Because you are an individual it is only natural that you want everything about you to reflect who you are and what your personality is like. This goes for the car  you drive, the perfume you wear, the clothes you wear and all of the accessories you have to go along with your outfit. Each item makes some type of statement about who you are. Of course what you wear and carry may also be affected by the latest fashion trends you see in magazines, on television or on the Internet. Sometimes when you see that famous person wearing something particular you just know it is meant for you and you have to have it. You can stay with the latest fashion trends and speak to your personality by getting the latest in ladies’ handbags and wallets.


Keeping Up With the Trends

The problem with trying to keep up with all of the trends is that they seem to change so quickly. What was hot one month may be completely different just a couple of months down the road. Even so, when certain women’s leather bags, clutches or purses become the latest trend it can be hard to track down the item at a price you can live with. The fashion industry is quick to offer items but they are not always at price points that the average person will be able to fit into their budget. If you really want to be able to keep up with the trends you love you are going to have to do some looking around to find a good source.


Learning to Shop Around

You want to have a strategy that can help you to find the latest trends and styles in handbags that do not cost you an arm and a leg. Take a look around at some of the wholesale websites that you find on the Internet and see what they have available. These distributors often are able to keep right up with the latest trends in fashion and can have the bags style that you are looking for in the colors you desire and at much less of a price than what you will find at designer retail shops or high-end department stores. The bags will be of good quality and craftsmanship so you can get the look you want and the quality you need but all at hundreds of dollars less than what others might spend.

When you shop around and find a good source for your handbags you not only will be able to stay with all of the latest fashion trends but you can save enough money where you can then buy two or three bags that you really love for the price that one might normally cost. When you want handbags and wholesale purses that are in the latest fashion trends you want to be sure to see BagInc for their selection. You will find all of the latest styles available at prices that cannot be beat.

Inspo below:




(…) and it was right after I turned and looked at him, and we shook hands for the first time that it hit me: we both had the same hairstyle. It’s really funny when you think of it, but it’s gotta mean something doesn’t it? His was short of course, like a 50s undercut, long in the front and slicked back like he was this dark handsome vampire in an expensive tuxedo surrounded by his cloud of vicious cigarette smoke. And mine was long, cause I always had long hair, slicked back so it showed off my dark red pout and strapless long dramatic dress. It was a party. And we looked alike in our slicked back hair, and that was all it took.

Have you ever noticed how some couples dress alike after a while? How their style is translated form one to another until it becomes a couple’s style, how they borrow from one another, how they even look alike, how they talk, and how they wear their hair? Cause you see the HAIR TALK today for both girls and boys is not really accidental.

While thinking about wearing the slicked back hairstyle myself, which led to watching youtube tutorials on how to get the hair, and online research about the slicked back look, something happened: 1) I realised it’s not so much a hair trend, but it’s a go-to-hair-style for sophisticated situations, cause it looks so money I swear. And it’s quite effortless but also very royal, but rocknroll and edgy at the same time. AND 2) it’s done by both men and women, boys & girls, which I think it’s the best part.


The slicked back hair look is something us girls were doing somewhere in the 80s maybe, the wet look rocked by models on magazine covers in one piece swimsuits with legs long for days, but boys have held the record on this one. Hello the retro wet hair look, the gangsters hairstyle, Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, or even Don Draper (though his is more side slicked back rather than the classic slick). And then of course my husband for whom the slicked back look is a signature hairstyle.

And how could I forget my boy crush right now – Thomas from Downton Abbey, played by Rob James Collier, who is owning this look. Not really slicked back, rather side-slicked-back, but dayum he’s got the most beautiful pitch black wet mane look I’ve seen, best pout, gorgeous face, and incredible swag.


Moving on.

So why are models sent down the runway in slicked back wet hair? Why does Kim Kardashian go for this look more often than not? Why do celebs chose it for red carpets? It there more to the slick back hairstyle than we thought?

YES. You see, I feel as if we’ve been so caught up in our asses that we overlooked the fabulousness of a slicked back hair. We might take a few notes from the boys on this one.

It’s one of the most elegant and refined hairstyles ever. It’s a perfect go to look for evening, for posh events that require a little more prepping up than our regular 10 minutes. It looks incredibly sophisticated and amazing when worn with a great makeup face, or massive bling. It can be done with short hair, long, medium, and it will look equally great. It really opens up the face, and gives this elegant but edgy vibe to a look.


When to wear the slicked back hair? It usually is a perfect match for posh gatherings, for weddings, for parties, for elegant places and events. It looks amazing for black tie occasions, for evening: men in suits or tuxedos, women in dresses, or tuxedoes and high heels. I think it’s a fab style.

How to get the slicked back hair?

  • tease the hair at the crown (a lot of it)
  • spray it
  • use dry shampoo
  • spray again
  • use more dry shampoo
  • brush it back
  • don’t detangle it
  • spray it
  • use some oil for ends and baby hairs
  • ta-daaa

Or watch a youtube tutorial on HOW TO.

Pics for inspo below.




So what do you think about this hair look?




How we look can be very important to us. Unfortunately, we all will have to deal with wrinkles at some point in our lives. It’s a reality we all have to face. The older we get, usually it’s the worse it gets for our skin and some turn to surgery to try and turn back the clock of time. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many skin tightening procedures available to fit our budgets. Treating wrinkles sooner rather than later means less drastic measures need to be taken. Take a moment to learn what factors can affect your options.

