What should we go for: bold lips or smoky eyes? Should we wear fake lashes? Is glitter just for teens? What’s the trend today: natural or not? If fashion has taught me 1 thing about myself, it’s that I should never say ‘never’ and always keep an open mind. Red lips were so not my thing, […]

… the Pointed Toe Stiletto Ankle Boots that is. Or the I’m-sexy-and-I-know-it boots. Somewhere between motorcycle boots, combat Tom-boy-ish styles, and the ever present chunky heeled ankle boot – this pointy toe stiletto style, once reminiscent of those early 2000 when every girl with a penchant for fashion dressed as a glam goth chic, crawled […]

If I had a quid for every time I’ve said ”ah, wish I could raid the closet of…” I’d probably be filthy rich by now, and ironically would’t need to raid anyone’s closet no more. But the fantasy’d still be there. I mean us girls have always been obsessed with what our BFFs are wearing […]

Lately I’ve become pretty obsessed with (the concept of) red lips, to the point that I’ve started watching so many makeup tutorials and reading all sorts of red lips tips that I feel I’m becoming a tiny lipstick encyclopedia (as if). Now most of you might be rolling your eyes right now (those of you who are […]

If you’ve been channeling Twiggy or Jane Birkin for the past years well kudos to you for forecasting the fashion cycle (and for those of you  looking for originality you’d better spice it up if you wanna stand out from the crowd) as 2013 Spring makes a huge swing right into 60s fashion. If Marc Jacobs’ Louis […]

When it comes to hair this season, forget haircuts and hairstyles and focus on color or better yet coloring techniques that are uber hot in 2013! What am I rambling about? Why it’s the Hair Veiling & the Color Flipping Trends, that will supposedly be replacing the Dip-Dyed Hair. Well… I’d rather they add up to the […]

When it comes to makeup I’m a complete girly girl – love me a flawless hydrated skin, mascara eyelashes, thin eyeliner, lip-gloss and the occasional eye-shadow/lipstick/contouring. The golden rule is focus on only one feature at a time and play that up to its highest level… and though sometimes on the runways this rule rarely applies (just because we […]

No special occasion, event, party or romantic dinner could ever be complete without us ladies glaming up. And Valentine’s Day is no exception. It’s that day & night when we have to look our best for us (in the first place) to seduce our loved one or if single to turn loads of heads when […]

Continuing my Holiday Season fashion & style peaks, today I thought of presenting some of my favorite makeup & beauty looks that us ladies may use for NYE makeup inspiration. After all, the big party is but a few weeks away and just donning an uber sexy dress (click here for looks) is not at […]

A look can hardly ever be complete without a touch of makeup or a beauty tip applied with care. Whether it’s a simple moisturizer or a full on kit of lipsticks, foundations, shades or eyeliners – we love all beauty & make up bits. This week FashionTag has decided to peek into some amazing makeup […]