makeup-90s-versus-2014In case you haven’t got the memo, the fashion world is doing the 90’s thing, but what does that mean for the makeup & beauty trends? Are they following this grunge craze or what?

Errrr… Dark lips are back in. Matte lipstick is massive for 2014 Spring & Summer. Blue eye-shadow (OMFG noooo!) is a total YES for 2014 SS. Or so they say. Slept in smoky eyes (well actually smudged eyeliner): IN. Full-on makeup sans le fake lashes making a comeback (think 90s supermodels). At this point it’s pretty safe to assume that (1) some 90’s makeup looks are back, and (2) in makeup, as in fashion, ALL is IN. marc-jacobs-spring-2014-makeupbold-lipsmatte-lips-trendheavy-dark-makeup-trendWhat remains in the past though (and thank God for that) is that lifeless matte skin of the 90’s, that had no dimension to it. Today it’s all about that natural glow, which makes it easier on some of us (guilty as charged) with an extreme glow (read oily skin). brenda-walsh-makeupJason Wu - Backstage - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekAnother thing of the past is that dark lipliner. Every. Girl. Back. In.The. Day. Was.Wearing. It. Let’s just hope it died right then and there. liplinerlip-linerAnd goodbye thin eyebrows. Hello healthy thick ones that make us look a decade younger. :) thin-eyebrowsthick-eyebrowsSo if you secretly wanted to emulate Brenda’s, Kelly’s, Buffy’s, Alicia Silverstone’s or Liv Tyler’s makeup from back then. Ding! Ding! Do it. Now’s the time. Remember that grungy The Craft makeup? Oh. My. God. I adored it. Wtf was I thinking I have no idea, but if you gave me a black eyeliner I’d probably have worn it on both my lips and my eyes, and kept my skin as pale as possible. Like a true vampire I dodged the sun. :)) 90s-makeup-garbage90s-makeu-upLaugh all you want, but matter of fact is some of the most iconic beauty & makeup looks date from back then. To this day those 90’s supermodels look fabulous, with full-on makeup, matte lips, nude-brown-ish tones. To me, Linda Evanghelista is one of the most beautiful girls out there. I still find her makeup (heavy, bold, full-on or not) flawless. linda-evanghelista-90s-makeup90s-supermodels-makeupAnother makeup crush is Vanessa Paradis. Perfection. With that browin-ish-rose matte lipsitck and blue or brown eye-shadow smudged rather than carefully applied she was simply stunning. vanessa-paradis-90s-makeupMore looks from back in the day: 90s-makeup-looks90s-style-beauty-makeupcindy-crawford-90s-makeupdrew-barrymore-90s-makeuphelena-christensen-90s-makeupkate-moss-90s-makeupSo where do we stand today? Makeup wise. All this look-at-the-past is topped by all the beauty gimmicks makeup artists come up with. Then by a dose of je m’en fish-ism, and by the ALL-is-IN-thing. The result? We get some pretty amazing makeup looks: bold bright matte lips, eyeliner, contouring & highlighting. And I dare say I free pass at doing bold lips and eyes at the same time. bold-makeup-trend-2014

“The old axiom was that you privileged either eyes or lips, not both – a mean suggestion, on the lines of “have fun, but not too much”.” says a makeup artist for The Guradian a while back. “There is something smug about women who insist they go for the natural look – and something deeply annoying about men who say they like women without makeup: are they sure they have ever seen one?”

saturated-matte-makeup-trenMore looks from today: 2014-beauty-trend-matte-lipsbright-lips-lookslips-makeup-2014makeup-trendy-looksmattelips_zps39cd8ce9matte-makeup-trend-2014matte-red-lipsEarth being a huge place, there is enough space for everything and everyone, so au naturelle or not, go with the flow and with your mood, cause at the end of the day makeup is all about expressing a mood & a state of mind. xoxo

Valentines-Day-makeup-red-lipsOh, I so had to do this post and go down this road: of le makeup and this week’s ubiquitous topic, Valentine’s Day with its much coveted looks and fashions.

What do I know about makeup?

Well, nothing actually (except my addiction to eyeliner & mascara), but I LOVE IT! I use foundation all throughout the cold months, sometimes eye-shadow (only in nudes and browns) and occasionally powder + blush with a failed attempt (most times) of contouring. Well, they do say practice makes perfect and hope dies last, so… yeah that’s my makeup mantra I guess. And in case I need to up my game I go for the bold lips.

makeup-inspirationAttempting to find some makeup looks for Valentine’s Day is like looking for desert in a massive candy/cake store. So many looks, so many styles. Bold eyes. Bold lips. Bold both. Pfff.

makeup-for-Valentines-DayNot being a makeup artist (cause everyone else is, these days.) doesn’t make me less prone to the beauty slash fashion world out there. So, I will dare make a somewhat bold (even perhaps untrue to some) assumption of the 2 major things happening in makeup today:

The too-groomed look is OUT. Haaaaaallelujah. I mean seriously, who the fuck wants to look like a photoshoped version of themselves? (them perfect eyebrows. borderline clown’ish eye-shadows. glitter. false lashes. matchy eyes to matchy lips, or worse to the outfits.)

