Before we completely dive into 2018 autumn fashions and bundling-up outfits I’m gonna give one last call for one of summer’s biggest trends: buttons! They’ve been on my mind and in my outfits quite a lot this past few months, and given their sartorial ubiquity and compatibility with fall seasons… I think this talk is quite appropriate in fact.

Not too long ago I was stating how 2018 summer was all about the luxe laid back style, with a dash of retro celebration – and buttons fall right into this fab fashion pic. Everything with buttons was a hit. And suddenly everything needed buttons, either real or mock. They were decorating dresses, skirts, shirts, sleeves, backs, shirts, bags…

The questions is: why do we have to limit this trend to summer?

Can we do the button trend in autumn 2018?

With the 80s revival coming up so strong I would guess it’s all about neon and zippers, but I also like to think the world of fashion is a free one so if you’re into buttons… button them up, what can I say.

A dash of retro and chicness will always look amazing, so damn the trends if they don’t agree.

How to wear buttons in autumn 2018?

For summer they looked amazing in dark brown colours, on nude beige dresses, and white linen shirts. For 2018 autumn try them on blazers, high waisted pants, tops’ sleeves. In fact, double breasted blazers are such a 2018 autumn thing already… so if that’s not a buttons hint I don’t know what is.

Wear button mini cardigans paired with plaid skirts and ankle boots.

Rock double breasted trench-coats. Mock button sleeves on your fave sweaters.

But somehow autumn *still* feels miles away…

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xoxo D.