Birthday Gifts Ideas for Special One

Imagining life without your special one is just not possible. They make every day better by merely being by your side. We strive every day to keep our special ones happy and make them feel loved. With a tedious schedule, however; not much can be done. We often fall short of occasions to express just how much we cherish our special person. 

Birthdays are a golden opportunity to display your affection for your special one. With your special one’s birthday round the corner; you already must have a plan in mind about how to throw a grand celebration. However, when it comes to gifting, with the wide availability of alternatives, things can get a little complicated. 

If you have been perplexed about what to gift your special one, you are at the right place. 

Below have been enlisted 5 phenomenal ideas that will certainly spread a smile across your special one’s face. 

1] Gift hamper

Hampers are not only an aesthetic present but are also thoughtful. The versatility that gift hampers offer is exceptional. You can create a gift hamper out of anything and everything. If you are planning to create a gift hamper, take your partner’s likes into consideration. You can have a hamper that consists of a body wash, face mask, scented candles and other luxury products. You can be very specific and include something they personally like. For instance, if your partner is into coffee and finds gratification in preparing it, you can present them with a hamper of the French press, coffee grinder, coffee beans, coffee stencils and so on. 

2] Personalized gifts 

If you want to reach right into the heart of your special one; personalized gifts are your best bet. Personalized gifts are made exclusively for the person of interest. They usually have the imprint of the receiver’s name or photograph. This gift could include anything ranging from a heartfelt letter, a journal of memories, to a frame of photographs, a lamp, mug, or cushion something that your partner truly adores. Personalized gifts stand tall amongst other gifts, have an intimate touch, help build stronger connections, can be preserved for a lifetime and are very meaningful overall. 

3] Video gift 

Video gifts have been gaining prominence in recent years due to their meaningfulness, affordability and long-lasting nature. You can connect with the family and friends of your special one and ask them all to film their videos, wishing your partner a very happy birthday. They can talk of special and fun memories with your special one, taking them on a ride down memory lane. You can add old photographs as well and create a magical video using video making tool; which your partner can look back on for years to come. A video making tool can help you fabricate a professional video with great ease. When you present your special one with a video that has the wishes of all the close people, they will be overwhelmed with joy and appreciate your effort. Check here how you can compile the birthday video gift into one surprise video.

4] Books 

If your partner is an avid reader; nothing will make them happier than a set of books by their favorite author. Ask them about authors they would like to read and get them a bag full of books. They will scream with joy as they receive these and preserve the books for a lifetime. If you have a high budget, you can set up a surprise reading corner in the house by installing a comfortable lounge or couch and setting up the existing and new collection of books on the rack. You can then blindfold and walk your partner into this space with cosy lighting, relaxing aroma and of course, Books! Nothing will make them happier and they will probably spend all their life in this corner. 

5] Accessories or cosmetics 

There are innumerable options out there when it comes to accessories or cosmetics. You can get a bag, belt, perfumes, essential oils, jewelry pieces like a watch, ring, bracelet and so on. When it comes to cosmetics, you need to take your partner’s input as people can be very choosy about what cosmetics they use. 

Although accessories and cosmetics can’t really be stored for a lifetime; they can be very meaningful if your partner has a liking for them. They will be serviceable to your special one; so, if that’s your aim; then accessories or cosmetics can be a good option. 

In the end, it all boils down to the preferences of your loved one. It is always a good idea to keep your special one in the loop when selecting a present for them. You do not want to end up in a situation where you spend a fortune on something your partner doesn’t really like. However; you should always leave some element of surprise so your partner has the “WOW” moment. 

Gifts manifest emotions, they are the most impeccable way to express how much you cherish, value, and love your special one. So, contemplate rigorously, consider all the alternatives available and only then make your choice because your special one deserves the best!