When Kim Kardashian went blonde so many girls cried. Cause once her locks went lighter her style turned more sophisticated & less groomed. Thicker eyebrows, apparently smudged nude/brown eyeshadow, natural colors and less apparent precision in applying makeup. I love it! kim-kardashian-makeup-inspoThe NEW MANTRA is ‘Makeup is fun, so stop taking yourself so darn serious.’ Wanna wear red lips. Do it. Wanna go full-on makeup. Do it. When it comes to fashion, style, art –  rules are obsolete. Keep an eye on the trends, but don’t copy nor chase them. Valentines-Day-makeup-redlipsThis shit is easier said than done, but 1 thing remains true: if you’ve got a clean canvas (read flawless face, whether natural or due to makeup) ANYTHING will look amazing, even bold eyes with bold lips. ;) (which, BTW is a massive makeup trend this season).

valentinesday-makeupOoops. My ADD kicked in again. Back to Earth now: Discussing Makeup LOOKS for Valentine’s Day. 

1. It’s all about the LIPS baby. Go bold or go home. Pardon my obsession, but bright red or pink lips look fabulous anytime, any-day, with anything. Besides, it only takes like 2 minutes to apply, so you can even do it on your way to wherever it is your going tomorrow night. ;)  Valentines-Day-makeup-red-lips (2)How to wear bold lips?

  • bold lips & nude face & nude eyes (or minimal).
  • bold lips & bold eyes = full-on makeup. Perfect for a night out.

Valentines-Day-makeup-bold-eyes-lipsValentines-Day-makeup-bold-lipsValentines-Day-makeup-dark-lipsValentines-Day-makeup-full-onValentines-Day-makeup-red-lips-bare-face-Valentines-Day-makeup-red-lips-bare-eyes-matte-skinValentines-Day-makeup-pink-lipsValentines-Day-makeup-lips2. BOLD EYES are so sultry and sophisticated in that incredibly sexy way. Think more like cat-eye eyeliner, or smudged eyeliner that creates a slept in look, somewhere between the rock’ish Kate Moss and the seductive Monica Belucci. Valentines-Day-makeup-cat-eye (2)How to wear bold eyes?

  • nude lips or natural cranberry lips look great with this look.
  • thick eyebrows.
  • matte skin.
  • mascara away. 1 time. 2 times. 3 times.

bold-eyes-Valentines-Day-makeupValentines-Day-makeupValentines-Day-makeup-bold-eyes-thick-eyebrowsValentines-Day-makeup-cat-eyeValentines-Day-makeup-classyValentines-Day-makeup-eyes-nude-lipsValentines-Day-makeup-eyes-skin-lips3. AU NATUREL look. It’s all about those cheeks baby, and that super hydrated glowing skin. Rosy lips, a bit of mascara and tons of confidence.

This look is the best, if you can pull it off. No matter the trends, this will always be INValentines-Day-makeup-glowing-skinValentines-Day-makeup-natural (2)Valentines-Day-makeup-naturalIf the Kardashian-Jenner girls are good at one thing, that’s definitely makeup. They certainly got the beauty and features to experiment and try out any makeup & beauty looks. Always beautiful & glamorous – whether natural, full-on, super trendy, boho chic or God knows what their mood or makeup artists’ mood dictate – their makeup is definitely a source of inspiration. So dig away lovelies. :) kylie-kardashian-makeupkendall-jenner-makeupkhloe-kardashian-makeupkourtney-kardashian-makeup5d4ebb7d972f9ffbd126dcc03a18947132120c98e17244506fad0a57bb13a5fbaca541003ba69df5107f84943bd51cbde9cc9bf24b11ae156ec685da9fd04317So, makeup wise, what’s your thing (natural or full-on?) and what turns you off?

From chapped lips to split ends, the cold winter weather can have a negative effect on everything from your skin, hair, nails and even your mood! We’ve put together our top tips to help you avoid the most common winter beauty woes to look fabulously flawless whatever the weather… Winterbeauty-gerrard-international

Your skin is a reflection of your diet and one way to guarantee gorgeous skin throughout the cold weather is by drinking plenty of water – 1.6 litres is the recommended daily amount for women, which is around eight 200ml glasses. Fruit, vegetables and key vitamins, C and E, will help to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

The cold, frosty weather can have drastic effects to your hair. With less humidity in the air, your hair is prone to fizziness, split ends and dandruff so try switching your shampoo and conditioner for a more intense moisturising treatment throughout the winter. Dry air and windy weather can have an
impact your hairs natural sheen – so it’s worth investing in shine sprays to bring back your sparkle throughout the winter months.healty-hair-in-winterwintyer-hair-health-tips

Keeping your skin moisturised is essential. Dry, cold air will draw moisture from your skin; therefore it is necessary to rehydrate your skin by moisturising daily and drinking plenty of water as previously mentioned. winter-beauty-tips-1

Your skin can feel a little pale and dull during the winter months but by adding a bit of colour with fake tan, it is sure to give you a boost. There are a
wide range of great self-tans on the market, as well as countless salons across the UK specialising in professional spray tans to help you get a gorgeous summer glow this winter.

