If I were to be a bit of a big mouth idiot with no bullshit filter (which is not far from reality), I’d say it’s not so much a genuine shoe obsession triggered by the penchant for a certain style, but rather a desire to fit the cool-kids-squad.

Can’t believe I’ve just used that word.

Moving on.

Looking like you’re awkward, slightly out-of-style, borderline-unfashionable is the ‘cool’ thing to do. Sort of like being fashionable without doing fashion, when in fact you are coveting certain looks. Hello ugly shoes. Hello misfit outfits. Hello normcore. Etcetera.

I’m not saying everyone’s part of the same sartorial conspiracy. No way. But you just know who’s for real and who’s not, you know. Like that time we talked about being cool and too cool. It’s the tomato tomato situation right here.

Anyway, debate on the desperate copycats aside, truth is there is an ubiquity when it comes to the sandals of 2016. They are everywhere for I think 3 main reasons

  1. comfort. if you’ve ever laid you foot onto their sole you’d know what I mean.
  2. a combo of ugly shoe trend meets 70s meets 2016. It’s neither but it’s all of them
  3. they go with any outfit. Which is not really a huge deal in a fashion culture where everything goes with everything whether or not it really goes with everything. You got that? okay.


Who are these sandals? Sorry to murder the suspense here but we gotta shed some light on our feet to make a bit more sense.

The sandals of 2016 = They have a block heel of not at all a massive height, which is great if, like me you’re almost a 6ft tall giraffe. I mean human being. They usually come in the minimal design of the single strap sandal, but can also be found in more straps or lace-up styles.

Colour wise I love them in nude, browns, or black, but coloured and printed are great as well for that retro vibe to it.

Outfit wise they look amazing with smart office wear, cause they have that polished look to them, a certain amount of sophistication and also a certain effortlessness.

When paired with jeans and a cami top, or a tee they are the definition of minimal with a twist.

And of course skirts of all sorts or dresses are a winning ticket.

Even sporty cool attire paired with block sandals looks fab. It’s sophisticated.

Remember when this time last year we were wondering whether or not we’ve killed the stilettos? I guess there’s no question there anymore. While I do like these block sandals, I’m still a stiletto woman, BUT I like to try different things so I’ll walk my feet in them this year, fur adventure’s sake. Okay, they’re bloody comfortable too.

Am I obsessed with these, like everyone’s who’s bleeding fashion is?


I wouldn’t shed a tear if they were gone, but I’d like a pair close by for sartorial experiemntaion you know.

If like me you’re doing the blocks for fun, or if au contraire you’re slightly obsessed like the rest of the lot, you’re still gonna want to have a pair or 10 of these shoes, so here you go. My fave picks for you.

(click on image to shop)


Street style:


block-sandals-trend-2016-7block-sandals-trend-2016-10block-sandals-trend-2016-6block-sandals-trend-2016-5block-sandals-trend-2016-8block-sandals-trend-2016-9block-sandals-trend-2016-4block-sandals-trend-2016-1Block heel sandals street styleblock-sandals-trend-2016-2

Have a good week my loves in either blocks or stilettos. Or bare feet for that matter.


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