Where do Wrinkles Come From?

We all know that wrinkles happen as we age, but do you understand exactly why it’s happening? When we are young, our body produces plenty of essential ingredients to keep our skin healthy. Elastin keeps the skin tight by helping cells to stick tight together. Collagen fills the cell so it stays strong and thick. Working together, these substances keep the skin rejuvenated. Somewhere in our mid twenties, our body slows the production of these items and skin slowly begins to thin and stretch and over time, it sags, forming a wrinkle.

How Skin Types Can Affect Treatments? 

No two people are exactly the same and the same can be said for their skin. Some have oily skin while others can have very dry skin. Then there is sensitive skin that doesn’t react well to any irritants. For example, if a treatment is too harsh, like chemical peels, it can harm the skin and break out or be damaged. The type of skin has to be taken into account when selecting a wrinkle reduction procedure.

Issues With Skin Tones 

Anyone with darker colored skin has to be concerned with reactions to several different treatments. A procedure involving something like a laser device won’t work well if the settings on the device aren’t properly adjusted to dark skin tones. It operates by using a specific light frequency and the standard machine was not developed to handle dark tones. If you make certain the technician modifies the settings or uses a device specifically tuned to dark tones, you should be very pleased with the final results. It’s just a matter of making sure it’s the right equipment.

Other treatments may not be suitable at all for darker skin. The pigmentation in dark skin does not react well at all with procedures involving skin irritants like dermabrasion, chemical peels, or Botox injections. Any of these can result in acne breakouts, post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation, or scarring. If you have dark skin, research side affects and risk. You may just need to steer clear of certain treatments entirely rather than take a chance. With so many other choices, there is a procedure out there for you. You’ll just need to dig a little to find it.

botox-for-the-skin skin-tightening-treatments-1 skin-treatments

Start With a Gentler Procedure

If you just don’t feel comfortable taking a risk or just can’t decide if your skin type or skin tone can handle a treatment, consider something gentler. In recent years, radio frequency treatments use sound waves to reduce the sags in your skin, giving you a rejuvenated look. This method does not carry the same issue with pigmentation or skin types, meaning it can be used on all types of skin. Because it isn’t as aggressive, you won’t see changes in your skin right away. The mild procedure is meant to work slowly, so you need to wait for your results. Since the risks are minimal, it might be the right treatment for you.

beautiful-wrinkles radio-frequency-skin-treatments skin-tightening-treatments-2 skin-tightening-treatments-4

We’re not gonna stay young forever, and thank God for that, but it doesn’t mean we can’t look fresh while growing wiser, right? Whatever you do, do it, try whatever you need to to feel amazing in your skin, but never overdo it. Wrinkles are after all a beauty mark of a life well lived. :)


On how I spend my days these days, aside from living the hashtags in my life – #busybee #fuckoff #drankup #iaintneverbitchin – I tend to fantasise a LOT about a different world. It’s a world where there’s background music, where all mistakes turn to great stories, where it’s an all around summer, where we can eat all we want sans the triggering body issues, where the skin is flawless, the eyes are happy, the heart is wild, the brain works 100%, where hair grows right back with just one thought. Oh… how I’d love that. I’d swing in my hammock with a cool chopped bob, sipping on some alcohol, somewhere on a beach, in a white one-piece swimsuit, looking hotter than the sand after a diet of pizzas and pastas.

Everything about the above is doable. Every single bit. Hell it’s been did, done, did. Except for that one bit: hair doesn’t fucking grow back with one magical throught. And I am the queen of error-haircuts, so whenever a new hair trend that involves scissors is on the roll, all I’m rolling is my eyes. I’m chicken shit scared to try any hair trends.

For the past two years THE BOB remains the #1 haircut obsession. It started with a one length haircut, which I have tried, and of course failed at (hence my now scare and skepticism), and then it all moved on to the lob – bob’s longer version.

the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-8 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-11 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-12

These days wherever my non-bobbed-head turns there’s still a woman cutting her hair into a bob. Whether it’s longer, shorter, curly, straight, messy, sleek, it seems to be happily dangling off the heads of the coolest girls out there.


Is the bob-cut the safest and latest ticket to that dope style versus sleek sophsitication?

Are we – the women who stood it out so far – the only ones who didn’t get the memo. What the fuck are we waiting for? Let’s be honest here, the bob haircut gives anyone a certain French vibe, a few years off, plus a load of confidence you can’t even carry.


Of course only an idiot like moi would say no to these, but then again I am known to make the worst choices ever, only to find myself each and every time banging my head off some imaginary wall as if that would put some sense into myself. Right. I said no so far cause… I was scared. Scared I’d yet again be subjected to a haircut trauma which will again end up in me having to wear a ponytail for the rest of my life. *FYI: The grass grows faster my hair.*

I would like to presume I am not alone in my fear though. But what makes me so scared? Well… I will say it: sometimes I fear I am too defined by long-er hair. And THAT can only change with a great chop. GREAT, okay? No error here.

And the bob cut seems to be the ONE to deliver on this. Here’s why.