We all know how a cold can make you feel miserable, let alone the effects illness can have on your skin. Avoid cold and flu symptoms by stocking up on your vitamins and supplements – if you feel great, you’re sure to look great too!

The cold weather can affect your nails too, making them brittle and more prone to breaking. Swapping harsh nail treatments for a more natural alternative is a fantastic way to strengthen your nails. Gel manicures such as Geleration include a
soft gel technology to help protect nails as well as boost nail growth. Lasting for between 2-3 weeks, gel nails are a gentle, long last nail alternative – perfect for improving damaged nails!805ef581f3a2f5f6fe591b8c6ad26d9bnails

It may be cold outside, but don’t be tempted to turn up the heat in the shower! Hot showers effect the uttermost layer of your skin – which you need to retain moisture. Hot water has negative effects on the moisture in your hair, drying it out and leaving it extremely brittle – so try turning down the heat to see the difference! 98cceb6a93f27dbd61d12805eefc8636

Hope you enjoyed these great beauty tips! Great beauty & skincare products here.


party-looksWhat should we go for: bold lips or smoky eyes? Should we wear fake lashes? Is glitter just for teens? What’s the trend today: natural or not?

If fashion has taught me 1 thing about myself, it’s that I should never say ‘never’ and always keep an open mind. Red lips were so not my thing, until I gave them a try, and then another, and another… and now… I think they’re the best thing ever. makeup-inspiration-for-NYEeyeliner-makeup-lookIs there a makeup trend this cold season? Here are 7 beauty looks to choose from. 

1. Aside from the dark bold lips makeup that we talked about here, another massive trend, courtesy of those grungy glam 90’s meets 80’s, has caught my eyes… #2 bold-lips-look-2014-NYE2. Bold lips AND heavy eye makeup. No longer a no-no in beauty this apparently too-much-makeup-look is the thing this winter.  bold-eyes-lips-NYE-party-makeupIt is too-much, I’ll give you that, but it’s got that saturated Instagram kinda urban grungy glamour to it, and I find it quite seductive in a very rebellious way. The key is to have a flawless face: moisture, foundation, contouring & powder, and not trying to simulate a perfect smoky eye makeup, cause it will look too clubbing, too posh, too much.

The look is somewhere between today’s urban put-together makeup styles, 90’s grungy effortless makeup, and 80’s kitsch glam beauty looks.

I was always preaching the natural look, or the balanced makeup styles, but I kinda like this too-much thing right now. It’s very celebrity emulating (think Rihanna & Rita Ora) and sort of models-off-the-runways-go-out-for-partying style. It’s an effing to all the stupid makeup looks, and a finger to all the balance we’ve been taught to have. It probably is more a fad, than a trend, and it makes more sense in winter, rather than summer, so why not give it a try this NYE? eyes-lips-bold-makeupgrungy-glam-makeupNYE-makeup-bold-lips-dark-eyes3. The natural makeup look will forever be IN, and it probably is a go-to-style for Christmas dinners with family. The saturated look may just be a bit too… much. Christmas-natural-makeup-look4. The red lips is a classic  and a perfect Christmas & party look. More on this trend herered-lips-makeup-stylered-lips-makeup-NYE-2014red-lips-cat-eyes-makeupred-lips-bare-face-makeup5. The smoky eyes – another been-there-done-that-turned-classic look to keep in mind for the big party. I do feel it’s been done too much, but if you love it, and look amazing in it, rock it! smoky-eyes-makeup-NYE6. Glitter & false lashes? Why not. The 2014 NYE party is the best occasion for it. I will however say, that in this case keeping a more natural lip color would be better. eyeliner-makeup-look7. Colored funky eye makeup. This is a very girly-girly party look, that was always present, but never quite stole the spotlight. It’s fun and perfect for the holiday season, so why not? colored-eye-shadow-lookcolored-makeupcolored-makeup-lookThe times we live in come with the biggest perk of them all. Nothing is off limits fashion wise. All is in, and there is no mistake when it comes to style, as long as you own it and can pull it off. Girls, I dare say the same thing applies for makeup.

From saturated bold eyes & bold lips looks, to false lashes, glitter, retro classic makeup styles, natural looks, glowing bronzed skin, pale skin, balanced styles, funky colored looks – it’s all a matter of personal taste & having fun. The best part about it is that, starting with tomorrow up until 31 of December we’ve got plenty of times and events to give these a try.

Let’s have a look at more makeup looks for Christmas & 2014 New Year’s Eve parties… ;) 90s-style-makeupbronzed-colored-makeupcolored-funky-eye-makeup-2014-NYE-partyheavy-eyes-makeup-styleeyes-makeupmakeup-for-2014-NYE-partynatural-looknatural-makeup (2)natural-makeup-NYE-Christmas-stylenatural-NYE-party-makeup-lookred-lipsred-lips-cat-eye-NYE-makeup-styleretro-makeup-lookurban-style-makeup-red-lipssmoky-eyes-makeup-looksmoky-eyes-red-lips-looksmoky-eyes-beauty-looksmoky-eyesretro-makeup-red-lips-party-lookWhat’s your fave? Do you think the bold eyes AND bold lips look is too much?

pointy-toe-stiletto-boots… the Pointed Toe Stiletto Ankle Boots that is. Or the I’m-sexy-and-I-know-it boots.

