Bodysuit Look

Let’s just put it this way: if it was socially acceptable, or I was Rihanna in Cannes that day, I’d only wear bodysuits. Fullstop. I know what y’all are gonna say – but, but, but, the 80s are dead girl. Well… not for me. On top of all my fashion crushes and obsessions the BODYSUIT look is not going anywhere as far as I’m concerned. Especially with fall coming and the temperatures dropping I can’t think of a better top to make us look sleek, put together, kinda sexy, and keep us warm. It’s a blessing.

When TUXE Bodywear gifted me with THIS bodysuit I’m wearing today I was over the moon, bombarded with millions of ways I’m gonna wear it. Cause you see, that’s the thing about bodysuits, they’re so incredibly versatile, styling them is a no-brainer. From office hours paired with smart pants, pencil skirts, to casual days in jeans, to more glam-urban looks (who me?) it’s a heaven for sartorial lovers.


I am wearing the Keynote Stripe TUXE Bodysuit and let me tell you it feels amazing. Yes, it looks fabulous, and it gives a certain kind of empowerment, and girls-run-the-world-mood, but it’s so fuss-free you’re bound to fall for it. The fabric is soft, with a bit of stretch, so it hugs the body, leaving no trims, no lines, no need to keep on tucking that top you’d otherwise be wearing. Being a tall woman I’ve always had a bit of a predicament with bodysuits and jumpsuits, but this one I’m wearing just fitted like a glove. Amen to that!

Shipping was fast, size was perfect, quality beyond! and, frankly it delivered more than I bargained for.

bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-8 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-15 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-16

The company who makes and designs them is TUXE Bodywear – European Luxe bodysuits brand – powered by women who cater to what women want. No, not eating without gaining weight. Close though: looking gorgeous AND feeling great. Comfortable.

Ever since I got it I can’t stop wearing it, to meetings, to lunches, on Sundays with my family, out with the girls. In today’s post I’m wearing it simple: high waisted skinny jeans and classic heels. I wanted to go for that 90s urban glam vibe borderline Linda Evanghelista in her modelling days. ‘Wanted’ that’s the key word.

Being a bit chilly I wore my leather jacket on top, and my wild hair which I gave up on a while ago. I mean, why fight bad hair days? It’s a waste of energy. Thats’s what I learned. On the side, I’ve also learned I cannot wait to go back to my dark hair, and I’m hoping once I do it’ll tame down. Poor thing it’s crying cause it’s blonde. That’s like the best excuse I have for it. Mama’s gonna take care of you though. Soon.

Until then imma still be doing the bodysuit look with black and white stripes (hello obsession #2). In case you too have a thing for stripes, bodysuits, smart clean, professional, sophisticated looks to keep you comfy but make you feel like you run the world – you might wanna consider TUXE’s shop. It’s packed with designs that’ll just jump in your lap. They’re that amazing.

And now the rest of the pics.


dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-1 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-12 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-18 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-19 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-20 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-21-dana-cristina-straut bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-22 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-23 dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-30 dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-31 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-35 dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-46 dana-cristina-straut-bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-48 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-49-dana-cristina-straut bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-52-dana-cristina-straut bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-53 bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-54-dana-cristina-straut bodysuit-look-TUXE-thefashiontag-58-dana-cristina-straut

Hope you enjoyed this! xoxo