL?

There’s your million dollar for the most stupid Q, which can only be dignified by the equally stupid answer ‘DOH’, followed by the infamous eye-roll at any ignoramus who’s oblivious of the who’s who out there. Oh. I am not sarcastic. Actually I have’t been this dead serious in my life. YES, Alicia Vikander – the 28 year old Swedish actress who’s just won her Oscar for The Danish Girl, and has been in almost all the best films out there this year (U.N.C.L.E., Ex-Machina), who drinks like a man, swears like a sailor, and cooks like a chef (I knew we were sisters), looks like a model but is so relatable at the same time, dates the sexiest man out there (Michael Fassbender), dresses very high-fashion-relaxed on the red carpets, and very model-off duty when off-duty – is the mostest of the most right now. The IT girl.

A term my husband can’t stand, btw.

Speaking of who… he may not stand the term, but he’s totally smitten with Alicia alright. And so am I. And so are quite a few of my friends. So I’m thinking: is that how we know a person becomes an IT, and if so… is that okay if we call her that? 

Can a person become a trend? What the hell is wrong with us? 

I’m really asking all these hopefully-not-that-stupid-Qs to get an insight from you guys. Truth is we’re all like the blind leading the blind on this one. It’s usually media’s fault combined with our girl crushes, and film-geeking over an actress. And if the person in Q is a very cool, laid back, relaxed, talented, beautiful, and relatable human being like Alicia Vikander is – well then we are as guilty of starting person trends as the Internet is.

There is this charm and penchant we humans, and especially sartorial-media-pop-culture-lovers have about public figures who’ve got talents in film or music. We call them idols, we channel them, we emulate their looks, we watch or listen to their work, so it all eventually stretches out beyond what they do.


Why I, and every breathing human being out there have suddenly fallen for Alicia Vikander? 

Not to sound like a fucking smart-ass right now, but I loved her on-screeen first, and then whenever I heard of a film in which she had a part I was such an eager beaver to watch her. And then… we became best friends, who look alike. Please allow this poor soul, aka moi, a slight delusion here. It helps my pathetic mediocre life a little bit. Especially on Thursdays like these.

So yeah, now we hang out, we laugh, drink, party, eat a lot, swap outfits, listen to music, go to yoga class, talk about films, hang our with our gorgeous men.



P.S. I promise to get back on my medication right after this post. 

On the whys behind my infatuation wth this girl: it’s about her charisma, I love her hair, her skin, her ability to look like an awkward 19 year old girl, or like a femme fatale the next day, or like this major fashion forward IT girl. I love her strapless looks cause I just think she’s got the best shoulder and collarbones on earth, I love her backless looks for the same bare-beautoful reasons, I love her spaghetti straps looks, her mini skirts or midi length high-fashion-with-a-twist-of-retro looks, I love her in long trench-coats, and half-buns like at the Oscars. I love her voice, her petite frame, her retro shoes. She is fashion in the most natural and effortless way possible, and her hair is always amazing. As if she’s got this private wind-machine with her to make it all as cool as her personality.


I know, I know. I’m beyond saving. But I’ll tell you this: we’ll be seeing a lot of Alicia, magazine covers, brand endorsements, and all that ‘crap’. Personally I just can’t wait for her next film and then, maybe a year from now get a glimpse of how, or if, her ubiquity changed her style.

Of course, I could just ask her these questions over wine on Saturday, but I love the suspense.

What do we do when we have a girl crush? We scroll. Endlessly.







2016 Oscars RED CARPET: Best & Worst Dressed

My oh my! Never thought I’d live the day to see this: 1) Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won his first Oscar for his leading role in The Revenant. Amen to that, and let’s all sing Yay! Okay., and 2) Oscars 2016 probably had the best red carpet ever. That, or I’ve turned into a good fairy and lost my bitchy shtick. Nobody wants a good fairy, right?

Of course if Leo hadn’t won that would’ve been massively awkward with all the online and PR Oscar-meets-Leo-in-2016-push-move-down-our-throughts. Yes, I just said that, but hear me out. I LOVE love love love Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio. His my #2 right after my imaginary husband Benicio Del Toro. All his films were fantastic and his performances absolutely incredible, and I would’ve given him an Oscar almost to all or any of his past performances… but The Revenant, while he was as amazing as only he could be on screen… I did feel Eddie Redmayne did a much better job this year, and Leo an even better one in the past. BUT it was high time he got that golden man statue so… there you go. It was his year.


I was happily surprised that Spotlight won the Oscar for best picture, since I felt it was the kinda film that is always overlooked. So over the top happy for Brie Larson‘s Oscar and Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl. She is my fave one right one, my girl crush, my actress crush, my-new-It-girl-prediction.