Somewhere between motorcycle boots, combat Tom-boy-ish styles, and the ever present chunky heeled ankle boot – this pointy toe stiletto style, once reminiscent of those early 2000 when every girl with a penchant for fashion dressed as a glam goth chic, crawled their way back into our lives. Maybe we’ve just had enough with flat un-sexy shoes. Maybe we’re in a desperate need to feel feminie and strong. Or maybe… we just wanna look great regardless of what we wear, and stilettos + tasteful pointy toes can do that to any outfit. Or perhaps it’s just me, falling hopelessly in love with my new ankle boots, that I’ve been crushing over for some time and finally found the ONES.

There is a bit of truth in all these ‘maybes‘, as there is, in the fact that these sexy uber strong feminine sophisticated boots are quite present everywhere lately: streets, celebs, retail, online… and I basically think it’s all a matter of fashion being cyclic as well as us wanting to look no less than fabulous again. ankleboots-stiletto-pointy-ankle-boots-trend-winter-2014Forever 21 Clear Cut Stiletto Booties, .80-trendI swear we need to make a promise: “I promise to never ever get rid of any old shoe, bag, or clothing item, as ridiculous as wearing it today may look, it will most likely be an IT fashion statement in at least 5 years.” Had I only kept this promise, I would have had quite a collection of pointy toe stiletto boots. pointy-toe-bootsThere is something very Cruella-ish about these shoes, yet alongside this cartoon’ish femme fatale trait they inspire, they also ooze hotness and extreme strength , confidence and refined attitude with a slight case of edginess if matched with say jeans and a plain old T-shirt. They can look extremely polished and incredibly classy or they can inject a certain sexiness and bad-girl vibe to an otherwise rather plain look.

Hence the saying: if you ever need to spice up your style last minute, go for stilettos. They can make a garbage bag look fantastic. pointy-toe-stiletto-ankle-bPersonally I couldn’t be happier if these boots made a huge comeback, for all the above reasons plus my sort of less liking to anything platform style (except wedges and those man inspired brogues). Being quite tall, but loving heels I would like to be able to wear the sexiest shoes and boots without the fucking platform, because frankly I don’t need it. (Although I’ll give you this, platforms are brilliant with chunky heels.) And anyway, today, we’re all in a polygamist relationship with all styles and all trends from 1920s all throughout 2013, so I think these pointy toe shoes can co-exist alongside all the others. pointy-toe-stiletto-ankle-boots-lookspointy-toe-stiletto-boots-lookstiletto=ankle-boots-trendIn terms of HOW to style them? Balance is the key. They look great with skinny jeans or leggings and a slouchy top or knitted oversived sweater, and also with mini skirts, office or party dresses whether short or midi length. And I would definitely give maxi skirts a try with these if styled properly: think rocknoll chic. stiletto-ankle-bootsBasically all goes with these boots, cause they’re super feminine and hot, but (yes there is a but) I’d avoid the all leather look, extremely dark-glam style, not cause it looks bad, just a bit too vamp’ish. Or too vampire style you know. If you love it though, do it! It’s not about what you wear but how you wear it ;) stiletto-ankle-boots-street-stylestiletto-ankle-boots-trendstiletto-ankle-boots-trend-2014street-style-pointy-toe-ankle-bootsstrettstyle-pointy-toe-ankle-bootszara pointy ankle boots-street-stylHere are 3 of my fave looks of the pointy toe ankle boots…

stiletto bootiesI’m curious about you, do you like them? How would you style them?

marilyn-monroe-beauty-daytimeIf I had a quid for every time I’ve said ”ah, wish I could raid the closet of…” I’d probably be filthy rich by now, and ironically would’t need to raid anyone’s closet no more. But the fantasy’d still be there. I mean us girls have always been obsessed with what our BFFs are wearing and have, more than once, given a few thoughts about raiding famous closets, right? But what if I told you,  it’s no longer a fantasy. Yeah go ahead now… raise your eyebrow. I know I did. So what I am saying? And what does it have to do with Marilyn Monroe? Let me briefly unfold the story for you: marilyn-monroe-daytime-dres(1) with Marilyn Monroe‘s birthday coming soon I’ve been flirting with the idea of writing a post on her, as I’ve always felt, underneath all the admiration, awe and love for her style and looks, that we’ve barely scratched the surface with Marilyn’s fashion choices. All the media and the fans admiration aside – the truth is 51 years after her death and MM is STILL a style icon. Hell, I think she defines the concept of style & beauty icon. Why is that? I think she might be among the 1st products of Hollywood, and, as virgin as Tinsel Town was on that one, they nailed it. Actually they never topped it. Beginners luck or perfect recipe? Or could it be that MM is still teaching a style lesson decades later, and we still haven’t figured out how to do it? marilyn-monroe-style-fashion

