Calling all boss ladies out there! Having a fulfilling day at work is always fun and good, but you all deserve to show your social lives some TLC too. Of course, staying in touch with all the people you love when working 9-to-5 is easier said than done, as weekends that are too packed tend to make for overly tiring Mondays when you’re back in the office.


So how do you show all your ride-or-dies that you’re still there for another, even when working full-time? We’ll be sharing all our favourite tips and tricks for staying connected when working 9-to-5 below, so read on to help bring some sparkle back to your social life.


Show her you’re thinking of her with a gift

One of the best ways of showing a girlfriend that you’re still thinking of her even during your busier weeks is to send her a little something that’ll be sure to make her smile. Finding the perfect gifts for her will show her that you’re still in the loop with her own tastes and interests, whether you decide to send her a coin purse that she’s had her eye on for some time, or even a bouquet of her favourite flowers.


If you’re at a loss as to what you could send her, then why not have a little sandwich, croissant, or her coffee order delivered to her own office space? A surprise delivery could easily brighten her day, as well as ensure that you feel connected even during work hours! A food order may also be highly appreciated if she’s having a particularly busy day, and may not have the mental space to prioritise her own needs. The daily grind stops for nobody, after all.

Have weekly morning coffee or evening gym dates

Any seasoned 9-to-5er is likely to value their down time a fair bit. After all, there are only so many hours in the day, and spending 8 of those shackled to a desk can be surprisingly tiring! If you don’t have the time or even the energy to fit social dates into your already jam-packed schedule, then we highly recommend integrating your social dates into your personal appointments wherever possible.


For instance, if you plan on going to the gym three or so weekday evenings out of the week, then your girlfriend could come with you, so that your social time could also be a shared heart-healthy fitness class. Exercising with a friend isn’t just a guaranteed way of ensuring that you can stay in touch even with your busy schedule, but it may also work as a superb motivator that’ll help you maintain healthy habits. Having someone share your weekly wellness appointments with you can help you both feel a sense of solidarity with one another, and ensure that you both hold each other accountable for sticking to your shared routine.


That being said, sharing a workout routine with your bestie isn’t for everyone. After all, what are the chances that you even enjoy the same kinds of classes? If you give off more of a yoga vibe and your girlfriend aligns herself more with MMA, then you could decide to catch up post-gym for a kale shot or perhaps even before work for an early morning coffee date. Even if you don’t have too much time, carving out a little slice of your day to spend with your BFF can make a world of difference for both of you.

Schedule time for phone calls or video chats

If you and your friend don’t share a local gym or coffee shop, then you may still opt to make time for each other in your respective days by allocating time in your schedule to have a quick phone call or even a video chat with your bestie. You can schedule a call at any time that works for both of you, whether it’s during your morning or evening commute, or maybe even during your nightly winddown routine. 


There’s nothing better than having a little company as you’re applying a face mask or treating your hair, especially if your bestie is following her own beauty routine right alongside you. Chances are you may have started doing this when practicing your lockdown beauty routine as a means of staying in touch on a daily basis, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t maintain this solid social appointment idea once you’re both back at the office!

Make life update PowerPoints for one another

A cute trend that we’ve been seeing all over the place lately (especially so now that we’re post-pandemic) is best friends coming prepared to long-awaited reunions with some thorough PowerPoint presentations designed to update their besties on their lives. This is a great way of ensuring that you cover all bases when you finally do get to catch up again, and don’t forget to pick up conversational threads that may have been interrupted by the sheer excitement of seeing one another after so long.


It’s worth noting, however, that this PowerPoint idea can be taken a step further than just a means of providing life updates. Many have embraced this age-old art form in order to shape get-togethers with larger groups of people (otherwise known as ‘PowerPoint parties!’)

Plan a trip together!

Finally, if you’re feeling particularly deprived of your best friend and may want an extra dose of her healing energy to get you through the rest of the financial year, then why not plan a weekend trip (or perhaps something even a little longer) for the two of you? Travelling with a friend can be a fantastic way of strengthening your connection, both by creating shared memories as well as by forcing you both to rely on one another in a new and exciting location. 