And yes, the red carpet was so good, so classy but modern, it gave us so many great surprises and so many wow moments, that while looking through the pics I was scared I’d have no one to put on the worst dressed list. Well… hang out with me here a little longer and you’ll see. Of course I might be wrong and it might all be the worst red carpet yet, as I was so made aware of this by one of my friends just this morning when I posted a pic of Alicia Vikander on Facebook wow-ing over her dress. To which my friend said: ‘are you fucking serious about that dress?’ And then I went on and on, and on, about my love for Alicia and her pale yello dress and about the whole red carpet, which I love this year.

‘Yeah… I think we’ve watched different shows, it was horrible’, my friend said. ‘What the hell was up with all those dresses: horrible cuts, designs and Alicia’s looked like a fucking duvet. Who wears a yellow duvet folded at the hem like it’s Sunday morning in bed?’ 



HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 28:  Actress Alicia Vikander accepts the Best Supporting Actress award for 'The Danish Girl' onstage during the 88th Annual Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


Best Dressed – 2016 Oscars Red Carpet 

My top 3 were my girl crush Alicia Vikander in that absolutely stunning pale yellow shorter in the front princess gown. Loved the colour on her skin, loved the bare shoulders, and the overall look. She’s so effortlessly beautiful, feminine, petite, and relaxed that I adore her. Her dress was kinda Oscar risqué but she pulled it off. Charlize Theron. Shut the front door. The woman is a statue of elegance and beauty, and that’s all I have to say. Stunning. That long endless plunging neckline and soft red fabric was so old Hollywood glam mixed with a bit of modern fash. Perfection. Priyanka Chopra was just perfect for me, as I love a classic mermaid and I’m obsessed with sparkiling white and strapless on the red carpet. It looked simple but glamorous.


Saorise Ronan was wow! What a great surprise! That green Calvin Klein dress was so different from everything she’s gotten us used to, but so sexy, young, glamorous. I loved the cut, the simple design, the sparking green. What I did not like was the earrings. They were just wrong. I would’ve gone for a loooong thin necklace instead. But the dress, amazing!


Olivia Munn, OMG! Absolutely beautiful. Risqué colour for the Oscars’ red carpet, but she pulled it off. A very beautiful simple dress with a twist of retro somehow due to the hair and the upper part. Loved it. Naomi Watts is the queen of red carpet. I can’t remember a time I hated her gown. Never. She’s always doing Old Hollywood mixed with modern, always classic cut dresses. Loved the colour, the lips, the hair, the sequins. Something about her is always so glamorous and classic but also very effortless. LOVE. Olivia Wilde… I liked it. It’s Greek Goddess meets sexy actress. But again I’m a fan of white gowns on the red carpet.


Brie Larson. What do we think of Brie Larson? It’s not bad, okay, there’s something very appealing and beautiful about that dress (how it moves, the royal blue, how she wears it), but I would’ve picked something more classic and glamorous for her. It’s not bad though.


Oscar has a wife, did you know that? And her name is Margot Robbie. Joke aside, I LOVED that golden dress. Perfect fit, perfect look, with her hair, and very old classic glamour. This dress-style is probably my fave way of doing sequins: long sleeves and deep plunging neckline are the best in a red carpet sequin gown.


Rooney Mara. FUCK. THIS is absolutely stunning. High fashion, check. Red carpet perfection, check. Beauty, check. Elegance, check. She’s sometimes too high fashion for red carpets but this is stunning, the lace, the see-through, the cuts, the design… it’s insane.


Chrissy Teigen absolutely beautiful. Starting to be obsessed with long sleeves on the red carpet. Julianne Moore, YES, thank God she nailed it. Also, I’m so happy she went for black, and no sequins this time, cause I felt she always did the same dress (sequin, green’ish) over the years and sometimes she nailed it and sometimes it was a total miss. Great look this time.


Cate Blanchet… okay, what do we think? Truth is I like this more than I hate it. I hate the colour but I love it on her, and I love the cut of the dress. Classic. What I’m not too crazy about are those fucking flowers splattered all over, BUT they’re not really killing the dress. So, while it’s not a WOW moment it’s still very beautiful and ethereal.


My heart skipped a beat when I saw Rachel McAdams in that simple emerald green dress. I LOVED it, although it is maybe too simple, and a bit wrinkled in front cause of the delicate fabric, but I adored it, and also really liked the fact that she went blonder a bit, and did a very minimal look. And the slit… shut the front door.


Jennifer Lawrence… not too bad. Loved the fact the she did something different and went a bit dramatic. She had a lot going on with that dress, but she pulled it off however.


Zuri Hall was so pretty and so hot. That’s a modern classic red carpet look and I love it. Perfect hair.


Sofia Vergara… I’m not really sure, and I also feel as if she wasn’t feeling her dress either. It’s not bad, just not her, BUT I’m happy it’s not a strapless mermaid gown and the hair is beautifully different. So, kudos for that. Jennifer Garner... well she looked fab in some photos and meh in others, but the look is very classic red carpet, and I love the fact that she kept her bling to a minimum and let the dress do the talk. Very elegant.