(2) So we’ve got her photos and timeless dresses, but would a peak into her closet be asking for too much? Errr… actually no. Stylitics is launching Marilyn Monroe’s digital closet, making it possible to browse and shop her style for the 1st time. Wait. What? (see below a tiny glimpse of how it’s all gonna work and look like). To be honest with you (though I’m not a retro type dressing gal) I will however give it a few looks, just cause it’s Marilyn, you know. Besides I think nobody topped her in terms of makeup & the ultimate glam, so it’ll be fun chatting with other fans over her clothes, and potential style had she still been alive and young. How to get in the MM closet? Get on Stylitics and while you’re waiting for MM’s digital fashion world to come alive, built your own closet, share it and throw a few peaks into other famous fashionistas’ closets while you’re at it.  marilyn-monroe-inspiration

”It’s exciting to think about what Marilyn would be wearing if she were walking around NYC today”

Vintage-Marilyn-monroe-outfmarilyn-monroe-casual-looksI don’t know what it is about Marilyn that always leaves me speechless and lingering on her photos as if I’d be looking for the deepest most intriguing things in the world- but to me, she is the definition of beauty & style. Something about her makes it impossible for anyone to not fall in love with her. You can’t resist her charm. She’s all in one: seductive, innocent, beautiful, sexual, vulnerable, strong. One might assume her style was all white glittery tight dresses, diamonds and fur, and while that’s a true statement, and a Marilyn true image, I found her so much more appealing, human and utterly fabulous in a deux piece, capri trousers, shorts, flirty day-dresses, or oversized sweaters. With her famous pout, sultry look from beneath those perfect eyebrows, fake lashes and disheveled bleached blond hair – she had you at ‘Hello‘ probably (for more on her style click here). My favorite MM memories are those from film sets, in her room reading, laughing or on the beach. Comes to show you she didn’t need a village of stylists and artists to captivate and seduce. It was her. And that’t it. marilyn-monroe-beauty-lookMarilyn’s fashion looks over time…  marilyn-monroe-white-dress-furmarilyn-monroemarilyn-monroe-beauty-style-lookmarilyn-monroe-boots-lookmarilyn-monroe-capri-pantsmarilyn-monroe-dressmarilyn-monroe-dressesmarilyn-monroe-dress-lookmarilyn-monroe-evening-dressmarilyn-monroe-fashionmarilyn-monroe-gipsy-stylemarilyn-monroe-little-black-dressmarilyn-monroe-pink-dress-lookmarilyn-monroe-style-icon (2)MARILYN MONROE & ARTHUR MILLERmarilyn-monroe-style-iconmarilyn-monroe-sweater-lookWhen it comes to makeup she’s the queen of beauty, and to this day makeup artists and women are trying to emulate the red lips or fake lashes look. A while ago I’ve watched a video by Lisa Eldridge on Marilyn makeup and was totally blown away by how she captured the essence of those times & of what Marilyn stands for. Plus a tone of info, like what face moisturizer MM was using, or how her makeup artist loved to highlight her face as to create a heart-shape for her and all that. Marilyn Monroe-beauty-lookmarilyn-monroe-makeup-lookWith an army of makeup artists and a tone of beautiful gorgeous faces out there – there’s still one Marilyn. Not a copy in the world and a mastering in style or beauty will ever top what MM stood for, yet we’ll always use her image as a huge beauty & style reference and massive inspiration.

images via Pintrest & google images

red-lips-beauty-lookLately I’ve become pretty obsessed with (the concept of) red lips, to the point that I’ve started watching so many makeup tutorials and reading all sorts of red lips tips that I feel I’m becoming a tiny lipstick encyclopedia (as if). Now most of you might be rolling your eyes right now (those of you who are probably donning red lips with the most fabulous nonchalance), but it was just a few months ago that I’ve ever… yes EVER wore red lips. And you pretty much can count that one out, since it was a party… So I’ve still got the red lips during the day thing to try out and some more (read tons) of red shades to buy. Why this red pout reticence from my part? Just because I’ve never felt comfortable with bold lips… I’ve never felt they looked good on me. So I’m probably that ‘haven’t-found-the-right-shade‘ case. Which is a situation under control as I will start shopping for lipstick on every possible occasion I may get. It’s a promise! makeup-red-lipsred-lips-beuaty-trendred-lips-sun-glassesred-lips-look (2)streetstyle-red-lipsA true eye opener for me was Lisa Eldridge‘s video on red lips (click here to watch, highly recommend it). She is one of my favorite makeup artists out there and I completely agree with all she said in her red lips video. According to Lisa everyone looks amazing with red lips (noted) and it’s simply a matter of finding the right shade or texture that makes you feel comfortable. Yet she does not believe in makeup rules & restrictions such as: warm shades are just for brown skin tones, pink shades for fair skin et all. Au contraire she loves the play of contrasts & the powerful look of a bold color pout against a certain skin tone. But I guess nailing that takes a lot of practice and tons of confidence. One of the most inspiring things (for me) she said during this video was that, – yeah red lips look great on the red carpet, cocktail parties, evening events, but nothing beats ”red lips during the day with a grey sweatshirt & a pair of jeans while out shopping”. Ah! So well put Lisa. It’s edgy, out of place yet immensely feminine and beautiful! red-lips-daytime-lookretro-chic-red-lipsred-lips-teeLooking back on my poor red-lips knowledge :) I think it was the very traditional look of the red lips, that for me, was a real turn off. I mean I honestly love how red lips look for an evening event, but at the same time I find it BORING. Sorry. Yet I’ve always had a soft spot for those nontraditional beautiful looks: Tom-boy outfit & red lips, or sporty chic and bold lipstick. You know what I mean, those situations when red lips are not part of a certain look per se, actually they are in complete contradiction to it, and this very opposition is making it all look so appealing and strong. I’m not a huge fan of perfectly polished looks and uber put together styles (I find it way too unnatural and stiff), yet I love a super sexy feminine strong style. I guess at the end of the day it’s a matter of taste and how it all looks. If you love it and it makes you feel on top of the world than it’s a winner!