  1. It’s versatile. A bob’s length has to be determined by your stylist based on what you want + your features + how easy you want to style it after the cut. Very importante a bob does not need to be blunt cut, in fact a messy bob is more IN than a one-lengh style. Also, it can literally be styled in a billion ways: sleek, side part, centre part, back-combed, messy, with bangs, side bags, sans bangs, short in the front long the back or viceversa etc.
  2. It translates into an overall great style. It screams fashion and all the inherent adjectives without being pretentious. In fact it’s anything but pretentious. It polishes up a person’s stature and outfit somehow by exposing the neck, by framing the face, by revealing shoulders. It looks as if you just rolled outta of bed, sprayed some perfume on, fixed your hair with your hands in 5 seconds and BAM! you look insanely cool and trendy and chic and effortless but also very put together somehow.
  3. I think it takes some years off to be honest. Perhaps it’s just me, but a greatly cut bob (length and texture) really sits better on any woman and makes any face look younger. It lifts the features, and according to each face you can have long bangs, or it can be very angled depending on what works best for each.

Here we go… visual persuasion.


bob-cut bob-haircut bob-looks bob-style bob the-bob-cut-obsession.1 the-bob-cut-obsession.2 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-1 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-2 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-3 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-4 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-10 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-13 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-14 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-15 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-16 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-17 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-18 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-19 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-20 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-21 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-23 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-24 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-25 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-26 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-27 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-28 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-30 the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-32 the-bob-trend the-bob the-bob-haircutcut-obsession-29

Having said that I don’t know what else to do than to dream about my future bob and procrastinate. Perhaps I’ll start with a faux bob (tie my hair up in a low ponytail + roll it up underneath my hair + pin it + make it all look shorter). And then I’ll see how my neck and back and shoulders feel when exposed…

But let me tell you something: if you don’t have it, but wish to have it, and don’t have a problem cutting your hair… DO IT!

What I always like to tell people and have got to get it through my idiot thick head as well: ‘It’s hair. It grows back!’

 It’s hair. It grows back!

 It’s hair. It grows back!

 It’s hair. It grows back!

 It’s hair. It grows back!

 It’s hair. It grows back!


Aside from a mix of sheer panic and a bit of that impossible to resist mystery and sex-appeal oozed by dark lipstick, the very thought of wearing maroon, dark red, purple, black lips in 2015-2016 Fall is beautiful and scary.

The beauty trend that was driving my parents insane in the 90s, every time I’d sneak out the house in dead-dark-lips is having a major comeback for sometime now. We’ve already talked about dark lipstick in the cold season in this blogpost, but I somehow feel it’s never redundant to discuss more makeup, more beauty trends, more how we’d wear it, and if we’d do it.

Besides, the dark lips trend is going nowhere, in fact it’s ON, more powerful than ever, in a way that’s more 90s mixed with a bit of 70s Jonathan Saunders kinda dark accents. It’s glam but dark. It’s high fashion but a bit grungy too, it’s a look that can translate to a 15 year old, or to me, or to my mom, IF done right.

It’s all about the shade and matching it with your skin tone, hair colour, eyes. Being clueless in this area – advise wise – I will only say this: test it. Test, test, test, test every dark shade you find and you love on yourself, and if it looks good rock it.

Think stained lips by berries or dark wine (I know I can pull that one off way too easy). Dramatic and insane.

90s-style-lips autumn-lipstick-dark

I was in love with the dark lips trend since forever, but this season I’m actually planning on splurging on such colours and channeling every possible dark beauty look out there. What’s gotten into me? Well… it’s either all this tumblr dramatic fashion editorials I stumble upon, it’s either too much of that Kylie Jenner’s face and always dark matte lips popping up somewhere, Khloe’s maroon shades of lipstick – I have no idea. It’s probably crept its way deep down inside my beauty crushes and I’m hooked.

Secretly I have always had a thing for Beyonce’s look in ‘Jealous’ video. Now I know y’all have ruled insanity in my case, and this Bey thing ain’t helping me at all, but it is what it is. I’m well aware how further I am form the look itself, but inspiration in my case was triggered by Bey’s dark lips and blonde hair. Ha-ha-ha-hair HELLO! Yes I went blonder myself, not to channel Beyonce per se, BUT she did have a major say in it. I mean she called and said ‘Bitch you gotta do it’. So I did it.

While I know I do look better as a brunette, it’s something about contrasts that keeps me sort of edgy and more adventurous these days – both beauty and style wise. Life wise, no thank you, I have a hard time toning it down as it is. So before going dark again with my hair I will have to give my blonder locks a dark lip contrast look. IF I pull it off it’s supposed to look sophisticated, dramatic, fashion, edgy. That is a big IF, but it’s worth a shot.


Where to wear dark lips? Well… I am tempted to say anywhere, as long as we’re not talking black lips. Dark berry lips, purple, maroon, dark red are actually very very sophisticated lipsticks that work for most occasions, yes, even office I’d venture to say. The only time I’d not wear dark lips would probably be early mornings, weekend walks, brunches, that sort of thing. Other than that… it’s a look to try. Especially at night. Especially in the cold season.

dark-lipstick-1 dark-lipstick-2 dark-lipstick-3

Who can wear dark lips? Everybody of course. The secret lies in the shade which I think has to match your skin tone rather than your eyes or your hair. I am prone to say people with lighter complexions might pull off this look easier, as their range of lipstick colours is wider. Personally I’v always felt dark lips on me tend to harshen and darken my face too much (I have dark eyes, medium-brown skin tone, brown hair), BUT I think certain shades of berries would look fabulous, contrary to certain shades of maroon, for example, which look kinda harsh on me.

berry-lips-fall-2015 dark-lips-autumn-trend

Only one way to find out – trying it. Which I swear I’ll do, and I won’t stop until I find the right shade. Oh… and a tres importante tip, if you ask me, which you don’t but I’ll tell you anyway: dark lips look better matte, or at least not overly glossy.

