Why Black Summer Dresses Are A Must-Have?

There was a time in my life when I never wore black, when I hated this non-color, when you couldn’t catch me dead wearing black summer dresses. Oh wait, that’s a lie.

People, I will tell you this – a sartorial life sans noir is tres boring. Wearing black all the time has even got me to this chic level that I now speak fluent French. Well that’s a lie too. The part about speaking French. What is real though is that to this day I remain true to the one colour that fits me like a glove – black – and although in summer I get quite a lot of raised eyebrows by choosing to drape myself in black like I’m the fucking queen of… something, it has never stopped me.

Truth is hearing people say to me: ‘OMG it’s so hot outside! How can you wear black? Put on some colour, some prints. Ughhh… .’ has in the past shaken my confidence a few times in wearing a black dress in summer, hence my impulse right then to buy colourful clothes. Thank God for this otherwise I’d only have a closet of Morticia inspired items. BUT… in the end it’s those I went back to. A black summer dress that is.


What do they know anyway. Besides, I never quite got it why wearing black in summer is suppose to make you melt. I mean they do make black dresses for day-time, black shorts, black tops, black skirts, even black swimsuits go figure.

Of course I’m not absurd (I try you know) so you might occasionally catch me draped in pink, or prints, or funky neon colours, whites, nudes and everything in between. I seriously adore colours, no joke, no lie here, what I’m trying to say though is that black clothes make me feel incredibly comfortable and they give me that swag that I need at times you know.

And sometimes the clothes I end up buying look much better in black. Plain simple.

So today I am choosing to make a case for the black summer dress. In whatever design, cut, style, for whatever occasion I am set to convince the world that an LBD is a bloody great idea not just for some occasions, or for some season, but for all. Especially summer.

black-summer-dresses summer-black-dresses-1 summer-black-dresses-2

WHY my rant? Well I recently came across some Pintrest pics of bloggers wearing all sorts of LBDs in summer and I instantly fell in love. THAT for me is so rare. NOT. And it has given me more confidence to return to wearing all-black in the hot season. Like my  bare-black maxi dress, my jersey midi dress, my flirty black LBD.

You see I put those on hold cause of summer, and THAT’s a huge mistake. Black summer dresses are fabulous.

summer-black-dresses-3 summer-black-dresses-4

5 Black Summer Dresses you NEED to have for a badass season. All occasions and styles covered. 

The casual LBDs are the definition of chic minimalism, and whether you wear them with sneakers, sandals or heels you will be a walking billboard for sophistication.



The office LBDs, or just the midi length ones, whether flirty or fitted are a perfect match for 9-5, but also for dinner-after-work.


On fancy dates, dinners, cocktails you can literally never go wrong with an LDB. EVER.


A black mini LBD in a loose cut can be a perfect cover up for the beach. You just pull it over a bright swimsuit and the style effect is fantastic.


And then there are of course the classic dramatic LBDs. sigh.


The best thing really about wearing an LBD in summer is the blank canvas you have to style it a million ways for a gazillion occasions resorting to jewellery, red lips, nude lips, no makeup, heels, flats, big bags, clutches, up-dos, dishevelled hair, posh, effortless, boho chic.

The only thing to keep in mind when going for an LBD is the quality of the fabric. It does not have to be 100% Egyptian cotton if you know what I mean, but it has to feel and look good. Expensive. Because black tends to look rugged and dusted in time.

In case you still have doubts let them bloggers and street stylers speak.


summer-black-dresses-6 summer-black-dresses-7 summer-black-dresses-8 summer-black-dresses-10 summer-black-dresses-11 summer-black-dresses-12 summer-black-dresses-13 summer-black-dresses-14 summer-black-dresses-15 summer-black-dresses-16 summer-black-dresses-17 summer-black-dresses-18 summer-black-dresses-19 summer-black-dresses-23 summer-black-dresses-24 summer-black-dresses-25 summer-black-dresses-26

I might have been on a roll here with the LBD, but truth is to each their own, that’s the beauty of fashion. I am head over heels over this new crush these days – the summer LBD – so my vision can at times cause haziness. :)