The thing about boyfriend jeans is that, (1) no male specimen is required, and (2) the aforementioned baggy jeans can be either trend or staple. Yet, if we’re to act like respectable sartorials over here we might just look the truth straight in the eye and tell it like it is.

Boyfriend jeans started off a few years ago as this uber and frankly way too trendy item in every girl’s closet. Their birth as baggy relaxed jeans totally opposite to their skinny siblings, had probably something to do with the 80s mom jeans (that too are back in fashion) and the classic boot cut denim design of the 90s. Before we knew it we were bitch slapped over our fashion penchants with an invasion of oversized baggy loose jeans more shredded than our thoughts on whiskey. And we embraced them. And wore them to death, as if we’ve had enough of skinnies and proper denim.

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Ever since that day… we can’t get over them. Our crush has turned into real love apparently. And this has turned the uber trendy trait of the boyfriend jeans into a staple quality. And with that I dare say it has moulded the boyfriend jeans styles and way-of-wearing-them into more French chic simple looks rather than fashion-victim-vibes.

Does this make any sense? For instance, when they first broke into fashion boyfriend jeans were both baggy and shredded, always, and I mean always worn with stiletto heels and some luxe inspired sweatshirt. The tight top lose pants balance was not a special gimmick anymore but some BF jeans how-to-wear-them-rule. Top this off with bold lips or nails, with a posh bag or clutch and you risked looking sartorially generic rather than edgy or original.

Today though, perhaps due to our desire to not throw these super comfy and otherwise great looking jeans style out the window, we decided to simply strip them off of all that’s too in-your-face-and-fashion-striving-for-attention bits.

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Sure, we’ve all been guilty of the first style scenario, but the moment someone is so inspired by a look to the point of copying it to its core, I’m done. Copying something is just giving in to laziness. And that is something we don’t do. Amen!

Hence the new simple look of the boyfriend jeans, the one that’s simple. More clean. More understated Parisian rather than look-at-me-look-at-me. Which only brings me to my next Q and point.


Key words: simplicity. chicness. effortlessness. Boyfriend jeans look absolutely fantastic with a basic white or blue crispy shirt, with a basic T-shirt, a loose blouse, or a crop top. A blazer on top is just perfect and I prefer that to a leather jacket for example, just cause I feel the latter is way too trendy. Which is great, but it’s too mainstream.

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Jackets wise: a thin long trench looks fab with BF jeans, a kimono is fantastic.

Shoes wise it’s about balance. Anything looks great BUT if the jeans are too shredded and you wear them with stiletto fuck-me-now-lace-up heels it might again look too effortless-staged. So, personally I’d leave uber sophisticated stiletto heels for more underrated BF jeans style, and instead go for simple heeled shoes, sneakers, flat sandals.

If the BF jeans are more on the mom-jeans side, than a pair of over-the-top shoes is simply perfect.

boyfriend-jeans-trend-streetstyle-13 jeans-boyfriend-1 jeans-trend-boyfriend-jeans-1

The best thing about boyfriend jeans though is the fact that they literally became a staple for everyday, for weekends, for casual looks, and they do blend in perfectly with slip-ons, sneakers, flats, and can look over glam when paired with sequinned tops and sexy heels.

And now more street style for inspo and down below some BF jeans to shop in case we’re craving for more denim in our lives. :)

boyfriend-jeans-spring-looks-1 Celebrity Sightings In London - June 16, 2013 boyfriend-jeans-styles-2 boyfriend-jeans-styles-3 boyfriend-jeans-styles-8 boyfriend-jeans-styles-10 boyfriend-jeans-summer-style-2 boyfriend-jeans-summer-style-4 boyfriend-jeans-summer-style-5 boyfriend-jeans-trend-streetstyle-1 boyfriend jeans boyfriend jeans boyfriend jeans boyfriend jeans boyfriend jeans boyfriend jeans boyfriend jeans boyfriend jeans boyfriend-jeans-trend-streetstyle-15 boyfriend-jeans-trend-streetstyle-16 boyfriend-jeans jeans-staple-boyfriend-jeans jeans-trend-boyfriend-jeans-2 jeans-trend-boyfriend-jeans-3


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