I find all the street style photos of the bold pout looks so inspiring. Just comes to show us when it comes to red lips the best tips are to:

  • never color coordinate,
  • never style coordinate,
  • never event coordinate.

just throw that bold shade on your lips whenever you need a boost of self confidence & hotness. all-black-red-lipsall-red-outfit-red-lipsclassic-look-red-lips-street-styleelegant-classic-look-red-lipsred-lips-cut-offs-lookred-lips-daytime-stylered-lips-during-dayred-lips-sporty-chic (2)red-lips-sporty-chicred-lips-street-style (2)red-lips-street-stylestreet-style-red-lips-day-wearAnother inspiring red-lips girl is fashion blogger Karla Deras from KarlasCloset – best style ever, simple with a twist, retro chic and a true bold lips guru! Love her :) red-lips-white-shirtkarla-deras-red-lipsFor an edgier style, urban / hip hop / grunge / glam & always feminine, strong & hotRihanna remains my all time favorite.  red-lips-rihanna-party-lookrihanna red-bold-lipsrihanna-red-lipsrihanna-bright-red-lips

If you’ve been channeling Twiggy or Jane Birkin for the past years well kudos to you for forecasting the fashion cycle (and for those of you  looking for originality you’d better spice it up if you wanna stand out from the crowd) as 2013 Spring makes a huge swing right into 60s fashion. If Marc Jacobs’ Louis Vuitton collection in Paris last season wasn’t a big 60s MOD revival warning I don’t know what was.

With a green pass for all the razzmatazz of the youth culture back in the day, I really don’t know what to expect street style & retail wise today. I mean fashion from A to Z has pretty much been done, it’s just us the young spirits of today that find everything before the 80s so fresh. I just wish we came up with something different ourselves instead of always going back to the comfortable roots. Are we that bored or ignorant? Or has everything been done in terms of fashion? Twiggy

Spring 60s Fashion Inspired collections

60s fashion revival60s fashion revival60s fashion revival60s-style-backstage-at-Louis-Vuitton60s-style-mini-dresslouis-vuitton-spring-2013-60s-mod

1960s in today’s fashion…


60s Fashion back in the day…
 60s-mod-styleA dip into the 1960’s – Youth Revolution, Sex Freedom, Street Styles. How it all started…

60s-fashion (3)60s-fashion60s-fashion-lifestyle60s-fashion-trendHonestly I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, I’ve always said fashion-music-culture are all linked, so we not only lack a movement in the former but in all. Clearly our thirst for something new is there. Might be sound asleep but hey. Thank God we’ve got the past to keep us on our toes, right? The swinging 60s were the Golden Age of freedoms, with so much happening in music, politics, society, morals – that it was bound to transpose in fashion.

Young people refused to be/look/act/think as their parents did. The past was constricting, booed, boring, wrong, not real. So all those 60s trademarks had quite a solid reason behind: short A-line dresses, plastic jewellery, kitten heels, bold geometric & psychedelic prints, bright colors, mini skirts. This was the time when the street fashion was invading the catwalk and when Brigitte Bardot went down in history for refusing (if not laughing in the face of) Coco Chanel, who offered to dress the young generation’s idol in elegant free of charge clothes, which Bardot dismissed saying ‘‘couture is for grannies” and stuck to her unconventional fashion boutique clothes.  brigitte-bardot-60s-fashionCould today’s designers long for a stronger backbone in our generation or are they just constantly nostalgic for the Golden Ages that had life, turmoil, purpose, anarchy & revolution in them, with all of it being reflected in fashion? Until that one clears up for me we’ve got today’s Fashion Trends to plunge into and learn a few things of the past while wearing them.

According to Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton or Michael Kors2013 Spring is a return to all the 60s trademarks:

  • mini skirts, A-line dresses,
  • kitten heels,
  • pointed toes,
  • checkerboard & stripes prints,
  • pops of bright colors,
  • monochromatic outfits

What is a different take on the 60s though, is the lack in flower prints for instance. 2013 Spring is a revival of black & white, stripes, checks and geometric prints. The cuts are simple, strong structured with quite some fun and opulent details: big earrings (think Dolce & Gabanna not 60’s plastic jewellery per se), boxy tiny bags (think those your grandma used to have) funky sun-glasses ( big 70s kind or cat-eye shades).

