The 7 SINS Of Valentine’s Day

No lusty luscious sin reference here, just pure don’ts and major faux pas on the love-and-sex-celebration day. Not that we need a day to celebrate l’amor. I am one of those women who rarely make a big fuss about Valentine’s Day, but when I do, damn, I try harder than some pretty lingerie and an infectious smile. A lot of people though, are not on the frequency as moi. Actually, most of them. On this very red passionate day the girls & boys are headless chickens drunk on love running around town shopping for the sweetest presents ever to gift themselves later on.

It’s great I tell you. It’s beautiful even. Dinner planned at some fancy schmancy restaurant, pretty dress on, pretty knickers, high heels, great perfume, and your date rising to the effort and occasion. But what happens when not everything’s going according to plan? God forbid of course.

Because let’s face it chicas… sometimes this day is one of the worst days ever. And we’ve all got our stories for that.


WHAT ‘sin’ could, would, or did ruin your Valentine’s day? 

Did the ignoramus take you to the worst restaurant ever? Was he/she on their phone all night? Did he/she go through 0 efforts for a gift? Did he/she not get you flowers? Are any of these deal-brakers for you?

Below is a brilliant infographic by and from the wonderful team over at BloomNation about these deadly sins. I had a blast going through it.

The last sin though, is courtesy of moi. I’ll tell you the story of the 7th sin below. On one condition tho: you share yours in the comments below. Seriously, it can’t be worse than mine.

TheFashionTag 7 Sins

My-kinda-of-a-funny-story-of-being-stood-up. Valentine’s day and shit. There was once an idiot who thought that making plans with me for Valentine’s Day was mandatory but sticking to them was optional. I know, what a fucking retard. And I, what an idiot. We dated in a very serious committed thing for half a year when Valentine’s Day came our way like a red signal for me, you know, to bloody open my eyes and read the writings on the wall. So there I was… pretty and dolled up, waiting to be swayed off my feet, which were looking sexy in heels btw, waiting to do Valentine’s Day by the book you know. Well, I was swayed alright, right into reality, as the ignoramus never showed up, and I wasted a great day to get drunk and spend it with those who actually gave a damn. I even had a great hair day that Valentine’s. What happened next? Lousy excuse, sugarcoated by a last minute scenario of why the poor bastard couldn’t make it, and a late Valentine’s Day celebration. Yeah. It sucked. He sucked. Hence the break-up outcome later.

Now your turn.


flowers-for-Valentines-Day-Bloomnation-1 flowers-for-Valentines-Day-Bloomnation-3 flowers-for-Valentines-Day-Bloomnation-4 flowers-for-Valentines-Day-Bloomnation-5 flowers-for-Valentines-Day-Bloomnation-6 flowers-for-Valentines-Day-Bloomnation-8

I wish you all a fab V Day, packed with love, laughter, and great hearted people around you.