My fave DARK lipsticks to browse and buy:


And of course the dark lips inspo to get us in this fall’s mood asap.


berry-lips-autumn dark-lips-looks dark-lips dark-lipstick-4 dark-lipstick-5 dark-lipstick-6 dark-lipstick-7 dark-lipstick-8 dark-lipstick-9 dark-lipstick-10 dark-lipstick-13 dark-lipstick-14 dark-lipstick-18 dark-lipstick-trend dramatic-lips-autumn-looks lipstick-looks lipstick-trend

What do you think: will you be chasing this look this autumn, or not? One shot… that’s what I think we all need. Noooo, not of intoxicating alcohol clouding our thoughts, but of dark lipstick, splashed on our beautiful lips. Bold looks. Adventurous beauty styles.

Perhaps I’ll give it all a try over next week’s brief Greece holiday, and who knows… I might get even more hooked on this sophisticated lip trend. Peace out y’all.








My little twinkle stars… when it comes to hair, and its many many styles and trends – it’s all written in the skies. Each hair has its own destiny, and though it may take billions of shapes, and sizes, and colours throughout its life, it will always feel and look best when it fulfils its destiny. Which lies in the stars.

No. I did not just hit my head, nor am I drunk. Nor crazy. Well… that’s up for discussion. It’s summer, which means LEO season, which means my bday today of all days, which means I’m more prone to all these signs and stars and skies and fate things.

hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-7hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-2 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-14 messy-hairstyles-9

To the un-savvy sartorial who only occasionally reads in the stars, the horoscope is just a big mess for amateurs with a penchant for daily drama. Ha! Whatever. For the rest of us it’s one big crystal ball that no longer only tells us about our true love, our destiny, our future, what we ate today, what our crush is thinking the next moment, when our phone’s gonna ring, when we’ll turn into Beyonce (yeah, I know, I gotta cut this shit with Beyonce while it’s still funny).

Now the horoscope tells us our HAIR. Can I get an Amen! Listen up ladies, according to Madison-Reed there’s a new way for us to find out what hairstyle will look best on our brilliant heads and fabulous faces: the HAIR-O-SCOPE.

You just apply to your hair – products and style wise – whatever’s written in the stars for your sign. It don’t get no better than this.

In case you want to find what hair colour is best for you, check out Madison Reed‘s hair dye advisor page.



I hate to go all Leo on you right now, and make this about us, but it is summer still, and apparently the trademark hair for Leos just happens to be quite a summer trend: messy, tousled, big, beach waves. I know, I know… you can go on and hate us for being so on point. I know I do.

Anyway, so joke aside… it’s really quite Leo of us summer-borns to actually have wild, tousled and incredibly sexy manes, much like our animal spirit does.

Whether it’s curly, wavy, long, short, with bangs, or not, dark, light, red, brown, chocolate, fiery, rainbow – a Leo’s hair will always be their shtick. Well… most Leos. Mine, for example takes tons of work, and hair product to turn into a shtick-mane. Otherwise it’s just a straight, blunt, lifeless thing just sitting there sans personalty on my head.

But I tame it, and I sing to it to come alive, and I flip it, and I flop it until it looks like one big beautiful mess that took apparently no time, when in fact it took more than hours. But that’ll be our little secret.

At the end of the day… to hell with all them rules and hairstyle trends and this and that, work your mane ladies, and do your thing according to your moods and who you are. THAT is the hair-o-scope actually – staying true to who you are, and why not experimenting with your locks as much as you want.

In case you just wanna have a go at some wild hairstyles – Leo inspired – or, are in the need of inspo, scroll down and let the wild manes NEVER tame your spirit.


hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-3 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-4 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-5 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-6 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-8 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-9 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-10 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-11 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-12 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-13 messy-hairstyles-1 messy-hairstyles-2 messy-hairstyles-3 messy-hairstyles-4 messy-hairstyles-5 messy-hairstyles-6 messy-hairstyles-7 messy-hairstyles-8

This may all seem like one big bullshit, but I will tell you this, signs or no signs, you can tell a lot about a person through their hair, AND usually the beauties that dance in the same star constellations have a few things in common – hair wise. Just saying you know.

Of course, I could be wrong but I’ll just indulge in me being right, while I spray more glitter in my hair, make it wilder and bigger. It is my bday after all!


When the going gets tough, aka any given Monday morning, just say to hell with it all and head to the beach. Right. If only it was that simple. What is simple though, is pretending we’re going to the beach. Whaaaaaaaa?!

Miming beach looks in dead-centre town-lives, in busy mornings schedules that look like anything but the lives of beach friendly rich and famous – now why on Earth would you do that? Pretend you live by the ocean (beauty wise and all), when in fact you’re literally hitting your head against thousands of walls and concrete?

Well… cause of the BEACH WAVES baby. And I ain’t talking about those motherfuckers we surf on better than Beyonce in her bathtub, but the waves in our hair. Which too pretend to be those of the sea. Hmm. I’m seeing a pattern here, but I will disregard it, and instead focus today on one of the biggest and most coveted hair trends ever: the beach waves hair.

beach-hair beach-waves-hairstyle-trend beach-waves-hairstyle

And while we’re at it, I will let you in on a little secret: it really has nothing to do with the beach. The beach waves hair you can do in any season, and rarely at the beach per se. Unless of course you’re this lucky lucky gal who’s hair will naturally wave and curl after bathing in the sea, salt, sand, and sun. Then we all basically hate you.