60s-fashion-spring-201360s-inspired-fashion-look60s-mini-dress60s-styles-spring-2013-trend2013-spring-trends-60s-styleskitten-heels-street-style60s-inspired-bagsThe streets have yet to make a 60s statement with all these, I mean we’re still stuck in winter at the end of March so I suppose grunge has still got a reason for sticking around. I haven’t seen nor found that many 1960’s screaming looks or outfits, but the idea behind a trend is to reinvent it, to adapt it, mix and match it, therefore who needs a 60s head-to-toe look when some random well chose items can get the same (or better) result. Once the sun settles in we’re bound to witness mini skirts, checks, stripes, tiny heels & cat-eyeglasses. Right?

To be honest with you 60s Trend is so offering in terms of clothes, looks, styles that I really think it should be quite big, and though we might not see Twiggys passing by, we will notice cool fashionistas picking one look or item of the 60s shelves and making it work into their own styles. It’s a huge decade with a bit of something for us all. Personally I am loving the Tom-boy meets Twiggy styles with tiny T-shirts, mini skirts, huge evening chandelier earrings, granny posh bags and head scarves. Oh… and the the cat-eye shades are my all time fave. What do I hate? Those kitten heels. Can’t stand them. So I shall be sticking to the classic heeled pumps, ballet flats and gladiator sandals, thank you.

How the 60s MOD hit the streets in 2013? The 60s Fashion Trend – Street Style Looks… Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2012 - VIP Private View60s-inspired-fashion-street-style60s-fashion-street-style60s-prints-street-style60s-style-street-fashion60s-trend-spring-2013-street-style (2)60s-trend-spring-2013-street-style60s-trend-street-style (2)60s-trend-street-styleParis-Fashion-Week-Street-Style-2012six03spring-2013-trend=60s-stylestreet-style-60s-fashionstreet-style-60s-fashion-trend-springstreet-style-60s-trendstreet-style-fashion-60sThis 60s craze is not only influencing fashion but beauty looks too:
  • beehives
  • bouffant hairstyles,
  • heavy eyes
  • nude lips

Best makeup & hair 60’s inspiration is at Marc Jacobs for 2013 Spring: the heavy black eyeliner is replaced by dark grey eye-shadow, a bit smudged, shadowy like, with side parted teased hair pulled back in that retro style. I love it. For different 60s looks check out Miranda Kerr’s cover (heavy low lashes – think Twiggy), Mila Kunis (soft boho 60s style), Lana del Rey (dramatic & classic) or Beyonce (slightly pin-up). Basically we’ve got a free pass to doll up and look retro chic while channeling our favorite 60s idols, and I think that’s pretty cool.

60s Fashion Inspired Beauty Looks…

60s-beauty-look60s-fashion-inspiration-mila-kunis60-sfashion-look60s-hair-inspiration60s-makeup60s-makeupbeyonce-60s-looklana-del-rey-60s-makeupmiranda-kerr-60s-inspired-lookRecap dolls: mini skirts, black & white, pops of brights, granny bags, cat-eyeglasses, A-line dresses, stripes, checks, bouffant hair, big earrings. What’s not to love, right?

blonde-veilingWhen it comes to hair this season, forget haircuts and hairstyles and focus on color or better yet coloring techniques that are uber hot in 2013! What am I rambling about? Why it’s the Hair Veiling & the Color Flipping Trends, that will supposedly be replacing the Dip-Dyed Hair. Well… I’d rather they add up to the dipped dyed style, because I finally want to do it :)  Hair Veiling is dying your hair a different shade underneath its first layer, getting subtle hair color nuances by creating hidden panels of color, so that when you flip the hair from one side to another it reveals another shade. And apparently the Color Flipping (which I would have assumed is exactly what I’ve just described) is switching the different-color-ends with the different-color-crown. So it will be a funky color on top of the head,  and then natural through the end. With denim blue being a huge color trend. Wait what? Errr that’s a bit far off for those of us who are no longer teens or in our early 20’s. Ha! But hey, if you love it, rock it! Like the girl in the photo below who is absolutely gorgeous rocking this edgy hair color!veiling-hairred-color-veilingAccording the Dailymail UK we’ll be noticing lots of celebs donning the Veiling Trend. No surprise there, I mean beauties like Jessica Alba, Rachel Bilson or Khloe Kardashian have become buckets of inspiration when it comes to their dip dyed tresses. These ladies look amazing with ombre hair and light blonde or red colored ends. So, as already established hair color icons, I think we should keep an eye on their hair and see what the fuss is about with Hair Color Flipping & Hair Veiling. 