Your trip can be as large or small as you like, and can potentially even involve a few bucket list-worthy activities or experiences that you’d both love to do together, like skydiving or horseback riding!




Finding the perfect ways to nurture both your most meaningful connections (including your connection to yourself) may take a little trial and error, and that’s okay! Just be sure to keep in mind that your social life – like your career – is a marathon, not a sprint. You should give yourself time to settle into new additions to your schedule, as overbooking yourself socially can cause burnout just as much as working too hard can. After all, the people you love and care about generally feel the same way about you, and so they’ll do what they can to ensure that you’re not the only one working hard to stay connected. It’s all about give and take!


Haven’t you heard about kilts before? If not, then you might think it’s a type of Skirt. But let me clarify your confusion. Men’s Kilt can look like a skirt, but that’s not real. The Kilt is a cultural and regional dress code worn by the people of Ireland and Scotland as a symbol of patriotism. It indicates the specific culture, but the Skirt doesn’t denote something like this. The Kilt for sale has old Scottish and Irish history, and in the modern world, Scottish people all over the world still wear it casually and formally.

The Skirt

Let’s explore what Skirt is to clarify the concept for Kilt. Historically, the Skirt was found in the stone age, and you will be surprised to know that men first wore the Skirt. Stone age people used to wrap the furry skin of haunted animals on their waist to cover and protect the body. Later on, this wrapping turned into a trend, and women adapted this fashion with different variations.

The Skirt does not represent the specific culture, but it is the apparel that is worn in most parts of the east and west. It doesn’t follow any standard qualities, but you can make it in the fabric of your choice, the size as short as you want, or you want it to wear long. However, the mini and long skirts depend upon the trend. You can wear it formally or casually. Also, there are no limitations or boundaries for its accessories. You are open to choosing various things to wear, whether it’s a shirt, shoes or socks.

What makes a kilt different from a Skirt?

If you are not aware of the Scottish culture, you may assume a kilt as a skirt, but when you envy a little, you will observe that all the dresses have made up of specific fabric, color, and size. All over the world, designers follow the same pattern for Kilt as the Irish invented. Moreover, the dress code “kilt” has a profound concept. Only the Irish or Scottish can feel the emotion connected to the Kilt.

Usually, tartan patterns use to make kilts. The tartan story is that Scottish of the early ages follows each family’s specific tartan pattern. So, every family member wears the same way and design as his forefathers chosen for the clan. The reason for wearing a Kilt is to represent the Scottish culture.

Nowadays, you will find a variety of kilts in different patterns and colors, but the actual invention of Kilt from Gaelic culture, Kilt was designed as a knee-length dissected skirt having back pleats. The Scottish used to wear the kilts at religious and cultural festivals like St. Patrick’s day. Irish wear green Kilt on St. Patrick’s day. The woolen material uses to make kilts. However, you may find all these qualities in skirts, but the Skirt is still not a kilt.

Men and women both can wear the Kilt. But the significant thing about the Kilt is that it does not exceed the knee length or cannot be short. Although, the skirts can be quick and extended as per your choice. On the flip side, kilts can be worn as everyday outfits office outfits because the cargo pockets help to keep tools and essentials in them while working. You can wear a kilt for formal and informal events, too.

Myths and Facts about kilts and Scottish culture

The biggest myth is that the Kilt has been a part of Scottish culture since the beginning that is not true. The Kilt was introduced in the early 18th century, and the Gaelic speaker called it a little wrap and a big wrap. The decided color was green but not mandatory. You can wear green Kilt on national occasions and other colors in everyday life.

It is the most hearing rumor that Scottish man doesn’t wear any garment underneath the Kilt that is wrong. Even it’s impossible not to wear garments underneath the Kilt in the cold winter season. Although it’s been a joke among Scottish and Irish ladies, don’t get offended if you hear giggles or gossip.

The fact is that women can’t wear kilts, and I would say that you can wear what you want without gender discrimination. Also, there are no restrictions in Scotland or Ireland for women. Even they encourage everyone to wear the costume of pride, the Kilt. It is one of the reasons why the Scottish can’t distinguish between the male and female washroom.

