Give me a Seinfeld episode and I’ll laugh for days. Give me a cape, and I’ll do the same. I can’t begin to tell you the wrong levels on all the above, but truth be told it ain’t that wrong. It’s weird – like what does Seinfeld have to do with a cape? – but it’s not wrong.

Well… perhaps the second part is. A CAPE instead of a coat? What are we, D’Artagnan fucking musketeer? What’s next, a sword instead of a bag? This was my first reaction to capes – when they first started making sartorial waves, circa last year – not that far off from George Constanza’s reaction to his dad being seen with a man in a cape. Oh man, and what an episode that was.

‘Aaa to hell with them.’


For over a year I was cracking cape jokes like I was freaking Jerry and George altogether, but who’s laughing now as we speak, huh? Loving capes and everything. Well, that would still be me, cause I’ve just watched that Seinfeld scene, but regarding the capes… yeah, I guess joke’s on me.

I adore them right now, and would trade coats for them in a blink of an eye. But let’s forget about me for a second (I know, that’s like totally hard, but let’s try.), and focus on CAPES. Why are they making such a splash these days, and are they really the new coats?

The first ‘why’ has to do basically with fashion cyclical life, and the 70s comeback, the difference being capes in 2015-2016 autumn/winter is the fact that they’re more diverse, from uber polished styles, to casual, to dramatic, to boho-chic.

If, in the past capes were worn by just certain girls with a more retro bohemian style to them, or were in fact vintage pieces, today every single fashionista or fashion victim if you will has got one on her back.

The second part of my lingering question comes with a YES, capes the new coats is a true statement. I, for one have had it with coats, I mean we’ve worn them for decades, every style, every look, every design has been did and done. It’s time for something else.

capes-the-new-coats-1 capes-the-new-coats-2 capes-the-new-coats-3 capes-the-new-coats-4

How to wear capes?

Now that’s where the tricky part is. Short capes, down to your hips are the easiest to wear, as they tend to elongate, and not make you look like you got lost in them. They look fantastic with jeans, and suit trousers, even a suit underneath with stiletto shoes, they look great with casual boots and sweaters.

They do sometimes tend to make us look like giant bees with tiny feet, and skinny legs, but that’s just the cool-weirdness of this look, so don’t let it scare you.


Mid-length capes are great with a more polished look, with high heels and pencil skirts, or dresses underneath. Think of them as midi coats which are perfect for an office look.


Extra long capes are borderline Robin Hood, or why not vampire attire. Dramatic and gorgeous. They look fabulous for evening with heels and dresses for the night.



The best part about capes is that 1. You can wear anything underneath, thick or bulky – no worries on how the sleeves will fit, or will you be able to button up with those layers underneath; and 2. You can rock long gloves with them. THIS is perfection.

So in case you’re on the lookout for some capes to replace your coats this season, I’ve picked some pieces for you below:


Aside from myself, I’ve never met a woman who didn’t like capes. I’ve come to my senses though, and LOVE them now. How could I not see how feminine and retro-cool they look? They’re sophisticated in that 70s sort of way, they’re girly, not serious, but quite polished and stylish.

Street style for inspo below:


capes-the-new-coats-5 capes-trend-2015-0 capes-trend-2015-1 capes-trend-2015-2 capes-trend-2015-3 capes-trend-2015-5 capes-trend-2015-7 capes-trend-2015-8 capes-trend-2015-10 capes-trend-2015-12 capes-trend-2015-13 capes-trend-2015-15 capes-trend-2015-16 capes-trend-2015-17 capes-trend-2015-18 capes-trend-2015-19 capes-trend-2015-20 capes-trend-2015-21 capes-trend-2015-22 capes-trend-2015-23 capes-trend-2015-24 capes-trend-2015-25 capes-trend-2015-26 capes-trend-2015-27 capes-trend-2015-28

So what do you think: yes or no to capes?

Have a great weekend everyone!


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