Tina Fey, great dress, hated the hair and that necklace ruined it all. Anne Marie Carpendale had a very beautiful dress on, very red carpet appropriate. I liked it. Maria Menuous was okay, but boring. Not bad at all. I’m just not a fan of those shoulder gown styles. Liza Hernandez was not bad at all. I think she’s so beautiful and she really pulled off that statement dress, which is not my fave dress, but she somehow made it work. Loved the simple hair and makeup. Stephanie Bauer... that green dress is mermaid envy. She looked hot and very elegant. And I am kinda feeling this minimal jewellery look.


And last but not least – Dorith Mous. Ladies and gents I think this is drama and beauty collided into a fabulous fashion gown. Y’all probably gonna think I lost it but I think it’s beyond. It’s absolutely beautiful. High fashion editorial beautiful. A bit like Gaga’s look as well.


Worst Dressed – 2016 Oscars Red Carpet

I’ve never been so undecided about the worst as this year. Well not all, cause some gowns were a total miss, but there were some dresses or looks that were not good, but really not bad either, and I’ve already gave a few ladies a pass in the above (hello Maria Menuous, or Jennifer Garner, or Tina Fey), so this feels a bit unfair, but what the hell. They were boring, that’s all. I’m looking at you Mindy Calling. You are my girl crush, you’re always so fashion crazy, and then you come and wear this? It’s so meh… not really bad, but I wanted more. I guess I’m just disappointed.


Woopi Goldberg‘s dress I liked, then I did not, then I liked, and then she ruined it all for me with those jewellery. What I do like is the gown & tats mix. Perfect.


Sophie Turner fell in puke or chlorine, and had no time to adjust. The dress looks nice, like a very nice pyjama. Her hair is perfect and her necklace too. But she’s in a bedroom gown, so… that ship has sailed. Oh, and that upper part cut what the fuck is that? It looks so old and dated my great grandma would’ve skipped it too.


Patricia Arquette… man I don’t know. I like the colour and the dress itself, but she’s just not right in it. I’d love to see her styled differently, cause she’s so beautiful and has got a certain edge and twist to her that I think it’s all bad styling here. That’s all.


Uhm... Heidi Klum. Go home. It’s night-gown alert again. She is really trying too hard lately, and she’s dipping too much into birds’ world for inspo. She looks swan’ish gone wrong here, and wasn’t she chicken on the loose at some other red carpet event not too long ago? I mean, just a thought here: human world inspo? Maybe? Next time girl.


Jennifer Jason Leigh… booooooring, dated, old, wrinkled. A bit of tuck here and there, lose the flowers, the peplum, the intricate stupid details and it would’ve worked. Yes, a new dress might have helped.


Isla Fisher. Nooooo. I am crying right now. Are you going hill climbing, picking flowers in a basket circa 1915? No? Then what the hell are you doing wearing that pretty old dress?


Did you know Xena the warrior princess was at the Oscars this year? No? Oh, it wasn’t her. Ohhhh… that was Kerry Washington? Hmm, are you sure? I mean with the hair, and the leather bodice or whatever, and that high slit on that long *again* night gown dress I thought Xena just cleaned up a bit for the Oscars. Well… my bad.


Reese Witherspoon. Awwww, aren’t you the pretty Southern peach. That is soooo sweet girl. If you’re going to the prom!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful and pretty, but she’s always in these prom’ish dresses. I’m over it.


Emily Blunt, noooooooo! Whyyyy? It’s so bleah. I could’ve made that dress. Just sew two bra straps on a night gown (AGAIN) and ta-daaa.


Amy Poehler, oooookay!? Jesus Christ what the fuck is that? Dolce and Gabbana gone wrong that’s what it is. Or maybe she was just trying to be funny.


Kate Winslet what in the name of God and Mary and Jesus Christ is that? It is the ugliest dress wanting to be pretty ever. Okay you supported Leo, and it was all about you two for the past month, but is that all you could do?


So there you go… we’ve had a few worsts after all.

Now it’s your turn.

Let’s burn the comments.





TIGHT Clothes: Should We Bring Them Back?

Or better yet, are we ready to stage a tight-clothes-comeback? You might be inclined to assume I’ve just gone plain dumb right now, or am having a poor case of writer’s block, and that’s fine, but I tell you this my gorgeous pretty fashion lovers – not a day goes by on Pintrest, Instagram, or Tumblr that I don’t click and stumble on those #OOTD pics that are, more often than not, made up of… you guessed it: tight clothes. Wow that was a long sentence.

So I put one and one together (the other one being Manrepeller’s post on why tight clothes ain’t that bad), and I got two. Yeah. I’m good with math like that. After what feels like centuries of loose baggy clothes, 2 sizes too big, the world is slowly moving towards tinier and tinier sartorial choices. And I am making a case for the latter right now.


We’ve gone through hell and back to lose the habit of tight clothes that was a toll left on us by those fucking 2000’s (thanks for nothing Christina Aguillera and Brittney!), only to get back to square one after 15 years.

