Popular BEARD STYLES Among Hollywood Stars!

When it comes to beard styles the world is divided my friends: 1. men who love beards, and women who love men who love beards, and 2. men, and women regarding men, who are not too obsessed about the beard trend. There was time when if you didn’t grow a full on Jesus beard you were not hipster enough to walk this earth. Well… things have changed, and beard styles are  more than just your regular can’t be bothered to shave mood. Besides, much like us, men too look at celebrities for a lot of fashion, style, and beauty inspiration. Hollywood stars can start and kill trends with a blink of an eye, or a rise of a movie. And the world follows. Sure, Hollywood men, like women, have an army of stylists who probably tell them what beard styles go best with their face shapes and features, hence why boys and men might keep an eye on Hollywood stars every now and then. 


Goatee beard style instantly brings us back to the early 2000s. Every pop star had it, and girls all over the world were crazy about it. Some actors play with goatee beard style even today. Robert Pattinson with a goatee gives us that boyband vibe. The goatee on his facial features makes him look much younger and more playful. Goatees usually make men look more attractive, which is definitely the case here.

The best thing about goatees is their versatility. Just look at how hot Brad Pitt looks with it. It’s amazing to see how different facial features change with the goatee style. It all depends on how you wear it. It can make you look younger or older, so just try it out and see for yourself.

Anchor Beard

This beard style was quite popular at a certain point among beard styles in Hollywood. Many celebrities have rocked it over the years. It enhances facial features and makes you look sharp. It’s also a fun change, but it needs a bit of effort and styling. Many celebrities have tried this beard style over time, among which Zac Effron and Bradley Cooper, probably looked best. They had it for longer periods of time, which is maybe why this beard style is so popular.

With all that being said, there is only one king of anchor beards, and he is Robert Downey Jr. Nobody, I repeat, nobody can rock this beard style as well as he does! When he came out with his new style, women went crazy. It’s so elegant, yet so manly. It’s no wonder why men around the world find him as an inspiration for anchor beard style. But then again, the man is such a huge style icon. 

Chin Strap

Chin strap beard style is definitely one of the most donned beard styles in general, but Hollywood stars are rocking them the most. Why? Mainly because of their ability to transform the face. Growing the beard in this style will change up your whole appearance, making you look more masculine, hence people taking you more seriously. Right?! Ryan Reynolds is one talented actor and very hot man rocking a full beard. His dark hair and dark beard look perfect with his deep brown eyes. It’s a match made in heaven. If you have similar facial features, you need to try this beard style. Or maybe not, cause you see… the thing about a full beard is that it covers the face and hides/enhances whatever you want most, dear men. 

Chris Pratt shows us that you don’t have to have a full beard to rock chin strap beard style. It looks just as good on men who have some sparse areas in their beards. Chin strap will still frame your face perfectly well and make you appear more attractive.

Recreating some beard styles for men, is like tying out new beauty trends – easy and fun. No full on commitment needed, cause if you don’t like it you can go on and shave it. Just pick one of these mostly donned beards that are played by a large number of Hollywood celebrities and have some fun.

Listen, most men these days rock beards, whether full on or not. It’s their way to a cooler style if you will… so switch things up, change your beauty game once in a while, and be ‘beard adventurous’. 

xoxo D.