Wearing Kilt in the contemporary world

Though the invention of the Kilt was the pride for most of the Scottish, some showed the refusal to accept the Kilt as a national dress, so the Kilt was not as prominent as it is in the contemporary world. In the late 20th century, Scotland gained a high level of confidence in cultural aspects, and the Young generation started promoting the utility kilt as their daily wardrobe outfit. Not only the Scottish but Americans and Canadians are getting the fans of wearing Utility Kilts because of their utility and elegancy. You can wear the Kilt while climbing mountains and on adventurous trips because it will not interrupt your running legs compared to the pajamas and pants.

If you are going to the office and your work is to travel here and there, the Kilt will be your life-saving apparel to keep your essentials with you without having a bag. Yes, it has two big Cargo pockets and one small utility pocket to maintain cell phones and keys. Moreover, the famous fashion designers start adding the Kilt to their collection and making more variations in it to appeal to the people who belong to the different cultures to create awareness among the people about Scotland culture.

Final Word

There’s a vast difference between the national and the typical dress. No matter how much resemblance it has in appearance, the value and pride cannot be the same for everyday outfits. For Scottish, wearing a Kilt is not only a feeling of satisfaction but an indication of nationalism, the devotions towards their country, the heart-to-heart connection with their culture, and many more.




The aspiring-fashion-designer bug usually bites an interested party early in their lifetime. The journey begins with a pattern and textile fascination, followed by a growing admiration for the ever-shifting fashion trends dominating pop culture. Soon enough, these dog-eared fashion magazines and obsessions with the latest spring collections spark a person’s interest in becoming a world-renowned fashion designer.

If you’re interested in becoming one of the thousands of fashion designers powerful enough to influence what people worldwide are wearing, time is of the essence. After all, what better day to pursue your dreams than today? 

On the surface, striving for a career in fashion design seems to be an easy endeavor. However, these preconceived notions may be deceiving. To become a successful fashion designer, you’ll need more than a passion for fashion or a keen eye. You’ll also need drive and determination, as the fashion industry is hugely competitive.

Some top apparel companies like ShirtSpace offer blank apparel. These blank t-shirts can serve as canvases for your vision and style as a fashion designer. If you long to see your designs hung in stores, a little advice from the pros would seem to be in order. To that end, here are eight tips from the pros that are worth your consideration.

Education is a must

It takes more than an interest in fashion design to become a successful fashion designer. You can’t expect to succeed by simply hanging out your shingle and releasing your designs on the market. 

The best way to build a strong foundation within the industry is to earn an education from a reputable fashion design program. Sadly, history and biology courses won’t help you improve your chances of succeeding in the fashion world, meaning a run-of-the-mill fashion merchandising degree from a state school or community college likely won’t suffice. To make your big break, you’ll need to study facets of design and marketing.from an accredited, big-name institution. 

Before embarking on your education journey, you’ll need to consider the following. To boost your odds of acceptance into a highly competitive industry, you’ll need to establish a name for yourself before launching your own brand. 

To gain the experience necessary, you’ll need to network until you find an established designer willing to take you under their wing. Mentorship is invaluable in the fashion industry, as these seasoned designers can advise you on dos and don’ts and offer tips on how to climb the social ladder. To score the mentorship opportunity of your dreams, formal education in fashion design is one of the keys you’ll need to unlock the door to success.

Start creating your portfolio

It’s never too early to start compiling a portfolio of designs. For those up-and-coming fashion designers unfamiliar with this tactic, a portfolio is a tool you’ll use to showcase your talents and inform industry leaders of your potential. A solid portfolio of sketches and pictures of previous works will help you gain admission into fashion design programs and swing open the door for future employment.

Before successfully launching your fashion brand, you’ll need to research a high-quality fashion portfolio’s central components. Some aspiring fashion designers choose to include rough hand sketches, photos of finished garments, mood boards, collages, etc. Ensure your portfolio represents who you are and what distinguishes you from other designers/applicants. 

Become a student of the industry

All of the time you spend studying the fashion industry, flipping through fashion magazines, and hand sewing your garments will eventually pay off. For optimal success, it’s crucial that you know and thoroughly understand trends as they shift. You’ll also need to familiarize yourself with the big names in fashion who spearhead these changes and radically transform the industry with each statement blouse and high-waisted pantsuit. 

