candice-swanepoel-hairI wonder do all women have girl crushes and find themselves falling for a certain celeb out there who just seems to be a perfect bff were it not for this thing called reality getting in the way? And is it like this, us mortals end up having style icons or role models? Sure, talking about jobs, men, relationships and whatnot is fun, but chatting about a girl crush like Candice Swanepoel, her style, her hair, her makeup, clothes et all, is so much better. And if she seems down to earth and laid back, you could practically hang out together in unicorn world. So I thought why not play this game today where we share our fave girls out there and why we love them. candice-swanepoel-star-stylecandice-swanepoel-makeup-hairstyleAlso I felt this post was a necessity due to its dose of beauty and hotness, cause we’re living in the dawn of all ugly trends: mules are back, birkenstocks are suddenly cool, normcore is massive, culottes are great, what the hell is happening right? And although a bit of this fashion ugliness is welcomed and I will post about these soon, I feel as if sometimes we just wanna be girls, and wear beautiful things, and giggle, and look pretty and dream about great holidays, great moments, great outfits and all that crap. :) I-Get-Goosebumps-Candice-Swanepoel-Chats-About-Life-Victoria-Secret-Modelfa5794b33c7efddb48948e704ac500d1candice-swanepoel-hat Those who know me, probably saw this girl crush coming (alongside Rihanna) as I love models (all models) and I’m a summer girl, and Candice Swanepoel is for me the epiphany of these two. Born in South Africa (my I-wish-I-was born-in-countries-are: Australia, South Africa or Brazil, in case this is not weird enough), and now living in Brazil, this 25 year old Victoria Secret model looks like the perfect girl (her body is skinny but not in a sick way at all, which I love) and she’s got this all around summer beach style that I simply adore. candice-swanepoel-beach stylecandice-swanepoel-style (13)candice-swanepoel-style-cutoffs-hatI love her in her swimsuits and beach cover ups, her cutoffs, cool shades and hats, with her gold body chains, but also she’s got a great casual street style, and really nails the model off duty look brilliantly. candice-swanepoel-style (14)candice-swanepoel-style (18)candice-swanepoel-style (15)candice-swanepoel-style (25)But when she steps on the red carpet, Candice Swanepoel wows by far, especially when she’s wearing white or black. Stunning. candice-swanepoel-leather-dresscandice-swanepoel-white-dressAnd if you think her looks and super thin toned body come easy, (well they do. doh. but seriously no one looks like this by eating fast food and sitting on her ass.) think again. She’s been super open about her diet and work out plan and confesses that she’s been disciplined all her life and eats healthy and works out constantly, especially before a Victoria Secret show, when she drinks tons of water, “takes vitamins and protein shakes and supplements with eco-friendly ingredients.  candice-swanepoel-candice-swanepoel-bikinicandice-swanepoel-style (8)candice-swanepoel-style (21)candice-swanepoel-style (23)And with all this she still says she’s not perfect and posted a pic of her bum on Instagram showing a bit of cellulite with the caption “Remember nobody’s perfect”, and had all her followers love her even more for this. Down to earth, fun, real and not afraid to strip off of any beauty/style gimmicks to show the world she’s real, makes her really one of my favorite ladies out there.

So let’s have a look at Candice Swanepoel’s style on and off camera. ;) beach-style-candice-swanepoelcandice-swanepoel-casual-lookcandice-swanepoel-on-the-beachcandice-swanepoel-red-carpetcandice-swanepoel-street-stylecandice-swanepoel-street-stylwcandice-swanepoel-style (3)candice-swanepoel-style (4)candice-swanepoel-style (5)candice-swanepoel-style (6)candice-swanepoel-style (7)candice-swanepoel-style (10)candice-swanepoel-style (11)candice-swanepoel-style (12)candice-swanepoel-style (17)candice-swanepoel-style (20)candice-swanepoel-style (24)candice-swanepoel-style-streetcandice-swanepoel-style-red-carpet (2)candice-swanepoel-style-iconcandice-swanepoel-style-dresscandice-swanepoel-style-beachcandice-swanepoel-style-beach (2)candice-swanepoel-style-airportcandice-swanepoel-styleAnd now let’s chat about your girl crushes. ;)


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  1. Vada says:

    whoah this blog is fantastic i love reading your articles. Stay up the good paintings! You realize, lots of persons are looking round for this info, you could aid them greatly.

  2. M. says:

    Yes,Candice is so perfect (her hourglass body shape always makes my jaw dropped) that sometimes I feel like she is from another realm ;) And she likes fedoras, so she must be cool :P
    My girl crush is Penelope Cruz and Rachel Weisz. I don’t know excatly why (yeah,I know they’re great actresses etc.,etc.) but for me they have that mystery in their eyes, smile…When I’m looking at them it’s like I’m looking at some masterpieces of art. They’re classy but not dull, voluptuous, not vulgar.
    I also like Rihanna and her quirky-sexy style, fashion- and life- style.She does what she wants and doesn’t bother all that fuss ‘Oh! Riri showed her tits on the cover again!’ or something like that.
    I like fashion style of Florence Welsh as well.
    I would like to party with Shakira. She seems to be so friendly, down to earth and funny person. And I’m sure that I have more famous girl crushes but I can’t remeber all their names now ;)

  3. redwithenvy says:

    Great Post! Love Candice
    But my all time girl crush is probably Rosie Huntington-Whiteley !
    I just can’t get enough of her style and perfect pout.

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      Thank you!!! Omg rosie used to be another of my girl crushes lol. She’s amazing as well. and these 2 are bffs I’ve heard. haha. So funny. Anyway, yeah all these models are just young beautiful girls who have tons of fun and the best job ever, so of course we love them. Thanks xoox


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