Wow, I’m so old.

The thing is – are we really going back? NO.

Hear me out: There’s an art to wearing tight clothes that look great, unless of course we’re not chaneling porn stars on set and cheap looking outfits. If there was anything we leared in 15 years it’s that fast metabolism tends to slow down after a while, we might need glasses or resort to them to look intelligent, we make less mistakes, no, actually scratch that one, and we master fashion. Too much? What I’ve learned or grown more fond of lately is my sartorial mantra that all is permitted in fashion, that we can wear anything that makes us feel a certain way, that the once this-goes-with-that-only rules are so old, they’re practically on life support.

tight-clothes-are-back tight-clothes-looks

We like to have fun with clothes more these days, so if I’m one day swallowed by the baggy clothes I stole from my husband’s closet and the next I’m flaunting my humble curves in skin tight outfits, it’s only cause I love it. I love fashion in all its forms and shapes and sizes, and I think we’ve been through too much to not finally rid ourselves of stupid stereotypes that skin tight clothes do not work. YES they fucking work.


Right. But style wise, the fitted version of cool can go wrong if not done properly. Good taste is a key word, so is a balance between sexy and sophisticated. Usually it all comes down to having a cool attitude, you know.


Truth is some clothes look best tighter. Some bodies feel better like that. But NEVER mistake tight for cheap or vulgar and never commit the ultimate sin of squeezing your bum into 2 sizes too small.

TIPS for TIGHT looks:

  • tight jeans look best with a high waist, paired with a bodysuit or a tucked in simple t-shirt.
  • skin tight dresses look amazing midi length
  • mini skin tight dresses look best with flats
  • tight skirts look best pencil length
  • mini skirts are great for summer paired with bustiers, bodysuits, cropped tee, and espadrilles
  • tight anything looks great for evening, but never too small in size, and always with a clean fresh face and hair. Balance.

how-to-wear-tight-clothes-5 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-8 Kendall_Jenner_street_style_vintage_jeans2

Errrrrrrrrr… not to mention that sometimes everything tight feels more comfortable (sometimes) and fucking hot. So of course I picked my faves for you.


The thing is we gotta stay away from those cheap 2000s looks and just roll with fashion and our moods. Inspo below:


how-to-wear-tight-clothes-2 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-3 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-4 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-6 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-7 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-9 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-10 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-11 kim-kardashian-snakeprint-christian-louboutin-nyc-street-style__oPt tight-clothes-looks-2016-2 tight-clothes-looks-2016-3 tight-clothes-looks-2016-4 tight-clothes-looks-2016-5 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-1 leather-skirts-streetstyle tight-clothes-looks-2016-1

What do you really think: am I really crazy to think tight clothes are not that bad, and WE can make the look sophisticated?

Should we bring them back?




The 7 SINS Of Valentine’s Day

No lusty luscious sin reference here, just pure don’ts and major faux pas on the love-and-sex-celebration day. Not that we need a day to celebrate l’amor. I am one of those women who rarely make a big fuss about Valentine’s Day, but when I do, damn, I try harder than some pretty lingerie and an infectious smile. A lot of people though, are not on the frequency as moi. Actually, most of them. On this very red passionate day the girls & boys are headless chickens drunk on love running around town shopping for the sweetest presents ever to gift themselves later on.

It’s great I tell you. It’s beautiful even. Dinner planned at some fancy schmancy restaurant, pretty dress on, pretty knickers, high heels, great perfume, and your date rising to the effort and occasion. But what happens when not everything’s going according to plan? God forbid of course.

Because let’s face it chicas… sometimes this day is one of the worst days ever. And we’ve all got our stories for that.


WHAT ‘sin’ could, would, or did ruin your Valentine’s day? 

Did the ignoramus take you to the worst restaurant ever? Was he/she on their phone all night? Did he/she go through 0 efforts for a gift? Did he/she not get you flowers? Are any of these deal-brakers for you?

Below is a brilliant infographic by and from the wonderful team over at BloomNation about these deadly sins. I had a blast going through it.

The last sin though, is courtesy of moi. I’ll tell you the story of the 7th sin below. On one condition tho: you share yours in the comments below. Seriously, it can’t be worse than mine.

TheFashionTag 7 Sins

My-kinda-of-a-funny-story-of-being-stood-up. Valentine’s day and shit. There was once an idiot who thought that making plans with me for Valentine’s Day was mandatory but sticking to them was optional. I know, what a fucking retard. And I, what an idiot. We dated in a very serious committed thing for half a year when Valentine’s Day came our way like a red signal for me, you know, to bloody open my eyes and read the writings on the wall. So there I was… pretty and dolled up, waiting to be swayed off my feet, which were looking sexy in heels btw, waiting to do Valentine’s Day by the book you know. Well, I was swayed alright, right into reality, as the ignoramus never showed up, and I wasted a great day to get drunk and spend it with those who actually gave a damn. I even had a great hair day that Valentine’s. What happened next? Lousy excuse, sugarcoated by a last minute scenario of why the poor bastard couldn’t make it, and a late Valentine’s Day celebration. Yeah. It sucked. He sucked. Hence the break-up outcome later.

