Eyewear Trends For Summer: CAT-EYES!

The fact that nothing is out of fashion these days, makes the TREND of wearing eye-wear a blessing for us short sighted people. Of course if that weren’t so, and wearing glasses would be a fashion crime, I’d be banned from the sartorial word.

Hello, my name is Dana Cristina and I am blind as a bat.

But fashion is one hell of a lady, and not only so many eyewear glasses are trendy these days, but clashing styles, and wearing glasses on a night-out even, or out of office with quirky outfits and edgy looks is quite the fashion statement. Long gone are the days when eyewear was only worn to complete a certain professional style.

Today, eyewear is a trend. Period. It’s part of a look even.

lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-1 lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-7

Eyewear fashion for 2015 summer is still strong on thick dark rims, geek styles, retro designs, with a massive emphasis on: funky coloured  printed, even wood rims, AND a huge comeback for CAT EYE glasses, whether sunglasses or eyewear.

The 70s may be back in fashion, but when it comes to eyewear it’s the 50s and the 60s that rule the world. Mad Man series finally paid off, and to be honest I think that’s great, cause the bold thick black geek-wayfarers eyewear were starting to be a bit too ubiquitous.

So if you’re a blind bat, or just have a penchant for brilliant eyewear you probably understand my obsession with glasses. I will never have too many. Ever. And shopping for them ONLINE, for me… it’s sort of a guilty pleasure.


When the amazing team over at Lensway – a fantastic eyewear shop with so so many great designs, wanted to gift me with a pair of eyewear you can imagine my state. No. I did not go get drunk to celebrate, although I could have. What I did was spend hours… read that again, hours browsing their shop.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhmazing! *sing with me*

So it was instantly coup de foudre between us and Lensway became my fave online eyewear shop because they offer designer glasses (both eyewear as well as sunglasses) in the most diverse range of styles & colours. The thing is, all their designs are classy, elegant but at the same time they’ve got that trendy quality to them. And the quality is fantastic. If however, you’re not a glasses person every day of the week, no worries, Lensway has your back – they do sell contact lenses as well.

In this blogpost I am wearing Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses – Lavander Brown. 

lensway-eyewear-fashiontag-outfit-1 lensway-eyewear-fashiontag-outfit-3

Why I am now in a serious love relationship with Derek Cardigan glasses?

More so, these lavender print ones? They look incredibly classy and rich. The slight cat-eye design gives them a retro vibe, which mixed with the lavender print, and the wood inspired side-rims makes them super sophisticated. And versatile. Plus they are the most feminine and dainty glasses I have ever had and worn.


Quality wise… 100% YAS with a major note: they are so light, and leave no marks on your nose. THIS I absolutely love, cause I do sometimes take them off or lend them to my friends to try them on, and because they’re light I don’t look like I’m still wearing invisible glasses on my nose.

I got them on Friday and those who follow me on Instagram saw I wore them with a plain T-shirt and a statement necklace then.Yesterday I had them on with a midi jersey dress and cut-out boots. So… I’ve done nothing to change my style, which is kinda eclectic but slightly edgy and casual, but instead just slapped these beauties onto my face and they blended in perfectly. And even if they clashed to a certain style, which they did, it gave the whole look more sartorial personality.

lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-11 lensway-eyewear-fashiontag-outfit-5 lensway-eyewear-fashiontag-outfit-6

For the photoshoot I tried to dress badass sophisticated with a dash of edgy, ‘tried’ being the key word. Regardless of me pulling it off or not, I had a blast. My friend and I made it a great afternoon with the occasional and always present stand by-ers, and the wrapping up lemonade and girl talk at the end. Amen to that!

I know I sound like a broken record here, and whenever I have a new pair I’m always in love with my new glasses, falling-in-crushes being my middle name, BUT these Derek Cardigan glasses are the bomb.

Period. and now the pics.

lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-2 lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-3 lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-5 lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-8 lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-9 lensway-eyewear-derek-cardigan-glasses-thefashiontag-look-10 lensway-eyewear-fashiontag-outfit-2 lensway-eyewear-fashiontag-outfit-7

If you like them, buy them here: Derek Cardigan

If you’re just browsing for that just-in-case-moment slash ah-OMG-I-am-in-love, please cheek out their shop. EYEWEAR heaven people. You will love it guaranteed.

Lensway – Designer Eyewear

Thank you for the photos Florina! xoxo