Are Boyish Jeans the Most Sustainable Jeans You Can Buy?

There are so many reasons why we love denim jeans. For some of us, it’s the freedom to wear boy-like options and still appear like the sexiest woman alive. For others, it’s the environmental impact that denim jeans have. From the production of the raw material to the creation of the final fabric, denim jeans are all about saving Mother Nature.

While there are so many leading denim jeans brands on the market today, Boyish is the most sustainable. This is actually their selling point but you also can’t ignore their sense of fashion. Their boy-like denim jeans are the trendiest jeans around. They come with a vintage style that’s highlighted by a modern vibe.

From their mini skirt jeans to their standard denim jeans, fashion and sustainability are written all over. But if we can stick to the second part, there are several reasons to believe that Boyish Jeans are the most sustainable denim jeans around. Moreover, you can find Boyish jeans promo codes on that can get you some discount.

Here are the top ones:

  1. Sustainable Fabric

You probably are aware that cotton is one of the most sustainable materials. Luckily for Boyish Jeans, the material is the primary ingredient. There are a couple of reasons why they use cotton as their primary ingredient. One, it is energy-efficient. In fact, cotton is more energy-efficient than synthetic fabric. Simply put, it doesn’t take so much energy to produce Jeans from cotton.

Two, most of the cotton comes from Brazil with some from Turkey. The good thing about these two countries is that their cotton is certified to be sustainable by societies like OCS and BCI. In addition to cotton, their second most used material, deadstock, is also sustainable. Deadstock is highly considered because it doesn’t result in carbon emission during the manufacturing process.

  1. Sustainable Accessories

The buttons of Boyish Jeans are made from sustainable materials. Boyish has gone a step further to use recyclable plastic for the buttons. The same can also be said about the clothes label. It’s very uncommon to find a brand that goes out of its way to make clothes accessories that are sustainable. A majority of brands only concentrate on the fabric and nothing else.

  1. Water-Efficiency 

The fabrics used to make Boyish Jeans generally do not require so much water during the production stage. Compared to most denim jeans brands, Boyish Jeans only use a third of the water that the brands use. This is quite remarkable considering how much water they are able to save. During the laundry process, a small volume of water is used as the numbers of dips are reduced. This means that less dye is washed off from the fabric.

  1. Supplier Auditing and Partnerships

Boyish is generally open to working with suppliers who are willing to promote their dream of sustainability through clothing manufacturing. To ensure that their suppliers meet their standards of production and are socially and environmentally responsible, Boyish hires Intertek to audit the suppliers. So, Intertek always ensures that every supplier they are instructed to audit is supplying materials that are both safe and non-toxic.

Recently, Boyish partnered with 1% For the Planet, an eco-conscious non-profit. They are able to contribute 1% of their annual profit to the organization to assist in the fight for environmental conservation. So many organizations that are advocates for environmental conservation support the organization and so it makes sense for Boyish to join the community.

  1. Zero Water Pollution

During the dye dipping phase of making Boyish Jeans, the fact that there are few dips implies that very minimal dye is washed down. So, there’s little to zero dye release to the environment. Also, the amount of caustic soda together with sulfates is roughly 80% less if compared to what most clothes brands use. This really shows that they are very conservative when it comes to the environment. They always ensure that water is efficiently used without risking pollution.

  1. Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

Boyish does not just prioritize on reducing water wastage and reusing of the same. They also prioritize reducing fabric wastage and encouraging fabric recycling. Starting with cotton, it doesn’t require any water to recycle. So, they are able to recycle it while still saving on water usage.

The other material that they cut on wastage while encouraging reuse is deadstock. Actually, 20% of boyish Jeans are made from recycled deadstock fabric. What makes Boyish so good at recycling fabrics is that the recycled material looks like the original virgin material. At the end of the day, no one can tell the difference between what’s recycled and what’s not.

Wrapping up 

Boyish Jeans are specifically designed for the young woman and girl who’s a fan of boy-like jeans. The jeans are all about sustainability and caring for our planet. Everything about the clothes reminds you of how important it is to look after our environment. So, if you are an eco-conscious person, then use Boyish Jeans promo codes to score a huge discount on your first purchase.