Now your turn.


flowers-for-Valentines-Day-Bloomnation-1 flowers-for-Valentines-Day-Bloomnation-3 flowers-for-Valentines-Day-Bloomnation-4 flowers-for-Valentines-Day-Bloomnation-5 flowers-for-Valentines-Day-Bloomnation-6 flowers-for-Valentines-Day-Bloomnation-8

I wish you all a fab V Day, packed with love, laughter, and great hearted people around you.



What We Can Learn From Stylish Italian Women?

We all love to watch old black and white Italian movies where we can see those amazingly looking women walking down the street looking gorgeous. And we do wish just a little bit to be like them as well, but sometimes we just can’t understand what it takes to look like a real Italian lady.

Well, I was lucky! I managed to get a few basic, but truly best fashion tips from real contemporary Italian women who agreed to share their secrets! And of course, bellow you will find them all!

Italian-women-style-13 Italian-women-style Italian-women-style-4

Build your outfit around one statement piece
Italian women really know how to pull a slightly extravagant but truly fashionable look, and they achieve that by starting their outfit from one statement piece.That can be either the top with tons of ruffles or some bright colored pants which catch the eye and create visual interest like no other piece of your outfit.

It can also be accessories like huge earrings, shoes or a purse. But the rule is that you should keep just one bold item while others are more neutral and quiet. This way you will not overshadow that one incredible piece you have and achieve real Italian style as well!

italian-beauty-looks italian-style Italian-women-style-6

Don’t hesitate to invest in high-quality basic wardrobe elements
Forget about buying cheap clothing that will last for one season. Better start investing in classical and essential wardrobe elements that are high-quality and will last almost for the lifetime! Moreover, neutral-colored basics are definitely the ones to choose. Black pants, dresses, and white shirts and so on – all that should be in your wardrobe, and all of that should be in exquisite quality as well. If you have such clothing, you will never look cheap, always be able to mix and match perfectly and indeed look like a stylish and effortless woman.

Although, if investing sometimes can be a problem then check some of these JCPenney coupons and offers and get a discount on designer made clothing after a few clicks online. That will surely help you to keep up with this fashion tip!


Italian-women-style-1 Italian-women-style-2 Italian-women-style-5

Don’t save that good stuff for special occasions
We all do the same thing – we tend to buy something special and cute and then save it for some special occasion that might never come! Don’t do that, say all Italian fashionistas – every day is your special occasion and you should celebrate your life by dressing up.

You might never get that special occasion you don’t even know when it will be and so never get a chance to show off those amazing jeans you bought! Celebrate life Italian-style and show the best of you every day no matter.


Good lingerie is essential
You can try to look like million bucks as much as you want, but will never achieve that if you wear bad undergarments underneath your expensive clothing. Therefore, if you really wish to take a good advice from Italian women then invest in good lingerie. Good undergarments will make your feel sexier, more confident and improve your posture as well.

So it always pays off to get rightly fitted intimates. After all, it will help you create that woman’s secret that nobody knows and which men found so attractive. Trust me!

Italian-women-style-3 Italian-women-style-8 Italian-women-style-9 Italian-women-style-10 Italian-women-style-14

It is all about the glam
And finally, take notice that Italian women are not afraid of a little bit of sequins, glitter, or gemstones. In fact, this can be quite an excellent way to create a stylish look. But be careful and don’t go overboard with that.

Italian women believe that a woman should shine for every occasion whether it is with the help of a sequin skirt, a pair of cute glitter shoes, or big accessories. Just remember other rules above and match those glam pieces with more neutral ones for a sophisticated and elegant look even an Italian lady will envy you!


Italian-women-style-11 Italian-women-style-12


5 Looks To Copy From Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Video

You can’t do a fucking scroll and click these days without accidentally, or not, hitting an opinion or an angle about Beyonce’s new video that just dropped over the weekend – ‘Formation’. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. The song is amazing, but don’t even get me started on the video, which is by far one of the best she’s ever done. Sartorial language mode on – I truly think Beyonce is slowly growing into a real fashion icon.

Yes, hate me all you want, but truth is, when it came down to style she never really owned it you know. She’s always been a walking billboard on the red carpet and not much of who she really was transpired in her off duty style. Her videos always showed her in what always felt as not-really-her-outfits. Until maybe her Partition period and her 2 videos – ‘Jealous’ and ‘Yonce’ that showed an insane style side to Bey.


With ‘Formation’ she not only continues her fashion journey but takes it to another level altogether. The song and the video are incredibly powerful and she stands as a spokesmen for both political and feminism issues, and does it in great statement outfits, hair, and makeup.