As a student of the industry, it’ll be easier for you to identify where you fit in and where you can make the most significant impact. After all, you have to learn the rules like a pro to break them like an artist. 

Focus on one area

Early in your education and career, you don’t want to juggle too much, given that your chances of success lie in your ability to demonstrate your expertise. In the fashion industry, being stamped with the label of “jack-of-all-trades” could be a death sentence.  

Because it’s nearly impossible to master every garment, it’ll likely yield better results to focus on one area of design. For instance, becoming a design expert in women’s shoes could serve as your entry point into the industry. 

Decide on a career path

All working professionals need a sense of direction, especially those artists easily swayed by eye-catching patterns and bold colors. There are two career paths from which you can choose. You can seek employment and work your way through a top fashion design organization, or you could choose an independent course. The choice is yours, but you’ll need to decide early on so that you don’t waste time.

Focus on becoming a well-rounded businessperson

If you ever head out on your own and choose to manage your line, your success will correlate with your ability to be a good businessperson. To develop a good business sense, you might want to consider taking a few business courses. You might also benefit by aligning yourself with other designers who have a knack for tracking marketing and sales trends. 


Find a mentor

It’s hard to succeed in any endeavor without the support of fellow working professionals who’ve already traveled down your desired path. Luckily, within the fashion design industry, designers love to find and support proteges. 

In most cases, finding a mentor will be the right path for you. Why? A good mentor could save you time by showing you the ins and outs of the industry, sparing you from the dirty work of a trial-and-error strategy. 

Be patient

If becoming a world-renowned fashion designer is your lifelong dream, give it time to come to fruition. Every good fashion designer needs time to hone their skills and build a reputation within the industry.


Owning a business is a much harder task than you can imagine. It is definitely not as glamorous and fancy as it looks like in Hollywood movies. But you step into a whole different level when you own a family business. 

Working with one of your family members every day is quite a task. Especially when that person is your sibling.  Co-founders of FG ATELIER – a fashion brand for working ladies – Emilija and Monika knows that very well. They are sisters who work together every day for 3 years now.  

Today they share their experience, challenges, the pros and cons of working with your sibling and the struggles of starting your own fashion brand. 


Monika: FG ATELIER was created to make life easier for professional, modern women who want to look sharp and feminine at work with minimal time and effort.

Emilija: Working women have no shortage of decisions to make every day and choosing what to wear today to the office can be quite a daunting task, especially when a workplace has dress codes that can be tricky to navigate through. That is why the main aim of FG ATELIER is to help build an efficient working wardrobe, so women can enjoy hassle-free mornings and have more time and energy to take care of other important tasks and aspects of their life.


Monika: Well, I have always been a fan of a classic wardrobe. I prefer function, not the trends. The most important thing, when choosing a new piece of clothing is great a fabric and long lasting design. And this philosophy is also our business philosophy, so maybe my fashion isn’t affected by my career –  it’s quite the opposite.

Emilija:  I’ve always valued great fabrics and quality but every day working in the field, searching and communicating closely with suppliers I started really appreciate the great fabric. Of course, as my sister said, the most important things for me is long lasting design and a perfect fit. I think all hard working women want that, that’s why we are suggesting made-to-measure service not only to our local clients but for customers all around the world too.


Emilija: I love dresses. I have many dresses and I could easily go all-year-round without jeans. I feel very comfortable in a dress, also it helps a lot that I do not need to think about mix and match. For example, when I find a nice sweater, I need to find nice pants that would go well with that sweater. During busy days, sometimes it is just too much to handle, and I put one of my FG ATELIER hero-dresses that haven’t disappointed me in years.

Monika: I also like dresses a lot. However, in the past few months I can’t live without FG ATELIER stretch cotton skinny jeans  – they are super comfy and it goes well almost with every jacket or blouse in my wardrobe.


Emilija: I love low-maintenance clothing. My day starts very early and usually it goes well into the late evening, so I cannot afford myself to wear catwalk-inspired outfits that look good only for a few hours and after that they get wrinkled or I just don’t feel comfortable. For me, clothing has to be both: aesthetically pleasing and comfortably too.

