If you’ve been so lucky to be able to pick your own office space decoration you might have also been in the above predicament. When it comes to fashion bloggers’ office decor (and other fashion or simply creative jobs) whether they’re a home office or not – it seems the world is torn between glam white office spaces and mysterious dark ones.

Sure we can stretch the light-dark debate to a whole house decoration, but today we talk fashion bloggers’ office decor.

Bloggers Office Decor: how do we pick the right pieces for our oasis of creation and business?

Rewind a couple of years back and everyone was doing white, plush, pink, golden, glamorous bloggers’ office decor and office furniture with influencers like Carli Bybel still being a lover of bright and white creamy shades, and very glamorous office spaces.


On the other hand, 2018 seems to be more masculine and bloggers like Amee Song and Teni Panosian being avid lovers of deeper tones, and more mysterious office spaces and home decor – are creating major buzz with this more refined classic style.


I have always been torn between the two: should I pick all white decor, white office chairs and white office desks, OR should I strive for office sophistication and go for darker more classic office pieces with a twist?

As I grow older wiser I tend to love the darker classic vibes more, and I find them way more sophisticated. Nevertheless I would never be able to work in a very dark space, because I am such a sunny solar person and I thrive on bright natural light and plush fabrics, comfort, coziness and that touch of glam.

But I do love the mystery of massive dark paintings, black chairs, and the play of contrasts. So basically I still don’t know where I stand.

The key to nailing this glam-dark debate is to:

  • try and figure out, above all trends and influences, what do you love most, and are most comfortable with
  • keep in mind the architecture of the place/building
  • let some initial natural elements come through after the renovation or decor
  • invest in good quality desks and chairs
  • have fun with decorations

You can make a darker decor with white office furniture and vice versa, so keep that in mind.

What makes a perfect bloggers’ office decor? 

Whether it’s which chic or dark sophisticated the fabulousness and beauty of bloggers office decor lies in its authenticity. I know… the cliche. But it’s so true.

I’m a big believer of big desks, and comfy chairs. So no matter what style you pick make sure you sit on a a very cozy imposing beautiful chair, behind a study amazing desk. It can all the black, brown, classic, vintage, white, pink, green… whatever floats your boat. These 2 pieces should always be centre stage.

Massive photos on the wall, amazing books that reflect who you are and what you love, bookcases, cabinets, drawers, cupboards – use them all for both purpose as well as visual. Display your jewellery, shoes, clothes, bags, perfumes on them. Make use of all the details that are so dear to you and incorporate them.

And always have fresh flowers.


I don’t really like to make any bloggers’ office decor assumptions, but I will. #canthelpmyself

I think the darker style is more classy and timeless… so chances are you’ll love it 10 years after, whereas the white glam office decor is trendier more fresh, so it’s a perfect choice for younger people.

xoxo D.

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