So yes, I definitely think she’s becoming more and more a real style icon not simply cause of what she wears, but cause she’s exploring fashion, and style, and clothes, and outfits, and she seems to have more fun with all these, taking herself less serious in the process. Yes, she might miss a few sartorial tunes here and there but practice makes perfect.


‘Formation’ for me is a true definition of the great extent of fashion influence a pop star has on anyone. So here I go: ‘Hello my name is Dana-Cristina and I have a new obsession and addiction – Beyonce’s looks in Formation. With the side note I might actually go back to being blonde again. Sigh. Thank you.’ 

Here we go Beyonce’s brilliant looks from Formation with my fave picks for you to get the look. Click on image to buy. #emulatingBey

  1. The bodysuit ain’t going nowhere y’all. Can I get an Amen?! Note to self: keep on hitting the gym. gulp.


Shop the look:


2. All black glam witch. Dayum.

beyonce-formation-looks-1 beyonce-formation-looks-9 beyonce-formation-looks-11

Shop the look:


3. FUR. I can’t.

beyonce-formation-looks-4 beyonce-formation-looks-8

Shop the look:



4. All white looks. Frills and thrills baby.

beyonce-formation-looks-6 beyonce-formation-looks-7

Shop the look:


5. The best for last. SHIRT dress and booties alert. BEST HAIR in the world.


Shop the look:


And now, let’s altogether watch the video again and sigh, and sigh. We’ve been hitting replay and sighing since Saturday like a bunch of groupies, we might as well continue and own it.



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How To Wear Baseball Caps Like RIHANNA?

There comes a time in a woman’s life when her hair is a big mess. In my case it’s on a daily basis. I’ve gotten used to wild hair days, lifeless hair days, dull days, you know… anything the opposite of great hair day, which for me is a brief 10 seconds before I hop in the shower. To cure my bad hair days I am seriously considering including baseball hats into my #OOTD looks. Only thing is… I’m not ready to ditch the glam/smart/posh/sophisticated/feminine outfits and only wear sports.

Do I have to? After crying, and crying, and then crying some more, for days in a row due to my untameable mane and refusal to ditch my stilettos, I had an epiphany. I really don’t need to change a fucking thing about my #OOTD routine so to speak. I just need to slap a mofo baseball hat on, regardless of the poshness or chillness of my look and BAM!, hope to look like Rihanna. Of course that’s humanly impossible, but can a girl dream? Thank you.

And then I was intrigued and wanted to know more about this ability to wear anything with a baseball hat and look beyond insane. In a good way. So I got together with my gal pal Riri and she basically said it really has nothing to do with what you wear, it’s mostly how, and the tiny details that make it work. Of course all this happened in my head. She doesn’t know we’re friends. Well… actually she doesn’t know me, but I like to pretend we’re fashion besties.


Perhaps Rihanna wears babseball hats cause she loves them too much, perhaps she’s cold, perhaps that’s how she hides from the paparazzi. Perhaps she too has a bad hair day. Whatever the case the girl nails it 100%. From airport cool laid back sporty style that of course goes well with a baseball hat, to wearing stilettos and a sporty cap, OR get this: an evening dress, stilettos and a baseball cap. Wrong? Right actually.

rihanna-baseball-hats riri-baseball-hats

How to wear a baseball cap like Rihanna? So I looked, and looked, and looked, and then looked some more and it really has 0 to do with rules and more with swag and details.

When trying to make a baseball cap work into any outfit that is the opposite of sporty, it’s all about balance. A certain type of balance is born out of clashing styles, which eventually turns everything into sophistication.

Stilettos and jeans, pants, skirts of all sorts paired with a more relaxed top will look great with a baseball hat, mostly cause of the casual top, which is a link, and a key element in between styles. Play it all up with accessories and bold lips for a very urban glam vibe.


If however you go for a complete polished look you can still don a baseball cap as it will be the one element to give the whole look edge. Of course we’re not talking red carpet gowns here, nor tuxedo looks, but certain outfits that have a type of versatility and urban vibe to them.


I might be wrong of course, but d’you know what? It’s not even about what I think or what Rihanna does. At the end of the day it’s all about how it looks. And if YOU love it.

Cause this is my #1 current obsession I’ve picked out for you my fave baseball caps below:


Rihanna in baseball hats everywhere. Cause she’s Rihanna you know:


25 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-1 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-2 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-4 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-5 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-7 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-8 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-9 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-10 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-11 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-13 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-14 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-16 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-17 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-18 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-19 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-20 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-21 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-22 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-24 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-25 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-27

One more thing… THIS is not a new look. It actually used to be a trend a few years back. This year though, for reasons more of necessity rather than trendiness I’m going for it. No, I’m dead serious. Consider it a head’s up before you let your reactions… happen: laughing and eye rolling I suspect once I start popping my baseball adorned head everywhere.

Could I be wrong about the ‘anywhere with anything rule of thumb’? Ah, who the hell knows anymore. Maybe I just woke up in a too-happy-fun-mood for me to be able to handle it like a normal human being.