Monika: For me, go-to office look would be a nice wool suit with flat shoes. You can start and finish your week with one pantsuit. For example, wear pants and jackets together, mix and match it with different blouses and jackets and so on. A pantsuit is one of those multi-taskers that can do a lot for you.


Emilija: I think that success is something you have to earn by working very hard. I believe that success happens when  you don’t expect it, just have goals and work hard to reach them.

Monika:  I do believe that sometimes, you need that lucky bone. Also, I believe that positive actions and positive thinking attract success. You have to believe in yourself, you have to always think positive. It is said that your thoughts become your reality. I do think it is true because it happened to me. 

Actually, that is why we created our new project #TalismanScarves – to encourage women to think positive, and do whatever they put their mind to.


If you were just invited to a baby shower by a close friend or a relative, you might be wondering what kind of gifts you ought to get for the expectant parents. To celebrate the arrival of a new baby, you want to give the mother-to-be something that her baby can wear or play with. The big question is, should you craft the gift yourself or buy one from the department store?

Here are a few cute baby shower gifts that the mother will definitely appreciate:

1. A Tableware Bundle

If you want to gift something that will be helpful in the long run, then you should definitely go for tableware. Pay attention to the materials from which the tableware is made, as it is vital for the health of the infant. Opt for tableware that is made from organic products, such as wood or bamboo. Bamboo suction plates for babies can also be an option because they are not only organic but also have the suction feature which prevents mess during the eating process. Do not forget to add cuteness to charm up your gift and the parents will be delighted for sure.

2. Nursery Critter Towels

One of the most adorable gifts you could get for the infant is an animal critter towel. This cozy wrap will not only keep the baby warm but also makes rocking them to sleep a lot easier. These soft blanket substitutes are available with an assortment of fluffy animal features like bunny ears, elephant trunks, or duck hoodies. They are great for both snuggling close and drying after a bath.

3. A Musical Rock ‘N Play

Rock ‘N Plays is perfect for calming down a crying baby when the mother is too tired to carry them. The back-and-forth motion helps them fall asleep when they hear a soft, musical lullaby. Fisher Price offers quite a few rockers that are completely hands-free. They often have shakers, stuffed animals, and link toys dangling from the top for a curious infant exploring their sense of touch.

4. A Floral Print Maternity Dress

A pregnant mother is probably wondering what to wear. After all, they want to present their best by dressing in style at the baby shower. Luckily, there are some fashionable designs for maternity dresses that are guaranteed to make the mother feel special about preparing for the new arrival. She could go for an all-white look, gown up in a floral maxi dress, try on a sleek pencil dress with frilly sleeves, or a satin polka dot one to match a pair of strappy sandals.

5. A Diaper Wreath

If you’re someone who likes to think outside the box, you can get creative by decorating a wreath of rolled-up diapers with baby supplies like shoes, mittens, baby wash bottles, and anything an infant might need. As a nice surprise, these small gifts can be hung up as colorful ornaments before the baby shower. As a plus, it helps them get into the holiday spirit if they are about to shop for Christmas.

6. A Handmade Snake Pillow

Snake Pillows are long, squeezable, plush toys that protect the baby by setting the boundaries of a play area. Handmade snake pillows add a personal touch of pastel colors combined with ice cream, polka dot, or animal patterns. As long as you know how to stitch frilly fabric pieces together and wrap up the loose ends with ribbons, you can craft a snake pillow in no time.

7. A DIY Baby Mobile Kit

A hanging crib mobile toy is quite popular as well, though there are many ways to mix and match the wooden decorations such as planets from the solar system or a set of hot air balloons. These kits include all the materials you need to build a hanging mobile toy from polyester stuffing to sewing threads. Once you’re done, attach a music holder arm so it plays soothing songs while spinning.

8. Picture Alphabet Board

You can craft homemade alphabet blocks by covering wooden blocks with brightly colored fabrics, then sticking foam letters onto the cloth. To help the new baby learn their ABCs, super glue magnets onto the back of each block, then arrange them on a whiteboard. Feel free to wrap up the entire board, which is likely to stand out in the gift pile.

xoxo. D.