We just call it beach waves hair cause of those lucky girls whose hair at the beach naturally looks like… mine after I spend a couple of good hours trying to make it look effortless and wavy, plus a shit load of hair products, that if somebody would light their cigarette close to me, I’d literally catch fire.

Celebrity stylists have been preaching on the perks of this beach waves hair for years, and are still doing the hair trend anywhere they can, from red carpets to celebs events or TV appearances.

WHY? Because of the effortlessness and how low-maintence it seems to look. It’s sexy. For instance, let’s take me. I know, how unpredictable.

Whenever I rock it, I feel like those Victoria Secret models ain’t got nothing on me. Bitch please! I got the beach waves, the sun glow, the 6 ft tall-ness, the swimwear. I tend to let myself get slightly carried away at times, but it’s the hair I swear.

Anyway, my blunt bloody truth about this hairstyle trend is this: IF I do manage to get it done properly, I will feel like I’m the fucking queen of beach waves and yachts. Only thing is, that ‘IF‘ is a pretty big one, and it only happens like once every 4 months maybe. And usually before hitting the shower.

Again, why? Cause I have thin straight hair, that no matter how much I will style, one wind blow and slight humidity (aka all throughout autumn to spring, and then summer at the beach) it will end up looking homeless. No sexy bed hair, no hawt beach waves hair. Just homeless style.

My predicament has taught me to come up with a few gimmicks that I know are also used by some other girls with the same or more amount of hair luck, as me.

beach-waves-hair-1 beach-waves-hair-2 beach-waves-hair-3 beach-waves-hair-4

How to get the beach waves hair?

1. Wash your hair with a good quality shampoo and then pamper it a little bit with a hair treatment mask and hair conditioning. Sing something to it, for relaxation you know.

Shop beach waves here:


2. Dry it in your towel. Make sure it’s a pretty towel though.

Shop beach waves here:


3. Use styling hair mousse, sea salt spray from roots to ends.

Shop beach waves here:


4. Let it dry naturally, but you don’t have to wait for it to be completely dry.

5. Make a centre part and split your hair into 2 or ever 4 sections, and twist them and tie them up in little buns. that you secure with hair bands or bobby pins. You will end up having 2 small twisted buns, one on each side, above your ears (think that 90s hair trend), OR for more well defined waves, 4 hair buns, 2 on each side, 2 up, and 2 down.

6. Keep your hair like this for a few hours, or even throughout the night (like I do, with my thin locks).

7. Take the buns down the next day, and comb them with your fingers.

8. You can add hairspray, and I also add a bit of dry shampoo to give it more texture and a bit of volume.

Shop beach waves here:


9. I love adding some hair oil on my ends, or even wax, to create that textured feel.

Shop beach waves here:


And ta-daaa… ready to hit the beach. Errr no. Well you can, but on those rare occasions I really nail this, I gotta take it throughout man. What I will do, is give you some major beach waves huuuuuurrrrrr envy with these fab hairstyles.


beach-waves-hair-5 beach-waves-hair-6 beach-waves-hair-7 beach-waves-hair-8 beach-waves-hair-9 beach-waves-hair-10 beach-waves-hair-11 beach-waves-hair-12 beach-waves-hair-13 beach-waves-hair-14 beach-waves-hair-15 beach-waves-hair-17 beach-waves-hair-18 beach-waves-hair-19 beach-waves-hair-20 how-to-get-beach-waves-hair.2 how-to-get-beach-waves-hair.3 how-to-get-beach-waves-hair.4 how-to-get-beach-waves-hair.5 how-to-get-beach-waves-hair.6

My hair, you know, has a very strong personality unlike its texture. Wish it were the other way around. The good thing though is… at the beach, while it may not look wavy, it’s got so much natural salt and sand in it, it will look beautifully dishevelled. Or so I like to think.

What? It’s Monday… I am literally day dreaming, and this post is not helping me at all. Now excuse me while I’ll go twist some buns in the hope of getting some waves.

Byeeeeeee. xoxo




The X and Y versus-talk is never ever a winning battle, but in fashion as in life, it ain’t all about the destination or the result. Sometimes the journey, aka the talk is the whole point – the cake AND the cherry on top too. (great, now I’m craving for chocolate cake.) With that out of the way we can easily discuss LIPS trends for 2015. 

We will not suck on bottles or what the hell that Kylie Jenner lip thing was about! Instead we will love our lips as they are and make them pretty with, here’s a thought: makeup.

LIPGLOSS lost a lot of trend-fashion battles lately, no denying, BUT here’s a thought: are we sabotaging its comeback for the fear of the 2000s comeback? Lipgloss was the epitome of that era, which is also known as the worst era in fashion. So we might just be chicken shit scared we’d start something we couldn’t stop. As harmless and as sparkly as glossy lips are… if they trigger the return of words-on-your-ass-trend and the juicy tracksuits, I’m done.

31c013e877db3508ba23384dbdc900d1 lipgloss-or-lipstick

That LIPSTICK has always been the #1 lip-makeup out there is no question. It has in fact increased in popularity 200% probably for the past 2 years if not more due to celebrities loving bold lips, dark lips, red lips, pink lips, matte lips, overlined lips and so on.