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2016 Golden Globes RED CARPET: Best & Worst Dressed

Who cares if the holidays are done, you know. Red Carpet season is here ladies and gents, and kicking off 2016 are the Golden Globes with some fab moments. There’s the winners, YAY to them all, there’s Leonardo DiCaprio‘s face when Lady Gaga passed by him (priceless), there’s the-capes-are-taking-over-the-world movement happening (almost every single star was wearing some sort of cape dress. whaaaaaaa?!), there’s the overhyped and incredibly stupid duo JLAw and Amy Schumer. Yes, I did just say that, and half of you will probably click away right now. I just have to speak my mind, and I’ve held it for quite a while on these two, hoping they’d drop the bloody crap. They didn’t. It just gets worse. Hence my shocking confession.

Moving on. I’ll take a deep breath now, and you’re more than welcome to just throw that info under the rug, so we can all talk red carpet fashion at the 2016 Golden Globes. 


Well… it was amazing, that’s what I think. The stars brought drama into fashion, they brought jaw-dropping dresses, some over the top, some classic simple cuts. To me it all was finally red carpet worthy in every sense of the word. Hollywood is back on the red carpet and I just love that. Jennifer Lopez, my God she could sell me the worst dress. I hate capes, but she looked beautiful. Sure… very intricate design, steamy hot, but I loved it all, from the colour to the cut, to the whole look. Kate Bosworth shut the front door. LOVED that jewellery dress. Simplicity and glamour collided right there. Of course not all stars have woken up with a desire to nail the fashions – Cate Blanchet – seriously?!

Okay let’s put on the good hat first, and pretend we’re all bloody stylists, and praise the hell out of those stars whose dresses and looks we loved. And later, as you scroll down, I’ll let my bad mouth run wild, and pretend anyone gives a shit.

BEST DRESSED – 2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet

One of the biggest trends at 2016 Globes red carpet was the cape dresses, and let me tell you this: I adored them. And I hate capes. I was never too sold on Lupita’s cape in the past, nor on whoever wore it again. I guess it took the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez to make me love em. The women is beyond beautiful, hot, sexy, confident, she just nailed it. I adored the neckline of the dress, the high slit, the cape cut, the colour, her makeup. It was all simply stunning. Keeping the stunned face and gorgeous vibes happening was Giuliana Rancic. I loved loved loved her cobalt cape’ish (well more sleeve’ish look, but you get it, it’s dramatic in that high fashion sort of way). Simply beautiful.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed jennifer-lopez-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016

Alicia Vikander, she’s one of my faves newcomers, actress, style, beauty – all of it. I adore white dresses on the red carpet, and I think the secret to nailing it all the time is to keep it simple with just a slight twist. I loved her very natural look. Refined and fresh.


Rosie Huntington Whitely was one of my faves as well. I love the concept of slip dresses. And she just wore a simple and glamorous version of that. She looked so effortlessly elegant and very fashionable as if she just rolled and dipped herself in tiny little jewels.


Leslie Mann was so beautiful and very pink’ish ethereal. I’m a mermaid-dresses-and-hot-looks lover but I adored her dress, and Joanne Froggatt‘s lavender one. Very simple, no fuss, no frills, maybe too simple, but classic in a very right and safe way. The same classic safe approach I found in Maria Menounous’s dress. It was okay. Not my fave, but not worst in any case. Same meh vibes I got from America Fererra’s yellow gown. Okay… not mind-blowing through anything. Perhaps the yellow, but JLo beat her to it… so there’s that.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-red-carpet-2016-1 Maria-Menounos-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016

Carly Steel kept it very simple and just went overboard (in a good way) with that sequinned bejewelled fabric. LOVED that dress and her whole look, which I found dramatic, but clean and edgy, and cool, and very eclectic without being too much. The same is true for Kate Bosworth who truly looked like this beautiful exquisite piece of jewellery in that amazing dress. All of the rest was so simple and she looked beyond fabulous. Definitely breathtaking.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-12

Simple to the core and beautiful was Emmy Rossum‘s red dress. Now that is the kind of dress and look you wear when you want to look simply beautiful and classy on the red carpet. I also loved Eva Green, and Jamie Alexander, who I thought looked like this stunning emerald jewellery in such a dramatic beautiful dress.

emily-rossum-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016 eva-green-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016 Lamie-Alexander-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016

Brie Larson was beautiful, her dress was very armour like, and I loved it, although I’m not a huge fan of cut-outs. Loved Laverne Cox, Kirsten Dunst… ah-mazing!!!! I might be the only one, but I just think that dress was so much more than an LBD. It was drama and sexy through and through. Zendaya brought the same drama, and while I’m such a hater of ruffles… she killed it. Damn she is so fashionable and beautiful and that colour looked amazing on her. Loved it.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-red-carpet-2012 laverne-cox-golden-globes-red-carpet-2016golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed

Burgundy beauty #2 was Olivia Wilde. Simple. Liquid sequins. Beautiful.