The good news is you’re born with it. The bad news is… you’re born with it. When it comes to great style and the good side of it few people out there have it all figured out. Truth is we’ve all been victims of the 2000s and the 80s and the bad outfits. If you love fashion it comes with the territory really. So if you haven’t taken a walk on the ugly side of style a few times, you haven’t lived well sartorially speaking.


Great style comes with your DNA really and a little practice. Irony is, it has so little to do with fashion per se it’s scary and refreshing at the same time.

Have you noticed how some people look good no matter what they wear, and how the saying ‘it’s not what you wear but how you wear it’ is truer than never for these folks?

On the other hand, opposite them are the ones who no matter what they wear they can’t get it right. Give ’em a plain tee and a pair of classic Levis and they’ll fucking ruin it.

The difference between the two lots lies precisely in the true essence of style.

A person with a great style, no matter if it’s a busy and opulent kinda situation or a minimal and simple one will have her/his shit together – fashion wise – from head to toe. The hair, the makeup, the attitude, the shoes, the nails, are all keys in having a dope style. How you are as a person, what you like, who you fancy, what you eat, how you laugh, what you enjoy doing – have more to do with a great style, or a well contoured  personal style, more so than fashion trends and following the must-haves lists out there.

A great style stands the test of time and the person wearing it will have that je ne sais quoi quality to themselves and their outfits no matter what they have on. Period.

What do people with great style have in common?

  • they know damn well what they like or don’t like
  • they stick to basics
  • they don’t take fashion seriously, so they will either have fun with clothes, hence have a great adventurous style, OR their looks will be just a consequence of all their sums and selves you know.
  • they have good taste
  • they enjoy clothes but are not slaves to fashion
  • they pay attention to details
  • they have go-to outfits
  • they are effortless

Why do some folks have a not-so-great style?

The opposite pole has people with less blessed style DNAs, and as much as it pains me to be such a bitch, I gotta say it: stop trying so much y’all. I see them every day and they flock like a circus crowd whenever there’s an event close by, and I don’t mean a circus like a Fashion Week kinda thang you know. Nope. I mean like bad taste. Plain ugly.

Bad style comes from a desperate place and a lack of self-education or information. You can’t wear 123,678 trends into one outfit. Okay, you can but FYI you’re not as cool as you think. Trendy? Oh yes. #notacompliment

In bad style’s defence one must say it ain’t easy staying on the good side with all the retail chains and online sales bombarding us with way too many fads. But, in fashion as in life, not all humans have their shit together. Those who can dress well regardless of the fads, and can pick from the fads what looks good and cool on them – well my friend they’re the lucky ones.

Is there any great-style-hope in the cards for ugly dressers?

Of course it takes a great style-ER to spot another great style-ER… so I wonder – is everything in vain  in this good versus bad style battle?

And is there such a thing as educated style? Can one evolve and grow sartorially speaking? All would be lost without hope you know. So yes there is such a thing.

Bottom line is, some people can wear all the crap in the world at once and pull it off amazingly, while some ruin a plain good ol’ LBD the minute they put it on.

Be opened to anything new, learn all the time, don’t take clothes seriously, love fashion, when in doubt stick to black, jeans and a white tee, avoid too tight clothes, and keep you jewellery minimal. Hair wise say no to overly done hairstyles, and makeup wise if you wanna make a statement wear bold lips. If you’re good with make and hair though, do your thing!

Also, know your fortes and play them.

Below I’ve personally picked a few items that are so fab you can’t fuck it up. Of course I ain’t the fucking guru here, God knows I have my bad days… and lazy outfits, and overly done looks, but I’d like to think I’m learning every day.


Love ya’. xoxo

Anyone who loves fashion, like we do, will come across a certain amount of fashion bloggers in their quest for the latest trends,  beauty secrets and couture fashion show highlights. Some of these bloggers are good, a few are great, but only a select few were so on point that they’ve turned their blogging persona into a brand and have launched successful fashion careers. These are the crème de la crème and we can’t help but love them.

