9 Beach Essentials You Need This Summer. Chicness Guaranteed

Again I am being a selfish biatch with this post, cause the reason behind it purely my own incapacity to decide what I’ll need to buy/have/take and NOT, at the beach this summer. On holiday, and not only. I mean I live by a beautiful ocean and dip my toes into its turquoise water and white sand every fucking day. In my dreams of course.

Right. So, being a hectic kinda gal, has taught me that in order to not pack EVERYTHING I own on a summer vacay all I have to do is look back into the past and see what I did and what I wore, and I’ll have my answer. But you see… that would only mean, that except for undies, and pjs, and bikinis, and sunblock cream, and sunnies and the no-brainer beach essentials I would only need flip flips, cutoffs, and a sarong. That’s pretty much all I end up wearing on my summer vacay anyway.

At some point I decided to roll with it all and accept the fact that I’m a low-maintenance girl when it comes to summer, and I tend to go back to my wild childhood roots when I walked barefoot, and was a beautiful wild child.

beach-style-summer-2015-13 what-to-wear-to-the-beach-18 what-to-wear-to-the-beach-23

Up until yesterday of course, when I changed my mind. You see… the thing about me is I tend to change my mind a gazillion times during one day, but that’s normal, right? Anyway… I went shopping for something red, but ended up buying mainly beach essentials such as a see-through animal print white and black jumpsuit, a see-through white button-down shirt dress, a pair of uber long 70s style light summer pants for the beach, or just summer vacay… and in all this shopping turmoil based on impulse and no-brain whatsoever, it hit me, with what was left of my tiny sanity, ‘What the hell am I gonna do with all these? Am I really gonna ditch my normcore beach uniform for a more grown-up-sophisticated beach/summer-vacay style?’

Pfffff, at this point, with my finances down the drain on clothes, I’d better start doing this!

So what I did later on was decide to make a list of beach fashion essentials every girl (including moi) needs to have this summer in order to look fucking great AND sophisticated, at the beach or on summer holiday.

beach-outfits-fashion-2 beach-outfits-fashion-9 beach-style-summer-2015-5 beach-style-summer-2015-10

Here we go then – 9 Beach fashion essentials!

1. Beach TOWELS. The saying – the bigger the better – stands so true in this case. Nothing is more annoying than a tiny little towel, and sand all over it and you as well.

From classic black and white (uber polished sophisticated styles), to more colourful, funky, pop-art-ish, wild prints and colours – ALL is in. Have fun with them.

Tssst, we’ve also talked about beach towels here. Just in case you want more.

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2. SWIMSUITS. Well… this is not really mandatory, you know. Yes, I am being ironic. From one pieces, to those beautiful triangl styles, to mixed and matched, to retro – ALL is in. Do your thing.

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3. Beach BAGS. Straw bags or see-through plastic styles I absolutely love. Again the bigger the better.

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4. Beach HATS & CAPS. Y’all gotta a keep yo heads covered up, I mean I know I do. I got enough damage going on up there to allow the sun to melt what’s left of my reasonable brain, you know.

While I’m a baseball cap girl through and through… especially at the beach, I am seriously considering fedoras, and floppy hats this summer.

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5. Beach COVER-UPS. This item on my list exists only because I bought that fabulous see-through jumpsuit, shirt-dress, and wide legged summer pants. I can still of course do my easy peasy sarong this, but maybe it’s high time I acted like a responsible sartorial woman. Just saying.

Beach coverups are the epitome of effortless and chic styles. Something about a woman in a coverup says confident, fun, not-trying, sexy, sophisticated in every sense. Sipping on cocktails and having perfect Instagram grids.

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6. Body Chains. This one’s obviously a personal fave and must, but I am telling you it looks amazing. The thinner the body chain the better it looks. OR you can do flash tats instead of this one.

Perhaps it’s all a bit 15yrs-style, but it’s fuuuuuuuun! (okay, this isn’t helping me at all.)

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7. Sunglasses. Whatever the style, design, designer, colour, frames – just wear them to protect your eyes and not squint from that sun you were waiting to kiss all summer long.

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8. Sunscreen lotions. MAJOR MUST ladies. Massive must. No matter your skin tone you gotta keep that silky smoothness smother than a baby’s butt. And healthy looking. Brown, and chocolate, and cinnamon, and caramel, and honey BUT always always healthy glowy looking.

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9. Beach shoes, otherwise knows as flip flops, or the shoes of my summer. I am well aware of all the internet’s memes and infos on how nasty these flip flops are, but I’ve always worn them, I live in them in summer (well I don’t go out to dinner in them, but you know what I mean) and I ain’t got a problem with them.

I will trade them this year for their more polished siblings, for no reason other than fashion. This summer I’m into polished chic borderline geek slide sandals. The up-side of these is you can take them from the beach to wherever the hell you’re going next.

Well… like I said, this wasn’t a problem for me in flip flops, but I am striving for more sartorial responsibility over here. Amen to that.

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I shall leave you now (I know, I know, I will miss you too) with some beach inspo to literally ruin your day if you’ve got no means to get to the beach asap.


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Yeah. Being as close to that ocean as a retard from a point, I too shall have a ruined day sans white sands and turquoise waters.