Taraji Henson looked gorgeous, but then again I love her and I love white gowns. Loved Jenna Dewan Tatum, Amy Adams, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Helen Miren, Queen Latifa, Amber Heard, Kate Winslet… so so many Hollywood red carpet styles like in the old days.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-4 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-5 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-6 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-7 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-8 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-10 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-11 golden-globes-red-carpet-2016-4

Now… Lady Gaga. Oh my Gawd. Talk about a beautiful old Hollywood look, and dress, and hair, and makeup and all of it. LOVED. Uhm… then there was Kate Hudson. Imma put her into the best dressed because I think she looked fucking hot. And beautiful. Very risqué, maybe too desperado por attention, maybe to hawt, maybe maybe maybe. I liked it.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-9

WORST DRESSED – 2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Emilia Clarke – what. the. fuck? (…) She looked horrendous, all buried under that horribly cut and designed dress for her tiny little figure. No. No. No. And the hair… poor thing she was probably trying to overdo. No, Emilia. In such cases under-do. Although to be honest, nothing could’ve made that dress work. Not a make up, or a hair, or a wig in the world.


If you think the Dragon Lady failed, well… you got another one coming. There were a few ladies out there who looked as if they just had a fight with a bunch of chickens and the chickens won. What the fuck is up with those quills dresses, that look less hot and romantic and more like some chicken underwater. Amanda Peet hello! Nice to see you, can you please go change. And Rooney Mara… I wasn’t a fan of that dress. It wasn’t that bad but she looked like a posh chicken. Sorry.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-21

And then, just when you thought the bad could not get any worse… there came the ruffles. Jane Fonda decided to be a giant cake. Jada Pinket Smith looked nice… but too much going on. The ruffles, and the slit, and the green dress, and the green shoes, and please stop me anytime. Caitrione Balfe looked not in quills, and not in ruffles, but somehow in everything, and then all wrapped up in this posh nightgown’ish matronly dress. Ugh.

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Same night gown approach was done by quite a few ladies. Unsuccessfully of course. I mean who the fuck wakes up and decides to wear a bridal night gown to the Golden Globes. Who in the right mind finds the idea amazing? Oh I know: Corrine Fox, Saoirse Ronan, Natalie Dormer, Lily James, Calista Flockheart, Georgiana Chapman, Zoe Kazan. Oh they took my breath away, and my heart skipped a beat, just when I thought I couldn’t anymore. NOT.

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And then don’t even get me started of Melissa Mccarthy. Whhhhhhy? Or Cate Blanchet who looked like she plunged into jelly and then right into some shredding machine. And Maggie Gyllenhaal – was she wearing a posh tablecloth, with a puked ribbon on her shoulder? Oh, that was a dress. My bad. And then I cried when I saw the beautiful Rachel McAdams. The dress wasn’t that bad if you decide to wear nice curtains on the red carpet. Also the colours and the print did her no justice.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-19 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-23golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed

I know everybody was in awe with Katy Perry… but seriously the girl needs to come off her unicorn sometimes. She’s drop dead gorgeous and beautiful and her body is amazing, but she looked so sweet in not a very digestable way. Sorry. Not feeling that hair. the dress was just a last minute effort, and it was ok, but something overall was off.


Amy Schumer. Now I know there’s hype around her, and she’s nice and all, but I’m just not feeling this girl. I laugh at her jokes every now and then, but I also get bored with her character you know what I mean. Hey Amy, the 90’s prom police called, they want their dress back.


Julliane Moore was nice, but I’m not feeling that colour on her at all. Perhaps too harsh for the worst list, but not good enough for the best dressed list either. Taylor Schilling looked beautiful: hair, makeup, even the idea of that jumpsuit tuxedo style was nice, I just thought it was a little bit ill-fitted, and too casual somehow.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-31

And last but not least… Jennifer Lawrece. Okay… I will get a lot of ‘shut-the-fuck-ups-bitch’ with this one, but I swear, for the love of me, I do not get all the hype around her either. Yes, talent wise, she rocks, but she’s just too caught up in herself if you ask me, and she’s trying too much to be this different version of a star, or actress off duty. But to each their own you know. Dress wise: I loved the colour. But I cannot stand cutouts and simply found her dress wrong, ill fitted, a bit of everything going on, and not much really. Nice neckline, nice colour, nice hair, but overall, I did not like it.


Not a big fan of these gowns either. Seriously Eva Longoria…girl you tryina be a school teacher who just sneaked up on the Golden Globes and is doing a version of the red carpet gown? Aww, that’s sweet.

golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-3 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-4 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-5 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-6 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-7 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-10 golden-globes-2016-red-carpet-best-and-worst-dressed-11

So there’s that for my best and worst. Now please feel free to judge (me) away, and tell me which was you most and least fave dress, in the comments below.


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