My mom’s no one accessory has always been and still is lipstick, and all I could think about growing up was ‘why the hell am I not growing up faster so I can wear bold lips?’ A few years older now (actually a lot, but anyway), and I can have a freaking lipstick party all day and all night, and what do I do? I don’t wear it. I only started wearing lipstick a few years ago, and ever since, I’m pretty much addicted to red lips once a week, or maybe every two weeks. I can only wear them out in the evening. No daytime for me, thank you. Baby steps people.

The perks of lipstick though are the fact that once you put it on you’re done. No need to worry about reapplying it every half hour. It stays on, it’s precise, it looks grown up, put together, polished, more sophisticated. It’s an accessory really.

What I have realised though is the fact that I resort to red lips, not as much as a complete-the-look sort of thing, but rather as a bold statement whenever I’m too lazy to wear something greater than red lips. So that’s my thing I guess.


653f6a4c3768d432517bcf0ed0badd24 a0ce9890f5dfafec51b7796656562c6d dark-lipstick matte-lips-looks matte-lipslipstick-versus-lipglosslipstickmatte-lipstick


How do I adorn and spoil my lips sans le lipstick? A lot of kisses. A lot of smiles. I pucker up sometimes. Oh, you meant makeup wise. I wear lips gloss. ‘What are you 5?’ I know I may be a little too above the age-limit, according to some www dot places around here, BUT what I have noticed and am fully prepare to confess to you all right here, right now is that I prefer lipgloss lately.


It’s easier to apply, it needs no extra precision, it does need reapplying BUT that’s easy, and it does not cake on your lips, it looks more natural, more glowing, kinda sexy in a very summerish sparkly sort of way. Very effortless. Easy to take off. Easy to put on. I am of course talking about natural shades of lipgloss. It’s those I love. Think Jennifer Lopez lipgloss. She is the QUEEN of glossy lips. FYI a lot of celebrities seem to prefer lip gloss over bold lipstick on the red carpet.

0bf68c74053a6e8244dc3f23567a5227 1325878326-peter-som__large jennifer-lopez-lipgloss Jennifer+Lopez+Makeup+Nude+Lipstick+rwkxpJh6VbAx

They do say (whoever they is): lipstick is for women and lipgloss is for girls. Uh-uh… I guess that means I’m having some age crisis for refusing to grow up, or perhaps lately I’m having a very no-fuss mood and lipgloss is simply easier to do. I don’t need a mirror and I get my glow on in as quick as 5 seconds. Beat that lipstick.

7ffeb9e44583c6fe02a9d5cb52022c6b 32c5ee7e4fad36dabd113943a1c44d47 040d9beb3ee15848-fashion-show-candice-swanepoel-hair-makeup-victorias-secret-hi-res-victoria-secret-1961528895 512px-Kim_Kardashian_2,_2012 0554e6bc6ce822246959a766f78baabb glossy-lips

For bold lips though – dark, berry, brown, red, pink – I actually prefer lipstick. Matte lipstick to be more precise. I also use lips pencil when I want to get my glamorous polished badass persona out for a drink.

Okay, enough said, lemme just gloss my lips now as I leave you with more glossy lips for inspo. Or more confusion.



LAS VEGAS, NV - OCTOBER 25:  Television personality Kim Kardashian arrives at the Tao Nightclub at The Venetian Las Vegas to celebrate her 34th birthday on October 25, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

b9f65c64c15557c2e36eb001aecec202 celebs-lipgloss d96bf6f33f09d3d21a855b92590aa5a7 f018d42d478f4f62969f59006e07fd59 gloss-lips glossy-lips-style glossy-lips-trend glossylips Hilary-Rhoda-positively-glowing-plenty-blush-glowing kim-kardashian-lopgloss lipgloss-trend lipgloss lipgloss.looks Miranda-Kerr-glowing-skin-glossy-pink-lips-were-perfect naomi neutral-make-up-look nude-glossy-lips pink-glossy-lips rare-appearance-from-Ashley-Olsen-saw-her-her-signature-style tumblr_nadh564Xmw1rc8bzqo1_500 two-tone-vampy-lips


So what do you think: lipgloss or lipstick? Are you having a hard time choosing OR are you totally sold on one over the other any day? WHICH ONE?




To BANG or not to BANG? That is the question on everyone’s lips this season. Well… it’s been on mine for a year now, ever since I’ve decided to be more adventurous HAIR wise. Now all I have to do is to just put this mind-decision into actual practice. We are talking BANGS HAIRSTYLES today, so don’t go out banging… your head against walls. If that’s what you thought I was talking about. Instead, let’s get chatty and serious about having BANGS.

From blunt, full, wispy, to side-swept, retro, or curly — 2015 seems to be all about bangs. Would that have anything to do with the 70s trend, and the rocker slash boho chic looks taking over streets, retail chains and world wide web pages and blogs, I wonder?

Uhhh… where do I place my bet on this one? 2015 seems to be a lot of things but mostly a return to retro 70s, and a redundant obsession with looking French chic. And if that does not involve bangs hairstyles, I don’t know what does. You don’t say or think bangs without Brigitte Bardot or Jane Birkin crossing your mind. If only for one second. And these days everyone’s obsessed with such style and beauty icons.

