Casual Outfits To Wear In Between Those Xmas Parties

I get it. No, seriously I do. Everyone these days is high on tinsel, and snowflakes, and trees, singing carols off the top of their lungs, while being draped in glitter trying to please their Santa. Whatever.

If you could just come down from the top of your mountain for a bit and pause on Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Xmas’ song, you’d realise that somewhere in between the parties, and the fancy clothes, and the overspending on gifts, and the boozing, and the decorating, and the families, and the friends, and all the beautiful shit, at the end of the day – you still have to work. As in go to work. Yes, that office building you probably hate by now, or that coffee shop you sometimes write or design from. Not everyone’s on holiday just yet, and even if they are – what? Is everyone gonna wear a sequin dress and stiletto Louboutins on her way to the market in the morning, 2 days before Christmas?

Yeah. I thought so too.

casual-christmas-looks casual-holidays-looks

At this point you might be inclined to think I have a bone to pick against Christmas. What the fuck! Are you mad. I’ll take any chance to have fun and meet loved ones, I’ll use up any excuse to dress up, eat up, drink up et all. You know me, I’m not very good with ‘no’s’. It’s just that sometimes I seriously can’t be bothered with any doze of merry merry merry times. You know? Let alone the overdose that’s happening these days. Ugh.

Can a girl just focus on binge watching all sorts of shows, overdosing on pizza, wine, chocolate, films. Pick her company and wear anything from her pjs to her birthday suit? And no, none of that Netflix and Chill crap, that’s just a lame saying these days. What are we fucking 15? Don’t sugar coat it, we’re all adults here, on the same side you know. Usually wanting and falling for the same shit.

Aaaaanyway… between all the family dinners, and parties, and fancy schmancy shit… we are usually required to wear something less opulent during the days to get us by for work, shopping, coffees, picking kids from school, cooking, staying home, reading, writing, going to spin class, working 2, 3 jobs, etc. We’re not all VIPs jumping from one limo to the next in sequinned high slit dresses and flawless hair.

casual-looks-before-Christmas-1 casual-looks-before-Christmas-14 casual-looks-before-Christmas-15

Which brings me to today’s agenda: How to nail a casual Christmas outfit?  Or, what if we’re not going anywhere special, what can we wear other than our PJS? Oh wait… isn’t that an option? I am known to fuck all the rules anyway…

It’s a known fact that some people sometimes, as sartorial and as fashion addicted as they are, can’t be bothered with fashion AT ALL. It’s also thanks to us that there is such a thing as casual cool, or effortless chic, a style gimmick that makes wearing jeans or sweaters or sneakers appropriate for almost anything. Yes, office too. Yes, holiday lunches and dinners too. Yes, running errands too. Well… especially.

The thing is, if it’s for work, make sure it’s slightly polished and don’t go too crazy on shredded jeans, instead opt for a more clean version, or for some pants. Pair them with a cozy sweater or a button down.

The rest of the times, anything works: oversized is better, playing with silhouettes is a dream, comfy shoes are a must, and the best tip from me to you: no matter the size of your pants (skinny of baggy) always go for an oversized top, whether it’s a sweater, a shirt, a tee, a button-down, a blouse. It just looks better.

Shoes wise I love tennis shoes, sneakers, brogues, ankle boots, flat thigh high boots. Even heels can work and you can make them look casual with a pair of jeans and a big big sweater.

Key pieces to guarantee a casual winter look for the holidays, even if you’re lazy as fuck to give a damn.


And then some looks for inspo…


casual-looks-before-Christmas-2 casual-looks-before-Christmas-3 casual-looks-before-Christmas-4 casual-looks-before-Christmas-6 casual-looks-before-Christmas-9 casual-looks-before-Christmas-10 casual-looks-before-Christmas-11 casual-looks-before-Christmas-12 casual-looks-before-Christmas-13 casual-looks

You know… if all else fails, dress to your mood. I’ll be over at my desk, wearing my duvet. What?

Av a great one!