street-style-pink-beanie Once upon a time there was this little knitted not-so pretty item, that every child despised and resorted to only when in desperate need (read hell froze over). It was the outcast of The Winter Accessories Family. Its name was Beanie. But, much to our wonder, as decades flew by the Beanie would turn from an ugly duck into a 1st class accessories Primadonna. Its prime time and 15 minutes of glory? 2013 -2014 Autumn / Winter. I wonder, was our reticence to this now much coveted head piece a thing of childhood rebelliousness, with the beanie remaining the same over time, just us growing up, while our kids nurture the same unfriendliness towards it? Or did this (now) pretty little thing alter so much in time that adoring is the only option? street-style-beanie (2) streetstyle-beanie Alter it did not. I can tell you that for sure. What probably happened is maturity on our side, the need for comfort, and a tiny bit of slyness and help from the fashion industry, who know damn well they have to create for yesterday’s kids and today’s young adults/professionals with a penchant for all sartorial things, yet smart enough to not give up on comfort. Hmm. This, I’m not quite sure about. I mean if those uber high heels look HOT I’d rather get blisters than not rock the shit out of them. Or… for the sake of that tiny jacket over some silky top… I know I have to endure the morning chill. So worth it.


beanie-trend-2014-winter Anyway, my point is: The BEANIE is the coolest thing you can do this cold season. It’s the trend designers were screaming about in their fall 2013 collections and sartorialists captured in those street style pics had them on regardless of their outfits. Weird? Au contraire. Fun. And cool. And chic. Now everyone’s donning them and high street brands are competing in beanie designs. Chillax retailers. All is in, and we’ll probably end up buying each and every single beanie this season. colored-beanie-look street-style-statement-beanie beanie-look-street-style colored-beanie-street-style street-style-beanie-veil all-black-beanie-style beanie street-style-beanie-trend winter-trend-beanie-streetstyle Speaking of beanie styles, of course black is IN, buuut, listen to this girls: colored, printed, neon bright, veiled, ear-ed are just as huge. It’s all about pushing the envelope on this one and making up for the lost time. Plus, it keeps us warm (an issue that can bare quite the importance as we grow old mature), and it looks fantastic. Not to mention that its accessory trait makes it 1. affordable and 2. easy to play with in terms of style & looks, hence the retail chains’ numerous beanie designs speculation. Oh, and it goes with anything. Even skirts, dresses and heels. You in doubt? Let’s make a pros & cons list. beanie-and-skirt-streetstyle PROS for wearing a BEANIE:

  • keeps us warm
  • looks fantastic
  • is a trend
  • goes with anything in 2013 – 2014
  • there’s a style & a color for every person, look and mood
  • can be the center piece of an outfit (accessories!)
  • easy to take off and put on
  • easiest and most affordable way to change looks or jazz it up
  • keeps your hairstyle into place (except for that ponytail)
  • makes your features pop out
  • covers up a bad hair day

beanie-style (2) beanie-look beanie-style beanie beanie-trend-2013 beanie-trend-2013-104 black-beanie colored-beanie-look-streetstyle colored-beanies fall-2013-streetstyle-beanie fall-2013-tred-beanie fall-2013-trend-beanie-1fall-2013-trend-beanie-1 CONS for wearing a BEANIE:

  • you can’t wear a well groomed ponytail
  • you can’t wear it to a wedding
  • you can’t swim in it
  • you can’t wash your hair in it

I think we need to thank Johnny Depp for making this look unbelievably cool.  ;)


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    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      I love them too! They look so great and help us gay away with a bad hair day :) thanks Caroline xx

  1. Luba Dimitrova (@vwlblog) says:

    Beanies are so cute ! I am definitely going to wear some this winter

    XX Luba

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    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      I know! I so love them too, definitely need to wear some this winter. Thanks Luba xoxo


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