BLURRED Lips: The New Makeup Trend!

Listen, when it comes to any makeup trend I’m down for it: trying it at least if not wearing it. TBH beauty trends are the easiest and least commitment demanding of all trends. It’s just you and your mirror, AND if it looks good you’ll take it out. While I tend to use the same makeup look, I do play around with details and subtleties and I loooove experimenting with lipsticks especially. Here’s the thing: I’ve been doing blurred lips forever, blindly unaware it’s actually a makeup trend this year. Sure, I also do lined lips, sometimes overlined lips, sometimes nude, red, of nothing at all depending on my mood. But my go-to lipstick look for the past two years has been blurred lipstick.

Why blurred lips is a makeup trend and not just a look?

I have a new theory lately – that a part of fashion is ridding itself of all the extras, hence the rise of minimalism, or the fuss-free straw bags trend, the disappearance of chunky jewellery and so on. So in this new world of naked beauty – blurred lips were just a matter of time.

They’re low maintenance, easier to apply than lined perfect pouts, and mirror 100% designers beauty vision for SS2018. YES, most designers sent models down the runway in intentionally faded lips, blurry, with darkened centres and faded edges.

THIS is easily translated in less dramatic real life situations as lipsticks so blotted until they look naturally soft, like a hazy stain, like a just bitten effect.

Personally I think it’s a true consequence and response to all those perfectly done instgram makeup trends, it’s like a pretty tiny beauty revolution to just go back to basics and apply lipstick with your fingers, to blot it, to not give a damn about how perfect it looks, but rather to wear it because you feel like it. That’s why I think it’s not just a look, but in the bigger scheme of fashion and beauty things it’s a trend and perhaps a staple that came back to life.

I mean French women use this technique all the time, my mom uses it, off duty models use it. It’s easy and quick and it looks natural.

How to do blurred lips?

Any lipstick colour works, but as a first timer try out with something more natural first so that the edges of your lips blend more easily with the lipstick itself.

  1. apply lipstick trying to follow your natural lip shape
  2. blott
  3. apply again and then smudge it out with your finger
  4. blott again
  5. tap the lipstick on your lips trying to follow your natural lip line, but don’t line it per se

This is what I do, more or less. Less if the lipstick is more natural and following these 5 steps-ish if I’m going for stronger colours.

It’s a great makeup trick for those who have less defined lips edges (*raises hand*) because you save time correcting or defining edges, by simply blurring them. If you have well defined natural lips then forget the edges and blot and blur as you feel like it.


Get the look:



So how about this makeup trend: do you guys do it, do you like it?

TBH for me it began as a beauty gimmick to be able to continue wearing and re-applying lipstick throughout the entire day without waisting more than 30 seconds. I used to line my lips, wear the same colour lipstick, they’d look amazing, but once I went through a coffee and a sandwich, an apple and a banana the perfection was gone. So I’d start the 5 minutes ritual of lipstick again. #notgood Hence the blurred lips I started doing.

xoxo D.