Not that we need a sales excuse such as Black Friday, but if there’s one we’ll take it. Somewhere on the road I didn’t fall in love with all this Black Friday Fashion Sales for the simple reason that I always always always buy clothes. Besides I’m kind of a mess, and rarely know what time it is let alone the date of such a massive sale event. BUT… if I got my eye on some designer shit that I know for a fact will be on sale for Black Friday… oh… I’ll hunt that mf down, and grab it as fast as I can eat an entire pizza. And I can eat that in under 3 seconds.

What to look for in Black Friday Fashion Sales?

So… my fellow fashion hunters what does one throw money on, on Black Friday? Do we buy anything just cause it’s on sale (this is my biggest sin in the world on a general shopping basis), OR do are we smart, and invest in designer staples that cost more… but last a lifetime?

I think the big trends and fads are something we should spend less on, cause they’ll be gone same time next year. However designer goods, and staples… now that’s a totally different story.

So with this in mind the list below has bit of everything: a teddy coat from Kendall + Kylie collection, cause teddy coats are having a moment now, thigh high boots – which are already staples, sweaters of all sorts (pom-pom sweater and 80s fitted retro styles being so trendy right now, to those classic capes and ponchos, turtlenecks and hoodies. Velvet blazers will always be a perfect pick for the fashion savvy, like animal print coats, or those mini faux furs. And a pair of UGGs cause they’re ugly but so pretty and comfy.

Black Friday SALES – designers and high-street brands:


Have a great weekend loves!!!

xoxo D.

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  1. Chris says:

    OMG! All this stuff looks soooo fashionable! Why do I look like a homeless in winter? hm.
    Nevermind. I should write a thesis for me. I have no time to think about outfits.


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