70s-style-bangs-hairstyles-4 bangs-hairstyles-trend-2015-1 brigitte-bardot-bangs-hairstyles retro-hairstyles-bangs-

Also, is it me, or is everyone these days trying to look like a boho queen? Think Jessa from ‘Girls’. I mean, it was only on Friday when I went out that I just realised, ‘Oh wait… I’m at Coachella! Had no idea.’ ‘No, idiot. You’re not. Everyone else thinks they are though.’ Ha. These bohemian romantic but very cool, effortless and slightly rocker looks involve a few things: shades or brown, kimonos, jewellery (massive earrings or rings especially), floral prints, wedge shoes, chunky heels, a glass of poison-by-choice in thy hands, and most of the times looong hair.

And as of lately the look has been sophisticated by BANGS. In fact I’ve had the bangs talk with 2 of my girlfriends over a glass of wine on that exact evening, one of these beauties actually rocking a full set of gorgeous bangs on her head since forever. And we started debating whether or not everyone would look good in bangs, and is it true: do bangs really make you look younger?

After endless bottles of wine we concluded everyone IS beautiful and bangs hairstyles could just be the secret weapon to looking flawless.

Actually we were not that far off, because as it turns out I keep stumbling over the same line – online – over and over, and over, and over again: bangs over botox ladies!

70s-bangs-hairstyle-trend 70s-style-bangs

Yes, we were right, thank you! Bangs do have the magic power to: conceal flaws, wipe years off our faces, and enhance our best features. There’s only one trick to this entire game: nailing the right bangs for your face shape.


Hold your horses. This shit does not stink THAT bad. Basically it’s all face-architecture.

  • Oval faces: blunt, side-swept, wispy, parted, full — any bangs style works.
  • Diamond face shape: side swept bangs work best.
  • Round faces: side-swept, or full blunt bangs I would even say.
  • Square faces: full 70s style bangs.

Ladies, these are all rules from god knows which online hub, shared and over-shared by the gurus, BUT the truth is you will only know once you try, and my plan, for myself, and plea to you, is to try with long bangs, side-swept par example, or middle-parted like those 70s looks. You can wear them full on if they look great, or play around with side-swept styles. IF any of these versions do you no justice, you can always wear them up in bobby-pins until they grows out.

70s-style-bangs-hairstyles-2 70s-style-bangs-hairstyles-3 70s-style-bangs-hairstyles-7 alexa-chung-bangs-hairstyle


1. Full Blunt Bangs

I love these and if I could I’d totally rock them. Of course I won’t know unless I try. Medium hairstyles with bangs or long hair with bangs, full and blunt look best.

bangs-hairstyles-2015-6 bangs-hairstyles-trend-2015-3 blunt-bangs-hairstyle

2. 70s Style Bangs.

These are by far my favourite, and the ones I am planning to try asap. Asap I grow some balls to chop off half of my hair from the front, that is. Cringe. I just think these bangs are the best full bangs and wispy bangs combo, and look best worn slightly side-swept or middle-parted.

70s-style-bangs-hairstyles-1 bangs-hairstyles-trend-2015-2 bangs-hairstyles-trend-2015-4 bangs-hairstyles-trend-2015-5 c58b0e3073ae8cc6c53f3dad55154897

3. Side Bangs

Are the easiest to try, to do, to grow out, and actually fit any face shape. They might just be the entry level to getting or committing to bangs. When talking haircuts with bangs, side swept bangs could basically fit any style, from long to uber short, pixie cut hair.

short-hairstyles-with-bangs-1 side-bangs-hairstyles

4. Curly Bangs

Do not wtt?-me right now. Think Rihanna when she had red curly hair. Every single girl with natural curly hair would be able to rock bangs. With the right cut, they frame the face in the most beautiful bohemian cool way possible. Some say it’s a no-no but I think curly hair with bangs is pretty amazing.

curly-hair-with-bangs-look image1 short-hairstyles-with-bangs-2 short-hairstyles-with-bangs-3curly-hair-with-bangs-rihannarihanna-curly-bangs

At the end of the day though, bangs are for some a can’t-live-without hair-gimmick. A full commitment. While for others, myself included, they remain this huge ‘what if’. And to be honest while I think bangs look really nice, girly, sweet and so very young on women, I do know a few who look better without. Hello, Kim Kardashian for example. She looked nice with bangs, but so much better without. By far! So… it does make you wonder does’t it? And if she does’t have the best hair stylists, I don’t know who does.

kimkardashian-bangs kimkardashian-full-blunt-bangs

Before wrapping it up, let’s see more pics.

bangs bangs-70s-looks-in-2015 bangs-hairstyles bangs-styles-face-shapes bangs-styles bangs-trend-hairstyle Casual-bob-bangs-hairstyle celebrities-with-bangs curly-hair-with-bangs easy-hairstyles-with-bangs1 ecae019605d1b4a51c6810c22c2a4dfd full-bangs-hairstyles full-bangs-long-hairstyles full-bangs-looks full-bangs full-blunt-bangs full-whispy-side-bangs hairstyles-2015-bangs Jennifer-Lopez-long-hairstyles-with-bangs-1 long-hair-bangs long-hair-blunt-full-bangs-look long-hairstyles-with-bangs-1 long-hairstyles-with-bangs-looks-1 long-hairstyles-with-bangs-looks-6 long-hairstyles-with-bangs-looks-7 medium-hair-bangs medium-hairstyles-with-bangs-1 medium-hairstyles-with-bangs-2 medium-hairstyles-with-bangs-emma-stone medium-hairstyles-with-bangs-looks medium-hairstyles-with-bangs-rihanna bangs hairstyles bangs hairstyles bangs hairstyles

Yeah… bangs are sophisticated and uber French chic, and in more than 90% cases they wipe off a few years, BUT, one blog post later, and the question still remains:


Only one way to find out.

