Belt Bags & Fanny Packs: 2018 Fashion Trends!

If you feel weird wearing no bag, Fashion doesn’t care. I wrote this tiny intro few days back #editorialcalander and what do you say, what do you know… things have already changed. You can say all you want about Madame Le Fashion but you can’t say she ain’t moving fast. Lemme shed some light:

While the above remains true – #nobagisacoolbag – what’s also true is that 2018 is the year of the bags. It’s a massive return to the gorgeous pretty beautiful exquisite bags that we used to wear back in the day, circa Gossip Girl times.

I am so emotional right now, I’m actually fighting tears. It’s a happy moment and all I can say is amen and throw my hands up in the air. And guess what? I can now do that while keeping my tiny bag on me, because #beltbagsareback!

Okay people, I am way too excited for a regular morning over this trend, so let me calm myself down for a sec.


For the past months everyone out there is wearing a fanny pack, currently going by the name of a belt bag. Fine. No big deal if you don’d mind having free hands on a daily basis. But what I’ve discovered just a few hours ago was that alongside belt bags, micro bags are the stars of 2018 as well, and alongside all these a new trend is born for 2018 Spring: the multiple bags trend. (wearing more bags at the same time). Ha! Well… talk about the latter trend that makes more sense – born out of necessity, cause while belt bags and micro bags are sooooooooooo sweet and pretty, y’all can’t carry shit in them, hence the need of something… bigger. #multiplebags.

TBH I’m not complaining at all, I mean 2018 is celebrating bags, and they’re all so many and all so pretty that you can either go with one style, or all of them at once. How fucking brilliant is that!

belt bags

belt bags

What exactly are belt bags?

Ex-fanny packs, but more polished, prettier, girly-er, more glam, more adorned, more high-fashion. However… the belt bags trend does not exclude the classic old fanny packs as we once used to wear them, sporty-er, slouchier, more masculine, casual, practical, normcore.

So basically belt bags are micro bags standing on a belt meant to be worn around your your waist, as a fanny pack, AND/OR as a belt over your coat, or blazer. How cool is that?!

Everyone, and a I mean everyone who’s a who’s who is fashion wore a belt bag all throughout the fashion weeks street styles. Kendall Jenner and her girl squad (is that even a thing anymore?!) is basically the Queen of both cute girly luxe belt bags, as well as normcore fanny-packs, on a daily basis, proving that you can do this trend in a more feminine, polished, professional way is you will (belt bags). OR you can do the casual take on it (80s style fanny packs). Either way the 2018 trend is slayed!

belt bags belt bags belt bags

How to wear belt bags?

If you’re the fashion adventurous type, dive in and wear everything from tiny super adorned and embellished Gucci belt bags so tiny they can’t even fit your phone, to the bigger more dorkier style of the 80s fanny packs. One is for office and then other is for weekends… Right?!

Go with what you love because there’s no need to match anything to nothing anymore.

Wear them around your waist, as a belt, OR even cross-body style a la cool kids of 2018.

Tiny pretty luxurious belt bags look better styled and worn as belts over a coat or blazer, and you can do the look for office or a more posh event or something. The classic inspired fanny packs, are usually worn these days cross-body style, with jeans and a sweatshirt. It’s casual, normcore, cool, retro…

Street style inspiration:


Get the look:



I sometimes get so hyped over a new thing that I don’t even care whether or not it lasts, it looks good, or is style practical. I’m just clapping my hands and going along. Obviously this is one of those situations with belt bags. I. LOVE. THEM.

How about you?

xoxo D.