TREND REPORT 2022: Is Everyone Wearing A Big Suit These Days?

From Zara, to thrift shops, and all the way to Paris fashion week streets – big suits are one of 2022 biggest trends. They started to make a slight entrance circa 2 years ago… I remember cause I LOVED the cut of men inspired suit pants that was very new and trendy at the time, and I wanted to do a post about it but well… I didn’t, yet I secretly prayed I’d still get a chance to rant on this trend were it to be still a thing in the future, which gladly it is. Maybe it’s turning into a staple you know? Every 80s look sprinkled with a little 90’s and early 2000’s seems to be quite the thing these days… Anyway fast forward a couple of years since my initial crush on oversized suits and here we are. They’re huge right now both literally as well as metaphorically.

Did the pandemic have anything to do with big suits as a trend in 2022?

Well… while fashion is cyclical and trends are rarely new, hence this 80’s suits making a comeback in 2022 all over Zara or PLT, I do still think the combination of laid back vibes the pandemic has given us, (which translated into oversized clothes and overall style), and the working from home situations – left a bit of a mark onto what we actually still wear in 2022, as we’re slowly exiting the pandemic.

Everyone is either still in sweats but make it luxe, OR oversized items, for that casual vibe you know. And big suits are one of the best outcomes of all this. They’re huge, can be worn as such, or layered with crop tops for a more revealing kinda style. They can be comfy, slouchy, even hobo chic if you will, OR they can be very luxurious, clean cut, and polished. Worn with stilettos, chunky shoes, flats, tees, button-downs or bra-tops, BIG SUITS are very cool and easy to throw on whether you’re 20, or 40, opting for office wear, sporty, trendy, classic, beige, colour, summer, dark – whatever your look is… there’s a suit to style it to.

What the pandemic did, not just to suits, but to fashion in general is to bring back colour. Bold, bright, beautiful vibrant colours are back, sort of like a way to mark the end of covid era and a back to life celebration. Everything is louder, more vibrant, saturated, gorgeous and full of life, while beige, muted colours, even pastels still have their niche…

It’s really a great time in fashion.

So what kind of suits do we wear in 2022?

Big suits, slouchy or more structured, with man inspired pantsuits, high waist, pockets, classic cut, slightly loose and fluid, long, with oversized blazers, 4 or 1 buttons, padded shoulders in any colour but mainly greens, blues, pinks and oranges are in, alongside beige and whites. Fabric wise anything that has that thick luscious feel to it, to more linen summer fabrics, light and easy to wear throughout the hour summer days.

Color suits:


Classic suits:


How do we wear them?

From stilettos, to chunky heels, to classic sling-backs, to sneakers, loafers  – anything works if you can make it work. Top wise, you can layer the blazer with more fitted tops, or bra tops, or you can wear anything really from chunky knits to oversized button-downs. The thing about this look is that it’s very versatile and does fit into a lot of personal styles.

Casual style look:


Classic luxe look:


Summer look:


Masculine look:


And you know… if we’ve got a style block we always have Pinterest or instagram for a little inspiration.


Don’t know about you but I ADORE this trend, and it’s been a while since I’ve really liked something in fashion this much.

xoxo D.