Celebrities Dip Dye Hair Stylesjessica alba-dip-dyed-hairkhloe_kardashian_dip-dyed-hairombre-hair-veilingdemi-lovato-pink-dip-dyed-hairrachel-bilson-dip-dyedPremiere of TriStar Pictures' Basically these 2 hair color trends are a more subtle version of the dip-dye hair style. Well actually it depends on how far you go with it… Speaking of color trends for 2013, here are the hottest shades to rock: Browns – ‘‘browns inspired by the rust tones on the color spectrum, giving a really flattering copper undertone that warms the face” or the ‘‘burnt brown”; Red – it’s less copper & more dramatic red; Blonde – ice blonde is in. But I would assume it’s OK to play with shades. It’s all about having fun, right? Flip that hair girl and show your daring shades… :) ”I flip my hair back and forth/I flip my hair back and forth’

Hair Inspiration for subtle hair veiling ideas: hair-veiling (2)hair-veilingice-blondeUntil this veiling color flipping trend kicks in… let’s enjoy some ”classic” dip-dyed hair for some fashion & beauty inspiration.

ash-blue-dip-dyed-hair-colorblack-red-dip-dyed-hairblonde-dip-dyed-hairblue-green-dip-dyed-hair (2)blue-green-dip-dyed-hairdip-dyeddip-dyed-hair-tredndip-dyed-style-trendgreen-dip-dyed-hair (2)green-dip-dyed-hairhair-trend-dip-dyedhari-veilingpink-blue-dip-dyed-hairpink-dip-dyed-hairI am loving the messy waves in funky shades, but my fave is the ombre dip dye hair. The dip dye hair is the in-your-face type pf style & look, so I suppose the advantage of the latest Veiling Trend is that it’s got a hidden edge to it. You could probably rock a crazy color, hide it away at the office and then take it out when you go partying. Talk about an alter ego!

burberry-backstage0cara-countouredWhen it comes to makeup I’m a complete girly girl – love me a flawless hydrated skin, mascara eyelashes, thin eyeliner, lip-gloss and the occasional eye-shadow/lipstick/contouring. The golden rule is focus on only one feature at a time and play that up to its highest level… and though sometimes on the runways this rule rarely applies (just because we get to experience the art in fashion rather than the street style or day to day beauty tips), some reading between the lines can be done to spot next season’s beauty & makeup trends. And hair for that matter. Best part about doing such a cover post? Why the backstage insight of course! Getting a sneak peak into what models do while sitting for hair and makeup, what they look like with a fresh face, how well they transform, who’s flawless and who’s not (they all are, trust me. Young and fabulous looking with amazing bone structures), what makeup artists are working on this and that show, products they use (mostly MAC). Stuff like that, us girls go crazy over :) backstage-2013-fashion-week-1So what do designers shout out to us fashion lovers when it comes to 2013 fall beauty trends? Well… I say (and it’s just my humble so-far-captured opinion based on what I’ve seen) Eyes will be big for 2013 – 2014 Fall/Winter. From Marc Jacobs & Donna Karan to Gucci eyes are sultry, seductive, dark… yet in not that 1990’s way, but rather a negligent metallic grey or brown smudge kinda way on both the upper and lower lid. With Anna Sui it’s all about cat thick winged eyeliner that looks absolutely amazing and at Michael Kors there’s the black or grey eye-shadow on the outer half corner of the eyes. Cat eyes ladies!!! Love . It. If however you’re a more-colored-eye-shadow kinda gal… look into Thakoon show: fabulous cobalt blue eye makeup! Keep skin & lips nude or to a minimal and you’ll be rocking an uber hot sexy look. eye-makeup-fall-2013-fashioanna-sui-makeup-2013-2gucci-beauty-2013-5marc-jacobs-makeup-2013-1eye-makeup-fashion-week-201anna-sui-makeup-2013-6anna-sui-makeup-2013-7michael-kors-beauty-2013-4Seductive voluptuous dark, deep, or bold lips made quite a statement at Marc by Marc Jacobs (red red red), Diane Von Furstenberg (pink pink pink) and Vera Wang (deep brown/burgundy vampire like lips) . So… ladies, if you love the bold lip look this one’s for you. Color in trend: pink, dark burgundy/violet and red! Flawless skin required and simple eyes! lips-fashion-week-2013-fallfendi-beauty-2013-3fendi-beauty-2013-2fendi-beauty-2013vera-wang-beauty-4diane-von-durstenberg-makeup-1And last but not least the look that will always be at the top of any list and make it to the trends in any season is the natural look. Glowing skin, flawless faces, moistured, hydrated, just the right amount of cover, blush and contouring… ah looking like you’re 15 again! skin-fashion-week-2013marc-jacobs-makeup-3donna-karan-2013-beauty-1burberry-beauty-2013glowing-skin-fashion-weel-frag-bone-makeup-2prabal-gurung-makeup-2rag-bone-makeup-5ralph-lauren-beauty-4Here are more backstage beauty, makeup & hair looks for 2013 fall Fashion Week.  vera-wang-beauty-1victoria-beckham-beauty-5fashion-week-fendi-backstagevivienne-westwood-backstagegucci-beauty-2013-3fendi-backstage-2013So lovelies, do you have a fave look? LIPS / EYES / NATURAL…