Let’s hear it from you. In all honestly I would love to hear your bangs hairstyles experiences and thoughts, so feel free to share and comment down below.


No, I did not just hit my head, nor am I writing this drunk. I’ve actually never been more serious, and sober for that matter. GREY HAIR is a thing these days, and GRANNY GLAM just became a massive hair trend in 2015. Whaaaaaaaaa?!

Are we loving it ladies? Yes, we are. Why? First of all cause it looks fabulous and second of all, for everything it actually stands for. For decades fashion has been throwing beauty stereotypes our way all centred around the idea of youth, as if being young is a choice and there are tons of immortals and beautiful vampires out there to whose looks we’re all dying to aspire.

To think youth is beauty is normal, but to limit beauty to this concept is ridiculous. Millions of women well beyond the age of 50 or 60 look more stunning than millions of other girls in their 20s. And viceversa. Beauty comes from within, from confidence, from brilliance, from happiness, from kindness, from strength, from love, from attitude, charisma and so much more that rarely has to do with just looks.

Of course as humans subjected to time passing and the oh-so-scary-getting-old-stage in our lives we try to keep ourselves young as much as we can. And yes, hair colouring is one gimmick billions of women of all ages are doing. 1) For the trend of it, and 2) for necessity – covering up those silver hairs.

beauty-trend-grey-hair glam-old-ladies-grey-hair granny-glam-hair-trend

The fact that fashion just put grey hair on a trend pedestal only comes to show us how stupid actually all these beauty-ideas are. Of course a lot can be said about this, and truth be told I’m not even sure if there’s a wrong or right.

The Granny Glam hair trend was started by young girls and beauty bloggers who made their locks silver and kept their makeup sassy: bold lips, perfectly applied eyeliner and lashes, long nails, contouring on point, while their mothers and grandmothers continue to dye their grey hair.

grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-8 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-17

Still, there are loads of other woman out there, way before this became a trend, with natural silver hair that frankly don’t give a fuck about hair trends and colouring and wear their manes with the pride that only comes with time and self-confidence. And they look stunning.

grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-7 natural-grey-hair-looks

At the end of the day the grey hair trend could be just another fad, that may or may not liberate the idea of beauty for some women. Cause really it’s up to each and every one of us.

I don’t have any silver hairs yet, but I’d go granny glam if only I’d have a glam squad. Now… if I had a head full of grey hair… in all honesty I’m not sure I’d rock that shit. Cause I couldn’t. Of course, I can only hope time strengthens my self-confidence and I might be this posh lady with beautiful silver hair, perfect lips and groomed nails when the time comes.

I might have gotten a bit carried away here on the idea of beauty and youth, but I feel like fashion FINALLY does make a point, and this might just be one of the brilliant fashion movements we’ve all been waiting for. Beauty is after all so very subjective and limiting it to one or two ideas is a complete waste of… beauty itself.

Although the granny hair trend became a look right now, courtesy of young girls (who let’s be honest here, could do whatever they wanted with youth on their side)… some of us will perhaps overthink this in a good way. I mean why do we regard men with a few silver hairs as bloody hot? See my point?

grey-blue-hair grey-hair-glam-style grey-hair-glam

The above rant aside, we are still faced with one question: can everyone do grey hair as a trend, and of so, are there any styling tips?

The thing about grey hair I think is it tends to wash you out, so finding the right shade (sounds silly, but Im guessing when dyeing your locks silver it does come down to more shades to pick from) is crucial. The granny glam hair trend comes in white hair, even a certain shade of platinum, grey, or greyish blue.

Makeup wise you need to go full on, if you ask me, in order to avoid the aforementioned washed-out effect. Bold lips look amazing!

grey-hair-trend street-style-grey-hair-3

Style wise: anything that clashes with the idea of grey hair works its magic. Edgy looks, over-the-top glamorous styles, a bit of rocknroll vibes all create a great style balance against silver hair.

grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-1 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-2 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-3 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-5 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-10

So ladies if you dare to do this incredibly statement and fabulous look kudos to you. If you’ve already got a few silvers in your hair I think right now would be a great time to stop stressing about it.  And last but certainly not least, if you’re already rocking the natural silver mane you are fantastic.

the pics now…

grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-4 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-6 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-11 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-13 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-14 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-15 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-16 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-18 grey-hair-style-2015 grey-hair-trend-spring-2015hair-trend-grey-hair natural-grey-hair shades-of-grey-hair street-style-grey-hair street-style-grey-hair-1 street-style-grey-hair-4 street-style-grey-hair-5 street-style-grey-hair-7 street-style-grey-hair-8 street-style-grey-hair-9 street-style-grey-hair-10 street-style-grey-hair-12

Beauty is just an idea we all have in our minds and hearts and we owe it to ourselves to expand it, break its boundaries and ironically not focus it on looks but rather on what truly makes a woman beautiful. Age and hair have nothing to do with it. My money’s on kindness, love, true friendship, strength, and happiness.

Here’s to all the women out there! #youareallbeautiful