From Blogger to Brand: How It’s Done

Of course, building yourself into a brand isn’t something that happens overnight. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The bloggers-cum-brands that we love made it happen by developing a unique voice and creating truly engaging content tailored to their audience, and growing an extensive community on social networks that helped to further drive their website traffic. Simply put, they had enough people interested in what they had to say to establish them as authorities in their field. Any blogger who wants to gain enough readership and follow in their very fashionable footsteps will need to have vision, drive and dedication, and have a firm grasp on how to ensure their web presence is as well optimized as possible.

As their readership grows, they need to nurture it with dedication, and continue to grow personally as an influencer. Once you get to this point, this is really where things begin to turn around. Influencers gain a sort of “it factor” and come into contact with larger brands and industry leaders because they have immense Influencer Marketing potential. At this point bloggers would have the financial backing to support independent ventures and would have all of the right industry connections to make it happen.

Our Blogger Brand Favorites

Many of these blog to brand icons begin with collaborations and then grow from there into their own brands. There are actually many that we are inspired by, quite a few of whom are still in the collaboration phase. Those that we chose to feature are the bloggers who already have their own line and are doing quite well with it.

Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni is like an unstoppable force in fashion, with a Midas touch. With over 8 million Instagram followers, this social media butterfly is on everyone’s radar. She created a very successful shop on her blog that, because of its high web traffic and eager readers, tends to move a lot of product. She also created her own shoe line, the Chiara Ferragni Collection, which is being sold by over 300 retailers worldwide and just opened up a new flagship store in Milan.

Aimee Song, Song Of Style

Aimee Song has been a fashion darling for years now, with an incredible presence on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Her blog Song of Style was the perfect platform to reach a like-minded audience, and allowed her to launch both a jewelry line – which you can buy on her site or through major retailers like Bloomingdale’s – and her own relaxed clothing line, Two Songs.

Kristina Bazan, Kayture

Followed by over 2 million fans on Facebook, Kristina Bazan is perhaps newer to the scene, but certainly not unknown. She also has a good amount of Instagram followers as well. The blogger behind Kayture, launched her own makeup line with L’Oréal just last year, and has worked with couture brands Valentino, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Balmain.

Rumi Neely, Fashion Toast

Perhaps not everybody’s cup of tea, but certainly enough to launch her own clothing line Are You Am I, Rumi Neely is one of the biggest blogger to brand successes to date. Her vision developed out of not being able to find the pieces that she really wanted to reflect her style, which naturally gave way to creating her own. Aside from her brand, she has also collaborated with major brands like Dannijo and Reformation and was featured in campaigns for Forever 21 and Free People.

Summing Up

This is obviously a small list of some of the incredible artists that could have made our list. They are, however, great examples of developing an influential blogger persona and impeccable sense of style that translates well and hooks enough readers and generate enough interest on which to build their own brand. These success stories are not miraculous cases, but rather bloggers working very hard at their craft and never giving up on their visions and dreams.


When you think of the top fashion houses and designers in the world today, one name that immediately comes to mind for many is Louis Vuitton ( LV ). They have developed a very strong reputation and following in the fashion world and is noted for creating some of the most innovative and beautiful designs seen today. In fact Louis Vuitton handbags and purses are often among the most sought after in the marketplace, driving up the costs of the items. While the average person may not be able to afford the thousands of dollars it can cost to buy an original Louis Vuitton piece, you can certainly find quality Louis Vuitton replica bags and purses for sale that can be right in your price range.

The Availability of Replicas

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Getting in shape is a thing everyone aspires to in some degree or another. There’s always something that could be slightly firmer, tighter or more toned. The downside to this – besides the obligatory dieting and having to go to a gym – is that working out catches us in our most unflattering state – sweaty, disheveled and with our hair in disarray. Not to mention having to wear workout clothes which aren’t the most complimentary in any circumstances. Except that last statement isn’t quite true. In recent years gym wear has taken on a whole new dimension and is now functional as well as being downright sexy. To demonstrate, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ladies who’ve managed to blend fitness and aesthetics to look absolutely gorgeous while rocking workout gear.


Adrianne Ho

Adrianne Ho’s Instagram makes even the most ordinary activity look good. Born of French and Chinese descent, Adrianne is a model, television personality, designer and entrepreneur. She developed a passion for fitness and well-being as well as healthy world cuisines once she started modeling globally. She has featured in adverts and sponsorship deals by numerous brands such as Nike and Levi’s and is generally recognized as one of the leaders in fitness fashion. Her own streetwear collection, Sweat Crew, is a fusion of pragmatic fitness gear and high-fashion sensibility.


Jen Selter

With arguably the most famous posterior on the planet (except, perhaps for Kim Kardashian), Jen Selter is definitely in shape. She originally rose to fame through her popular IG account while tracking her workout progress. This undoubtedly had to do with the vast and superior reach Instagram afforded her as opposed to image-sharing rival Pinterest. Although now you can find Jen Selter on the entire spectrum of social media, not to mention magazine covers and television shows. She’s known for modeling various workout leggings and crop tops in a variety of bright hues, as well as for photographing her now famous “belfies” (or butt selfies).


Faya Nilsson

Faya, or rather more well-known by her moniker IG Fitness On Toast, is a half-Swedish, half-English personal trainer residing in London. Her popular blog and Instagram account are focused on sharing healthy recipes, nutritional tips and well-thought-out workout ideas. Moreover, the IG account has become known for its beautiful imagery and sublime photography that captures images from all over the world. Catch Faya in breathtaking gym wear and trainers in a variety of different locations – from London to the Mediterranean – as she shows how wellness and health can look great in any location.



For instance, what did you do last night as the most beautiful women on earth, aka the Victoria Secret Angles rocked the runway? Moi, par example (not that y’all care, which I don’t blame you for) I sat on the couch, pigged out on all the food in the world, and was a potato. Naaah. Actually for the first time in a long time, surprisingly I did good. I was at the gym, heavy workout and shit. But the part about the potato is true.

Hey, you can’t have it all, can you. I’ve learned to accept that with time.

I’ve also learned, with time, to indulge in the little and not so little pleasures of life (more guilty and fabulous than not, mostly involving food and liquor and what comes with the territory of the latter especially). Believe it or not one of these pleasures, that don’t involve food or booze, for me is The Victoria Secret Show. I know, I know. I’m so beyond boring I make a cactus look excited, but I love the VS show. I love the models, their bodies, how beautiful and incredibly confident they look, I love the vibe, the wings, the lingerie, the hair, EVERYTHING.


My fave angel of them all was missing this year, Candice Swanepoel, but Adriana Lima,Irina Shayk, and Alessandra Ambrosio made up for it all. I also loved the diversity of models this year, in ethnicity and style, in body shapes and looks, I loved that Lady Gaga performed and looked fantastic. I loved the wings and the dark and colourful two themes. I loved the energy and I really thought the show this year belonged to Adriana Lima. SLAY. And I LOVED LOVED LOVED that Irina Shayik walked this year, with her little baby bump.


What I wasn’t too crazy about was the hype around Bella Hadid and her ex singing. I think I rolled my eyes and the sight of this girl’s name for the past few hours more than I’ve rolled them in my life at some IRL bitch who thought she was better than me.

Another thing… I love beautiful women, and I’m that women who thinks every women is beautiful, and I do think so of the Bella and the Gigi Hadids, BUT I just don’t see the hype man. Bella Hadid was out of place in the show. There, I said it. She looked sad all the time, she looks annoyed, bored. She’s probably going for the high fashion blasé look, but she just looks like a person with a head that holds the IQ of a bloody flower. She’s a great model. However I don’t see her as a Victoria Secret model.

Her sister fits better somehow, but I’m not feeling her either. And the third bird of the nest -Kendall Jenner – I thought looked best, fit best, yadi, yadi, yada.


Anyway… I think there’s always been a certain exclusivity and incredible energy to this show, and we’ve been used to certain girls being THE angles of Victoria Secret, certain looks, and body types, and energies… but things change and I guess we can’t blame the brand for giving in to 2016 Instagram’s famous kids and rich socialites who trigger exposure and notoriety for whatever event they attend?

Or should we expect more from brands such as Victoria Secret, or Vogue, or God knows who else? Are they all giving in, or just joining and going along with the times, which btw they should and do reflect?

There’s a little food for thought right there. And while you chew on that one, scroll down for some of my fave pics from 2016 Victoria Secret Show.



{Photos from Elle,Vogue& GQ.}

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